I arrived at the Mysore campus at about 10:30 from Bangalore. The bus fare is Rs. 200 for volvo bus and i felt it is the best way of coming from Bangalore to Mysore. The trains from Bangalore are available at 5:30 AM, 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM to Mysore. There are 3 more trains but they are after 12:00 AM. Buses to Mysore are available every 5 mins so you can just go to the KSRTC bus stop and go to platform num 18 and catch a bus to Mysore.

On arrival at Mysore, we 5 people booked a taxi(Tata Indica) for Rs.320. It would be given in the accommodation mail that you can get a taxi for 210 Rs. but that seems to be too old information to me. The taxi driver will leave you at the Infy gate where already people would be getting their offer letter shown to the security guards at the gate and getting admitted. If you have laptops then they will tell you to go to the security cabin besides the gate where they will write the service tag number of your laptop alongwith your name.

After that you have to go inside the main gate to one more stall where they will verify your identity by your driving license, passport or PAN card and then will mark your registration number on their sheet. This way, they will get to know how many people are actually joining out of the total offers issued. For our batch, i think there are about 700 people joining out of 1000 offers. You will be given a registration number in your accommodation mail which would be from 1-1000 indicating that the total batch size for that DOJ is 1000. Then you will be made to sit in a Tata Sumo or Bus and will be taken to the registration desk.

Infront of the registration desk, they will make you open your bags and all and will casually see if you have got any suspiscious things with you. And there you will also have to write in a register about all the electronic equipments you have. If you have 25 CDs then you will have to write that there. And they will then give you the receipt mentioning all your gadgets which you will have to retain.

After checking the luggage, you will put your luggage in the golf cart which will take it to the hostel building assigned to you and will leave it there on the footpath. Meanwhile, you would have collected your registration card and a welcome letter mentioning your schedule for the first day. You will then collect a key from the desk which will be your room and cupboard key.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are one of the people arriving the earliest, there are high chances that you will get shared rooms. If you arrive late then its almost sure that you will get single bed rooms. Some people from my college arrived way before us and got shared rooms with people of earlier batches and then everyone got single bed rooms. You can ask someone at the desk or anyone who has obtained the key from the desk whether they have got single bed rooms or shared rooms and decide accordingly.

Single bed rooms will be allotted in sequence. So if a group of friends comes together in the queue then they will get rooms close to each other. Shared rooms are awarded randomly according to the vacancy. We were lucky in that we 4 friends got room numbers B79/09,10,11 and 12. That means they had just started allotting the single bed rooms. If we had been 20 mins earlier, we would have been in shared rooms!! (79 is the number of the building.)

Then we had our lunch and went for a walk in the campus. The food here is cheap and served in generous quantity. I dont know how students who are goign to live outside their homes for the first time will feel about the food but I am studying in another city since 11th std and i will say that the food is the best outside food that i have ever had. The menu they serve is also nice. Many varieties in both veg and non-veg are available for both lunch and dinner. Food Court 1 serves the best food but will have a looooooong queue during rush hours which may make you wait for 45-60 mins!! So i prefer going to Food Court 3 which is nearer to boys' hostels and also less crowded. And also, at FC1, mainly production people would be coming to have their meal so you will be told on the first day to prefer going to FC2 or 3 to prevent overcrowding. (I am yet to try FC2).

The space that you get in the single bed rooms are more than enough for a single person. You get a study table, a coffee table, a sofa , king size bed, a cupboard and also attached rest room. One thing i have not heard anyone mentioning is the electronic safe that they provide. You can keep your valuables in that safe and set it to the code of your choice. It would be resting in your cupboard. The plasma TVs are working fine but they are yet to provide us with intercom. You also get a steam iron and a rack for placing your shoes and also two more bedside tables. The tea/coffee maker would be lying on the table in a tray alongwith an Infosys mug, a water bottle( which would be filled everyday by them) and sugar cubes and tea/coffee satchets. The ACs in the shared rooms are individual units per room whereas for single bed rooms, they have central ACs.( Forget about ACs, you may even hardly use the fan. It gets cold in the night.)

The following things are available at the supermarket here: all types of toileteries namely hair oils, shampoos, deoderants, soaps, moisturizers etc etc. And also you everything that you may feel is needed over here like ties, shoe polish, rackets for badmintion and tennis, pens, notebooks, swimming trunks, and all kinds of food items also. So dont bring all these things over here. You can buy them on the first day itself. I too did the same. There is also an Indigo Nation store for formals for both men and women. You can also buy ties and belts from there. Other shops over here are saloons for both men and women, apollo hospital and drug store, airtel, vodafone shops etc etc.

There are hundreds of cycles parked everywhere on the campus and you can take anyone and have a ride. You will have to walk a lot otherwise. And ya, the longest distance on the campus is from the new hostel rooms to the classrooms. So cycle is a must.

Ok, now i am tired of typing and you may also be tired of reading this loooog post. Thats it for now. More updates in the next post.

201 reactions, what do you say?

  1. Unknown  

    hey gr8 job dude

  2. Unknown  

    really gud 2 hear frm u....
    can u plz tell me if parents r allowed till the registration desk....

  3. Chintan Patel  

    Parents are allowed everywhere except the training buildings and hostels.. Your parents can take visitor pass and come till the food court... its valid for 3 hrs...

  4. Unknown  

    thanks 4 d reply......

  5. Rahul Ayyappan  

    hi ur doin a very good job of providing info,best of luck for ur training ,enjoy !!!!!!

    just 1 thing,does tata indicom usb internet work over there.

  6. Chintan Patel  

    Ya, i use reliance USB and its working fine here... so i think tata also wont be a prob...

  7. Priyanka  

    reading dis 1 n d 1 mentioning strict HR policies,i cn undrstnd y my frnd calls it a 5 star jail...
    njoy ur stay der.

  8. Chintan Patel  

    hehe... no, if you like being disciplined yourself then nothing to worry.... but ya, they wont let go any wrong doing....

  9. kailash  

    great work dude....really helpful info u have provided....

  10. priya  

    a very useful post!!!
    do they charge extra for kettle n iron??
    n bout rooms r ther single rooms even in girls hostel..i heard dey r der only 4 boys!![:)]
    n du they allocate room with our frnds on request

  11. Anonymous  

    nice job dude.
    1 is it better to get my parents along with me or not?

