Hey guys,
Please do prepare C language as good as you can before you join. It will be too much helpful to get good scores in the early stages of training. 5 credit points out of 34 total for generic training are completely dependent on C lang. I could not pass prog funda (PF) as i had not learnt C in mechanical. And ya, the PF retest is the toughest of all.

I could not clear the retest also today.. Only about 3-4 people from about 80 people sitting in my class for retest could pass. And there were 2 classes allotted for retest of PF so i think about 150 would have failed in the first try out of about 450 people in long cycle from july 21 batch.

The things that you need to prepare well for C are pointers, arrays, strings, various functions related to strings, user defined functions, while, for, if, do while etc loops. These things will help you a lot.. C graphics is not in the course.

And for people joining on 25th august, please start reading the C material (if you are not good at C) which they provide on the 2nd day or so.. Just read casually and try to understand before the training begins. This is necessary because non-CS IT people need to work more to learn C.

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  1. Unknown  

    yes ofcourse....C is very important......

    so have u started anything on DBMS or Java also??

  2. Anonymous  

    hey plz tell me wat type of questions r asked in pf module .. r they objective or subjective type ...or mixed ...n wats the difficulty level of these q 's ...cod u plz tell me abt the type of programs asked in c ..share the programs wid us here ....it will b great help 4 us ..

  3. Unknown  

    thanx a lot dude..
    actually as u knw every body says no need to prepare nethin before joining,nthin at all.
    so i was takin it very lightly,,bt nw onward i'll take care n ya i'll start brushing up c from tomorrow..thanks a lot.
    n ya best of luck 4 ur tests..knw u r frm mechanical, bt still u can do it.
    no need to tell u that nthin is that hard..
    next time i want u to b in those 4 or 5 guys who passed the test,,
    take care
    keep posting.
    ur posts r really great.keep it up.

  4. Anonymous  

    so wat happens to those tat have failed the retest also???

  5. Anonymous  

    u r really going gr8..!!!
    KEEP IT UP..!!

    n.. for all the fans of Chintan K. Patel ..
    23rd Aug. is his Birthday..

    so lets hear it 4 Chintan.. :-)


    (from my style of writing n the greatness of this idea.. u shud know who i m..!!!)

  6. Anonymous  

    Happy Birthday buddy !!!!. yeah we are your fans :)

    your last module was a programming fundamentals project i guess? how is it? was it difficult? plz tell us about it.

  7. Chintan Patel  


    yes, RDBMS is going on right now..

    all questions in every exams are objective type only..

    they may be difficult or easy... cant say...

    in retests they are a lot difficult than the first try..

    i cant share the progs and all.. its really a burden for me..


    yes, i am preparing well now..

    Actually, PF and RDBMS is where most people have failures in retests. So being careful about RDBMS now...


    you can fail in max 3 retests.. Then you will need to meet HR...

    @School Friend...

    You surely are Dhaval..

    I wud be surprised if you are not..

    And thank you...

  8. Anonymous  

    n i hope,4m nw on u'l b hvng much more happiness n luck by ur side dan u'd evr had.....all d bst!!!!

  9. Unknown  


    hey do u think the persons who are under going the online training now at their homes will be a lot better prepared than the csc and IT RECRUITS WHO ARE ALREADY THERE? vikram

  10. Chintan Patel  

    Thank you, Nisha...

    Yes, it was easy...I got 29.5 out of 30...

    Thank you, Priyanka...

    Thank you, Vikram....
    No, it doesnt matter... YOU have to work hard.. Even CS IT people have to work hard here.. Its not all that easy for them also...
    What matters in the end is ur regularity and sincerity...

  11. Anonymous  

    hey.. are we allowed to use laptops there? i heard many ppl saying laptops are not allowed and even in the mail tat infy sent us it was written laptops arent entertained

  12. Chintan Patel  

    in that email they have forgot to update it...

    yes, laptops are allowed... but you can only keep them in ur room.. you cant take it to canteen or food court or classes..

    i too have my own laptop here.. you just need to register ur service tag number at the security when you arrive here... nothing more..

  13. Srihari Murali  

    You are doing a great job...
    Happy Birthday Buddy :)

  14. Anonymous  

    hey Chintan, wish a very very happy birthday dude...
    n thanku very much for being so generous n kind by sharing ur experiences here, i really admire that..n i wish u a very gud luck for ur future.
    again wishing u a very happy birthday!!enjoy ur day!!

  15. Chintan Patel  

    Thank you Hari and Anu...

  16. Anonymous  

    Hey man happy birthday to you. Never seen a more comprehensive and exhaustive blog on infosys. This blog has been of immense help for me.

    So did you have a project based on programming fundamentals? Is the project difficult? Is it doable? Is it suppose to be done individually or in a team?

    Is the PF module very tough? Man I am developing cold feet.

  17. Anonymous  

    Hi Chintan..
    u got me..!!.. i always knew u would..

    newayz.. gr8 going.. n, Happy Bird-Day 1ce again..!!

  18. Anonymous  

    hey.. it wud be very nice if u cud post a lot of photos of the hostel.. especially the rooms,lobbies,canteen etc etc...

  19. Chintan Patel  

    Thank you abhinav... the project is easy... nothing to worry... it is all C lang.. it has to be done in team of 4. but you will have to do ur work by urself... 20 marks for individual effort and 10 marks for the integrated program of all 4... So basically ur own effort matters..

    PF module is not tough but i took it for granted. otherwise its easy if you know C b4 or stay awake in classes... ;-)

    Hehe, Dhaval... i know no one else from our school guys is smart enough to wish me on my blog.. Thank you... byee...

    @Arvind.. ya, i have some ready.. will post soon...

  20. Anonymous  

    Belated wishes,Chintan.You are doing a great job with this blog.Keep up the good work!

