Hi, everyone...

I got to know from the people who did their NSR here that the cost is now the same as at any POS. Its 340 Rs here also which was Rs 60 when the first batch joined (26th May). So you can do your NSR if the POS is in your city otherwise they are easy on that here. You have to submit your ITPIN in about a month or so.. And even that is not mandatory. They will tell you its compulsory and all in the induction program but "chalta hai"..

About the changes of training program, as is already well known, its now 4 months by default for CS-IT people and 6 months by default for non-CS-IT people.

There is no screening test now. People who completed their Campus Connect in college can give the screening test (the result of which makes no difference) and they will be eligible for a bonus of 5000 Rs if they pass. And this is not a new rule, it was already there. But ya, one friend of mine who passed the screening test and was in fasttrack of the 9th june batch, who is now posted at Chennai, is yet to receive the bonus 5000 Rs.

I will post the details about the course changes of the new training duration as soon as i come to know. Byee...

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  1. Anonymous  

    hii chintan.......

    ohh... the course is chnaged??? and the training duration also???

    i m from CS and going to join on 29th sep

    plz answer as soon as possiblee

    byee byee........

  2. Unknown  

    i heard frm one of my frend that training pd is 19 weeks for every one .....

    is it true ???

  3. Unknown  

    Hi chintan...

    I heard there is no fast track now...is it true..? So is it like all cs students hve 4 months trainin now..n ders no screenin test for FT n LC..?

    i am from cs...plz tell us d details regarding this...


  4. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, as the duration has been increased, the course is sure to increase.


    This is the latest confirmed news. All other information is old..


    Already answered..

  5. Phani  

    Hi Chintan.. how are u ?
    Do CS/IT ppl will be directly put into Domain Specific training or do they have to undergo both generic and domain specific training ?

  6. Unknown  

    hi chintan

    buddy i need to ask a few more things

    1. My DOJ is 29th sept and I have also applied for MS in USA.i will be getting my results in october hopefully. If i want to go for MS can i easily go without any legal hassles??are infy people considerate enough that they will release me from the company without creating any problems???

    thanx in advance

  7. Ipshita Khare  

    hii chintan..wat abt the students gong thru PIT ?any news 4 them?i mean d duration of traing n all

  8. Chintan Patel  


    That i dont know.. But some subjects from generic are also in stream like RDBMS and C...


    The bond is to be submitted in about 1 month or so.. So , you can run away if you get ur result within that time... If you dont submit the bond, then its only that ur salary will be with held... So you can always run away... ;-)

    I dont know about that but it will surely be lesser than what it is otherwise...

  9. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    plz tell me the confirmed newz regardin d trainin duration,19 weeks or 6 mnths fr long cycle

  10. Unknown  

    Hi. My DOJ at infy is 22 sept. 08. I hadn't received the hard copy of joining letter & Service agreement yet, and i have to board a train for mysore on 17th i.e. only one day left. So what should i do? plz guide me.

    Also will u plz give me ur phone no. , my email id is - jain.ankyj@gmail.com
    ~ Ankit

  11. Sandeep sharma  

    go to your tpo
    and also give a mail to hr also
    and there is a help line number in d offer letter u shud call at that no
    i think that might help u

  12. Unknown  

    hi pal,your letters are really a great help for us.

    i am on online training.
    can u find out if the online people will be paid at the time of joining for the 4 months online training and whether this period will be deducted from the 6 months mandatory for non cs/IT people?viky

  13. MaxX  

    Hey Chintan...I would like to know which document do we have to produce as the proof for vaccinations?...will a doctor's certificate be adequate?

  14. prateek w  

    chintan dear,

    in the accomodation details, it is mentioned that we need to get vaccinated and submit a cert.is it necessary?

  15. Chintan Patel  


    Its 4 months for CS-IT and 6 months for non-CS-IT... .


    dont worry about that... they will tell you in the induction what to do... You have to get it signed by ur parents in the way they tell you and get it mailed back here and go to some notary to get it notarized... a notary also visits the campus every week so no big deal..

    i have my compre on friday and monday so no phone num for you... ;-)

    i dont know about that.. and mostly you wont be paid for the online training...

    i am not sure about that but i think there wud certainly be some reduction of training period...


    They are not needed at all.. You dont need to submit it...


    Not needed at all... And ya, they are yet to update even the joining details email... They still have "Laptops not allowed" on that email...

  16. MaxX  

    Thanks man!

  17. Unknown  

    hey chintan
    first f all wud lyk 2 say ur doin a gr8 job nd keep up d gud work.....
    i heard dat 4m mw onwards parents r not being allowed in d infy campus evn on d doj... s it true.... arent v allowed 2 brin r parents???

