There is much doubt about the higher education policy at Infosys so let me make it clear. First of all, you need to apply to any institute ( the names of which are mentioned at the end of the post) and get the admission offer letter. Then you need to apply for registration with HES (Higher Education Section) and the HES will issue a registration number after verification of eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria for registration is:
-More than 1 year of experience in Infosys Technologies Ltd.
-CRR Band 1 or 2(Dont ask me what that is) (or) Trainee Band B1(Top 45% among trainees).
-Admission offer letter from institute.

The employee should pay fees only after obtaining the Reg. No. from HES.

Infosys does not sponsor full course but it reimburses fees paid upto Rs. 1 lakh or 50% of the fees paid, whichever is lower.

Fees paid after registration with HES only will be considered as "Fees Paid", for reimbursement calculation.

Reimbursement should be claimed within 3 months of completing the program. That means at first you need to pay fees by yourself.

The bond after completing the course is only for 1 year. You can leave Infosys after 1 year. If you leave within that 1 year, the amount reimbursed will be recovered.

List of supported programs:
BS in Information Systems, BITS Pilani.
MS in Software Systems, BITS Pilani.
PG Diploma in Software Enterprise Management (PGSEM), IIM-B.
Advance Management Program(AMP), IIM-B.
Executive Program for Young Professionals (EPYP), IIM-C.
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA- Level 1 to 3), CFA-AIMR(US).
MSc. IT, Symbiosis, Pune (Only for IMS employees in Job Band A2).

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  1. Anonymous  

    nce work.. keep it up///

  2. Anonymous  

    The higher education is limited to MBA only or we can apply for M-tech also?

  3. Chintan Patel  


    if you want to do MTech then MS in software systems, BITS pilani is the only option... only the above mentioned courses are reimbursed for..

  4. Anonymous  

    Heyy buddy how did your PF module test go?

  5. Anonymous  

    And must say you are doing a terrific job here. :))

  6. Unknown  

    hey dude... it seems software companies reimburses ur travel expenses(atleast train fare) from ur home town to ur training center at the time of joining.... is this true with the case of infy??? were u extended such an offer????

  7. Chintan Patel  


    I failed in the PF test.. :P.. so i have reduced surfing.. Many have failed this time.. Paper was somewhat tough but many have got above 90 also..


    nooo, i have not yet heard of any such company.. infy too doesnt do so. you can get reimbursements if you travel on business purpose after joining the company..

  8. Anonymous  


    U r doing an awesome work dude... No words for that..

    We are all getting a feeling as if we are there. We all r seeing Infosys campus thro your eyes.

    This post of urs was indeed the best of the lot.Simply superb....

    Thank you very much.And do keep up the good work and this blog is famous among almost all engg colleges in Kerala. But if its affecting your career reduce the blogging. All the best for your exams , may God bless you



  9. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you very much.. This is the best compliment i have received for this blog..

    Its really nice to know that even people other than 2008 batch are also reading..

    Ya, i can take care of that. Actually not blogging but surfing all day was the prob. Blogging doesnt take more than an hour. But now i am in control..

  10. Anonymous  

    Is there any need to bring our parents to mysore or we can come alone?? I mean for signing the bond documents etc.....

  11. Chintan Patel  

    No need to bring parents for signing purposes..

    You will either get the bond b4 you leave your home or you will get after you have left for mysore.

    if you get it after leaving, you can get it signed by ur parents and ask them to courier it to you at mysore otherwise you can get it signed and bring it here... no big deal.. many of us are yet to submit the bond..

  12. Unknown  

    hi dude,
    I have another query... how much can we expect our monthly net pay to be at mysore, during training...???? and one more thing.... on reaching mysore railway station, how do we come to Infy's mysore campus??? i want to know all possible modes of commuting and their respesctive fares as well...

  13. Chintan Patel  


    you will get exactly 14,453 per month.. you can get a bus from there.. i know about the bus station that you get a bus every 10 mins to infosys campus... dont know about railway station..

    and the fare for buses is 7 Rs only..

    when you come for the first time you will have luggage also. We 5 people booked a taxi from bus station to campus which cost 320 Rs..

  14. Unknown  

    Thanx dude... and one more thing... wat all(in de sense like room rent, club facility subscription, etc.) r deducted from our gross salary so tat we get this net pay of 14, 453?????????

  15. Chintan Patel  

    2000 for hostel..
    150 compulsary for facilities membership which includes multiplex, badminton, tennis, table tennis..

    then for gym, swimming pool, yoga, aerobics etc there is a separate membership for 300 Rs per month which is voluntary..

    then 250 Rs for providend fund.. and also for insurance depending upon the plan you select.. (Now dont ask what plans are available, there is nothing to discuss about it)..

    for other details refer offer letter...

  16. Anonymous  

    hey buddy..grt did ur pf module retest go??

  17. Anonymous  

    Hey buddy how are you. Which module is being these days? And how did your re test go?

  18. Anonymous  

    hey chintan,thanx 4 solving all our doubts..u doin gr8 job..
    ihave a doubt..
    how many ppl r put together in 1 class. m joinin infy in coming days,,my reg no is 675 and all my classmates have reg no round 600..will we all cm in same class?

  19. Chintan Patel  

    PF retest is yet to be taken.. i think it wud be on this thursday.. right now its programming and testing going on.. the project part of PF... and i am doing fine in it..


    yes, people from the same college will come together. the registration number corresponds to an employee number. and the classes are allotted employee number-wise (100 numbers in one class) so people from the same recruitment drive will also be close..

  20. Anonymous  

    thanks buddy for solving the queries..but i have a doubt plz confirm it to me whether the % criteria at the selection time also remains the same wen we go there..
    it doesn't change na becoz thats how i got the offer letter but still waitg for the doj..plz reply!!

  21. Anonymous  

    % criteria is the same as announced to you during campus selection..

    -Chintan Patel..
    Using proxies from lab..

  22. Anonymous  

    hi....i completed my final exam in july...but unfortunately at d last time..i got one backlog and its my one and only one in my course..i'll clear it in total percentage is above d criteria which dis a problem to join in infi..can i join after my september exam???still i didn't get the doj..expectin it in september....pls help me by giving a good reply abt this...i'm totally confused...

