Today's RDBMS test went fine for me..
Got 75% . RDBMS is not that difficult. And today we got our first salary credited to our accounts. For 21 july people, its 19,875 Rs. I am not yet a member of the infy health club otherwise it would be 300 Rs less. Today i also got my passport and PAN card couriered from home. So you can be easy on that. Its not really needed unless they want to send you overseas.

And now an important thing for mechanical/civil people...

There is a unit called PLES (Product Life Cycle and Engineering Solutions) within Infosys. The work that these people do is related to Automobile and Aerospace mainly. They design wing flippers for Airbus, cockpit for Boeing, seating system of Audi, Ford etc.. First, the case was that as the stream allocation is random, CS/IT people used to get PLES as stream which did not work out that well for them. So now, Infy people have decided to offer PLES first to mech/civil/chem/electrical people and they would select those who express their interest. As you can see, this would be the dream job of any mechanical engineer.. ("To design").. Out of the 180 people from these branches who are eligible for PLES from july batch, they want 40-50 people.

So, here, prior exposure to CAD/CAM tools like ProE and AutoCAD would greatly help. They may choose you due to that. We had selected CAD and CAM in our college as optional subjects so there are high chances of us getting selected. So if you are really free and just waiting for your DOJ, you may consider learning CAD/CAM if you want to choose PLES. And ya, if the number of people expressing their interest in PLES is more than the 40-50 they want, then they will consider prior exposure to CAD/CAM and would take a brief interview. and plz dont ask me what they ask in the interview. Its just short, nothing to worry about type of interview..

There are also some more benefits of PLES:

The stream training is just like any other stream like Java or DotNet but here you will have subjects that you can relate better to.. Like Fluid Mechanics,
Thermo Dynamics etc.. So you can be at ease even in stream training.

And you will be placed in PLES after being trained in PLES which is not assured in any of the other streams. There you may be trained in Java and be put into a Mainframes project.

You get into a project quickly. No bench time.

High onsite oppurtunities as 30% of the team would be overseas at the client location.

Relatively better postings as PLES is only at Mysore, Bangalore and Pune.. So this would help people who would not like to go to far off places like Chennai, Trivandrum, Bhubaneshwar etc.

Thats all..

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  1. Unknown  

    U get 19k[:0]...no deductions?????

    Also grt news for the mechies....it wud relate to their interest rather than wasting their time inn front of the coputers doing smthing they dont like....

  2. Arunprasad  

    Nice info buddy.....actually me too from mech stream and I have a keen interest on designing stuff.....and I have 2 queries.....

    wat is the right time to tell our interest..?

    Secondly have u told ur interest in PLES to the concerned authority...?

  3. Saravana  

    ohh....this is gr8 news dude...we infact were speculating on chances of getting into PLES...but hearing its been offered as choice is a gr8 news...

  4. Chintan Patel  


    Its including 10 days of july also...
    Yes, great news indeed..

    They will conduct a presentation during ur training and will ask you to email them ur details in the excel sheet that they send you..
    That sheet will ask you about ur name, emp no etc etc and also "exposure to CAD/CAM tools" and "final year project and its brief description"

    @Amateur Scribbler..

    Yes, its good but ya, they only want 40-50 from about 180 people from mech, civil etc from our batch... So i think interview is sure..

  5. Anonymous  

    just wanted to know if a person belonging to electrical branch interested in PLES nd doesnt have ne idea abt cad/cam...wat shud he do??i meant, shud he learn dis cad cam thing(course) in dis time??plz suggest..

  6. Anonymous  

    hey chintan..
    dats really a great news for mechanical guyz..
    thanx...u r certainly doing a terrific job..
    i hav 1 query..
    i will be joining at Mysore on 29th Sept..so i want to know that whether they'll provide us accommodation before 1 day..i.e. on Sunday..??
    Also we'll get the rooms on Sunday itself or on the first day of training i.e. Monday..??

