Hi, everyone...

It has been hard to find time these days to post. Let me quickly tell you what all has happened in these days.

1. There were 2 easy modules called AOA and SDM-UID-IQS. I got 81% in AOA and 96% in SDM-UID-IQS. And dont think i am very smart due to that because there are people who failed in PF in both test and retest and have scored 100% in both of these. These are the most scoring modules of generic.

2. There was second phase of ILI training which was "Personal Effectiveness". This would be a nice break from the technical training though i cant really say that you will enjoy that session. Its just the usual useless stuff like "What goal do you have?" "Ohhh .. You dont have any goal.. What do you live for then???"... Nothing to worry about and also no tests for these.

3. UNIX has started from today onwards and first day was not that hard but ya, i can see whats coming.. It is called to be the toughest module of generic so being sincere in classes for this module.. ;-)Today there was DJ night but i cudnt go as was too tired and just wanted to sleep. Ok, thats it for now.. Keep checking...

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  1. athul  

    hey.. :) hwru doing.. its a treat to read all the posts!!.. :) still i am hitting on the ads :).. do take care~.. all the best for PF test.. athul (zerocool)

  2. dileephaldkar  

    hey i heard that if a person failed in both test and retest ,he has to go back to home.
    But u hv mentioned that ppl failed in pf module hv scored 100%.
    Hw is it possible?????

  3. kashish  

    hiii dere.....
    its been heard dat there wil b no more fast tracks frm nw onwards..... is dat true???
    cn u plss put some lite on dis topic.. will b glad 2 noe dat....!!! tc n thx in advance...

  4. Big A  

    In one of ur earlier posts u said that the ACs in the hostels were nt working... I heard that its cold now in Mysore.. Are the ACs working now?

  5. Unknown  

    hi dere!!! i am awaitin my call 4rm infy??? pl let me know if the fast track screening test being conducted? if so wat r we expected to know? i hav ample time to skill up!! if not pl tell me wat to prepare on for my successful stint during training period?-sam,mumbai

  6. Unknown  

    hi buddy
    thanx a lot for all ur posts...they are really helpful

    can u answer 2 queries:
    1. Can we get single rooms on demand?

    2. Is the bond valid from training period or after that?

  7. Anand  

    hi this is anand from tamilnadu.. got placed in july3,2007 through off-campus.. im an IT student and also didint get the PIT mail too.. can i expect the DOJ in October?????

  8. Unknown  

    hi chetan,
    gr8 work, i have to know only that, according to u what is the capacity of hostels in infy.
    and du u think that they will date of joining in october, or any batch is going in october .

  9. Unknown  

    Hi, Chintan,
    Great job.
    Can u pls tell me that :
    1) Do they give any printed format of the slides they teach at in the class?
    2) Can we take help from the slides during our assignments?

  10. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you.. Your clicks encourage me.. And PF test??? I have already failed in the retest also. ;-)


    That is the case only in Compre exam and not in module exam... You can fail in 3 module retests out of 9 total.


    Yes, that is true. Read my comments on the previous post for more.

    @Big A..

    ACs are not working only in new single bed hostels. And there was no need anyways. And no need of it now also. Even fan needs to be put off b4 sleeping.


    Learn C language well before you come here.. Fasttracks are cancelled now. Its 4 months for CS-IT people and 6 months for non CS-IT people by default..

    No, the room allocation is done by them only but boys will mostly get single bed rooms.
    After training period.


    Thats difficult to tell as there is no pattern for DOJs.

    i am Chintan not Chetan.

    I think the capacity would be around 6000.
    I dont know whether batches are joining in Oct or not..


    They dont give but you can print it from their printers free of cost.
    Scanning and printing are all free..
    Yes, you can take help from books also..

  11. Unknown  

    Hi, Chintan,
    Thanks a lot man.
    1)THat means I can take the print outs of those slides from their printers & take those to the hostels to study?
    2) Do we have to return those printouts to them?
    3) Have u taken printouts of the slides?
    4) U mentioned that we can maximum fail in 3 retest out of 9 modules in generic & how much in the stream? Will the instructor tell us about these from before?

  12. Unknown  

    Hey dude!
    Thanx a million for starting this blog .........its just awesome reading ur posts...........dont know when i d be getting my joining though.....

