Hi... everyone.. Its been hard these days to find time to post..

1. There was a fire drill last friday at GEC-1. The sirens started screaming and everyone was asked to vacate the building. The whole thing seemed real but we were already leaving for our rooms. They even took a guy into an ambulance as if he was hurt. Then they said that it was all fake and gave a lecture on fire safety.

2. RDBMS test was supposed to be today but there was some server problem and we received a mail yesterday at 8:30 PM telling that the test will be tomm at the same time.

3. About the hostel rooms... It now seems clear that they are accommodating boys in single bed rooms only and are using the shared rooms to accommodate girls. I am saying this because the hostels that belonged to boys b4 are now occupied by girls of 25th August batch. So its very likely that all boys joining from now onwards will get single bed rooms. (there are no single bed room hostels for girls). But ya, luxury comes at a price. The rent of single bed rooms is 2750 Rs per month while that of shared is 2000 Rs per month. But believe me, single bed rooms are worth paying 3000 Rs per month.

4. Today, when we arrived in our rooms, there was a new table lamp waiting for us which is completely unnecessary. Dont know how much they earn that they can easily afford such things. Adding a wallclock last week was ok but this was just not needed. There was already a bedside lamp if you want to read books on bed and now this. The ACs in single bed rooms are still not working as there is central AC here and shared rooms have individual split ACs but the whether is good enough to not even need a fan.

5. Movies at the multiplex for this weekend are "Wanted" and "Rock On!!"..
Thats it for now... bye...

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  1. Anonymous  

    hi ..
    U r doing a great job .. U r helping us a lot ..
    have few ques for u ..

    1. do we have net connection in each room ..
    2. if we r allotted single room , then we can get our frnds in the nearby rooms itself ?
    3. how much will be sufficient for 1st month (mainly food) ..
    4. for friday classes we cant go in slippers ?
    5. will they give the study material for each?

  2. Anonymous  

    hey...gr8 job man... do we have to sign any agreement or bond at the time of joining? if so how long is it for and what is the penalty for breaking the bond??? ie do we have to pay anything to them for breaking the bond?

  3. Anonymous  

    Hi Chintan....Gr8

    What are the days /timings when parents / relatives are allowed to visit?

    Can you go out of campus on on weekdays / weekends? if so what are timings? Can parents visit us / meet us on weekdays?

    Pls. clarify asap.....

  4. Anonymous  

    Hi buddy, do let us know about the RDBMS module test. what was the duration of the module? I have heard its one of the toughest modules of generic training.

  5. sandip basak  

    hi chintan;
    really u r doing a commendable job buddy.
    hey please tell me after the traing on which criterion they give the place of posting? do they give any posting in delhi?

  6. Chintan Patel  


    1. Why would they give a net connection in rooms if they dont provide a PC???????????????????????????

    2. Yes

    3. 5000 is enough..

    4. no slippers.... wonder y anyone wud like to go in slippers to work..

    5. ohhhhhhh yaaa... of course... isnt it obvious?????

    Pretty soon i am going to turn off Anonymous comments due to these silly doubts..


    you will know that in induction...


    Parents can meet anytime... on weekdays also..
    Rest i have posted in previous posts...

    @Nisha.. .

    RDBMS module test went fine...

    I got 75%.. It was of 7 days for LC people and its for 4 days for FT.. . No its not that tough.. i wud call PF the toughest..

    Its purely random...
    Is there infosys in delhi???
    If it is, then they MAY give..

  7. Unknown  

    okk dude can u gimme sum more idea abt PLES stuff...it would reaaly help mee..thnx..^^

  8. Chintan Patel  


    i have told everything i know...

  9. Anonymous  

    hii chintan..

    is there any SBI ATM available in our campus?????
    plz tell me

  10. Chintan Patel  


    There is only ICICI ATM in the campus.. but you can withdraw from that also.. it costs about 20-50 Rs per 1000 Rs withdrawn.. So its affordable.. And you only need it for the first month.. Then you will be using ur ICICI salary account

  11. Anonymous  

    ok chintan


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