  7. Anonymous  

    hey u said that boyz will get sinle bed rooms..so if we all friends come together nd stand together in the line...will we get our single rooms side by side..??

  8. rohit  

    helo dear
    m nt gettng any kind of mail regarding date of joining from infy.its been too long.The other college wich was in my pool got DOJ.is there any way 2 knw my DOJ

  9. Chintan Patel  


    Its not confirmed that you will get into PLES... So better not try for CAD CAM now as you may get your DOJ anytime..


    Ohhhhhh... you have to come on sunday only...

    Yes, you will get rooms side by side if you stand in the queue together..

    There is no way to know ur DOJ.. You can just wait and watch...

  10. Unknown  

    hi dude ,u r doing a great job.I have passsed out from bio informatics. can u find out if such choice as for mechies is available for the bio people to work in thier core stream

  11. Unknown  

    hey chintan u are doing an excellent job.first want to congratulate u for it.you are like a messiah to us(waiting for doj).can u tell me anything that i can do prior to joining ,sitting at homw which could brighten my chances to get into PLES.i did my mehanical engg. from dce,Delhi.Thanks.

  12. Chintan Patel  

    no, i dont think there is anything specially for bio people..

    As i said, you can study AutoCAD or ProE... Certified courses will greatly help...

  13. Anonymous  

    hey, nice blog! and thanks for sharing the interesting events in infosys. saw the pictures in the previous post. did you take it on a camera phone or a camera? are there any security restrictions in bringing our camera? pls do reply.

  14. Anonymous  

    Hi buddy so first weekend when you can actually relax!! which module has started now?

    do they give the study material for the whole module beforehand so that students can study own their own during weekends?

  15. Anonymous  

    hey chintan..
    In our joining mail its written that we hav to sign a bond for 1 year..
    but the penalty for breaking the bond is mentioned no where..plz can u clarify..??

  16. Anonymous  

    Thanks amigo!.. Your concern for others worries is just amazing..

  17. Unknown  

    hey chitan. just tell yaar there is a rumour like that hte joinee whi r going to join the campus from oct onwards will have a training period of 4months (CS/IT) and 6months(NON CS/IT). is it true and officially decleared or just a rumour. plz reply me yaar

  18. Anonymous  

    hey.... gr8 news abt opportunity for mech guys... hey i have got my doj as 29th sep and at same time i have applied for my M.S, the result of which i'll get only by nov. end... so do u think it'll wise to join infi and wat are the terms of bond that i have to sign ther.. do i have to pay anything if i quit infi and do they collect any of our original docs????

  19. Chintan Patel  

    No restrictions on camera or anything..


    yes... now AOA is going on.. they will give the whole generic material b4 the start of the generic training and i think its the same for stream also...

    that they will tell during induction... i dont remember exactly..


    Thank you...


    NO NO NO NO NO... dont know why u people even confirm this from me.. If there is any such drastic change, infy will email you..

    they dont collect originals... just once they will ask you to bring to verify them and you will be given back then and there...
    i think you have to pay max 50000 Rs... but for people going for higher education, they are letting them go... if only you join a rival company will they come chasing you asking for bond money... still i cant assure you that you wont have to pay anything... but i have not heard anyone paying the sum for breaking the bond here..

  20. Anonymous  

    hi are we allowed to bring mp3 player,ipod and laptop to mysore campus.my mp3 player is usb type is it allowed in hostel.

  21. Anonymous  

    hey thanks alot man.... so has anyone from your batch left the training for higher education????

  22. Anonymous  

    1. When do we receive our ID cards? I want to submit a difft photo for the ID card other than the one attached with the application form. Can I submit it on the day of joining?

    2. How can we get our posting location swapped? Is it easy?

  23. Chintan Patel  


    Everything is allowed..




    you will get permanent ID cards after a month of joining.. Yes, you will have to submit a different photo..

    i think its easy...

