On trying to confirm what many readers have asked about laptops being no longer allowed into campus, I found out that laptops really are no longer allowed in the campus.

Here is an internal HR mail which says everything clearly.

Dear All,

This is to inform you that going forward personal laptops will not be allowed into the campus. This is applicable in all DCs.

Those who are already in possession of laptops in campus are directed to confine it to hostel rooms only and not carry it to working buildings, food courts or any other place in the campus, until further notice.

This is with immediate effect.

Please adhere to the above directive.

Team HRD

This means that those who already have laptops will not face any trouble but trainees joining from now onwards will not be allowed to take laptops with them.

This would make studying a pain as now even the GEC is not open 24 hrs.

121 reactions, what do you say?

  1. Ashraf  

    As long as it is restricted to the hostels I dont see what the big problem is anyway.Pretty bad news for freshers like me.

    I cant live without constant acess to the internet or my laptop :(

  2. Chintan Patel  


    You are right but what to do. They are bent upon reducing their head count.

  3. Unknown  

    hi... i've been an avid reader of your blogs though this is the first time im leaving a comment.
    First of all i want you to know that you're doing a wonderful job here.
    Im hoping you can clarify some of my doubts.

    1)do students from same college get to study in same classroom or are we shuffled completely?

    2)is it possible to leave after training period stating higher studies/needing to relocate due to marital reasons?Would we have to pay bond money in abv circumstances?

    3)is it ok to show our parents around the infy campus or are there still restrictions?

    4)now that training is extended to 8 months do you think there will be less study pressure on us

    5)is it possible to go home(im frm kerala) once every month, without it affecting my studies?

    hoping u reply nd sorry if im getting on ur nerves with these 'silly' qs..

  4. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    my doj is 8th june.so v are arriving on 7th.pls let me know if parents are allowed this weekend

    also they sent a mail in which they gave accomodation details.ther its mentioned plot num-350.also my friends got da same number.wats this plot number exactly

  5. Chintan Patel  


    1) They dont deliberately shuffle people. Students selected from the same Recruitment Drive will be in the same class. Colleges would be shuffled among them.

    2) You dont have to pay the bond money unless you want a relieving letter/experience certificate from them. Nowadays, they are happy to accept your resignation even during the bond period without asking for any bond money. Know 2 friends who voluntarily resigned.

    3) It is not fixed. Sometimes visitors are banned, sometimes they are allowed.

    4) Pressure would remain the same because increase in duration is also accompanied by increase in syllabus.

    5) Yes, you can go home if you can manage. People from Bangalore go home every weekend.


    I cant say if parents are allowed this weekend as I am no longer with Infosys.

    It is just the postal address of Infosys campus and has no relevance to where you have to report. You will know everything as soon as you reach Infosys campus gates. You will be guided through every process.

  6. Ashraf  

    Hey Chintan,
    My DOJ is June 08.The accomodation mail says we have to report on June 07.Is it okay if we report early morning on June 08 instead?

  7. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can report early morning but you have to report at 8:30 AM at the multiplex on the first day. So you will have to come at about 6:00 AM to make that possible.

  8. Unknown  

    hi chintan..this is anAnymous.. hope u got me.. :) i sent a mail to infy regarding extension of DOJ.. but.. its been three days and i havent received any acknowledgment from infosys.. the mail which i sent was around 12MB coz of the images attached.. one guy told me the max mail size should be less than 10 MB.. now wat to do.. shoud i compress images and send the mail again..? how many days after i send the mail will i get an acknowledgment mail from infosys..? will it be a problem if i send the same mail two times..? may be my ques r slightly silly.. but.. i dont want to take any kind of risk in these times when infy wants to reduce head count.. thanks a lot dude..

  9. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know what images you needed to attach with the mail.

    3 days is not a long period. You should wait for about 10 days before sending it again.

  10. sravan kumar  

    @ amrutha.....

    parents are nt allowed until u become a proper employee of infosys...which u will become on monday ....so nt this sunday!! :)

  11. Unknown  

    if amrutha has sum frndz in infy mysre nw,tey can buk te guest house stay 4 her parents na...?

  12. Chintan Patel  



  13. Unknown  

    Hi Chinthan,

    You are doing a gr8 job. My call is on June 22. I was counting a lot on using my laptop there. Any idea why they aren allowing laptops ? Is there any way I can smuggle my laptop inside ? HE HE :-)

  14. Chintan Patel  


    Dont know the reason.

