Featured here are latest pics of the multiplex, software development blocks and the looooong queue that you see is for tickets to watch Sing is Kinng. We went 2 hrs early to take the tickets but still barely managed with just 2 more rows of seats remaining. More pics to come soon. Keep watching while you wait for your DOJ...

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  1. Anonymous  

    Is it necessary to submit the assignments of every modules in long cycle batch?
    What is the division of marks in the module test & compre test exams? Pls specify.....

  2. Unknown  

    Hi chintan!!!!

    I got my doj last tuesday. Its mentioned in it tat we r supposed to take de print out of an e letter, tat has been sent to us along with de doj mail as a pdf attachment, and carry it along wit our certificates at de time of joining. But both myself and my freinds(even in their mails) have found to our dismay tat there is no e-letter attached to our mails. so wat do we do abt this issue?? did u face de same prob??? Help me out... plz...

  3. Chintan Patel  

    of course submission of assignments wud be compulsory for all...

    for generic stream, total 34 credits are there.. out of which 17 credits are for compre.. so both have equal weightage..

    that thing was not there for us... so better send an email to them only... we had to take the ejoining printout from the campus connect site only... and dont ask me the link.. it was somewhere in an email they sent..

  4. Unknown  

    but was it mentioned in your mail tat de e-letter can be printed out from a specific link or u found it out on your own while filling up the e joinin link????

  5. Anonymous  

    I want to ask that
    1)Do the assignments have any marks alloted?
    2)What is the division of marks (100 marks) for each tests in each modules?
    I mean to say like 70 marks(objective type Qns)& rest 30 marks for lab...... like this type of division of marks.
    3)Is the marks of Module tests are added with the marks of Compre test?

  6. Anonymous  

    What will happen if anybody fails to complete all the assignments & submit?
    Will he be sacked?
    The subject in all the modules are not in the compre exam? I mean to say that all the modules are not in the compre exam for Long cycle people?

  7. Unknown  

    hey chintan....so its really difficult to watch movie in the multiplex it seems...by the way...are the shows free or we have to shell out some bucks...and is there only one movie screen or more than one...and any idea about its capacity ????

  8. Chintan Patel  


    You still dont know that the shows are free????

    Ya, we have to go atleast 2 hrs b4 the show time to get the tickets. There are 4 screens but only one major screen is used for movies rest are for presentations.

    The bigger one is of capacity 1040 and rest are of 150.

  9. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan,
    just a small query.. :P. Are they allowing digicams these days for training at Mysore?

  10. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, all types of digicams, ipods, mobile phones are allowed. Only laptops are not allowed.

  11. ankitha  

    I got selected in anna univ offcampus Chennai, in the month of December 2014,wen will I get my offer letter/

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