Hi everyone,
Here are more pics of class and hostel rooms as requested by some waiting-for-DOJ people. And ya, i am not any of the people who are sleeping.

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  1. Anonymous  

    are there attached restrooms even in shared rooms??? and i hope we'll be given separate cupboards and beds in shared rooms.....

  2. Chintan Patel  

    yes, you have that...

    yes, that is also true...

  3. Anonymous  

    Hey the pic u have put is of a single/ double room??

  4. Anonymous  

    'Frozen' here..Nice pics da..How come the ppl sleeping weren't caught?

  5. Unknown  

    gr8 going guy,,

    hey chitan does infy provides there own t-shirts also.........

  6. Unknown  

    hey chintan,

    abt the single room and twin sharing rooms, is it upto us to choose between these two or we r asked to pick up room keys at random from lots???

  7. Chintan Patel  

    The pic is of my own single bed room...


    The tutors dont mind people sleeping.. You can sleep in his face... ;-)

    Infosys does not give it for free.. You will have to purchase it from their store here... I think the cost is about 350 Rs..


    You are not allowed to choose. They will give the key to you at the reception. But i think now, most boys will get into single bed rooms.. They are accommodating girls in the shared hostels.. No single bed rooms for girls are there.. The shared hostels that belonged to boys b4 is now occupied by girls.. And so you can be pretty sure that you will get single bed room.. But ya, as i said b4.. the rent for single bed rooms is 2750 and of shared is 2000 Rs per month..

  8. Anonymous  

    are single rooms worth the price we pay for it? wat do u prefer???

  9. Anonymous  

    are u sure that boys joining on sep 15th will be alloted only single rooms??

  10. blindgaurdien16  

    hehe thatz awesome photography ...

    praise the actors for their posing skill s :)

  11. Anonymous  

    have they started accommadating trainees in gec 2

  12. Chintan Patel  

    I have already told that they are worth paying...

    i didnt tell that i am sure they will only get single bed rooms... But mostly yes...


    They are not posing.. They are actually sleeping.. you will know how common it is when you come here..

    yes, most streams are being taught in GEC 2... and GEC 1 is mostly for generic people...

  13. Anonymous  

    have they started accommodating trainees in gec 2 hostel

  14. Anonymous  

    hey man, nice going.

    what about the recreational facilities? You having fun? Have you tried bowling and other sports? How is it?

  15. Unknown  

    thanks for reallly helpful notes..
    my doj is 14th sept..
    will seperate rooms be allocatedto guys?
    n wat all toiletries n beddings to be brought along??
    mattress etc??

  16. Unknown  

    do we need to get warm clothes along??
    wat will be the weather like?

  17. Chintan Patel  


    All these doubts are already answered under "Important Checklist for People Joining Soon".

    Please read some posts before you decide to post a query.

  18. juhi  

    infosys has sent me a mail of authenciation.
    In that my 10th% is written 82.8% but it is actually 85.8%.
    The option of editing is closed.so is there any problem?please reply..

  19. Chintan Patel  


    No problem, dont worry. It is their mistake and you can make them correct it after joining or email them about it now.

  20. meera  

    i got my training place in bhubaneswar. room facility will be good?

  21. vipul  
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