  23. Chintan Patel  

    if you clear it in sept then no worries...

    anyways, infosys gives some time to submit the final sem result.. i am yet to submit my 8th sem result..

    so you can relax...

  24. Unknown  

    hey buddy! nice job.

    I have one query. I am going to join Infosys as Assistant Engineer - Testing(A2) and I am a Graduate(BCA). After one year of experience in Infosys, will I be elgibile for doing MS in Software System's or not? or what I can do regarding my higher study?
    Please tell me.

  25. Chintan Patel  


    You can find out the eligibility criteria after you join. There is a policy document on their intranet site which details everything. There are certain changes to it recently which i dont know about.

  26. Unknown  

    heyyy dude u doin a grrttt job!!..thank u, its f grt help..
    i hav a v start using da gym rgt from day 1??..n ya do v rly get time 4 al dis??..

  27. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you..

    No, you cant use gym from day 1. It has a special membership for which you need to apply. And you can only apply for that in the first 11 days of any month. If you dont register, you will have to wait for next month.

    You will get time for your first two favorite activities but not for the third favorite activity.

  28. Unknown  

    heyy thanx!!
    ..wanted 2 knw if da medical tsts are mandatory??..

  29. Chintan Patel  


    They were not mandatory when we joined but i think they now take it seriously. Nevertheless, you can do them after reaching there. Infosys has tie up with Apollo Hospitals which provides medical facilities at the Mysore campus.

  30. Unknown  

    cn u plz tell me dat ftr the completion of my mba course wat will be the hike in my salary if i rejoin infy...

  31. Chintan Patel  


    It depends on a lot of factors like your specialization in MBA, your institute, number of years of experience before MBA etc. So cant really say anything but ofcourse it will be in line with the industry pay.

  32. Unknown  

    the commited package during the trainin is 2.75L..after all the debits what is the approx salary we get??i hrd we pay 150rs for recreational facilities, hw cn v use the multiplex thn??wt r the muvi timings and do we actually get time to enjoy all the facilities???

  33. Chintan Patel  


    During training, you will get about 15k Rs per month after all deductions.

    You can use multiplex because you pay those 150 Rs. They are automatically deducted from your salary and you dont have to worry about that.

    Movie timings are 2 PM, 6 PM and 9 PM. Sometimes there is an extra morning show depending on how anticipated the movie is. Ya, you get enough time to enjoy.

  34. Abhi  

    What about MBA abroad?

  35. Chintan Patel  


    The list of supported programmes has increased recently. I will ask one my friends at infy to give me the updated list. Still not sure if any MBA programmes abroad are supported.

  36. Abhi  

    Thnx for the quick reply..

    Is there any policy where I can opt for any other college(not in collaboration with Infy) and then ask Infy guyz for sponsoring me?

    Also if I do some certification during my job like CCNA, CISA etc, will Infy reimburse me for those certifications?

  37. Chintan Patel  


    There is no way to get that done. The sponsorship is also limited to maximum 1 lakh Rs. with 1 yr bond afterwards. So technically speaking, it doesnt make much sense as most MBA programmes cost from 5-10 lakhs atleast.

    Yes, they will provide reimbursement for that. That wud be about 50% of the total cost. Infact, you have to appear for some 2-3 certifications every year. Not CCNA, SCJP etc but their own certifications whose syllabus wud be designed in collaboration with Sun, Oracle etc..

  38. Deep Surti  

    Hi Chintan,
    You are surely doing a great job...
    I Just wanted to ask whether the campus has SBI ATM centers or not??

  39. Chintan Patel  


    There are only ICICI ATMs. Hope you know that there is no charge now for withdrawing money from other bank's ATMs.

  40. .............  

    thanx a lot 4 such a wonderful post...but there is a doubt i have..after completion of course,when he comes back to infosys what is his designation /role???
    will an employ after doing his PGSEM from IIM-B, be given the same salary/role as given to a fresh MBA recruit from PGDM IIM or PGPEX IIM/ISB????

  41. Chintan Patel  


    Your new salary/role will not be fixed and will vary depend on the area in which you specialize in MBA and also your performance in MBA.

    PGSEM from IIM-B, as far as i know, is a part time course for working graduates. Not sure though.

    I think some preference would be given because you already are an Infosys employee but again that is just what i think. It may happen that there would be people from IIM PGDM having 4 years of prior experience who would naturally get more salary/ higher role than you if you have 2 yrs experience.

  42. Ekta  

    hi chintan!
    I have identical offers from both infosys & accenture... infosys DOJ is 10th aug.. n accenture hasnt called yet...
    which one do u feel is better to join considering that you know about infy???

  43. Ekta  

    I have another query too... when is the bond signed in infy?? after training completion or before that??
    I wanted to know if I can leave infy mid training if I get accenture's call??? will their be any legal action then?

  44. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys is better. Accenture may not issue a call at all.

    Not even IBM can match the training given by Infosys. This i am saying after some research.

    After training, Infosys is just another company but its worth joining just for training.

    Dont join Accenture leaving Infosys. Its not better than Infosys. There wont be any legal action but just that they wont give a relieving letter.

  45. Ekta  

    Thanx chintan! its actually a really confusing decision for me!
    I have been hearing things that the training is very difficult and of almost 8 months! and that infy has less projects thats why long training!
    Is any of these true????

  46. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, all that is true.

    But atleast they are calling you instead of just forgetting about you.

    Lets see if you actually get Accenture call to be confused about this. :)

  47. Sheerin  

    hi chintan,

    i felt very bad dat i came to knw abt ur blog very late........der s no words to praise wrk....i m stayin far frm my frnds on a family trip to there was no go fr me to knw abt infy.......aftr cumin thru ur blog.....i feel i m into infy itself....thnx alot d bst as wel....i pray god fr ur bright future....

  48. Chintan Patel  


    Thanks... You just made me feel a lot better... :)

  49. Sheerin  


    nice to c ur reply...rite nw i dnt hv ane al ma doubts were cleared goin thru ur got nly 1 thn to say..happy b'day yaar.....