    Dont even think about trying to smuggle your laptop. They are all united when it comes to catching trainees violating rules. Even if the housekeeping guy sees your laptop, the information will reach the HR within an hour.

    Anyways, they will check each and every corner of all your bags when you check in and check out.

    So just forget about it.

  15. Unknown  

    :-( Thanks a ton Chintan. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. samarth  

    hi chintan..
    cant help but feel cheated now bcuz of this new rule.. its as if theyve actually assigned ppl to think of ways to make life more difficult for the trainees so they quit..

    anyways.. i have a question..
    if i plan to go abroad for higher studies in jan/feb 2010 is it sensible to join infy, my joining is 10th august..

    plus with no laptops allowed this could be a barrier in all the application work..

    if i do join it'll be for 4 months tops.. and on leaving if no certificate is provided unless bond amount is paid, is 4 months a period worth mentioning on ones cv..

    thanks a lot.. ur doing a wonderful job..

  17. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can join on 10 aug. You will get experience certificate if you fail deliberately in training which i think is the best option for you.

    Yes, 4 months is worth mentioning as it is with infosys.

  18. 123  

    can anybody with DOJ 8th june please specify how exactly is the scenario there for freshers regarding laptops? did any fresher (supposedly unaware of the ban on laptops) bring his/her laptop and then wasnt allowed to take it inside campus? or are they letting you take it in with strict instructions of confining it to your rooms only??

  19. Anonymous  

    hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  20. Anand Das  

    Heyy....My joining is on 10th august and ever since I came to know about this, I've been wondering.....since laptops aren't allowed, can we take our desktops instead??? And in case even desktops aren't allowed, can we take a PS3 (I heard its possible to install linux in those ;) ;)(Yes, I really am that dependent on my computer :D:D:D))?? Do reply...thanks

  21. Yogesh  

    @123.... those who were unaware of the ban n still took their laptops, were asked to keep it outside. they were not allowed to take it, under no circumstances they r allowing

  22. Chintan Patel  

    @Anand Das...

    Ohh... Wow!! You have great logic!! What if i say desktops are allowed? Are you going to take your desktop with you there? Need i say more?

    Hope you got your answer from mine and Yogesh's comments.

  23. Anand Das  

    Actually was plannin on buying 1....Dell delivers at your doorstep...would've ordered in about 2 weeks and it would be nice and ready by my DOJ..but from all that I've read and heard...I guess that desktops aren't allowed either....as to why this is so, is stn totally beyond me (Guess thats thanks to the gr8 logic you were referring to :D)

  24. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    thank u for doing such a heartly work...
    my doubt is dat ....
    my joining is 9 nov 09 , so can i reach dere by 7 nov night will they allow me to check in on 7th and not on 8th

    plz reply....

  25. Chintan Patel  


    They will allow you to check in on 8th only. You wont be alloted a room on 7th.

  26. Unknown  

    sry to disturb u again ....

    bt wat if i reach dere at 00:00hrs 8th nov
    will dey allow me den cos technically den it wud be 8th
    cos i wat to spare a day after reaching infy

  27. Chintan Patel  

    You wont be allowed till early morning 5:00 or 7:00 AM on sunday.. .

  28. Suraj Ullas  


    i had bought a new laptop just 4 this but i have not got any direct info from infy saying not to bring my laptop

    i got my service agreement and all my offer letters etc but no such communications about not bringing my laptop

    what should i do?

  29. Suraj Ullas  

    hey i am comin to mysore on july 12th mornin

    is it easy to find the campus out at mysore

    where is it actually situated

  30. Chintan Patel  


    Its confirmed that you cant take your laptop there. You can confirm it by calling their helpline.

    Everyone there knows where Infosys is.

  31. Ankur Jain  

    make that cant in ur above post "can"...


  32. samarth  

    wat abt those small asus tablet pcs.. can tell the security ppl tht its a digital photo frame.. lol!!

  33. star  

    hello ,
    my doj is 13th july n i hv an offer from accenture whose doj is as of now uncertain. I think its safer to join infy until the time i get my doj from accenture .
    do i have to pay any bond money when i leave infy as i will be needing no exp cerificate or any such thing.
    pls reply.