  18. Unknown  

    hai chintan,u r doing a great job.
    by the way my date of joining is march 22, 2010.i am from electrical background.so tell me some courses(like c,c++.......) which i have to learn in this long break so that they will be helpful in the near future at infy.

  19. Chintan Patel  


    You should learn C language and Java very well.

  20. Chintan Patel  


    Please dont post any more comments on that post.
    Comment on a different post.

  21. mithilanchalgroup  

    good morning sir..........i wanted to know about the exact training duration as i have heard that it has been extended to 6 month for all streams.......and also abt the new courses and platforms a trainee would go in this program????


  22. Chintan Patel  


    Training program is changed every year so it depends on business demand. As the demand was low in the previous year, they revised the training period to 6 months and even 8 months for some. Otherwise, we used to have fast track batches also which were completed in less than 2 months.

    Courses have been mentioned in some other post. I think "Full Details About New Training Program".

  23. liz  

    my joining date was jan4.. unfortunately i couldn't join..

    i have applied for doj extension..
    will they call?..if so when?..

    some say all the extension cases r put together as a separate batch in march is that true?

  24. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, that is true. All extension candidates are called together in a batch in March after all their planned DOJs are over.

  25. liz  

    thanks for the reply..

    Do you know the exact date of the last "planned DOJ"?..

  26. Chintan Patel  


    It depends on the number of people they are recruiting that year and the training duration and the mysore campus intake capacity.

    Last year it was 23rd March.

  27. Unknown  

    last month they have recruited frm VIT college.

    when there is no batch joining after march 2010.

    when these people r going to join?

    I need to extent to next possible batch is that possible?????

    if i go to mysore in person can i get a better solution?

  28. Chintan Patel  


    Man, i cant believe you just said that!!
    I dont know whether to laugh or cry.

    Please figure out by yourself what i am trying to say in my comment above.

    Well, let me explain as i dont think you will ever be able to understand it.

    March means March of next year after your passout. If you are a 2009 passout, it means March 2010 for you. Last year it was March 23 means that applies for 2008 passouts.

    Getting your new DOJ as you want it is not possible. It doesnt make ANY difference AT ALL if you go there and meet personally or just send an email from siberia. Actually, you cant even find the person who decides your DOJ even if you want to. This is ensured just so that people wont personally approach him/her to change their DOJs at will.

  29. deepak ojha  

    sir. i am deepak ojha,igot selected for infosys and tcs both ,plz suggest me which one wud be better....and how much salary i got in hand during training and after training.
    what is the ratio of people who got rejected after the training from cs/it.infy is paying 3.25 while tcs 3.15,what wud be the growth in terms of salary in infy??

  30. Chintan Patel  


    Salary growth will be the same about 10-15% yearly at both the companies. Rest of the questions are already answered. Please read all other articles before asking a question.

  31. liz  

    when i checked some of the earlier comments posted here, some kids have given their DOJ as march 22, 29 etc..so it seems that extension case holderz will have their new doj only by april;(

  32. liz  

    hello chintan..........
    do you have any idea when they vil notify us of the new joining date to the dojextension applicants?.
    i applied in jan, no reply yet.

  33. Chintan Patel  


    They mostly give DOJ before 1 month of joining so it will be the same for this too. Nobody can give you the exact date.

  34. VS  

    we have been offered 3.25 lac p.a.
    how much will v get in hand during training and after that..?

    also rumors r cmin that there's may b a hike in our package.... can v expect ny such thing b4 joining?? if yes how much..

    plz provide a rough estimate...

    thanx in advance..

  35. Chintan Patel  


    Your salary break up will be detailed in your offer letter. The hostel rent/facilities membership fee, etc. keeps increasing every year so cant give a number to you.

    Ya, freshers always keep dreaming about salary hike. There wont be any hike. It was 2.7 for 2008 batch, 3.0 for 2009 batch and now its 3.25 for 2010 batch. So the package is already hiked for this year and no more hike is possible for freshers.

    Also, you should understand that even if there is a hike, it will be officially communicated by Infosys to you so no need to pay any heed to anyone.

  36. Asheesh Shukla  

    Hey can u pls give me the details about travelling to the infosys training location from mysore railway station

  37. Chintan Patel  


    Everyone in mysore knows where infosys is, so it wont be a problem.

    Otherwise, i came from Bangalore to Mysore by bus and so dont know about the route from railway station. You can check on Google Maps if curious.

  38. natty  

    Hello Chintan,

    I have read in some of your previous posts that we need to go through some medical tests and vaccinations before joining Infy. But, we haven't received any correspondence from Infosys regarding this matter, my DOJ being 21st June.