    I have two questions and I'd appreciate it very much if you can answer them.
    1.are we allowed to bring USB mp3 players into the campus?
    2.Are we allowed to access blogger.com from their computers and network?

  21. Chintan Patel  

    Thank you..

    Yes, you can bring USB mp3 players here..

    No, you cant officially access blogger.com from their computers but just use a proxy called www.simpleofficeserver.com and you will be able to access orkut also..

  22. Anonymous  

    Thanks a lot.I was worried that they won't allow me to bring my player.Lol I hope they don't catch ppl accessing sites through proxies :)

  23. Anonymous  

    happy birthday dude..doing a fantastic job....
    just wanted to know is dere any gd mobile shops in d campus or near by it???....or we hv to go to mysore city to buy a mobile???

  24. Anonymous  

    hey i've some doubts abt the dress code.. can we wear pants without fleets??? and are stripped and checked full sleeve shirts allowed? i mean light stripes and checks....

  25. Chintan Patel  


    That proxy is working fine... Everyone here is using it.. they wud have banned it till now if they wanted to.. Though most proxy sites are already banned...


    No, i have not seen any mobile shops nearby.. You will have to go to the city..


    Pants without fleets??? i dont get it..

    Stripped and checked shirts are allowed.. They are not very particular about what kind of shirts... Just formal shirts of any kind will do..

  26. Anonymous  

    hey my boyfriend n i wud be joinin in mysore shortly.. i jus wanna kno if we are allowed to go to each other's rooms and during weekends is it possible to go out of the campus??? i mean can we start on saturday morn n come back on sunday night????

  27. Chintan Patel  


    Definitely you wont be allowed to go to each others' rooms...

    Yes, you can go out of campus during weekends..
    You can stay out overnight also..

  28. Frozen  

    I see.I know a few good proxy sites myself.But I'm surprised they work;orkut was banned in my college,and I tried many methods to get into orkut,all to no avail.
    And hey at what time should we be back in the campus on weekdays?

  29. Anonymous  

    hi. doing a very good and impressive job dude.

  30. Anonymous  

    try to post some photos of the hostel rooms and lobbies outside the rooms.. it wud be very helpful for ppl lik me who're gonna join there soon

  31. Anonymous  

    Hey,is it true that they use bicycles inside the campus?Real cool,dude!!

  32. Anonymous  

    Hey r bicycles necessary inside da campus?Tis may sound odd but i dunno to ride bicycle.and i am not kidding.

  33. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, we too had far better security in our college than here..
    You have to return by 9 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on weekends..


    Thank you..

    Yes, i have some photos ready to be uploaded..

    Yes, bicycles everywhere...

    Bicycles are not necessary but you can use if you want.. Otherwise you can walk also...

  34. Anonymous  

    Oh ok.I'll be joining you on Sept 15th there :)any idea about the room allocations?Are ppl allocated single or double rooms..I'd like to have a single room;is that possible?

  35. Anonymous  

    hi... i got doj on sep 29th... please tell me at what time hostel accommodation start on sunday???

  36. msgsandesa  

    Hi, Chintan! Belated Happy Birthday, Dude! Thanks for such a wondeful blog. I have a doubt. Is it that share rooms are not available now at all? Coz I'd prefer a share room.

  37. Anonymous  

    I just wanted to say what a GREAT job you are doing. Its just too bad that I discovered your blog today only. But still now I can look forward to someone who's for real explaining the experiences.

    Best of luck for the retest man, I'll pray for you as you're helping everyone else

  38. Chintan Patel  


    i have already failed in the PF retest.. hehe..

  39. Sandeep sharma  

    and happy birthday b lated
    its good to late than never...........
    this is my first day on this blog...
    and d way u did ur job is brilliant....
    absolutely fantastic....

    hey man u r doing as ur name suggests
    chintan or thinking for peoples
    helping them.........
    thanks once again
    Best regards,
    sandeep sharma

  40. Sandeep sharma  

    hey chintan can u pls forward me d mail u got frm infy for DOJ
    and is their any pre induction test
    and what happens if someone cant make it
    Do u hav ne idea abut release of DOJ
    that means Campus Connect partner, cs/it branch
    or a NIT/IIT level colleg
    Best regards,
    sandeep sharma

  41. Sandeep sharma  

    hey chintan can u please tell me abt d criteria of total credit points.
    and how can we get those points.
    i mean grading point system.
    Thank you,
    Sandeep Sharma

  42. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you..

    That email i cannot share according to company policies..

    There is no preinduction test..

    There is no pattern to DOJ..

    Total credit points for generic is 34. And wud be around the same for stream also. You will be told about all this in the induction program..

    You can get those points by studying.. LOL...

  43. Unknown  

    is there any internship program organised by infy for 2009 batch students in january,
    there is toomuch talk about it. If at all then what we should be prepared for

  44. Chintan Patel  


    Ya, Infy does offer final sem internship for CS/IT people but i dont know much about it.

  45. Unknown  

    can u please tell me what are the subjects that i must be thorough with before joining the traing in Infosys as i am a non-IT student(ECE).

  46. Chintan Patel  


    learn C language well...

  47. Unknown  

    hi chintan..great 2 c a blog totally dediated 2 infy..
    i m a fresher n am supposed 2 join infy on 8th june, mysore..my friends in other colleges are having classes 4 infy training..n sadly v dnt hav it in our coll..can u pl tellme what all subjects other than C should i study before joining...thnx!!

  48. Chintan Patel  


    Learn C language well and at most RDBMS.

    Besides this, generic stream has subjects Unix, web technologies, user interface design etc.

    But i wont advise studying more than C language.

  49. Manjari  

    hello chintan
    thanks 4 helping who wanna join infy
    i m supposed to join infy on 8th june,mysore as a fresher and wanna know criteria for room allocation.Are double sitter or single sitter rooms allocated and the facilities provided there?