  24. Unknown  

    hi chintan

    thanx for all the info...m joining on 8th....do u have iron in the roomss??? n hangers in cupboards???or shud i bring from home only.......

  25. Anonymous  

    Hi Chintan!
    Hope ur training is goin on gud.

    Can u plz confirm from ur educator about this news that from oct, there will b no fast track and screen test and 4 months training for cs people and 6 months for non-cs/it.
    M yet to get my doj.


  26. Anonymous  

    hey chintan..
    i hav undergone Campus Connect in my college..
    i hav heard that those who completed CC will be paid Rs 5000 xtra during training..??
    do u hav any idea bout it..??

  27. Anonymous  

    Hi chintan
    1. Are bedding & pillow provided there in room?
    2. Is there is any geyser there for hot water in room or should i bring water heater rod with me?

  28. Unknown  

    hi chinatan..
    is driving license necessary.because i lost mine recently...

  29. Unknown  

    one more thing..
    when is the stream allocation done..did u get urs??

  30. MaxX  
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  31. Anonymous  

    hi buddy
    i am doing my online training.already 3 months have passed and reportedly after 4 months, DOJ will be sent.many like me feel it is a loss of precious time when we could have joined higher studies in mba or ms as we have excellent marks. mean while others in bio streams like us are being offered 4.5 lacs/annum in bio industries.this confuses me a lot. do u think inspite of all this, infy is worth experiencing? pls be frank -raja

  32. Adarsh  

    thanks a lot

    i am a civil engineer and i will try for PLES.


  33. Chintan Patel  


    ya, we have irons in the room.. and also hangers in the cupboards... just know that you dont have to bring anything... even there are soaps in the bathroom and replenished regularly..


    I dont know whom to ask that.. And i believe if there is any such change, infy will tell you...

    Ya, there is something like that but i think its only if you get into fasttrack... dont know for sure.. They tell about this during the induction so you can know it then...


    LOL.. what a doubt... everything you want is here...


    No its not needed...

    Stream allocation is done about a week b4 the generic compre exam..

    And in case of fasttrack it is done as soon as you pass the exam.. hehe...
    But ya, i think my stream will be PLES as we have shown interest for it and we (mech people from my college) also have some exposure to CAD/CAM tools..


    Yes, definitely... Infy may only pay you about 15000 per month but if you sum up all the facilities then it wud easily reach 50,000 per month... So i wud rather not look at the package.. Even Reliance people from our college class who have better salary than us say that infy is a far better place to be.. Otherwise i dont know much about hows life at bio industries.. But ya, infy is surely the best as far as i can see..

  34. Anonymous  

    Hi, Chintan.
    grt job man.
    Do we have to give any presentation or like that or Gd pls give the details about it?
    & on which day?

  35. Chintan Patel  


    We have to do that at the end of the technical training.. There we are given training on soft skills..

  36. Unknown  

    hey dude,iam sorry yaar....i dont understand this point of your reply to my earlier query on sept 2nd "infy may only pay you about 15000 per month but if you sum up all the facilities then it wud easily reach 50,000 per month... " please clarify this for me. raja

  37. Unknown  

    hey i hv a very important question
    my passport has my old address
    i dont have a ration card with the new address also i dont have voters id or driving license
    what could i use as address proof

  38. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    i wnt 2 know abt extending d doj.....what 2 do??and on wat grnds do dey consider?wat are the documents that i need 2 submit?

  39. Chintan Patel  


    You will know that when you come here.. The internal services are really great.. If the chair allotted to you in the classroom is not proper, just email facilities dept and it will be done within an hour..

    One of my friends had a prob with his plasma TV and on his complaint they fixed a new plasma TV!! The drinking water that they provide is checked for purity 2wice a week. You can complain about the food in the canteen register and the next day you can find the action taken against it by the food committee.. DJ night every 15 days.. 2 new movies every weekend in a nice multiplex with a really nice sound system...

