You will be given a welcome letter that i mentioned which would say that you have to be at the multiplex at 8:30 the next day. There you will be given your temporary ID card on entry and your employee number later in the day. People from different departments of the DC will come and introduce the processes of their depts.

You will also fill up the form for the ICICI bank salary account on the first day. Then you will have a session on how you can get various tax exemptions. How to apply for it and when you are eligible for that.

If you dont have your passport size photos with you then they will ask you to come in and get clicked by the photographer there. Its at the normal price but dont know exactly how much. You will get your photos the next day.

You will feel tired on the first day and also sleepy during the sessions. First of all, there are some steep slopes which would be difficult to cycle over and second, the sessions are not that important.

You will have to swipe your ID card at any of the attendance registers. On the first day, you just have to swipe IN and OUT at the same time otherwise, swipe IN should be before 8:30 AM and swipe OUT after 5:30 PM. If you forget either to swipe IN or OUT, it will be considered as a half day leave.

144 reactions, what do you say?

  1. Unknown  

    gr8 going dude, just reply that is there any english test within 1st week of joining. waiting for reply.

  2. Unknown  

    One of the best and most comprehensive on Infy training. Keep it up.....

    At which stage accommodation is allotted? Is it single or shared ? What is the trick to get room partner of your choice?

  3. Chintan Patel  


    Ya , there is a test but its a lame one... nothing to worry about... just some basic english questions like in early stages of CAT prep...


    Accommodation is random... You cant get the partner of your choice because now all the rooms are full and you will be placed with someone who is already there having an earlier DOJ...

    If you get single bed rooms then you can have your friends close to your room because there the rooms are allotted in sequence.. if a group of friends goes together at the counter, they will get rooms in sequence... But doesnt matter in single bed rooms...

  4. Unknown  

    grt job boss!!!

    keep up tjhe good work

    i wud seriously like to know the plight of Fasttrack guys, if u can ask them and share their experience it wud be grt!

  5. Priyanka  

    nice wrk chintan!!
    u mst hv gone thru a test probably on d 1st day...acc. 2 wch dey decide 2 put in LC or SC...hw tuf is dat 4 non IT ones??

  6. Chithu Bask  

    so does that mean, i cant stay with the friend of my choice in a room?? i heard 2 ppl can stay per room??? i want my friends to be with me there... :(

  7. Chintan Patel  


    okk... i will do something about it..


    The screening test is on second monday after joining and not the first one.. It is on 28th july for those who have DOJ 21st july... That test you will only be allowed to give if you show a CC course completion certificate..


    No, you cant decide your partner... Ya, there are double bed rooms and there are single bed rooms also.. Probably you will have a partner already who wud be from an earlier batch and will get a new one once she completes her training and someone else arrives...

  8. Unknown  

    im having sbi account,wil it b of any use there?

  9. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can use it to withdraw money from the ICICI bank ATM. The extra charge is only about 20 Rs per 1000 Rs withdrawal. Thats for ATM. But if you are talking about SBI "account", you can use its account number to get the salary deposited in that account if you dont want to use the ICICI account that you will get.

  10. BALAJI  

    I am a regular reader of this blog. My DOJ is on 27th July.Do I need to come the day before itself or can I come on 27h July. My train lands in Mysore at 8.00 am. Is it okie? I badly don't want to come on 26th July as it is my birthday:)

  11. Unknown  

    can u tell why some of the students of our colg having doj on 4th jan2010 whereas some having in nov 4th 2009,its not like that they r 4m cse/it.its a type of suffling and is it that they r calling above average students quickly bcoz most of them r topppers

  12. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  13. Chintan Patel  


    You can come on 27th early morning also. The reception is open 24 hrs so they can allot a room at any time. 8:00 AM is very late. Reaching campus will take about 1-1:30 hrs. and from campus gate to your room will take another 1-1:30 hrs. BTW, why come late just due to bday?? The mysore campus is a great place to be on your birthday. There is no better place to celebrate your bday..


    Such differences in joining dates are purely due to accommodation. No one is smart for infosys until they prove it there. Even IIT people have to undergo the same training and have the same passing criteria, salary etc. So it is wrong to think about it like that. Maybe they have some other problems.

  14. R. Arun Kumar Singh  

    Well.... here is a query on your post aftr a long time !!....... in the earlier replies u mentioned about screening test , then LC and SC....... can u plz explain what is this all about?

  15. Chintan Patel  


    All that is gone now... Everyone undergoes the same training now.

  16. GOHAN  

    Hello Chintan! :)
    Glad that you are replying to all our queries and helping us out.Could you tell me if there are any leaves during training period and If the answer is positive could you tell me how can we apply for a leave? Thanks in advance :)

  17. Chintan Patel  


    You can take leaves but if you take more than 5 days leave then you will be asked to join in a later batch. You can take 1-2 days leave at most. I wont personally recommend taking more leaves unless if you are talented enough to make up for what was taught during those days.