  50. Chintan Patel  


    There is no rule to the allocation of rooms.

    And ya, girls will surely get shared rooms. Single bed rooms are meant only for boys.

    I have enlisted the facilities on some other post.

  51. sri  

    hello chintan, i just have a doubt.
    is it mandatory to have campus connect training before we join infy.
    and do you need the certificate they provide after training.

  52. Chintan Patel  


    No.. Not mandatory..

  53. Unknown  

    im going to join on june 22
    and im from ece branch
    i know c and should i join courses for java and .net etc

  54. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  55. Chintan Patel  


    You cant be sure about the stream you will get so no use preparing.


    I didnt get your question...

  56. Unknown  

    Hey gr8 job chintan... God bless u...
    i have got doj sept28.In my offer letter our job band is given as B.I am a non cs-it guy(mech).The cs-it guys from my college have got doj as july 13 and job band as A.I wanted to know what is the meaning of job band...i know that training is same for everyone then what is this 'job band' and why is it different for Cs-it guys

  57. Chintan Patel  


    Job band denotes the position of the person in the company. If it is B for you then its good. B is higher than A. There are job bands A, B, C, D, E, F . Its like a software engineer has job band B. All trainees get job band B only. Dont know why your CS-IT friends have A. Job band A is usually for support staff like those in the accounts dept etc.

  58. Unknown  




  59. Chintan Patel  


    C++ is not there.

    Learn C language. You cant prepare for training before joining Infosys. You will have to work hard there no matter how well you prepare before training.

  60. Unknown  




  61. Chintan Patel  


    It would be around 15000 per month.

    Training was always tough. But only 10-15% people dont pass training. So its upto you whether you consider yourself to be good enough to be atleast not among those lower 15% of trainees.

  62. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  63. Unknown  

    hai, this is gangadhar very soon going to join in infosys .i am a cse student ,mention what books i have to read before joining

  64. Chintan Patel  


    These 3 books form the complete syllabus of generic training. You can score well in generic if you study them properly.


    Learn C language.

  65. Unknown  

    hi chintan. HOW ARE U?




  66. Chintan Patel  


    Of course you should go for an IIT anytime not only in recession. 25,000 people join infosys every year but thats not the same for IITs. You can join infosys anytime later if you are from an IIT and also at a higher package.

  67. Unknown  

    thanQ Chintan...

    You r doing an wonderful job.

    What else are there other than Generic training??

  68. Chintan Patel  


    I didnt get your question...

  69. BALAJI  

    Hi chintan. Great blog! I am a 2009 pasosut and will be joining infy in the month of August. I got a mail frm infy recently asking me to visit one of their website along with my id n pwd. Te website is evry useful. however there was a note in the bottom stating that the mail is strictly confidential and if fwded to others, it will be known to them as they keep track of all d mails. Without reading dis, i fwded tat mail to all my friends and asked them to check out d website as it contains useful materials. will I get caught because of this? I am not sure if this sounds lame but I AM SCARED.

  70. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry, they cant know that... They just scare freshers by saying such things...

  71. Unknown  

    hey........chintan...pliiz help
    wat other than C lang.,shud be taken care of,I mean related to java ,DBMS etc...

  72. Chintan Patel  


    C is enough. RDBMS is more than enough. Cant say about Java or .NET because you might get a different stream.

  73. maverick  

    hey chintan....ur blogs been really helpfull man...!!! hey are bikes or 4 wheelers allowed...cuz iam wondering if ll be allowed to get my car..!!! will really apreciate ur help...thanks man!!

  74. Chintan Patel  


    They are allowed but it will be a burden. You cant drive at more than 25 kmph (1000 Rs fine for offenders). Have to register for parking space and parking lots are far enough from hostels to not make any sense in bringing any vehicles.

    I have never seen a trainee bring a vehicle with him. Cycles are the best way to commute within the campus.

  75. Rakesh  

    Please Help Me

    I am Rakesh,selected as asst engg Testing by Infosys after BCA. I likes programming and want to get to deveopment.Was it possible to jump to that section after some time after joining.

  76. Rakesh  

    Will Infy funds for MS for BCA People

  77. Chintan Patel  


    I have already answered your question.

    You cant change your unit as you wish. You will have to work in the unit that they assign you to.

  78. maverick  

    thanks chintan....i guesss ill take ur advice..cycles rule!!!!

  79. Unknown  

    hi chintan.ur doin a gr8 job.
    u mentioned that its gud to prepare c & rdbms b4 joining. im left with only 10days more.im realy geting tensd bcoz i havent yet started any preparation.its realy a tough time.r this 10days enough to prepare c & rdbms and just go through other 7 modules.pls help me out na

  80. ErshaD  

    hi chintan........
    i am ershad rashid from kolkata joining infy on 22nd mar,10.........
    i am from cicse,dehli(2005) background. i had 6 sub, but i didnt appear for biology paper( i was absent intentionally),though the sub is in the marksheet but there is a cross like "xx" beside it. so i didnt even mention nor took it into account for calculating the average(i took only 5 sub for calculating it). will there be any problem, though even if i take 0 in it ,the average is still coming to 65.33%.
    will nsr registration be ok.
    plz help....

  81. ErshaD  

    i gave 12th isc exam in 2005 with the sub :
    and was absent for biology.
    do they consider biology???
    beside biology in the mark sheet......
    in the number column there is a "xx" and
    in the words column there is a "zero".
    i am totally at my wits.plz help

  82. Chintan Patel  


    You dont need to be so tensed about preparation before joining. Just study whatever you can and leave the rest for them to teach.


    I dont know why you are worried about it being a problem for NSR registration.

    Most probably they will consider biology marks also. Do confirm it by asking lopamudra_basu@infosys.com. Please put your query in a clear tone. She is a senior HR at Infosys Bangalore and handles all the criteria related queries.

