Hi... Today was the only saturday that you will have to go to classes.

Nothing much for those who passed the english test. For those who pass, they will be given an assignment which consists of an essay, a book review and we have to write any 15 tips on formal email. The classroom session will last for about 15-20 mins and then you would be set free. You can choose any book from their library. You dont have to do the assignment there and then. You will be given 2 days time. We have to go back to the class at 2 PM on monday and write it there. We dont have to write before monday and submit. We have to write in the class on monday. They will also give the pages to write.

Those who fail the test have english lectures today. Dont know what they will teach. I think they would be taught grammar and all because that's what the test was about which they failed. About 70% of the people have passed the test. Thats it for now... Off for lunch...

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  1. Anonymous  

    hi ther..
    nice wrk man .. keep it up!!
    i jus wanted to know is ther a masjid in the campus? especially on friday, as its must fr us to offer prayers at masjid itself on friday!
    n one mor personal question.. u wud lik to join de FT batch or de LC one??
    hav fun!!

  2. Anonymous  

    @ chintan
    i hope ur trng is gng on very gud,
    gud work by u here, keep gng on.....
    can u plz give me the information abt how 's the trng of people in FT , since i m also frm CSE:-,
    1) they busy in doing the things all the day or they have enough time to have fun there .
    2) what type of test is there on 1st day for FT (CSE ,IT)
    3)and is there any test of english for the assesment of the trainig performance or it si just a formality??

    please answer my queries here or mail me on rupender.dhanda@gmail.com

  3. Chintan Patel  


    No, there are no masjids or temples in the campus and the campus is 12-15 kms away from the city...

    I am in LC by default as no CC and from mech...


    FT people can find time for enjoyment if they manage well...
    The test is yet to be conducted.. Its on monday.. They will tell you the syllabus on 1st or 2nd day...
    I didnt care about it as i dont have to give..
    The english test is just a formality... It does not affect anything... And its very easy as i said b4...

  4. Anonymous  

    thanx dost ...doing g8t job here....

  5. Unknown  

    u doing a gr8 job....thanx....
    hey u mentioned previously that there will be no fasttrack prgs now onwards...i.e. the training will be similar for cs/non cs....
    so can u plz clarify whether there are these kind of prgs or not...
    thanx in advance...

  6. Unknown  

    your stuff was very useful...
    thanks for that...
    how frequently the tests will be conducted??

  7. Chintan Patel  

    @Hard work & Sushma...

    Read "Full Details About New Training Program" You will get your answers there.

  8. Unknown  

    i'm sry to say that i didn't get the exact spot of the "Full Details About New Training Program"
    plz let me know where it is.........

  9. Chintan Patel  


    Its really sad that it is the second post on the home page and you cant find it.

    Hope i wont have to post a link to it.

  10. Unknown  

    thanks a lot.....................
    thank u very much....

  11. Unknown  

    Hi mate you are doing a great job could you tell me that can they extend the date of joining more then 1 time if we have got some valid reason.I mean to say that we have applied for extension and we got one,can we again apply for extension.

  12. Chintan Patel  


    According to Infosys rules, you can only get one extension but if you have a valid reason, they may make a special consideration for you but dont rely on it.

  13. Unknown  

    hi chintan, will they allow us to carry our bike with us?????..... i wont use it inside the campus

  14. Chintan Patel  


    You can take a bike but it wont be of much use there. Infy campus is the best thing about mysore and so you wont be going out to the city much. So even though technically you can take a bike there but it will prove to be useless as you wont be using it in the campus and also other hindrances like registering for parking place, and maintaining speed limit of 25 kmph in the campus, wearing a helmet etc are there. You will be fined 1000 Rs if you break the speed limit.

    I have not seen any trainee take his bike/car there. Maybe 10 or 20 trainees an year may be bringing their vehicles.

  15. Unknown  

    hey are we allowed to go out of campus anytime(barring the hours of training n classroom sessions)?

  16. Chintan Patel  


  17. Unknown  

    hi chintan....
    i hav my DOJ on 21st of June 2010. i hav recieved a mail frm infosyswhich says laptops are not allowed. frm ur past posts i got to know dat the mail is not revised and that laptops are allowed now.....so m in a dilemma and dont know wat to do...can u plz confirm about this or should i call on their toll free number that is given along with the mail.

  18. Unknown  

    hi Chintan,
    I hav my doj in the month of RAmzan, i wnt to know if there wil be any provision (like timing adjustments from 6:15 in the eve) for fasting as it is a must for muslims.HAv you noticed such things in your batch?It will be a gr8 relief if u throw some light on it.

  19. RAJU  

    hi friend,

    My date of joining is on 15 november, and i want one thing cofirmed from you

    1. do we have to bring 10 & 12 pass certificates or only marks sheet at time of joining

  20. Chintan Patel  


    Too late to reply to your comment but just for the sake of answering the query:

    Laptops were allowed when i joined but then they were again banned. So for all batches joining after 2009 cannot bring laptops to infosys training.


