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Now i am on my way to reach Mysore. I am in the plane as i save this to word. The clouds look like a farm of wool as seen from a plane just above the clouds (my first time, wink;-) ). Just had my brunch. ( food before lunch is called brunch ;-) ). I arrived at Gandhinagar yesterday to our "picnic house" and left today morning for the Ahmedabad airport. The flight was scheduled for 2 PM so had my lunch aaraam se and then dad came to leave me at the airport.

Two more friends were supposed to come with me but we found out at the airport that they are on another flight which is 45 mins late. So i will have to wait for them at the Bangalore airport for that much time as we have planned to stay together on 19th night. We will leave for Mysore in the morning.

Thats it for now. Keep checking for more. I am taking my laptop and reliance netconnect with me so that i can blog everyday about the happenings over there. So from now onwards, expect atleast 1 post per day on this blog.. Byeeeeeee....

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  1. proj  

    hi we hve our joinin on 1st August. from Mumbai by bus it takes around 22 hrs to reach Bangalore thn anthr 4-5 hrs to Mysore so do they allow us before 1st august ? (becaz buses will reach early morning ) are parents allowed in campus on DOJ ?? is there particular hours only to check in campus ?? thnks for all other information .

  2. Chintan Patel  


    You will be allowed in the campus a day before 1st august. Parents may or may not be allowed on the sunday. Today again there were bomb blasts in bombay and in such cases when there is a high alert in the country, they dont allow visitors. You can check in anytime starting from 31st July early morning. Reception is open 24 hours.

  3. Kings Kourt  

    great article.we got more info about mysore

    Mysore Hotel

  4. Unknown  

    hey chintan...
    i have my doj on 15th oct 2012...can i extend it till next july??on what "genuine" reasons do they consider extension..how and when should i approach them for this?

  5. Unknown  
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  6. Unknown  

    Is there any drug test at the time of joining in infosys mysore campus?

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