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This is the forum that i had envisioned to be more appropriate for keeping up with the growing queries that i receive on my blog.

Also, a forum is better for interacting among yourselves which cannot happen on a blog.

Infosys, Infosys 2008, Infosys 2009, Freshers@Infosys etc are the various communities that you need to join on Orkut to get to the information that you are looking for but now, people from all batches can come together on a common platform.

I had some spare bandwidth on this domain and so thought of giving something useful to you people again.

The main advantage of this forum is that you can access this forum after joining Infosys also.

I will be still be answering queries on my blog and also moderating the forum.

I will create appropriate topics on the forum as i deem necessary. Others can also create new topics but it will be great if you first check out if there is already a topic dealing with the same information. Redundant topics will be deleted.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Sir, i am in final year of my studies from UPTU, I aspire to get into Infosys as soon as it visits my campus probably in January 2010, i need some tips from you so as how should i prepare for that so that i can get into it
    thanx in advance

  2. Chintan Patel  


    Just be good at aptitude. Nothing more to say.

  3. Unknown  

    Sir,i got selected for infosys through campus recruitment programme..just wanted to know about the eligibility criteria in terms of percentage required in B.E.Is it like ..the aggregate percntage of all the 8 semesters should be 66%/above and likewise aggregate percentage of 10th and 12th classes should be 66%/above.
    Please do intimate me the correct & latest updated eligibility criteria.
    thanx in advance.

  4. Chintan Patel  


    The criteria is different for different universities. Your criteria is the one announce to you.

  5. Unknown  

    sir,our collg criteria was only 60%
    during placement upto 5 semesters i got 76.6% but i wrongly calculated and gave it as 77.8% which is also eligible aggregate only . will it be a problem ?

    After 8 semesters i have still improved and got 80%

  6. Chintan Patel  


    No, it wont be a problem...

  7. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    my joining is on 8th feb 2010.i am an IT graduate and have learnt c,c++,core java and i know basics of .net,HTML,SQL,ORACLE.
    but still am afraid about the training.lot of people says that infy training is very stressful.
    please guide me what exactly i should be preparing or studying to pass the infosys training successfully ?

  8. Chintan Patel  


    Just prepare well without taking training for granted. Thats all that will be required.

  9. Unknown  

    hi. I m rakshit....... Infosys has asked me to join it in january,2010.I am from EC trade so I m affraid of the stressful traning provided thre. I wanna ask u that whether I should utilize my time in doing some traning related to software or not. reply me soon

  10. Chintan Patel  


    It is obvious that if you feel tensed about it, you should prepare before joining.

  11. Anonymous  

    hello chintan sir,
    sir i have my joining in january 2010..what all do u suggest me to read till then??
    plz reply.


  12. Chintan Patel  


    Learn C language and Java...

  13. Anonymous  

    thank you so much sir


  14. riya  

    sir i have my joining on 28 december
    in my joining letter i got the system engineer trainee designation.could u please guide what is this job all about.will the training be the same as for software engineer trainees

  15. Chintan Patel  


    I have explained it 2-3 times elsewhere on this blog. Please find it by using site search.

  16. Anonymous  

    hi my doj is on 26th october.i couldnt login in my ejoining portal..is it compulsory to bring that ejoining offer letter? can we fill those details at at mysore?please help me

  17. Pragyan  

    hello sir.i m a final yr btech student reading in orissa.there is a notice that infosys will come for recruitment programme this December.sir i want to know that what are the criteria for students ?and can 1-2% mark in 12th be compromised,as i hv a good cgpa in btech till date and a good % in 10th?
    awaiting for your reply.i ll be obliged if u ll reply me at pragyanmishra0211@gmail.com
    thank you

  18. Chintan Patel  


    ejoining is compulsory as far as i know.


    The criteria differs from university to university... They will announce the criteria for you and the tolerance limits before 15 days of the campus interview.

  19. Manuraj Pandey  
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  20. Unknown  

    hello sir plz can u tell me what is the inhand salary for a system engineer at infosys....
    do they provide accomodation only during the training period.........

  21. Chintan Patel  


    Inhand during training would be about 15k-17k. After training about 21k.

    Accommodation is during training only. You will get company provided accommodation for one week when you get your posting and in that one week, you will have to search for accommodation.

  22. technomaniac  

    hello ..I had a backlog (6th sem ) tht i gave on 4th of this month ..rest all my sems are clear ...My Infosys joining date is 10th january ... so i shld ask for offer extension or wht shld i do ... i am really confused as the reslt will come on 6th feb ....And infosys sent a mail stating that students with pending backlogs cannot join on given date ...

  23. Chintan Patel  


    If it has already been stated that you cannot join with a pending backlog, then you surely need to apply for an extension.

  24. Rishabh@Kuchu'sHeart==>CarpeDiem  

    sir im a final yr student of uptu......sir ma aggregate is 64.3% with no backlogs. Sir can you pleaze tell me what is the present eligibility creteria of infy.
    Iam a student with comparitively finer communication skills as i have won various prizes in this field, but im realy apprehended regarding infy's criteria.Will the be still sticking to that 60% or not. Do tell me sir.

    I'll be very grateful to you.

    Rishabh Pandey
    B.Tech CSE.

  25. Chintan Patel  


    Criteria is different for different colleges. The criteria for you will be announced by infosys before they conduct the campus interview.

    It can be anything from 55% to 75%.

  26. Unknown  

    Sir, I am an MTech student. I got placed in Infosys through campus recruitment on April 09, 2008. My joining date was on july 13th 2009, but joining was postponed due to pending viva and pending results.I got the results now. Do Infosys provide a new joining date now?

  27. Chintan Patel  


    If you had applied for extension, you will get your new joining date when they decide to call you. Usually, all extension candidates are called in March but now since the training period has increased, it may be further delayed for the extension candidates.

  28. senthamiz  

    sir i am senthamiz. I am B.tech student. i got a doubt whether v can attend infosys off campus and on campus on the same month.. if i didn't get placed in any one can i attend another....

  29. Chintan Patel  


    According to rule, you cannot attend another infosys interview if your previous interview was not before 8 months. So if you dont get selected, you will have to wait for another 8 months before you can reapply to join infosys.

    The limit is 6 months or 8 months, i am not sure.

  30. Unknown  

    Sir, i m a Pankaj, a B.Tech student from UPTU and i want to appear for Infosys off-campus. Can you please give me some details about where and when the off campus selection will be done in North India...


    sir,m arnav,a B.E. student from UIET,panjab university,chandigarh,i have 58.6% aggregate till 6th sem,and i have heard that TCS and WIPRO are coming next year in my college for campus placements.....will i be eligible for any of these firms.....what to do if i want to get placed in a good firm of same level.....will they get convinced.....i have good comm skillz....teachers here are strict in marking...pls suggest

  32. Chintan Patel  


    How can i know whether you will be eligible for TCS, Wipro? It depends on their criteria.

    Just prepare for their interview and written test, what else?

