From recent comments on my blog, I have come to know that now there is also a time on which you have to report on campus instead of just the date.

If you ask anyone who has already joined, they will tell you that this arrangement was very much needed.

Usually there used to be too much rush which became unmanageable for them.

At about 11 AM and after 3-4 PM there used to severe rush when they found it very difficult to register everyone's laptops (wont be needed now :) ) and electronic equipment. This happens at the main entrance gate.

After this, they will check your offer letter and some other confirmation like driving license or passport to make sure that You is yOU. :)

They, you will be made to sit in their golf cart or a Tata Sumo and another such vehicle will take your luggage with it to the registration counter.

At the registration desk, they will check each and every pocket of every bag of yours to make sure you dont have anything which should not be brought inside the campus. They wont spare a single pocket.

After this you will all stand in a queue to get the keys to your rooms. So naturally, friends standing together will get rooms close by.

Your checked luggage will be carried in a golf cart to the building number of your hostel. You will need to walk to your building number.

When you reach there, your luggage would already be lying on the entry to your hostel. Just pick your own luggage and go to your room.

When you enter the rooms, there wont be anything missing or anything which is not working. The plasma TV would be ready to serve you your favorite channels, coffee maker with which you can make tea/coffee for yourself and hot water in the shower.

Beds would already be made and the room will be very clean.

Why the time slot on DOJ?

So coming back to my original intention of creating this post, the time slot will help them organize this entire procedure which takes about 1-2 hours for each of you.

1000 trainees are called on every DOJ. About 60-70% of them join. (In my batch, from 1000, 634 joined).

So if these 600-700 people are divided into about 80-100 people for a slot of 1 hour, the whole joining process will be really smooth for them and also for you.

To make sure it happens this way, they have given you time slots and also have warned you to come on time or you will be allowed in only after 6:30 PM. This is much like all extension candidates being called together for training in March the next year no matter what their original DOJ was.

I request all of you to comply with their instructions to report on the respective time slots because waiting at the door and staring at beautiful buildings like GEC-2 and the Multiplex wont be a good experience. :)

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  1. Saurav Kataruka  

    Hi chintan

    Very useful post :) thanks

    Can you plz shed some light on ways to get rooms close to our friends? I earlier heard that, we need to pick up a key for our room from a lot randomly.

    As, boys dont get shared rooms these days, i would like my friends to be in the adjacent rooms. :D

    "Subah jaldi uthne ki aadat nahin hai ... exam ke din late ho gaya to!! :O :P"

  2. Chintan Patel  


    Didnt i already answer that?

    You need to be together in the queue. You dont have to pick the keys, they will give one to you.

  3. Unknown  

    hey chintan i hvnt yet got my time to come der.. my DOJ is 10th Aug.. many of my coll frnds r confused whether vr allowed on 9th aug or no..i along wit my coll frnds vl b reachin bangalore on 9th.. so wen do v go der??i vl reach bangalore at 8 am on cn v go to d mysore campus on 9th itself??

  4. Chintan Patel  


    If you have not got the time then not to worry.

    You HAVE to report there on 9th aug!! Dont know why you have that confusion. Doesnt the joining mail mention that?

  5. Unknown  

    Hi chintan thanks for the info i got the time as 12 AM for me and how many people will be there in a room ? is it single suite then its very much nice

  6. Unknown  


  7. Unknown  

    how hv they informed u dt ur time is 12:00am?i mean evn my DOJ is 10th aug bt i hvnt yet got ne time..did u get d hardcopy of d offer letter??

  8. Unknown  

    No in the e-joining once u login with the pwd and id u have created u will get the details of place date and time

  9. Chintan Patel  


    Girls get shared rooms only. There are 2 people per room.

    No, its not like that. I think it is some error on their side and you can contact them about it. I think its fine if you report at anytime on 9th. As they have now given time slots, at worst you may be let in only at 6:30 PM, nothing more can happen.

    Be cool about it and reach there only at day time on 9th.