  12. Anonymous  

    Hi nice job buddy.
    1. Are bedding & pillow provided their in rooms or not?
    2. Also there r geyser for hot water or not in room , or should i bring a water heater rod with me?

  13. Abhirup.....There is a blue sky...  

    nice job buddy...

  14. Uma LC  

    hiiii will our parents be allowed with us for the first day...... say my joining is on jan 11th if i go there on jan 10th sunday... how long my mom can accompany me??can i take her around the campus??

  15. Chintan Patel  


    Parents will be given a visitor's ID with which they can be on campus for 3 hrs. But, sometimes, they ban all kinds of personal visitors. So if you are going to take parents with you, better confirm by calling someone there if visitors are allowed that weekend or not.

  16. Uma LC  

    ohh okay... thank u! really had no idea abt all these restrictions...

  17. Unknown  

    thanx dude ..
    it's really very helpfull

  18. divya  

    informative post!!! thanx
    can u plz tell about the difference in charges of single room and shred room as u mentioned, or are they provided on same charges as per the availability???

  19. Chintan Patel  

    Charges for single room and shared room are 2750 and 2000 Rs. per month respectively.

    And ya, girls will have shared rooms by default. Single bed room hostels are all linked up together and are meant for boys only.

  20. Manjari  

    hi chintan
    i wanna ask can't they provide shared rooms with my friends on request

  21. Manish  

    hi chintan, i wanna ask that r v given the choice whether v want a single room or a shared one??? wat if v r alloted a shared one, can v ask them for the single room instead of the shared one??

  22. Chintan Patel  


    It may or may not happen because rooms would mostly be preoccupied with one girl from an earlier batch. They may give a room to 2 friends if they have such an unoccupied room.


    No choice is given.
    You can request but then there needs to be space in single room hostels also when you request.

  23. Unknown  

    hey thanx chintan.....excellent post.....
    i just wanna confirm that how much do we receive at the time of training....i mean that we have 2 pay for accomodation and food....how much we can save....

  24. Chintan Patel  


    I have wrote about that in great detail in some other post.

  25. Unknown  


    thank u so much chintan....great job
    my original doj was on june23/2008,due to my req
    it was extended to march
    i was seperated from my friends,so sad.:-(
    now how shall i find a friend from the same state/city of mine joining on same day?

  26. Chintan Patel  


    You will have to let go of it. Anyways, sooner or later, you would have been separated from your friends at the time of stream allocation or posting or project allocation after posting. You will find yourself with many other such people who have the same story.

  27. Unknown  

    ok thank u.two more queries please,very simple but no way,iam in need to know...

    will they provide me the way from the hostel to the place where should i go for the firstday?

    and (BSC,Be) graduates,joining on the particular day will be put in to the same generic training?

  28. Chintan Patel  


    1. Ohhhhh My Goddddd!!!! What a doubt!!!!

    2. Training is same for everyone.

  29. Unknown  

    hey men...gr8 job..me joinin on 16thmarch..
    wanna kno which mobile service is best out der wit some std facilities...
    tk cre...

  30. Chintan Patel  


    Airtel is the best there. With Vodafone, you will get about 5-8 calls everyday from their answering machines.

    For plans, you can go to any service provider's website and select Karnataka circle. I was not on any plan.

  31. Unknown  

    Thanku very much for ur kind suggestions.

  32. Amrut  

    Hey Chintan. Fantastic info up there.. Hearty Thanx.
    Had a question however on accommodation, my joining date is on 22nd June 2009. So when roughly should I arrive(date n time) at the Mysore campus to most likely get a single room.. ur personal opinion..

  33. Chintan Patel  


    Boys will surely get single bed rooms. So not to worry.

  34. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan .Please tell me Is there any reimbursement of Air tickets/Train that we will take while coming to Bangalore ??

  35. Chintan Patel  



  36. Amrut  

    Hi Chintan, Sorry to disturb you yet again..

    now I've got a joining date of 22nd June as written on the official letter. So when are we supposed to report, I mean on 21st or on 22nd itself. Bcoz as U'd said ppl coming late were getting single rooms, so does that mean late 21st June or late 22nd June..!!
    And I desperately want a single room. !!

  37. Chintan Patel  


    You are not disturbing me as far as you ask questions on my blog only and not in my scrapbook.

    You have to report on 21st (sunday)...

    That was because boys were still being allotted shared rooms but now boys definitely get single bedrooms so not to worry.

    Still, FYI: I reached at 11 AM and they had just started allotting single rooms..

  38. Amrut  

    Thanks a lot buddy

  39. Ashanka  

    if i only have my pan card at the time of joining (not the passport) will it be sufficient ????

  40. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, that will be enough because they wont be looking to send people onsite anytime soon nowadays...

  41. sudeep  

    hello dude

    first of all thanx for providing such great information.

    can we report at mysore campus in the night ??
    bcoz my train is scheduled to arrive at 2 pm at banglore station .so probably we will be late for mysore campus.

  42. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can come anytime, i guess. The reception block is open 24 hrs.

    BTW, if you reach bangalore at 2 PM, you can easily reach mysore before 8 PM.

  43. Monica  

    chintan, i wud like 2 ask is camera phone allowed in mysore campus , as i hv heard it is not?? do reply

  44. Chintan Patel  


    Dont know from where people find out such wrong facts...

    Ofcourse it is allowed. Wouldnt a camera be there in almost all phones that people have today? Would people be needing to buy a new phone without camera to join infosys?
    Even a digital camera is allowed.

  45. kalyan  

    hi chintan.. i really have to appreciate u for all the valuable information and aswers for all the quries and thanku sooo much for all the help u were doing to the fresh joinees.

    coming to the point

    My DOJ is 8th june 2009, so when can i report at infosys 7th r 8th june n at what time ?

    Can i get a single room if i report on 8th ?? i know u already posted regarding this.. but any lastest information regarding this coz its hardly 35 days for my joining ?

    My parents are also coming along with me so can they have a look at campus, i really want to show them at any cost can u plz tell me how ??

    I heard that infosys allowes the IT joinees book the guest rooms to their personnel guests on the day of joining , how far is this true ?
    if yes how many days wil they allow ?
    n how much do they charge..??

    thankx in advane

  46. Chintan Patel  


    You have to report on 7th June sunday, anytime.