  33. bigbully_manyu  

    hey...i must say u hv been doing sum srsly gud wrk thru this blog......must commend u 4 d gr8 wrk...

    i kno this one may sound repititive bt plz answer it.....
    i got thru in infy during my campus plcmnt this Dec....xpected 2 join in june-july 2010....

    plz elaborate abt d pay i m gonna get since i m getting a whole lot of diff. opinions on d same.....d compny mentioned dat d CTC wud b 2.7L p.a during training nd 3.25L p.a aftr training....wud b really kind of u if u cud prvide d breakup.....

    so far wat i hv been able to gather from various blogs nd forums is dat its going 2 b around (15k+room rent+recreatioal facilities) during training......true?????
    nd do we need 2 pay out of our own pockets 4 d food?????

    i hv also heard of ppl getting performance incentive pays of around 30k at d end of d training period....true?????

    and aftr d training gets over,whats d in hand salary one can xpect 2 get????food n acomodation i guess wud obviously b nt included....

    i kno u may b pissd with yet another long post on d same boring subjct but ur reply wud b really invaluable....

    thnx n regards

  34. Chintan Patel  


    First of all, you cant predict your DOJ like that. It can be anywhere from june to march or april of next year.

    If the company has told you about the package, you dont need to believe anyone else. After training, you package depends on your performance in training and will vary between 10-15% increase. You package details will be mentioned in your offer letter.

    After typing this much, i read the rest of your comment together and i think it will be a great idea for you to use only one question mark per question.

    First true????? is true.
    Second true????? is false. The amount is not fixed at 30k. You will get (salary during training x number of months in training x % increment at the end of training).

    Ofcourse food will be on you and accommodation also. Inhand salary given by infosys to people from my batch is about 22k after training and would be mostly the same for you.

    It will also be great if you just read some posts before asking a question. As you guessed, all these answers are already present on my blog and i am not a fan of repeated questions. There is hardly a question that i would not have answered so please read all the posts before asking a question and you are sure to find your answer.

  35. Unknown  

    Sir, i m a Pankaj, a B.Tech student from UPTU and i want to appear for Infosys off-campus. Can you please give me some details about where and when the off campus selection will be done in North India...

  36. Unknown  

    I am a 4th year b.tech student from Ip university new delhi. Infosys is coming for placement on 7th jan but the coll notice board says no backlog allowed.I have 1 backlog which i got in 6th sem and will be clearing it in 8th.Is there any such criteria or its just created by my college???

  37. Chintan Patel  


    I had knowingly avoided your question last time. See, for that, you have to contact infosys recruitment. I dont have any information about when and where infosys is going to conduct selection drives.


    I strongly suggest that you still appear for infosys. Colleges often dont know the proper criteria. Even my college had shown a schedule which had mentioned GD in it but as it turned out, Group Discussions were not a part of the selection process. They will mention the criteria again in the presentation or at the beginning of written test.

  38. bigbully_manyu  

    hey...thnx 4 d information and resolving several of my queries...
    nd kindly ignore my way of writing coz i was writing it in a pretty informal way...newayz i vl take care of it..

    it wud b really kind if u cud trow sum light on d following:

    1.i came across a scanned copy of an offer letter on sum blog or forum....the salary breakup therein was mentioned as follows:

    during training:
    Basic 6420 DA 1100 BOA 9281 Bonus 1429+75 PF 902 Gratuity 362 Total Fixed gross 19569

    after training :
    Basic 7140 DA 1100 BOA 10490 Bonus 1566+82 PF 989 Gratuity 396 Total Fixed gross 21763 TPI @15%(max) 3264 total variable gross 25027

    the above figures indicate salary of abt 2.4L during trng and 3Lpa after trng...

    i guess 2008 batch got d above mentioned salary since d offer letter was dated sept07.....cud u plz clarify as to which batch was offerd d above pkg.

    2.it wud also b great if u cud lemme kno d breakup for the 2009 or 2010 batch..they mentioned in the campus recruitment presentation dat it wud b 2.7Lpa during training and 3.25 after it...

    3.the house rent mentioned in d scanned copy of d offer letter was mentioned as 1750 p.m.....can u lemme kno d present rate...

    4.kindly also let me kno d current charges for various recreational facilities..also plz lemme kno if there are any more charges which they levy...

    5.wud d amount dat wud b credited to our a/c b after tax deductions?or do we need to file for IT returns ourselves....

    6.in ur last post u mentioned abt d performance incentive...
    a)is it paid as a lump sum amount after d training gets over?
    b)is it given out in addition to wat they hv mentoned in d pay package?
    c)to compute the performance incentive u mentioned d following formula
    (salary during training x number of months in training x % increment at the end of training)

    in d above formula d "salary during training" refers to fixed gross monthly pay or sumthing else?
    nd d increment rates vary b/w 10-15% depending upon ur CGPA?

    i kno another long mail full of queries awaits ur response bt plz enlighten on d afore mentioned...u hv been d most authentic source of information about infosys i hv cum across so far nd therefore i thought of getting bak 2 u for clarifying my doubts...i want 2 b clear about most things bfore i actually get in there...hope u would nt mind..

    thnx and regards

  39. Chintan Patel  


    1. How can i know which batch was that offer letter issued to?

    2. Do you think i know more than the HR manager who told you your salary in presentation?

    3. I have mentioned house rent for my batch on some other thread which i dont remember. Please find that using "Search This Blog". Rent keeps increasing every year.

    4. I dont have information about all such minor charges deducted and i think i have already mentioned it on some other post or its comments.

    5. In hand salary is also mentioned on some other post. As you can see i can type such a long sentence to explain that you really need to read all other posts instead of shooting queries as they come to you. I can type this five line paragraph instead of writing a 5 digit number just because i want people to read all other threads before posting their question.

    6. In this point, you get into sooo much details about the pay that it annoyed me.

    Now, i am used to answering the silliest of doubts like "is using a cycle compulsory? I dont know how to ride a bicycle." , "criteria announced was 58% but i have 63%. Can i join or not?" etc. but somehow your question annoys me far more than these questions.

    I can understand your enthusiasm on getting selected in infosys but you need to understand that whatever you ask is more annoying even in its inquiring nature.

    I dont know why you need to know the exact amount of floating point precision that will get deposited in your account from me even though it is obvious that your exact package is already conveyed in the presentation and will be mentioned in detail in your offer letter also.

    If you want so much exact details, you can call infosys helpline and i dont have their number.

  40. Jitesh Shekharajka  

    sir, i m from rajasthn technical university and i want to know about infy eligibility criteria...i have one back in Vth sem due to my universitys fault and i am sure that i will all clear in revaluation but still i gave back exam on 6th of jan because revaluation results is yet to declare...i have above 80% in 10th n 12th nd agg 70% in b.e...i am from2010 batch...

  41. Chintan Patel  


    Eligibility criteria is different for all colleges and hence the criteria applicable to you will be announce by infosys when they come for campus recruitment.