  34. Chintan Patel  


    You dont need to pay the bond amount if you dont want the experience letter or relieving letter from them.

  35. Chintan Patel  


    You will know how smart they are once you join Infosys.

  36. star  

    Thank you so much Chintan !! many people have said it already but u r doing a great job here by solving freshers anxieties.
    thanks again !

  37. Navneet  

    hello chinatan,
    need less to say from past 4 days i m stuck at screen with ur blog as my joinin is on 10 aug. actuallly my time alloted for reporting is 12 am 10 aug. does that mean i have 2 report at 12 midnight. can i report on 9 th aug anytime. plz clarify my doubt.

  38. Ankur Jain  

    u can report anytime after 9th Aug 12:00 to 10aug 8am, after which u'll get penalty (or they may nt accept ur joining after aug10)

  39. Saurav Kataruka  

    Very bad news indeed. :( I am one of those net addicts who cant spend much time without a laptop and an internet connection and we are talking of 8 months here!! :(

    The GEC is being closed at 12 midnight these days. Earlier it used to remain open 24 hours. How will we be able to study at night without a laptop?

    This might affect our test scores eventually.

    Laptops and wireless internet connections should be allowed in Hostels at least.

  40. Chintan Patel  


    You better email them or call them for clarification. This is unusual.

    They will give you another time. Its better to report on time because this was a much needed arrangement. On every counter there was an unmanageable rush on DoJ.


    I think they did this because they came to know people are smuggling training material and studying at hostel. But even if it is so, i dont think they should have a problem against it.

    They are not all good as they look from outside.

  41. Unknown  

    my home address has been changed,but i had given my old addres to infy.i had recieved the soft copy.will i face any prolem in future when i have to recieve any hard copy from infy.whom to cotact

  42. Saurav Kataruka  


    Tell me one thing. I have heard different opinions from people about the difficulty level of the training in infy. some say, you have to work very hard, the test are very tough, you hardly get time even to sleep properly, many people dont clear the training are asked to quit. On the other hand, some people say that, its not that tough, they teach you everything from the scratch, you just need to attend classes regularly and attentively.

    How exactly is the scenario?

    I am very +ve about the training in mysore, but a few unnecesary strict rules of infosys really bothers me. No laptop, no internet usage(for persoanl purposes), stretching the training period to 8 months!! Why infy is actually doing all these? The life of a trainee is becoming very tough there i guess. Are all these steps taken with an intention of reducing head count at the end of the training?!!

    I mean everything is fine. World class campus, world class training, 5 star facilites. But, so much strictness!! I think its not fair.

  43. Saurav Kataruka  


    Dont worry. Plz inform infosys about your address change. Mail them to offer_update@infosys.com (Plz verify the mail id. - I am not 100% sure).

    And enter your present address when you fill up your details in the e-joining portal. :)

  44. samarth  

    @chintan as per the mail they have banned them on all DC's so i think the reason is something a lot more significant than stopping trainees from studying to reduce the headcount.. there was probably some information theft happening!! that seems a lot more likely

  45. samarth  

    @hercules how do u know your reporting time, when was it emailed, i havent recieved any such mail, am also aug 10 joining

  46. Chintan Patel  


    You can mail them regarding the change in your mailing address otherwise the hard copy will arrive at your old address. I think the email address is offer_update@infosys.com


    Training period is of 8 months because there are no projects with the company. Even after training, people are asked to appear for various certifications as there are no projects.

    Training is not difficult but dont take it for granted.


    Only personal laptops are banned. The laptops that they provide to the employees are still taken in and out.

  47. Unknown  

    hey frnds evn my DOJ is 10 Aug bt im still not clear abt wen to reach der..i along wit my coll frnds r reachin bangalore on 9th aug 8am..so wen do v report infy campus??

  48. Ankur Jain  

    Hi Chintan, i m here again with a quey.
    I read somewhere onver internet that ECNR stamp is required on our passport by Infy.
    Is it so ?
    I hav not come across any such query on ur bolg, nor hav received any info from infy.
    But, during e-joining, it asked whether Immigraion Check required - Yes/No.

  49. Chintan Patel  

    @Ankur Jain...

    You have to choose Yes/No according to ECNR mentioned in your passport.

    It will be not required for majority of people.

    Anyways, dont worry about it. It wont affect anything. This is just one more of those stupid formalities that increases complexity of joining.