    Boys will most surely get single rooms. No need to report on 8th for just that. There is no change in that information till now.

    You can come on sunday morning or afternoon and ask if they are allowing visitors that weekend. If they are, they will issue a visitors pass to your parents which is valid for 3 hrs. They will say that your parents can only go till Food Court-1 but you can take them anywhere except inside hostel buildings and offices.

    They may or may not allow visitors during joinings depending on factors like bomb blasts going on in the country etc.

    You cannot book them on the date of joining but only after you have joined. You will have to make a booking about a month in advance as rooms in guest house may not be available.

    Number of days depends on the availability but i think you can book for 10 days at ease.

    They charge 1000 Rs per room which will be a double bed room.

  47. Unknown  

    thanku for the immediate reply chintan

  48. Unknown  
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  49. Chintan Patel  


    You can apply again after 9 months of leaving Infosys.

    You can apply as a fresher after 9 months or as experienced after having 12 months of experience at some other company.

    The selection procedure will be the same for you as other candidates.

    You will not have to attend training again if you get selected as experienced.

    Experienced = Lateral for E&R and all other IBUs of Infosys.

  50. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  51. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhh..That is for people who didnt clear the interview.

    If you were already an employee and had to resign, you will have to wait for 9 months before reapplying.

    E&R would naturally give preference to teaching experience but i think you can join E&R after getting industry experience also.

  52. Amrut  

    Hi Chintan..
    I wanted to ask, if Infy provides Wifi in campus, i mean hostel rooms n all..

    If it does, then any charge for that, n how good is the net

    If it doesn't do ppl take wireless net connection, n is that allowed

  53. Chintan Patel  


    There is no wifi.

    People usually take wireless connection. That is allowed. Even i did the same.

  54. Unknown  

    thanx yaar..
    tis doubt am writng 4 my frnd..
    she also gt placmnt in infy & DOJ on nov17th08..bt due to a back log she couldnt join on tat date and she appolied 4 xtnxn.tey gav her xtnsn till april.
    tat back log subjts reslt is nt yet out..it will cum b4 june 09(hoping so)..
    v heard as her joboffer is no mre valid frm 6 mnths te DOJ..ie it expires on tis may17th..is it true??
    one mre doubt is tat,as her xtnsn was only up2 april,will she b eligible 2 join wen her reslts r out?

  55. Chintan Patel  


    If she got a new DOJ after applying for extension then she has to join on that date.

    And why did she not join in April??

    There is no need of the result for joining infosys. You only need to have appeared for all exams. There should be no pending exams but pending results are fine.

    She has to join on the DOJ she got after applying for extension.

  56. Amit Rathi  

    Hello Chintan..
    I have got my joining on 10th Aug.. I received a mail from infy to login at

    but i dont have password.. i changed it using forgot password link.. it is changed but i did not receieve mail regarding new password.. & i dont generally receive all their mails..

    to whom should i contact ?? Any help line number or e-mail id would be of gr8 help..

  57. Chintan Patel  


    Send an email to freshers@infosys.com

  58. Unknown  


    she didnt join bcse her reslts r nt out yet..
    and its a must tat 1 has 2 clear all papers..and ve 2 prdce cetfcts within 2-3 weeks..bcse in my batch,tey send my frnd bck bcse of the pendg reslt....

    she didnt get any spcfc date,it ws lik till april..

    now wt 2 do??will tat offer b valid??

  59. Chintan Patel  


    I have not heard of a case in which trainees were sent back just because of pending results.

    And what is SHE doing? Why have you to ask queries on her behalf?

    And friend, this is serious matter. You or your friend should contact infosys HR and ask them about it. Only they can tell you the truth.

    Wasnt there any communication between her and Infosys when she decided not to join Infosys for the second time?

    If there was no communication and she simply did not report on her DOJ, then i dont think anything can be done about it.

  60. Unknown  

    chintan,being as a frnd i want 2 help her..she lost her net conntn..tats y am askng it....

    its true tat 2 of my frndz went bck bcse of te pendg reslt-i can tell it wit 100% bcse tey were my clge mates and tere DOJ was same as mine...tey came tere 2 try their luck,bt at te day of certfcte verifctn tey send them bck...

    my fnrd once contatcd infy askng 4 exntnsn..aftr tat i contactd preeth kushapalpa regrdg it,she redirctd me 2 vishal dizsa,bt he didnt reply .....

    v tried contactng te HR,,bt tey tellng as 2 ping them bck wen te reslt r out...

    below ,i will copy paste te mail she gt regrdg xtnsn ..

    As requested we would extend the date of joining to the next most suitable date. Please bear in mind that only one extension would be given, within the validity period of the offer. The allotment of next date of joining is entirely at the discretion of the company. We will inform you accordingly.

    Please note that every offer comes with a validity period and is valid for 6 months from your first date of joining. Failure to join us in your extended date of joining, your offer stands null and void.

    Team - HRD

    wt u think??shld she ve 2 wait for tis job offr or is it btr tryng 4 sum othr job???

  61. Amrut  

    Dear Chintan...
    A damn useless question among all serious ppl..
    No offense please..

    Can U tell by means of ur frnds in mysore, the prepaid call plans of AIRTEL, I mean I didn't find a rate reduction or free sms card (rate cutters kind of thing).. that others like Vodafone n all infact have.
    It has only basic tarrifs of Rs. 1.5/min for Std, n thats wat's the cause of the sting..! I cdn't find any additional packs, on the website

  62. Chintan Patel  


    Ok, i understand.

    "Failure to join us in your extended date of joining, your offer stands null and void."

    I dont think she can join infosys now.

    As I said, you better call some HR or meet personally to get this clarified. No use sending emails and such. Better meet Vishal personally.

    You didnt still answer what i asked in the last 2 paragraphs of my previous comment.


    Airtel has some plans which they have displayed on their shop there. You can get to know them on Day 0 itself.

    This is something too vague to ask any of my friends there.

  63. GOHAN  

    Hello Chintan! :)
    Glad that you are replying to all our queries and helping us out.Could you tell me if there are any leaves during training period and If the answer is positive could you tell me how can we apply for a leave? Thanks in advance :)

  64. Swapnil  

    Hey Chintan,

    I read your post. Thank you for the valuable information.