    So can you throw some light on the medicals to be got done..or is it too early to ask for??

  39. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    My doj is sept 27.Actually i lost my 12th mark sheet few months back and hence i applied for it and i'm not sure whether i'll get my marksheet by doj.Bt instead i can arrange for a CCM.It is a hand written copy of my marksheet issued by Tamil nadu govt which'll be valid for 3 months.Will infy accept it?Plz reply.My parents are worrying a lot about it:-(

  40. Chintan Patel  


    If they have not informed you about it, no need to worry about it.


    I think if you show the CCM and a zerox copy of your original marksheet and proof of your application for a duplicate, it will be fine.

  41. Unknown  

    hi chintan .. i'm gonna join infy on june 28.. am from non-cs/it background ..!! how will be the training period now for us..??? will there be tests daily ..??? and will it be easy for students from my background to clear all the tests ..???

  42. Unknown  

    and pls tell me if i should prepare anything now...!! am asking this b'coz i heard ppl saying tat they will start teaching us right from " what is computer??" .. is it true..??

  43. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it is true. Dont worry, they are not going to eat you.

  44. Unknown  

    ha ha .. and 1 more thing .. will v've time 2 leave 2 our native every weekend ..??? or will v be havin any assignments even during weekends..???

  45. Chintan Patel  


    If you are from Blore, you can go every weekend, otherwise not. Mostly you will have 1 module test every week for which you will have to prepare in the weekend so its better to not think about going home on weekends.

  46. Upendra  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  47. Upendra  

    Hey brilliant job!!
    Is it compulsory tat v hav to stay in the campus? can v stay elsewhere, if for some reason v dont want to stay there?

  48. Chintan Patel  


    Its not compulsory to stay in the campus but there is no reason why you would want to stay outside.

  49. Upendra  


    Thanks mate! just wanted to kno!

  50. Unknown  

    hi chintan bhai,
    u r doing a great job, patiently answering all the questions thanks for that.
    u said abt the assignments that every day we would be engaged with assignments and it should be genuinely worked on without malpractice. are those assignments based on every day classes, is it so tough and can we tak help of our trainers even after the official training hours??

  51. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, those assignments will be based on what they taught you on that day. They are of progressive difficulty level and there will be assistants to help you but only during work hours.

  52. Pav  

    Hi Chintan,
    Applause to you!Its very nice of you to be answering to the posts.I have some queries-

    1. Is it necessary to be very thorough with C and java?DO CS STUDENTS HAVE A C TEST ON THE 1st day?

    2. Do you know how much will a girl have to pay if she opts for a single room?

    3. Are parents allowed into the campus on the 1st day for 2010 batch?(You said they would be allowed incase there are no terrorist attacks.There aren't any happening right now...touch wood..

    4. My doj is 2nd aug.We still haven't been told when we are supposed to be there.Can you please tell me when would it be ideal for me to reach Infosys so that I can get a single room?

    Please answer the 1st question even you find it dumb.PLEASE.Am very scared about it.I will have to prepare in a month's time.

  53. Chintan Patel  


    1. Why would they train you if it would be necessary to be very thorough in C and Java? There is no such test.

    2. You cant opt to have a single room. You will have to go with the room allotted to you.

    3. Its not fixed that parents will be allowed.

    4. As far as i know, girls mostly wont get single room because the old shared room hostels are now allotted to girls. So timing wont matter in your case. I dont know if they have now started giving single rooms to girls but i have not heard of anything like that.

  54. Pav  

    Ok...thanks a lot :)

  55. Unknown  

    hi chintan..
    i am scheduled to join infosys late this year.i have a doubt.before the aptitude test we were asked to fill up a form in which there was an entry about eyesight.i entered the wrong information in that field partly because i didn't took it seriously(thought like company really bothers about a candidate's percentage and other personal details)and partly because my other friends were sitting next to me and i lied them regarding my eyesight(as i always use contact lenses ,they dont know it either).all this happened just before the start of the test and i mentioned my eyesight of -3.In reality my eyesight is way more than that.all this happened in moments of nervousness and hurry.later i came to know that infy people may ask a trainee to leave if they find out that any information given by them is untrue.since then i have been very tensed regarding this.can this be a valid reason to fire a trainee.will they do any kind of medical tests over there.
    i think i have written a lot but i wanted to explain the whole thing.i really need a well-thought answer from your side

  56. Chintan Patel  


    They wont verify your eyesight there but i dont know why do you need to lie about your eyesight.

    And then you come here saying it happened in "moments of nervousness and hurry". Just know that a lie is a lie no matter what the reason behind the lie is. Even my earlier response was well-thought.