  42. jayakumari  

    i am doing my final year B.sc computer science...
    am i eligible for infosys.. also wen is infosys campus recrutment tak palce in chennai...

  43. Chintan Patel  


    You are eligible. How can i know when is Infosys going to conduct campus interviews anywhere?

  44. Unknown  

    Hiee!! infosys visited our colg on 12th jan 2010.. i got selected.. wil be sent for training after 8th sem.. i have given my 7th sem exam.. results will be out in feb.. will i be scraped out if i wont clear in this feb results or they will wait till 8th sem results..

  45. anup  

    can you pls tell infosys general eligibility criteria for campus placement

  46. anup  

    i hav 58.2% in 10th 65.5% in 12th and 71% in grad.am i eligible for infosys placement.pls reply

  47. Unknown  

    Hello sir can u tell me whether Tech Mahindra is better than infosys in any respect.....

  48. Unknown  

    sir i am doin my engg frm bangalore.......i am in 7th sem....infosys mentioned tat eligibility criteria is 60%in 10th and 12th and 65 in be with no live backs...its coming on 20th f this mnth
    ihave full filled all criteria except i have 1 backlog.....so wud u suggest me 2 sit for interview r nt...cant the back paper be cleared in next sem b4 joining......please sir reply asap....
    thamks aload

  49. Chintan Patel  


    If you dont clear, you can apply for an extension if your DOJ falls earlier than your re-exam. You wont be just scraped out if you fail in one subject.


    There is no general criteria for infosys. Criteria keeps on changing for different universities.


    lt depends on the role you will get after training. Infosys training is definitely better than any other company but if after training you get into IMS or IVS, it wont be too good for your career if you are looking for a development oriented role. So in that case, it would be better to have a better role in any other company than infosys but that cant be decided beforehand.

    Anyways, infosys is worth joining for the training only. You can always leave infosys later if you dont like the role you are offered later on.


    I suggest you still go to the campus interview and sit for the pre-placement talk where you can clarify this with one of the officials because i have seen colleges often assume the criteria and publish it on the notice board whereas the actuall criteria turns out to be different on the campus interview day.

  50. Unknown  

    sir infosys is comin on 20th in our college..
    it has asked 65% criteria and no backlogs in be..
    i am in 7th sem..so do they need aggregate till 6th sem or 5th sem..till 5th sem ihave my report card and aggregate is above 65%...6th sem results r out but marks card has nt yet been issued by clg and i dnt remember exact percentage...which may go down by .4 from 65% or so...so do u suggest me to sit for campus and explain the hr everything...are they gonna listen to all this crap...

  51. Chintan Patel  


    They will clarify the criteria before starting the written test which will clarify all your doubts.

  52. deepak ojha  

    Sir, i am in final year of my engg. from RGPV, I aspire to get into Infosys as soon as it visits my campus on 22January 2010, i need some tips from you so as how should i prepare for that.my communication skills are not so good but aptitude is ok.please suggest me some study materials and websites so that i would crack the infosys recruitment process....waiting for your precious advice
    thanx in advance

  53. Chintan Patel  


    It takes 6 months of aptitude preparation for Infosys written test in campus interviews.

    I dont think anything can be done in such a short time. There are no specific materials for preparation. If you are good at aptitude, any material will do.

    You will need to have good aptitude and good english to pass infosys campus interview.

  54. Unknown  

    today infosys came to our campus i got selected in written tomorrows my interview,i had 1 backlog whose exam i have given this time results r yet to be out....but as per their criteria....no standing baclogs...
    so tomorrow are they gonna check the result during interview..if they see 1 backlog and i try to convince them tat i will clear it for sure can they consider,,,also wat should i explain 2 them...can they blacklist me....plz reply urgent...
    thanks load

  55. Chintan Patel  


    While you are waiting for the interview, their volunteers will check your results and see if you meet their criteria. If they find your results do not meet their criteria, they will not send your result copies ahead for interview to the interviewer and will inform you of it.

    Your convincing or explanation will not make any difference at all.

    They have clearly informed you that they do not want people with standing backlogs. So whatever you do, do it at your own risk. Maybe you will sneak through, maybe not. They may or may not blacklist you.

  56. Unknown  

    gud evening sir, i am pushpender, 3 yr ec student from uptu,how can i be placed in infy if it doesnt visit my campus and what are the chances of getting selected at off campus drives rather than on campus placement drives.

  57. Chintan Patel  


    Off campuses are usually held to recruit experienced people. However, you can apply if they are allowing freshers. One more thing about off campuses is that a very large number of people apply. Though the quality of the crowd remains the same.

    I would say that the chances are the same for off campus or on campus because they use the same recruitment criteria.

    From our on-campus drive, only 50 got selected from 1000 students from 7 colleges. It was not that the competition was tough but just that the crowd was poor quality. So it does not make a difference if you appear for Infosys on campus or off campus.

  58. Unknown  

    gud evening sir..in class 10th i had an additional subject introductory information technology..on adding the marks of that subject in my main five subject i got 60.5% and if dont add the marks of that subject in my main subject i got 55.4%..so please tell me should i add the marks of additional subject marks in my main subjects or not for appearing in infosys.

  59. Unknown  

    Hello sir,
    As infy is coming for the upcoming campus drive, it has laid down the criteria as 60% in 10th and 12th and 65% in degree(B.Tech till 6th sem).I am in the 7th sem & Our college placement officials have already forwarded my name. I fulfill the criteria for 10th n 12th but i am 0.2%(point two) percent short from 65 pertaining to the degree only. will it pose any problem? please elaborate the consequences and solution and if possible please mail the relevant attachments to my mail ID:jack.the.obnoxious@gmail.com . Thank you.

  60. madhu  

    hi...i got selected in infy thru campus recruitment on jan 7th 2010..i wanna kno wen wen will the training probably start for the 2010 batch..

  61. Chintan Patel  


    The grand total of marks is only considered. Percentage wont be counted as just for the main 5 subjects.


    Forwarding your name by your college officials does not mean anything. Infosys people will personally verify your eligibility criteria. All i can say is that they dont even allow 0.1% less in eligibility criteria.

    However, you can still go for the pre-placement talk where they will clarify the criteria and if there is some relaxation criteria, you may be able to attend the interview.


    Training starts from June but that does not mean your DOJ will be in June. It can be anything between June to next March.

  62. Unknown  

    Thanx so mch!

  63. Unknown  

    hello sir
    how to know whether infosys wud come to our college for hiring engg students or not? is there any site to enquire whether infosys lists the colleges that it wud visit.i asked so because every year infosys visits our college. we heard it wud not visit this year. plz reply

  64. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know about any source from which you can know that. At most, you can ask your college's placement officer about it.

  65. shiva2010  

    I want to know about the offcampus placements of Infosys,like the date and venue for 2010 passouts of B.E graduates.Plz help-

  66. shiva2010  

    Sir,I want to know about the offcampus placements of Infosys in TamilNadu ,like the date and venue, for 2010 passouts .Plz help

  67. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have any information about offcampus placement drives conducted by Infosys.