    1) Did you go to the main/central KRSTC bus stop in Banglore?
    2) Did you get an instant ticket for the Volvo or you had an advance booking?
    3) Where did you get off in Mysore from the Volvo bus?

  65. Chintan Patel  


    You can take a leave but take it only if you will be able to make up after coming back.


    1)Yes, main bus stop.
    2)There will be a lot of volvo buses. No need for advance booking.
    3)I got off at the Mysore bus station.

  66. Unknown  

    @ chintan...
    my frnd reslt came...she cleard and te mst gud part is tat she gt joining 2 -0n june 22nd... :)
    thanx chintan 4 ur replies...
    chintan dont u rembr me??v talkd in orkut b4 joing 2 infy and v met once in infy....

  67. Chintan Patel  


    I tried hard but i cudnt remember you.

    Met so many friends, fans and followers at Infosys. :)

  68. Unknown  

    hi hi...sry yaar me nt in tat category..
    am remesh's frnd..
    hope u rembr remesh..

  69. Chintan Patel  



    Ohh yaa, i remember you now.. We met near ILI at night... So is training over for you? I didnt know people read my blog even after joining.

  70. Unknown  

    hi chintan....
    can i knw whether there r any net centres???
    thanks in advance....

  71. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, there is a reliance webworld in GEC at Infosys Mysore where there are no restrictions.

  72. Sri  

    this is abt the reporting acc. to regn no..

    Acc. to this rule tat we ve to report at mysore campus on the day before the doj at a particular time, acc to the regn no.. is this procedure very strict??

    me n my friend actually want to be room mates.. but her reporting time is 9am n mine is 4.30pm.. is there anything tat can be done???

    they ve also mentioned tat ppl who come after their alloted time slot ll be asked to wait till 6.30...

    Plzzzz help!

  73. Unknown  

    thanks for the reply...
    n is that relaince webworld costly or of nominal fee...

  74. Chintan Patel  


    Now this is news for me. It was not like this when i joined.

    But this was a very necessary step. It was much needed to avoid the rushes at various counters.

    Girls get shared rooms and there is hardly any chance that you will get a room vacant. Mostly there would be a girl from an earlier batch. So there is no chance to get a room together even if you arrived at the same time. I know so many girls but have seen only 1 case in which 2 friends got the same room. So you can forget about getting a room together and go there on time.


    It costs 25 Rs per hour.

  75. Akanksha  

    hi chintan sir, my doj is 14th sep..wanted to know if we are allowed to carry our laptops in the campus even if we kkeep it restricted to our hostels..? thnks in advance

  76. Chintan Patel  


    Laptops are now not allowed in any way inside the campus. You will have to go there without your laptop.

  77. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    1st we received joining date as 19 Oct. and then another mail stating that 19 is holiday and joining date as 20 oct. when should we report there 18 or 19th

  78. Chintan Patel  


    Your joining date is 20th Oct so you will have to now report on 19th.

    You will get a mail regarding this before a month of DOJ.

  79. Unknown  

    Does infy sends train tickets or air tickets ?

  80. Ankur Jain  


  81. Chintan Patel  



  82. Unknown  

    u said the one's who come early get shared rooms... but i've hrd tht its something like gals get shared rooms n guys get single rooms.. isit so..???

  83. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, girls will surely get shared rooms and boys will surely get single rooms.

    They have divided the shared room hostels and single room hostels like this now.

  84. Anirban  

    Thanx for the quick answer Chintan.

    Could u plz tell me what editors they use for C and Java?
    What databases r taught there (Oracle or something else)?
    Do we have to work in UNIX environment or Windows ?
    Basically I would like to inquire about what softwares r used during training ? thanx

  85. Chintan Patel  


    They use Visual Studio and Eclipse for C and Java.

    You will be working on Oracle.

    You will work on Unix for the Unix module only.

    The softwares you use will differ according to the stream you are allocated.

  86. Unknown  

    Hi chintan...
    I have a question...
    Are the modules available at campusconnect.infosys sufficient for the preparation of the prejoinees' or there is something more to get prepared on?

  87. Chintan Patel  


    They are sufficient to prepare before joining.

  88. Kanji  
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  89. Kanji  

    Hi chintan..
    in the first month do we need to have debit cards with us or cash is sufficient..??that is the time when we survive on the money our parents give us..??i mean are there places where theres a no cash only card funda??

  90. Chintan Patel  


    Cash is enough for the first month. You can easily survive with 5000 Rs for the first month.

    For laundry coupons, only card is allowed.

  91. rohin  

    hey man
    is der any gd place der to hang out ..or do we get time to hangout??

  92. rohin  

    srry to bug u up, pls tell me if i leave infy during my training only, would i need to pay sm compensation??i mean d bond amnt nd all

  93. Chintan Patel  


    There are many good places to hangout... You will get to know them once you reach there.


    You dont bug me up if you ask a question but i really do get bugged up if people dont read any posts or comments and post a question that is already answered dozens of times on this blog.

  94. rohin  

    thanx for d reply man.one more thng, when vl one gt a experience cetificate onlt after d bond years..right?do we get certis after completing trainig?

  95. Chintan Patel  


    You wont get any certificate after the end of training. You can get a certificate of experience anytime you want even before your bond period gets over.

  96. ankit tandon  

    hi chintan,
    this is ankit my doj is 9nov'09 i just like to enquire abt the different vaccination(Hepatitis A,B,typhoid,chicken pox) required as i have come to know frm people. r they rtequired before joining and whether a single round will do or full course of the vacination is required.

  97. rohin  

    hey chintan, my doj is 7th dec.d thng is iam shifting to a new place..so d offer letter would be despatched to d old addr..how do i inform infy people abt d change in my addr..i hv mailed dem a week before but der is no respone...can u suggest smthng for d sm..

  98. Chintan Patel  


    It is better to have full course of vaccinations though i have not heard of anyone who was made to leave training and asked to join later due to his not having vaccinations done.


    You can send an email to offer_update at infosys dot com which i think have already done. They may not reply so soon as they get many such mails.

    They will inform you when they have updated your address. Your offer letter will be mailed to your college and only the hard copy of joining letter will be mailed to your addess which will be about 1 week before your joining date.

  99. ankit tandon  

    thanks a lot chintan so do they take medical check up for these vaccination had been taken or not othewrwise i can bring a certificate from government hosp. of being vaccinated

  100. rohin  

    thanx for d reply man..a silly ques , does infy hv a ftball club in mysore??