    All this and more will leave you believing after 15 days here that you are actually being overpaid.. As Narayana Murthy rightly said, "You are the luckiest youth of india" .. This indeed is true..


    You can use ur passport with old address.. They just need any photo proof to know that you is YOU... Nothing more..

    you shud email about it to offer_extension@infosys.com .. they only provide extension on genuine reasons.. So dont do it if it really is necessary.. I know one person went for a holiday citing medical reasons and he was asked to produce the documents on joining and was asked to leave.. This was a long time b4.. I have read it on the infy thread on paagalguy.com ... they will tell what proofs do u need to have..

  40. Unknown  

    thanxx chintan.....in case of backlog do dey consider.....?? den what documnets to produce??

  41. afrin  

    hey chintan,nice going with your blog here. Really beautiful. Hey have u tried out the bowling, pool and other recreational facilities there? How are they? life mast jeene ka mazaa kaisa hai, yaar?

  42. Munks  

    wat about civil branch?is there any thing related to civil?

  43. Unknown  

    hi chintan.i was thinking about learning cad as i am having at least one month with me.should i learn just auto cad or both (autocad & solid works) because the difference in the fees is of 10000/-.Is it worth spending 15500 for auto cad and solid works?.thanks in advance..

  44. Anonymous  



    from CS branch

    plz tell me the exact duration of our training...
    my DOJ is 29th sep

  45. Chintan Patel  


    You can email them and ask... i dont know..


    yes... all are fine..


    PLES is for civils also... nothing more specifically about civil...


    its upto you how much you want to learn.. and also learning those will not assure that you get into PLES... it may even happen that they may not require trainees for PLES when you join... So do it at ur own risk... I wud personally suggest that AutoCAD will be enough..


    for LC people its exactly 93 working days... that means removing all the holidays, its 93 days...

  46. Anonymous  

    ok chintan........

    thanks dear...

  47. aravind  

    hi.. i'll be joining infy on 15th this month.. wen'll i get my first salary??? and is there any other bank there other than icici???

  48. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan..
    All the module nd compre tests are objective type na..??
    how many questions r there..??
    wats the cut off limit..??

  49. Chintan Patel  


    You will get it on 1st oct... no other bank..


    different number of questions for diff modules..
    65% is the passing criteria...

  50. aravind  

    hey.. which mobile network wud be best there... i'll have to make frequent std calls to chennai( free sms wud be a bonus).. so do u think airtel wud be better or is it advisable to take a bsnl card at mysore city????

  51. Unknown  

    hi chintan..i hv a doubt..is BSNL EVDO cards work at mysore campus..if yes how good is the reception..how abt reliance and airtel net connect cards..how much speed do u get there..

  52. Unknown  

    hiii chintan !!!!!!

    how r u????

    mujhe ye batao ki kya waha pae programiing karwate hai?? programs banane ko dete hai kya during training????

    maine suna hai jo assignments milte hai usme programs hote hai..

  53. Chintan Patel  


    All are good here... but people prefer airtel and hutch as they have shops in the campus... I use airtel... dont know about the relative tariffs.. but you can go for some offer and have a cheaper calling rate..

    yes, data cards do work here... i too use reliance and it works fine with me... speed is the same that we get otherwise..


    yes, you do get to program here... isnt that obvious?? thats what the training is for...

  54. Unknown  

    hey chintan..
    i m frm Mechanical..
    Is the test conducted for getting into fast track for us also i.e. for non cs/it people..??
    If no, is there any condition thru which we can enter into the fast track..??

  55. aravind  

    hey in tat accomodation mail tat we got it is said tat we've to bring certificates of our vaccination.. i don've any... wat do i do???

  56. Unknown  
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  57. Unknown  

    adding to my previous query...do u hav any papers or questions asked in that test..??
    r they from the campus connect material we've been provided from our college as i have undergone the CC program..??

