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The Generic Training Course has been revised so as to reduce the stress on trainees.

Now it has been taken care of that there will be only 1 exam per week. This is such a huge relief and i think it compensates the 12 o clock time limit of GEC.

As i said before, the training is now divided into 3 stages and the new update is that there are some differences for CS/IT and non-CS/IT people.

For non-CS/IT Graduates:

The first stage or the basic level of generic which contains PF,PT(C-Language) and RDBMS. The result is combined for PF,PT i.e it contains 40% of PF,30% of PT and 30% for PT project. RDBMS has a separate test.

Incase they don’t clear any of the tests(PF,PT combined and RDBMS tests) either in test or re-test, they need to take an Integrated test. Incase the trainee does not clear the Integrated test ,the trainee is sent back home to prepare for about 20 days paid leave is under LOP(Loss of Pay). That is, you will lose your salary for those 20 days. Not to mention the traveling costs.

When you come back, you have to reappear for these exams and if you fail for the second time, then you will be asked to leave the company.

After this Stage 1 of training you will get into advanced generic phase. This includes:
1) OOP(object oriented programming) using java and a little of advanced Java,
2) Oracle which include PL-SQL statements,
3) Unix and Software Engg Course after which the trainee needs to take Hands On exam on OOP concepts and Oracle.

After the Hands On exam, theoretical courses like SDM(Software Development Methodology),UXD(User Experience Design),IQS(Infosys Quality Systems) are taught. After this, the trainee will have an objective exam on the whole of advanced generic inclusive of the theoretical courses on clearing which the trainee will be allocated a stream.

Stream will be allocated even if the trainee fails the above mentioned exam but he will have to take the retest for the exam after Stream Training. There is no "Exit Policy" for non-CS/IT people for this stage.

For CS/IT Graduates:

Incase of a CS/IT Graduate, the trainee will have a super fast basic generic course called as Bridge Course, the result of which will not affect the training of the CS/IT gradutes. After this, the trainee enters the Advanced generic course similar to non-CS/IT graduates, but the difference here is that the exit procedures are applicable for the trainee here in case of CS/IT graduates. They need to clear that compre. There is a retest for that also.

After this they enter the stream training. Java and Open System streams are getting re-structured whereas Dotnet and Mainframes are being re-defined. (Will update you on this as soon as it happens).

After Stream, Extended training has been made mandatory nowadays, so after this every trainee needs to undergo extended training.

Now according to this new structure Generic is now 58 working days and incase the course is more than 4 days ,a day was added in between the course called a “Practice Day” where a trainee gets a day to work on the course and cope up with the subject.

There might be some refinement in the structure for the next batches as this is the first time this structure is being rolled out.

All information in this post is thanks to Shravan.


Only post comments about this post on the forum:

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  1. Unknown  

    thanx a lott to shravan n u ....u r doing a great job...
    will there not be any non technical trng??i.e. the communication skills n related stuff...

  2. Unknown  

    Thx a lot 4 da info bro ...
    Is it compulsory to stay in campus during da training period ... cant we stay outside at our relatives place ???
    aw8ing ur reply bro :)

  3. Unknown  

    sorry to post again bro bt 1 small doubt ... u said dat da training is now extended to 8 months but in da above post u mentiond dat da new generic training(cs/it) is for only 58 working days (i.e 3 months) na ???

    Thanks in advance ...

  4. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, ILI sessions are there but they are just like a break from the regular training. Nothing to worry about. I will post the schedule for it when i get to know.


    Yes, you can stay outside also. But that would be a mistake. Nothing can match the life there.

    Yes, generic is of 3 months, then 2 months for 2 streams which makes it 7 months..

  5. MuZiC LoVeR  

    woow thanks a lot bro 4 ur instant reply :) Cheers

  6. Unknown  

    Thanks Chintan & Shravan for this post..
    I am a CS guy so my questions are..

    Syllabus for basic generic for non-cs & bridge for cs are same?

    What will be the subjects of compre for cs guys?

    If neone clears the compre in retest then is the non paid leave applicable for him(CS) also?

    Thanks a ton

  7. Sai Manohar  

    Thanx for the info.. U did a great job enlightening us abt the things we wanted to know..

  8. Chintan Patel  


    I think they would be mostly the same. But as CS people would know C language very well, they may skip 1-2 days which cover the basics. I am not sure about this.

    There would be 2 compres for CS guys, one is the Advanced generic and other is stream compre. I have mentioned the subjects for Advanced Generic in the above post. For stream compre, subjects would differ as per the stream.

    I think there is no 20 days LOP leave rule for CS people but i think i will have to confirm it with Shravan.

  9. Hems  

    can u briefly explain about de steps for applyin for ll b very helpful.thanks in advance.

  10. Chintan Patel  


    There is not much to say. You will know everything when you reach there. You will be guided through by them.


    if the doj is abtt mar 2010 ,is it better to go for higher studies or stay put and wait for the job??

  12. Chintan Patel  


    You should give a serious try at all MBA entrance exams. Results will be out by March so you can decide what to do. Just wasting 10 months is not good. You may also consider going for certifications.

  13. Unknown  

    hey thanks a lot...u doing a gr8 job...
    could u pls elaborate more on PF and PT(C language)...

  14. kalyan  

    hi chintan ... !!

    can u plz tell me the areas in which i have to concentrate before i get into infosys on june 8 2009 ..!!

  15. sravan kumar  

    Hey Kalyan before joining trianing i would suggest u to go thru JAVA,and incase u r a non cs Student then C language along with JAVA.

    Hey Rinky,
    PF and PT are the modules which Deal with Basic programming using C language.


  16. sravan kumar  

    Hey biswa...

    there is no LOP fr Cs grads....and yea u ppl will complete the bridge course in a week's time......

  17. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    my doj is mar29 2010.. is there any chance for postponement of doj?

  18. sunny  

    do tell us more bout the super fast bridge course

  19. Shruti BK Rao  

    oh!!! this will be a training for non-IT's!! would they have brought this into effect earlier itself!!!

  20. Unknown  


    thank u yar..

    n heard that training is different for cs/IT and non-cs/IT ..wat is the difference ??

    n are there any excemptions to non-cs grads than cs-grads

  21. Chintan Patel  


    You want to postpone your DOJ or prepone it??

    You can extend your DOJ but you cant ask for an earlier date as your DOJ.


    Only Sravan can answer this in details but i dont think there is much to worry about it. Basically, it is meant to cover some programming topics that you have already studied in college which would mostly be C language.