  10. Unknown  

    hey..gr8 gr8 help chintan..
    jst 2 questions
    1) are mp3/ipods allowed in campus.
    2) if laptops r bannd, how do we study in our rooms

    n yes jay..tym 4 10 aug joinees is 12 AM.

  11. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, no restrictions on ipods till now..

    You cant study in your rooms now. They do give books for generic training but learning from slides is more important. So you will have to learn at GEC.

  12. Unknown  

    Hello d wats up with your clarification of the time when are you people arriving there

  13. Binoy Lobo  

    Hey Chintan do you know on what basis are they alloting the time slot?Is it alphabetical order or collegewise or some other criteria is being used?

  14. Chintan Patel  


    There is no pattern to it.

  15. Ankur Jain  

    I think, we'll get the actault reporting time slot in the hard copy of our accomodation letter, and offer letter which they have dispatched.
    The 12am on Aug10 is displyed for everyone whoz DoJ is Aug10.I guess , that's the "time(= date & time)" when u'll actually become en employee of Infosys.

  16. Ankur Jain  

    Chintan, one more question - wht ab't the funda to taking leaves ?
    Do they allow taking leave duting trainng period?And before how much time can i apply for a leave ?
    Would they allow to apply for a leave 2 months before - this would help me save on air tickets :)

  17. Chintan Patel  


    There wont be any hard copy of accommodation letter. It would only be an email.
    12 AM is just an error on their side. Dont think too deeply about it.

    If you want leave, just take a leave without asking anyone. If you apply for a leave, it will be reported to the corporate planning group at bangalore and your posting may turn out to be different than your friends. Even 1 day of leave will make your posting different than your friends. So dont apply for leave, just take a leave.

  18. Ankur Jain  

    I heard from June8 Joinees, that they received hard copy of Joining as well as Accomodation Letter.
    I saw it on some orkut community.And also, on the first page of e-joining, it says hard copy has been dispatched to the floowing address :- My home adderss.

    second- Just Take a leave when i want - This means, would it be safe if I book my air tickets 2 months back, and can just skip the day i want leave ?I mean,there can be a case whn they actually make it compulsary to come on that day(due to some reason or the other), and then I wither hav to miss that day, or miss my low fared flight O.o.
    In most of the organizations, I have heard that, it's good if u let your employeer knw abt taking a leave.!

  19. Unknown  

    does infosys allows 2 year gap, because in our college they only told us that all thru 60% .....that is 10th=60%...12th=60% and B.Tech=60%....they havent told us about any year gap criteria

  20. Chintan Patel  


    If they have not told you anything about it, then its fine with them...

  21. aradhana  

    regarding bond we hav to sign
    my DOJ is 18th jan i am planning for GRE need to kno regardng d bond v r made to sign and also d money needed to pay bck while violating it....n also wats d procedure if v wish to leave during d PROBATION PERIOD..kindly throw light on it..Thanks in advance

  22. Chintan Patel  


    This is already explained many times before. Read some other posts. The bond amount is 50k but you will need to pay it only if you want the experience and relieving letter. If you dont want them, you can just run away and forget about going to office the other day.

    If you are in training, the best way to quit is to fail in training. That way, you will have both relieving/experience letter and 1 month's extra salary.

  23. aradhana  

    i read in sum of ur posts dat u wil hav to pay 50k only if u switch to any oder cmpny..n not if u r going 4 furder it tru?if i show dem dat i am going to take admision in MS ..wil i hav to pay d amount?Thanx in advance

  24. Chintan Patel  


    I have already answered all your questions in the above comment.

  25. ank  

    hi dear.
    my doj is of 28 dec n i'll be reaching bt i'll be reaching mysore on 27 night is it possible for me to get the entry if i dnt report on their given time

  26. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can get the entry at night because security and reception are open 24 hours.

    One friend of mine arrived at 5 AM in the morning on monday.

  27. ank  

    thanx chintan ur doin a gr8 job........

  28. Unknown  

    i have applied for extension and six months duration is over but i got a mail from infy that they'll inform abt date of joining.Should I wait for it or is it better to search 4 another job.

  29. Chintan Patel  


    They will surely call you. Extension candidates are usually called in March but now as the training period has extended, you have be called later. You can do another job in the meantime if you want.