  101. Chintan Patel  


    They were not strict about it when i was there. None of us went for any vaccination but i think now they are serious about it.


    Yes, i suppose they do have a football club/team as there is sports festival there every year for the Mysore DC, then inter-DC and they also participate in corporate championships.

  102. rohin  

    hey dude , it vl be ok if v land up der with d hard copy of d offer letter mailed to us if v don't hv the hard copy addressed to us??

  103. Chintan Patel  


    The hard copy of offer letter will arrive at your college and so you should not have any problem. You cannot join without the offer letter. You will be asked to show the offer letter at the gate when you reach there.

    You can join without the service agreement which will be sent about a week before your joining date and maybe even later so that you would already have reached mysore when it reaches your home.

  104. Unknown  

    hi...my join date s dec 7...do v hv to prepare ny thng b4 joinin

  105. Unknown  

    Hi, Chintan,
    Great work you are doing here. I am a mech grad placed in infosys. I had joining on Sept 29 but that was postponed to Oct 20. They had sent me an offer letter earlier. But now they sent me a revised offer letter with the new doj. They have also changed my role from s/w engineer to systems engineer. I don't know what this is. I had prepared for joining by doing a course of Java (i have already done campus connect) I was wondering if i need to prepare anything else for this new job role.Also I wanted to be posted in Pune. Do infosys people need systems engineers in Pune and is this role binding or could I change it on reaching infosys and finding that I don't like it.

  106. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    As an identity proof i have passport.Is it necessary to get d PAN card during joining ? Suppose if there is any option to apply after going to mysore dan in d PAN application which address v ll b giving,native or d mysore address??

  107. Chintan Patel  


    You can study C language and Java before joining.


    It is a change that is applicable to all. Now the designation "Software Engineer" is changed to "Systems Engineer". It is a part of corporate restructuring at Infosys.

    Just the name of the role has changed and nothing else. Hope i dont need to answer the rest of your queries as i have already said that only the name of the designation has changed and nothing else.


    PAN card is not needed as an identity proof but it is needed to file income tax returns so sooner or later you will have to get it. You better get it done before joining at your home. There it will be difficult to find PAN card agents and worrying more about it.

  108. Unknown  

    Thanx a lot chinthan :)

  109. Unknown  

    thnx for solvin earlier query...:)
    wil infosys ppl change d doj even if v hvnt requested it..i mean vl thy postpone

  110. Chintan Patel  


    If you havent asked for it, they will not postpone.

  111. Unknown  

    ok..dat was a relief...
    i more small doubt..
    does d bond period start aftr v complete our trainin?

  112. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it starts after completing training.

  113. achin_guy  

    I appreciate ur the time u invested in writing this essay...really nice.

  114. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you...

  115. abid's  

    hey chintan...im preparing for the cat examination and i was wondering if the timings of the training cud help me prepapre for cat or wud it be tooo tiresome and wat abt the net facility there?..i have a laptop and i was thinking to buy a bsnl wireless thing and do u have any idea abt how the bsnl net network is inside the hostel..and my DOJ is on oct 20th..so i ll be arriving thr on 19th and will they provide me with a single room if i request them?(u have answered this quest but off late im listening that due to the unavailabilty of rooms, they have been putting all the students randomly in the shared rooms..is it anything like that?))

  116. Chintan Patel  


    One friend of mine scored 93%ile in CAT while in training so you can prepare if you are good.

    You cant take a laptop there now so that also solves your net connection problem.

    I dont think there are not enough single bed rooms to make boys stay in shared rooms but ultimately, it all depends on the situation when you join.

  117. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    hw far is the training centre from the infy hostel... hw v got to reach there.. i heard tht bicycles ll be provided... is there any other means...

  118. Chintan Patel  


    The training center is about 1 km from the boy's single room hostels.

    Yes, bicycles are the best way to commute within the campus. Other ways arent worth it as there is a fine if you drive your vehicle above the speed limit. And the speed limit is 25 kmph. :) I do not know any trainee who took his bike or car there.

  119. abid's  

    hey...thats a bit of a shock...but y arent the laptops allowed?..so we cant keep them even in our room?...but its sooo unfairr

  120. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, not even in rooms.

    Its old news now... Dont know why you were still not aware of it. I have also published a post about it quoting the original email sent by HR to employees.

  121. abid's  

    hey..chintan..sorry bro...abt the repeated quest..but if the laptops rnt allowed ..how come u r replying to all these quests...so..u must be having net with u..that means a laptop of ur own...is thr any way that we can get our laptops into the room..like if we have frends who already have a laptop with them in their rooms and can they help us anyway like they carrying our laptops in to the hostel and then returning them once we are into the hostel?...any means..cuz i really need the laptop in the room...any help regarding this..

  122. Chintan Patel  


    Haha... You really made me laugh... So you know very less about me...

    Things to try out:

    1. Go to my orkut profile from the link above>Professional Section>Job Description.
    2. Read this post: http://allaboutinfosys.blogspot.com/2008/11/i-will-soon-be-leaving-infosys.html

    You have no way to take laptops there. Dont try any smart tricks as they are very smart. There are surprise checkings in the hostel rooms and if you are caught, they may expel you from the hostel and may also seize your laptop till you complete training.

    It does happen once in a while that people are caught smoking cigarettes in the rooms and are made to leave hostels with only 15 days left in training.

    In Feb 2009, one person was caught with drugs and he was expelled from the company immediately.

    So i would advise you to not try any tricks with them because not only are they smart but they are also eager to fire you by giving reasons like playing games on your classroom PC etc. You will have to part with your laptop.

  123. Unknown  

    hi chintan..
    thanks 4 ur re... bt actually want to knw it still more clearly.... wht if one doesn knw to ride a bicycle... hw far is the training centre frm girls hostel... can one manage to reach there by walk...

  124. Chintan Patel  


    lol.. You are the second person to ask this. Its ok, you can walk to the classroom.

    Girls hostels are very distributed. They can be very near or very far. Some are very close and some are as far as boys' hostels but you can walk there. It would be 15-20 mins walk.

  125. abid's  


    thnx bro..thnk u soo much..it wud have been really difficult to get on with the things if u hadnt been thr to help us..thnx again...