  68. akbliss  

    sir,m a 6th sem b.tech student from Pbi univ.infy visited our campus on 22nd dec 2009,to recruit our seniors ,elegibilty criteria was 65% against usual 60%,but we've been informed that infy will visit our campus again in june for recruitment,our batch is following CGPA system do u have any idea that can the eligibilty be brought down to 6 again or will they follow 6.5???

  69. Unknown  


    hello sir i am studyin in an autonomous college in karnataka !! so my college follows relative grade system on 10 point scale !! we have cgpa instead of % !! i want to know what is the minimum CGPA needed to be eligible for on campus placements for companies like Infosys etc !!! sir plzz tell me what is the minimum CGPA needed ? ? i m currently in 6th sem n my cgpa now is 7.49 ! n my previous results
    X 93.60
    XII 74 %
    will i be eligible sir ?
    n plz telme what is the necessary preparation for placements ? ?

  70. Chintan Patel  


    What do you mean by "usual 60%"? There is no such fixed criteria. It varies for all universities and so i dont have an answer to what the criteria is for a particular college/university.

    Anyways, i think its easier to score in CGPA system than in %age system.


    Every company has their own criteria and it can only be known when that company comes to visit your campus.

    Your scores are good enough to be eligible for interview for most of the companies.

    Necessary preparation for campus interview is good aptitude, good english, good technical skills.

  71. Unknown  

    Thank you sir , I want to ask , as our college follows RELATIVE GRADING system ? Do we have any ralaxation in CGPA compared to absolute grading ?
    Sir plzz telme the SPECIFIC CGPA most companies ask ( generally ) in grading systems ? ? plzz sir

  72. Chintan Patel  


    I think it is easier to have a high score in CGPA system. Companies generally ask for 6 or 6.5 which i think is very easy to achieve in CGPA based system.

  73. mansi  

    sir, i m in my last yr of engg. my aggregate of three yrs is 58.18%. wen infosys came 2 our college for placement thier criteria was 58%. i got through the placement procedures. but they specified that they need aggregate 60%. wat if i dont get 60% but something between 58-59%

  74. Chintan Patel  


    Same was the case with me but fortunately my aggregate was over 60% when i joined.

    They are very strict about %age criteria and will not allow even 0.01% less.

  75. mansi  

    thanks for the reply. but do they need last yrs aggregate 60% or for all the four yrs? my this sem % is 58.9. i had topped thier aptitude test. would this make a difference?

  76. Praveen  

    can i download the champak book as ebook from any website...

  77. Chintan Patel  


    Nothing will make a difference if you do not meet the %age criteria.
    If they have already mentioned 60% aggregate it means for all years.


    There are some scattered links. Just search for it if you can find it. I dont have the links.

  78. Praveen  

    I m from ECE Dept... which languages can i learn beforehand so tat it ll b useful during training..
    i m not gud in programming too.. will ther be serious programming during training..
    how much cgpa shd i score during training

  79. Unknown  

    thank you so much sir !!! yes i do agree dat scoring in cgpa system is much easier in absolute grading system !!! as my institution follow relative grading it becums quiet tough 2 score compared 2 absolute!!! sir many told dat cgpa 6.75 is 60% n 7.25 is 65% is it true ? ?
    do companies follow the above said CGPA to be eligibility criteria ? ? If infosys asking now 65 %!!! will it be 7.25 cgpa for us ?? or higher cgpa ?????

  80. Praveen  

    i had my interv on dec3..after the interv they said they ll start campus conn pgm..
    wen ll they start?

  81. Chintan Patel  


    Of course there will be serious programming during training. What else do you have to do?

    Rest of your questions are already answered. Please read all the posts before posting a question.


    There is no such comparison of percentage and points in CGPA. They will tell you how much CGPA is required when they come for campus interview.


    I dont know when they will start Campus Connect. My college did not have Campus Connect.

  82. Unknown  

    hello sir i m from ipu & hve got selected on 7 jan from on campus drive,nearly after how much time i will recieve my joining letter?

  83. Chintan Patel  


    Please read all posts and their comments before posting a redundant query. I have already answered your question on some other post.

  84. Ankur Khurana  

    Hi I have 39 months of experience. But i have just 60.67% in 12th. Is there anything like that i have to have 65% even after being experienced??? for joining Infosys

  85. Chintan Patel  


    After 39 months of experience, only your relevant experience matters.

  86. sneha  

    hi i have a small doubt regarding ejoining.should we fill all subjects maks or is it eneough to fill semester totals for btech.and one more question is how should we enter years for btech.i.e; 2005-2009 for all marks or for 1st year is it 2005-2006 and for second year 2006-2007 and so on.

  87. Unknown  

    i hv placed in infosys..till 6th sem i hv no backlog but after placement i got failed in 1 sub in 7th sem... in ggsip universty we hv system to leave 3 susjects...i'll get my degree on tym..but hv doubt that will infosys send me the call letter or reject me...
    7th sem will b cleared after 1 yr..

  88. Chintan Patel  


    No need to fill marks of individual subjects.

    Both ways are right.


    I have been asked this question before but i still dont have an answer for it. Better ask them directly to be sure. They have a policy of not allowing any backlogs but as your university issues degree certificate without it, i am not sure what they decide.

  89. Unknown  

    sir,I am a student of UPTU.I have got placed in infosys through campus recruitment.My final sem exams are in may and result is to be announced in June.So when can I expect my joining.Also i m from EC and have knowledge of c and C++.so suggest me what else i should learn to enhance my competency.

  90. Unknown  

    Sir,I'm a final year student......I've been selected by infosys during the campus held.in our college.The thing is that i've lost my SSLC marksheet....will it be a problem when i get there? pls do reply

  91. Chintan Patel  


    Please dont ask about your DOJ. I dont know anything about your DOJ.

    Your second question is already answered dozens of times on this blog.


    Wasnt this an issue during your campus interview? I hope you have a duplicate marksheet. Was it lost after you got selected? If yes, you can mail them to know what you should do about it as you would already have submitted a copy of that marksheet during campus, i assume.

  92. Unknown  

    I've lost it before the interview itself..But i wasn't asked for sslc marksheet during the interview and i dont have a duplicate marksheet too......What shud i do now?

  93. Chintan Patel  


    It is obvious what you should do. Apply for a duplicate marksheet to your board. You dont need to ask about this to me.

  94. Unknown  

    sir i have got selected in infosys through campus recruitment.my marks in 12th is 61% but it includes one vocational paper marks.as per the state board(jharkhand) rules extra marks(more than 35) scored in vocational paper is added to the result for improving the percentage . my final result in marks card is 1st division (above 60%) including the extra marks of vocational paper.wil there be any problem at the time of joining.plz help....

  95. Chintan Patel  


    No, there wont be any problem.