  83. ErshaD  

    but when they gave the presentation they said to take into account all the subjects which you have appeared for and got some marks for it........
    doesnt being absent is also same as not appearing for it????.....and i didnt get any marks( there is a cross ""xx" beside it)?????

  84. services  

    hi chintan
    thnx 4 ue help ya
    i heard tht during the 1st 10days v wil nt b having much of training & its al about comunication skills n rest.so during those 10days can v go 2 GEC n prepare da modules.if so wil v have da material in those systems or can v open our mail & download it and study.
    will v have enoudg time 2 prepare c n rdbms n others during those 1st 10days

  85. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure about that... So asking you to confirm with HR.


    Hey, man... Relax!!!! There is no such urgency...

    You will get the material on about wednesday. But there is no need to start studying from the first week itself. You will get your ids on friday or next monday. And can only use the systems thereafter.

  86. ErshaD  

    i hav sent an email to d mail u gave, but yet to receive any reply.......
    i have also mailed to offer_update@infosys.com......
    no reply yet frm there too......

  87. Unknown  

    hi chintan, please read fully
    i am the parent of a trainee at infosys .
    my son passed out 1st classwith distinction in 2008.,was put on online training for 6 months, called to mysore in march and is now there.
    although very bright and hard working ,he gets 90%in some teste but has failed i 1 and says that if he fails in more than 2 he will be pushed out.

    now all the mba( he has good cat score) and m.tech admissions are over,if he is pushed out next month one more year will be lost.

    you seemed to have been very smart,as u got a job within 2 months of leaving infy.

    i feel the company should not have selected candidates from biology stream,and spoiled their future. what do you think he should do?

  88. Unknown  


  89. Chintan Patel  


    Sorry, i cant help you much then... You may call a freshers helpline number if there is any such number given to you people.


    Failing in 1 subject is common and not something to worry about so much. Just make sure he is careful for the rest of training.

    Believe me, getting a job is not too difficult if a person digests even a small part of what is taught during training. There would be many SMEs in your city itself which can give you the experience while preparing for CAT again.

    I am an iPhone Developer and can say confidently that it has no effect of recession. Developing for mobile devices like iPhone or Google Android OS for smartphones has a very good market right now.

    IT industry is the most people intensive industry that i know. So there is always a lack of qualified people and hence the IT industry absorbed 60% of all engg. graduates in 2007-08.
    Its about your inclination for a particular kind of job. I would never leave IT even though i am BE Mechanical. I had a chance to go back to mech when i was out of infosys but i am crazy about IT.


    Ofcourse, go for IIT. You can always join Infosys later. Infosys calls 25000 people every year but the number is far less for IITs.

    IITs can give you the all-round development that only IITs can give. As far as Infosys is concerned, well, you would be thinking about Google and Microsoft if you join IITs.

  90. Unknown  

    I came to know that laptops are not being allowed any more into da campuses now.can u tel me about dat plz...

  91. Chintan Patel  


    Laptops are allowed. I will confirm it again and post if there is a change.

  92. Unknown  

    but wen my friend called da helpline they told that laptops are not being allowed. plz jus confirm it and tell.

  93. sri  

    my doj is on march 2010,i got an oppurtunity in a bpo and techsupport,shall i join, does it make any negative impact,does infy ask what i have done in this time,can i joinn........

  94. Unknown  

    hi chintan...im currently having 3 bacs in 6th sem my xams ll get over by june22..my doj is aug10...but i wont b having results of 3 subs of 6sem....my aggri is well above wat infy has akd for...i jus need 10days time to submit bac results from doj..will infy give me 10 days time.....r will it effect my joining.........................
    1 more serious doubt...bcos of recession ll infy bring any condtn saying pending results not allowed...please reply!!!!! ur doing a gr8 job...thnx in advance..

  95. Chintan Patel  


    Laptops are surely allowed. Dont worry about that.


    Do not post your query multiple times.

    It wont make any difference. You can join BPO.


    You can join and let everything happen and not worry about such things. At most, they will send you back and tell you to join at a later date.

    I too have heard of pending results being not allowed but i dont have any confirmed information. So you better call infy helpline and ask about it.

  96. Ankur Jain  

    Hey Chintan, thanx a lot for providing such a gr8 support for all freshers.
    You hav told many a time now, but again, i got to see a notice at : http://allaboutinfosys.blogspot.com/2009/05/this-is-summary-this-is-rest-of-post.html , saying laptops not allowed :
    The notice is like this -
    Dear All,

    This is to inform you that going forward personal laptops will not be allowed into the campus. This is applicable in all DCs.

    Those who are already in possession of laptops in campus are directed to confine it to hostel rooms only and not carry it to working buildings, food courts or any other place in the campus, until further notice.

    This is with immediate effect.

    Please adhere to the above directive.

    Team HRD

    I m sorry for troubling you for the same question again, but can u please make sure what is the scene ?

  97. Unknown  

    I havnt done any course in Java n dont have much
    knowledge in it.Should I do any course 4 Java before joining?
    My joining is on march,2010.

  98. Unknown  

    hii chintan..
    saumya here..
    my DOJ is 5th oct. '09
    as m having almost 4 months before joining, so can u plzz suggest wat should i do in these vacations.
    can u tell me wat do they teach during training and on wat platform infy is working?????
    m having ECE, wat kind of courses should ECE ppl join so that it can help at the time of training...
    plzz suggest something...

  99. Chintan Patel  


    I have made sure and that is why that post is there.


    You have plenty of time to study Java and C language both.


    You should study Java and C language.

    Infosys works on all possible platforms.

  100. Unknown  


  101. Ankur Jain  


    laptops not allowed.....:(

  102. Unknown  

    hi thnkx for such valuable info tat i mite hav nt got nywhr. My joinin is 13th july'09. i just wanted to ask if i shud through C or even go thru all the material (Generic) posted by infosys?