    You can apply for a leave by sending an email to your batch owner. But ya, if you want to take a leave, just vanish and dont apply prior to taking a leave. If you apply and take a leave, the Corporate Planning group at Bangalore will put your name with the batch who joined just after you and so your joining and posting will come alongwith them and not your batch mates.

    One person from our batch faced that prob and he got posting at Bangalore while his batch mates from .NET got posted at Chennai. He was lucky in this case but it can also be the other way round.

  18. sandy  

    can u tell me process of putting student in long term and short term. do they provide study material before test.

  19. Chintan Patel  


    There is nothing like long term and short term. Read "Full Details of New Training Program" for more.
    Yes, they provide study material.

  20. Unknown  

    Dear chintan,
    my DOJ is 22 june 2009 but i have applied for extension of date of joining due to illness . They also replied me back that they would extend my date of joining .i want to know that what will be my next probable DOJ.
    Is it possible that they will not give me the next DOJ and reject my selection?

  21. Chintan Patel  


    They wont reject you because you applied for an extension.

    Your next probable joining date is around March 2010. Usually all extension candidates are called together in a batch which falls in March.

    Also, be sure you have the medical certificates related to your illness. They would make you leave the company if they find out that you you have faked your illness or dont have enough proof.

  22. Ankit  

    plz help me i hv been readin ur page plz can u tell me that is it true laptops r not allowed in hostel rooms??

  23. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, laptops are no longer allowed in hostel rooms.

  24. Unknown  

    iam Akhilesh from bhopal,iam having only one direct train from bhopal..its on 12 nov and it will reach in mysore at 5 pm of 13th nov,,can i get room on 13th nov in hostel becauz my doj is 16 nov....and pls tell me that is there laptops allowed or not.and what will be good whether to be in combined room or in single room in hostel.and also is their any dress code and timing for trainig in mysore.

  25. Chintan Patel  


    Dont go directly to mysore. Take a train to bangalore and go to mysore by bus. This is the best way to reach mysore.

  26. Chintan Patel  

    You cant get a room in advance at infosys. You will have to stay at some other hotel if you decide to reach there on 13th.

    Laptops are no longer allowed.

    Boys will invariably get single rooms only. Other queries are answered many times on other posts.

  27. Anonymous  


    my doj is 26th oct but i havent received the revised offer letter yet....all my frndz have got it.I also mailed at thrice but got no reply...I am also trying at tollfree helpline but it is always engaged...Please help me out.Is there any other way to inform them?thanks in advance

  28. Chintan Patel  


    They will reply to you sooner or later. If you have the original offer letter, then you should stop worrying too much about it.

    Even we had a revised offer letter due to changes in employment terms but we were asked for only the original one when we reached there.

  29. sneha patel  

    hi chaitan,
    i want to ask that is it mandetory to comlete campus connect training & soft skill training program before joining? i have not done it since my college did not conduct it. does it make any change if u hav nt done it?

  30. chandrashekhar tripathi  

    hi chintan
    congrats fr such a faboulous wrk.

    my doj is 20 oct 2009 .i havent recieved the mail regarding the medical tests , and if i dont get it in a day or two i wont be able to get d medical tests done as i hav to leave fr mysore .
    will they be sane enough to acknowledge that i could nt complete this pre joining formality becoz i did not get d requisite information ,and giv me time to get it done over dere after joining ??
    thanx a ton

  31. Chintan Patel  


    I cant believe you got my name wrong you being a Patel. :)

    Its fine if you have not gone through campus connect. It does not make a difference now as fast track batches are cancelled since long.


    If you are not instructed to get medical tests done, you are safe but are you sure that there is no information anywhere about medical tests? I would guess that it will be mentioned in the offer letter or the joining details mail.

    Anyways, they did not give ANY importance at all to medical when we joined and i dont think anything has changed. So you can be cool about it.

  32. sneha patel  

    thank u chintan. & sorry for the mistake.

  33. Unknown  

    hey chintan

    gr8 job man...!!!
    just wanna knw ask wat r d approx. charges 4 d girls n boys hostels.
    n also wat wd our in-hand salary be during d training period..

    thnx in advance...

  34. Chintan Patel  


    This has been answered many times before, please check other posts and their comments.

  35. Unknown  

    Hi Sir,
    I have to join Infosys at Dec 7, 09. In our college, Campus Connect program was held and in that 3 to 4 modules (PF, DBMS etc.) were covered and also for each module, tests were organised. Now we have been given certificates of Campus Connect program in which marks of all modules are mentioned (though we hav'nt given test for all of them).
    So kindly tell me that will these marks matter in Infosys training or what is their importance?

  36. Chintan Patel  


    As you can guess from that, CC holds little importance. Those marks are not counted anywhere and does not make any difference to your training.

    CC was important when there were fast track batches for which you had to appear for a test to determine if you would be in fast track or long cycle but as fast track batches are cancelled since more than a year, CC is important just for your own learning.