  96. VS  

    i got placed into infy in dec.09. and was told that our batch wil b recieving our offer letters within 12 weeks.now it has been more than that.

    but no communication from infy. :(

  97. Unknown  

    there is myth that infi sacks out its employee during the training. to how much extent it is true?if its true then what are the reasons and how much % of employee clear their training

  98. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, man... Dont ask the same question again and again. Ya, you asked it for the first time but dont post a question unless you are sure its not been asked before.

    Offer letter can take 0-12 months from the date of interview. So dont wait for it. It will come for sure.


    If you already call it a myth, you should not be asking this question.

    It depends on the batch, market condition, etc. If the batch is non-IT, the percentage is slightly more. If the market condition is bad, papers magically become tougher and so the number of people not clearing training increases by a large amount. Cant put a number to it, but i have seen it vary from 0-40%. 40% is very rare but it has happened. Usually, it is 5-15%.

  99. Unknown  

    hello sir.infy vsited my colg in 1st week of jan 2010 n i was selected having no backlogs till then .but after 7th sem results were announced i got a backlog in my 7th sem which i will be clearing along wd my 8th sem examinations in june .so when do infy ppl give me a call.will they wait for our 8th sem results to come ??

  100. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, how can i know when infy will call you?

    No pending backlogs are allowed so if your joining comes before you have cleared your backlog, you will have to apply for extension.

  101. Prashant Chauhan  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  102. Pratt  

    Hi Chintan sir
    I got joining date 21st june .I want to know when i'll get room at Mysore campus, on a day before(20th) or can i get it before 20th because i am reaching banglore on 19th.

  103. Unknown  

    priya here. am curretnly placed in infosys. iunfortunately i got a backlog in my eigth sem.my DOJ is june 21. can i join infy? can i apply for an extension? what is the procedure to apply for an extension?

  104. Reshu  

    I am joining the infosys in June..i want to pursue higher studies..it will be really helpful for me if you can tell me regarding the bond money.

  105. Chintan Patel  

    @Pratt, Hema, Reshu...

    Please read all other posts and their comments before asking a question. I dont want to answer the same questions repeatedly. All your questions are already answered more than once so please search for it on the blog.

  106. Unknown  

    when ll they call candidates who have applied for an extension due to backlogs?

  107. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered many times, please check other posts and their comments.

  108. Unknown  

    Hope you are fine & thanks for all the info.

    What are the chances that Infosys will agree to extend the joining date with medical ground.I need it for at least 3-4 months.Will they verify only the medical documents or physically also?I belong to Bhubaneswar,Orissa

  109. Chintan Patel  


    They will surely extend your DOJ for medical reasons but they will verify the documents when you join again. You cant choose your new DOJ. It will mostly be in March next year because it has been like that till now. I dont think they do any physical verification.

  110. Unknown  

    Hi,thanks for the reply.

    Are all the certificates and mark sheets(upto 6th/7th Sem) going to be verified at the time of joining for training?I have joining on next July.

  111. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they will verify each and every document's originals and photocopy at the time of joining. It will be on wednesday of the first week.

  112. usefultips4u  


    I recently(march 5th) got selected to infy, and also received call letter with DOJ as DEC 27Th 2010.Is it required to learn visual basic and Unix for training and also please tell me, how infy people will divide a person for a java platform / DOTNET platform or other.

    Expecting ur reply,
    nagarjuna K

  113. Unknown  

    i have applied for extension but didnt get any reply from infy.. when ll tey reply??? ll tey surely reply???

  114. Chintan Patel  


    Visual Basic and Unix will not help much but its useful to learn C language and Java. There is no logic to how they allot the streams. It depends on business requirements.


    Yes, i think they will surely reply but it will take some time. If you feel you have waited for long, call them.

  115. mann  

    sir I have got 80% in 10th MP board..

    but unfortunately i mat an accident and after this i got 56 % in 12th MP board..

    now I m in Rajiv gandhi technical university,Bhopal.

    with 66% aggr.

    am i eligible to sit in campus..???

    reply is must sir...

    thanx in advance

  116. Chintan Patel  


    Eligibility criteria is different for different colleges and they will announce it for you when they come for campus interview at your college.

  117. Anonymous  

    sir, i hav written my 12th privately........
    but i hav scored 91% in 12.....do i am elibible for placement in mnc's....currently doing msc soft eng.....

  118. Chintan Patel  


    I dont understand the implications of having written 12th privately but if the exams were of a Govt. recognized education board, i dont think they will have any problem.

  119. Rahul  

    Sir, in my offer letter its mentioned that "candidates with backlogs (1 – 8 semesters) cannot join us on the given date of joining and their offer stands null and void."
    Do you have any idea that if we clear the exam before joining date then will our offer would be valid or not??? and what if the result of the same is still pending...???? What all options we have to save our offer in the worst case????

  120. Kartik Shashank  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  121. Kartik Shashank  

    Hi... Though I m not supposed to answer the queries out here... But just to help the author a lil, this is what I believe the fact is, as I could make out after reading the other posts on this blog.

    You can always go for an extension in your Joining date. If the result is pending, you can wait for the result and then join with all those who asked for extensions for any reason... And I believe, this batch is called for joining somewhere in March.
    In my case, people from my University have been called, but the result for the 8th semester is not yet out. Infact, a classmate had a backlog. But Infosys people (as he claims) have allowed him to join as one subject can be dropped. The degree is awarded if one has 200 credits. I don't know if this system is Universal.
    I hope this info is fine and helps both you and the author of the blog (saving him some time).

  122. Chintan Patel  


    This is the first time i am coming to know about such a statement in the offer letter. It was not there in our offer letter and we could apply for an extension of DOJ citing pending backlog and were granted it.

    But i also had a reader recently who said she called HR and he told her that backlog is not a valid reason for extension of DOJ.

    So from these incidents, i think we can conclude that they wont be extending DOJs for backlogs and the statement you quoted is also pretty clear.

    In our case, the offer letter stated "all results atleast till the penultimate semester" which means till the 7th sem will do and i see now that they have revised that term. So i think you may have to let go of the offer if you have a backlog on your DOJ but as far as i know, if you only have a pending result, it should be fine.


    As i said above, the answers i gave on other posts were based on what the earlier system was but now i think they have revised some terms of the offer. But still i believe they will be tolerant towards pending result of 8th sem with no pending backlog to clear.

    The degree system is different for different universities and i think Infosys would not be having any problem as long as you have a degree from a university.

  123. Kartik Shashank  

    Ohkay! Actually, as I mentioned, a classmate of mine called em up, and he was told that since a few subjects can be dropped, without having to worry about the degree, he could leave that subject and join Infosys.

  124. JZN  

    Hello sir, i m soon going to b joining infy & its wonderful to come across a site which addresses our the doubts in-depth ..

    I too have a query, it was mentioned as a pre-joining requisite to "Undergo and complete the Campus Connect program if your college is a Campus Connect Partner" .. is it mandatory to undergo CC ??

    thank u in advance !

