I am sure this would be of great help for people who are just about to join.

1. Infosys Offer Letter. Only the First one is really needed. Do bring the second one also but if you have lost it or misplaced it or if your college is not giving it to you because you have messed up with your TPO then not to worry.

2. All results. This includes 10th, 12th and all semesters' original marksheet.

3. Passport and Driving License. These are not that urgent but do apply for passport. Without Driving License it will do. But not having passport at the end of completion of training may make you miss an onsite oppurtunity. There have been cases this year where trainees have been sent to France within one week of completion of training and to Singapore after 4 days.(I only know this much that people sent to France were from 16th June batch PLES stream and to Singapore were from Java stream(dont know which batch) so no more queries on this).

4. Print-out of Joining Details Letter and Accommodation Letter. There 2 items are to be brought with accoring to them but really speaking, we have never had to show these to anyone. You only need to know your registration number mentioned in the Accommodation Letter. But do take one print-out of both the emails.

5. NSR. When the first batch joined on May 26th, there was a lower fee for NSR registration (Only 60 Rs) but now its same as it is at any POS (Rs 337). So you can do it if a POS is near to you. This is not that urgent and you can submit it in about 1-1.5 months of joining or can do it here.

6. Degree Certificate. Most of you might have received at least the provisional degree certificate from your university. That will do if you dont have the original degree certificate.

7. PAN card. If you dont have one, you will have to fill in a separate form when you fill up the form for ICICI Bank salary account on the first day. Also, you will have to fill a different form while applying for SIM cards. Atleast for Airtel its like that. This is not much of a concern but having it will certainly help. Anyways, you will have to have it sooner or later because you have to give your PAN card number to Infy to associate your salary account with your tax-payer ID(PAN card number).

8. Notary Service Agreement. You will mostly get this after you leave for Infy. Not to worry. They will explain all about this in the Induction Program and tell you how to go about that. You have to make your parents sign it as they say in the induction program and get it notarized from some Notary. You can also have it only signed by your parents and then get it notarized here. A Notary visits the Infy campus every week and also you can do it outside the campus. I did it outside the campus. You have 1 months time to submit this. They say that your salary will not be credited until you submit it but i dont think that has ever happened.

And yes, do take 2-3 print outs of all your marksheets and certificates. You have to submit one photocopy of these documents to the HR who will verify the authenticity and then stamp an 'ER Verified' seal and then you have to scan it and submit it to your E-Docket. (E-Docket is the online depository of all documents related to you. Infy stores all your documents here.)

Also take xeroxes of passport and driving license which will help in getting mobile SIM cards easily.

There are xerox machines here also but its better to have documents ready when you join. Here you can print, scan and xerox as much as you want for free!!!

9. Winter Wear. It will get really cold by the time you join. So dont forget your winter wear.

10. Laptop. If you have one, surely bring it here. You can study the slides in your comfortable rooms and never bother to go to GEC after dinner.

Update: Personal laptops are no longer allowed into any Infosys campus according to a policy introduced in March 2009 so better not take your laptops there. If you do take it, i guess they will confiscate it and give it back to you when you complete your training.

Thats it... Phew... I type too much... ;-)

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  1. Unknown  

    thanks alot chintan...
    so the students who are not having laptops do they need to go to GEC everytime for studying??
    can they take printouts of all the slides and stuff and study from dere in dere room??

  2. Chintan Patel  

    Yes, they have to go to GEC for studying...

    Yes, they can take but no one does that... Its better to go to GEC for studying..

  3. Unknown  

    @ Chintan
    Thanx dear, it was of great help.
    R these listed documents the only ones needed at the time of joining. Or we need some more.

    And i have heard that their lan detects all external media if connected, then how can we secretly use pen drives in GEC!

  4. priyanka  

    hello chintan sir...
    ur doing great job...
    i wanna knw...that vn u people join..then at that they tally the recruitment details from the form that v fill during placement or..they js verify the criteria with the original documents..
    coz during placement i did nt satisfy criteria due to awaited baklog after my placement i cleard baklog and satisfied the criteria...that is avg of 65,,,,
    so is it going to create the prob..coz..i filled
    avg 65 at that time...while i did nt hav it by the placement time...

  5. Phani  

    Hi chintan.. good job.. happy diwali..

    I heard they are going to give 3 books on the first day which will be useful for generic training.. is tat true ?

    &Will Course Completion Certi from the coll be enough coz i might not be having my PDC at the time of joining

    Thank you

  6. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think i have left out anything. Still you can refer your offer letter for a list of required documents.

    Yes, but people have done that without getting caught. I know some people who have done that. Anyways, i have the material on my laptop so you can take it from me. ;-)


    If you have passed the criteria now then its ok. I dont think you will face any problem now.


    yes, thats the course material. yes, course completion certificate will be enough. And whats PDC???

  7. Unknown  

    u mentioned about 2 offer letter.i m a 2009 joinee..
    hw many offer letter(hard copy) we wl get before joining??and and wat time we wl get it???
    tl date we didnt recieve a single one....when we wl get it???

  8. priyanka  

    bt sir actuly i want to know that they tally the details filled at the time of recuritment at joining time...or js see the present criteria...if u hav gone thru such kind of formality then pls do tell me..

  9. Chintan Patel  


    We had a correction in the policy after offer letters were issued. So we got another revised copy but you will get only one.
    You may get it in 6-10 months of selection...


    They dont check it at the time of joining. As you satisfy the criteria finally, i dont think you will face any problem. They calculate your aggregate after you give the zeroxes to them.

  10. Unknown  

    r u sure tat its nt mandatary to get the service aggrement notorized b4 we join ????
    pls confirm....hw mch does it take for notory to notorize dre ???? hw imp is it??? im rly tensed....

    n hw to get reliance sim in mysore??? i don hav ny addresss proff...

  11. Unknown  

    r u sure tat its nt mandatary to get the service aggrement notorized b4 we join ????
    pls confirm....hw mch does it take for notory to notorize dre ???? hw imp is it??? im rly tensed....

    n hw to get reliance sim in mysore??? i don hav ny addresss proff...

  12. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan Grt job dude

    So its sure tat we wont get hard copy b4 we our parents can notarise from here and send it there???

  13. Unknown  

    hi chintan!i m joining on 10th. are basic things like plate,spoon, knife etc available in the room, if we want to eat something, or we must bring it with us while coming. also u said there is tea coffee cooker, in that can we make stuff like maggi,etc??

  14. Malathi  

    Hi Chintan Patel,

    This is just a note of appreciation and there are no questions to fire you, so don't worry :D

    I have been a regular reader of your blog and I am totally inspired by the service you do. Even after joining you have been continuing the good work and I really appreciate it. This is so helpful for so many more who are still waiting!

    Keep up this good work and May god bless you!

    Wishing you all the happiness always and success in all endeavours,


  15. Chintan Patel  


    There is no point in asking me "are you sure?" about something that i have already clarified.

    I have already told how important (or unimportant)it is in my post. I dont know still what makes you "really tensed".

    I dont how to get reliance sim. I use Airtel.


    Isnt that what i said in my post? Ya, your parents can get it notarized and send it here...

    I have said that they will clarify everything in the induction program. No furthur queries on this...


