Till now, I have only told you people about all the nice things about training. So I think this post will give you an idea why are we given so much of facilities. It is because they also demand a high level of discipline.

This is what Shravan and Karthik told about the HR policies there..

They will take attendance 4 times a day. Once in the morning at 9:00 am, then after the first break at 10:30, then at 2:00 pm and 3:50 . For attendance you will have to input some 4 digit code from your PC. Its just like the code that you have to enter whne you register on any site.

The server would be opened for 3-4 minutes and you have to submit your attendance in that time. And ya, if its 9:05 then you wont be allowed to sit for the 9:00 am lecture. So you cant be late by even 5 mins.

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Shravan says,
You can roam in the city as you want be you need to get in before 9:30 pm on weekdays and 11:00 pm on weekends. Shravan was once late by 10 mins i.e. arrived at 9:40 pm on a weekday and had to pay 500 Rs. fine... Yes, its Five Hundred Only...

So you need to be careful about that.

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  1. Srihari Murali  

    guess the infy bloks go a whee bit overboard when it comes to discipline... ah well!

    and what happens if we fail to do the 4 digit attendance thingy on time... does it count as a whole day off?

  2. Chintan Patel  

    Actually there are no such chances as the server is opened for about 4 mins and it takes only 5 seconds to input the code....

    Anyways, its counted only as an absence in that session and not as absent for the whole day...

  3. Ankit  

    hey chintan,i have nt gt my 8th sem result nd my joining is on 21st july.it is written in my accomodation mail dat we shud bring all our marksheets nd result before joining.nw cn u plz confrm from ur contacts wat i shud do nw?plzz

  4. Chintan Patel  

    you have 1 months time for submitting the final sem result... so dont worry about that... even i dont have my final sem result with me...

    and its also written in the same mail that you are given one month's time...

    i have asked shravan about it and he too told the same..

  5. Anonymous  

    Chintan you are doing a wonderful job.... All the best 4 ur joining n keep posting !!!!!!

  6. Chintan Patel  

    Thank you, Arunav... Ya, i will keep posting from there everyday without missing even a single day...

  7. Sonam  

    grt job sir!!

  8. Unknown  

    hi chintan...first of all fantastic work to help people like us...
    kudos to you...

    i was selected by infy on 23rd december 2009 and they said we'l be contacted within 90 days and as-of-now the time window has expired...m feeling apprehensive..they'l not cancel our recruitment or can they without informing...

    and i'l really be grateful if you could give me or post to a central location the material provided to you by infy(champaks as you say it!)....

    pl do respond....waiting for a prompt reply!

  9. Chintan Patel  


    I have already told this many times that offer letter can take 2-12 months. Dont worry if it takes more time. You can find the links to material elsewhere.

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