  125. Chintan Patel  


    If your college is a CC partner, then to be safe, you should undergo CC. Its syllabus is the same as that of actual training and so you will be much comfortable with training. It was not really compulsory when we joined but i dont know about it now.

  126. JZN  

    thnx for the response but is it possible yo undergo the CC course in 1-2 months, nd if so would i have to clear the xam too .. my college is a partner, but i was unable to undertake the course .. nd now i m stumped .. !!

  127. Chintan Patel  


    Its ok, not that of a big deal. I think even if you undergo the CC course now, you wont get the certificate for it from your college as i assume it is already over. But dont worry about not undergoing CC. It does not matter much. For more info, you can contact people who have already joined from 2010 batch on orkut communities etc.

  128. tushar  

    Hi Chintan,
    first of allow me to say dat u r doing a gr8 job out here....plz tell me something abt the IMS or IVS u mentioned in ur earlier posts..i hv got a job offer 4m ericsson too and since i am from ECE stream i am a dilemma regarding which company to join..if u can den plz tell wat r the prospects of non CS-IT guys in infy...i will b obiliged... thanx...

  129. Unknown  

    Hello Sir,hope you are fine.

    I had one backlog in 6th sem and appeared for supplementary this year(No result yet or before 19th July).My date of joining is on 19th of July.I can skip the paper after the result.

    Will they allow me to join if college will give the clearance certificate or i have to opt for extension.

  130. Chintan Patel  


    They are probably the worst units to be in. IMS is Infrastructural Management Services which takes care of running servers and computers properly. Mostly hardware job. Can be called a system admin job. Some trainees complain that the job is not challenging enough for an engineer who has undergone such extensive training and not engineers but BSc graduates should do that job.

    IVS is Independent Validation Services which is a fancy name for testing department. All they do is report bugs to the software engineers and take care of quality of end product by making sure the buttons are properly aligned, the colors are proper, there are no spelling mistakes in dialog boxes etc.

    There is no difference between IT and non-IT guys at Infosys and even people from mech, electrical do very well so it all depends on whether you want to be in software or EC.


    I cant say whether it will help or not but i think mostly it will be fine. Again, there are some readers who say that they were denied extension for backlog purposes and so i would suggest reading the terms in your offer letter carefully about applying for an extension.

  131. tushar  

    Hi Chintan,
    thanx 4 ur earlier reply....just wanted to ask one more thing that whether the allotment of IMS or IVS to trainees depend on the mediocre training performance or is it purely on "bad luck"??

  132. Chintan Patel  


    Stream allotment is not based on performance and it purely depends on business requirements.

  133. tushar  

    Hi Chintan,
    I would like to know dat wat r da prospects of onsite oppurtunities in infy...how much does infy pay during dat tym??

  134. Chintan Patel  


    Onsite purely depends on project requirements and are pretty rare to come by. How much infy pays during onsite depends on the country in which you get posted. You get paid according to the cost of living in the country you go onsite to.

  135. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    i'll be joining infy come dec20. During my hr interview i had mentioned that i have taken part in a chess competition and won in my school. unfortunately those certificates are misplaced. will this be a problem when the certificate verification takes place?? pls brief on wher and hw the certificate verification takes place.

  136. Chintan Patel  


    No. They wont be asking for your chess certificate. Only your results and degree are verified.

  137. anita prabha  

    hello chintan
    i need to know whether its necessary to have 100% attendance in campus connect classes to get its certificate bcoz i have missed abt three classes

  138. Chintan Patel  


    I think to get CC certificate, you have to pass the CC exam in the end and i dont know about the attendance required but it would surely not be 100%.

  139. anita prabha  

    thankx a lot ...

  140. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    Do they teach programming from the scratch even for the IT students?I am bad at programming.So I am scared about the assignments and tests.

  141. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, even for IT students, the teaching will start from a basic level but ofcourse it will be different from those who come from non-IT branches. Some knowledge is assumed for IT students but its not too much advanced that a weak IT student may not be able to keep pace with it.

  142. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    I have my DOJ on 13th of sept. I got placed in infosys during my 7th sem. I had 68 agrregate during recruitments which was the cut off for eligibility. 7th sem results have decreased my aggregate to 67.75%. I have to get my 8th sem results yet. If my aggregate doesn't increase, are there any chances of mine joining the company?

    Thank you.

  143. Chintan Patel  


    No. Even if you have 67.99%, you cant join Infosys. You have to get 68% or more.

  144. Chintan Patel  


    No. Even if you have 67.99%, you cant join Infosys. You need to have 68% or more. They are very strict about eligibility criteria.

  145. tushar  

    hi chintan,
    i would lyk 2 know hw expensive are food coupons dere?hw much money one should take b4 joining so dat the basic needs r taken care of.
    P.S: I am not too much into shopping.

  146. Chintan Patel  


    No, even 67.99% will not do. You will have to get your aggregate to be 68% or more. They are very strict about eligibility criteria.

  147. Chintan Patel  


    No, even 67.99% will not do. You will have to get your aggregate to be 68% or more. They are very strict about eligibility criteria.

  148. Unknown  

    Thanks for ur reply chintan.

  149. Unknown  

    hi, I got the offer from Infosys;i have replied to the onborading &IMS email IDs asking for an joining date extension.As per offer its sep-13th and i requested to postpone to Oct-21.I had sent the email 2 days ago but no response from anyone.what should be my next step? should i call HR?

  150. Chintan Patel  


    You cannot choose your new DOJ if you are applying for an extension and your new DOJ will be mostly in March next year as has been the case till now.

    Two days is too short to be complaining about. They usually get too many such request and so take time to reply. You can call them if you dont get a reply after 2 weeks. And yes, i hope you are applying for extension on the right email address. I think it is offer_extension@infosys.com. Dont expect them to give a reply if are not sending your DOJ extension request to the right email address.

  151. Unknown  

    Hi,Thanks for your response. pls note iam not a fresher and iam having 6 years EXP(Offer position is level-5) also iam eligible for specialist allowance...
    The offer mail says to respond to onboarding & IMS queries and nothing about offer_extension@infosys.com.Should i send an email to offer_extension@infosys.com?

  152. Chintan Patel  


    If you are not a fresher, then it is possible to get your DOJ extended to a date of your convenience. The email address is for freshers and i dont know if even laterals can request through that email but you can give it a try. You can also call any HR number if they have mentioned it anywhere.

    I replied to one more lateral with the same problem but i dont know which on which post it was. Please use site search above to find that.

  153. HappyGirl  

    Hi Chintan,
    Is it common for Infosys HR to inform candidates of their DOJ on phone (In my case it was my extended DOJ 30 Aug.. my extension request was approved a month bak) I recieved a call but no email/offer letter.. its been 3 days now. I'm worried that it might not have been authentic.