    Anyways, that test is still conducted on the second monday (which is the next monday after your joining) and you can earn 5000 Rs if you score more than 80% in that test. To appear for this test, CC certificate is necessary but dont prepare too well for this test as only about 5 people pass that test from an entire batch that joins on that DOJ.

  37. Nishant Varun  

    Sir i got placed in infosys on 6th jan......i wanted to know that how does the service agreement papers & other formalities come ?? is it by post or courier?? if courier then which courier services?

  38. Unknown  

    hi sir
    why aren't laptops allowed in hostels? are we supposed to study the slides etc. in our rooms...

  39. Chintan Patel  


    It will be blue dart mostly.


    Personal laptops are not allowed now in any campus of Infosys. You have to study on the PC allocated to you in your classroom.

  40. hema chandra  

    sir, first of all thank u very much for giving valuable info.
    can i know exactly at what site on internet we will be able to download all the material regarding the modules and tests-courses .

  41. Rahul  

    Please clarrify if fast track batches concept still exits.. if not then is there any advantage being an IT/CS student.
    Also are we allowed our own internet connection(wireless atleast) in the hostel..

  42. Chintan Patel  


    There are no fast track batches now. Just read "Full Details About New Training Program (for 2009 Batch)" for how different the training is for IT and non-IT people. You cannot take laptops now so no use of internet connection.

  43. Rahul  

    Thanks for the fast response.. Its like having a man on the inside helping us :)..
    I am running a website.. NOT bringing my laptop and internet will mean the end of it... please advice if its totally banned!
    Thanks Chintan

  44. Chintan Patel  


    The PCs allotted to you in the classroom have internet connection so you can use that. There is a reliance webworld too. BTW, even i run 2 websites and 1 blog but i dont see how not maintaining it for training period will be the "end of it".

  45. Unknown  

    Chintan sir,my date of joining
    is November 15, 2010.I am from cs background.Sir i want to know that weather it would be beneficial for me to do some certification course like scjp in this period....and if yes...then which certification should i opt for....also i want to know how to ulilize this time so that it may help me in Infosys...

  46. Chintan Patel  


    It will be beneficial but you wont be put into Java stream if you have passed SCJP. Any certification will be helpful in your career but no certification will be much helpful because you may be having a .NET certification but you can be put into Java stream.

  47. Unknown  

    hi...sir my date of joining is 21st reaching mysore on 19th will i get acoomodation there or will i hav to luk for accomodation myself

  48. Unknown  

    i also want to know abt the study matrial..where i can get the study material....for infy....and i hav applied for pan card as student(profession) it fine

  49. Chintan Patel  


    You wont get accommodation on 19th.
    Not sure about PAN card profession but they only need the PAN card number so it should be fine.
    For study material, search elsewhere on the net. I dont have it.

  50. Mahendar Reddy  

    Hi chintan... m a regular visitor of ur blog ang obviously it's my favourite site.

    Comin to point, my DOJ is 11/10/2010, and i wana carry my LAPTOP wit me. But u r sayng LAPTOPs not allowed inside hostel rooms, then hw can i make use of it ??
    CAN U SUGGEST SOME MATERIAL FOR PRIOR PREPERATION TO GET MORE SCORE DURING TRAINING?? any useful sites to download training material ??....please reply soon....

  51. Mahendar Reddy  

    forgot 2 ask...can we go outside the campus on saturday & sunday as we are free ??

    please send me sum TRAINING MATERIAL links or mail at if u dont mind... Thanks in advance ;-)

  52. Chintan Patel  


    Laptops are not allowed so you cant use them now. Just their material is enough. No need for any extra material. Search for it on the net and you will find it.

    Yes, you can go out on sat/sun. Infact you can go out everyday.
    I dont mail anyone.

  53. Unknown  

    wht things we have to take along with us while going means wht things are available in room and wht are needed

  54. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered. Please read all other posts and their comments before posting a question.

  55. Crookedzenith  

    Hi.. I need to know wat happens if i leave infy before completion of training? And what is the procedure of leaving? My Doj is 7th june.. and i might have to quit in july depending on my JBIMS results. Also, do they keep our original certificates with them?

  56. Chintan Patel  


    If you want to quit during training, the best way is to fail in your modules. That way you will get experience certificate and 1 month's advance salary also. They dont keep originals with them.

  57. Unknown  

    hii.. my DOJ is 21st june.. ure doing a gr8 job.. i have no queries.. jus want to say THANK YOU 4 taking al d pain.. Cya there:):)


  58. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you for no queries... :)

    And ya, you wont see me there because i am not with infosys since 1.5 years now. :)

  59. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  60. Unknown  

    Mr Chintan ,

    I came to know about you from One of my teammate,I am not a Infosys employee.But I Married to an Infosys girl last May 2009 working in Hyderabad DC .She applied for transfer in the Month of Feb 2009 , till today she did not get the transfer, Her manager says we will give , Will it be any use If she Escalates to Higher management .what i feel is 16 months is really too long to give transfer .