  50. Chintan Patel  


    Thanks... How did you get to know my bday?

  51. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  52. Studz  


    how r u??

    i juz wanna ask u a quest...

    actually im planning to write gre b4 i join would it b a better option..n also can i apply for MS for higher studies thru infy??

  53. Studz seems lyk today is ur wish u many many happy returns of the day dude!!

  54. Chintan Patel  


    You will only get infosys sponsorship if you have more than 1 year of experience with infosys and are amongst the top 45% of trainees at the end of training and have relative ranking as 1 or 2 in production.

    So if you decide to apply through infosys, you will have to wait for at least another year after your joining.

    My bday is on 23rd August i.e. tomorrow. Anyways, thanks...

  55. Sheerin  

    wat a question?i hv been goin thru ur posts day n nite n saw dat ppl wishin bday to u last gt to knw t......i knw t s 23 aug bt was afraid i wil nt b able 2 cumonline hence i made t yesday.....

    i hv need one advice frm u....actually i m plannin to buy a laptop... wil a mini laptop do....coz i heard company tself wil provide wth laptop aftr training ...s t true?

  56. Chintan Patel  


    Yaa, i too guessed that would be it...

    No kinds of laptops will be allowed. They only give you a laptop if you are really in need of it. If you become a lecturer there, you will surely get it. Otherwise, none of my friends have one till now.

  57. Sheerin  

    its confusin,like n the previous posts u mentiond dat we cn brng our laptops nah....y u suddenly saying NO KIND OF LAPTOPS WILL B ALLOWED....f u dnt mind cn u make t clear?.......n got de info dat no laptops wil b provided by company frm de previous post

  58. Chintan Patel  


    Long before in the yore days, laptops were not allowed.

    Then they changed the rule to allow laptops confined to hostel rooms. This was for the batches 2007 & 2008.

    Now again, they have banned laptops from 2009 batch.

    So when i said that laptops were allowed, i meant that for the 2008 batch for clearing their confusion as even our joining mails were not updated and it said that laptops were not allowed but we would be told in the induction program that laptops were allowed.

    But now they have banned laptops again so i wrote that laptops are no longer allowed.

  59. Sheerin  


    thanz such a clear none f the 2009 trainees r allowed laptop inside de hostel also........f so hw v cn surf n browse de net.......r wil dey take bck the rule of banning laptop as u said t happnd to ur batch.....fw f my frnz hv already joind on july 13th......guess dey knw t doj s oct shall i tak de risk f buyin a laptop r nt.....neways it wil nt go waste....aftr 6 mnths i cn use t rite.........

    And one mr doubt Are shared rooms de size f single room r bigger dan dat........i knw its the sillest question,jus felt lik asking.....

  60. Chintan Patel  


    You can surf from the computer allotted to you in the classroom and there is a Reliance Webworld in the campus also where you can surf all the sites which would be blocked on your PC in classroom.

    This time they have said that the rule is for all the DCs so i dont think they will change it.

    You will surely not be able to take your laptop there but you can buy it after your training ends which would last about 6-8 months. So no need to buy a laptop just to keep it at home for 6-8 months. You can buy it after you get posted.

    Shared rooms are big enough to accommodate just 2 persons.
    Single rooms are just slightly smaller than shared rooms and hence more than enough for just one person. We used to have 15 people parties in single rooms.

  61. Sheerin  

    @chintan u mean 2 say....postpon de idea f buyin....fine....nice dat u helpd me alot

    bt its bad dat dey dnt gv single roomz to galz.....

    n once again thanks alot........

  62. Chintan Patel  


    It was nice to see someone posting questions after a drought for about 1 week... :)

  63. Sheerin  


    shld i hv 2 tak dis a credit r nt........n i hv alot f other i m tryin 2 find answer frm de posts wthout disturbin u anyway

  64. Chintan Patel  


    Ok, thats good. I like that people first read all the posts and then post their question.

    I am not "disturbed" by your questions unless it is something like "Are laptops allowed?" "Can we bring our parents?" "What to study before joining?" etc.

  65. Sheerin  


    guess me too "disturbed" ovr de laptop issue...i m sry........actually i was misled by ur posts postd last yr....

    ok....nxt thng i m brkin ma head over s actually i m preparin fr ma GRE so cn i tak a test date in dis 6 mnths r shld i hv 2 wait till trainin getz ovr.....?....hop dis a ques worth askin....coz.....

    i already saw de post by a CAT exam taker....u hv mentiond it to wat wuld u say fr GRE?

  66. Chintan Patel  


    Even the silliest question is worth asking. I dont mind answering the smallest of questions until it is not something to which i have already replied a dozen times on other posts. All new questions are welcome.

    You can appear for GRE if you feel you can balance both. Infact, it would be better if you appear for GRE and get your result before training ends so that you can decide whether you need to fail in training or not.

    If you score marks high enough, you can decide to knowingly fail in training to go for higher education. As you might already aware of, failing in training is the recommended way to get out of infosys.

    If you clear training and then decide to go for higher education, then too no issues but just that they will not give you an experience letter or relieving letter so officially you cant mention your experience anywhere. If you are fine without experience/relieving letter, you can just run away and never look back... :)

  67. Unknown  

    hi kem 6?
    i m kinnari frm ahmedabad..
    i m a civil engr. n joining in nov 09..
    i m really thankful 2 u for helping us..m feeling gr8 for u but also sorry 2 knw that u r now not a part of infy...

    i just wanted 2 knw wat shld i prepare other than c b4 joining as i dont hav knowledge of nethng...

    also tya jamvanu kevu male 6? apna jeva gujarati ne bhave evu to hoy 6 ne??? :)
    neways thanx a lot my othr doubts were cleared by ur posts...

    thanx n tc..

  68. Chintan Patel  


    Hi, i am fine... Nice to see a fellow gujarati in here..

    You should learn C language and Java before joining as now Java is also a part of Generic training.

    Jamvanu thhik chhe. If you have been to hostels before then you wont complain at all but if you have not tasted hostel food, then you will miss home made food.