    In rooms, they provide a spoon, water bottle, coffee maker, coffee mug. No knives or plates. You can bring them with you if you want or you can buy that from the supermarket here. These items are available here. Ya, you can make maggi.


    Thank you... Already replied by mail... :D

  16. Chintan Patel  

    I notarized the service agreement outside the campus for 80 Rs. The notary that visits the campus takes about 100 Rs. Depends on whether you want to notarize for only your signature or alongwith your parents' signatures.

  17. Unknown  

    I wan to know abt Tata Indicom network within the Infy campus
    Is it good or so so
    Even tell me wat if I already hv an ICICI bank account
    do I need to close that accnt
    or they will consider that as my salary acc

  18. Unknown  

    can we reach infy campus as late as 12 in the nite on sunday 9th nov.(day before joining) mine joining is on 10th....actually i would be coming by train which would be reaching bangalore at 8 p.m. and then i would be taking bus from dere to mysore..or do i need to stay in the hotel in mysore..??will i get bus from bangalore to mysore at 9:00 in nite..

  19. Phani  

    PDC means Provisional Degree Certi..

    Are they going to give 3 books for generic trainin on the day of your joinin ??

  20. Chintan Patel  


    All networks work fine here.. There are 10,000 employees here ... No mobile company can afford to provide poor service...

    You dont need to close that one. But you can still go for a new one. Its free and then later you can close the old one. Its all upto you.. Ya, you can give that account's number and the salary will be deposited in that account.


    They allow people from 5 am in the morning on sunday. So plan accordingly. Better stay at Bangalore for the night and leave in the morning. I did the same. Dont know till how late buses run.


    Its not a study room but its the building that trains 3500 freshers at a time. Global Education Centre. You will have your classes in GEC. Dont know why you took it as just a study room.. :P ...

    Ya, you can study with your friends and PCs are allocated to one specific person but people from the same college will be in the same classroom. You can login on other PCs also..


    Dont know why you are soo curious about those "3 books".. Take it easy man, its not something worth discussing. Ask something smart... They will give you in the first week on 1st or 2nd day.

    No.. please read MY DAYS AT INFOSYS MYSORE category and you will know about all the details of the first 2 weeks..


    I think i have made it clear that you can bring if you want to study at room, laptop will be very useful. Moreover, GECs are about 1 km away from single bed room hostels so you must bring it if you have it.

  21. Unknown  

    hi chintan..
    well since i had a backlog in 5th sem at d time of joining i may nt hav my original marksheet of 3rd yr...den wat to do...and in our university it takes a lot of time as there is no system of semester wise marksheets...

  22. Chintan Patel  


    For this, you will have to mail to . But i think you can join. Its only that they will not confirm you as an employee till you submit your results which anyways happens after one year.


    Not needed at all...

  23. Unknown  

    hi chitan
    thanks for revealing secrets about infy!my case is this-i dont have original 10&12 marksheet i have only duplicate of 10 & 12.will this create a problem on DOJ

  24. Chintan Patel  


    No, that wont be a problem. Even one of my friends has duplicate marksheet of 10th.

  25. Unknown  

    thanks patel,but in the 10th duplicate marksheet
    my name ,date of birth , exam no.and marks are entered by pen .i am bit afraid to ask infy about this b'cause it took nearly 9 months to get these duplicates

  26. Nirmal Unnikrishnan  

    i ve got a mail frm infosys askin to take a medical checkup today.. ma doj is on nov 17th.. but am currently in muscat.. will reach kerala only on 13th.. it will be tough to take medical test before joining.. is it mandatory to undergo the medical checkup. can we do it even after joining..??

  27. Chintan Patel  


    In that case you have to ask Infy for sure. But i dont think you will face any problem if they are genuine... If your college accepted it, then Infy also would accept. Or is it that it got lost afterward? Anyways, informing them about it is the best thing.


    No, they are not necessary at all. Not even after joining.

    But ya, if you catch some infectious disease like chicken pox or something, then you will be asked to leave and continue your training in a latter batch. But that rarely happens so dont worry about that...

  28. Unknown  

    thanks!i joined my college with attested xerox copies of originals (i had lost originals by that time). i produced duplicates later and college accepted it .

  29. Nirmal Unnikrishnan  

    hey but some1 told me thet we r one f the first batches to have received the mail askin to take medical checkups.. we even got sum list of hospitals also were the checkup has to be done.. hope its not mandatory..

  30. anand  

    hi chintan,
    I will be joining infy in 2009 batch just want 2 know that r we going to attend the training this time frm jan onwards...
    Is it true!
    n wen r they dispatching the offer letter...

  31. neha  

    If a person does not fulfil the %age criteria
    hw does it affects his appointment?
    I heard that 1 or 2 % less does not make any it true?
    Do u knw any one with same case?
    whn r the 2008 freshers being calld?

  32. Unknown  

    Hi chintan,
    i have misplaced my offer letter so i was wondering if its ok to go with the printout of the joining letter email. I have all other necessary papers.
    Also how is internet access provided in the campus n how many days leave can v avail during the training period in case of unavoidable circumstances?

  33. sarath a.k.a chandu  

    hey chintan I've lost my 5th sem marksheet. i've applied for a duplicate one. i'll be getting it after 1 month only. They talk about final sem marksheet only. They give 3months time for that...
    what to do ?????

  34. Chintan Patel  


    Ya, we didnt receive the mail that you have got. But i dont think they will be too strict about this. It will surely not affect your joining.


    Even the training of 2008 batch is not over then how can 2009 people start their training from Jan???

    And also, mostly engg colleges complete their course in April/May. So joining would surely be after that.


    No... They are very strict about %age criteria. Even .5% less is not allowed. For all criteria related queries,


    I dont know if only email will do. Because as soon as you arrive here, the first thing the guard asks for is the offer letter. But i think it will do if you have all other documents.


    That will do. You can submit your 5th sem marksheet when it arrives. Make sure you do it before your training gets over...

  35. Unknown  

    hi chintan!!!!!

    u r doing a great job man!!!!!
    Can u plz tell me how long it will take 2 reach mysore from bangalore airport n wat is the most convenient way to reach infosys campus from the bangalore airport ?

  36. anand  

    thanks Chintan for ur help!
    Could u tell me in which software lang. does infy make most of their project as m going to get coaching this winter on either J2E or dotnet...
    which one to have training on...

  37. rohit  

    hi chintan !!!!!!!!!
    i hav got d final year marksheet bt dnt hav d PDC
    my DOJ is on 24th nov.can i go widout it

  38. Unknown  

    hii cintan..
    as a chemical engg. can i be able to cope up with others.what coures will i do so that it will be helpful should it be java or .net
    i m not that strong in computer languages.what will b my training duration .any xtra trainning r thr for we non cse/it students

  39. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know about that..
    I stayed at Bangalore overnight and then left for Mysore the next morning by bus. There were many buses but i think all of them only took people from airport to city. Dont know if there were any direct buses to mysore.


    It doesnt matter. Dont go for any coaching in advance as you may get a different stream here.


    Ya, its fine... You will get enough time to submit it.


    it depends on you. People from CS-IT also fail and non-CS-IT people also have CGPA 5. You can learn C language if you want. Training is of 4 months for all...