    Secondly I also have an offer from TCS and DOJ for TCS will be smtime in Nov-Dec. I'm quite keen to join TCS as i'll probably be able to get posted in my hometown delhi.On the other hand I do wanna experience the gr8 Infy training.I don't wanna sit at home till Nov or Dec waiting fr TCS. If I join Infy now, and resign in Nov to join TCS will i have to pay any bond amount. Will it cause any problems in Infy or TCS..Please advise..Do many people do such things?

  154. Chintan Patel  


    Its not very common practice but i know other people as well from my batch who got phone calls. If you are worried about the authenticity of the call, please call their helpline or contact them at offer_extension at infosys dot com though i dont understand why you also say that it was approved a month back.

    The easiest and the best way to get out of Infosys is to fail in training. So you can join Infosys and go through training as much as you can and when its time for your Infosys DOJ, you can start failing in tests and you will not have to pay any bond amount. Moreover, you will also get experience certificate and 1 month salary. Yes, there are people who do this for joining MBA colleges if they get good score in entrance tests like CAT, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT etc.

  155. HappyGirl  

    Thanx for the prompt reply, Chintan. Incase I chose to resign during training.. are you aware how much bond money they will ask for?

  156. Mukul  

    sir I have my infosys joining on October 4,2010. But unfortunately I got a supply/back in my 8th sem few days back. I have applied for the re-evaluation. Re-evaluation may take about 2 months. Please suggest what should I do know to save my placement?????

  157. Mukul  

    I have my joining on october 4,2010. But unfortunately I got a re-appear/back in my 8th result few days back. I have applied for re-evaluation but it will take 2 months. Please suggest what should i do save my placement?

  158. Chintan Patel  


    How many times will i have to repeat that if you fail in training, you dont have to pay any bond amount. Now dont come back saying that i didnt write that in my answer to you. Its written many times elsewhere on this blog.


    Are you sure that you will clear that subject with re-evaluation? I think you will have to apply for an extension if you have not cleared all subjects at the time of joining.

  159. Unknown  

    i wanted to know that what if a person is suffering from certain disease and is on the verge of completing his medical course but in the medical test if it has been found out about the disease then will he not allowed to join infy at that time.

  160. Chintan Patel  


    They are usually not as strict about diseases as they are for lying about results. I have not heard of any case in which they did not allow someone to join because that person had a certain disease.

  161. Unknown  

    thanks for the information. i wanted to know that if there is no positive result in any tests showing no presence diseases for which tests are conducted,but shows presence of certain disease.then what should be done,should the person repot them before joining via a mail.

  162. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, you are getting unnecessarily worried about this. Nothing will happen. Dont worry about whatever disease you have.

  163. Richa  

    thanks a lot for the info and i dont have any disease just wanted to know in general

  164. Amit  

    Hi..AMIT here..is it betr to go through the slides which have been taught in campus coonect in college ? ? so dat it wud be betr to grasp things well..n are camera cellphones & digicam's, laptops.. allowed & ny external storage devices allowed like pdrives ? ?

  165. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, those slides are enough preparation. As far as i know, only laptops are not allowed. All storage devices were always prohibited in the development area but i am not sure about whether they are now allowed in the hostel.

  166. Unknown  

    sir,i gt selected in infosys .i have one backlog in 6th sem and one backlog in 7th sem. my joining date was 19th july . i have applied for extension upto december on the medical basis. i have sent medical certificate to infy and all medical descriptions. but i got reply from infosys that send your all marksheets also. now i have all medical documents but i dont have all marksheets . sir,please reply what should i do now ? should i again e_mail infosys after getting all my marksheets ,which i wil get n the month of december . or i should mail my other marksheets without my 6th sem and 7th sem results because i have one backlog n 6th and one in 7th sem , sir please help me ...will infosys terminate my job if i will mail ,that i hav one back in 6th and one in 7th sem and will they reject my medical also ???? sir plzz help me nd reply

  167. Chintan Patel  


    I have answered the same question very recently. I hope it was not you. Please search for it using site search above.

  168. Unknown  

    sir, thnk u for ur reply but that was my 1st post. sir my problem is that after sending my medical documents to infy 4 extension infosys mailed me to send my medical documents with all my marksheets. due to one backlog in 6th and one in 7th sem i dont have all marksheets. i hav medical proof only. should i again e_mail infosys after getting all my marksheets ,which i wil get n the month of december or should i mail my other marksheets without my 6th sem and 7th sem results ? sir plzz sugest me

  169. Chintan Patel  


    You can mail whatever marksheets you have and tell them that you have backlogs in remaining sems but still they will suspect that you applied for extension only because you had pending backlogs. They handle hundreds of such cases every year and know it well that trainees try all these tricks. They wouldnt have rejected your offer if you had mailed them saying that you have a backlog.

    You could have extended your DOJ mentioning backlog as a reason but now i cannot say what will happen in your case.

  170. WhoCarez  

    Hello sir...I got selected in infosys in dec 2009 and my doj is dec-20,2010.The ctc offered to us is 3.25laks p.a.I wanted to know about a few things:
    1) how much can we expect to get in hand with the ctc mentioned above?
    2)Also plz throw some light on the various pre-joining requisites like e-joining,NSR,etc.I am not clear abt thiis.
    3)How much do they charge for a room?And how much do we have to spend on the food?
    4)Does Infosys hike salary after a year or two in the organization?

  171. Chintan Patel  


    1. Your in-hand salary will be detailed in your offer letter.
    2. I dont need to go into details about e-joining, NSR etc as i have already wrote enough about it to clear all your doubts.
    3. Room charge keeps increasing every year and so i dont know the exact cost right now but when i was there, it was 2750 Rs per month for single rooms and 2000 Rs per month for shared rooms. For food, it depends on your choice of food. Most caterers offer 30 Rs dish in infosys mysore campus.
    4. Salary hike depends on market conditions. There may be 0 salary hike if its a bad phase or 2 hikes in a year of the market is good.

  172. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    my DOJ is on 27 sept,2010. i am not able to login into my account to complete my pre-joining formalities. the username and passward which they have mailed me is not working. is it necessary to complete pre-joining formalities before joining or we can do it after joining. please tell me what should i do.

  173. Chintan Patel  


    Please be very careful about the password and enter it in the right manner. I remember it being very tricky and people are bound to assume that it will be in all small letters, etc.

    If you are still not able to get it right, you have no option but to leave it for now and inform them about it after you join.

  174. mayank singh  

    hi sir!
    sir recently infy visited our campus on 1st september..out of 1700 approx., only 280 managed to clear the written including me..my interview went gud.i m from mechanical engg n have existing backlogs(two) that i told to the interviewer.he said that they will hire me n give time to clear them up coz a large no of vacancies are coming up..bt m really afraid about d result coz a large no of people must b invloved in d entire process n my anxiety is leading me to restless nights n days..infy told that results will b out within a month's time which is really long pd..sir i know this problem of mine is of no relevance to others n isnt concerned to u..bt i really wanted to know how long can it take for d entire process 2 sum up n any possible consequences regarding me..if u coud really suggest dat wud b gr8 help for me!!