    After living a nomadic life for 7 years, i can say that it was the best food away from home.

    There are various cuisines like South Indian, Punjabi etc. and various caterers to choose from.

    By the end of first month, you will have your favorite food court for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  69. Unknown  

    thanx a lot buddy...
    will catch u soon if having sum other doubt....

    neways wat r u doing these days?

  70. Chintan Patel  


    I am an iPhone Developer at an SME at Ahmedabad.

  71. Sheerin  


    hi..thanx fr clearin ma dubt nce again:-)

    happi sunday!

  72. farhana  

    hi chintan,

    In one f a new posts ,u hv a posted dat salary has been increased ......s t true ?bt fw sayin dey wuld gv dat same package which dey promised at the time f recruiting........

  73. Chintan Patel  


    If you are from 2009 batch, you already have a raise of about 10% than 2008 batch. There is no other increment. The package for 2009 batch is 3.0 lakh per year.

  74. farhana  


    hi.....i hv a difficulty in registering ur website-lotfwallpaper,,,i tried bt de CONFIRMATION CODE is too difficult to me out....den u mind me givin a friend request n frank!cuz it wuld b easy fr me to catch u ther....

  75. Chintan Patel  


    Just reading "hi.....i hv a difficulty in registering" from the Recent Comments box made me feel yet another e-joining Sign Up problem. lol...

    Anyways, i will try to register myself with a different id and check if it works.
    Do you want to register for the allaboutinfosys forum or my site lotofwallpapers? Because both of them have registration option. Anyways, i am assuming you want to register for the forum and will try to fix it.

    You can add me on orkut but ya, i will not answer any queries related to infosys by scraps or IMs. For infosys related queries, you will have to post a comment on my blog only. You can add me if you are fine with this condition.

  76. Sheerin  


    YES BOSS!!!

    i wil myself try registering in ur website.....f i hv a prblm today also i wil let u reason i wanted to add u as a fren n orkut s dat i thot i wuld get better idea reg buyin cellphone,notebuk etc..,i wil send de req today.....

  77. Chintan Patel  


    Ok, I have accepted your request... Very few girls dare to send me a request due to the first paragraph of my "About Me" on Orkut... :P

    So i assume you are the Farhana above.

  78. Unknown  

    heyya..!!! how r u..sry to disturb u 1ce again..

    da thing is dat ive recently heard something lyk the joinin dates for 2009 passouts were likely to be pre-pone ho far is dat information accountable??

  79. Chintan Patel  


    It is just that some dates were not falling on monday which they rectified. Nothing like people being called 2-3 months before their actual joining date.

  80. Anirban  

    Mr. Chintan ... thanx for a great blog.

    Could u plz send me the 'champak' course material if u have it.My ID is :


  81. Chintan Patel  


    It is too large to send (more than 300 MB). Anyways, i have 2008 slides which are outdated as the syllabus is now updated for batches joined since 23rd March 2009.

  82. Sheerin  

    hi chintan,

    its me nce mr.....i gotta knw dat....if we r bukin our gre dates nw...hw far its gud...i m quiet worried coz...mysore n bangalore dnt hv a ETS center....i need to cum bck chennai...and wat if i dint get day-off.....i need ur suggestion plz........

  83. 4638  

    Hi.. my DOJ is on 9th nov.
    I had applied for extension earlier and this is actually my new DOJ. In fact i never thot i wud get a new DOJ this soon, so i applied 4 CAT exam and my date of exam is 2nd dec. Since my centre is at ernakulam and i cant change it now, it wud cost me atleast 3 days.
    Is there any prob if i hav to cut 3 days traing?
    My branch is computer science and i cant forgo t CAT exam..

  84. Unknown  

    Hi.My DOJ is also on 9th Nov..i want to know if they had sent u the new offer letter thru E-mail?
    i hav not yet received.

  85. Hemprasad  

    Hi,This is Hemu, I have completed M.Tech, what r the possibilities that INFY will send me for PhD?
    please help

  86. Chintan Patel  


    You can get 3 days leave in training but if you have any tests in those days, you will be declared failed in that subject and you will have to pass in the retest of that subject. Usually, retests are tougher than regular tests.


    Please dont rely on Infosys for sending you for PhD because there would be many people looking for similar opportunity and the maximum compensation they offer is 1 lakh and you also have a bond of 1 year if they sponsor you. I dont know if that has increased recently but it was 1 lakh 1 year ago.

    The compensation will only be given if you return to infosys after completing your PhD and sign the new 1 year bond.

  87. Unknown  

    can i know wat r the activities availaible in the infy campus.
    and which of them hav u opted for?

  88. Chintan Patel  


    There is everything that you would want there. Gym, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, library, badminton, bowling alley, pool, multiplex etc.

    I watched a lot of movies, played a lot of tennis and read much.

  89. Anonymous  

    great work ......

  90. Bashu  

    I have done my UG (BCA) as a regular. After that I got a job in ERP based company at chennai then I continue my PG (MCA) through correspndance. I want to know wheather I have qualified to apply for Infy jobs or not? Anyone pls help me in this regard.

  91. Chintan Patel  


    You are eligible to join infosys if you are an undergraduate in any discipline.

    If you have more than 1 year of work experience, you can apply as a lateral.

  92. ...cøø£!!!..  

    Thank you so much fro such information Chintan...

    You have suggested to go through with C and UNIX.. will u plz suggest which book we shud follow for C and UNIX. specially for UNIX.

    Thanx bro.

  93. Chintan Patel  

    Any book will do. Book doesnt matter. What you gain from it matters.

    UNIX is not that important only C is important.

  94. nayab  

    hello sir, i wanted to know if IIM s are included in higher study program for 2010,joinees.

  95. Chintan Patel  


    All IIMs are included in the recent revision of the institutes list. I will post the revised list if i can get it.

  96. Unknown  

    i wanted to noe d revised package once u clear d training..n wat r d places one get posted to..

  97. Unknown  

    does d salary(15000) during training includes food or do we av to pay fr it separately????