  40. Anonymous  

    Hello Chintan.
    I read somewhere that u use a Reliance USB modem or data card for accessing internet there..
    Since i am bringing my laptop ,i would like to know about the connection speed and weather i can buy the card from here and can still use it there.What do u recommend - tata or reliance & Tariff plan??

  41. Chintan Patel  


    Speed is good. Yes, you can buy at your home and use here... For tariff, go to those companies websites...

  42. chinni  

    hi chintan,
    my doj is 8th of december and some of my friends told that few people who joined on 17th of nov had got a mail regarding medical tests.can u tel me what are those tests and vaccinations and is it mandatory to undergo those tests.wil they check the medical test reports?thanks in advance and ALL THE BEST :)

  43. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you..

    It was not this strict when we joined and i dont think it will affect your joining if you dont do the medical tests.

    At most, you may be do all the tests after you join...

  44. Unknown  

    Hey chintan!!!!!doin gr8 job yaar!!!!hats off to u!!!!actually my GF is selected in infy 4 2008 batch.....she is passed out 4rm EXTC branch.....n waitin 4 call 4rm infy.....nawadays she is busy wid online"preinduction training progg".her score in test which were conducted by dis trainin prog is 60% in avg....wedr dis score is fine or still she hv to improov n also she is too tensed bout her doj at infy.....she hv'nt receivd any mail from infy bout her doj yet...may b it is bcoz her online trainin is goin on.....n can u provide some info bout her tentetiv doj if possble,coz she is tooo tensed....waitin 4 reply......

  45. Chintan Patel  


    60% is not a good score... She has to score atleast above 65%.. Dont be tensed about DOJ.. Infy wont miss out on you... It will surely come.

    Yaar, whats it to be "tooo tensed"??? Infy is not IBM that it will recruit in campuses and wont send offer letters.. Be assured that it will come. I think for her it will be after her PIT is completed...

  46. chinni  

    hi chintan,

    i just want to know whether parents are allowed inside the campus on the date of joining and are other relatives allowed every weekends after we join.

    thanks in advance and all the best for ur CGPA :)

  47. Chintan Patel  


    Sometimes they allow, sometimes not.

    Same for relatives over weekends. But mostly they allow and sometimes we get an email telling "personal visitors are not allowed for this month"...

    Thank you...

  48. Chintan Patel  


    There are many MS, MBA and PhD programs in various IITs and IIMs that Infosys sponsors.
    They pay upto 1 lakh Rs fee.

    For more information, read my post "Higher Education Policy at Infosys".

    Many programs are added recently which i will post when i get time..

  49. pavan kumar akella  

    i got selected in infy in 4-1 sem . Is it goin to be a problem if i get a backlog after this selection and i clear it before the doj??

  50. Chintan Patel  


    There wont be any prob if you clear it b4 ur DOJ.


    It can take anywhere between 6 to 10 months to get the offer letter...

    HEHE... no one can tell your DOJ now...

  51. Unknown  

    hi how r u.

    one thing i wanna ask u that my freind doesnt recived the offer letter but we all hv got it. but he is getting the regular mails from infy. is he going to face any problem at the time of joining.. plz do rep...

  52. Unknown  

    does infy take in people having backlog in their final sem ie., is there any chance for them if they have one backlog at the time of join.

  53. Unknown  

    My friend was selected for infy. for some reasons he could not write his 4-1 sem properly, and his university (JNTU) is planning to conduct the supplementary exams after the final sem(4-2).Now if he gets a backlog in 4-1 is there any way to ask infy to postpone his joining date??

  54. CALTIGER  

    Hi !
    I'm ARNAB.
    I have received offers from both TCS & INFOSYS.
    I'm in 4th year,& supposed to join in 2009.
    Being from ECE dept. and willing to an MBA in 2 to 3 years, which company would u suggest me to join.
    If u do advise INFY, then i would like to know the prior preparation i need to take for the training.

  55. Chintan Patel  


    Though its already too late to reply to your comment but:

    He should obviously call the HR as soon as possible. At the entrance on DOJ, you will be asked for your offer letter.


    Ya, you will be given time till the end of training to submit your final sem marksheet. So you have to appear for ur exam and also have ur marksheet by that time. Otherwise, if they come to know, then your DOJ will be postponed.

    Though i dont understand what you mean by 4-1 and 4-2 but ya, you can always ask for postponing your DOJ if you have backlogs. Infact its mandatory that you shud have appeared for all your exams and only results shud be pending.


    Between TCS and Infosys, definitely Infosys is the better one. Leave Infosys only for Google, Microsoft or anything like that. Even IBM is nowhere compared to Infosys when it comes to training.

    You will miss heaven if you dont join Infosys (Mysore) and join TCS.

    Learn C language as good as possible. Only that much is enough because you dont know which stream you will get. So no use in learning Java or .NET.

  56. CALTIGER  

    Though u have spoken of the training at Infy,u have not thrown any light on whether it would be possible to prepare for CAT & other such exams after the training is over,for i have heard that Infy makes one work so hard and so long that returning back home i doesn't have the energy to sit down with the books.

    Further i forgot to mention that i have cleared the SCJP exam(with 95% marks), so does that help me anywhere.

  57. Chintan Patel  


    I didnt because you didnt ask specifically about that.

    What you have heard is wrong. Infosys wont make it to top 10 of various "best places to work surveys" had it been like that.

    There are people who appear for CAT even during training. So you can surely appear after training.

    I dont know what is SCJP. Is it Sun Certified Java Programmer?? Then i think it can help. You can tell HR to allot you Java stream but dont be optimistic that you will be allotted Java but i think he will give some attention to that. And it can surely help you after training. You can get project easily as compared to others.

  58. CALTIGER  

    First of all thanks for ur replies.
    U have mentioned that INFY doesn't make it to the 10 best places of work,does it mean that people there have to work for long 11-12 hours shifts(and even work on SAT).
    Moreover people r talking that in these times of recession TCS would be a better bet than INFY as for job safety,though i don't agree, so whats ur comment on that.

    Further I would also like to know that if its in any way possible to switch from 4 mnths of long training(as in case of non-IT students) to 2 mths one based on performance.

    Yes,u have rightly identified that SCJP is SUN CERTIFIED JAVA PROGRAMMER,so do u think that its really going to provide me an edge over others in getting projects.

  59. Chintan Patel  

    I have mentioned that Infosys makes it to top 10 of those surveys. Maybe you are mistaken.

    And ohhhh whats wrong with you?? dont know from where do you gather all this information.
    Saturday is always a holiday and you have to work for 9:15 hours officially.

    I have already commented that Infosys is a better option than TCS any day...

    No, that is not possible. I have already said that it may help you. But dont be too optimistic but ya, you will be considered superior to others. But as the company itself is out of projects recently, so it may happen that you too will need to go on bench...

  60. Kartik  

    Hi Chintan,
    this is Madan.I along with my friends have been selected by infy in my campus recruitment on "june 20th,2008". But havent recieved te offer letter from them though they told that we would recieve the letter within 3 months.Its been 6 months but no reply from the infy team.
    Do you have any information regarding the issue of offer letter? Being in the final year and now preparing for the final sem, we have been left with jus 3 months now(for finishing the degree)
    and not recieving the offer letter is surely having a bad effect on us.
    Please do reply me at ""

  61. Chintan Patel  


    Not to worry.. It always takes about 6-10 months for everyone... Noone has ever got it in 3 months as they say in campus interview.