  58. Unknown  
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  59. Unknown  

    hi chintann

    What type of programs they gave us????

    kya bahut tuff programming karni hoti hai????

    plz tell me

    kis type k programs mai prpare karu?

    because i m weak in prograamming.

  60. Unknown  

    Aur programs assiignmnts me dete hai ya TEST me bhi karna hota hai???

  61. Chintan Patel  


    Actually there are no fasttracks now... its by default 4 months for IT people and 6 months for non CS IT people... So there is no screening test.. i have a friend who joined this monday and they told the same thing to them in induction...

    No need for any such vaccination certificates... but ya, if you catch some serious disease like malaria or chicken pox or other such contagious diseases then you will be sent back home and will be asked to join in a later batch...
    One girl from Karthik's class got chicken pox and she is at home now...

    So its for you but the certificates are not needed..

    Yes, i have all the papers... You too will get it when you come here.. People keep forwarding them...

    Yes, CC is same as the generic training... Only stream will be new for you as you have undergone CC...

    The modules in generic are CHSSC, PF, PROG&TESTING, RDBMS, AOA, UID-IQS-SDM, UNIX AND IWT...

  62. Unknown  
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  63. Unknown  

    Chintan Patel
    September 10, 2008 12:20 AM


    Actually there are no fasttracks now... its by default 4 months for IT people and 6 months for non CS IT people... So there is no screening test.. i have a friend who joined this monday and they told the same thing to them in induction... )


    Hey could you just confirm that plzz , that thr r no screen tests now and non cs/it ppl have to undergo 6 months training ???

    So will they be changing the course or increasing modules/subjects or duration of the old modules........

    Thanks in advance.

    -Himanshu Mittal

  64. Unknown  
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  65. Unknown  

    hey man..i hv a silly question to ask..wat is the model of the LCD TV..hope u wud help me..coz i hv BOSE wireless speakers..if the speaker qualtiy is too good ..then i'll leave mine it at home..plz reply..

  66. Unknown  

    hi chintann

    why u hv not replied my query?????

    What type of programs they gave us????

    kya bahut tuff programming karni hoti hai????

    plz tell me

    kis type k programs mai prpare karu?

    because i m weak in prograamming.
    Aur programs assiignmnts me dete hai ya TEST me bhi karna hota hai???

  67. Unknown  

    hi buddy ,please tell me what is PLES?
    when do we sign the bond...on DOJ or at the time of posting after the training? VIKY

  68. Unknown  

    hi buddy ,please tell me what is PLES, when do we sign the bond ,on DOJ or at the time of posting after the training? VIKY

  69. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!!!!!
    U had written on one of the communities in orkut, that will confirm the newz regarding the new duration of training.
    So is that newz officially declared by infy and if so, kindly mention it on ur blog so that it would b considered official.
    And i havent got my doj yet, so is it applicable for october onwards??

  70. prakash  

    Chintan,plz tell me r they sticking to their criteria of %age set at time of recmnt or asking for more?? actually at time of my placement infy kept a cuttof of 55% and said orally to maintain atleast 58%.but ppl are talking 60 n 70%.do u feel i will face any probs during joining?? how r they checking the %ages?? wat r d imp docs we need to carry2joining???

  71. prakash  

    actually i hv 58.5%,so do u think i will face any probs???

  72. Devi  

    Chintan please tell me if the news about that by default 4 months training period for CS/IT and 6 months for non CS/IT confirmed one?? i m from IT branch,,so would there be any screening test conducted at the start of the training itself??If so,,what subjects the tests cover?

  73. Chintan Patel  


    Learn C language well..

    Not too tough..

    Assignments and tests also..


    I have already confirmed it when i said that... If they told in the inductino that means its confirmed..

    Yes, course will surely be changed because they wont teach the same 4 months course for 6 months now..

    Some modules are likely to be added..


    It is samsung but dont know the model number.. But ya, it has SRS TruSurround so dont bring ur speakers for that...


    You comment had not loaded when i answered the other queries... I saw it just today...