  103. Chintan Patel  


    Now that they are eager to reduce headcount, you should study as much as you can before joining.

  104. Alaknanda  

    hii chintan

    one more querry..
    are u sure abt the bond signing dates??
    could we do it after about a month of joining?
    what if some one thinks of leaving in just 1 month's time? is it possible?

  105. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, dont worry too much about it.

    If you want to leave within 1 month then just leave. You wont have to pay any bond money as you didnt sign the bond and also you will not get any experience certificate from them.

    But the best way to leave infosys in my point of view is to fail deliberately in training. That way, you will get experience certificate + 1 month's extra salary + leave encashment + providend fund.

  106. renuka  

    hi chintan,
    iam a ece student and my posting is on Nov 2nd. Among c,oracle,.net,java, which are preferable to learn in this gap. why iam asking is for the foundation program c and oracle(that is for dbms)are important, and in the present scenario every body is suggesting me to learn .net and java. can you please tell me which courses i must do before joining and which among them i can skip.

  107. Chintan Patel  


    Study C, Oracle and Java... .NET is a separate stream but C, Oracle and Java are part of generic stream.

  108. renuka  

    do you mean that there is no need for learning .net? and for having knowledge in dbms that is in our module what shal i hav to learn, oracle or sql server?

  109. Chintan Patel  


    Learning .NET will only help if you get .NET stream while Java, C etc will surely help you.

    You should learn how to insert, update, delete, query a database, PL/SQL, writing stored procedures.

  110. shaiz  

    can u tell me what courses shud i prepare bfore d training(its in nov)..

  111. Chintan Patel  


    The answer is right above your comment. Please dont ask redundant questions.

  112. Unknown  

    @ Chintan
    i recently came across your blog and it has been a great help to me...
    i've got a doubt,plz answer it

    i'm an mca student, my doj is aug10th.
    Since our course started late, only the results upto 4th sem are announced till date, the last semester result won't be announced before my doj.
    i'm currently in my last sem doing the final project...
    So will it be a problem that i don't have the marklists of the last 2 semesters when i join?


  113. Unknown  

    hi chintan..
    In campus connect i tried to enter info in e-join but it shows dat my candidate ID is invalid even though it is correct(as received in mail).plz help

  114. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think it will be a problem... One of my friends there is yet to submit his final sem result. His joining was 26th May 2008. You can submit your last 2 sem results after joining.


    Please enter it exactly as it is. I cant say anything more about it.

  115. Unknown  

    thanks for the info Chintan

    @ Meghna, the e-joining link will be activated only just one month of before your doj


  116. Unknown  


    I would appreciate if any one kindly let me now the email address of Priyanka Preeti she is working with Infosys at Mysore Centre.


  117. Anonymous  

    Thanks Meghna and Nishanth.. I also had the same problem and i posted the same question earlier.. now i got the answer

  118. Unknown  

    I am a certified professional in .NET.
    I have heard that if u r certified in any field(for eg: Java or .NET) then they put you in that same field.
    I really want to know if my certification will be of any use?

  119. Unknown  

    ya i would also like to know what is the amount credited in our account during training and after training...do state a rough or avg amount...plz
    Thanx again!!!

  120. Chintan Patel  


    You wont be put into .NET just because you are certified. You can request the HR to do that but dont be optimistic about it. As you know that there are 2 streams now so you will have to learn one new stream even if you are put in .NET.

    Your certification will surely help you in the industry.

    The amount was 14453 (in hand) for us but as the package for 2009 batch is 3.0, you can add 10% more to that.

  121. sanat  

    what are the two streams?
    so how will my certification help me if i m not put into that field?
    plz suggest what should i do...coz i m quite into .NET and i dont want my knowledge to go in waste.
    does that mean it ll b better to also have learnt java before joining...???

  122. Chintan Patel  


    Its not decided, they can be anything. You have an industry recognized certification which is good. You wouldnt have prepared for that certification if you didnt see any value in it.

    Your knowledge wont go into waste if you study another language. Even after you get trained in .NET, you may get a Java project or some other platform's project after training.

    Java is now a part of generic so its good to learn Java.

  123. Unknown  

    HI'chintan..i'm anirban frm kolkata.my d.o.j is 9th nov,2009.im frm electrical background.i know c,c++.bt i didnt done so much of programming .will it be a threat fr me??should i try more programming during these days?my nxt question is that whether we will be asked to design database during initial daya of rdms module.i only know how to write queries in pl/sql.i appreciate ur effort.u,r like our elder bro.

  124. Chintan Patel  


    You should surely do more programming as you have much time.

    You wont be asked to do anything that they have not taught you.

  125. Unknown  

    what sorts of programming? those gven as exercise in kanetkar? will those be sufficient?i hav followed martin gruber fr sql.pl suggest...nythng required more?for PT module whether we hav to tackle projects singlehandedly?what will be the mode of exam ?mcq along wid practical exam?

  126. Chintan Patel  


    I think you have done enough preparation.

    You will be in a group of 4 in projects.

    Yes, MCQ with practical exam.

  127. Unknown  

    Hi chintan, How many people were thrown out just beacause of documents problem during joining at ur time?

  128. Chintan Patel  


    No one was thrown out from our batch but i can tell you for sure that no one escapes their verification process.

  129. Ekta  

    hii chintan,
    I am a 2009 passout...I have a single backlog in the 7th semester, but i have got my degree!
    Am i still eligible to join infosys on the current DOJ, i.e 10 aug 2009??
    if I cant join now, what is the procedure to apply for the extension???

  130. Chintan Patel  


    If you have got the degree then i dont think it would be a problem...

    Still it is better to call their helpline and ask this.

    To apply for extension, send an email to offer_extension@infosys.com.