    Please Suggest .


  61. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, of course you can escalate. No need to ask me for this.

  62. Unknown  

    Mr chintan
    Can I give T.I.M.E online mock cats on computer alloted to us , can we stay overnight on that computers?

  63. Chintan Patel  


    No, you cannot stay overnight. I think the time is now limited to 10 PM. I dont know if TIME website is accessible there.

  64. Unknown  


    hello chintan
    1)can we get a medical certificate frm a government hospital for medically fit they require at the time of joining?
    2)i am frm delhi so what are my chances of getting mohali dc as posting after trng which is gng to take place at mysore?
    3)in formals can we wear half shirts or is it necessary to wear full shirts n does colour matter?
    4)can u tell me for what purpose do we require a notary at the time of joining?
    5)after finishing trng can leave infosys to join for higher studies do we require to give a compensation at that time n how much?

  65. Chintan Patel  


    1. I dont think medical certificate is an absolute necessity so dont worry about it. Even we all joined without medical certificates and i still dont think it is mandatory.

    2. They try best to allot DCs closer to hometowns but then they cannot accommodate everyone's request and due to business requirements, you may need to join other DCs.

    3. Dress code is detailed in another post, please find that. For mon, tue, full sleeves with tie, and wed,thu full sleeves/half sleeves without tie. Color doesnt matter.

    4. Notary is required for signing your bond. It will be required for not only signing Infosys bond but for every bond in whatever company you join no matter how big or small.

    5. For higher studies, they wont usually ask for any compensation and it is the case with most companies.

  66. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan,
    reaaly a gr8 job, clearing our doubts.please clear one doubt of mine also my doj is 15th nov 2010.and i wud be reaching there on 14th night. will i get the room in the same night or i hv to wait for the next morning

    Devraj Singh

  67. Unknown  

    sorry i forget one thing
    how much before doj wud i get the accomodation letter

  68. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, the reception is open 24 hours so you will get accommodation even if you come at 4 or 5 AM.

    Usually, it is sent 1 month in advance so you can expect it in 10-20 October.

  69. Unknown  

    thanks bro!!! for your quick reply

  70. TUSHAR  

    hi doj is 27th sep but we have not still received our accomodation mail.... is dis much delay in receiving accomodation letter enough to contact them or should we wait?

  71. Chintan Patel  


    You should contact them but only if it is only you who has not got accommodation mail. If everyone who got selected in your batch is yet to receive the mail, you should not worry and they would send it. You should contact them if the time is less than 10 days.

  72. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan!!

    i have joined today and have signed some bond kind of paper saying all those who would flunk the trainig , would have to pay some amount of money to infosys.
    Could you please provide an insight to what this document had.. i signed it in a hurry and never read it properly.
    And , most importantnly, is the training program too tough and can not even be cleared ? i am an average student from telecome engineering background.

    Appreciate your help.

  73. rishabh1988  

    hello Chintan..
    sir u are doing an ammazing job..
    I had one query.. I have my date of joining as 29th november.. My brother's marraige is slated to take place on 2nd december, 2010. Can I join on 29th Nov and take an off on medical basis on 2nd and 3rd? will the INFOSYS people ask me to leave for this two day leave on medical basis? please answer the query as I'am under a lot of stress due to this.

  74. Chintan Patel  


    If you did not read properly, then you cannot claim about what it says.

    I think a copy of the bond is to be kept with you also. If not, dont worry, there is no company in the world where you would have to pay money to leave if you underperform.

    Its not tough but work hard.


    Dont lie to them. Just say that it is your brother's marriage and you will get leave.

  75. rishabh1988  

    thanx for the reply sir, but will they give me off for my brother's wedding in the first week? i mean i would have just joined them 3 days ago. wouldn't it be better if i get a medical certificate and take the leave on medical basis coz the hr i talked to said that in first week off is given only for medical reasons..

  76. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they will give. Dont try to fool them. They are far more smarter than you think. If they figure it out that you lied, you will be in a lot of trouble. Dont know why you want to deliberately lie if you can get the leave easily anyways.

  77. rishabh1988  

    thanx a lot sir. In that case i guess i shall str8away ask for leave citing the reason or vanish n then mail them the reason and the required absence? what would you suggest? .

  78. Chintan Patel  


    I have already told you twice what you should do and wont repeat it for the third time.

  79. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!

    Thanks for replying!!I have another query and it would be really helpful if you could please answer that.
    Infy has given has 1 week off on the occassion of Diwali and i need to fly from Mysore to Delhi / Chandigarh. I am not finding any people in my batch to come along with and i am nervous about how would i travel alone for the first time.
    Can you please help me how to take this.
    Thank You!

  80. Menwhopause  

    @shilpa ...
    i have a question for you ... i'd appreciate it if you would answer..
    how are you accessing the internet from the campus?or is it that this site is not blocked in the GEC?
    and secondly, do you know of anyone using net on mobile?if so, which plan are they using?please help.