  98. Satyam007  

    Respected sir,
    hope ur well being there,m very mesmerized to see n feel the humanitarian effort made by the community,on behalf of the people...and corporals....with an envision to b the part of this conglomerate,i need ur usher and worthy guiding hands,so as to land up as a true n epic hero in this global and competative world....

  99. Satyam007  

    Infosys have been my dream way company,ever since i joined engg)at JIET,Jodhpur,Rajasthan.....and today i see my self getting an broaden platform,for achieving the same....ones again thanks a lot for being there as a custodian,for we and up coming "infosians"

  100. Satyam007  

    beginning with.....i was intended to know...abt the working environment at the company.... as infosys is a service based company(major),rather than product based,then do we have to make real projects there,or work as a maintainence engineer of the already made projects,as real peojects r made at "research and developement wing,as far as i know........

    wd b waiting for ur replies..

  101. Chintan Patel  


    Please post your entire message in one comment only. I see that you forcibly tried to use "heavy" english words but your grammar is wrong at many places. Also, it is "Infoscion" and not "Infosian".

    "Upcoming technocrats".... wahhh... Dont be too fancy man... You may be put into testing or IMS and may never get to code. So dont dream so much right now.

    It can be maintenance or development. I think you got it all wrong. No company's R&D center does any projects. Their job is to develop new techniques to code and make new, more efficient algorithms which may help in future projects but they never work on existing projects.

    Work environment is the same wherever you go. It doesnt matter if it is a services based company or a product based company. All MNCs hire the same management and business consultants to work on their policies and so there is not much of a difference between their work environments. In the end what matters is the role you get at your company.

    At Infosys, there are people who are very happy with their job and also those who cant wait for the bond period to get over so that they can change the company.

  102. Satyam007  

    i really thankyou sir for clearing my queries.......and i highly apologize if my way of presenting the proposal was absurd.....
    moving ahead with the doubts,i was intended to clarify about the working days at the company...where i have heard that most of the time people r sitting ideal at bench,if not under project work.....and is still being paid...
    secondly,is there any difference among the joining of the top brains(iit) over the non iitians at fresher level......
    thirdly,if the full time employees,get the opportunities to have their resident at the campus...
    fourthly,talking abt the language platform,other than C wd u pls elaborate abt JAVA/dotnet platform,i mean which elective of java/dot net is to b done as-J2ee,core,j2me etc..are its few electives...
    and finally throwing some light upon the co-ordination made at the time of real projects,wd u pls elaborate abt the team division done and working pressure at that time....and how much the knowledge gained at training helps there......

    thankyou sir.

  103. Chintan Patel  


    If you are on bench does not mean there is any reduction in working hours. You still have to go to the office everyday.

    "top brains"... wahhh....


    For Java you will have Core, Advanced, J2EE, JSP. For .NET there is ASP .NET, C# etc.

    I cannot explain everything to you in here. Please ask straightforward and objective questions only and dont just ask to "elaborate". Also that have a long time to go and you will understand how projects are co-ordinated by the time you are done with training.

    Knowledge gained at Infosys training is important but it may happen that will be put into .NET project after being trained in Java and in that case, you will have to learn .NET again and your Java training will be of no use.

  104. Satyam007  

    Well m really sorry sir ,since I m new to this community, therefore it took some time for me to get through the rules n regulations……..

    Moving ahead with our discussion,I was asking abt the option of changing job location within the country,if not comfortable with the present one?????

    Sir as today the trainee is being trained over 2 streams,rather than one,what do u think how will this new policy affect the working time and free time???

    Secondly,what do people actually do at “testing” and IMS,and how it is different from coding????

    As u told,that its quite possible that u may b sent to different platform,than of what u were trained at training centre at Infosys,then how will the trainee b able to start with a complete new language at the time of project time??? And what it he fails to learn it on time?????

    Finally,talking about the present scene,as u know we people have to go for industrial training in the 6th sem,so sir I need ur guiding hands in making the strategy to get my self an internship from Infosys,as it has been my dream company,and by doing so,I will also be accustomed to the corporate environment plus it acts as a boon at campus interview time…….

    Thankyou very much sir for the co-operation shown…….

  105. Chintan Patel  


    You will not be able to change your location for atleast 1-2 years after you get posted at a particular place after training.

    It does not have any effect on the working time or free time.

    If you dont know about IMS and testing, better google it and please dont ask such questions whose answer can be easily found from the internet.

    You will be given time to learn the new platform. There is no failing or passing in that but your performance will be taken into account for your next appraisal.

    I dont have any information about how to apply for internship at Infosys.

  106. Satyam007  

    Sir in the training(Generic) what other languages after java and C are included??

    talking about the software testing people ,looking at their job profile, i find their job much easier as compared to the software coding people.How does this time compensation is overcome???

  107. Chintan Patel  


    Please read all the other posts before asking any questions. I will not give answers to repeat questions.

    You may find it easier but it is not so. I dont know what time compensation you are talking about.

  108. Unknown  

    hi, i heard tat laptop is not allowed for the trainees to keep in there hostel rooms also. why cant V take acess them without their knowledge. will they b checking our rooms. It will create any sort of problem....?

  109. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, laptops are not allowed in hostel rooms now. You just cant bring them in. They will check every pocket of every bag of yours when you check in and also when you check out. Room service people will come to clean your room everyday and also there are surprise checks in the hostel rooms by HR. The punishment is usually having to leave the hostel or the company and that too immediately.

  110. Unknown  

    Thankz dude.... 2 which concern ur working now.... actually im from chemical engg ... will i b able 2 clear the training der..... Take care...

  111. Chintan Patel  


    I am working as an iPhone Developer at an Ahmedabad based company.

    Man, how can i know whether you will be able to clear the training or not?

  112. Rahul  

    Hi,Am Rahul and got selected 4 Infy on 3 Feb,2010 campus placement drive.
    Can I do MBA distance learning from symboisis side by side training ie PGDMA (IT)

  113. Unknown  

    hi ..

    can you plz tell me if can join test series during my trainning at mysore of any of the institutes like ims,cl etc... so that i can give cat dis year????

  114. Chintan Patel  


    Preparing for MBA exams is possible alongwith training but i am not sure if MBA by distance learning is more demanding than preparations so cant say about it.