    The differences are already mentioned in the post.

    What kind of exemptions? Please be more clear.

  22. sravan kumar  

    already done.......wat the non cs ppl learn...will be cleared in the superfast ex pf and pt is done in a day!!!...

  23. Unknown  

    is the campus connect material is sufficient for the bridge training.what is pt project.what kind of project i mean.can u give some examples.
    mca comes under which category cs/it or non cs..

  24. Chintan Patel  


    Yaa, that would be sufficient for you.

    PT project is to be completed in 3 days in a group of 4. The application that they tell you to make will usually have 4 modules.

    It can be a hotel reservation system, insurance information system, airlines or railway booking system, electricity bill payment system etc.

    MCA is considered in CS group.

  25. my name is preeti  

    whats the exact training period for cs and non cs members...u hav said tat there will be 3+2+2 months for cs students...then wat will be for non cs members...?

  26. Chintan Patel  


    There is no difference is the training period between CS and non-CS trainees except stage 1. So the difference is about 1 week to 10 days.

  27. Unknown  

    i read in the forum dat infy is going to conduct the cc tests in many colleges...but our college is not registered...and we dont have any in4mation as such in our we have to give this tests too???

  28. Chintan Patel  


    CC is not mandatory. Its just for your own sake. There is no problem if you dont attend the course.

  29. Hems  

    i cannot login into de e.joining doj is june shows"access is denied" or "invalid candidate id"..i tried it even today..

  30. Chintan Patel  


    Please enter your DoB, candidate id and password EXACTLY as mentioned in the email.

    I think most of the candidates face this problem. Anyways, i am unaware of any changes that they have made to the site so cant help you much.

  31. Unknown  

    hi chintan.. please help me.. have few small doubts..
    Iam from CSE stream.. i have a backlog in my 7th semester and the exam is after my date of joining in june.. so i dont have any other option but to extend the date of joining.. now i have three doubts..

    (1)if i apply for extension of date of joining, will i be surely called again?

    (2)if i am called again,approximately after how many months will i be called from the point of my date of joining..

    (3)assume that they called me later n till then i cleared all the subjects,including backlog.. the university system of issuing certificates is that we get a seperate certificate for the backlog exams. now my doubt is will they ask me to quit even after clearing backlog n complete my engineering, jus bcoz i had a backlog in my 7th sem which will be visible in my certificate..?

    my wordings r long n questions r many.. but.. i wanted u to know my problem n doubts clearly.. hope i am clear.. eagerly waiting for your answers.. thank u sooo much in advance..

  32. Vishal Verma  

    hi chintan.... is it true dat d trainees 4rm new batch wnt be paid instead will be given food coupons of Rs 3000 and a stipend of Rs1000...... pls throw some light if u hv ne information???

  33. Chintan Patel  


    1. You will surely be called again. Dont worry about that.

    2. All extension candidates will be called together in a batch which will usually be in March 2010.

    3. No, you dont need to worry about that. Having a backlog and clearing it is pretty much everyone's story. You just need to maintain the aggregate.

    Yes, thank you for being so clear. Wish everyone posts their queries like this.


    Noooo, this is totally untrue.

    They will surely pay you whatever they have mentioned in the offer letter.

  34. Unknown  

    hey buddy the exact duration of the traing as tat was mentioned to us in a meeting at infy hyd is

    non cs/it-150 days i.e 29 week

    cs/it-131 days i.e 26 week

    and chethan i am very grateful to u 4 all ur suggestion . plz keep the gud work going on becoz we freshers always need some sort of suggestion frm experienced ppl like u.

    thanks chethan

  35. Chintan Patel  


    First get my name right... It is Chintan.

    Ok, thanks...

  36. samarth  

    i guess you have answered this question a million times by now, but in the joining pre requisites they have mentioned campus connect as mandatory if your college offers it.. and i read that only when campus connect batch is over in college and theres no possiblity to join it now.. could you pls confirm this

    thanks a lot

  37. Chintan Patel  


    The mails they send are very old. Your joining mail will even mention that Laptops are not allowed which is not true.

    Campus connect held some relevance when there were fast track batches for those who passed in the CC test on second monday. It gave non-IT people a chance to get into fast track and complete training soon.

    But now, they themselves divide the trainees into 2 categories beforehand and so there is little importance of CC.

    Like i have said earlier, it is just for your own sake.

  38. samarth  

    thanks a lot.. that took a big load of my mind..

  39. Unknown  

    hey chintan....
    we had a recruits meet at infy hyderabad the other day...and they said dat its mandatory to hav the cc certificate in case the college is connected!!
    our date of joining is 0n 22june and since none of us have attended the cc programme...we r asked to attend now...and finish it bfore doj!!!
    im posting this just for info sake...

  40. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhk.. I will confirm it from my friends there and will post about it.

    But i think they are just trying to scare you. Anyways, you cant risk it in these tough times.

  41. Chintan Patel  


    I confirmed it with Shravan and he too said that it is not mandatory.

  42. SURVIVOR  

    Hey chintan. There was a training program in our coll by infosys. they conducted some tests including essay and speaking test. then i got an email stating that i was poor in essay and my business commm is poor as well and gave me some tips on it. i juss wanted to know that will these things be recorded and will it affect my period in infosys. waiting for your reply. thank you.

  43. Chintan Patel  


    No, dont worry about that. Those tests mean nothing. You will face some more stupid english and communication tests in the first week of training.

  44. Unknown  

    ya..jus that we cannot risk at this point of time we r attending it ....i also recieved a mail regarding the schedule of cc program starting frm cant escape!!

  45. Chintan Patel  


    Ok, thats good.

  46. Unknown  

    hi chintan.. i am d same guy who posted few ques regarding DOJ extension(post no.33).. thank u soo much for answering them so clearly.. now i need ya help in taking an important decision.. pleeease help me...

    I recently got placed in an MNC.. pay is 4.25 lakhs pa and DOJ is in july,2009... now i have three options with me..

    1.practical option: forget about infy n join in new MNC.. advantages are its a good reputed company,pay is good, job security is high, jus 20 mins away from my home,no much job pressure..

