Hi, everyone...

To add this feature to my blog, i had to delete my old mailing list. So if you were previously a subscriber, please subscribe again by entering your email in the box besides and following the steps as given below.

The simple one time setup you need to do is to go to http://reader.google.com and login with your Google id. Then click on "Add Subscription" and enter my new feed address which is http://feedproxy.google.com/allaboutinfosys and you can read my posts even after joining Infosys where Blogspot is blocked!! No need to use any proxy sites!! I am sure it will be really convenient to you. Just login to Google Reader and you can read all my posts on one page without even needing to click to go to previous pages. It loads way faster than blog as it does not download the blog template and thus saves bandwidth.

But ya, the drawback of this thing is that you cant read the comments and my replies to it. Probably that feature would also be there but its just that I am yet to discover it. Anyways, I will keep adding more features to my blog and my feed as i find out.

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