    You can join test series and prepare for MBA exams but even that will require you to be extra determined to be able to manage the preparation alongwith the training.

  115. Unknown  

    sir please tell m is the higher education system criteria d same now also and d programmes in dis list are also still d same or they have been changed??

  116. Chintan Patel  


    The rules are the same but many more colleges are now added which include mostly all major MBA colleges in India.

    I have tried but could not get the updated list from my friends at Infosys.

  117. Unknown  

    thanks a lot sir for ur reply..Sir it would b of gr8 help if u can tell me whether Certificate Program in Management of Software Development by IIM Calcutta is in d approved list of infosys..

  118. Chintan Patel  


    I will tell you if i can get the info but my friends could not find the policy document on the intranet site. Anyways, you can check it after you join if i am not able to give you an answer now.

  119. Ankycool  

    Sir,are dese programs of higher education which infosys supports useful from point of view of growth inside infosys and outside infosys also????

  120. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they are useful outside Infosys also but dont think too much about it. As you can see, the maximum benefit you can gain is 1 lakh only which is very less compared to all the trouble of getting it.

  121. Unknown  

    ya sir u r absolutely right..i just wantd 2 no ki whether they'll help m in my career growth or not within infosys????

  122. Chintan Patel  


    Of course more education will always help and can never hurt but dont think too much about getting it through their policy. Savings are not worth the trouble. You may get a better campus placement and not go back to infosys. How you feel about it now wont be the same after 2 years.

    And ya, its obvious that they wont sponsor a useless course which didnt help the person "grow".

  123. Unknown  

    thanks sir for ur generous reply..:):)

  124. pankaj  

    1)Do we have to study at GEC only

    2)Do we get a print of the material that is available at GEC so that we can study at our room (I find it difficult to study in public)

    3)Is there a provision for taking printouts

  125. Unknown  

    Sir, our college is a part of campus-connect program, & our teachers are teaching from the slides given to us from infosys itself.Slides are on topics:DBMS,OS,SP,ICS,PB,PST.There is nowhere C,C++,JAVA upon which you lay emphasis on.What should we prepare first?Will there be same slides in training also?Also mention some good books upon above topics which I can buy. Thanx.

  126. Chintan Patel  


    You can study at your room but as now you cant have laptops with you, you will have to go to GEC for doing assignments. Even with laptops, you can only study the slides at your room and for practicing Oracle, Unix etc. you will have to go to GEC.

    They wont allow you to print the slides. You can take print outs of the slides before you join and take them with you. You can find the material elsewhere on the net.


    They are teaching you the basics of every stream in CC. But when you join, you will first have generic training which includes C, Java, RDBMS, Unix etc. I have never told anyone to study C++. So learning C and Java is important to pass the generic training and you cant prepare more than that before joining because you dont know which stream you will get. I have not seen the CC slides so i dont know if they are the same as those in training. Just study from your favorite book, no hard rules. I am a mechanical engineer by education so dont know much about CS-IT books.

  127. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    can u plz provide soft copies of training material..... the material on the net is outdated i guess......

  128. Chintan Patel  


    And why do you assume i have the latest material? Man, its more than 1 year since i left Infosys.

  129. Unknown  

    hey..very informative blog..thax 4 that!!
    im in my final yr..recently got selected in wondering whether 2 go 4 infy or for further education..thot of going 4 M.S in next jan..which wud be wise option job or higher education..can u suggest!!

  130. Chintan Patel  


    Its just your choice, i cant tell you what you should do. Also, "going 4 M.S." is a very broad term. A lot depends on what university you get selected to. Doing anything for namesake does not make any sense for me.

  131. Unknown  

    the best blog on infi i read till date........

    my joining is in Dec 2010. i m looking for MBA correspondence thru it of any use 4 me to do MBA...??? will it pay me off in company....?

  132. Chintan Patel  


    Its good to have another qualification on resume but MBA through correspondence does not hold the value of full-time MBA. Also it depends on the course. You can judge better after joining the company.

  133. Rajesh Bejjanki  

    Hai....This is best blog for the fresher who going to join in infosys.Its giving us the feel like we hav already visited the Infi.I hav a small dought.I hav attended interview in hyderabad manikonda infosys Campus.I hav completed all the rounds.They said selected candidates will get the offer letter with in couple of weeks.How many week will they really take.....

  134. Unknown  

    hey i hav given my gre n planning to d same tym i am selected in infosys n m planning to joing till i get some conformation from any university.
    if i leave infosys after 6 months for MS what bond amount will i hav to pay approx.

  135. Anonymous  

    hi chintan.i just wanted to ask if v can use internet on our phones using it allowed?

  136. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered so many times. Read other posts and their comments.


    If you mean using internet on the phone itself, it is allowed but you are not allowed to take laptops so you wont be able to tether phone internet to computer.

  137. Dalbir Singh  

    hey i wud like to know that is there any value of pursuing part time MBA(IIM)from Infy? Like outside infy, in any other company etc.. Or its like any other part time MBA from outside?

  138. Chintan Patel  


    Part-time courses are generally not valued as high as full-time courses are and i would suggest to not waste time to just have a namesake degree which only looks good on resume but adds little value to your knowledge.

  139. Rocky----->Answer For the Future  

    I am 1+ yr experienced guy, got selected into Infy and waiting for offer letter. I want to know that will be there any training for experienced candidates or not?

  140. Chintan Patel  


    There is no formal training for laterals and it will be just on-the-job training if it is required.

  141. Dptpradeep  

    I joined Infosys on 6th September and resigned on 28th October. I hardly worked their for 45 days. The HR person accepted my resignation but did not give me any relieving certificate or any certificate. I am ready to pay the compensation amount. How am I suppose to go about this? I even sent them a mail for which they have not responded. please tell me what to do. without that letter I cant do anything..

  142. Chintan Patel  


    Did you join as a fresher or lateral? If you joined as a fresher, you just had to fail in training to get the certificate and if you resigned by yourself, you made a big mistake.

    If you joined as a lateral, whether you will get the certificate or not if you pay the bond amount should have been discussed by you when with HR when you submitted your resignation.