  57. Unknown  

    my DOJ is 30th august

    can u plz tell me how much is the room rent for girls. will it be deducted from our salary.?

    what about the food expenses..? will they give meal pass or should the expenses be borne by us.

    we had campus connect in our college. should we know all the concepts which they taught very well.?does campus connect prog have any advantage there.?

  58. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know the current rate and yes, it will be deducted from salary.

    Food expense is on you. There are 5-6 food courts having different vendors in each of them so you can choose where you want to go.

    Campus Connect surely prepares you well for training but its not necessary to know everything very well before training.

  59. thedictatoro6  

    hi...my date of joining in infosys is sept 13. i want to extend the joining date...when should i mail them and wat all to be mailed??pls do reply

  60. Chintan Patel  


    The email for applying for extension is offer_extension at infosys dot com.

    Just mail them that you want an extension and tell them why you cant join on Sept 13th.

  61. Unknown  

    hi...i want to ask dat what to fill in nomination(...accidental insurance,employee pension scheme etc...)given in e-joining form???
    wat nomination percentage shd i give?

  62. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure what you exactly want to know so cant give you an answer. You can try asking someone else about this or try to find the answer on e-joining site.

  63. Unknown  

    hello Chintan,
    I have heard people saying on various blogs that its better to learn rdbms before coming to training.so how much of rdbms would be suffecient.I am asking about whether to go for PL/SQL ,ORACLE,or what?I have studied theory of RDBMS in my engineering as I am an IT student but this technical stuff is really bothering me as I have never focussed on it during my engineering.

    one more thing,is it necessary to learn JAVA because JAVA is a stream and getting into any stream is a matter of chance.More precisely,I am asking whether JAVA is a part of the training that every trainee undergoes before being divided into streams.And,in that case,how much of JAVA (core+JSP,servlets,etc.)should we study.is apllets and graphics in java(buttons,etc.) are in course?

    sorry if I asked too much but I wanted everything to be answered at one place.
    thanks a lot in advance....

  64. Chintan Patel  


    I, being a mechanical engineer could pass RDBMS with 76% without knowing what RDBMS is before training. So i could call it one of the easier modules.

    Java used to be a stream before but now they have included Java in Generic so everyone needs to learn the basics of Java. Dont go for servlets, graphics etc but for generic training, only learning what are objects, functions, abstract classes, constructors etc will be enough.

  65. Unknown  

    thanks Chintan....you took heaps of tension off of my head.Thank you so much.

    but still I would like to know more about this practical portion of rdbms.could you suggest me any good book to refer for PL/SQL and ORACLE stuff.actually I am having a time of 3 months and want to make good use of it.I am ok with C and JAVA but this technical part of rdbms is an area where I need to work.so instead of killing time I want to get along with this thing too.

  66. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, man. You dont need to study everything in advance before training.

    I dont know any books because we all studied from the slides.

  67. Unknown  

    thanks Chintan for your reply....
    and a very happy friendship day to you and all other readers of this blog....

  68. Asheesh Shukla  

    Hey is there any modification in the training slides from last year .....

  69. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you and same to you.


    As i said, training content is modified every year and so the slides also change slightly every year. There was no significant change in slides of 2007 and 2008 batch but there is a big difference in the slides of 2008 and 2009 batch onwards as the new infosys training syllabus got introduced on 23rd March 2009.

  70. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan

    This is vikas here, I wanna know where are the POS for NSR card in karnataka? it would be nice if u could brief me about room allotment, charges, in case u aren't aware of the present rate,pls tell the one at ur time..

  71. Chintan Patel  


    The POS for NSR for all states are listed on the NSR website.

    Room allotment is done on a first come first serve basis. They would have a list of empty rooms and will start giving them one by one as the trainees who are lined up arrive at the counter.

    The hostel rate at Infosys Technologies when i was in training was 2000 Rs. per month for shared rooms and 2750 Rs. per month for single rooms.

  72. Unknown  

    @ vikas
    thanks a lot.. i was going through ur previous
    posts, i realized one thing that ur blog is very popular and equally helful just bcoz u keep it very simple and precise. Once again thank u.Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY in advance

  73. Unknown  

    Thanks a lot.
    keep up the noble work, just wanna say ur simplicity connects with every fresher.

  74. Anonymous  

    Can u explain wats de fast track trainin n is der any way non cs ppl cn get into it?

  75. Chintan Patel  


    Fast track batches used to be the 2 months training they give to CS-IT students which has been cancelled since recession. Last fast track batch was 25th August 2008. I have put up some links for the new training program which you can find listed above.

  76. malvika  

    nice thing dat you are doing here. my best wishes for everything you do :)
    well...i dont want to be posted in my hometown. wanna know if infy at all will "ask" my preference of posting place (irrespective of the fact whether it goes by my preference or not) or will it just consider our hometowns to be our preferable postin place by default??