  175. Chintan Patel  


    Whatever they told you is right. If you clear your backlogs before joining, it doesnt bother them. You just need to make sure you dont have any pending backlogs at the time of joining. Even if you do have, you have the option to extend your DOJ for upto 6 months from the original DOJ till you reappear for the exam and get your results.

    I too find it strange that they said they will take 1 month because usually, they announce the result on the same day itself. If you met the criteria to be eligible for interview, your backlogs will not have any effect on their decision for you. If they have said they will take about 1 month, you dont have any other option but to wait till that time.

  176. Anonymous  

    is it so important to know how to ride a bicycle....?i dont know it yet.....will it be a problem...iam afraid

  177. Chintan Patel  


    No, its not so important. You can also walk everywhere you want to go.

  178. rahul  

    Hello sir

    Rahul here.....sir i got selected in infoysys and recieved my DOJ as 2-Aug-2010 but my aggerate at that time was 64% so I ask for an Extension ....now my Final results r declared as my final aggerate is 64.77% ......I want to know that can I still join the infosys or there is no chance for me.......plzzz reply sir......

  179. ashutosh  

    hello sir
    wats the inhand salary in training period????
    and is fooding provided free of cost by company or it is to be handled by individual itself??

    and sir my joining is on 7 december wat wud be the best day when i should reach mysore i.e 6 dec or 5dec?????

  180. Unknown  

    hello chintan sir
    i am Saurabh.I done B.Tech From Punjab Technical university.Sir Infosys is coming for campus placement in punjab.their respective Eligibility Criteria is 60% throught 10th,12th & 65% through B.Tech and sir i m having
    B.Tech=70% without any backlog
    So sir plsss tell me i m Eligible for infosys Or not.
    Reply me as soon as possible...

  181. Chintan Patel  


    It depends on what was the criteria announced to you. If you do not meet the criteria, you cannot join. If the announced criteria was 65% then you cannot join even at 64.99%. They have zero tolerance towards this.


    It will be detailed in the offer letter. Food is on your cost. You have to reach at 6th Dec. You wont be given accommodation before that.


    I think they also have a 5% relaxation criteria which means they will adjust 5% less in any one result if you have 5% extra in any other result. But since you dont mention that, i dont know if it holds true for you.

    You can still go for pre-placement talk where they will clarify the eligibility criteria again. Take only that as the official criteria and dont believe the criteria and rules if it is something on your college notice board. Normally, colleges dont know Infosys criteria and/or the procedure. For example, in our college they wrote on notice board that there will be group discussion but there was no group discussion. So better go for pre-placement talk.

  182. Unknown  

    thanx for the reply n sir college doesnt mention any information regarding 5% relaxation in 10th or 12th. they mention only 60 % eligibility in 10th n 12th as i told u in last comment.

  183. Chintan Patel  


    Just go to the interview, man. They will announce the eligibility criteria and will check your eligibility again in the written test or after you pass the written test. If you are not eligible, they will not process your application further. You have nothing to lose so no reason not to try.

  184. Unknown  

    ok..sir i m very thankful to u for this discussion thanx alottt.

  185. Unknown  

    Hello sir,
    i am Shivani. I got selected in infosys and want to know about the prepration for the training. I am from electronics background . I learned c,c++ but it is said that its training is tough .Plz suggest me the tips for prepration for the training,whether i should learn some more computer languages and which languages and all useful things which will help me.Please email me at shivani.gupta89@gmail.com

  186. Unknown  

    Hello sir,

    I have a rather irrelevent query.today i was watching RC Bangalore vs SA Redbacks being played at kingsmead,durban on tv and i saw you (i guess).were you there??

    sorry for asking such stupid thing on this wonderful forum but all my friends are not convinced that it was you.and I sincerely apologise to all the fellow blog readers for this rather useless query.
    sorry again Chintan....

  187. Chintan Patel  


    Just learn C first and then Java if you can. Just read other posts and comments of this blog. I have shared all i have to give.


    Yessss, it was me!! In the 7th or 8th over of blore RC innings. Thank you. No need to be sorry. :)

    PS: I also got a picture with Sachin yesterday: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7183284&l=6ccebb4cb0&id=706492845

  188. Unknown  

    thanks for the reply Chintan sir,
    the pics are awesome.must be a breathtaking experience watching those huge sixes by giant Pollard.
    keep uploading those wonderful moments on your FB account.
    take care and keep enjoying

  189. Subhankar  

    Sir,when infosys says that eligibility criteria is 65%, then does it means 65%in each subject in class 12th or just only the aggregate percentage?(I have this problem only for class 12)

  190. rishabh1988  

    hello sir. I got selected by INFOSYS early this year and got my date of joining as 29th november, 2010. I had applied for extension of my joining date and INFOSYS had considered it, but had asked me to submit the documents before they extend it. Now I don't need the extension and so I haven't sent them the documents. should I mail them that I won't be requiring the extension?

  191. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    i was happy to see you in tv on champions league banglore match.i have a problem in accessing the ejoining page. we were told to fill the ejoining forms online. i logged in the campus connect web page and had earlier filled a part of the ejoining process. now the problem is that im able to login the campus connect page but im not able to enter the ejoining page as it says invalid user name and password. pls suggest me a solution.

  192. Chintan Patel  


    Only aggregate matters.


    Ofcourse, you need to inform again if you dont need an extension.


    I dont know. Maybe try forgot password if there is an option for that. Otherwise dont sweat it.

  193. Chintan Patel  


    You will have to clarify your case with Infosys in the pre-placement talk. I am not so sure about it.

  194. Chintan Patel  


    They will check your results thoroughly before you appear for interview to calculate your aggregate so they will not allow you to appear for interview if they find that your aggregate does not match their criteria. Usually their criteria is very well defined and they would have taken care of 6 months batch also. If not, you can always ask about it during PPT as i suggested.

  195. Subhankar  

    sir,if we clear the eligibility criteria then does marks matter after that for selection process??

  196. Chintan Patel  


    No. After that, it depends on how much you score in written test to qualify for interview. And it depends on your interview + written marks to finally get selected.

  197. Subhankar  

    1.thanks a lot sir.as far as i know r.s.agarwal & shakuntala devi r good books to prepare,can u suggest anymore if necessary.
    2.suppose infosys r to take 4 candidates out of 10 nd all of our interview+written marks r same then how'll they select those four.shall then the marks come into play , if yes then what will be the preference order among 10th,12th and b.tech marks.i mean to say out of these which one they will prioritize more?

  198. Unknown  

    Sir,I wanted to know that during the selection which is given more priority-Interview marks or written marks.

  199. Chintan Patel  


    1. It all depends on your aptitude. I didnt use any of those 2 books and still made it.

    2. I dont know the answer to that question but i think in the interview, you are not formally given marks but the interviewer just writes down comments about you and then all interviewers meet to discuss the candidates they interviewed and then decide on whom to choose.

  200. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know for sure but i think interview is given more importance.

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