  50. samarth  

    ok, the why banned question was answered today by Mr. Murthy himself at Mysore.. its cuz of viruses entering their network through these laptops and causing losses due to downtime, and they want their employees to sleep properly!! yes im also laughing, infy cant afford an anti virus

  51. Anonymous  

    sir, laptops are banned in the infy campus but what if i do bring my Desktop along with me ?? are they allowed ??

  52. samarth  

    @nikhil, dunno, they should allow it, the desktop cant spread viruses as it wont be connecting to their network. But only a person who has tried taking a desktop there can answer, and they must be few and far between. If comps are such an issue 1 can always stay off campus but then you wont get anything compared to what infy is providing.. if only 3G had launched properly in india, then comp wouldnt have been much of an issue cuz im mainly bothered about internet and gprs just doesnt cut it

  53. Unknown  

    sir ,my DOJ z 20 oct.is passport a must thing ?wat if 1 doesnt hav?

  54. Chintan Patel  


    How can viruses enter their network through these laptops?? They are never connected to their network.

    Viruses wont cause any downtime as they already have a corporate level anti virus software installed which can never miss a virus.

    @Nikhil Goyal...




    They say laptops are not allowed because it is assumed that people will bring only their laptops there. That doesnt mean that desktops are allowed. Anyways, how can anyone afford to take such bulky things there that i cant imagine.


    Its ok if you dont have your passport. You can apply for it and tell them that you have applied for it.

  55. Navneet  

    I hope u knw about e- Joining. Actually now all the details have to b filled online before the actually joining and on starting filling those details i got this msg:

    Congratulations Navneet singh. Your role is SE. Your joining date is 8/10/2009 12:00:00AM and joining location will be Mysore. Your personal band is B and personal Sub band is BT.

    Chintan sir kindly decipher and decode the msg.

  56. Ankur Jain  

    decipher & decode O.o :O

  57. Chintan Patel  


    What is there to decipher and decode? Is it an encrypted message?

    Everything is mentioned clearly.

    First they congratulate you.
    Then they mention that your role will be that of a Software Engineer.
    Then they mention your joining date 8/10/2009 which means 8th of October 2009.
    They then tell you that your joining location is Mysore.
    The last line says that your job band will be B and personal sub-band will be BT where T is for trainee. This will become B once you pass training.

  58. Sandhya G  

    hi chintan

    Needless to say that u r doing a very good job....my query is, Is the ban on laptops temporary or its gonna be there for a long time....bcoz my joining date is 9th nov....

    Also do i get any hutch or airtel mobile postpaid cards....or i will have to buy it from outside the campus...


  59. samarth  

    @chintan desktops arent bulky anymore, check out the apple mac mini and that too isnt the smallest..

    also the language they use in their literature covers all aspects, including that training is of variable duration(depending on market situation), the word laptop is very specific, just saying 'computer' would have sufficed and no debate wouldve been necesary

  60. Navneet  

    i m sry i shud hv been detailed in my query. actually i thot b and bt are sumthing subject specific or some kind of time table allotment, which if i get to know in advance may be helpful.
    and anodr query u already answered about 12 am joining time. i will mail infy ppl just now.

  61. Ankur Jain  

    @ chintan ref post 57.
    The date - 8/10/2009 is Aug10 2009...:p
    I also got confused at first (My DoJ is Aug10).It's in MM/DD/YYYY Format.

  62. Chintan Patel  


    Wonder why they dont write the month clearly to avoid any confusion... They seem stupid to me nowadays...

  63. Unknown  

    Hello There Chintan..

    I'm going to join infy on aug 10. Can u please tell me about the accommodation i.e. do boys get single room or doubly shared. Also, can I bring laptops provided I keep it to my hostel room? I shall be waiting for your response.

    Thanks and Regards

  64. Chintan Patel  


    Please read some threads before you post your question. All your doubts are already answered on some other thread.

  65. Sonali  

    Would really like to thank-you for your informative blog!I know I am asking a repeated question but would be really obliged if u answer bcoz really getting anxious!My doj is aug'02,2010 & i'll be taking morn flight on aug'01 & reaching campus by 2:00 pm.No time has been mentioned in joining letter,so would this be fine!Also my parents would be with me,would they be allowed inside (i know u hv already answered this,but that was an old post)?