    Keep checking back here... I wont reply on email..

  62. Unknown  

    Hi!! chintan...dis is my first visit 2 this site nd its really a marvelous wrk by u..
    Anwz i hv listened that infy also has an embedded dept...M really intersted in dis field..can u pl guide me hw one can get into embedded dept of infy..??( m placed in 2009 batch of infy)

  63. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you...

    You dont have a choice to join any dept. You have to work for the Business Unit allotted to you at the end of training.

  64. Unknown  

    What is the package(take home pay) after the training is over?
    What is the rate of salary increase,is it like 12-15 % as it comes in the news or something else?

  65. Chintan Patel  


    After the training, it is about 18000-19000 depending upon the increment you get. The increments are 10%, 12.5%, 15% depending upon the CGPA.

  66. Anupam  

    hii chintan....

    wat r they gng to pay us in the training period?

  67. Unknown  

    U r telling that after the training the mthly salary will be round 18000 - 19000 ,but in our campus recruitment itself we r offered 3.25L C.T.C.

  68. Unknown  

    n aftr training vl have 2 live by r own...dat wud again make it 15k in hand!!!

  69. Chintan Patel  


    Yaar, its 14453... can be 138xx if you have club membership and single bed rooms...

    14128: if you have single bed room and no club membership which is 600 Rs...

    No more questions about it.. I have answered it many times in the previous threads...


    If you are from 2009 batch then it would be different for you... And yaar, stop worrying about it... Few 1000 Rs here and there wont make any difference...

    Hostel fees are increased every year and so are other charges so cant say for sure... And i think even for 2009 batch it is 3.0 per annum in training... Though not sure... Maybe it is 3.25 after training for you...


    After training, it depends if you get in your hometown or not...And also house rent differs from city to city for the same size of house. If you get chennai, then there its more costlier than others and also travelling 1.5 hrs to MCity for coming and going which would make you wanting to be paid more :-) ..

  70. :)  

    Hi chintan...
    i hav a weird question to ask which 1 of my frend asked me to ask u....

    in the hostel, do tey allow girls frm same college to share te the room in case of girls??

  71. Chintan Patel  


    No, yaar... Room allocation is totally random...

    If they have one complete room vacant then you may get it. Two girls i know did that. But usually girls would have a partner from an earlier batch.

  72. pheenikxz  

    m currently in my 4th year of engg..i took the placement test fr infosys 5mnths back n lukily got through..i ve got one semester to go bfre i graduate..the thing thats been eating my head fr quite a while nowz that,i vnt recvd my offer letter yet..n m wondering if the meltdown has anything to do with me out man!

  73. pheenikxz  

    jst went through the entire thing..
    got my answer ^_^
    thanks man fr putting up with so much trouble.Its quite informational!

  74. CALTIGER  

    Wish u a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR !
    While searching through various portals i came to know that the training comprises of 2 segments - GENERIC and STREAM SPECIFIC.
    So if u can associate one book for each of the underneath modules of the GENERIC section ,so that i can prepare myself before hand .
    The topics are :
    o Computer Hardware and System Software concepts
    o Programming Fundamentals
    o RDBMS
    o Analysis of Algorithms
    o Object Oriented Concepts
    o System Development Methodology
    o User Interface Design
    o Introduction to Web Architecture

    Hope to hear from u soon.

  75. Chintan Patel  


    thank you... hope i get more readers like you who find their answers by themselves..


    There is no need to refer a special book for each topic. You will get their books for generic. I didnt use reference books except stream.

    Better you download Infosys slides from Guru's thread on Infosys 2008 community.

  76. Gibi Mathews  

    Hai Chintan

    I am a 9th feb joinee.Most probably i won't be getting my hardcopy of joining letter+service agreement. Will they provide additional one in mysore? At the time of joining is it enough to have printout of joining letter and offer letter?

  77. Chintan Patel  


    They wont provide an additional one but they will tell to have it mailed from home to Infy..

    Yaa, that will do.. Alongwith some other id proof like driving license or passport...

  78. Chithu Bask  

    congratz on ur new job...
    am joinin 4 training+internship at infy on jan 19th...
    i jus wanna know hw often v r allowed 2 go bk home.... 4 us trainin is 6 dayz per week... datz including saturday...

  79. Chintan Patel  


    You can go as many times as you wish on sundays.
    No permission needed for that.

    But officially they give 4 days per quarter (3 months) as leave. It can be different for you people. Dont know much about their policies for interns.

  80. Chithu Bask  

    oh thanx... :)
    r parents allowed 2 visit the campus during weekends????
    in case v dnt get chance 2 go bk home...
    they sorted u all in alphabetical order 4 the training is it??? u cud do combine studies wid ur frends/????
    n sorry 4 askin soo many ques...

  81. Chintan Patel  


    Parents are sometimes allowed sometimes not. If bomb blasts are going on in the country then they ban any kind of personal visitors.

    And better you forget home and concentrate there. I think the place is good enough to forget home.

    There is no such order. Yes..

  82. Unknown  


    I have been recruited in INFOSYS through the pool campus procedure held on 5th of February 2008 in Hindustan College Agra but till date I have not received any offer letter or any information from their side. Can you provide my any information regarding it.

    Thank You in anticipation

    Saurabh Agarwal
    Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering Technology, Jhansi

  83. Chintan Patel  


    It takes normally 6-10 months but it has been almost an year for you now.

    I think you should contact any HR at Infosys or call their helpline.

    But dont worry about it. If Infosys has selected you, it will surely come.

  84. Unknown  


    plz can you tell me about campus connect and the certificate provided thereby. Is it mandatory for the placed candidates (of the connected college) to have that certificate before joining.

  85. Unknown  

    Hey chintan,
    I am an infosys selectee(2009 batch) from a non cs,it background(mech).I am doing the campus connect program made compulsory by our college(MIT Pune).I was wondering if after clearing the test i would be put into the short cycle or would they still put me in the longer cycle,seeing my background .

  86. Chintan Patel  

    @kallis, Sameer...

    For that you can visit campus connect website..

    It is not mandatory for those colleges... Its only that you will get to appear for screening test when you join if you have completed campus connect which test is now useless as everyone is put into long cycle by default. If you dont have the certificate, you cant appear for that test thats all.

  87. Unknown  

    plz tell me does infy sends you abroad for job after training and on what basis . wot about other processes abroad eg. pay n allowances ,residence and other costs. plz tell in detail .


  88. Unknown  

    hi chintan....
    i am sure u are doing great at your new job. please tell me in Infy do they give 2 options or 3 for posting after the training.

  89. Chintan Patel  


    Yesw, Infosys does send people abroad... The criteria is based on the purpose for which they are sent. Dont worry about all this for now...

    These things wont matter until you are atleast 2 yrs old in the company.


    hehe... you get 0 options for posting... You will have to go where they tell you to ...

  90. Unknown  

    So that means if someone is eager to go abroad so he will have to wait for atleast 2 yrs.