  126. rohin  

    hey chintan, iam planning to gv MBA xams...my first xam comes on d very first weekend....v hv weekends off na??nd when r d week xams scheduled??nd as a trainee r v entitled to take leave??

  127. Kanji  

    hey what if I dont have a debit card?how do i get my clothes washed if i dont get a coupon just because i dont have a card?

  128. Chintan Patel  


    You can give it for laundry where i guess cash is allowed. Just for washing machine coupons debit card is needed. Anyways, you can take a friend with you and make him pay by his debit card.

  129. Chintan Patel  

    And yes, i forgot to tell you one more thing...

    You will get a debit card with your ICICI bank salary account for free which you can start using within 10 days.

  130. Unknown  

    hello chaitanya.
    first of all thank u for ur kind helping hand & this great work.

    my query is that
    ** do we have to pay any security money along with the service agreement? if yes then how much, and when,before or after training?

    **my doj is 9nov-09 & i have not got hard copy of offer letter, service agreement or joining letter.Do all the documents come together? if ye then as said that agreement can reach home when we left 4 mysore then such case how to mannage the formalities over there?

  131. Chintan Patel  


    You cudnt have got my name more wrong...

    You dont have to pay any security money....

    You should have got your offer letter now. If service agreement reaches you home after you leave for mysore, you will have to get the agreement notarized by your parents and have it sent back to you at mysore. Remember, you wont be given a new agreement there. You will have to submit the same one issued to you.

  132. aayush  

    nice to read such an informative post ........ i just wanted to know that is there any gym or any fitness centre there to work out ..??

  133. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, there is a gym and aerobics centre. See my orkut album for pics... I have an album for infosys there.

  134. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan bhaiya,
    I have been reading through ur blogs since da last few months.I really appreciate the inside info dat u have been providing.
    I wanted to know about the medical examination thing which is supposed to be a pre-requisite for joining.
    The thing is dat i do have a poor eyesight n hence use specs,so is there any chance that i could be rejected on the grounds of my eyesight.

  135. Chintan Patel  


    No, it wont cause a problem. And please dont mention it as a defect anywhere. This is understood and does not require a mention.

  136. aayush  

    thanks man chintan ..... u are really of great help ...do keep up the good work

  137. pooja  

    Hello Chintan...a very informative post.
    I want to know.... Is Tata Indicom network available inside Infy campus as i came across a suitable plan in Indicom.

  138. Chintan Patel  


    There are over 15000 overpaid software engineers at Infosys mysore so no company can afford to have poor service there.

  139. Unknown  

    hi chintan... u doin a gud job n m following ur blog for quite a tym... i have a query
    i joined infosys on last week of july 09 and i signed the service agreement. after completing my training i was posted to hyderbad on mid of Oct 09.
    now due to certain family reasons i cannot continue to work in infosys and is planning to leave it.
    can any anyone tell me who much bond amount do i have to pay??
    what procedure shud i follow for leaving the company.... shud i inform my pm or leave without telling anyone (which sm of my frnds did ).
    plzzz help me out its urgent since m planning to leave within a week.
    kindly giude me through dis. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  140. Chintan Patel  


    Dont you know the bond amount which was mentioned in the bond you signed?

    Anyways, it is 50,000 Rs.

    If you dont want infosys experience certificate, then its fine even if you leave without paying the bond amount but if you want the certificate, you need to pay the bond amount.

    Anyways, you can talk to your PM/HR first. I dont think they will have a problem relieving you as already infosys' employee utilization rate is now only about 70%. One of my friends quit infosys after informing the company and i dont think he paid anything. This way, you will get infosys experience certificate also.

  141. Unknown  

    thax chintan but dere is no bond amount specified in the service agreement. So Some ppl r sayin dat infy gonna charge me wid 1 lakh.
    is it true ??
    m leaving for my home on earned n leave widout pay which i have applied for. m thinkin of callin d HR aftr sm tym 2 tell him dat i cant join d company due to family problems.
    one more ques can some oder company come 2 knw dat i work in infosys untill n unless i specify it.

  142. Chintan Patel  


    I cant believe you dont know the bond amount you signed. As far as i know, 50,000 is clearly mentioned in the bond. The other way to find out the bond amount is the value of the stamp paper. If it is a 50 Rs stamp paper, the bond is of 50,000 Rs.

    You are just running away from the company which i dont endorse. Do you think they are not smart enough to know what you want to do?

    I dont want to talk further about this issue because you still seem to be doing what you originally intended to do.

  143. curosite  

    hello chinatan,
    well my DOJ of infosys is 27th Jan,2010.
    And the train in which i have got my reservation,will make me reach Mysore by 6am of 27th n I have heard that i'll be all messy if i reach on the DOJ.But teh prob is teh other train Will drop me at banglore junction on 25th :(.will the infosys ppl allow me in on 25th ?? Or i wud have to stay in a hotel ? plss reply soon

  144. Chintan Patel  


    They will not allow you in before 26th. You will have to find a hotel to stay in at bangalore.

  145. Unknown  

    hey chintan,
    how can i get my doj extended apart from medical ground and backlog.ive completed mu b.tech in june 2009 and have my joinin in feb 2010.but i dont want to join at that time.actully the thing is im trying for a govt job cz ive heard the training out there is realy tough and although im from an IT background still i feel im not good in programming n all that although i managed to score good in my degree but college exams are realy easy but surviving the training would be tough.so i just wana keep tryin for psu for say 3 to 4 months n if i dont get a job il join infy.i mean is there any possibility.what reasons can i give to the infy people for getting my date extended cz i cant say i have a backlog or my marksheets bcoz i have them all...what should i do as my doj is coming nearer im feeling more tensed.bcz if i i dont join n dont even manage to get a job in govt. sector il have know where to go.n if i join then i dont know how will i manage..n i dont even have along term plan of doin a job i just need a job for say 4 years max. even if i work really hard n survive the training il be leaving the job once i get married cz my fiance is in indian army n i wont be continuing with a job..what shall i do.plz help me out..i know if u read my post ul think im crazy..may be i am but i think u can suggest me something

  146. Chintan Patel  


    It is tough to convince them for extension if you dont have a valid reason and i would recommend to not give a false reason as they will verify it and if you are caught, you will be made to leave the company.

    You just have presumptions about infosys training being tough. You said you "heard" it to be like that, so can you tell me from where did you hear about it being tough?