  30. karthik k  

    I got selected for infosys (on campus) on 4th feb 2010, my college is affilated to JNTU hyderabd. what would be my date of joining, I have one backlog in final year first semister, suppli exams will be held in the month of June 2010. would i lose my job if results are not announced before the DOJ or exam is not completed before the DOJ?

  31. Chintan Patel  


    Even Infosys does not know about your DOJ right now.

    Already answered other question. Please read all other threads before asking a question.

  32. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  33. Unknown  

    Hi chintan..................
    I am Ankit, CSE Engg.
    I hav some queries which i want to be answered. Some of thm might be answered before but plzz do it again for me.

    1. My DOJ is 27th sept, 2010........Any thngs on the technological front which i can learn till thn.
    2. Wht is the period of training for cs/it students ??
    3. Are saturdays wrking ????
    4. Do we get leaves if required during the training period ???
    5. Are we allowed to carry our personal laptops ???
    6. Are we given postings of our choice these days ??
    7. Are we allowed to tak our ipods, camera mobiles thr ???

    Thanks alot for answering these queries..... :D :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol:

  34. Chintan Patel  


    1. You can learn C language and Java.
    2. I think it is 4-5 months now.
    3. No.
    4. Yes, but not recommended.
    5. No.
    6. No and that will never happen.
    7. Yes.

  35. Teeteekay  

    Hi :)
    Your blog is very informative..
    will i get to be in the same class as my friends from the college?

  36. Chintan Patel  


    Yes. People recruited from the same recruitment drive mostly get the same classroom.

  37. Unknown  

    i got placed in infy through off campus on july 18th. any idea when they'll send offer letter by mail? can u pls tell abt operations executive designation?

  38. Chintan Patel  


    There is no fixed timeline for sending offer letter. It can also take 6-12 months from the date of campus interview although nowadays it does not take so long.

    I dont know anything about operations executive designation.

  39. saviraja  

    hi Raam i too got placed in infy by jul for the post of operations executive and i completed my B.Sc. software engineering graduate and may i know yo qualification pls

  40. Asheesh Shukla  

    Hey how are classrooms alloted(based on college or Candidate ID) .....and how many students r there in 1 class ...

  41. Chintan Patel  


    The classrooms are allotted based on your employee ID but yes, people from the same college and from the same recruitment drive usually come together. The employee ID is decided based on candidate ID after removing candidate IDs of people who were offered a job but did not join.

    The number of students in a class vary from 90 to 200.

  42. Unknown  

    what time should we reach infosys if our date of joining is 27th september 2010,because we have not received any mail as yet specifying about the time slot.

  43. Chintan Patel  


    You can reach any time on 26th September 2010 if they havent specified a date.

  44. Unknown  

    Dear Chintan,
    Thanku for showing so much of concern.
    I recently attended the Infy Off campus drive in Pune on Sept 1. Criteria was 58%.
    In grad. B.E EXTC my aggregate is 58.41% just cleared.
    X & XII are well above 75%.
    My HR round was also good.
    1)So, will my grad. marks hamper my selection?
    2)What r the chances of making into INFOSYS 1ce u clear the aptitude?
    3)I am still waiting for the mail,which they were supposed to send in 2-3 weeks.
    How long does it take generally?

    I am Ajay Savant
    Waiting for your reply eagerly.

  45. Chintan Patel  


    1. Marks do not count if you have met the criteria. Every previous criteria becomes unimportant after you have cleared it. For example, meeting the percentage criteria is no longer important if you meet it and then passing the written test and infosys interview becomes important. After you pass the interview and get selected, your marks in interview no longer matter and passing the training becomes important. After you have passed the training and allotted to project, your CGPA in infosys training is no longer important and your performance in training is what matters.

    Like I have already said, my aggregate was 58.33% with 58% required , 81% in 10th and 63% in 12th but still i made it.

    2. After clearing aptitude, the chances are very high because only those people who cant speak english very well get eliminated in interview round. I think only about 10-15% people get eliminated in interview.