  77. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys will never ask you for your preference but you have the option to swap your location with someone else from your batch who is ready to move to your hometown. There is a rule that both of your IBUs need to be the same. You will be told more about it after you get your posting.

    Infosys usually considers your hometown as your natural choice but that comes after their business requirements. They wont try to post you to your hometown at the cost of their business requirements.

  78. Unknown  

    Hi...my joining date is 14th feb, i dint get any accomadatn mail,whn can i expect that. N in the ejoining page my joing date was 01/10/2011, but in the offer letter mailed to me, it was 14th feb 2011. Which one to follow?
    And i got offer letter from Tech Mahindra also. Which is the better company?

  79. Shwetank  

    Hey chintan :)
    really good work dude..hats off to u for ur patience.God bless u.

    I ve some doubts(which i think u may have clarified in ur earlie posts)

    1.I ve heard students are not allowed to carry their laptops to their rooms.Is that so?

    2.As I am from CS/IT branch and I m good at proramming(C,C++,JAVA),will there be problem for me in passing any of the tests.

    3.Infy is offerring us package of 3.25 lacs p.a.How much we will be getting in hand?Will it be given monthly or collectively at the end of training?

    4.If my frnd and myself report exactly on the DOJ will it be possible for us to get single rooms alongside?

    Will be grateful to receive ur reply.

  80. Chintan Patel  


    The one in offer letter is your real DOJ and you will get the accommodation mail 1 month before your DOJ. Tech Mahindra has no comparison with Infosys in terms of training. After training, all companies are the same and it depends on what kind of work you get.


    1. Yes, laptops are no longer allowed.
    2. If you are confident enough to say that you are good at C, C++ and Java, there wont be any problem for you in training. You dont need to be a superhuman to pass training. Just that you cant take training for granted and become relaxed about it.
    3. It will be paid monthly. I am not sure about the exact in hand salary because the hostel fees and other expenses would also keep on increasing every year. It will be around 17k or 18k i think during training.
    4. The thing with room allocation is, all trainees in the hostels dont complete training at the same time and so there would be uneven distribution of DOJs within the hostels. When i joined, the single room hostels were just built and we were the first occupants and so we 4 friends got single rooms in a sequence. So if there are rooms available in a sequence, you will get it but otherwise there might be some gap in room numbers.

  81. Unknown  

    Hi chintan, I have got the offer letter from infosys on 18th of nov.The date of joining is 7th of feb 2010.It is mentioned in the letter to come to mysore on the date of joining.
    Will i get any other mails from infosys or i should directly go to mysore on 7th of feb???
    I dont know if it is confirmed??? Should i try for sme other company or shud i wait for three months????

  82. kabeer  
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  83. kabeer  
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  84. kabeer  
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  85. Chintan Patel  


    I hope it is 7th Feb 2011 and not 2010. :)

    You will receive one more accommodation mail which will tell you that you have to report at the mysore campus on 6th feb.

    No man, no need to try for a new company. You are selected for sure if you have got the offer letter.


    If you had applied as a fresher and you got selected, then you wont have any problem. You can abscond your current company if you want and you will not have any problem. They will threaten to file a case against you but it never happens. Believe me, i have also absconded my previous company. Infosys will not do any background check with your previous company as you have applied as a fresher. Previous company can do nothing to you.

    People leave IT companies everyday for better opportunities and if IT companies spend time fighting court cases and forcing the employee to pay the bond amount, they wont have any time for doing work. If you dont pay bond amount, companies dont give the relieving letter which you dont need as you are joining as a fresher.

    It is good that NSR was not done at your previous company otherwise when you give your NSR IT PIN to Infosys, they would come to know that you were employed before from where you absconded. So it is good that you dont have NSR card yet but you can get it done now.

  86. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    my joining is on 14th feb,2010.i have 62% in 12th(after deducting 60 marks from the total mark secured including the optional papers) but calculating from total marks percentage goes below 60%.so i am in confuse whether i should go for joining or not.please sir help me..and advise what should i do?

  87. Unknown  

    Thanks alot chintan....
    one more thing ..i have heard people saying that infy puts people into testing after training....i strongly want to get into development......either java or .net doesnt matter for me.but i want to get into development......even if they put me initially into testing is ther ny chance dat i will be put into a development team later.....please sugget.as i want to be a software developer and not a tester...

  88. Chintan Patel  


    Its difficult for me to predict their decision for you in your case. I suggest you should just join on your DOJ and wait for the outcome.