  66. Chintan Patel  


    If no time is mentioned, it is fine to arrive at anytime on 1st August.

    Parents are sometimes allowed and sometimes not allowed depending on factors like bomb blasts going on in the country, local strikes/agitation etc. So my older post which you read before still stands true.

  67. Unknown  

    hey chintan

    my DOJ is 24th june 2010. I may quit few mnths after training as m done wid ma GRE nd planning ma masters in september 2011. Wot bond amount will I have 2 pay infy if i do so considering i will quit 6 mnths be4 bond maturity???

  68. JoTInDEr SiNgH  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  69. Unknown  

    @ chintan
    hey.. thanx a lot for such a informative blog...
    hats off to you...

    my query:
    i have ipod touch... can i do the following arrangement w/o breaking the laws (or if no one knows!! does that still count as breaking the law..!!!! )

    get a photon + and a USB wifi router that works with photon + to provide in my hostel room.. so i can connect my ipod touch and surf the net... ????
    My DOJ is 2nd August.. and i recieved a mail from infy... under tha FAQs it was mentioned that no laptops are allowed.. so i assume as of July 2010 the ban is still in effect.. and the future doesnt look too good too... :(

    Now are they really that serious with the ban? what if someone comes alone and has a laptop? what is he/she to do? ?will they confisticate the laptop or allow the use in the hostel room?? coz i heard employees having the laptop in the campus before the ban are allowed to keep their laptops in hostel room..

    sorry for the long post...
    waiting for a reply from ur side..

  70. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure if you can take your wifi router with you. Anyways, it will be better to go to Reliance Web World in the campus than doing all that.

    Yes, you will not be allowed to take the laptop with you and they may take it from you if you still bring it. People who had already joined before the ban came into effect were able to keep their laptops but that is as old as March 2009 so no one would be having laptops in hostels now.

    Dont assume that taking your laptop there will make them to allow you to keep your laptop with you. They would already be meeting dozens of such people on every DOJ and would have already found a foolproof solution. They may confiscate the laptop which is fine but if they tell you at the gate that you cant take your laptop inside the campus, you have nowhere to go. So i would suggest to not take your laptop on your DOJ.

  71. Unknown  

    hey this thing says laptops arent allowed in campus..but what if we keep it in our hostels..is it allowed then??

  72. Chintan Patel  


    Laptops are no longer allowed even in hostels.

  73. Menwhopause  

    Hey Chintan,
    I have a few queries I'd like addressed please.What are the options available to the trainees for personal Internet use in the hostels and the campus?I read in one of your earlier comments that they have a Reliance Web World outlet inside the campus, could you tell me its timings?Also, would using an Internet-based SIM in our mobile phones work for Internet use?And finally, are we allowed to not take the hostel facilities provided by Infosys.but instead stay on our own accord outside the campus, for example, in a rented accommodation,etc?Please help.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  74. Chintan Patel  


    There is no internet in hostels. You have internet connection on your PC but you wont be able to open mails and social networking sites. It has the usual office hour timings, dont remember exactly.

    You can use internet on your phone if thats what you are asking but you wont be able to tether it to a PC or laptop as laptops are not allowed now.

    Yes, you can stay outside the campus by yourself but that would be highly inconvenient and not recommended. Also, you wont have better facilities than infy hostels and their rents will also be higher alongwith 10-15k Rs deposit also.

  75. Menwhopause  

    would we not be allowed to open our mails and use the internet for personl use in the GEC, even after the office timings?

  76. Chintan Patel  


    No, you wont be able to access GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc because they would be blocked. But you can use proxy sites and some of them will work but they usually block new proxies as soon as they get to know.

  77. Menwhopause  

    is the campus wi-fi enabled?i know the hostels are not but what about the GEC, food courts,etc?

  78. Chintan Patel  


    There is wifi but you wont be able to access it as it is restricted to only those people who require wifi for business purpose.

  79. Menwhopause  

    I came to know that the Reliance Web World is very expensive?is it really so?

  80. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    i have read on one of your posts that Unix is quite troublesome and requires a lot of hard work to get through.my question is would you recommend learning Unix beforehand,just like c and java,or would the time given is sufficient enough.
    if your answer is yes,then how much of Unix should we learn and also in which module(or subject)we will have Unix.
    also throw some light on how much of java we will have in generic.

    thanks in advance..