    3. This year it is taking longer for everyone as they are recruiting far more people but dont worry, your result will surely come.

  46. Unknown  

    Thanx chintan,
    I guess you have relieved me a lot.
    I think U were from Pune right????

  47. Chintan Patel  


    No. I am from Ahmedabad.

  48. mayank singh  

    hello sir
    hope this is d last tym m visiting this thread..sir thanx really for ur sincere n kind responses...
    i have till now been troubling u abt my "used 2 b" only concern dat whether i wud b selected in my interview that i gave as a fresher on 1 sept held @ gr noida..
    i told u dat i had a gr8 written(m still sure i wud have done 80% papr correctly)..n gave a nice interview..i m confident abt hr my bad luck was i had twi backlogs(5 sem)..m frm mechanical background!!!
    when i was worid abt this issue if i may get rejected just due to my backlogs..u helped me till ur xtent n said.."If you clear your backlogs before joining, it doesnt bother them. You just need to make sure you dont have any pending backlogs at the time of joining. Even if you do have, you have the option to extend your DOJ for upto 6 months from the original DOJ till you reappear for the exam and get your results...If you met the criteria to be eligible for interview, your backlogs will not have any effect on their decision for you."
    aftr serious waiting of 1 month n 10 days..2day i got my rejection mail frm infy...
    m still sure abt my efficient written n intrvw..coz ine always knows his strengths n cant help out d actual result!!
    2 b clear..sir m nt pointing upon u or ur words dat helped me calm down my anxiety..
    bt just posting it here so dat might b it helps someone..n also may it add 2 ur xperiences!!
    thanx sir

  49. Unknown  

    Hey chintan,
    What is this Mr. Mayank saying.......Even I had heard that backlogs 1ce cleared dont matter for Infy.
    Den what is this??

    Even I had 1 in2nd year........

  50. mayank singh  

    @ajay::no dude..u r interpreting it wrong..i meant still i have two backlogs running..i coudnt clear them due 2 some serious health concerns...dat is wat i told mr chintan n even i talked abt dis 2 my interviewer at d tym of intrvw..even d interviewer said--"there is nthng such..v will hire u n give u tym 2 clear ur backlogs..u will b give an xtended joining say in march n ur offer letter will b given at dat tym itself"
    plz it is a request dat dnt b evaluative at all upon dis since things were very clearly talked at interview..n my intrvw also went i m still astonished dat wat went wrong!!plz again i say..dnt judge d matter concern.

  51. shirish  

    @mayank what are u saying man,
    "there is nthng such..v will hire u n give u tym 2 clear ur backlogs..u will b give an xtended joining say in march n ur offer letter will b given at dat tym itself"
    Firstly how can u be assured in the interview itself that u ll be hired thats simply not possible. As far as I think u got the regret letter not because of ur backlogs but because you failed to impress them in the interview

  52. mayank singh  

    well thanx a lot for ur advices dear...will try 2 improve myself coz failures r meant 2 learn lesson from...its soo much out of common sense dat whenever u give ur xams or any interview..u really know inside somewhere if "you failed to impress them in the interview" or stuff lyk dat...u were nt there d tym of data verification..infy ppl asked me thrice abt if i have 2 give xams 2 these backlogs or had i given them??its kind of obvious i was scared abt it bt was somewhere hopeful...
    i repeat it plzzz dont b evaluative!!just since i bothered d admin with my queries..i thought it 2 b generous 2 inform him abt d same!!

  53. Unknown  

    @ mayank :don t be so complex dear........Afterall u gave it a try.....That also means Infy has begun the offer letter distribution process......Hope they mail us the selection letter as soon as possible.
    Did ur friends get the selection letter??

  54. mayank singh  

    @ajay::ya intention of posting dis infrmation here was 2 help ppl know dat they have begun wid it all came out!
    no yar, i know some ppl who got d rejection letr lyk trend shows they have begun wid rejection mails first..