  131. Ekta  

    chintan, I have already mailed them and asked and they said that i'll have to clear the back before joining them!
    can u please tell me their helpline no.??

  132. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, i think you atleast need to have appeared for the backlog exam before joining if not getting the result for it.

    I dont have their helpline number.

  133. Ekta  

    Thanx chintan!
    I called them up and confirmed that I will need an extension!
    Keep up the wonderful job u r doing!

  134. Unknown  

    hi chintan.. i got placed in both infy and dell.. and i recently joined dell.. but i feel dell very boring n uninteresting.. also iam emotionally attached to infy.. but.. practically speaking, dell has got good job security n pays me much more than infy.. but no job satisfaction in dell.. i like infy but there are lot of risk factors in opting for infy when compared to dell.. iam a fresher whose major priority in all his life was to enjoy the moment.. unable to take the right decision whether to think about future n continue in dell inspite of lesser job satisfaction or jus live the moments at infosys, mysore.. pleeeeeeease help me..

  135. Chintan Patel  


    I felt the same way about Infosys. You will surely enjoy your time at Infosys Mysore but it will only go that far. There is not one friend of mine who doesnt curse infosys these days. All are waiting for December when their bond will end.

    "Same day, same night. Even same month. Third class life hai."

    "Here noone cares about anyone."

    "Life has become very mechanical. I will go for MBA next year in whichever college i get. "

    These are some of the responses of my friends. So even though training at mysore is enjoyable, infosys is just another company after that. I suggest you stick with Dell as it pays you more and also you dont have any bond. If you go for infosys, you will end up with lesser pay and more agony. Dont leave Dell just to enjoy training. I predict you will be bored after training also after getting your posting so its better to be paid more and get bored.

  136. blowfishh  

    hey guys my doj is 10th aug and i am unable to login to ejoining. it shows invalid username and password. Is it really mandatary to complete the ejoining process??

  137. Div(y)a  

    Hello Chintan,
    Iam brushing up Java right now and my DOJ is on Nov 16th. Is there any benefit if I go for Sun certification in Java?Will there be any advantages in terms of perks or good projects, or any other advantage?


  138. Chintan Patel  


    SCJP will definitely benefit you but you dont need to do it only for training's sake.

    It will help you to get good projects after training and also it will help you negotiate a better salary when you opt for a job change.

  139. Unknown  

    hii Mr Chintan congrats u re doing a gr8 job.. im a sep'09 joinee bt they ve postponed the date to oct 5th cos of dussera.. i received my service agreement.. in tat they ve said tat v ve 2 pay sme compensation if 'our response is nt satisfactory'.. wat does tat mean?? they are speaking bout our conduct or are they sayin tat if v don peform well in d traini they'l remove us 4m d cmpny n ask for compensation?? im a biotech student n i dun kno anethng bout programmin so i dun thnk i'l last long.. im jus gonna give a try.. i don mind being removed if i fail ind traini but if they ask 4 compensation it is really bad:( pl help me!!

    thnx in adv

  140. Chintan Patel  


    You will not have to pay anything if they ask you to leave. In fact, you will get extra 1 month's salary if they decide to make you leave.

  141. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!
    I came across your blog and forum today.
    Both are really helpful for freshers like me. Thank you very much for making things clear.

    Best of luck in your new job! I hope I can meet you someday! I guess you are staying in Bangalore.

    Btw, My D.O.J is Jan 4th.
    -Shrinivas Kudva

  142. Chintan Patel  


    Lol... I am at Ahmedabad so cant meet.

  143. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    My DOJ is Nov 9th and initially I got an Offer Letter Wid DOJ and my Post as a Software Engineer and Today I got an Updated Offer letter stating my Post as Systems Engineer...
    Can u tell me the nature of this job??? I'm really scared that it might be something lik a BPO job... Plz help me wid it

  144. Chintan Patel  


    Just the name of the designation has changed and nothing else. This applies to all current employees also. It is a part of corporate restructuring. Nothing to worry about.

  145. Unknown  

    hii Chintan, im from chennai n my DOJ is on oct 5th.. i want to cme back home for diwali wch falls on oct 17th.. bt ma frens are saying tat as we are joining jus a week b4 diwali we'l not get any holidays.. is it so??? my qn mit sound so stupid bt im desperate to cm home 4 diwali.. as it falls on sat i tot we can make it as we ve saturdays off.. can we??

    thanks in adv

  146. Chintan Patel  


    You will have a working day on Oct 10th but you can surely go home on diwali.

  147. Unknown  

    i called up the helpline ppl today.. bt they are telling tat holiday 4 diwali will be decided ly by the trainer and tat too will be different 4 ppl wit different doj.. is tat so?? ppl thr undergoing traini will cm bak home 4 diwali or they'l be too busy 2 thnk bout tat?? can v cme home by bus?? 4m mysore??

    thanks again

  148. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think he would have much idea because festival holidays are different for different DCs.

    At Mysore, there wont be a holiday for Diwali if it falls on a working day. It was not there last time when i was there. But since this time, Diwali is on sunday, you dont need to worry about it.

    I have not seen anyone going home for diwali because my batch had classes going on.

    You can go home by whichever means you want. Bangalore people go home every weekend by a bus that leaves from campus itself. So you can go to bangalore by that bus and take a flight from there.

  149. Unknown  


    thank you.

  150. Unknown  

    Hi i received a mail yesterday reg the accomodation and medical test. In the mail they have asked me to be vaccinated against some diseases like jaundice, Chicken pox etc. The thing is i have been vaccinated against these viruses during my school days and i dont have the proof of any. They have asked me to submit the proof the same along with other documents during induction. Are these vaccinations mandatory or just submitting a report of all the medical tests is enough?

    And my friend who is undergoing trainig there said that she has been given a list of holidays declared by infosys. This list of holidays is same for everyone or it differes for trainees with different DOJ?