    Everyone wants to be a developer and not a tester but the fact is, there are not as many developer jobs available. But yes, you will not remain a tester forever and you can be put into development if a need arises even if you are in testing before.

  89. Shwetank  

    thanks chintan for ur answer.
    This means dat i should leave my laptop in my home town.no use of taking it to mysore?

  90. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, no use of taking your laptop there. They will likely take it from you and keep it with them till you move out of hostels if you do take your laptop to Infosys mysore campus on joining.

  91. Unknown  

    hey chintan...
    my doj is 13th dec 2010...i.e this coming monday....
    i have applied for the passport and it is said in the passport status website that my passport will be dispatched by 10th nov...but still they didn't dispatch it...

    will there be any problem regarding the passport when i go to the campus on sunday 12th dec?
    i have the receipt of having applied for it...will it work at the time of joining??

  92. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, the receipt of having applied for passport will be enough for Infosys.

  93. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    I want to know whether I need to select Infosys as my future employer for NSR or I can do it with "Registering at my own" option as well.

    Any issue if I have already done NSR with "Registering at my own"?


  94. Chintan Patel  


    No issues. Dont worry about it at all.

  95. Shwetank  

    Hey chintan,
    I got my joining date as 13th june..
    i may be reaching Infy campus by 12th morning..
    Can i get single room?
    moreover,how much difference in rent for shared and single room?Which according to u is best to take-shared o single?
    will be grateful to ur reply..
    thanks in advance

  96. varun  

    Hi shwetank, when did you got selected in infy?
    I have been selected on Dec 11 2010 and did not received any info from them...

  97. Chintan Patel  


    I think boys almost always get single rooms now. Rent is higher in single rooms but i have lost track of the difference. Single rooms are awesome so better go with that but actually you wont be given a choice and you have to stay in the rooms they allot to you.

  98. Sandeep  

    Which bank is best for savings and how to transfer the salary to my parents without any bank cost.how to use credit cards etc...i want ur experiences in how to save money...as the salary offered is very very less..everything they take for what they provide...???

  99. Chintan Patel  


    All banks have mostly the same interest rates and so it doesnt make a big difference. To transfer salary to your parents, the best option would be to do an online transfer to their bank account number from icicibank.com assuming you want to do it from your infosys salary account. I think it is free but you better investigate elsewhere rather than believing me.

    Credit cards dont result into any major savings because the reward points offered by indian banks are not as much as they are in US unless you have very high end cards which can have annual fees upto 75,000 Rs.

    Salary offered is more than enough for a fresher and i wont call it "very very less" in any condition.

    Infosys does have fees for everything they provide but it is far less than what you would normally pay for those facilities. For example, at mysore, you have an ECC membership for 150 rs per month (cost may have increased now) which includes free multiplex movies every weekend, table tennis, tennis, badminton etc. And for 600 Rs per month, you can have gym, swimming pool, pool table etc. along with above mentioned facilities. Food in the food courts would also be cheaper than outside.

  100. Sandeep  

    My CTC is 3.25 lakhs...how much can i expect inhand salary after all the expenses are gone(like food,staying and other cutting done by infy)..how much i will be left after all dose..

  101. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have the latest info about expenses and so you will have to ask someone who is in training right now.

  102. rahul  

    hey chintan infy people ne nsr mai specifically nai bola register karne ke lie in the welcome mail,wo toh jo user id aur password unhone dia hai campusconnect ka usme pre joining mai nsr registration form hai...so what should i do?offer leter ane k baad regster karu ya ab??as u said regster toh krna hi hai..please help..

  103. Pratheek  

    Hi Chintan,

    I gt offer frm infosys. Joining next month. But I lost my degree certificate. But I have xerox copy of tht. Will it matters during joining?? I have to apply for it and it may take 2-3 months.

  104. varun  

    Hi chintan, I have received the welcome mail with login id and password. I am able to login.
    Some of my friends who were selected along with me also received a courier to their residential address which accompanied a cd with some technical stuff... But i haven't received anything like that. It does not contain and DOJ.

  105. Unknown  

    Hello Sir,
    First of all, thanks a lot for maintaining such a nice, informative blog.
    I am in big confusion. Please help me.. Here is the problem-

    I have got selected and even got the offer letters by Infosys. But at the time of placement I was not eligible for sitting in placement drive. I had current backlogs at that time. I didn't submit them one semester's marksheet and upon being asked, I told them I have not received the marksheet from university yet. They noted it down near marks column and allowed me. After reappearing in those exams, my marks of that semester got increased considerably.
    NOW, problem is,if they will compare the marks mentioned at the time of placement to what I give proof of at the time of my,they will find marks of one semester varying with what I had mentioned at the time of placement (though still fulfilling 65% criteria)??