  81. Chintan Patel  


    On friday evening, there is a bus leaving from mysore to bangalore from within infosys campus. You can take that bus to reach bangalore. If you are not leaving on friday, you can go to the mysore bus station from infosys mysore campus and take a volvo bus to bangalore. From bangalore, you can take a flight to delhi/chandigarh.

  82. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    u are really doing a wonderful job,,,,,
    1..sir i would like to ask that whether i can get reliance cdma sim inside infy campus and if not so how can i get dat????
    2... morover can i get my reliance phone recharged inside the campus????? it true dat they only give a single day leave on holi

  83. Chintan Patel  


    CDMA phones dont have SIM cards so i dont know what you are talking about here.

    There is only Airtel and Vodafone shop inside the campus so you will have to go outside the campus in the city to get Reliance recharged.

    Yes, there is only a single day leave on holi and that too depends on the DC. Every DC has its own holiday list. For example, diwali would not be a holiday at Infosys Mysore but at Infosys Pune it would be a holiday. Similarly, onam would not be a holiday at Pune but at Mysore it would be a holiday.

  84. Unknown  

    thanks for ur response
    1...sir if i have to go out for getting my recharge
    den how far i wld have to travel,,,,,
    2....morover does infy provides any way by which we can do mba if yes den plz do tell me d procedure for dat i wld be very greatful of u ???

  85. Anonymous  

    hi the new mode of training it is divided into 3 areas,first one focussing on basics of computer(hardware and software),problem solving technicques,c programming,rdbms(orace-sql part)
    u have to do a project using c prograaming.

    second area focusses on rdbms essentials(oracle-plsql,data warehousing),oops with java,userinterface desing,design of algorithms,advanced jave and a project on oracle as well as java

    third area focussing on technology or stream specific like they mostly assign mainframes and net applications to cse/it

    for ece java
    for eee .net
    and for mech they give most of the times opensystems(databases)

    all the best guys

  86. Chintan Patel  


    Everything is far from the campus at mysore but you can easily get a bus to the city. You can check the distance in Google Maps.

    I have detailed the Infosys higher education programme in another post. Please read that.


    Thank you for the information. If you provide more detailed information probably by email, i can make a post out of it with proper credits to you. People will appreciate it. :)

  87. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    i am a 4th yr student.infosys is coming for campus drive around last week of december in our should i prepare for that.please help me.i have not done any .net course.will it make a difference?please help me.

  88. Menwhopause  

    dude, cdma phone nowadays come with a UIM(user identity module)cards, which is similar to the SIM cards for GSM phones
    u r a developer for iphones and u dont know this..!

  89. Chintan Patel  


    No need of any technical knowledge. They only test you in confindence, english and aptitude.


    It is similar but not the same.
    I am not a "developer for iPhones" but i develop software applications for iPhone.
    I am surprised that you are surprised that i dont know about UIM cards. Hope you know that iPhone is GSM only. Anyways, my work is on the software side of the phone and not the hardware.

  90. shirish  

    Hey, Do you know whether the revised extension DOJ will be sent by or I am asking this because officially infosys has my hotmail id , but I have been communication with the extension team with my gmail id ,although my both accounts are active and i use them both but do u think it ll make any difference or confusion for them?

    Also going through ur earlier posts u mentioned that extension candidates receive their new DOJ usually in march next year, but if infosys has told me that my new doj will be within 6 months of my old doj ie before 2nd feb 2100, should i worry that they may delay that to march? was there any such criterion during ur time that the new doj for extension would be within 6 months of new doj?

  91. shirish  

    btw I am the same person above as blackpoison i accidentally used a different id sorry for that

  92. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it MAY create confusion and i wonder why you did so. For all official communications, you should always use only one email address not only for infosys but everywhere else.

    No, your new DOJ will be within 6 months of the original DOJ. I know people from 2008 batch who joined in June but were sent back due to pending exams and their new DOJ was in March next year. But as the mysore training center capacity has increased considerably, i dont think it will delay any further in your case.

  93. shirish  

    @chintan - yes you are absolutely right but what happened was my hotmail account server was behaving erratically for a few weeks so I switched to my gmail account I will inform them just to be on a safe side...thanks anyway

  94. Unknown  

    hi Chintan!!!
    I read ur blogs.... thanks for sch advises..... it is really helping us.......
    1)my doj is 15th nov...... bt i hv nt yet received d hard copy of joining letter....... n i suppose none of my frnds did get..... in sch case wat shal i do..... i got offer letter thru mail.... wil dat b sufficient???

    2)will dere b some pre-training test just on d first day itself??? wil dat decide to vich batch v gona b shfted, fast track or long cycle..... or is dat decision purely based on our stream, CS or nonCS?

    3)on wat basis dey giv us streams, java,.net or open databaes? is it done randomnly??


  95. Chintan Patel  


    1. Dont worry about that, the offer letter will be enough.

    2. No, it will be on the next monday, if at all. Only people who are from CS/IT stream and those who have Campus Connect course completion certificate are eligible for that test. There are no fast track batches now and i am not sure if that test is still being taken. If it is, the test does not hold the importance that it did before.