  151. Pratheesh  

    first of bro....excellent blog. I noticed u ve responded to all possible queries..awesome. 2 queries from my part:
    1)My doj is 12 oct time 12am. Is accomodation given before joining? If yes then we wud have to report before that rite? Shud I reach there on 11th?
    2)Regarding PAN card...I ve decided just now to join Infy :)..dont think I ll receive PAN even if i apply now. In ur post u said not much to worry abt but after reading their offer letter they didnt sound that lax about it..wat to do?

  152. Chintan Patel  


    As far as i know, vaccinations are mandatory now.

    Please leave that diwali thing aside now. I have already answered your question in detail.


    You HAVE to reach there on 11th. Its so simple, dont know why trainees dont understand it. Your DOJ will always be a monday and you have to reach there on sunday.

    PAN card is essential even if you dont decide to join infosys. It is not that you get a PAN card because Infosys asked you to do so but you need it to file income tax returns in whichever way you earn.

  153. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan, doing a gr8 job... i recieved a revised offer letter. they have changed my designation from software engineer trainee to system engineer trainee... can u tell wat is the difference between the two??? n which 1 is better???

  154. Chintan Patel  


    Already explained somewhere else on this blog. Anyways, i think i will write a blog post about it to avoid redundant queries.

  155. abid's  

    hey chintan...can u give me some details regarding this NSR registration..if we want to register at home...how can we do it?

  156. Chintan Patel  


    Please visit the relavant website for that. Its better you do it before joining.

  157. Unknown  

    well I know i had posted 2 comments yesterday bt m unable to find out under wich forum I had posted them...so cud u plz again brief me abt d doubts else cud u lemme know unfer wich thread had i posted d comments...


  158. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, i know you posted comments but they got buried by other comments and i can only see the last 5 comments like you. I looked at 2-3 posts but it was not in there.

    Please post your questions again or post it on the forum so that it wont get lost: http://www.lotofwallpapers.com/allaboutinfosys .

  159. Unknown  

    i wanted to know if i need to carry blankets and sweaters thr...???/n wats d dress code for gals...???

    n i dnt hav my degree marksheet nor provisional from univ. bt got a provisional from college...wud that b gud enuf...???

    Also I wanted to know that if my gross is arnd 22000pm hw much can I expect to get after deductions for fooding n accomodation????

  160. Chintan Patel  

    You dont need to take blankets with you but you will need sweaters.

    Dress code is described in your offer letter.

    Provisional will be enough.

    Your in hand salary will be about 15000 after deducing hostel expenses (around 2000-2500) and for food, it will be another 3000-4000 per month.

  161. Unknown  

    thnxx....n can u lemme know that I dnt hav much knowledge of java so do i need studying myself now or wud d training alone wud b gud enuf...???wat other lang or tech. sub do i need to brush up before coming...???

    my DOJ is 9 Nov so wen can i expect to recieve mail abt accomodation n medical test ? will d medical test b conducted within campus or do we need to arrange for the same???

    thnxx in advance...

  162. Chintan Patel  


    You dont study Java for learning it but you study it for clearing training. Its better if you learn C language and Java before joining.

    You will get your accommodation mail soon. You will have to do medical tests before joining by yourself.

  163. Unknown  

    friend i am to join infosys shortly within 6 days.I have not prepared at all.Please give me a sujjetion to read something that i extremely need within these days.

  164. Chintan Patel  


    lol... You can only enjoy in this much time... :)

  165. Unknown  

    well I have done online registration for NSR...I got the Ack. no. but wen i try to proceed for ITPIN it is not accepting my pssword...wat to do...???Do I need to worry...or will they change the pswd at centre...???

  166. Unknown  

    it is given that A Service agreement will be sent along with the date of Joining letter. However I have not recieved my date of joining letter yet. I am jst taking the printout of my offer letter and the E-joining personal data form which I had filled online. Wus that b gud enuf...??? Also wat abt d medical tests n certificate...wat do I need to do for it..????plz rply...

  167. Chintan Patel  


    I dont remember much about how to change the password for NSR.

    You did not mention your DOJ so i dont know if its already too late to get the offer letter.

    Anyways, your Offer Letter will be mailed to you to your college and it wont be arriving at your home.

    Your service agreement may not arrive before you leave for mysore.

    For medical tests certificate, you need to undergo medical tests. :)

  168. Unknown  

    ok so in that case can u tell me if the whole matter of NSR will be sorted out at POS in campus itself or not???and if my service agreement doesnot arrive will it create ny probs for joining...???my DOJ is 9th nov...

  169. Chintan Patel  


    Please do it before joining if you can.

    Service agreement is not needed for joining. Even i joined without it. But you will need to get it signed by your parents as surety and have it mailed back to you at mysore. They will not issue a new copy of service agreement at mysore.

  170. Unknown  

    can you tell me if the formalities of passport can be done at infosys??

  171. Unknown  

    Well finally I recieved the service agreement at noon...it says that signatures of employee n surety shud b done in front of notary so can it be done on 9th Nov i.e. DOJ in campus or do I need to complete it before joining on 9th..???

  172. Chintan Patel  


    O My God!!
    For passport you have to go to the Passport Office. Infosys does not issue passports.

    O My God Again!!
    I already said that you have to get it signed by your parents beforehand and take the signed service agreement with you.

  173. divya  

    your blog is awesome sir... well i have a question apart from joining that do they give any internship training for m.b.a. students....

  174. Chintan Patel  


    They do have interns but i have only seen final year students as interns. I dont know about internship for MBAs.