    2.emotional option: i dont know why but i love infosys.. n i want to experience the feeling of undergoing training process in mysore campus.. money is not d most important criteria for me.. i love challenges n i wanna start a new life there at mysore.. and when i look back after few years, i think being part of mysore campus wil surely give me lots of happiness... but i have to wait till march,2010 and forget abt MNC that pays 4.25 lakhs for fresher, even in times of recession.. this is a foolishness according to everyone of my frenz.. but risky option: join in MNC. work till feb,2010.. then resign(coz there isnt any bond).. after that join infy training in march,2010.. this is my preferred option.. but iam not sure this is possible coz i have few doubts regarding this.. will i face any
    problems with this option? will i be considered a fresher after working for 7 months in an MNC and be allowed for normal training?(they may come to know dat iam experienced from NSR).. I have a backlog n i am keeping medical reasons for extension of DOJ...even if i join later will they think i cheated them by applying for extension of DOJ coz they may come to know that i worked in another company for 7 months? iam confused..

    I am usually very good at decision making.. but.. i am unable to take decision regarding this coz i am jus a fresher n dont have knowledge regarding companies n IT industry.. please suggest me a good option..

    finally i want to know wat would you've done if u were in my place....

    i am asking u this coz i dint find anyone who can give me better advice than you.. i really mean it n its not an're really doing great job n helping so many freshers like me..

    I think this is the biggest post of this blog.. but.. sorry i could'nt help.. tried to cut short.. pleeeease take out thoda time n help me..

    thanks in advance..

  47. Unknown  

    Hai chintan

    My DOJ is on 22nd June 2009..our colg has conducted CC program but they have not kept us any exam regarding CC so what should we do know...

  48. Chintan Patel  


    There is no risk in option 3. Infosys has made you a job offer. They dont have any problems with where you were before. They are ready to recruit you as a fresher doesnt mean that they will recruit you ONLY if you are a fresher.

    My batchmates selected in Wipro(2008 passouts) have got their joining date as 29th Dec 2009! And that does not mean that they cant start their professional career before that date. Most of them are already lecturers in my college.

    Dont mention medical reasons to extend your DoJ if there is no medical reason. They will ask you to provide proof of your illness/injury and will verify them also. If you fail to provide, they will ask you to leave. I have heard of such a case.

    You can tell them the truth that you have one backlog. Like i said before they are OK with it as far as you meet their aggre criteria.

    Yaa, this is surely the biggest comment but i wish all comments were so detailed in explaining the problem.

    Surely, infosys training will be the best part of your life. You will regret badly if you dont undergo training. The job after training is pretty much the same as other companies but infosys training will overwrite your joyful college days i promise. I have a married friend who says that Infosys training was even more exciting than the time between engagement and marriage. He still says that infosys training was the best part of his life even after 3 yrs of being with infosys and after 1 year of marriage.

    I would have done what i have advised you to do.


    There must be an exam after which they provide a certificate that you have completed CC. If there is no exam, you should tell infosys about it. They will surely take some action against it. You can write to but firstly do confirm that there is not going to be any exam conducted.

    Personally i believe CC does not hold much importance and you wont face any problem if you dont complete it.

  49. hrudayamlo  

    hi chintan..
    u said that an extra day will be given if the course is more than 4 for rdbms & c, r we going to get extra days..& will this be the same in streams as well?


    shravan suggested to go through java a part of generic now..or is it just to be helpful in case of getting the java stream..

    i'm unable to view the comments in the post "Important Checklist for People Joining Soon" beyond the first 200 tere r 244 comments in that post..

    also wat is the negative marking it 1/4th as it was previously or any change..

  50. Destination unknown  

    my doj is in jan 2010.when infy first announced they are coming to our college the cut off needed to attend the aptitude exam was 68..but later they made the cut off 63.i got the copy of offer letter by in many forums people are telling like its mandatory to have 68 during the time of having 65% only now and there is no chance of getting a 68..and i dont remember infy hr telling us anything about getting a 68 at time of how can i confirm whats the % criteria.i thought like the % criteria varies for different im worried and confused.i didn get any other jobs other than infy.plz help me out with this.and tell me how to confirm this.ive send a few mails to some hr mail ids from forums but no reply so far.any others ways of confirming plz let me know.

  51. anu0412  

    i am from hyderabad and my doj is june 8th 2009, like everyone else i got the offer letter through mail...but a week ago i got a mail that my hard copy of the offer letter along with the service agreement has been sent through speed post..they also gave me the courier number....but the problem is that its been a week and i didnt receive the courier and when i enquired about this with the speed post courier people they said that the courier did not reach the city yet and when i called up infy help line they kept telling me to wait...
    i am worried a bit bcoz only 2 weeks are left and all my friends received their courier except for me..
    and i wanted to know what will happen in case i dont receive my hard copy in time...will they allow me to join or not and what should i do ...please reply...thanks in advance

  52. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you will get one more day just for preparation for those subjects.

    I dont know if it will be the same in stream.

    Yes, Java is a part of generic so its importance is as much as C language now.

    Yes, do not post comments on that post. I tried to solve that problem but wasnt able to. I will delete some older comments to answer the new ones on that thread.

    There is no change in negative marking.

    @Destination unknown...

    Yes, the criteria is different for different colleges. You just have to go with what was announced during your campus interview. Some colleges have cutt off as high as 70% and some have only 55%. Send a mail to . She is a senior HR at bangalore and handles all the criteria related queries. I guess she will also be able to check criteria for your college.


    You can join Infosys with the service agreement also. From my batch, about 80% of people joined without service agreement. You just have to get it mailed back to you at Mysore when it reaches your home after getting it signed by your parents. The rule says that your salary wont get credited to your account till you submit your hard copy but that is not strictly followed. One friend of mine submitted his hard copy just 1 week before generic compre. He received his salary as everyone on time.

    We got our offer letters well before joining. Anyways, you can take the print out of the offer letter mail and show it at the time of joining. It wont happen that you will not be allowed to join Infosys without the hard copy of offer letter.

  53. Unknown  

    Hi chintan & shravan

    Is the passing criteria same? that means 65% cut off with .25 negetive & 4.0 cgpa all over??

  54. Destination unknown  

    i send a mail to asking about the percentage criteria about which i ask you whether it is 63 or the send me a mail back.its like this:

    please note that, the criteria stands 63% only at time of joining.

    Thanks and Regards

    i dont understand what exactly they mean that.whether that means the % criteria is 63% itself.what they mean only at time of joining.i dont understand what they trying to convey in the mail.plz clarify and help me..

  55. Unknown  

    hi chintan....can i take leave for 2-3 days during training period.??
    plzz reply

  56. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, the criteria is still the same.


    What they are trying to convey is that the criteria is 63% only, as in Rs One thousand Five Hundred Only. i.e. it is not more than 63%. Only 63% are required at the time of joining.


    I have just answered it but here it is again...