  81. Menwhopause  

    also, another thing
    the 14000-odd rupees that we'd be getting, would we have to pay extra for food, or would the food charges be included in the money cut from our salaries?

  82. Chintan Patel  


    It was 25 Rs per hour when i was there before 2 years. I wont call it much expensive.

    Food expense is on you and is not deducted from your salary.


    Unix is just 3 credits so dont worry too much about it even if you fail. Just learn C and Java if you are really eager to prepare before training. Although there is a fear of Unix but mostly everyone in my batch passed easily. It is included in the generic module.

    I dont know how much of Java is included in Generic training.

  83. Ezhil  

    @Chintan Patel ..
    First of all i would like to appreciate your efforts in answering all the queries of freshers
    i had my campus recruitments on dec 2010 luckily i got placement in infosys and wipro

    this was my first dilemma whether to goto wipro technologies or infy most of my friends and relatives are suggesting to go for infy .. frankly what is your opinion

    im really looking forward for that 5-star lyf at mysore but few facts like ban on laptops , strict rules , and regarding training negative marking , expectation of high performance from a mediocre like me really scares me a lot ..

    im open to any comments :)

  84. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys is much better compared to Wipro.
    Strict rules should never scare you. The rules are just strict and not unreasonable.
    Training negative marking? Is this self made by you?
    The better you perform, the more you will rise up and get paid.

  85. Unknown  

    i have an amazon kindle (6") .... any chance they might confiscate that assuming that it is a computer

    btw .... you are doing a great service to all the students here ... thnx.

  86. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think the Kindle will cause any problem because it is not a computer. They are mainly concerned about viruses and so Kindle should be safe.

  87. its nw or never  

    hey chintan... awesome work!!!
    all my other queries have been answered by u already... i just am left with one query thou... is it necessary to have a driving licence before v join infosys...

  88. Chintan Patel  

    @Its now or never...

    No man. Driving license is not needed but you need to have some other photo identity proof like passport if you dont have driving license.

  89. its nw or never  

    hey chintan..actually i m rajitha(a girl..:P:P).. thnks for the update... i m hoping that i ll get my passport till den... so dat wil do i guess...

  90. Chintan Patel  


    haha... Yes, having any identity proof with your photo on it will do on the day of joining.

  91. its nw or never  

    thnks a lot... :)

  92. Unknown  

    my name is ankit
    1. I got placed in infy in Jan 2011 and i dont know
    anything abt c.java,etc as i m frm ece branch.......whether it would be difficult for me to cope up in training?
    2. should i prepare in advance?if yes then which subjects?
    3. when should i expect the doj?

  93. shivani  

    I m Shivani...
    1. me placed @ infosys in dec 2010.......... n i m from ECE branch........i hv no knwldge abt c c++ java..n etc.......so 4 which sub i hv 2 prepare before join my training...............plz rply..

  94. Chintan Patel  

    @Ankit, @Shivani...

    All your questions are already answered. Please use site search above.

  95. Abhijeet  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  96. Abhijeet  

    Hello Chintan..
    Thanks for your awesome job..
    I want to know that.. as laptops are not allowed in the campus, do the company provides PC to each trainee or we have PC Rooms or any other such facility to study or for net accessing purpose after job hours(after 7 p.m.)??

    Is it compulsory to live in the accommodation provided by the company or can we live at private hostels??

  97. Chintan Patel  


    You will have PCs allotted to you in the classrooms where you can access internet after 5 PM and before 9 AM but yes, you wont be able to access emails/social networking sites. For that, you will have to go to Reliance WebWorld within Infosys mysore campus.

    You can find your own accommodation but i will never understand why freshers keep asking that. It will be a stupid decision to live outside campus during training.

  98. Priyanka Chandgothia  

    hello sir,
    my joining date is 6th june 2011. i hav a query. I struggle alot wid food when i am out. I need to hav something after a frequent gap.everytime i cannot rush to food court. so can u please tell me if induction s allowed inside hostel. so that i cud atleast prepare maggie.this is very serious prob wid me. plz help me out.waiting 4 ur reply

  99. Vj  

    hello sir,
    i would like to know if devices like the iPad, samsung galaxy tab are allowed in our rooms...

  100. Pranay  


    I have completed my internship at Inf,mysore.
    I want to know that what are the onsite opportunities in Infosys and what is the qualification criteria for that???

    what salary they pay in onsite projects???