    I d like to ask u a few things :-
    1. Is it hard for non CS/IT students?
    2. I ve started C and it seems like a sledge hammer in hands of a dentist for me..........but don't they teach C there?

  13. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can do that..

    No you dont have to return...

    No, i have those slides on my laptop.. ;-)

    Yes, the instructor will tell you everything about this b4 the start of training.. In stream too it wud be the same though i dont know for sure..


    No, its not at all hard.. Even people who fail admit that its not hard but they fail due to their own mistakes..

    Yes, they teach C here.. But if you learn it before joining, it will give you an extra edge over others and also will save a lot of time in the preparation of compre...

  14. Anonymous  

    thnx thnx thnx.........!
    this blog really clears all the doubts directly...!!
    HAtz off to Mr. CHINTAN (Infoscian) !!!
    ----ROHAN (29th sept joinee)

  15. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    Thanks a lot.
    Can u pls tell me that,
    1)when we will be at the classes then ppl from Infy or room service persons can enter to our room?
    2)Out of 9 modules which modules do u find a little bit easy to score?
    3)Do we have to inform the instructor or others for taking the print outs of those slides?
    4)Has anybody from your group taken print outs of those slides?

  16. Unknown  

    hi ... can u plz tell me whethet the training period incentives have been included in the training period salary also , that mean our during training salary has been hiked or what,, or is it just a rumour

  17. Unknown  

    thanx buddy

  18. prateek w  


    hi buddy...i am joining on 22nd sept..well, m a non-it student..and havent studided a bit and even m pathetic at C...i mean, will i be able to cope up with the training if i study there as i've heard infy starts from basics??

  19. Sandeep sharma  

    Hi chintan
    thanks for d details.
    And wat abt ur cgpa as u told u were not able to pass retest. So what happens next. BOL (best of luck)for retest.
    Nd u writen abt sports, is there chess. Nd when its sports week and competition

  20. vivek  

    Hii chintan...

    a silly question, but necessory to know that should i bring IRON (steam iron) with me, or they will provide us????

  21. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you..


    Yes, they can enter your rooms anytime... But dont worry at all about losing anything... And there are surprise checkings in the rooms also to see if there is nothing like drinks or anything in the room..

    Many are easy... like CHSSC, AOA, SDM-UID-IQS. Ok, so thats 3 easy ones..

    You dont have to inform but you can take..

    Noone from my group has taken printouts but you can do it..


    LOL.. how many times will the salary increase within an year... Stop believing baseless allegations..


    Yes, nothing to worry if you study properly and do all the assignments sincerely...


    I have answered ur ques on another post...


    Ohhhh.. they give you steam iron here...

  22. Srihari Murali  

    hey chintan...

    wat's the dresscode for guys on friday? are roundneck (printed with slogans etc) t-shirts allowd?

  23. mayank jaggi  

    bhai wht kinda chcks happn in the room?????is our room safe???
    yaar cn v leav the campus on friday nite nd cmebck sat or sunday mrng widout takin permission????

  24. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they are allowed...


    Well, they do say in the induction program that surprise checks happen but i have not seen anything like that.. Maybe because there are just sooo many rooms here... Our room is completely safe...

    Yes, you can do that...

  25. Devi  

    Hey Chintan,,
    My joining is on Sept 22nd(Monday)..My parents are also accompanying me to Mysore.Will they get an guest house accomodation at Infosys campus for Sunday night to Monday evening or will they have to look for it outside.

    And abt the steam iron,,do they provide it in every rooms..

  26. Chintan Patel  

    No, your parents will have to manage to stay outside the campus.

    Ofcourse... will it be between 2 or 3 rooms?? hehe..

  27. Unknown  

    One more thing..........
    Is infy campus a no smoking zone and can we smoke in the hostel rooms? are cigg. readily available there?

  28. Chintan Patel  

    You cant smoke in your hostel rooms, there are smoke sensors in the rooms.. But you can smoke just outside your hostels.. And also there are smoke zones throughout the campus..

  29. Unknown  

    i got selected for infy on march 25,2007 but now i am undergoing e-learning so when will i get my doj.But those who are selected on the same day (other colleges including saranathan eng collg)got doj in sep 22 so will i get doj by october.plz reply me

  30. Robin Abraham  
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