  55. shirish  

    @mayank chill man nobody is judging u, I am sure u gave ur best and best of luck for ur future

  56. Subhankar  

    hi sir,i want u ask one thing although it is out of context as it is not regarding Infosys.i want to know that what is good after considering job prospectives(promotions as well!!)MBA/ experience?You don't need to consider whether i am technically strong or do i have leadership qualities.Just suggest me considering only the job prospectives.I don't want to get into reasearch or teaching field after M.Tech.

  57. Chintan Patel  


    Sorry to hear that you could not make it. But still i would go with the fact that backlogs dont matter. Infosys knows backlogs are a part of college life and have no problem if you clear them before joining as your interviewer confirmed. If they were against backlogs, they would have set the criteria to include no blacklogs.


    What Mayank means by quoting the interviewer's words is that Infosys will hire you even if you have backlogs and its not that the interviewer told Mayank that he will surely hire him.


    Do what you love is all i would say to you. I will give you one example of my close friend from Pune University. He was also from 2008 batch like me and got selected in Infosys, i-flex, Wipro and Tech Mahindra and got 90%ile in CAT and 93%ile in GATE.

    Instead of joining any of these IT companies, he went for MTech from NIT Surathkal which ranks in Top 10-20 technical colleges in India. Even though he is a very good student as is obvisous from his BTech offers, after MTech, the highest job offer he got was only 3.6 from IBM and he has joined it while my friends at Infosys who also joined in 2008 batch have their packages at 4.0-4.5 depending on performance. I got kicked out of Infosys due to failing in training but now i am onsite and earning double of what my Infosys friends earn while none of them even have a remote hope of being sent onsite which is a good package even for an MBA in India.

    What i want to convey by this is that degrees on paper do not matter so much. Possessing skills needed by the market is what matters. I know software engineers with an engineering degree who earn more than IIM-A graduates. I know bloggers in india who earn 5000 USD per month working from home and have quit their regular IT job. So job prospectives after MBA, MTech depends on a lot of factors like your own skills, market conditions, demand for your skills in the market etc. Do not go for a post graduation degree only because everyone else is doing it. Do it only if you feel it will add significant value to your career.

  58. Unknown  

    i wanna ask cameras are allowed or not? and plz mention clearly what subjects i shuld prepare for infi 1st day test.

  59. Chintan Patel  


    Cameras are allowed. I am not sure if that test is still being taken but you can study C language and Java. I dont know the specific topics so cant suggest any.

  60. Unknown  

    1 last ques--- either we have to choose from the language like dotnet , java etc or it is decided by them????

  61. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered. Please read all posts and their comments before posting a question. I will not answer repeated questions.

    I have already mentioned many times that you cannot choose your stream.

  62. Unknown  

    how many % of studets get filtered in traning in infosys?
    is there any advantage for CS/IS stream students?
    approximatly say out of 100 how many students does infosys employes after trainig?

  63. Chintan Patel  


    There is no such fixed % that they decide to "filter" in training.

    There is an advantage for CS/IT students because they already know the basics and they hardly fail.

    Percentage of trainees facing exit after Infosys training varies from batch to batch and is usually less than 10%.

  64. sivamech  

    Sir actually i am selected for infosys on dec 2011 , i am a mechanical engg student , could u tell me how the training will be carried out for me , and what should i prepare , before atttending the training . and is there any medical test in infy ... if so what does it contain .... kindly help me sir

  65. hema  

    sir,my parents health conditions is a worrying factor for joining infy training.will i be able to get a posting in bbsr(my home town) if ill give the medical reasons?

  66. Chintan Patel  


    All your questions are already answered. Please use site search above.


    I cannot say for sure if they will consider your case but usually people now get the location closest to their hometown so there are great chances that you will get BBSR anyways but you can try swapping if you dont get BBSR directly. Usually someone from other regions of india will be glad to swap with you.

  67. hema  

    Sir,thnks 4 ur quick reply..
    sir in case as u hv said i wnt get posting in bbsr,den ill b under compulsion 2 leave aftr can i gt a job here in bbsr in any of the IT companies if ill just show the training certificate ..
    i hd already talkd to d HR of our eastern zone.he said dat i hv 2 confess my problm few months before the posting only..otherwise ill never be posted in ne circumstances..

    sir kindly help me in dis matter as hw to get confirmation in my hometown as mine is a genuine case..are INFY people really ruthless?