    You can take leaves but if you take more than 5 days leave then you will be asked to join in a later batch. You can take 1-2 days leave at most. I wont personally recommend taking more leaves unless if you are talented enough to make up for what was taught during those days.

    You can apply for a leave by sending an email to your batch owner. But ya, if you want to take a leave, just vanish and dont apply prior to taking a leave. If you apply and take a leave, the Corporate Planning group at Bangalore will put your name with the batch who joined just after you and so your joining and posting will come alongwith them and not your batch mates.

    One person from our batch faced that prob and he got posting at Bangalore while his batch mates from .NET got posted at Chennai. He was lucky in this case but it can also be the other way round.

  57. Destination unknown  

    thankz..i was in ahurry n misread it mistake...thanks again chintan 4 the help

  58. Unknown  

    Hi chintan.....i am an IT grad just completed my clg. I wanna ask that what is the procedure of posting after the training is over. I often heard that they try to relocate us at a development centre closer to our native place. please do tell me.
    I have another query...i am not good in programming at all. My doj is 13th july 2009. I have a good command over all theoritical subjects.
    Will this lack of knowledge affect my stay during the training program? I think that i will be able to cope the training program. I often heard from my seniors that they teaches everything from scratch.
    Do i need to worry beforehand?????

  59. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they try to but it will not always work out to be what you want. It also depends on requirements of various Depts within Infosys.

    Yes, you will have to learn programming. It is not difficult at all considering that i was from Mechanical and didnt knew a thing about C or Java but still managed 3.95 CGPA. So considering that, an IT grad should never fail.

  60. Unknown  

    hey u doing a great job.....thanks....
    I am from electronics i need to prepare before joining the esteemed company.If yes could u plz suggest which all courses should i prepare before joining.....
    and is the training really very tough for non cs ppl.....

  61. Chintan Patel  

    @Hard Work...

    Learn C language and Java.

    Its not tough at all but dont become easy going.

  62. Unknown  

    hi chintan... same guy who posted long posts.. (post no.33 and 51) applying for extension of DOJ n as u said i will be called in march,2010.. assume that my date of joining after extension is march 8,2010.. my doubt is that how many days before march 8,2010 will i come to know about my new DOJ.. i am asking u this coz i have to mention about my resigning from the prev MNC one month in advance.. it would be very very fine for me if infosys announces my new DOJ one month before the new DOJ.. and thanks is a word which is very less for all ya help.. so.. more than thanks for helping all of us.. take care..

  63. Chintan Patel  


    Yaa, i know you by the wrong spelling of Anonymous. So no need to introduce yourself everytime...

    Yaa, you will get your DOJ well in advance so dont worry. People get it about 3 months in advance so even in the worst case, it will atleast be 1 month in advance.

  64. Unknown  

    my doj is june 8 ,I have 2 backlogs(7thsem).now all my 7th sem and 8th sem exams are over and I have written all of them pretty well,but the 8thsem results(along with my 7th sem backlogs)will be out only on june do I satisfy the eligibility criteria?(and is it 63%above counting the backlog’s marks or is that not included?) Or I do not have anyway other than getting my offer extended? But I do not want to get my offer extended(as I will be jobless for 6months) so can I go there directly on june8th doj.plz help.

  65. Chintan Patel  


    63% in total including all the subjects...

    You can join Infosys on 8th June and if they have a orblem, they will send you back and give you a new DOJ by themselves. I would have done that instead of applying for an extension.

    Or you can also call them and confirm if you can join but i strongly suggest you join and take a chance than just applying for extension if 6 months is too long for you to be jobless.

  66. Unknown  

    thx a lot for the previous the 63% criteria u said,is first semester,second semester included in aggregate calculation?(or only from second semester?)(or only from 2ndyear i.e.3rdsemester?).and if i had any history of arrears,should all those failed marks be included in the aggregate or only the current backlogs failed marks alone be included in the aggregate at the time of joining? sir do u think i will have to tell them about my current backlogs incase they do not find it out? will it be a good idea to go to mysore before doj june 8th(say 4th or 5th)and personally request them to consider my case with 2 backlogs? or is it better to go there directly on june 8th and try to sneak through with the thousand joining on the same date? plz help me.thx in advance.

  67. Chintan Patel  


    OHHHHHH.. Is the criteria that tough to understand? It is the simple aggregate of all your subjects mentioned on your marksheet. If you have passed a subject then ofcourse the old marks wont be taken into account for calculating your aggregate.

    Telling about backlogs is not a problem. They too know that people get backlogs in Engg.

    Requesting will not help at all.

    You cant "sneak through". Dont know what you mean by it. I have already told you what you should do in the previous comment.

  68. Unknown  

    thx a lot i got i will go there on june 8th and tell them about my backlogs first and ask them permission about joining.whom will i meet first,hr directly or someone else before that? shall i continue with other formalities (like getting hostel room key)on june 7th(previous day) before talking to hr about my backlogs on doj june 8th? plz advise.thx

  69. Unknown  

    hi sir
    i have been alloted 7dec as my doj in the mean time i got a mail from infy regarding the campus connect. i was bussy with my semester exams so was unable to do it earlier. now i had completed my semesters and is interested in joining the campus connect but is unable to understand the procedure. kindly guide me through it.
    Waiting for your reply

  70. Unknown  

    i would also like to know the details of the soft-skills training.
    further i am from BIET Jhansi and our college do not conduct any campus connect foundation program training. So i am a bit puzzled and confused as i dont know what to do and what not to do!

  71. Unknown  

    hai chintan....ur doing a great work .i got my doj as 22 nd of march,2010.and was selected through a pool campus drive in june last yr.though the eligibility during my selection was 63%, the HR at the selection process asked us to maintain it at 68%.i have it around 68(though my final sem results r still not sure it'll be around 67.5 to 68.5).i dont understand what they'll consider and what my future will be.and i have all my hopes on INFY and not applying for any other jobs.may be im acting foolish..
    sorry..i know aftr so many posts just asking abt this % criteria,u must be wexed and irritated.u just let me know...what will they consider??the one that they mentioned for the eligibility or the one they asked us to maintain?
    sorry again...i tried to figure the answer out from ur earlier posts,but couldn't get ,finally i did it myself.please find time to give me an answer.
    Thank u chintan.

  72. Chintan Patel  


    CC is not compulsory for you if your college does not conduct CC.


    The % criteria is the one which was announced to you as eligibility criteria.

    There is no such case that i have come across in which criteria was different and the HR told to maintain some other criteria.

