Hello aspiring Infoscions,

Here is a new site just for you:

Here you can ask and answer questions among yourselves. I am unable to answer questions on this blog on time and most of the questions i get now are repeat questions which i have already answered before. I might soon disable commenting on this blog because of time constraints and many posts have reached the limit of 200 comments after which blogger does not show newer comments.

I am also thinking about giving monthly rewards to visitors for the best question, best answer, most questions, most answers etc. :) For this, there is already a points system in place on the site.

Through this site, you will not need to ask every question to me but you can resolve most queries among yourselves. I will always be there to moderate and answer questions when i can.

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GEC 2 is now fully functional which is expected as it is about an year now since its inauguration by Sonia Gandhi last year.

One more food court is coming up in the space between ILI and Gazeebo.

The new SEZ whose construction had just started when i was at Infosys, Mysore is now complete.

Food court 7 will serve the hungry techies of the new SEZ.

Food courts 5 and 6 are ready on the single room hostels' side. FC 5 was already constructed when i was there but i think it became operational only in mid 2009.

One more food court is coming up near the multiplex and SDB4 which is the Origami building you often see pics of on the net.

GEC timings have been relaxed a bit and it is closed only for 12 AM - 6 AM instead of the earlier 10 PM to 8 AM.

Some trainees started dancing on the multiplex stage during a Dabangg show in the song "Munni badnaam".. and due to that, the multiplex was closed for a week but it resumed from next week.

Credits: Rohan Thengal.

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I am compiling a list of the most commonly asked questions on my blog. You can suggest any more questions to include in this list. I am listing them in the chronological order of events.

1. What is the eligibility criteria for joining Infosys?

Answer: There is no fixed eligibility criteria that Infosys applies to all the colleges it recruits from. The criteria applicable to you will be announced to you when Infosys decides to come to recruit at your college or region. My personal observation about the eligibility criteria is that it is set so that about 60% of students of that college or region are eligible. Again, this is just my own estimate and should not be considered official.

2. How to prepare for Infosys campus interview?

Answer: To prepare for Infosys campus interview, first of all, you need to be good at aptitude. Infosys does not include technical skills as a prerequisite because they feel confident about their training program for freshers. However, aptitude cannot be cultivated as easily as technical skills and so they stress heavily on aptitude for selection in campus interview. So if you want to get selected in Infosys, you need to brush up your Reasoning and English well. I do not include Quants/Maths alongwith this because during my campus interview, the questions were from Reasoning and English only and i believe the trend continues till date.

Secondly, alongwith aptitude, you need to have the right attitude. The personal interview will decide if you have the soft skills and the right attitude to succeed in a teamwork driven field like the software industry. The questions asked will be based on fictitious situations which require you to handle difficult colleagues, weak team members and choosing friends or work in a project etc. Your answers to these questions will decide whether you can be a good team member or not.

3. After selection, when will Infosys deliver offer letter?

Answer: There is no fixed period of time for receiving the offer letter from Infosys. It can take 0-12 months from the date of selection so no need to worry about it if you think it is taking more time. Infosys is a fair company and they have always honored all the campus offers they have made and so if they announced to you that you are selected during the campus interview, you can sit back and relax without worrying about when Infosys will send you the offer letter.

4. When will Infosys inform you about your Date of Joining (DOJ)?

Answer: Again, like the offer letter, there is no fixed time lapse for Infosys conveying the DOJ to you. They recruit about 20k-25k people every year and it takes a lot of planning to organize everything although recently, Infosys has been conveying DOJs as much as 1 year in advance. But still, you don’t need to worry if you don’t get your DOJ soon enough because usually, it has been conveyed to freshers only about 1 month in advance.

5. I have a backlog in 7th/8th seem and have a DOJ when my backlog wont be cleared. What to do?

Answer: This is a very common question these days and i am surprised at the frequency at which this question is asked on my blog.

If you have a backlog and wont have the results or would have the re-exam pending for the backlog at your DOJ, you can extend your DOJ by sending an email to offers_extension at infosys dot com. Many people have recently told me on my blog that Infosys has stopped accepting backlogs as valid reason for extension and only consider medical reasons for extension of DOJ but still there are other people too who have had no problems in getting their DOJs extended by mentioning backlogs as the reason for it. Infosys recruits thousands of freshers every year and would easily have hundreds of trainees in this situation every year and so they would have policies about backlogs too. Your offer is valid for 6 months from your original DOJ and so you can extend your DOJ for upto 6 months from your original DOJ. After that, your current offer may be deemed void and you may not be able to join Infosys and would have to re-apply again if you wanted to.

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