    3. It is purely random and there is no logic in allocation of streams. It depends on business requirements but they dont individually allot a stream to you. It is done by a computer generated draw.

  96. Unknown  

    thanks for ur reply Chintan....:)

    i jus had some more queries.....hope u dnt mind.....:)
    1) wat is dat notary service agreement??? n hw do v get dat??? bcz i hvnt heard it from nebdy till now.......


    2)so as i an from CS/IT bckgrnd..... so will dey b puting me into 4 months duration batch??? or is dere ne test for dat too??

    3)n u told me dat d test is on d next monday n only for d eligible ones....... i actually did campus connect course conducted by college.... but i din get ne certificate so wil dey b allowing me for dat test???? n wat is d importance of dat test as it is made optional nw? is it difficult?????

    4)wat all things shud b prepared b4 joining?? kindly enlist me some buks.....

  97. Unknown  

    oh jus forgot to ask u 1 more thing.....

    as dey dnt allow us to tk laptops wth us... den hw do ppl manage to study over there???

    n i heard dat, dey giv ppl to do mini projects after completion of evry r d mini projects doable or lil bit tough.....

    n hw u used to manage time dere in mysore???

  98. Chintan Patel  


    1. Notary service agreement is the bond that infosys makes you sign. You will get it alongwith the hard copy of offer letter or they will give it to you after you reach mysore.

    2. Yes, you will be in the 4 months training. There wont be any test for that.

    3. If you did not get the certificate, you are not eligible for that test. I already explained everything about it so please read that.

    4. I dont have any books to suggest to study from.

    5. They study in the class on their PCs.

    The projects they give are easy and there are assistants to help you in the class. But dont copy from other teams as if you are caught, they will give both of you a 0 in the 30% project part.

    I dont understand what you want to know by "manage time". I failed infosys training so perhaps i am not the right person to ask this. haha. ;)

  99. Unknown  

    oh did u really fail in d training? i din knw dat.... is d training so tuf???

    hey cn u tel me wat al facilities dey provide in d hostel? do dey provide blanket, bedsheets n al? or v hv to carry dose things wth ourselves??? n wat abt laundry facilities? do dey provide food coupons for meals n al?

  100. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, i have also mentioned about that in one of the blog posts and in several places elsewhere in comments on this blog.

    Training is not tough but you have to study everyday and not take training for granted. I became careless in stream training because i passed generic training easily without studying much.

    Yes, blanket, bedsheets and everything else is provided. You dont have to worry about anything. There is laundry service also in the campus and you can also wash and iron by yourself if you want. Food coupons are not provided by Infosys as the food expense is on you but there are many caterers in the campus from whom you can purchase food coupons in advance for 15 or 30 days in order to avoid standing in line for coupons everyday.

  101. Unknown  

    thanks Chintan!!!


  102. aa  


    I am going to join Infosys on 29 Nov 2010..
    The company visited to hire students (freshers) based on criteria
    10th >=60%
    12th >=60%
    B.Tech >=65%

    I have the profile
    10th 71.6%
    B.Tech 70.7%

    the problem, i wanted to discuss is that...
    I had 55.7% marks in 12th-CBSE, i appeared for improvement exam in Mathematics-12th from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling), now am having 61.2% marks, if i consider those marks in Mathematics.

    Will it be acceptable for the HR Deptt?
    (giving Improvemet exam from another Board? ... I appeared in the exam before the placement session and had marksheet / result on the day of placement)

  103. Chintan Patel  


    You are posting on behalf of Jagtar i believe.

    See, the criteria is checked by Infosys for all candidates who pass the written test before they are sent for the interview. So if you gave the same marksheet at the time of interview, it will be fine with them after joining also.

  104. Unknown  

    hi...i just wanted to know whether any information regarding company or salary details from bank or the company get posted to my house address...

  105. Chintan Patel  


    Monthly statements do get sent to your home address by the bank but you can opt out of it if you want.

  106. Pranay  

    hi i am havin joining on 17 jan 2011 . i am doing 8th semester project at infosys campus.
    i want to ask that whether it would be too difficult training as the duration is only till 20 may.

    morever do they reimburse travelling expenses during the reviews period in our college

  107. Chintan Patel  


    Training duration is of 4 months and its not too difficult if you dont procrastinate. If you start putting off things to learn, you will later have a huge syllabus to study and not enough time so study regularly.

    No, Infosys only reimburses travel expenses for business purpose travels.

  108. Pav  

    Hey Chintan,

    A very happy new year! :) This time I have no queries on Infosys.I am here to thank you for all the information that you provided before I left for my training.I finished 4 months of my training in Mysore and the last month of stream training was in Pune.It was the best experience of my life!I will miss my training days.I luckily got posted based on my domicile.I am so happy!Once again,a million thanks to you.Keep up your wonderful work of providing the most apt information to the freshers.