    For your safety, you may call/email them about the criteria applicable to you.

  73. Unknown  

    Stream will be allocated even if the trainee fails the above mentioned exam but he will have to take the retest for the exam after Stream Training. There is no "Exit Policy" for non-CS/IT people for this stage.
    chintan,can u mak it clear??
    u meant as no exit @ stream training or u meant as no exit evn if te trainee didnt clear te retst of compre?

  74. Unknown  

    Hi Sir
    please tell me the details of SOFT SKILLS.

  75. Chintan Patel  


    How can there be no Exit if a trainee fails in a retest of a compre??


    Its useless..

  76. Unknown  

    Hi chintan

    I am in a real fix! I have not attended a single campus connect class as i was not in station. Totally, class took place for 5 days for hardly 5 students and they cancelled it cos of poor strength. However there is a test on the 16th of june. Is it a gud idea to attend that test? Cos i have zero attendance anyway.

    This matters cos i have to fill it in the e-joining in the infosys website for freshers. Please reply asap!


  77. Chintan Patel  


    Its not that big an issue. Although they now say that CC is mandatory for connected colleges, but i dont think that matters too much.

    You can safely write that you did not attend the programme. No one will ask you why you didnt after joining. Even if anyone does, you can say that the classes were cancelled due to poor participation of other colleagues of yours.

  78. Unknown  

    Ok and which of these is a better reason - "not in station" , "not well" ... And please let us know which are the excuses for which infosys will slaughter us, so that we don't state it under any circumstances!! :D

  79. Chintan Patel  


    None of these are good excuses and even good excuses dont work.

    They are far too intelligent and can figure it out. Anyways, like i said, dont worry too much about it. Noone was ever asked to leave because he didnt attend CC in college.

  80. Unknown  

    Thanks dude!!

  81. Unknown  

    Hi chintan

    i would like to know more about PT project..who will decide the group members..

    Can u plz tell me about much marks they carry an is it too diffcult...

  82. Chintan Patel  


    The groups are made up of 4 people and are decided by the employee ID. There is no shuffling so people having employee IDs in order will continue forming a group of 4 from the first to the last person in your class.

    Assignments are not difficult at all and usually people get very generous marks for them.

    They carry 30% of the subjects marks and the remaining 70% is the objective test of that subject.

  83. Unknown  


    Thanks a lot.

  84. Unknown  

    Hi chintan.....
    Im from biotech background..I am not having any idea regarding to these computer programmes.From my friend i heard that infy training is very hard.If we fail even in one exam they will ask us to leave, is it true??As u said i will gain a grip on C and JAVA,is it enough or anything else do i need to prepare???

  85. how can i explore ME...  

    thanx a lot sir for the update....
    i have a Q laptop provided there or we need 2 buy our own ? ( i knw laptops are not permitted inside premises....but cant we keep it in our rooms?? )

  86. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhhh... You wont be made to leave for just failing in one exam....

    Hope you read the post above...

    Thats more than enough...

    @How can i...

    Laptops are now not allowed in rooms also. So dont take it there if you have it with you...

  87. subhankar biswal exploring life  

    hello frnd
    can u plzzz tell me is written material
    or the campus connect books are provided by the infosys or we have to take them from outside
    as we can read in the room.

  88. Chintan Patel  


    Who would provide the books if not infosys?

    Yes, you can read them at your room.

  89. subhankar biswal exploring life  

    thanx for the reply..

  90. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    thank u for doing such a heartly work...
    my doubt is dat ....
    my joining is 9 nov 09 , so can i reach dere by 7 nov night will they allow me to check in on 7th and not on 8th

    plz reply....

  91. Unknown  

    Can u pls explain about the confirmation procedure in infosys at the end of 1 year...any more exmas will be there..on wat basis they confirm?

  92. Anonymous  

    Hi Chintan...
    I recieved a mail from Infosys asking me to fill some pre joining requisites..But in that, I was not able to acces 1 particular thing called E-joining. The moment i enter my candidate id, it says the id is wrong. What to do? Should i call the freshers toll free number and ask them. Is this problem there for others too...

  93. Chintan Patel  


    There wont be any more exams. You will be evaluated on the basis of your performance in the one year after training somewhat based on your project manager's feedback.

    There is not much to the "procedure". Just that you will get the yearly hike (not this year) and that you can leave infosys without paying the bond money.


    Yes, you should call their number. Just to help you, enter your candidate id and password (which is your DoB, i guess) exactly as in the example given in the email. if its 21-Oct-1988, then "O" should be capital and the hyphens should also be there.

  94. Unknown  

    hey chintan m a big fan of u n ur blog...really ur doing a fantastic job by helping ppl gettin into infy.. hats off 2u dude..where r u currently working??

  95. Chintan Patel  


    Read this post:

  96. Ankur Jain  

    @ Jay.
    E-joining login will be activated just a month before ur date of joining.

  97. Unknown  

    the bond in infy is 1 year right?? so since training has been extended to 26 weeks which is arnd 6 months.. so the bond time of 1 year includes training time or 1 year bond means one year after u finish training??

  98. Chintan Patel  


    The bond is effective after training period ends and you get posted.

  99. Chaitu...  

    hello , my doj is july 13th. i have 2 doubts.
    1) i have completed the cc in the college and it was said we will be given 5000/-. would there be any test after going to infosys.
    2) can we select the posting place after the training.
    thank you

  100. Chintan Patel  


    You would only be given 5000 Rs. if you get mroe than 80% in the CC test held on second monday.

    You cant select the posting place.

  101. CALTIGER  

    Can you plz give a clear picture of the salary the freshers do get in hand, for many say that much is being deducted for this and that, so if you can kindly demistify this fuss.

  102. ASWATHY V  

    can we get a chance to extend our DOJ rather than medical reasons?????

  103. ASWATHY V  

    can we get a chance to extend our DOJ rather than medical reasons????? Reply meeeeee fastly plzzzzzzzzzzz

  104. Unknown  

    i dnt have a 4 wheeler driving licence n vl b joining infy next month..vl i b deprived from any opportunities.. vl i b at ne kind of loss der??

  105. Stock Ideas  

    hi chintan I have heard that infy are throwing a large number of people after training say 7 out of 10 . is that so? please clarify me

  106. Chintan Patel  


    I have given the details about this in the post "First Salary Credited... ". Please read that.


    If the reason is genuine enough, they agree to extend but dont ever try to fool them.


    No, dont worry. Its not necessary. Dont know why they mention in the requirements.


