Hi everyone,

I want to tell you all that i cudnt manage to get 73% in stream compre. I scored 67% in it. And that means i will soon be asked to leave Infosys. My end CGPA is 3.95.

Our compre was unusually tough. 60 people have failed from total 300 in Java stream and there are very less people who have managed to get an A. People have got good marks in Hands On but there are hardly a few people who have scored above 30 in theory. I have 41 in Hands On and 26 in theory. Mostly theory marks are about the same for all and its the Hands On marks that decide the grade. But ya, people have got a lesser grade than their average throughout training. There were many people who had CGPA above 4.95 but now, i think only about 1 in 20 has CGPA above 4.95.

On the contrary, the results of .NET compre have been good. About 9 people have failed in stream compre out of 100. And there are more people who have scored A in their class.

One thing to note here is that Batch Owner makes a difference. .NET people were lucky to have a good batch owner who gave good grades to those who needed it to stay at Infosys. Our batch owner is not a good guy. He has never increased marks of any student. He just uploads the marks that Java dept. gives him. I met him 3 times to tell him about my issue and also emailed him as he said but in the end, he didnt do anything. Batch Owners have the authority to increase marks if they want.

Anyways, now its final that I will not be at Infosys. Just some formalities are left. The marks for POST project are yet to be uploaded after which the system will send an automatic mail to those whose CGPA is less than 4 stating that, "you have been refered to HR for exit procedures."

I will leave for home within a week. I would have surely liked to stay with this company but now i will have to look at other options.

So people, dont screw your training. Be careful and dont become easy going like me during training.

And Anamika, you are right. Everyone here has a feeling that they are making exams tougher so that they can fire unwanted number of people. I too am of the same opinion.

As i said before, the exit rate used to be not more than 10% before but now i think it would be around 15-20%.

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Hi friends,

Yesterday we had a special oppurtunity to interact with our CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan. It was a one hour meeting arranged only for our batch. Maybe it was for our batch because we are about to complete training and are not too busy right now.

In his address, he talked about the global recession and its effect on Infosys. He said that global recession was not anticipated by anyone and it has affected every major MNC. He agreed that there will be a decrease in revenue for our company as the major banks in the US who are our premier clients are undergoing a tough time but he added that we are looking for newer untapped markets.

In the interactive session, the inevitable question popped up. One of my colleagues asked straightforwardly, "Are there going to be any jobcuts?". The quick answer that Kris gave was a clear "No" which was applauded by all in the hall. He said that "Recession is predicted to get over by 2009 so there is no change in hiring plans till then. We would only consider jobcuts if the recession goes furthur till 2010. Mostly trainees are put on bench right now but we are hiring for the long term".

So people from 2008 and 2009 batches dont need to worry.

He also spoke about letting Axon go to HCL. He said, "We made a bid which we thought to be a proper price for Axon. But after HCL placed a counterbid, we re-evaluated Axon and thought that it is not worth raising the earlier bid. So there was no counterbid placed and Axon went to HCL". He added that they have a large cash reserve of $ 2 billion are still looking for aquisitions in US, Europe, Japan etc.

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Today was the last module re-test for us. I had already passed in the first test but there were many people in our class who had already failed in 2 re-tests before and so it was the last chance for them to stay with Infosys.

Most of them managed to pass but I have heard of people who have failed also. I personally know about 10 people who will have to leave because they failed in 3 module re-tests. Compre results are pending and there are people like me who have not failed in more than 2 module re-tests but need a B+ in compre to make CGPA above 4.

So there would be some more people who will be asked to leave after compre result is out. Overall, i estimate about 20-30 people would be asked to leave from our class. (Our class is of 200). So that means the exit rate is about 10-15%.

Dont panic after reading the above paragraph because there are also some people who have already thought of doing some other job and have known that software is really not their forte. Such people either leave midway or just drag along till they get into a situation where they are asked to leave.

The purpose of this post is to tell you people to be serious about training if you want to stay at Infosys and not just be at Infosys. The training is not tough but you need to work hard. Dont take it for granted, especially non-CS-IT people.

From .NET class of our batch, 7 people are asked to leave. (They have a class of 100). So overall, my prediction of the exit rate is approximately 10%.

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Hi, everyone...

To add this feature to my blog, i had to delete my old mailing list. So if you were previously a subscriber, please subscribe again by entering your email in the box besides and following the steps as given below.

The simple one time setup you need to do is to go to http://reader.google.com and login with your Google id. Then click on "Add Subscription" and enter my new feed address which is http://feedproxy.google.com/allaboutinfosys and you can read my posts even after joining Infosys where Blogspot is blocked!! No need to use any proxy sites!! I am sure it will be really convenient to you. Just login to Google Reader and you can read all my posts on one page without even needing to click to go to previous pages. It loads way faster than blog as it does not download the blog template and thus saves bandwidth.

But ya, the drawback of this thing is that you cant read the comments and my replies to it. Probably that feature would also be there but its just that I am yet to discover it. Anyways, I will keep adding more features to my blog and my feed as i find out.

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Hi everyone...

A new post after a long time. Could not find time to post as my compre was around and i also had my Oracle retest. I was also ill for half a week.

Anyways, my stream compre went OK. There were no disasters this time. I felt that Hands On was a bit tougher than the theory portion but many people feel otherwise.

In my Oracle retest in which i had to get 93 to pass as I had a zero in the project portion didnt go too well and i scored only 54. Anyways, 93 is impossible to get in any retest.

So now i am in a delicate position as far as my CGPA goes. I need a B+ in stream compre (that is 73 and above) to make my CGPA above 4.00 . If I get a B, my CGPA would be 3.95. And that means I will have to leave Infy.

Now that stream compre is over, I can only wait and watch and hope for the best. Otherwise I will have to look at other career options. Now please dont panic hearing this. Dont ask me repeated questions like "Is training too tough?" and all..

Its not that tough, but I became easygoing somewhere and that has led to all this mess. So dont take training for granted at any time.

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Today's day was great for me.

Got 77% in JEE-1 test and also passed generic compre. I got 65% in generic compre. I knew that I may just pass or just fail and now i am very happy that i didnt get re-compre.

The general result is good for July 21 batch in compre. Only dumb people have failed and there are no upsets. Many people have got A. Overall, the result would be 80% approximately.

My stream compre is on next monday and wednesday.

And ya, i request people who are going to join soon to first go through


and then post questions if any. Most of the doubts are already answered and you will also find answers to others' doubts.

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