    So question is, will they compare the marks mentioned at the time of placement to what I give proof of at the time of my induction?? OR all they are concerned now, is my fulfilling eligibility criteria at the time of induction (not bothering about the data given at the time of placement)???

    Please reply to this... thanks in advance..

  106. Chintan Patel  


    Just register for NSR and stop asking questions about that!


    I think xerox will do but you may have to show the proof of having applied for duplicate.


    Just wait for a while. Else try contacting them about it.


    You always knew this was going to happen, right? Anyways, i think you will be safe because marks at the end of graduation is all they check and i dont think they crosscheck with your marks during selection.

  107. Unknown  

    @Chintan: Thanks a lot for the reply Sir. and yeah, I knew that this could happen, but there was no option with me, I was trying the best available options at that time.
    Anyway, thanks again for your swift reply. feeling a bit relaxed now :)

  108. Unknown  

    @SAN143SAV: You will be getting something just around Rs. 14,500 in hand (after deduction of accommodation charge,my friend currently at Infy got Rs. 14697 exactly).From that 14.5K you will have to pay for fooding and other misc. charges+ur own expenses. So at the end of the month I think you will be left with something around 10K.

  109. Vishakha  

    what's this fuss about CDs ?? i got a welcome mail but not this courier of CDs from infosys.

  110. lohith  

    hi chintan
    what if i get a DOJ mail and no call letter (i mean if i don't get one through post).Will it be of any problem???

  111. Sowmya  

    Hi Chintan,
    I'm a BSc student and I got placed in Infosys technologies.. Before the selection process we were told that we would be taken to job level 2 - Testing executive/Operational executive
    So what is the procedure of training for us? is it same as the one for BE graduates?

  112. rakesh  

    Hi Chintan! I need some advice from you. I've been placed this year at infosys. I just wanna know how much is the salary after training, everyone talks about just training, but what after that. Plz tell. How is the life? What are the working hours both during and after training? 5/6 day week? Also I've heard after training we're not provided accomodation from the company, is that true?

    And the most important thing- I like to play tennis or badminton everyday, do 1 gets time for that? What are the charges for these facilities and the gym? Do they also have coaches and trainers for them? Plz tell.It's so imp for me.

  113. Chintan Patel  


    No problem, you can tell that you didnt receive it by post and take a print out of DOJ mail with you. Anyways, i think offer letter will be delivered by post to your college and so you can be sure of receiving it.


    I dont know anything about that role so cant help you with that. You will have to wait till joining to know.


    In training, you will be studying and working hard everyday even on sunday. After training, it will become less hectic and usually it will be 5 days per week but if the project is in a critical stage, your project manager may ask the entire team to put in extra effort which can be 1 or both days of the weekend.

    After training, you will be given 7 days to find your own accommodation which everyone is able to do.

    Yes, you will get time for that. I played a lot of tennis there too. Tennis/badminton/table tennis/multiplex come under one membership which used to cost 150 Rs per month when i was there and gym/swimming pool etc are under a separate membership which used to cost 600 Rs per month. They do hire coaches/trainers from time to time so you will have to find out after reaching there.

  114. lohith  

    Thanks a lot for the response. I really appreciate your patience in answering these hell of questions. Gr8 work applauds from my side for your work. Hope u will have gr8 time @@@@@@

  115. rakesh  

    Thanx a lot Chintan for replying so soon. I have one more doubt. Its just that I'm an ECE student, so I just am not sure whether I would be liking the job or not.Is it possible to leave it between training if I can't adjust?
    Also main thing is the salary. My friends are preparing for PSUs which give upto Rs 50000 pm. Is it possible to get that much salary at Infosys. Such things are confusing me.And I'm just not able to decide whether I should join Infy or prepare for some Govt or PSU job. also I'm scared of the Infy training.I wana live a relaxed life,where I can enjoy,play and have fun, and at the same time have good salary.So I think there is no place for me at infy and govt. job suits me more.What do you think? Plz help me come out of this state of hyperconfusion.

  116. techie  

    hey in one post i said that u hav the material of infosys training.can u mail me that material?
    my id-

  117. techie  

    hey and one more thing....u mentioned in one of ur posts that CGPA of 4 =above 65%.but shouldt it be above 80%?? pls reply soon..

  118. Rahul  

    we want to preponed our joining(which is 03 oct nw)....any route to do the same...we got to knw bout our joining date on infosys career link(ejoining) by using our user id but still have nt got any offer letter or joining letter....can the same be perponed...plz reply asap

  119. ShanthiniCharles  

    Can you please tell how did u get to know ur joining date? Through the portal????