    85-90% people clear training so its up to you if you feel you are in the bottom 10-15%. The percentage of people clearing training from only CS-IT would be marginally higher. If it was so tough then number of people clearing training wont be that high. You suffer from pre-joining paranoia and nothing else. Most students who get selected in Infosys suffer from this disease. They think Infosys training is a monster which will eat them.

    I will advise you to not apply for extension and join Infosys on your DOJ. Moreover, i dont think you will get an extension if you apply this late.

    Also, working at Infosys is far better than working in any PSU and even if you dont clear training at Infosys, you can get a job at any other company or PSU with Infosys experience.

    I have said it before and will say it again for you that you will regret if you dont joining Infosys. The training experience at Infosys Mysore is the best experience one can have. So put your self created dilemma to rest and join Infosys in feb.

    You can post the silliest doubts about training here and i will patiently reply to them. Happy training. :)

  147. Unknown  

    hiiii chintan,
    will u tell me as my branch is electrical ,i will join most probabily july 2010,so what they taught us at time of training.will u tell me about bools,notes,which helps me ...........

  148. Unknown  

    dear chintan

    i have my passport and all other originals certificates stolen while travelling and my joining date is 25th jan,2010.

    i have already lodged a police complaint.

    kindly respond as whether taking the photocopies and FIR of the complaint lodged will cause any problems during the joining and will submit the certificates once i get it from the college which will require atleast 3 months...

    please reply as early as possible or if u can provide me with any email id i can where i can intimate them about this before joining.


  149. Chintan Patel  


    You can learn C language and Java before joining. That will be very helpful.


    They will understand your case and will consider FIR and photocopies as enough proof to allow you to join. You can contact preet_kushalappa [at] infosys [dot] com which i think will be the email address mentioned in your joining details email. If it is someone else, just contact that person whose contact number/email has been mentioned in your joining details email.

  150. Luvviee  

    halo chintan....i am also an electrical engg. final year student,recruited by infosys last week.Can you plz guide me what all necessary tutions i should take for languages(along with java & c).I am from a core branch & really very confused.basically i preferred sm core or government organization bt nw i want to set my goals for infosys.plz plz do write me about all the tests conducted at infy mysore campus for non cs/it people & how should i prepare b4 joining.i hv 1 year for that...& i want to do every possible thing..plz guide me.
    thank you

  151. Chintan Patel  


    I have already said that you only need to learn C language and Java before joining.

    For other info, read some posts and their comments.

    You will be explained about your training schedule in the first week of your joining. The training program changes every year so cant say anything about the tests. You will be informed about your training schedule when you join.

  152. Luvviee  

    Thank you..I have already read most of the posts and i'll keep refering your blog...Thanks again...takecare

  153. Anonymous  

    hey i desperately need a single room..does dat mean i ll ve to live outside of de campus?its seriously not fair dat boys get single rooms n girls dont..can u suggest wat i can do abt dis?

  154. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it is highly unlikely that girls will get single rooms.

    It is not a question of fair or unfair. Just that boys and single rooms are more in numbers and all single room hostel buildings are kind of connected to each other.

    I dont know the reason behind your needing a single room so desperately but i still suggest you to stay on campus because otherwise the city is far and rents are high, advance deposits are also there and also, i do not think there is a better place than Infosys campus to live in mysore, especially for a girl. You cannot get a better place to stay than your hostel rooms. Also, it will be very stressing to live outside the campus during training.

    If you are just wary of having some stranger as your room partner, dont worry too much because you wont be in your room except for sleeping and having someone with an earlier DOJ than you as your room partner will always help.

  155. Unknown  
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  156. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  157. Chintan Patel  


    Man, why wont they allow to take your books there?

    How do software projects get done if boys/girls cant talk or meet?

    Please dont bother with such questions anymore.

  158. Unknown  

    apart fom classroom hours where they coach/teach can we go out of the campus anytime??

  159. Chintan Patel  

    I have already answered that question.

    Please read all the posts and their comments before posting a question.

  160. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan! i got selected in infy in jan 2010. I wanted to knw the tentative doj as i l b gettin married b4 joinin. Is it necessary to inform dem abut my marital status den b4-hand? Also dat do dey ask abut preference for posting aftr training as my would b husband vl b in chandigarh n i really need chd. Pls tel me abut d bond details n amount. Pls reply

  161. Chintan Patel  


    I really laughed when i read your name as Sanjay and then you mentioned your husband.

    DOJ cant be predicted for anyone. It can be anything from June to March. Mostly, people now receive their DOJ alongwith the offer letter so you can decide. Marital status doesnt matter. They dont ask for any preference but you can approach the HR with your concern and they will consider it. Even if you dont get CHD, you can try to swap with someone else from your batch who has got CHD but want to be posted to the place where you have got your posting.

    Bond details and amount i wont repeat because it is already mentioned so many times on this blog. Please read all posts before asking a question.

  162. sunil  

    Hi, my daughter is doing her training at Infosys at mysore along with her project for final year MCA. She is not fairing well in her test and has to appear for retest in 5 subjects. She has scored 62% in compre and the results are yet to be declared for handson. What will be her fate? Will she be called back for long cycle training? She is too scared to go back again to Mysore.

  163. Chintan Patel  


    I think training for the final sem and training after you are selected in campus interview are different and i dont know much about the final sem training.

  164. Unknown  

    Hi chintan u r doin a great job by giving an idea about infy for freshers...i have a doubt..if we study the materials given by them will it be enough to clear the weeklt tests..and did u analyse urself y didnt u clear the test..if so can u say y.......rahul

  165. Chintan Patel  


    Please read all other posts and their comments before posting a question. All your questions are already answered.

  166. Unknown  


    hii chintan,
    u mentioned about reliance webworld...so is the reliance gsm connection working fine in infy,mysore?
    i just want to confirm...

  167. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, man... Why wouldnt any connection work fine there? All connections work fine.

  168. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  169. Chintan Patel  


    I dont understand the relation between you mentioning your friends DOB. If i assume you wanted to mention DOJ, it wont make sense because he has already joined as you said.

    All your questions are already answered. Please check all posts and their comments before posting a question.

    Can you give me a reason why girls should be allowed inside boys' hostels?

