Today was Advanced Java Module Test for JEE people. The results were very unexpected.

While i would rate Java Module as harder than Advanced Java, but many people who had perfect 5 CGPA till now failed in the test. We have 30% as project marks which are minimum 28/30 for everyone so only about 50% marks are needed to make the score reach the passing criteria of 65%. But still many 5 pointers failed miserably.

I got 63% in theory, so have 72% overall in the subject considering project marks. The test was just like any other test taken till now but i dont know why all those bright people didnt even manage to pass. Very less 5 pointers are left now in the class.

And ya, people from 25th august have got their stream allocation. Most of them have got Finacle as their stream and the rest have got IMS-Networking (Infrastructure Management Services). There are other streams of IMS like IMS-UNIX and IMS-Windows also. IMS is considered to be an easier stream than others.

New Year celebrations were also great fun here. Had a great party with my Gujarati group here.

Anyways, Happy New Year and Happy Diwali to all of you...

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  1. Unknown  

    hii nice dat u solving queries??plz tell hw long u working here??
    nd m in PRE INDUCTION TRAINING .but yar watever material online is provided its not possible to understand m from non it field.
    so wonder wat thr wen we raech mysore during training??how different will be thr??will we able to cope up??as u told dat test are not dat easy
    and is infy calling all 2008 fresher by dec???

  2. Abhinav Ranjan  

    New Year celebrations were also great fun here. Had a great party with my Gujarati group here.............

    I hope you mean DIWALI...... coz new year to (most probably) main bhi wahan celebrate karoonga ;).................

    HAPPY DIWALI..............

  3. athul  

    hey chintan.. getting ims is not that great rite? its a non programming stream ?...

  4. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan

    Does infy give group project at the time of stream specific training modules or indivisual project?

    In case of assignments is it same for all or it varies person to person??

    God bless u

  5. Chintan Patel  


    I have joined on july 21. It happens to everyone... Dont worry... If you do assignments sincerely then its enough... And all tests have the same difficulty level.. I never said that one test is tougher than the other. But ya, retests are a lot tougher than the first time.. so make sure you dont get retests..

    Yes, infy will call all remaining 6400 by the end of dec...


    I think you are unware of the fact that diwali is the last day of the Hindu calendar and so the next day is the first day of New Year...

    Doesnt matter according to me... After training, you will have the same appraisals and same salary for every stream and so it depends on you..

    I wud love to be in some Unit that is far away from programming... :P

    All projects are to be done in a group of 4.

    Assignments are the same for everyone...

  6. Sai Manohar  

    hi chintan,
    looking at ur orkut profile u r a mech engr...u must have tried for PLES...werent u allotted PLES? or there was veryt little requirement?
    pls throw some light on this...
    thanq.. Manohar

  7. Chintan Patel  

    @Sai Manohar..
    Yes, i tried but didnt make it. But it was a half hearted try. I went just because all my friends were going. Otherwise i have had enough of mechanical engg.
    But yes, the requirement was also less. They started a batch of 100 people from 3 joining dates which is about 2000 people out of which 500 would have been eligible for PLES.

  8. Sai Manohar  

    Thanx chintan for the info...

    keep up the gud work...

    all the best ......

  9. Unknown  

    give information abt the tests conducted there in infosys are they really hard enough to crack

  10. rahulcariappa  

    Hello Mr.Chintan Patel,,
    I have just been recruited by INFOSYS through a campus recruitment ,, should the address given by me in the recruitment form be the same as in my passport and pan card.Because there is a new address given to me by the postal dept.....And since the last post was in 2008 ,,i hope i get a reply.... :)

  11. Chintan Patel  


    It does not need to be the same. You wont face any problem because of that.

  12. rahulcariappa  

    Thank you very much Mr.Chintan,,,,

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