  143. dheer  

    HI there,
    My name's dheeraj.I was just placed in INFY on 11/1/11!
    I want to know the chances of INFY allowing me for higher education abroad.In this post u've mentioned only Indian institutes.Does INFY allow studies abroad as well?
    If yes,what r the criteria other than those mentioned above-the top 45% or something.

    Will there be any changes in my pay scale if i finish my PG abroad and then return to INFY?

    I also want to know the subjects which i should prepare b4 joining INFY.I know C++(very well!) and CORE JAVA and a little SQL as Iam from ELECTRONICS background,i don't know about RDBMS though.I know a little LINUX programming as well.Will this help anyway or should I study some other languages or subjects?

  144. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have the updated list of colleges but i think only indian colleges are there in the list.

    Anyways, dont be too eager for company sponsored higher education as the maximum reimbursement you will get is 1 lakh Rs and that too after you rejoin Infosys after the completion of your studies. Payscale will depend on the market demand at that time.

    You know enough. Dont study anything else for training. :)

  145. dheer  

    Thanx a lot chintan.

    I am least bothered about sponsors!

    I don't want to know d colleges sponsored by INFY.I just want to know if i can retain my job at INFY while going abroad for higher studies.Can I do that?

    I would be doing my MS in ELECTRONICS related subject like embedded systems,etc....So, will INFY allow me to do that while retaining my job?


  146. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think you can because 2 years is a long time. Whether Infy allows you back into the company depends if they have requirements which suit your profile at that time.

  147. Unknown  

    hey the above posted tie ups stil exist rite, cz i went thru this ( and infosys isnt listed there...
    and is there no advantage of pursuing a part time degree??

  148. Chintan Patel  


    I believe the above mentioned tie-ups still exist although many more colleges are added later on and i am yet to include all of them here.

    Part time degrees are not completely useless but think about this: Would you hire a person who studied MBA only part time or who went to college full time and participated in the college events and was a part of the culture where the real learning is? My theory is that all MBA/MS books that even Harvard or Stanford teach from are surely available to you too. But it is the culture of the campus where the true learning lies and knowledge cannot be only gained from books.

    TCS even does not recognize part time or correspondence courses. That does not mean part time courses dont have any value at all but of course they lag far behind full time courses in terms of knowledge gained or value addition to your resume.

  149. Unknown  

    yeah makes sense.. thnx.. i got a couple other questions it wud b gr8 if u cud clear em out..
    1. they tk abt 20k+ engineers every yr rite so wts the scope for growth in infy, especially fr a non-cs engineer...
    2. another doubt is iv heard tht infy keeps alot f ppl on the bench cz they hv to show bench strength wn applyin fr projects or smthn like tht... so is there any truth in this, n if there is, hw many ppl are ther on the bench n fr hw long...

  150. Chintan Patel  


    Scope of growth is dependent on your own performance and Infosys' hiring of more people will not affect or be an advantage to you.

    They dont keep people deliberately on bench but they keep a certain bench strength to meet future demand. Bench strength would be less in good times like these and i think it would be 15-20% right now. The time can be from 1-6 months. When there is recession, these numbers increase.

  151. Unknown  

    k thnx fr th info...

  152. Unknown  

    I need just some information regarding infy policies. am having total 4 years of experience and i got an offer in infy and my joining date is in april. i completed my graduation. in the mean while last year november i joined course regular, where the college functions from thursday to saturday( 3 days a week). am attending the college regularly on saturday. wil infy accept this? please let me know if there is any issue.

  153. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think they will have an issue with you attending college on saturdays because it is a holiday at Infosys.

  154. Unknown  

    Thanks for your reply, The concern is that am working in infy and parallely doing regular course, i want to know whether infy policy will accept both at the same time.

  155. Chintan Patel  


    I already told i dont think they should have a problem. You can be sure only after joining.

  156. Unknown  

    i joined infosys in last january...i worked their for 2 months.and i had fail in training..and i got 3 months experience letter now i want to join infosya again....Is their any possiblities to join again????
    can you plz help me...?

  157. Chintan Patel  


    You can reapply after 9 months of leaving Infosys.

  158. SURENDAR  

    heyya ! great blog ! the best abu infosys ! Even infosys website dont hold this much data abu themselves !
    i got placed thru on campus ...
    one qn ! does infy really consider 10 th marks !
    cos i got very less in tenth !!

  159. Chintan Patel  


    If you are already selected, it means you meet the required 10th marks criteria. Now your only job is to maintain your engineering aggregate.

    There will be no elimination after they have announced that you are selected during the campus interview.

  160. uday  

    i am studying (e.c.e).i have got placed in infosys..i wish to join in there any program for e.c.e people through infosys....

  161. sampada  

    hi chintan,
    thank u very much for all the info u blog for freshers like me.
    m in last year of BE(telecomm) n have been placed in infosys.this year i had taken CAT n missed the admission by lil margin. so i'll be taking it again after 2 yrs of experience. is working wit infy and alongwit studying for cat a plaussible idea? do dey stress out us very much?

  162. Chintan Patel  


    There are many MTech/MBA programs. I dont have the latest info but you can get it after joining from their intranet or talking to an HR manager.


    If you are really determined, you can prepare for CAT alongwith training in Infosys. After training, it is surely possible as workload is far more in training than in production.

  163. Krishna Kumar  

    hi dude.
    I have a doubt regarding higher education policy. Do you think the higher education courses which infy is sponsoring really worth? Though the institutions are branded, the courses are software related only. There are no generic mba courses like marketing,hr,finance,so on.

  164. Chintan Patel  


    Now they have added more courses but i dont think its worth applying through infy because the maximum reimbursement is limit to 1 lakh Rs and its not worth committing to rejoin Infy after completing MBA just for that 1 lakh. You might have much better offers than Infy when you complete MBA.

  165. Nithi  

    hello friend i am placed in infosys bpo please tell full details about this my joining date is 25.7.2011... i want to study my PG is it possible to study after joining this job and tell what are the courses offered by infosys for new employees

  166. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know anything about Infosys BPO and so cant help you.