    I have told everything i know about PLES... When you sign is not important.. The bond is for one year after training so that is what really matters.. Otherwise, you can sign and submit the bond after one month of joining also..


    Ya, i havent posted on my blog because i want to get details about it from some tutor here which i am yet to do.. Otherwise its confirmed.. They told this in the induction for 8th Sept batch. Yes, it is applicable to all batches joining after 25th Aug..


    Yes, criteria is different for different universities.. Better check which one is applicable to you.. If they said 55 % in campus interview then that is applicable .. They dont ask for more... They will check the % by themselves after you submit the photocopies of your result.. Documents you need to carry are listed in the offer letter..
    If 55% was the announced criteria then you wont face any prob..

    Yes, it is confirmed... Now screening tests are cancelled and there are no fast tracks from now onwards..

  74. deep  

    hi chintan...im a regular reader of ur blog as it keeps me updated while waiting for my doj.Its bee a long time since u told us about ur days in mysore.....the last post being on 29th aug....waiting for it.

  75. Unknown  

    Hey,This is regarding the local mobile connection. I want to know if Infosys is providing corporate plans to its employees. If yes, will we able to get the plan right in the training itself?

  76. Unknown  

    hi chintan!
    rite now am undergoin e-learning course(Pre-induction program) fr infy. on a totl, 5 people r placed fr infy frm r batch in r coll. 2 r frm ECE an 3 r frm CSE. te 2 guys frm ECE hav got mail frm infy 2 undergo te e-learning thing b'for joining at mysore, and am 1 in tat 2 guys. tis e-learning course is fr 4 montz it seemz an its a must. my ques 2 u is tat, whether infy is doin tis fr any kind of elimination and will v get r DOJ b'for finishing tis course r only aftr finishing it????????? am really worried bout tis cos i don hav any other offers also.... if u cud kindly enquire bout tis an let me kno regarding it, it wud be vry helpful for me... thanx in advance.

  77. Chintan Patel  


    Well, more or less days became uniform then onwards so i have stopped that series and only post with "For Freshers" label...


    Infosys does not provide that. Airtel here has a special plan for Infy employees but i dont know anyone who has gone for that.


    You will get ur joining as the e-learning is nearing its end. They have introduced it so that you and Infy both would save time as you dont have to undergo generic training here. Moreover hostel fees and also is a big saving for them. So its basically a cost cutting measure. So you will get ur DOJ at the end or as soon as you finish elearning.

  78. Unknown  
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  79. Unknown  

    Thnx for providing us with all this information.
    Pls ask ur 8th sept frnd abt the change in course.M joining on 29th Sept(Cs branch).

  80. Unknown  

    hi chintan!
    thanx fr te answers.... fr us te e-learning thing started only in aug(20th onwards) an will go on upto dec. so is it likely tat v may xpect r DOJ in nov???? and one more thing.... somebody was sayin in te forum tat, te late joinees of r batch may hav 2 face "BENCH" once v complete r training.... is tat true?? kindly do let me kno bout tis.... out of curiosity wen i called up a HR at B'lore campus, she said tat te induction prog fr all te 2008 batch candidates wud b done within dec-08..... is tat official an true?? kindly revert back 2 my scrap..... waitin fr ur reply.

  81. Unknown  

    hii chintan..

    do i prepare c++ and Operating System and DBMS also??????

    plz tell me.

  82. Chintan Patel  


    I will post about the course as soon as i get to know..


    I am not sure because you may get ur DOJ b4 dec but mostly they will insist on calling you after you complete ur e-learning.. because that way you will not consume their resources here.. So its almost certain that you will not get ur DOJ b4 u complete the online course.

    And bench period is actually good, yaar.. I wish i will have 6 months bench period.. Go to the office and surf the net (including orkut) and get paid for it the same salary that you wud have got if you were in project.. Ya, looking at the pace at which the hostels are built, it does seem that everyone will join by dec...