  91. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhhh.. its not fixed... and it depends on a lot of things.. So i said better not to worry about that now... Hope you wont further press this issue.

  92. ruchir  

    bro I have my DOJ on 9th feb

    i have a big concern.....At the time of my interview , i HAD A PERCENTAGE OF 56% IN MY FIRST 4 SEMS, BUT AS ELIGIBILITY WAS 60% i filled in 61.2% marks with infy......I was asked for dmc's at the time of intrvw, and i said i lost them i was made to self attest the marks i submitted them that time

    TODAY I HAVE A DEGREE OF 62.7%, but I am extremely worried if they scold me for submitting wrong info at the time of selection....please help me get outta this dilemma by suggesting that what could happen???

  93. Chintan Patel  


    I think after joining, they only count the aggregate % of all the semesters but dont take my word for that.

    And they wont scold you, they will politely ask you to leave.

  94. Unknown  

    Hey nice work 4m u yaar....I really appreciate ur effort. I'm selected for 2009 joining, infi in feb 2008. but havn't recieved my offer letter yet. Noone from my colg have recieved any confirmation 4m d company site. V r just worried tat whether v'll b called or will be retrenched/or salary deducted...

  95. vijayaragavan v  

    i wanted to ask u one u know the time gap between two batches called for training?say a batch starts on june 8th..then when does the next batch starts?a week gap?or a month gap?

  96. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys has already announced that it will be calling all the 20000 people that they selected through campus interviews.

    My guess is this: As they have already announced that they wont be going for campus interviews for the 2010 batch, you will be called late. Moreover, even 2008 batch has joinings till March 2009 and now the training is of 6 months. And hence there would be a delay for every process for 2009 batch that is from offer letters to joinings.


    There is no fixed gap. It depends on hostel and class availability. Moreover, the number of people who are made to wait due to failing in compre exams also varies for every batch and so we really cant predict anything.

    Sometime batches are called every week and sometimes it takes more than a month.

  97. Unknown  

    hey.... helped us a lot....thnx.....
    i have a doubt....
    in our college wen infy came for placement they asked minimun 70% i have nly 67%. but i filled in as 70%. will i have any problem wen i join..?

  98. Unknown  

    sir first of all thanks a lot for helping us out wid our querries
    i wanted to know tht wat is NSR and POS
    we got the offer letter frm infy and date of joining was mentioned on it
    wat is this accomodation letter and wen do we get it ?

  99. Chintan Patel  


    If they find this out, you will be OUT. But if you have above 70% at the end of training, i dont think you wil have a problem but cant guarantee this.


    For this, visit the NSR website or read one of my earlier posts. E-Docket?? That you dont have to do till one month after you join. Its the repository where every trainee has to scan and upload his marksheets after joining.

    DOJ was mentioned in the offer letter? Thats a first one for me. Nice that you get ur DOJs so early so that you can decide whether to go for MBA or join Infosys. Atleast you can appear for CAT, XAT etc if you get ur DOJ after nov/dec.

    Accommodation letter we used to get only about 2-3 days b4 DOJ. Dont worry, thats a useless thing. They will ask you to take print outs of it but noone asks for it when you join. Only offer letter is important.

  100. Unknown  

    sir i got an arrear and my doj is this june 2009......and those arrear results will be out only after the doj of the training july......can i proceed with the training? but in offer letter its clearly mentioned all marksheets and relevant documents should be submitted on the doj itself or else i will have to write to for doj extension incase of pending results or medical reasons and that granting this extension is solely at the discretion of the afraid i might lose this offer.plz help

  101. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan
    As you said before they have made it mandatory 6 months training ,that means that the campus connect program they have been torchering us with has been rendered meaningless,however our offer letter states our DoJ as sept. 28 '09 .How likely is it that they change this policy in the intervening period.If it is unlikely then do you sugest that i discontinue with the program.Another thing,my cs -it friends in my college(MIT Pune)have recieved their DoJ as July 13- one day after they graduate!!! How sure do you think that the DoJs stated in our offer letters are(they mentioned that they might change the date if they wish)?

  102. Chintan Patel  


    They are OK with you showing final year marksheets after joining. You need to have all marksheets till final year. Ohhhh... you wont lose it just because of that. If you are so concerned then you shud call their helpline number which i dont have or email them.


    Training program undergoes review and changes continuously. The current training program is a result of 14 years of evolution. The CC program is not meaningless. Its for your own learning. Dont expect anything out of it other than learning. To continue or not is your choice. If you think you are good enough, you can leave it.
    The DOJ can be extended in such a case.

    I think this is just too soon to give out DOJs. We normally received it just 1 month in advance. But its also that they plan very well. So there is 80% chance that it would be your actual DOJ.

  103. Unknown  

    hello chintan,
    i have a received my DOJ on July 13th'09. At that time the exams of my final semester will not even get started. I am in a fix. Can they allow me a leave to sit in the exams during my training period or should i mail them about the extension of the DOJ? This situation is getting me tensed. What should i do? please suggest me. If i get the dates extended, in this period of recession will they will call me later or just forget it. Kindly please reply.

  104. Preethi  

    hi chitan i got Notary sign and stamp only in 5th page is tat enought r need to get Notary sign in all pages??? thank s in advance

  105. Unknown  

    Hello sir,
    In what way can I get a single room...Do I need to request a lot over there or is there any particular way to manage that??

  106. Unknown  

    Hello Sir,
    I am placed in infosys and have received my DOJ 13 July 09.
    Is it mandatory for placed CS/IT students to undergo the Campus Connect Foundation Program before joining infosys. (My college is one of the connected colleges ) ?

  107. Chintan Patel  


    According to their policy. You should have atleast appeared for all your exams. Pending results are OK but you should not have any pending exams. Otherwise you will be sent back and will be called later after 6-8 months. I know a friend whose joining was on 16th June 2008 but had an exam remaining in august. So she was sent back and got her new DOJ in March 2009. So if you apply for extension, which i think you will have to, your new DOJ will be very late.


    @Preethi.. .

    Hmmm... I dont remember that well. You will be told about that clearly in the induction program.


    Boys will mostly get single rooms so dont worry. Otherwise, there is no way you can get them if you are allotted shared rooms.


    Its not mandatory...

  108. Unknown  

    Thank You chintan for this information. I have one doubt, that in their offer letter, it is written that if we apply for the extension, we will get our new DOJ with the validity period of 6 months. Will this not be case if any pending exams are there? What Validity period means?

  109. Chintan Patel  


    Extension is extension. And what i have said will be the case if you apply for it. And i think you are getting confused. Better call their helpline to clarify your doubts.

  110. anu0412  

    I got my DOJ on june 8th. I got my offer letter in email a week ago. How long will it take for the hard copy to arrive?

  111. Chintan Patel  


    For us, hard copy either arrived after we left for mysore or came on the day we were to leave for mysore. So it will come just 2-3 days before your DOJ. Dont know if they have become wise now.. ;)

  112. Unknown  

    hello Mr.Patel
    I just received my joining date, so i was just wondering if any aggregate criteria has to be met, because they havent specified any in the document, they just asked me to finish all my required subjects and finish my course.
    And also, i would like to know the reporting time on that specified date.