  175. Unknown  

    hi chintan.. u r doing a gr8 job. n i hav gt answers to most of my questions..

    my DOJ is 29th march 2010. n dese days im brushing up my concepts of C n C++. now i wanted to ask u tht since its nt confirmed tht which stream we'll get..it can b java or .net
    i do hav some knowledge of java bt totally blank in .net..

    sumbody suggetsed me to revise java core n do asp.net so it will be helpful n den i cud perform in java also n .net also..

    bt im confused..shud i juzz go for cmplete java or do juzz java core n den do asp.net.
    pls advice...
    thnx in advance!!

  176. Chintan Patel  


    You dont need to study everything before training. Even people who dont know anything about Java or .NET before training have passed out with CGPA 4.95 and above.

    So just prepare what you are comfortable with and dont bother too much about preparing everything before you join. Infosys training will give you enough time to prepare for the rest.

  177. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  178. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, there are smoking zones in the campus...
    You will have to buy cigarettes from outside the campus.

    And dont smoke in the hostel rooms otherwise they will expel you from the hostel the very next day and you will have to find a place to live outside the campus.

  179. alester_linx  

    Hi Chintan...we r doing a great job by solving d queries of d freshers...
    I m joining infosys,mysore for my final year major project.I dont hav ny idea what project they wil assign 2 me.I m from CS dept.Do u hav ny idea on what subject they wil focus on?? Please reply ...I wil b waiting 4 ur reply [Alester]

  180. Chintan Patel  


    I do not have any idea about the subject they focus on for the project but my guess is it wont be anything radical and will be from the subjects you have learnt till now. But dont bet on it. I could be wrong.

  181. Unknown  

    my question is whether muslim students are allowed to go for friday prayers..

  182. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know the time for the prayers but i have seen some muslim students doing their namaaz besides classrooms in the afternoon. If you are asking about going to some masjid outside the campus, i think it will be time consuming for you. There are neither any restrictions nor any special permission for it.

  183. Unknown  

    pls tell me the break timings during training...also pls advic as hw to succesfully complet training....i mean wht all shld be done to reduc stress

  184. Chintan Patel  


    Break timings are 10:00-10:30, 12:00-2:00, 4:00-4:30.

    Dont get hysteric about training. Dont know why freshers create such a hype about training. I dont know how to reduce stress but you can read "Important Tips to Successfully Complete Training" article.

  185. mukesh  

    hi ..!!
    i havnt got doj
    it may be around sep- oct.
    so i have enuf time for preparation. i am gud at C and JAVA.
    could you mail me study material provided by infosys.
    my id is mukesh.uce@gmail.com

  186. Chintan Patel  


    You can find some links to it elsewhere on the net.

  187. Anonymous  

    i was in 8th sem when infosys conducted pool campus
    and i have got their e mail saying joining date will be in march.they are saying that not more than four backlogs during whole engineering will be allowed ...i have eight backlogs but i want to tell u,, all these backlogs were even before selection . i means i had backlogs in first 4 sem only and i was that time itself had sem bach i.e. back in engineering by 6 months..but now what to do???
    will they allow me to enter???

    pls reply....
    thanks in advance!

  188. Chintan Patel  


    If they had conveyed the backlog criteria to you during campus interview and still you appeared for it by hiding it, then you can be in trouble.

  189. Anonymous  

    hi chintan,
    Actually they said that you should not have any current backlogs.And at time of campus interview i had cleared all.
    So,i had not hidden my backlogs.so, i just wanted to clarify ; is it that infosys don't allow more than 4 backlogs in whole engineering ??

  190. Chintan Patel  


    Criteria differs for different colleges so you have to go with what they told you.

  191. wireless  

    hi,Chintan its alok. first of all i want to thank u for giving such informations. I am gonna join infosys in the month of july.would the classroom materials be sufficient for the tests?what'll be the salary after training?

  192. anbukrithi  

    Hi Chitan, This is Krithi,first you are doing a great job man, hope you'll help me too.

    My DOJ is june 21,2010.

    In college the first 20 rank people got INFOSYS CAMPUS CONNECT training and they gave 3 books with 9 modules

    is the training material the same or advanced version of these things?

    Still 2 more months, is it enough to prepare on these modules?

    then can myself and my friend have same room?

    Thank you in advance.

    Krithika Mahalingam.

  193. anbukrithi  

    Sorry Chintan I misspelled your name in the previous post.... I'm extremely sorry....

  194. Chintan Patel  


    It is more than enough. I dont know if CC material is updated alongwith the training material but anyways, it wont be drastically different.

    Chances are rare of getting the same room but you can try.

    Why are you "extremely sorry" for misspelling my name? I hate over-courteousness. Just ask your question and i will answer.

  195. Dhaval  

    I have KT in my 7th Sem. I just received my DOJ as 19th July, 2010. Now I'm set to appear for my 8th Sem and 7th Sem KT exams in June, 2010 but there is a chance that my results wont be declared before my DOJ. In the offer letter it is mentioned that all mark-sheets up until the penultimate semester should be declared as "passed". Will this create a problem with my joining?

    Should I apply for an extension?

  196. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it will be a problem. You will have to apply for an extension if the KT results are not out before your DOJ.

  197. Unknown  

    i have been placed in infosys and got my doj on 7th june.i need an extension.
    do you know at what time will i get my next joining date likely to be.i heard all the extension students get their doj on march.is it true or we can get our new doj within less no of months.

  198. Chintan Patel  


    It has always happened till now that they call all extension candidates together in a batch in March and so i dont think it will change.

  199. Unknown  

    hey...im amardeep...i just wanted to ask is driving license required or mandatory for gng to mysore for infy training...

    and i hav just started to learn driving so i will get lerners license..so will it be okay , no need for permanent as it takes time to make permanent license...

    also i hav applied for passport..i hav got the reciept so will it be fine to take receipt as it takes nearly 2 months to get passport

    and also what electrical gadgets are allowed...is ipod,laptop,mobile,pen drive and what other are allowed...

  200. Unknown  

    if i go without license alos so if there will bw any problem

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