  109. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you and happy new year to you too.

    Can you tell me if there are any changes in training which i should blog about?

    Just send me a message on my facebook: because google hates duplicate content.

  110. ATLAS Kitchens  

    Hey. I got placed in infosys on December,2010. How to undergo final year project in infosys? How to approach them?

  111. Chintan Patel  

    @Atlas Kitchens...

    Just try sending an email at freshers at infosys dot com and see what happens.

  112. Unknown  

    hi chintan i jus want to confirm........whether v guys vl be let go outside the campus everyday or jus once in a week?n if v r let outside is ther ny time deadline by which v should b bak in the hostel?

  113. Anonymous  

    Hi chintan..... first of all a belated happy new year to u are doing a great kudos to you for that and for putting up this marvellous site....and most importantly still bothering to answer AFTER you have passed out of INFY....
    actually one of my best friends (infact i consider her as my sis... :) )just started her training from jan 3rd ... but due to some unforseen circumstances i havent been able to talk to her yet... however reading your blog has provided me with more than sufficient info abt her life there....

    just wanted to ask you these questions becuase i am curious to know more....

    1) could u give details about the extra-curricular life and activities at infy ??? i mean do they have things like dance, dramatics , hobbies etc sort of clubs/soceities where culturally inclined ppl can go ????? or sort of informal student bodies????

    2) my friend is from elec engg background.... could u give a basic idea of the topics that would be taught to her???? are there options like ELECTIVES modules or everything is compusory ???

    3)the sofware projects that u talk about... can they be done with ppl of one's own choice or do the TA's make groups of students ???

    4) is the training material at the same par with courses at , say , IITs.... i am from IITD and we do courses in C, JAVA, DATA STRUCTURES, RDBMS etc... does having done these courses help or are the two completely unrelated??

    5) lastly , do they really "try" to accomodate students nearer to their hometowns ???

    thanks for bearing with my long letter!!!! i am just a bit concerned for my her , thats all...
    waiting for your reply....


  114. Chintan Patel  


    You can go out as many times as you want. The timing restrictions are upto 10 PM or 11 PM depending on the day. They are very strict about the in time and will fine you even if you are 5 mins late and on the next offense you will be made to leave the hostel within 24 hours.


    1. Yes, there are many clubs formed together for almost all kinds of activities that you can think of. There are cultural shows where people can show their talents in dancing, singing etc.

    2. Topics include C language, Java, RDBMS, Unix etc. in generic and the stream can be: Java, Open Systems, Finacle, .NET, Business Intelligence etc. There is nothing elective and everything is compulsory in the course.

    3. The group of 4 is formed by people with consecutive employee numbers and you cant choose your partners.

    4. Of course it will help if you have studied all that at IIT because i think only a few institutions like IITs, NITs etc would be having an updated syllabus which is more aligned to industry's needs.

    5. Yes, they do try to post you to a location close to your hometown and also give the option to swap to a different location if you find someone from your stream who is ready to go to the city you get posted to.

  115. Unknown  

    firstly i would like to thank u for the tremendous effort u r putting in for answering each querries...infy should have kept u :)

    ny way my question is that we have been placed in december 2010..and till now we have not got offer letter..(frm bit sindri)
    i am frm non cs background do i need to study frm now on the syllabus they have for training,or just concentrating thr will suffice?
    and what is the syllabus thr in training for non cs/it background people,are they also given same opportunity of growth based purely on performance.

  116. Chintan Patel  


    Already mentioned many times that offer letter can take 6-12 months to arrive from the date of selection in campus interview.

    If you ask me, just concentrating there is more than enough but if you want to still study anything, you can study C and Java.

    The syllabus is listed in "Full Details About New Training Program" post. There is no distinction made between IT and non-IT trainees and all rules are the same for everyone.

  117. Unknown  

    Hi chintan,
    your blog is very informative...thank you
    i was placed in infosys on 18 dec 2010 n i jus have 2 questions
    1. I heard that there will be another round of aptitude exams and hr interview at the venue is it true?i heard it will be mentioned in the offer letter is it true?

    2.on the day i was placed around 150 students in my college were placed in infy....the hr manager announced our results...he jus called out our name...that is the only source of our placement...i know DOJ letter will come late...will i be getting any other letter for confirmation or should i ask my college officials?

  118. Karthikeyan  

    I have two questions...

    1.I have trained in Mainframe.Is there a chance to get that stream after joining?

    2.Can I be allowed with my laptop and wireless modem in hostel?

  119. ankit  

    hi Sir,
    i want to ask that will infy communicate with me and allot a room, if i reach on SUNDAY as my joining is on monday....

  120. Chintan Patel  


    1. No.

    2. Yes, you are confirmed selected if the HR announced your name. I dont think there will be any other confirmation other than the offer letter but just keep checking your email.


    1. It is not fixed. You may also get a project of some other technology.

    2. Laptops are not allowed.


    Yes, you HAVE to reach on sunday. Everybody has to arrive on sunday.