  101. Pratheek  

    Hi Chintan,

    My joining date is 13th June but my final year results are not yet out. It will be somewhere in june end. So what to do?? In offer letter it is mentioned that we need to have marks sheet. I am confused??

  102. sHaGuN  

    hey chintan...
    i have a very small query.. are parents of freshers allowed inside the campus ?
    i will be going to mysore with my parents on the very frst day. will they be allowed ??

  103. Chintan Patel  


    You can prepare maggie at your room with water from hot water kettles. Even i used to do that there. Also, there is a mall inside the campus from where you can buy any kind of packed food: biscuits, chips etc. Also, food courts are not so far from classes and you will be able to manage it just fine.


    I havent heard of any rules banning tablets yet from the campus so i assume they are allowed.


    Usually, 20% of project team would be onsite but it heavily depends on the project requirements. There is no specific qualification criteria and it is generally decided by your boss.

    Salary during onsite depends on the country you go to. I know for Australia, Infosys pays 75 USD per day. Your indian salary will be fully credited as usual. It depends heavily on the cost of living in the country you go onsite to.


    I think you should call their helpline about it but in my opinion, they will be fine if it is only pending results and no pending exams.


    Parents may or may not be allowed inside the campus when they come to drop you depending on the state of security at that time. If there are bomb blasts going on in the country, they would ban all kinds of visitors from the campus.

  104. arun  

    hi chintan first of al thank u for ur valuable inf i have small doubts
    before joining wht type of security i shd have to show to infosys ppl?
    i heard dat the salary in training is abt 14k whether it is including food or not?

  105. santosh  

    can u pl. let me know for sure that ipads are allowed inside the campus?

  106. Chintan Patel  


    You just need to have your offer letter and one photo identity like driving license, passport etc. That is the in hand salary excluding food expenses.


    I cannot be sure as i have left infosys since 2 years now. You will have to ask someone who is currently undergoing training.

  107. sawtooth  

    am I allowed to carry an electric toaster with me to enter at the time of joining..??

  108. Abhinav Ranjan  



  109. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure because nobody has asked this question before but you can believe the above comment i think.

  110. Ashish Rathore  

    Hello sir,..
    My joining date is 10th oct 2011. Infosys has provided us the study material regarding the training period. Is it necessary to complete that material before going to training...??

    nd my second question is... at the accommodation of mysore campus.. will the food be provided to us or we will have to buy it ..??

  111. Chintan Patel  


    You can read it at your own discretion. It is not necessary but it will help if you do.

    You will have to buy the food in the campus.

  112. Kavita Mandhyan  

    Even can't v access gmail, yahoo or ny social site via our mobile phoness???

  113. Kavita Mandhyan  

    I must say u're blog z really appreciable.... its awesome fr freshers', gng to join infy...
    grt wrk dn by u!!!:)

  114. Chintan Patel  


    You can access them on your mobile phones. Just not on their network.

    Thanks. :)

  115. shubs  

    can i keep my bike in campus..
    and can u tell me how is the food facility at center....

  116. Saurav  

    @Shubs: As a trainee, you cannot keep bike in the campus.
    Food facility is manageable, and with a lot of variety.

  117. shubs  

    hi sir
    can i use my bike inside the campus as a trainee….
    and wat r the things i need to have which are must reqd there….
    and for the fast track exam particularly from wat and all topic do they ask questions and is it objective based..

  118. coolmj  

    HI I will be joining infosys on 20th of this month...Are tablets ( or e-readers) allowed inside the infosys mysore campus..??

  119. Asim Khan  

    Hi..Its Asim Khan...What do you think about whether Infosys is better or Accenture??
    Both are offering me the same package but I am still confused which to join..Which of them according to your experience has better growth?If you have any knowledge then please do tell.

    Secondly I would like to ask that I have International Certification in Java(SCJP)..Will they give any preference to it while allotting the Streams or the stream allocation will still be random for me too?

  120. Unknown  

    Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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  121. AG  

    Hello.. I am a mba student and have been selected as an associate consultant .. there was no eligibility criteria mentioned by Infosys during their ppt.. in the application form I wrote only my last yr be aggregate(7th n 8th sem) instead of all sems aggregate by mistake.. will that be an issue while joining? Will they manually calculate the aggregate and compare it with my application form?..please reply

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