  113. Chintan Patel  


    That wont be mentioned in the offer letter. It is understood that the criteria is what was announced during campus placements.

    No fixed reporting time. Just reach there on Sunday.

  114. Unknown  

    there gave us 2 different informations,during the initial aptitude test, they asked for 60% but after that when they were declaring the results, they were asking for 68.So what should i consider? And what happens if i dont meet of these critereas? Are they gonna check the exact aggregate at the time of joining?

  115. Unknown  

    My doj is 22nd jun i wanna reach mysore on 21st--sunday..will they provide me accomidation one day before??Is there any extra amount deduction for a single room from the salary when compared to sharing room??

  116. Chintan Patel  


    There can be only one criteria. I have not heard of such a case before. If you are short of the criteria by even 0.01 %, you will be asked to leave. Yes, they check it accurately using excel sheets. Not at the time of joining but it happens within the first 1-2 weeks.


    Ohhhhh my Goddddd... Better read other threads and their comments before posting a query.

  117. Unknown  

    hi chintan gr8 job....

    what is the duration of training for cs and IT students....i hv herad that now the training is extended....

  118. Unknown  

    hey Chintan sir..
    thanks for answering all queries..
    i have got my joining for training @ mysore on 7th dec 2009..
    i want to ask.. whether its necessary to have ICICI bank account prior to our joining as u have mentioned they only have ICICI ATMs..
    thanks in advance..

  119. Chintan Patel  


    I suggest you read all threads and comments that follow. All of your doubts will be answered.



    THEY will give you that ICICI bank account!!
    You dont have to worry about that!!

  120. Unknown  

    hi Chintan, Im glad that we freshers have some one to turn to, to clear our doubts.
    Its really nice of u to take some time out to do so.We really appreciate that.
    Well i have a couple of queries I hope you'll clear:
    one is that i am from the Biotech department so will i need to learn C language as well
    or will i be placed in the life science section which is developing quickly in infosys.
    and Secondly during our placments they told that 68% is the cut off but my aggregate is only 67%, so will they send me back from mysore before training even starts( i got my offer letter though,DOJ=feb 10 2010) or will i get the regular training?
    Hope you can help me out a li'l here...Thanks :)

  121. Chintan Patel  


    You wont be put into life science section just like that... Everyone has to undergo the same training...

    If you have completed your engineering and have 67% aggregate then you wont be allowed to continue at infosys. They will tell you to leave within 1-2 weeks.

  122. Unknown  

    hi Chintan Patel ,

    tis is bharath. infy demanded 70% aggregate during recruitment i had 69.8 at that time i filled in as 70 n gave it to them. i gt placed in i am in 4th year i hav an aggregate of 72% n yet have 1 sem to go... wil tis b a problem while joining???

  123. VIKAS  

    sir , my name is vikas sharma .i have a prob of my infosys joing letter.. i still not find my joining mail but all those friends who were selected with me have their joing email.. we all were recruited on 25th march 2008... what i have to do now ??.. is this procedure take time ..
    kindly help me ... is there any mail id of infosys recruitment board to whome i can mail... or any no...??
    bye !!! is there any hard copy comes in the college ...

  124. VIKAS  

    one more question is is there any case happened where a selected student dont got his joing mail or letter ...plz help me on these queies many days a candidate has to wait for the letter. i m very afraid of my cancellation of candidature.... my frnd told me that they only send letteron gmail id while i have given yahoo id at the time of recruitment ... kinliy help me ...
    id ..

  125. Madbu Aila  

    Hi sir,

    This is madhu.. i'm a B.Sc graduate.. I got selected in doj is 23rd march may i know Now(in this period)infosys is keeping people on the bench.. pls answer me

  126. S Venkateshwar Iyer  

    Hi this is Venkatesh.. I got selected in INFY.. Actually v got mail from infy that our salary wil b 22500 during d training and 27087 after training.. i wana ask u tat whether the room rent & food charges are already deducted frm the sal to make a gross of 22500 or it wil b deduced frm tat amt....

  127. Chintan Patel  

    @Bharath raaj...

    I dont think that will cause any prob but cant guarantee this..


    You shud send am email to or

    I am not sure about the email addresses. I think there would be a contact email mentioned in the email that your friends received. You can contact on that email and tell them to update your email address if it is wrong.

    No, if you are selected, you will surely get ur offer letter. But there are incidences when people dont get such mails but that does not mean that you are out of infosys. Thousands of trainees are bound to create dozens of problems for them.

    That gmail thing is not true at all. I got the email on my hotmail id. And why wudnt they send on a yahoo id?? Such an illogical logic.


    Ya, you will have a bench period for sure. It can be upto 6 months before you start coding a project. Even the extra 2 months of training now can be considered a bench period because that is what they make you do in bench - study other streams.


    It will be deducted from that amount. I think for 2009 batch, the inhand will be about 16-17000 Rs. considering we had around 14k and you people have 10% higher salary than us in training.

    There is no wifi.

  128. Madbu Aila  

    One more query ... exit rate in infy is 10-15% in the 2007.... but what is the exit rate in this crisis period.... reply pls

  129. uzairpm  


    i've been eagerly following your blog..great work!! I too have a doubt
    Regarding the dress code is it ok to wear jeans pant?Also will 4 sets of formal wear do?
    what about shoes?Are slippers allowed? Pants should be really formal is it?what about bells,boot cut?

    thanks in advance

  130. Chintan Patel  


    Isnt that obvious???


    Its about the same right now also. It varies from batch to batch by +-5% and not more than that.


    Dress code is mentioned in the offer letter in detail.

  131. Madbu Aila  

    I've one more query ... i'm a B.Sc graduate .. selected for IMS that is Infrastructure Management Services... what i require to learn before the Joining... reply pls

  132. Chintan Patel  


    There are 3 streams for IMS. IMS Unix, IMS Windows and IMS Networking. So cant say for which can prepare... .

    And people, you just have to work hard there. Prior preparation is not that important or helpful.

  133. Unknown  

    hiii i have small doubt......all should have their accounts in icici bank there any other option??? even the sim cards we can take any one we like right.......

  134. Praky  

    hi chintan!!!!!

    thanks for d post........its really helpful...
    I got my DOJ but my name s spelled wrongly ..i need 2 change it 2 change it.......plz give me d email addr........

  135. Chintan Patel  


    You can have any other account and give that account number to have the salary credited to that account.

    You can have as many sim cards as you want. :-O


    I think the email for that is ... Not sure...

  136. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan ..

    Want to know what if pending result of last semester is there till time of DOJ but no pending exams. Can we submit it within 15 days after joining ?

  137. Chintan Patel  


    Pending result of last sem is fine. You can even take upto the end of training to submit the final sem marksheet...

  138. Unknown  

    Hii Chintan,

    I hd my campus selection last year in March n i gt my DOJ next year January. My query s at the time f campus infy wanted an aggregate of 60%. I hd provided it somewat more than wat i actually i have, but it always will be more than 60% though. Though i wll definitely meet their requirement, will it put me in any sort f trouble for providing wrong information during campus selction...??