    Sorry for missing out on your comment too.

    Actually, in training, you can leave after 6 so i dont think it will cause any issues.


    As far as i can remember, passing certificates are not needed and only marksheets are needed.

    Dont know why boards issue passing certificates while it can be easily made out from the result if a person has passed or failed. Thank God, companies are smart enough to understand that.

  21. Unknown  

    what is the training procedure for IT students

  22. Unknown  

    Can we use multimedia mobiles inside the infy campus ???

  23. Chintan Patel  


    I have detailed that in another post. Please read that.


    Yes, all kinds of mobile phones are allowed.

  24. RAJU  


    I,m 15 days away from my joining.I haven't received yet mail about accomodation details, medical checks,etc. All other my friends have recieved the mail who are joining on same day.

    Kindly tell me what to do.

  25. Chintan Patel  


    You can mail Infosys regarding this on the email address from which your friends received the mail or to a mail address mentioned specifically for contacting them in the email.

  26. Unknown  


    I,m joining on 22 nov(Monday)

    Can you tell me till what time do they take in as i will reach mysore at about 10: 30 pm on sunday(day before joining date).

    Do they take on same day as joining day i.e on 22 (monday), suppose train is late and i reach mysore late at night.

  27. Unknown  

    hi chintan great work bro.
    can u plz tell me tat i m having a grace in one subject so is it gonna affect my training at infosys.do they have any elimination criteria involving eliminating those who are having grace.

  28. Unknown  

    @ chintan one more question bro.
    my 6th and 7th sem results are awaited and i m in 8th sem.so if i get a back in any of 6th or 7th or 8th sem so can ask i them to extend my date of joining or they will simply reject and ask me to leave.
    eagerly waiting for your rply bro for posts 27 and 28

  29. Chintan Patel  


    Its late to reply to your comment but they will let you in any time from 21st nov to 22nd nov.


    Grace will not affect your chances if you meet the percentage criteria.

    Yes, you can ask them to extend your DOJ if you get backlogs but remember, your offer is valid only 6 months from your original DOJ. So your new DOJ will be within 6 months from your original DOJ and if you still dont have the results at that time, you may be asked to leave.

  30. Unknown  

    @chintan thanks man u r really helpful ....

  31. Unknown  

    @chintan hey bro....
    I heard that in infosys after training,their frequency of kicking out is very high.
    is it so????
    And on what basis they eliminate after training????
    w8ing 4r ur rply....

  32. Chintan Patel  


    Ok, so tell me from where did you hear this? Then i will give you an answer.

  33. Unknown  

    @chintan my brother-in-law is in infosys.and he completed his training 5 years ago.and he said that after his training some of his batchmates are rejected on the basis of their performance after training......
    y what happened????
    y did u asked this ques????

  34. Chintan Patel  


    First tell me what d you mean by "y did u asked this ques????" then we will talk.

  35. forbidden  

    @chintan nothing man.i just want to know whatever i have heard,whether it is true or not.
    and u asked me about the source from where i have heard it so i found it a lil strange.
    tats y asked it....
    plz rply fast....TY

  36. Chintan Patel  


    Oh sorry, i did not read my own comment above. Too many comments these days so i often forget.

    Anyways, i asked before usually people come to my blog saying "i heard this..." and "i heard that..." but usually they dont have any credible source and would be trying to clear their own doubts by asking it as if it was something that others told them.

    There is no such "frequency of kick outs". The people who fail in training are either very weak or very careless. Its very easy to pass training. Only scoring very well is difficult and requires special effort.

    What your brother-in-law has said would have been true during his times but right now the demand has picked up again and it is actually dificult to get out of Infosys. I had some comments recently in which a person said that he was not kicked out even after he failed in compre because he wanted to get out and was given another chance by the company. Anyways, i think only about 10-15% people failed in training even during late 2008 recessionary period so i am sure the percentage will be even lesser now.

  37. forbidden  

    @chintan: hi bro....i m placed in infosys and my joining is next year in january....i wanna ask that is coming recession will gonna affect my training and posting....w8ing for reply....

  38. Chintan Patel  


    Recession will not affect your joining date but training might become tougher if recession persists.

  39. forbidden  

    @chintan: hi....i jus want to know that my infosys joining is 9 jan 2012....can recession cause this date to extend....

  40. swathi  

    im swathi ...i gt placed in INFY..but im having 1 backlog ...n im waiting for my re-evaluation result , which will surely come by this week r next....ma doj s in d end f this month....so should I mail infy about this?...n would they give me extension just for two or three weeks from extension? bcoz i cant wait for another 6 months ....

  41. Chintan Patel  




    If you can have your result before you join, you dont need to do anything other than to just join and show them the result.

  42. gamer  

    hey chintan,

    my father is also coming with me to mysore .....can he get accommodation for 3 days inside infy campus?

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