  121. ANKIT  

    hi got my doj its on 28 nov 2011. but the prob is my real brother is getting married on 29 nov 2011 (the next day ).and i have to attend it .pls suggest me wht shld i do?

  122. Gagan  

    Hello Chintan..
    My Doj is in jan 2012..i hv 6 months of time..i jst wnt to knw will there be ne problem if i work with some small IT firm or BPO in the mean time.....will it cause ne problem??

  123. Chintan Patel  


    You will have to apply for extension and tell them the reason.


    It will not cause any problem at all.

  124. Monis Yousuf  


    Hye, i have a few questions:-

    1) Would i be allowed to carry my electric guitar and amplifier in hostel premises?

    2)Are there any music clubs/groups at infosys- Mysore?

    3)If we are not allowed laptops inside the campus, how do we access the internet in the hostel if we need?

  125. Monis Yousuf  

    nd yeah... i have a stupid kinda question..:P

    are the hostels different for boys and girls..?? coz cum1 told me that the premises is same...

  126. suneet  

    hello could i kno whether do we get to choode our room at infi mysore hstl or they are alloted,,,,,

  127. Chintan Patel  


    1. Guitar and amplifier will be allowed.

    2. Yes, there are music clubs.

    3. You cannot.

    They are both separate. Entering girls hostel will get you fired on the spot or within 24 hours.


    You cannot choose your hostel room. You have to accept the room that they allot you.

  128. jackmills3628  

    Respected Sir

    I had a query that if someone goes for training at Mysore and after coming back from there he does not joins . Then does that person have to pay some amount . if yes then how much .

    Waiting for a sooner and positive reply

  129. Chintan Patel  


    If you have passed the training, they may ask for bond amount which is 50k. Rs.

    If you fail in training, you will not have to pay anthing.

  130. Unknown  

    hello sir i was selected for Infosys bpo in the month of march 2012. I haven't yet received the offer letter from their side which they said that they will be sending in the month of April/May. PLease suggest what should i do now?

  131. Unknown  

    NICE BLOG!!! Thanks for your valuable information, It would be really helpful about ecommerce information Am working in Web development company in Bangalore

  132. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan sir,

    my DOJ is 7th october,2013.but i have 2 backlogs in 3rd sem and 5th sem and the backog exams will be conducted by the BPUT board in i am willing to take an extension on doj which is in october 7 to appear my exams in november..

    what reasons should i provide to infosys for doj extension..? what r the different ways of getting extension on doj..? i request u to kindly suggest me all the possible ways to extend my doj..4 to 5 of my frnds have the same problem and we are seeking for the right solution..please help..!!!

  133. Meghana  

    Sir is there any recharge shops with in the campus or we need to go out of the campus,,,,?
    can we go for outing on saturdays and sundays and come back on monday morning....?
    if we go out when we need to arrive the hostel at night...?
    is there any internet facility even at night time bcz i didnt have smartphn is smartphn compulsory...?
    pls reply....

  134. Unknown  

    Sir i got a offer letter from Infosys BPO on 29 Oct 2015 and on this offer letter joining date was 17 October mentioned but due to some document issue I didn't joined on that day.concern hr tolled me that arranged your document and call us.after two days letter i called them now I have arranged my all the document but I didn't receive yet my revise offer letter, I had already words regarding this matter to so many time with the concern hr .I only want to know that when I got my offer letter.kindly please update me.

  135. Unknown  

    This is a very nice post!
    Dance classes in Mysore

  136. Unknown  

    sir i was selected for infosysbpo at 6th nov 2015.thus i was waiting i got cal letter from infosys at april 16th . there told be 3weeks prior to join may i know my date of joining letter will be forward to me at which date plzzz tell me sir i was waiting for u reply

  137. Unknown  

    Hello sir i am searching for jobs in bpo if there any vacancies let me know can i come directly or want any refarence

  138. Unknown  

    Hello sir i am searching for jobs in bpo if there any vacancies let me know can i come directly or want any refarence

  139. Niya  

    Hello sir am selected for the infosys bpo through campus interview.. So i want to know this compulsory to accept the job after training.. Even if we didn't like the training and want to back off..plz ans me plz

  140. Niya  

    Hello sir am selected for the infosys bpo through campus interview.. So i want to know this compulsory to accept the job after training.. Even if we didn't like the training and want to back off..plz ans me plz

  141. Dheeraj  

    hello sir infosys company accept NIOS board mark sheet and company ask for 12th mark sheet

  142. Rishabh Sharma  

    hello sir,
    in my infosys offer letter it is mentioned that your simple average not less than what was specified while filling your online application form during the selection process.
    but i have wrote my graduation percentage as 67% instead of 66%.
    Is this a serious problem?
    will i get rejected for this during the documentation check up at infosys mysore campus?

  143. Shaleen Srivastava  

    Thanks for Blog!
    Get ICICI Mysore Infosys IFSC Code

  144. Unknown  

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