    In generic C++ does not play any role.. Ya, do RDBMS... That too will help you a lot... After C lang comes RDBMS in terms of importance and weightage in generic..

  83. Unknown  

    ok chintan .. thanksss

    but u hv not told me about OPERATING SYSTEM, do i prepare it??? is it in our course????
    and except C and DBMS is there any subject, which i need to prepare.. ????????

  84. Unknown  

    Is it true that the training period for CSE/IT people will be 6 months???

  85. Chintan Patel  

    UNIX is there in the generic course.. So prepare it if you can otherwise i dont think you wud be able to prepare that much b4 coming here.. But prepare C and RDBMS properly... thats what i wud suggest.. leave behind OS...

  86. Unknown  

    Is it true that the training period for CSE/IT people will be 6 months???

  87. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhhh.. its 6 months for non-CS IT people and 4 months for CS IT people...

  88. amitjadhav  



  89. Unknown  

    hey is it possible fr u 2 mail d question papers or d study material?

  90. Prags  

    Is the NSR registration mandatory before joinnin...?

  91. Unknown  

    hi there, i need some information regarding , when the new batch for PLES training will start for the freshers, those who joined in the month of july

  92. Chintan Patel  


    They only start a PLES batch if there is requirement. It is not fixed.

  93. Anonymous  

    hai iam ramesh

    i got exposure to cad tools like autocad,inventor,pro-e,ansys,meshing module in hyperworks and a little bit catia.

    iam from mechanical engineering and i got selected in december 2009. is these courses help me in getting into ples stream or shall i start learning java and all those stuff,please suggest.

    i am thinking that i may get a call in oct/nov 2010. please reply iam in big dillema

  94. Chintan Patel  


    You will have to pass the generic training which includes C language, basic Java etc. Allocation of stream is done only after generic training. Also, the chances of getting into PLES are as small as getting into IIMs. Only one batch of PLES is started from 2-3 batches that join. That only may not be started if there is no demand.

    If they are going to start a batch, you can apply for it and you will be at an advantage. So you will have to pass generic training to be in PLES so you better study some C and Java also.

  95. Anonymous  

    hai iam ramesh,
    thanks for ur response inspite of ur busy schedule. it is helping us to know better and to understand better about the life at infy.

    how is the life at infosys for a mechanical engineer.are they treated on par with it stream students or is there any discrimination toward mechies.

    i am willing to join infy,what do u suggest out of ur experience that is it safe for a mechie to join infy.

    and one more thing i want to know is infy people they recruit over 10000+ freshers every year.

    how many of them succesfully complete the traing i mean what percent of people will succesfully complete the training out of over 10000+ freshers.

  96. Chintan Patel  


    Once you join infosys, there is no difference based on your background.

    Yes, it is safe to join infosys. A sincere effort to study will make you clear training easily but dont take training for granted.

    Infosys actually recruits over 15000 freshers.

    In one DOJ, they mostly call 1000 freshers our of which about 600-700 will join. From my DOJ, 634 people joined and the ratio is more if only South Indian colleges there in a particular DOJ. And out of the total number of people who complete training or want to complete training, about 10-15% fail in training.

    Only the number of people joining Infosys should be taken as reference. The net employee addition at Infosys has gone down greatly these days as many current employees leave the company.

  97. Unknown  

    Sir, you mentioned about PLES stream akin to mech guys, can you please tell me what are other much sought after streams?Also tell me whether DBMS is necessary for every individual during training??

  98. Unknown  

    .....also tell me what are other 'necessary-to-undergo' subjects during training????

  99. Chintan Patel  


    There is nothing like "sought after" when it comes to streams. It was not that every mech guy wanted to be in PLES. I think only about half of those who sat for the presentation finally expressed interest for PLES.

    There is no such craze for a particular stream because you may get trained in Java and then be put on a .NET project when you get posted.