  139. MitscApe  

    Hii Chintan,

    I hd my campus selection last year in March n i gt my DOJ next year January. My query s at the time f campus infy wanted an aggregate of 60%. I hd provided it somewat more than wat i actually i have, but it always will be more than 60% though. Though i wll definitely meet their requirement, will it put me in any sort f trouble for providing wrong information during campus selection...??

  140. MitscApe  

    Sorry.. i posted the same topic 4m another id in the post no. 182. Plz delete it.

  141. Chintan Patel  


    Recently, many people have been asking this question to me.

    I have already answered your question in the comments of this post.

  142. Cyriac  

    Hi Chintan...
    Glad news is i joined infy today (only accommodation is done, induction pending tomorrow). Although in my case there are few pre-joining formalities falling due (have'nt undergone online training/PIT-Pre Induction Training), i hope it wont matter and the induction tomorrow will go fine.

    Thanks for your guidelines, i took laptop and guess what am getting; an unsecured wifi connection(with net access)

    In some earlier posts you said you can provide us with the slides. If you can please (please) upload it some where or mail them all to me at cyriac ( @ )

    I would greatly appreciate it if you do it.


  143. Naresh  

    hi going to join infy on nov 2nd...
    u doing a gr8 job by providing info abt infy...tanx buddy...can u suggest me wat r the sub i should read before attending the trainning?

  144. Chintan Patel  


    You are lucky then... In which hostel number is your room??? Is the connection provided by infosys(what is the name of the connection)?

    They are too bg to mail or upload. You can get them easily from any computer in GEC-2 using a pen drive. Thats of course not allowed, but mostly people do that without getting caught.


    Read some other posts.

  145. VIKAS  

    hi chintan,
    this is vikas sharma ,i mailed u few days before about delay in my joining mail. i still haven't find my mail. as u guide me i also mail at and offer_update
    but no reply comes from there side ..
    what shud i do ?? is it good to wait for a hard copy till oct.or nov...or i shud try conituosly them ....
    i have mail them about 4or5 times but none was replied it ok be to mail more times...???
    kindlly help me on this ... bye !!!!

  146. Priyank Jain  


  147. Chintan Patel  


    I had told you earlier also that i am not sure about the email addresses. Mailing 4-5 times continuously will annoy anyone. Better call their helpline number which i dont know.


    You have to log a request on their online system for guest house booking. The rooms there are double bed and the rent is 1000 Rs per day. They are as luxurious as hostel rooms.

  148. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan,

    This is Harry. I am 2008Graduate(BCA) and going to join Infoys on 6thApr09 @Bhubaneswar(as Assistant Engineer - Testing(A2)).

    1) Do you know what is the exact training period now in my case?

    2)What are the subjects I should prepare before my joining?

    3)During placement they asked 60% avg. in all (from 10th to final year of Graduation). Is critirea changed now?

    egar to listen from you . Hope you will reply all my queries.
    thanx in advance

  149. Anonymous  

    Hi Chintan..u dng gt work!!i am a extnsion candidate and iam gonna join on 23rd of dis mnth..i had a back paper which i gave and hv clrd by GODs grace...i dnt have d last sem mrksheet and povisional cetificate as official result is nt dclaed bt i obtnd d confidential rslt frm d univ.
    i wntd 2 know wt else do i require..shud i get any crtificate from d collg..pls help!!!

  150. Chintan Patel  


    It is now more than 6 months. I think 7 or 8 months.

    Learn C language.

    Criteria is the same that is announced to you during interview.


    Pending last sem results are fine. No need to worry abou that. You can submit it by the end of training.

  151. Unknown  

    thanx Chintan

    one more query

    Is it manadatory to make our parents sign's on Notary Service Agreement? As my father is working in UAE. How I can make his sign on Notary Service Agreement. He visit once or twice in year to native place.

  152. Chintan Patel  


    Its not really necessary. You can fake his signature. The notary will put his stamp which implies "Both the persons have signed before me".

    Even i notarized it at mysore but had got it signed from my dad at home. So you just have to convince the notary and thats no big deal.

  153. chandana  

    Hi Chintan ,

    Hope you are doing great . i wanted to know about a certain policy of infy . I have actually cleared my degree with the required % But i just got to know that we have to clear all the subjects . Since i had a credit system in my college I left 2 subjects which i am not required to appear ever again and have cleared the degree crieteria. Am i not eligible to joing Infy anymore coz i left 2 subjects?


  154. Chintan Patel  


    If those subjects are on your marksheet, then they will be considered while calculating your aggregate. One of my friends had a similar situation and she cudnt join infosys because of the same reason. She had an aggre of 59.6 % without those extra subjects and the required was 60%. Her aggre was above 60% if those extra subjects were not considered. Still she cudnt join infosys.

  155. chandana  

    thanks a lot chintan but my aggregate is way beyond 60 % even with those subjects included . Still i wont be eligible ? and in the consolidated marksheet the subjects are not even included with their marks the space is left blank .

  156. Chintan Patel  


    Then, i dont think it would be a problem but dont take my word for it. Better you join infosys and let everything happen. But be mentally prepared for the worst.

  157. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    Really doing a fantastic job...
    need to know whether we have to go through all the study materials that they have sent to us before joining..Which language is important??

  158. Unknown  

    hi chintan,

    really doin a fantastic job...
    want to know whether we have prepare all the study materials that infy has sent us before joining.... my jod s by dec,2009

  159. Ritesh Mishra  

    Hello Chintan...
    A small query...
    Our university provides us degree if we have less than 3 backlogs. I've only two backlogs and my DOJ is 10 Aug 09. Will there be any complications at the time of joining. M I eligible? I'll get my degree by Jun 09...

  160. Chintan Patel  


    Just learn C language well. Dont know much about that material. We didnt get any before joining.


    You will have to appear for those subjects before joining. Pending results are fine but there should not be any pending exams. Otherwise you will be sent back and will be called alongwith extension applicants which would be March 2010. I think only degree certificate will not do. You will also have to provide results of all semesters.

  161. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    hope u r doing good...
    a friend of mine has got a backlog in the 7th semester nw.. in our university, the credit system is such that we can drop upto 3 subjects n still get the degree.. is it necessary for him to reappear in the exam then? bcoz its only possible in dec 2009 now.. and his DOJ is in august 2009..
    will dropping those credits become a problem with the company in case he doesnt reappear? he doesnt want his DOJ to be extended...

  162. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, he will have to reappear. As i said, pending results are fine but there sould not be any pending exams.

    They are very strict about the criteria. Hope your friend meets the criteria without those credits. You can contact lopamudra_basu (at) for all criteria related queries. She is an HR at Bangalore.

  163. Manish  

    hey our university has the same procedure (i m from IP university, delhi) and v can drop 3 subjects mean that v dont have to appear again for the exam.. if ur frnd has all the subjects clear n has 3 backlogs, then he wont b asked to appear again, v get the new marksheet at the end along with the degree, so that wont b a problem i guess. u can ask ur college authorities regarding the same.