    That ratio is false. And moreover, noone is ever thrown out without any reason.

  107. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    Can you please tell me about cc test,i mean ,is it a online test on or it is held at college?(if online, then please provide link for that test)
    Also, there is a link "Certificate Pin" on same website this certificate is in what concern?
    Thanks in advance...

  108. Anonymous  

    hello chaintan sir,
    sir our university has the provision of leaving 3 papers..i have left two..i will still getmy degree.will it affect my joining.
    thank you..

  109. Chintan Patel  


    It will be an online test which will be same like all the other tests that you will be giving there.

    I dont know about certificate pin but i think you will have to enter your certificate number there once you have completed CC training and have been awarded the certificate.


    I dont think that will affect your joining.

  110. Unknown  

    sir i cant access the e-join module of the 2009 recruits website...can u please help me out sir

  111. Unknown  

    i can login into the website and can access everything but only that particular e-join module is not accepting my candidates id...where are in campus connect training form page my id is confused

  112. Chintan Patel  

    @The Rebel...

    I think someone pointed out here that it will be activated only for 1 month before joining. Dont know much about that.

  113. Unknown  

    i would like to know more about the streams as u said that streams are getting restructured.also sir in the extended trg. will we be allocated another stream from these 4 streams only or will dere be ne other stream also

  114. Stock Ideas  

    Sir ,
    could u tell me what should we study before training. I have my joining in january,2010
    I have not studied J2EE but know about Core java and .net(ASP.NET,VB.NET). should I go for advance java preparation before training ? and also please suggest me books for core and advanced java.
    thank you

  115. Stock Ideas  

    continuing with my question , sir tell me any other subjects we need to prepare before training

  116. Unknown  

    chintan i have joined a brush up course in c and java package which will cover j2ee core java and oracle is that from a biotech background so im worried about it

  117. Chintan Patel  


    New streams can be introduced by them as per their requirements. Latest stream introduced is Business Intelligence.

    @Ankur, The Rebel...

    No matter how many times people ask this question, my answer will never change. -->" Learn C language, RDBMS, Java" <--

    Get the book that you like. I dont know about books for these subjects.

  118. Unknown  

    hi chitan,i hv received offer letter from infy with doj as jan 2010.In my offer letter they have mentioned national skills registry.s it enough if i register after joining infy...

  119. Chintan Patel  


    Its better to do NSR before training. It will be more convenient and will be one less thing to worry about after joining.

  120. Unknown  

    hi sir i m unable to login to the campus connect link provided due to which i m unable to complete some of the pre-joining formalities.... kindly help me...

  121. Chintan Patel  


    I cant help you with that.

  122. Unknown  

    k sir anyways thanks for the reply

  123. Unknown  

    i read somewhere that peoples are using book called 'champak' in there any such book?

  124. Chintan Patel  


    Once upon a time people used to call the training material as "champak" but now the usage is slowly dieing out.

  125. Unknown  

    hi chintan .......
    doing d gr8 job man!!!!!!!!
    sir my package is 3.25lac i wanna know dat how much i'll b paid at training period after all d deductions including food nd renting facilities.
    secondly, i'frm cse branch ,suggest me name of some books which i should study before joining d dat i dont any prob at training period initially..........


  126. Chintan Patel  


    You will get anywhere between 15-20k in hand salary during training.
    I cant suggest any particular books as i am from Mech but study C and Java before joining.

  127. itsme  

    hi chintan,doing a great job....
    can u pls say how can i update my mobile no. which i had given 2 infy at the time of recruitment there any mail id that can be used for this....pls reply

  128. Chintan Patel  


    I think the email for that is .

    Communication before joining will be through email only so dont worry about it.

  129. itsme  

    thank you chintan for helping with such a prompt reply....

  130. Unknown  

    i hav lost my 1st year marksheet bt i do hav th photocopy nd a copy of 4th year wich has all th results of all th years....
    will there be any joinin problem ...
    plzz reply asap
    thnx advance chintan

  131. Unknown  

    Hi I m ketan,
    I have done java certification, does it carry any importace during training, I mean can I select Java stream?.........I know its impossible.....but still i m asking......
    Can do further Java certification from Infy? whether Infy pays fee for certification?

  132. Unknown  

    Hi chintan,My DOJ is 10 th aug 2009, what if i get KT in my last sem and my aggr still remains above the required criteria.....will i have to loose my infy job or i ll get DOJ extension??

  133. Chintan Patel  


    I think you are safe. They will understand your situation. But it is better to get a duplicate from college/university.


    If you have passed Sun's SCJP test then its good but otherwise other certifications wont hold too much value.

    You cant ask anyone about the stream you want because it is decided at Corporate Planning Group at Bangalore and you would be at Mysore. Even HRs at Mysore wont have any idea about your stream allocation.

    You wont be allowed to join until you have appeared for all your exams. So if you get a KT, you will have to make sure you have appeared for its exam before you join. Even a pending viva is not allowed.

    You wont lose your offer due to that. Just that you will be asked to join in a later batch.

  134. Unknown  

    Hi, chintan,
    I have done hsc and diploma, I got my engg admission on the basis of my dipoma marks, thats why i enter my diploma marks everywhere not HSC marks.
    In interview form as well i have entered ssc,diploma, & engg aggr and also in online form. My aggr is above the required criteria and HSC criteria they had not mentioned during interviews, so i completeley fit their criteria. But the problem is I have not revealed my HSC marks, will I have to face difficulties for this at the time of joining?

  135. Chintan Patel  


    If they did not mention HSC marks as a criteria then you dont need to worry about it. Bu ti wonder if that really is the case as i have heard of such a case before.

    If there is some field for HSC marks then you are required to mention your marks there. After you join Infosys, in the first week, you are required to show all your marksheets and submit their photocopies. From the photocopies, they will calculate all your marks again and see if you meet the required criteria.

  136. Unknown  

    I still can enter my HSC marks in the ejoin link but i have not mentioned my marks in NSR as well...and I have got my NSR card now ,what should I do? should I enter? If enter the marks now then they can asked me why didn't u enter during ur interview?........I m confused...

  137. Unknown  

    no i m sorry, there is no way to add my HSC marks.........
    Will i get soft copy of service agrr if i dont receive hard copy

  138. Unknown  

    does infy gives training on SAP

  139. Unknown  

    i heard that during training we have to do project within 3 hrs is this really true?

  140. Chintan Patel  


    Post your questions on the Forum (link given in the bar above)... You post too many and too unimportant questions.