  167. raj  

    i have got offers from infosys and cognizant with almost the same package.....which one shud i go for??????????plz infy joining is 1st august....m from kolkata.......dint yet get the joining for cognizant bt probably they have started recruiting n i ll get mah joining soon.......i wud be glad if u can help me in this context.......raj

  168. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys has great training and Cognizant has no bond. Only these 2 differences stand out. Choose one which is more important to you.

  169. raj  

    another query......can i leave the company during training without any problem ? i mean if i wanna leave the organization dutring training wat i need to do ..except that flunking in the retests n being kicked out by them.......probably!!!

  170. Chintan Patel  


    Failing in Infosys training is the best way to get out. No other method is better.

  171. #ANANT  

    will infosys give us laptops after training period is over.

  172. Chintan Patel  


    They will not give laptops to everyone but only to those employees who need it. For example, the teachers at infosys mysore in education & research unit are given laptops but most other employees are not.

  173. Parvathini Jagadesh Kumar  

    if we want to pursue PG Diploma in Software Enterprise Management (PGSEM), IIM-B.
    Then intake is through CAT or directly we can get admission in to IIMB for selected course..

    Please clarify.
    thank you

  174. Chintan Patel  


    I have forgotten that info but you can find it out after joining from the HR manager or the Higher Education Policy documents available on Infosys Intranet.

  175. Shradha  

    does infosys has tie ups for MBA for their employees ??
    which are the best colleges listed for that..??

  176. karthick  

    hi Chintan Patel thank u for this wonderful blog.

    am a mechanical student got selected in infy. i just want to know the position for mechanical students in infy.thanks in advance....

  177. rahul  

    hey chintan do we need to learn oracle and advanced java for training??plzzz reply....

  178. Chintan Patel  


    Colleges with which Infosys has tie-ups are already mentioned above. There are a few more additions over the years but i dont have the latest list which you can get after joining.

    All top MBA colleges are included.


    You are just a software engineer and expect Infosys to treat you like a software engineer only. There is no difference in Infosys' rules/treatment for any particular branch of engineering except that there is a separate fast paced training for CS/IT graduates.


    No man! If you learn it before training, what will they teach you? :)

  179. Rohith.R.Nair  

    Hi Chintan,I m a mechanical engineer..I got placed in infosys....Actually I wish to work in a core mechanical section specifically mechanical design analysis etc...

    is there any scope that I can join automobile or aaerospace design and analysis sections in Infosys..?

    my email is

  180. Chintan Patel  


    There are such units within Infosys which do mechanical design related work but dont join infosys hoping to get to work in those units. They only occasionally have openings for such units.

  181. sridhar  

    my name is sridhar.. i m doin my final year BCA . i ve been selected in infosys during campus recruitment on this month as d post of OPERATION EXECUTIVE..
    when i can expect the offer letter from infy.
    wat could be the duration of the training period for operation executive.
    n wats the scope of it.
    till where can i reach in future.
    till wat my salary ll extend after being experienced in this field
    also i had a plan of doin MS degree..
    does infy provide this MS degree..

  182. saleem  

    i have been selected for BPO can i have details about it and can i know about higher education in it after joining

  183. bomma  

    hai bro u doin a grrttt job!!..thank u..
    i m doin my final year BCA . i ve been selected in infosys during campus recruitment on this month as d post of IMS.i have 2 doubts.
    1.can i join for MS in Software Systems after 1 yr.Is bca people are eligible for that?
    2.can i change my working role after some years?means ims to developement section.becoz i loves programming...pls give me a specific answer bro...iam in a great confusion.........

  184. pratheeksha pai  

    hi ,i jst wanned to knw tht whether our own laptops are allowed to carry with us in infosys while training months??? not inside the training center atleast in our rooms to use???

  185. pratheeksha pai  

    hey another question :) :) :)
    Is there wi-fi facility provided "all over" the campus???? :)

  186. Nagendra  

    @pratheeksha pai
    No even ur own lappy is also not allowed.
    No Wifi facility all over campus.
    We used to have WIFI at ECC.

  187. Nagendra  

    @pratheeksha pai
    No even ur own lappy is also not allowed.
    No Wifi facility all over campus.
    We used to have WIFI at ECC.

  188. ayush  

    Hi , I just recieved my accomodation email.It mentions that i have to report on 4th march for check in ( 9 am to 9 pm). i have my date of joining on 5thg march. However on 4th march , i have the gd-pi process of new iims till 9 in the evening, in bangalore. i wud be reaching mysore by 11. would it be a huge problem, if i report directly on the day of joining, early in the morning?

  189. ayush  

    sorry..i mean till 7, in the evening!@gd-pi process

  190. Unknown  

    I hve been selected for infosys.please tel do bca graduate are eligible for ms in s.system n wht is the adms procedurce for iims, do it wil be through cat.pls mail

  191. Unknown  

    Chintan,pls rly soön

  192. sampath  

    My doj is march 11,2013..
    I want to knw is there any possibility to do higher studies in Infy?? if not i shall try to search job in any other companies or study..,Please reply me!!:(

  193. Soudamini Mohanty  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  194. Unknown  

    do I hv to take a break from my job for doing these PG courses or can I just do it along with my current job with Infy like distance learning..??

  195. Unknown  

    Hi All ,
    Thanks for guidance for higher degree system in Infosys .But I discuss about MS program from HR (pune).They strictly said that ,there is no Reimbursement from Infosys. Please guide to whom I discuss for clarity on this issue

  196. Unknown  

    Hello...My name is Pratik,I would like to congratulate you for the work that you are doing here first, it is really helpful for the freshers. I would like to know the duration of the course MS from BITS in Software Systems.

  197. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  198. Unknown  

    Is the CAT score is mandatory for this Higher Education Policy in Infosys or Direct Admission. And one more after completing the MBA when we come back to the same role u have to work or role will be change.And this MBA is consider as Regular or Distance.

    Thanks in advance

  199. taiseer  

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  200. Unknown  

    Great post! I am see the programming coding and step by step execute the outputs.I am gather this coding more information. It's helpful for me my friend. Also great blog here with all of the valuable information you have.
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