  68. sivamech  

    thank u for u r kindly reply sir...

  69. Chintan Patel  


    There is nothing like "training certificate" but it is an experience certificate which says that you have worked with infosys for the duration of your employment.

    You can already do what the HR has said and communicate your problem to them earlier.

    "are INFY people really ruthless?". As i have already said, they try to post people closer to their hometown as much as possible but it is not possible in all cases. However, given your situation, you might be given preference over others.

  70. coolstingo  

    hi sir ,
    my query is that i have 1 back in 7th sem which i cud not clear n i am selected and fulfill all other university (IP) will give me the degree. now will i be rejected...i am also ready to extend my joining if possible.

  71. coolstingo  

    and one more thing sir....even if i somehow get the 6 months extension...even then the result wont be declared before that ??? then what

  72. Chintan Patel  


    They do ask for all semester's marksheets and so you will have to extend your DOJ. You will not be rejected because of your backlog. But remember, your new DOJ will be within 6 months of your original DOJ and if you havent cleared your backlog by then, there are high changes that the offer will be considered void.

  73. anuj bhatia  

    sir, i got the letter of intent from infosys stating my gross salary to be 3.25 per annum. can you tell me the approx. in hand salary??

  74. Chintan Patel  


    Hostel fees and other expenses keep increasing every year so its hard to predict but it will around 15k in hand during training. After training, it depends on your increment based on your CGPA in training.

  75. Dayakar  

    hi sir.....u have mentioned in my earlier query that u have no info abt operations executive.....still no info abt it???

  76. Unknown  

    hai sir i was selected for infybpo. so may i know how will be the growth and hike of the salary

  77. maniraj  

    I was selected in Infy Bpo and waiting for my DOJ. I missed my 10th marksheet but i have a attested copy. Is that enough to join ? or do i have to apply for duplicate before Joining ??

  78. Unknown  

    I got selected in infosys(off campus) on November 2016. I received my letter of intent which states my job will be confirmed once I fulfilled the eligibility criteria. Recently I got my final semester result and I completely fulfilled my eligibility criteria. But yet now I didn't received any mail regarding my letter of appointment. Now I'm getting afraid how long I need to wait for my appointment letter and when can I expect it?
    Please reply..

  79. safeen  

    My dob is wrong in my infosys login how can i change it?

  80. Unknown  

    Do they check everything in bags ? What if I carry book for GATE preparation and my hand written notes, will they allow it ?

  81. Unknown  

    Good afternoon,
    I am Sisira.s I have requested for a date extension during the month of may due to severe chicken pox(old doj june 4th 2018). Recently on 31st August I have received new date extended mail offer letter(new doj Oct 15 th 2018). I have been waiting for a week to get a mail from Launch pad team so that I can open my portal and upload the documents if necessary. But still I didn't received any mail from them.
    What should I do now? Please guide me!
    I have tried to login to my old launch pad portal which I have got before. But that username and password shows invalid.
    So , I am worried and don't know what to do now.
    i tried calling launch pad team but they didnt picked up any of the calls and also mailed them but no return response.
    i dont know how to move forward.

  82. Unknown  

    Hii, I have also sent the mail 2 days back regarding offer Extension because of severe leg fracture due to sudden accident but i have not yet got any reply of approval in doj extension. What should i do now.Are they going to aacept it or not.Have you got the mail at the same time as approval for extension or later they have sent that.Please help me with this.

  83. Unknown  

    Hii, I have sent the mail 2 days back regarding offer Extension because of severe leg fracture due to sudden accident but i have not yet got any reply of approval in doj extension.My date of joining is 16th september.What should i do now. How i can ensure my extension in date of joining.Will they sent the mail at the same time as approval for extension or later they will sent that.Please help me with this.

  84. Abhijit dhage  

    Hi guys need some help
    Actualy lots of students from our clg get selected in infy on 28 Oct 2020 some of them got an offer letter
    But others including me didn't get it
    In how many days they send us letter
    Can anyone plz tell me

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