  141. seema  

    my parents want to come to mysore to see me off? is there any arrangements for them to stay for 2-3 days by the company? if not can you suggest some reasonable hotel near by

  142. reema  

    what is PT sir?

  143. Chintan Patel  


    They cant stay because you arent yet an employee. After your joining, you can book a room for them in infosys guest house.

    I dont know about any hotels because campus itself is out of the city and so cant find any hotels nearby. But ya, there are many hotels in the city in which you would be able to get a room for your parents when you land here. Just search for them.


    PT is Programming Techniques, a subject in which you would be taught some C language in generic stream.

  144. Unknown  

    thanks a more thing ..will i be allowed to go out after i join to see them if they stay for 2-3 days..
    also should i bring my laptop? will it be useful?

  145. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can go out to see them...

    Laptops are not allowed now so better not bring...

  146. Hwoarang  

    my date of joining is 25 jan 2010
    i got a mail from infy that those who do not meet the eligibility criteria cannot join.

    what is this eligibility criteria, has not been mentioned

  147. Chintan Patel  


    Eligibility criteria is the one that they mentioned during your campus interview.

  148. Unknown  

    Java in generic stream includes advance java or just core i mean oops packages i.e. upto applets or still more

  149. Unknown  

    hi.. was a little confused about the modules... are the generic module files being shared/downloaded from orkut(from where i got the link to this blog) for the non cs/it or cs/it bridge course modules? im a non cs/it so where do i download my generic files from?

  150. Chintan Patel  


    Applets are not included even in Java stream as far as i know. I am not sure which subjects of stream are included in generic from Java.


    The slides of the recently changed course would not be available yet. But i dont think they change anything at all. I have seen 2007 slides and compared them with 2008 slides and there was no dofference in content just the graphics were different. So you can study from whatever slides you have and you will be prepared well enough.

  151. Unknown  

    hey chintan doin gre8 job...
    i hav question regarding extension of DOJ..I want to extend my DOJ for month due to some personal reason... if I get chance to do that ...then they gonna put me in march batch with all extended students or batch immediately after mine?? ...means then i dont hav job till march...hence asked..
    thanx in advance...

  152. Chintan Patel  


    If you apply for extension, you will only be called with all other extension candidates which is usually in March. There is no provision through which you can request to postpone it by 1 month.

  153. Unknown  

    hey chintan do i need to buy ne bag to carry to d infy office frm my room.. i dnt hav ne bag nw so shd i buy??if yes then cn u suggest wt kind of bag i shd buy??n also r v suppose to maintain ne file??shd i buy file to maintain d DOJ is 10th Aug..

  154. Chintan Patel  


    Yaa, get a bag. It will be helpful to carry books. Especially the heavy books that you will need to get from library in stream training.

    No need to buy a file. All assignments are online only.

  155. Unknown  

    hey chintan,
    frst of all i want to congratulate u on the fabulous job that u hav been doing.

    i have some queries
    1. within my training period if i choose to leave infosys, do i have to pay them some bond money?if yes, how much?

    2. since they rnt allowing any laptops, shud i take some CC hard copy materials with me to mysore or will they surely provide us with the hard copy. coz i can study properly onli in my room!

  156. Chintan Patel  


    The best way to leave within your training period is to fail deliberately in training. That way, you wont have to pay any bond money and you will get the experience certificate and 1 month's advance salary.

    They will give you books for generic which covers all of the CC course so no need to take CC hard copy with you.

  157. Unknown  

    hii..thanks for the reply.. so these slides(generic) are the same for both non cs/it n the cs/it students?

  158. Chintan Patel  


    The slides were same till now but since the syllabus has changed from this year, they wont be the same. The generic course for non-IT students is longer than that for CS/IT students. Anyways, last year's material is your best bet.

  159. Unknown  

    hi chintan...i wanted to know , does infy gives us the travelling amount we had to pay to reach there(mysore)...coz i have heard a lot of company do that

  160. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys does not do that for people who have not yet become employees of the company. You will be paid for the travelling expense you incur for travelling to the location of your posting after training.

  161. Unknown  

    hey chintan as u hv mentioned earlier dt it gets vvcold in mysore so do v need to carry our own blankets or they vl provide sufficient blankets??my DOJ is 10th aug so m thinkin whether to buy blankets or no??

  162. Chintan Patel  


    Within rooms, it is fine without having our own blankets but outside it gets cold by evening. The blanket they provide in the room is sufficient.
    Dont take blankets there. No one does.

  163. Unknown  

    Please may i know the hotels names which are near to infy campus so that my parents can stay thnk u

  164. Chintan Patel  


    See comment 144.

  165. Unknown  

    hey chintan do v need to carry ne books der for C(Yashwant kanetkar) or JAVA??r there sufficient books in d library for everybody?? it used to happen in my coll dt d books were unavailable coz they were already taken by other such things happen der??

  166. Unknown  

    hey chintan thanks fr the reply. nd the failing deliberately part was really funny tho i thnk thats the onli practical option. in any case wat is the bond money amt that i hav to pay if i leave infy training midway?

  167. Chintan Patel  


    There are more than enough books in the library. Dont worry at all about that. No need to carry any books. Some books even have 500 copies available.


    If you dont want their relieving certificate or experience certificate, then you can leave without paying any bond money. But if you want the certificates, you will have to pay 50k Rs.

    But anyways, if you fail deliberately, you will get the certificates also. Leaving would be foolish. Failing is wise. :)

  168. Unknown from ur posts that the trainii wud b diff for CS and non-CS does dat mean there will be oly CS ppl in ur batch?how are the batches scheduled?

  169. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, due to this categorization, that is bound to happen.

    How are the batches scheduled??? I dont understand what you are trying to ask.

  170. Unknown  

    Hi chintan thnx for all clarifications you made my last question please kindly answer wat abt assignments are they same as those in campus connect material and wat if we can't submit whole assignment intime or we submit partially? do we really can do them?

  171. Chintan Patel  


    The daily assignments are just for your sake only. They are not a part of evaluation. But yes, you will need to complete them to gain thorough knowledge as the projects and theoretical tests will have tricky questions which you will only be able to solve if you solved the assignments. There will be tech-associates also who will help you with the assignments in addition to the teacher for that subject.

  172. Unknown  

    so better i try the assignments given in campus connect as much possible at home also

    thnk u for every second u spent to support and fill confidence in us tnx a lot brother its from heart with feel

  173. suraj DOJ is jan 2010...can u plz give me some advice that what should i do in these 5 my campus connect material as it'll help me after joining....or just do my MBA prep....
    nd i want to do SCPJ certification also...will its help me after joining...nd does it has any importance in infosys...

