There is now compulsary 6 months training for all. There is no change in the syllabus. Just that you now have 2 streams instead of 1. But ya, the good thing is that you have cleared training if you clear the first stream. That means, you wont be asked to leave if you dont score well in the second stream. And that also means that if you dont have a CGPA of 4 at the end of first stream, you wont get a chance to improve your scores in the second stream and will be asked to leave.

As is obvious, no choice for the second stream. You will have to study what they offer you.

The second stream that you undergo is equivalent to PR201 certificate. You will learn about that after you join. Infosys employees have to appear for a fixed number of certifications every year and this is one of them.

Earlier, you could not bring alcohol in the campus, but now, they have made the rule more strict by stating that noone can even enter the campus when he/she is drunk. As you may be already knowing, you will be asked to leave the hostel if you dont follow this rule. Some people who arrived drunk on 31st Dec have been already made to leave hostel.

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I felt this post to be necessary considering the recent increase in the number of trainees being asked to leave.

If you are not able to clear training, dont be disappointed and sit idle thinking that your world has come to an end. Dont give disappointment any time to set in and quickly start searching for alternatives. Move on with life.

I know that it is easier said than done but having gone through all that, I can say that things do fall in place quickly. I had to move from Mysore to my home with a very short notice but eventually, it didnt matter much. You quickly get adjusted to the new life.

Start searching for alternatives quickly. Dont think that you will now enjoy a vacation for about 1-2 months and then will look for a job. Early moves really help. I subscribed to Times of India as soon as I was back at home and as you know, I applied to one of the job postings in that newspaper and got a new job within one month.

Sign up with various job sites like Monster, Naukri, TimesJobs. I had got quite a few calls from some companies through them but decided not to go for interview as most of them were marketing jobs though in IT field only. I dont like to travel from city to city trying to sell some product to people which is similar to medical reprsentatives trying to sell something like lung cancer drugs to doctors.

Finally, Infosys training is a great value addition to your resume. But remember, it can only help you to get an interview call and doesnt go any furthur than that. Every company will surely assess you according to their criteria. So you need to be well prepared and not rely on the Infy brand alone.

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Hi Infoscions,

Finally a post about your company after a long time. :)

Now as we know, every company has its own unique way of cutting costs and firing people.

L&T Infotech would delay joinings as far as March-April next year so people would appear for competitive exams and go for higher studies.

Wipro would ask engineers selected for Wipro IT to work for Wipro BPO.

Now, learn the Infosys way.

Infosys would make training tests tougher. Yes people, tests at Infosys are tougher than ever. One of my friend told me that Generic Compre is yet to be taken and already 25 people have been made to leave out of 200.

When i was with Infosys, 25 people may have been made to leave only before Stream Compre. The tests are getting tougher and so are the rules.

Recently, they caught people who shared assignments or even old question papers by mail and fined them 2000 Rs. each! Thats not all, they have also been given a warning that if they are caught next time, they would be made to leave. And as you would be knowing, no experience letter is given if you are terminated from the company on disciplinary grounds.

So those of you who already fear training, fear it some more. And ya, do think about options. Seems like they are eagerly finding silly reasons to make trainees leave.

One more thing I would like to tell is that I am not telling all this to scare you but to make you people aware of the condition there so that you can be better prepared for your career.

(With inputs provided by Prathyusha)

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And now, a few things to be happy about being an Infoscion.

There is no doubt that no company can match the training of Infosys in India. Not even IBM. IBM freshers have to manage for their own accommodation even! TCS, Wipro, L&T Infotech etc may have the same recognition in the IT industry but in my opinion, there is no company which matches Infosys' investment in training.

The brand "Infosys" is so strong that it landed me a new job even in such bad times for the industry. I wouldnt have been able to get such a job if I was sacked from some unknown SME.

MNCs offer higher starting salary than smaller companies. The salary offered by Infosys, TCS etc to freshers can only be reached after atleast 1 yr at smaller companies.

MNCs offer more facilities and incentives than SMEs.

Higher Education Support. Infosys has a looong list of MBA programs that it sponsors at IIMs and other major B-Schools. The list has been recently revised to include almost all the well-known courses offered by reputed B-Schools.

Lesser bond period is another advantage.

This is as much as i could gather. You are welcome to add your own point in comments. If it is good enough, i will include it in the post.

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Update: There is nothing to write here.

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