  120. Jyothi  

    Hi Chintan,
    I am B.Sc computer science student and got placed in Infosys on 3rd feb 2011 through a campus selection process conducted at govt. Victoria college, Palakkad,Kerala. I haven't received the offer letter yet. May I know when will I get my offer letter.. I haven't received the candidate id/user id also...

  121. Rahul  


    use the link...


  122. ShanthiniCharles  

    Thanks but it prompts for two questions and i am unable to give the correct answer thereby no access to it:(

  123. Chintan Patel  


    You can just fail in training which is the best way to get out of training. That much salary and much more than that is also possible at Infosys but it sounds like salary is the prime motivation for you to choose a career and i am against that mentality. It is a decision that you yourself have to take as you know yourself better than i do. There is no hyperconfusion as i see it.


    Have told it many times that sharing material is against infosys terms.

    CGPA is different from percentage marks required to pass an exam as credits allotted to different subjects are different. And so although you are required to have 4 out of 5 CGPA, the percentage required to pass each module test is 65%. They will explain it during induction so dont worry.


    I dont think you will be able to prepone your joining. I have never heard of that happening before. They simply hire so many people every year and so it is common that joining dates can come very late for some.


    I dont know when you will get your offer letter.

  124. Harishraj  

    Hi chintan, I feel proud to be among the candidates who got through the recruitment process conducted by infosys this year.I have already undergone infosys soft skills training programme and not yet received my certificate. So am unable to fillin the details in the CC training form. Kindly help me out for this and also i need to know what is screening test and the process involved in it.

  125. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know anything about this aspect of CC and so cant help.

  126. shiva sandeep  

    hai sir,
    my doj around sept....
    1.total how many specific steams are there,and what r those?(i know some streams java,.net,oracle,wt r the remaining?)
    2.i want total module names in generic and specific?
    how can i get those?

  127. Chintan Patel  

    @Shiva sandeep...

    There are also Business Intelligence, Open Systems, Mainframes, IMS, Finacle, PLES etc.

    I am sure i mentioned module names in generic somewhere else on this blog. Try to search using site search above. I dont have module names for various streams.

    Try to ask someone already in training or ask on the facebook fan page so someone who knows can reply.

  128. prabhat kagra  

    hii chintan

    my joining date is on 8th Aug,2011 but i want an extension due to medical reasons. so what am i supposed to do??

  129. Chintan Patel  


    Just send an email to offer_extension at infosys dot com to extend your joining date.

  130. Koushik Hazra  

    I am selected for infosys and my doj is 12th sept,2011.I was not received the cd and hard copy that infosys send before joining.what should i do?

    If i will reach mysore before 1 day of my joining will they allow for hostel?

  131. Kokila  

    Hi I GOT offer in 2 year experience post .. now consider economic market its bad so i want to know what the impact i faced, once i joined i affected for this situation or not? my joining date this mth...

  132. bhimesh  

    my DOJ is jan 23 2012 and i cant be idle for such long time. so in the mean time, i joined in genpact with no bond as programmer.at the time of jan, i will have six months of experiance cetificate with me..
    and now my question is , will this experiance fetch me anything at infy? means will infy consider me as an experienced candidate and give me a better pay or will it consider me as a fresher and give again training and place me on a new platform?

  133. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry about CD, hard copy. They often do not reach/get sent on time.

    You have to reach hostel on 11th sept.


    Dont worry about economic conditions. It does not have as big an effect as the demand for your skill set.


    No, it will not get you anything at Infy because the offer that Infosys made you was for a fresher and so you will be joining as a fresher.

  134. shankar_anumula  

    hi chinthan
    on request can i get a single room..?
    and how much i would be charged for a single room..?

  135. Chintan Patel  


    You can try requesting but dont get your hopes too high. Sometimes they allow if there is vacancy in single rooms.

    These days however, boys dont have to worry much about not getting single rooms.

    The rent was 2750 Rs per month when i was there before 3 yrs. Would have surely increased to about 3500-3750 Rs per month now.

  136. Unknown  

    hello sir, my doj is 24 sep 2012..i have not applied for passport..is there will be any problem on joining day..>?????

  137. Anonymous  

    Do we need to keep NSR card ready at the time of joining or should we just keep the IT-PIN number?

  138. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan sir,

    my DOJ is 7th october,2013.but i have 2 backlogs in 3rd sem and 5th sem and the backog exams will be conducted by the BPUT board in november..so i am willing to take an extension on doj which is in october 7 to appear my exams in november..

    what reasons should i provide to infosys for doj extension..? what r the different ways of getting extension on doj..? i request u to kindly suggest me all the possible ways to extend my doj..4 to 5 of my frnds have the same problem and we are seeking for the right solution..please help..!!!

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