    Yes, getting IMS sucks because you will be doing server management, networking etc which is not what a software engineer is supposed to do. Also, Open Systems is another unpopular stream.

    Among preferred streams, you have the newly introduced Business Intelligence (because there is no extended stream), SAP (for obvious reasons), Finacle (product based work).

    Mostly everyone gets either Java or .NET because most projects in the industry are built using either of these technologies.

    Yes, there is a module in generic training called RDBMS and its necessary to learn it properly because no matter which stream you get or what project you work on after training, there will be a database mostly involved and you will be required to insert, update or delete data from the database.

    Just C, Java and RDBMS are enough because you dont know which stream you will get and these 3 are a part of generic training now.

  100. Unknown  

    hi chintan!
    i got selected in infosys thru campus selection (dec 2010).
    will it be very tough for me during training???
    i knw only the basics of c language..dats it!

  101. Chintan Patel  


    Training is not tough. Just dont be careless. People score well even without knowing anything before and studying everything after joining.

  102. Anonymous  

    Hello Chintan,
    I wanted to confirm with u wot i have heard. I have been selected in infosys on campus drive as system engineer-trainee and it will be of duration 4-6 months in mysore. Now the thing is they told the package to be 3.25 LPA(27k per month) but do we get this much amount in our training period of six months? or we will get just a stipend of 10k or 12k? and then out of this 10-12k we have to give our accomodation charges and food court bills?
    plz help me. am in dilemma whther to join infy or not as this much amount iam getting in delhi only

  103. Chintan Patel  


    The package during training and after training will be mentioned in detail in the offer letter.

    The package you will get in training is the same that was announced to you and it is not that you will have to make do with only 10k-12k during training.

  104. Unknown  

    Hiii chintan!!!
    Is medical check up is mandatory for joining purpose???

  105. Chintan Patel  


    No, in our case they didnt even ask for it and i think it is still the same so dont worry about medical certificates.

  106. Harshad PranicHealer  

    hello Chintan..

    what kinda exams are there during training? like those college semester exams? coz college exams were all about 1-night study, good luck, good handwriting and long answers (I'm bad at all 4).
    if this is the case, then I have serious concerns about my survival there!

    Harshad (harshadontheline@gmail.com)

  107. Chintan Patel  


    All exams will consist of multi-choice objective questions in which you will have to select from 3,4 or 5 possible answers.

    There is nothing like college where you can do one night study and pass. The questions from exams are carefully crafted and you will have to have learnt the subject well enough to get those 65% passing marks. Handwriting and long answers dont matter because you will never get to use them.

  108. Harshad PranicHealer  

    my Goshh Chintan you are one terrific guy! I post my ques late nite n check for ur reply next morning, n to my surprise its there!
    n I'm feeling so happy after reading your reply. thnx n Love you! :D

  109. Unknown  

    I hav been selected to infosys through campus interview... i am basical from electronics branch..i hav heard that the mech guys.. hav PLES stream... where they will be working in thier own field... my question is ... has i am from Eletronics brach.. r ther any streams related to our branch... wher our electronics knowlegde come into use...

  110. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    I heard that there is another round of aptitude exams and hr interview before joining the training is it true?I mean i got placed on campus and i was selected after aps n interview
    Also i got placed on 18 dec 2010 and that day around 150 students were selected from my college.The hr manager announced our names so far that is the only source we know that we are placed i know the offer letter comes very late,should i expect any letter from infosys or should i ask my college officials?

  111. Chintan Patel  


    There would be business units like embedded systems which i guess require knowledge of electronics also but dont be optimistic on that. They really dont care about your graduation and will make you a complete software engineer by the end of training and will put you into a business unit where there is a requirement at the time you completed training. So dont expect them to give you a role in which you can use your electronics knowledge.


    There is no other interview/exam to filter out the candidates and if the HR announced your name at the time of campus interview, you are selected for sure.

  112. Unknown  

    thank you so much chintan:)

  113. Unknown  

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