  174. Chintan Patel  




    It depends on how serious you are about Infosys or MBA. I cant help you take that decision.

    SCJP will certainly be helpful not only in Infosys but anywhere you go as it is an international certification.

  175. @nkur  

    hi Chintan ..
    my DoJ is Feb 2010 and im preparing for SCJP.
    I want to know will I be given a choice during training between Java and other streams?
    As Iam quite proficient in Java thats why I want to continue that in Infy too.

  176. Chintan Patel  


    You wont be given any such choice in stream. Also as you have 2 streams now, even if you get one of your streams as Java, you will have to learn atleast 1 more new technology.

    But actually the whole thing hardly matters as even if you get trained in Java, you may get project of .NET after training. If that happens, even after training, you will have to get trained in other languages.

    So i recommend you to step in the industry with no reservations for any particular language and focus on broadening your skill set as much as possible.

  177. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    my date of joining is 2010 march, since i am waiting so long to join i am working on some course, but the thing i want to ask is that i am also planin to write gre n apply.What happans if i get fired in training i mean do we get any experience or anything that will help us in the future ? if so how what is it that they certify. sorry to think this way but i am waiting so long to join i dont want to get disappointed later and keep my options ready.

  178. Aman  

    I havnt yet received the nsr card but i do hav the ITPIN...Is that enuf??

  179. Unknown  

    hey chintan,
    my doj is 29 sept.You say that we will have to cover both streams, but in one of the earlier posts u mentioned tht we have to pass only one stream ,after generic, to clear training.i.e. they shouldn't throw us out if we completed one stream sucessfully. Is that valid even now???

  180. Chintan Patel  


    You will get an experience certificate and relieving letter mentioning your total experience with infosys. There wont be anything mentioned about the stream that you are trained in.

    The relieving letter will declare that your resignation is accepted by Infosys and you are now free to join any other company.


    I think that will be enough as they only ask for ITPIN but i am not sure as it was exactly an year ago for me and dont remember if they asked for the actual NSR card. But dont worry about it as it is not that important.


    The rule is now changed and the old rule was only for people who joined before 29th March.

    Now you will have to clear both streams.

    I am not sure about this but probably it is like this as it would give them one more chance to eliminate trainees. Anyways, you will get to know this in the first week before actual training starts.

  181. Unknown  

    thanks for answering Chintan , one more thing on the experience certificate how many months of experience is given to the trainee . And finally wud you recommend going for MS over working in infosys?

  182. Chintan Patel  


    The number of months to the accuracy of days that you were an Infosys employee. i.e. from your joining date to your resignation date.

    Its totally your choice. "MS" is a very broad term. It can range from a college in which you can get into at 800/1600 in GRE and at 1500/1600. Just an "MS" tag for the sake of getting it is worth nothing. Same goes for the "Infosys" tag.

    Whatever you decide to do, you need to be good at it otherwise these tags are not helpful.

  183. Div(y)a  

    Hello Chintan,
    I want to know if the fast track and the long cycle concept is still there in Infy..
    iam non cs is there any test,in which they will separate us into fast track and long cycle batches?
    if yes, then within how many days will that test be taken?


  184. Hwoarang  

    hello chintan
    the eligibility criteria at the time of selection in my college was
    triple 60.
    after the selection process
    it was asked to try getting 65 aggregate in, though it was only told in words
    i am worried about what eligibility criteria is going to be like

  185. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhh... Its been an year since fast track batches are stopped.

    The above post says everything about the new program. There is no test for which you will have to appear.


    I cant help you with that as criteria differs for various universities. You better call them and confirm about this.

  186. Unknown  

    hey chintan i hav a question for you,are you still working in infosys? wht are you dealing with?

  187. Chintan Patel  


    I left Infosys in December 2008. Working right now as an iPhone Developer in an SME at Ahmedabad.

  188. Unknown  

    hai chintan
    my joing date is jan,09. and have one back log in my last sem for which i have to appear in Dec,09 and resul to come in feb,2010. can i join on the given date

  189. Chintan Patel  


    Hope you mean Jan 2010 is your joining date. I think you can probably join but considering that even if you apply for extension, it would be delayed only by 2 months as all extension candidates are called in March.

    So its better to call their helpline and ask what to do about it. (They will probably say that you need to apply for extension.)

  190. Unknown  

    as laptops are not allowed at infy can we take business phone or e series mobile there?

  191. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they are allowed. There is no restriction on any type of mobile phones.

  192. Unknown  

    so you left infosys after you worked there or during the training? hw long were you there ?And the reason for your exit...?

  193. Unknown  

    U have being doing a gr8 job!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have 1 query .
    Now as laptops are not allowed, can i take all my ebooks and C & Java programs that i have practiced in CD or pen drive
    And will I wbe allowed to insert them and access?????

  194. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    I have a problem regarding documents.
    Our 12 board provides both
    1)12th marksheet.
    2)12th passing certificate.
    My joining is on 10 August and unfortunately my 12th passing certficate got misplaced...but I HAVE 12th marksheet.Now its not possible to get duplicate of passing certificate before 10th August.
    So,will it be a problem if i don't provide 12th passing certficate?What should i do?
    i HAVE 12th marksheet.

  195. Unknown  

    hey chintan i hv a reliance cdma phone here in network is der in mysore??i knw roaming vl apply for my phone bt stil i want to continue wit my same phone n number..

  196. Chintan Patel  


    I could not clear training. I completed training but did not have enough CGPA at the end of training. My CGPA was 3.95.


    You wont be allowed to use pen drives on their computers and if you are even found with a pen drive inside the campus, you would be facing some steps and they will scan your pen drive for 2 days to check if you have any of their data.


    Just the result will do. Dont know why some boards issue a "passing" certificate. My board had that in 10th even but it is not asked for anywhere.


    Why wudnt reliance network be there?? 10k well paid engineers work at infosys mysore. No company can afford to be not there.

  197. Chintan Patel  


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  198. Unknown  

    hi chintan.

    is there any problem if i have a divorce case before joining infosys. my training date is commencing.. so bit worried.. i may have to take 1 to 2 days leave in the training period.


  199. Chintan Patel  


    They will surely grant you leave for such an issue. Yu can also take a leave of upto 5 days but then you will be asked to continue your training from that point in a later batch. If it is just 2-3 days that you will need then i guess it will be fine with them.


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