I got to know from one of my friends currently undergoing training that there was no presentation for PLES which was there for us.

You can know about PLES by reading this post of mine: Important note...

When i was there, it was a routine that some heads of PLES team will gather all mech/elec/prod/civil people and give them a presentation about how good it is to work with PLES. That they design wings for Boeing, seats for Audi, cooling system for planes etc.

They told us that it was only the second presentation of its kind and that they are doing it to ensure that interested trainees from similar background get into PLES and not some CS/IT guys chosen randomly as is the case with all the other streams.

But my friend who is a mechie beloning to the 23rd March batch told me that there was no presentation going to be conducted and this she came to know when she inquired about it at HR dept. The HR told her that no presentation is going to be conducted for them but if they want to apply for PLES, they can mail the concerned head of PLES. If they are going to start a batch, they will inform you of your selection/rejection.

She also said that there is not going to be any interview conducted unlike the case with us.

Usually about 1 batch of PLES is started combining 3-4 DOJs. So many people even get about 15-25 days of free time of they belonged to one of the earlier batches. They just have to swipe in/out otherwise, no training on those days.

So to summarize, if you are interested to join PLES, do find out about it by asking about it to HR. Dont wait for anything to happen.

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  1. Unknown  


  2. Chintan Patel  


    They will send a relieving letter only.

  3. Unknown  

    only relvng letter???bt my frndz got certfcte...bt in te certfcte tey wnt specify te training details/stream name/CGPA etc....it will b lik frm tis mnth 2 tis mnth u wrkd in infy as softwre engnr...didnt u get tat chintan?

  4. Chintan Patel  


    Yaa, that too should have come with my relieving letter but it was not so. I called HR yesterday and he said to send an email about the issue.

    Yaa, i know about that. It is just that your experience with the company will be mentioned.

  5. anu0412  
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  6. anu0412  

    i am from hyderabad and my doj is june 8th 2009, like everyone else i got the offer letter through mail...but a week ago i got a mail that my hard copy of the offer letter along with the service agreement has been sent through speed post..they also gave me the courier number....but the problem is that its been a week and i didnt receive the courier and when i enquired about this with the speed post courier people they said that the courier did not reach the city yet and when i called up infy help line they kept telling me to wait...
    i am worried a bit bcoz only 2 weeks are left and all my friends received their courier except for me..
    and i wanted to know what will happen in case i dont receive my hard copy in time...will they allow me to join or not and what should i do ...please reply...thanks in advance

  7. sravan kumar  

    @ anu
    absolutely no issues even if u dont get ur hard copy.......jus make sure u get the copies of ur joining letter!!

  8. Unknown  
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  9. Unknown  

    hey for this ples thing ...where n when does one contact da HR...???

  10. Unknown  

    sir , i read ur post regarding ples aspirant..my doj is 26 oct 2009..and i m a mech. graduate ..could u tell me hw and where to contact HR for ples..and wen the batches for the same will start..

  11. Chintan Patel  


    You can ask them when your generic training is going on but they would start a batch only if they have some requirement and that too in a very limited number.


    Are you the same person above? :)

  12. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan.. tell me one thing..Do i have to have the passport on the DOJ? or its ok to have it before getting the posting?

  13. Chintan Patel  


    You dont need to have the passport on the DOJ but you will need atleast one identity proof like driving license or PAN card etc.

    They insisted on getting the passport because they used to send many people onsite but that is not going to happen these days so its ok if you dont have a passport.

  14. Unknown  

    dear Chintan,
    i hav DOJ on 16th Nov 2009. I hav a MEDICAL REASON for EXTENDING my OFFER. My doubts are :
    (1) Should i call helpline first then send email to offer_extension@infosys.com ?
    (2) Is there a format in sending mail and what are the MEDICAL DOCUMENTS should i produce :
    (2.1) for extension
    (2.2) on my extended-DOJ (if it is possible)

  15. Chintan Patel  


    You just need to send the email no need to call the helpline.

    There is no "format" for it. Just send copies of whatever medical documents you have which prove that you need an extension.

    You just need to have all the medical documents with you which would be medical prescriptions, lab test reports etc.

  16. Unknown  

    Dear Chintan,
    Thnkz for ur help. Cud u pls resolve some more doubts :

    I decide to request for extension on NOV 1st

    1) How LONG will it take for the feasibility cum confirmation of my 'EXTENSION request' ?

    2) How long will it take to get NEW DOJ if i request on NOV 1st.

    3) May i be open .I'm really tensed about my job offer. Will this extension cause any future problems in my career ?


  17. Chintan Patel  


    Stop using ************ and __________ just to get noticed. As you can see, i answer questions without them also.

    I dont know about how much time it will take for them to give you a new DOJ but i think the new DOJ will be not before March 2010.

    Extension will have no effect on your career.

  18. Unknown  

    myself ajay, my doj at infy is very near.recently i,ve changed my address.i won,t be able to receive hard copy of offer letter.will they also mail a copy of offer letter + service agreement at my email id .if yes... would there be any problem if i carry print out of it at the time of joining?....or it is most compulsary to bring that hard copy sent by infy? would i not be allowed to join without that hard copy?

  19. Chintan Patel  


    Service agreement is a document which cant be mailed as a soft copy by email. If you cant receive the document at your previous address, it will be returned to infosys as undelivered and you can collect it from Infosys mysore. As far as i can remember, you only need to have hard or soft copy of offer letter or accommodation mail print out to join infosys.

  20. bharath9494573850  

    Sir, I got placed in Infosys in the campus placements held in last November. I didnt receive offer letter yet. I want to write DRDO and BEL exams.I have to prepare hard for them. Getting into DRDO is like serving the country. Its my dream. And also I'm in dire need of a job. If I couldn't get there, I have to join in Infosys. I was not allowed to attend for any other campus recruitment drives in our college after I got placed in Infy. So I don't have any other option. Showing this as the reason, can I request to extend my DOJ?? Please reply

  21. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think they will extend your DOJ on this basis.

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