  164. Amrut  

    Hi Chintan,

    To start with, my joining along with about 50 of my college-mates is on 22nd June. now, our 8th sem university results won't get published by then. Though till 7th almost all of my papers are clear, I have a back in 6th semester, which i am entitled to drop as per the credit system. (Means that wouldn't appear in any mark-sheet and the equivalent credit will be reduced from total). Again as we get original mark-sheets on a year basis, so I don't have my 3rd n of course 4th yr Original mark-sheets.
    Now what do you suggest.. i have the following options.
    1. Drop the paper, and get a recommendation or clearance from college that I have cleared all papers till 7th sem
    2. Appear for the back paper in May and await results (which wont be out before the joining dates).

    - And I'll also be obliged if u could suggest what certificates of clearances should I get along in the above two cases.

  165. Chintan Patel  


    You should appear for it in May, in my opinion. You never know when they may bring out a new eligibility policy and make you ineligible to even join infosys.

    But your no. 1 suggestion will also work fine.

    Just get a certificate from your college/university which say that you have passed all exams till 7th sem. That will be fine if you dont want to appear for that subject again.

  166. sri  

    can we take a leave for 1 or 2 days during training period..something like attending marriage

  167. Chintan Patel  

    @sri ...

    You can take a leave but it is not recommended. Many people do handle such leaves well but considering the current scenario, i wont recommend taking a leave during training.

    If it doesnt affect your performance, then you can go for it.

  168. Rakesh  

    I am Rakesh,selected as asst engg Testing by Infosys after BCA. Iam very good at programming and want to get to deveopment.Was it possible to jump to that section after some time after joining.

    Pls give me a reply

    My email :

  169. Chintan Patel  


    There is no such provision by which you can get what you want. We have to go with the department they post us to. Even the topper from my batch had no choice but to join IVS which is testing.

    You may be given a chance to change your unit sometimes later but not b4 1 yr atleast after posting.

  170. Amrut  

    Hi chintan,
    U in a previous query said U have the materials in ur lappy...
    Can u fwd them in any case..!!
    No only if its possible on ur part..
    No painstaking
    (my ID :

    Pl delete this msg after u've read. Thanks

  171. Chintan Patel  


    I have but its about 500 MB in total. Anyways, the material is to be revised in May. So no use of the old material. You can get them easily once you reach there.

  172. lavanya  

    hi chintan...i came to know that its illegal to copy the slides through pendrives to our own laptops then would laptops help in training??

  173. Chintan Patel  


    Ya, it is not allowed as such. But everyone has them on their laptops there. Getting them on your laptop is not a big problem once you reach there.

    So i strongly suggest that if you have a laptop, do take it with you...

  174. Unknown  

    My doj is 10 Aug 2009..i have one backlog currently..its result will come only after Aug..what should i do??should i apply for extension or can i join on that date n produce the marks within 1 or 2 months..

  175. Chintan Patel  


    Pending results are fine but there should not be any pending exams... So no need to apply for extension if its only the results that are pending...

  176. Unknown  

    So should I inform infy about the backlog at the time of joining??What should i say when they come to know about it on DOJ.??

  177. Chintan Patel  


    How will they come to know about it???????

    It wont affect anything... Hope you will only have pending result of that sem and not the backlog exam.

  178. nee_hrudayamlo  

    hi chintan....
    u said that the material will be revised this may...i've the old ones & preparing for that..will this be useful???

  179. Chintan Patel  


    Yaa, it wud be surely helpful... I dont think there would be any such change which would make the old material useless..

  180. Unknown  


    First of all I would like to thank you for helping us.You are doing a great job.

    Secondly my date of joining is 8th june 2009 but since i got a backlog in Researchip Internship last summer which is a pass fail course and I am completing it right now and I can expect the Provisional degree by 20th july in worst possible case.So can u tell me when they ask for the provisional degree and will it be better to extend the date of joining.

  181. Sids mom  

    hi chintan,

    this is sahithi.i will be joining infosys on 8th june.i am in my final sem of MCA.the problem is that my project viva is scheduled on 18th june.i have read ur previous posts whr u have mentioned that if we apply for extension,we might get it very can i just take a leave for one day(on 18th),attend the viva and come bak?do they grant leave atleast for 1 day during training period?actually one more batch from our college is called on 22nd,is there any possibility that i can ask them to allow me come with that batch?or am i left with no choice than extension?

  182. Chintan Patel  


    Please post your comment on some other thread. I can only see the first 200 comments of this thread.

  183. Unknown  

    Hi, I am Tapaswini. I have been selected and my DOJ is July13 2009. Till now I have not received any hardcopy. Will this hardcopy send to college or home. Is it essential to take hardcopy during DOJ.

  184. Unknown  

    Hi, i wanna know that while selection we said to maintain 6.5 CGPA but i am hearing from different sources that it is 65%. So I want to know that whether it is 6.5 CGPA or 65% because according to AICTE, percentage is calculated by deducting 0.75 from CGPA scored till last semester.In this case our percentage will gradually decrease and will be below 65%. So whether CGPA or Percentege is considered. So I want to know to clear my doubt in this context.

  185. Chintan Patel  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  186. sarath  

    hi chintan..
    hope you are doing fine. small doubt regarding the notarization..
    Can i notarize at my place of residence?? viz., vizag (A.P.) as followng :
    1) Myself signing as 'engineer' on all papers of the docu
    2) 'Surety' being my dad
    3) 'Witness 2' being signed by my mom
    4) 'Witness 3' by some other relatives lik my elder sister or so..

    and what date is to be mentioned as effective date in the first page of the document? my DOJ or the exact date frm which i'll be offerd with appointmnt?

    pls clarify..

  187. venkatfriendly  

    Hi chintan sir,
    could u be please more detail regarding GURU'S THREAD IN 2008 COMMUNITY.I'n nt able to find slides...ples help me out

  188. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    pls let me know whether i could get an aircel sim in the campus. n how about aircel it gud.have any idea??????

  189. sandy  

    my date of joining is 8th june. i m reaching mysore on 5th/6th june. can i get my room two day before.

  190. Unknown  

    hello chinthan
    i have 7th sem backlog and all my exams ll get over by june doj is june 8th...but i wont have my results in hand(8th sem and those backlog results)..wat shld i do now???will they give some time??? plz help me out...

  191. Chintan Patel  


    I think you will have to apply for extension. Infosys is strict about pending exams. One more of my friend who joined was asked to rejoin at a latter date due to a pending viva.


    It may come even after you join Infosys. You do not need to worry about it. They are aware that its them who are at fault.

    Criteria for you is what was announced to you during campus interview. Different colleges have different criteria.


    Yes, you can do that. They will explain how to get it signed in the first week. I suggest you wait for that and then get it signed by sending it back home.


    I dont know if they are deleted now. Anyways, you can get the material easily after joining. Hope you dont want it desparately.


    I dont have any idea about Aircel. On campus only Airtel and Vodafone stores are there.


    No, you will be given a room only on sunday. If you arrive before sunday, you will have to plan for your own accommodation.


    I think that should be OK with them but better get a certificate from college or university saying that you have appeared for all exams or something like that.

    They are aware that people having early DOJs may not have their results. But ya, it has happened recently that some people were sent back because of pending results. So you better call them and ask to confirm. Otherwise you can also join in your blissful ignorance and have them send you back only to join again at a later date. It will be the same as you applying for an extension but in this case, you will get to see the mysore campus.




  192. Chintan Patel  


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