    Also, if a friend of yours has recently joined, you will have a better idea from his comments about the current situation than me so please go with his input about how hectic it is, office hours etc. It has been more than 1 year since i left Infosys and a lot has changed at Infosys in this one year.

  170. Unknown  

    oops sorry..my mistk.... i meant doj... no he has'nt joind yet... he'l be joining dis 29th of march '10. dats y i was asking u...

  171. Chintan Patel  


    As i have said in the post above, i have already answered all your questions elsewhere. Please read all posts and their comments before posting a question.

  172. babuspidy  

    I have been recruited in infosys - 2010 batch..and there is a Campus Connect programme for all who have been selected...is that certificate holds value and whether it is compulsory to enter into infosys...whether they check for that certificate during registration..

  173. ck  

    hi chintan,

    I have been given the june 7th 2010 as my DOJ. I wud like to extend the DOJ cuz i'm getting married on aug 22nd and that wud b in the middle of my training perios.So, I want to start with my training from september. Is it fair enough for them to accept this?

  174. Chintan Patel  


    You can apply for extension and you will be granted extension but your new DOJ would not be in Sept but only in March. All extension candidates are called together in March. Thats how it has been till now.

  175. ck  

    hi chintan!

    I wud b glad if u furnish me details of how to go bout contacting the concerned person for extending my DOJ.Can i go directly to the HR dept of Infosys, chennai ( cuz i reside in chennai) with my join letter an enquire on it?

    Thanx in advance

  176. Chintan Patel  


    You just have to send an email to offer_extension at infosys dot com.

    Going to any HR dept wont work because would all be done at blore. Also any company wont reveal contact info of person handling all these as there would be too many people trying to contact them directly. So only contact a company by the email they have published for that purpose.

  177. ck  


    That information would really be helpful to me.


  178. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    i m from ece dept.. the cs guys in my coll got call letter.. ther doj is june21..
    some say we ll get within 14 days.. wen ll we guys get..
    will all f us hav the same doj

  179. skull  

    Nice work Chintan,
    The last post in which u mentioned that laptops are not allowed is old, did they by any **ing chance start to allow now :(
    I guess you can understand hard it is for me to even hear " you have to part your laptop" :(
    btw.. this is the saddest thing i have heard abt infosys training so far

  180. swathi  

    My address mentioned in the soft copy of the offer letter is not correct so i assume they will post even the hard copy to the wrong address... whom should i contact to ensure that they post the letter 2 my permanent address

  181. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, man, i dont know when your DOJ will come. It is mostly together but can also be different from CS.


    Ok, so how old is that post? If they are allowed again, you will see a post about that too. So laptops are still not allowed. I dont know why it is so hard to part with your laptop.


    Please read all posts and comments before posting a question. Your question is already answered on this blog several times.

  182. Unknown  

    Hi, my DOJ is 7th june.
    i will be coming from kolkata. do they offer travel reimbursements.
    if i reach on the 5th or 6th, will they provide accomodation?

  183. Chintan Patel  


    There are no travel reimbursements for people who have not yet joined infosys. I am surprised that you dont know that you have to actually report there on 6th June and not 7th June. You will get your hostel room on 6th June but dont come on 5th as they wont provide accommodation on 5th but only on 6th.

  184. ck  

    hi chintan!

    My marriage date is fixed During the training period, My doj is june 7th .(i hav already mentioned earlier). I wud like to know the consequences of taking leave for 15 days tentatively during the training period.

    thanx in advance


    hi chintan !!

    i am really glad to see such a effort of yours for helping us out in every possible way. thank you.
    but there is a query of mine.... i dont have anything as my identity proof like voter id card, passport or driving license or PAN card. Is it really necessary to bring some kind of proof with you there???

  186. Chintan Patel  


    You cant take a 15 days leave. If you take more than 5 days leave, you will have to resume your training with a later batch and its not fixed when your training will resume.


    Yaar, atleast some photo proof is needed. I wonder why you dont have even 1 of these proofs till now. Apply for all of these as soon as you can.

  187. VS  

    hi Chintan.. u r doing a great job..
    in ur main post u have mentioned that laptops are allowed, in 2nd para..
    but in the subsequesnt discussion u have denied that..

    so laptops are allowed or not?? atleast in ur hostel-room??

    thanx in advance..

  188. Chintan Patel  


    Laptops were allowed till 2008 batch but after that they have banned it from March 2009 onwards.

    Laptops are not allowed even in your hostel rooms.

  189. kamlesh  

    my doj is on 7 th june 2010.please tell me how much money i will get in training in hand after cutting all the allowance...

  190. Chintan Patel  


    It will be mentioned in your offer letter.

  191. Pawan Kushwah  

    please tell me general % of trainee sacked after training

  192. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, man... There is no such fixed "%" of people who dont clear training. I have already answered this in detail in an older comment. Please check that.

  193. ck  

    hi Chintan!
    As directed by you, I have sent a request for DOJ extension to the respective mail id. I would like to know how long it takes to receive a reply.
    thanx in advance

  194. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know.

  195. Unknown  

    query relating extension in joining....
    hello sir i have a query in mind and would be very greatful if you could suggest me some advice over this issue..........

    i want to know that if one has a supply in the 7th sem and my date for joining given is 2nd aug........ we are supposed to get the evaluation etc results fully solved till december end ...... i am aware of one time extension option given by infi....what am i supposed to request them so that they may extend my date of joining till December or january which is within the extension period of 6 months from initial joining date ....

    i would really appreciate your help on the issue.......

  196. Chintan Patel  


    Please read all other posts and their comments before posting a question. Your question is already answered.

  197. vkts reddy  

    hi chintan, i want a small info plz...for how many months will this training lasts for the non cs/it students....

    and one more question...after the completion of training where will the candidate be placed(if he/she pass the exams held)...is that allotment belongs to the company or will the candidate be given a choice?

  198. Chintan Patel  

    @vkts Reddy...

    Training duration can vary from 6-8 months depending on how many streams you are trained into. There is no choice given. You have to go to the location you get posted to if you dont find a swap with someone.

  199. ck  

    I was told that I cant b given extension for my DOJ. I had posted to u already regarding the query on extension of my DOJ cuz of my marriage which was fixed in the middle of the training!! May be this wud help others who hav similar queries like mine.

  200. Abhishek  

    1)is lap allowed?
    2)wch wireless net connection i better for lap in trainin centre???

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