Today was the last module re-test for us. I had already passed in the first test but there were many people in our class who had already failed in 2 re-tests before and so it was the last chance for them to stay with Infosys.

Most of them managed to pass but I have heard of people who have failed also. I personally know about 10 people who will have to leave because they failed in 3 module re-tests. Compre results are pending and there are people like me who have not failed in more than 2 module re-tests but need a B+ in compre to make CGPA above 4.

So there would be some more people who will be asked to leave after compre result is out. Overall, i estimate about 20-30 people would be asked to leave from our class. (Our class is of 200). So that means the exit rate is about 10-15%.

Dont panic after reading the above paragraph because there are also some people who have already thought of doing some other job and have known that software is really not their forte. Such people either leave midway or just drag along till they get into a situation where they are asked to leave.

The purpose of this post is to tell you people to be serious about training if you want to stay at Infosys and not just be at Infosys. The training is not tough but you need to work hard. Dont take it for granted, especially non-CS-IT people.

From .NET class of our batch, 7 people are asked to leave. (They have a class of 100). So overall, my prediction of the exit rate is approximately 10%.

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  1. Varun Bathla  

    i think evry1 when @infy must b working hard in training.bcoz thts 4 wht we r why even 10% eliminations.....does training tests r of vry high standards??????????

  2. Chintan Patel  


    Not everyone works hard... As i said, training is not tough but ya, some modules are tough in all streams...

  3. Unknown  

    hi Chintan,
    u r doing a gr8 work yaar ,i have been a regular visitor of ur blog. thanks for these much needed info. i just want to no about the joining dates which r still to be announced. if u have any info regarding that u can share otherwise its ok.

  4. Chintan Patel  


    Noone can know anything about DOJs... You just have to wait for it...

  5. frens 4ever...  

    hey new thread started in orkut infy community that doj is extended to march.

    what is this?

    on some site infy ceo said there r 2000 more waiting.
    but here the scenario is different.
    is it really takes upto march for 2000 pupil to provide accomidation.

    can u give any clue.

    bcoz u may know what is going on at infy rite know.

    is there no sufficient space to privide accomidation.

  6. Unknown  

    wot is te new training duration fr all those joining in dec month? and is ter any "BENCH" condition fr all those who will be finishing ter training in nov r dec months??

  7. nikita  

    thnx fr ur advice Chintan:)

  8. Chintan Patel  

    @Frens 4ever...

    I dont know about that but i dont think ur DOJ would be extended further than January.

    Now there are no fast track, so maybe the hostels are occupied for a longer time...


    Training is of 4 months for all. You will be on bench for sure in the beginning because anyways, you wont understand anything if you are put in project straightaway. Some studying still needs to be done after training to be good enough for production and for that you will be put on bench and made to learn about the project that you will be allocated.

  9. frens 4ever...  

    is there any doj on dec 29?

  10. Chintan Patel  


    You can get this info more easily from the Infosys 2008 community.. Here, we wont know which DOJs have been announced...

  11. Unknown  

    thanx fr te information chintan. i wish u gud luck...

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