Recently I have been too busy answering your questions.

As you know, you are about 18000 people set to join Infosys this year and I am alone on this query-solving side.

Even if you reduce the count to 10000 considering not all people join, then too it is quite a steep ratio.

Only the last 5 comments are shown in the Recent Comments section and I fear i may not be able to answer each and every query looking at the current "workload".

I request all of you to please join the allaboutinfosys forum : http://lotofwallpapers.com/allaboutinfosys

I do not stand to gain anything but satisfaction and relief if you people do that.

Just to help you get started with it, i am posting my new post only on the forum and not on my blog. Hopefully it will help you get registered and get going with posting on the forum instead of my blog.

Here is the link for the new post: http://lotofwallpapers.com/allaboutinfosys/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14

One more thing i promise, if you register at my forum and post a question there, i will answer your question within 3 hours. Mostly it will be within 1 hour during day time (From 10 AM to 10 PM).

I know requiring registration for it may be putting off many of you from it but i assure you it will be an effort well spent which you will realize after you join Infosys.

My blog is banned there and so are all other "blogspot" blogs but my website can still be accessed.

Once again, let me tell you, this will be an effort well spent. I have always received great praises from you people for my work here. For the doubts that i am sloving, for the information i am giving.

This, i am doing so that i can give even more.


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  1. Abin Abraham  

    I am a regular reader of ur blog and really appreciate the job you are doing helping out the large pool of fresh recruits waiting for the first break.
    Can u please tell us what are the different streams that we are divided into after preliminary training and its contentie ie I have heard about OS stream,.Net,etc Please provide us details about all, the stream.

  2. Anonymous  

    Chintan sir,
    have you left Infy ?? where are u these days, i mean in which company? and if u have left infy how come you get to know info regarding infy being known that you are the only single person who is maintaing this blog, i hope you dont mind answering this question..........

    Thanks in advance sir
    In the hope of getting the answer

  3. Chintan Patel  


    There are many streams like Java, .NET, OS, PLES, Business Intelligence, Finacle etc.

    Giving details about each of them is not possible as i dont have that information and moreover, the syllabus keeps changing every 6-12 months.


    I left Infosys on 3rd Dec 2008. Read the posts labelled "Elan Days" on this blog.

    I know hundreds (seriously!) of people there and thousands of people know me. They keep me updated on all the happenings. I asked many of them to be a blogger on my blog but they prefer to remain anonymous.

    So it is possible for me to get the most detailed news from each DC and each IBU at Infosys.

  4. Unknown  

    hey chinton,
    m big fan of ur blog..rally ur doin fantastic job by helpin ppl gettin into infy...
    u said in one of the post dat dont mention medical reasons to extend DoJ if there is no medical reason. Infy will ask to provide proof of illness/injury and will verify them also. If fail to provide, they will ask to leave......
    I hav some personal reasons..due to which i want extend my Doj by month...
    can it possible to extend Doj without givin ne reason..?
    plz help..m scared
    thanx in advance...

  5. Anonymous  

    @chintan sir !!
    Thanks for your reply

  6. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can do that. In the case i mentioned, the person just wanted to go on a vacation after 4 yrs of engg. So that didnt work for him.

    But i have a friend who was to get married and had to extend her DOJ and she did not face any problems.

    So if the reason is genuine enough, yes, you can ask for an extension. I dont know how much they will push you to reveal the reason to them.

  7. Unknown  

    hey chintan thanx for quick reply..
    i hav 1 more question regarding the previous question (post4) that....If I get chance to extend my DOJ...then they gonna put me in march batch with all extended students or batch immediately after mine?? ...means then i dont hav job till march...hence asked..
    thanx in advance...

  8. Unknown  

    Dear Chintan,
    Thanku for showing so much of concern.
    I recently attended the Infy Off campus drive in Pune on Sept 1. Criteria was 58%.
    In grad. B.E EXTC my aggregate is 58.41% just cleared.
    X & XII are well above 75%.
    My HR round was also good.
    1)So, will my grad. marks hamper my selection?
    2)What r the chances of making into INFOSYS 1ce u clear the aptitude?
    3)I am still waiting for the mail,which they were supposed to send in 2-3 weeks.
    How long does it take generally?
    4) Will you mind being my FB friend.

    I am Ajay Savant
    email: ajay_savant@rediffmail.com
    Waiting for your reply eagerly.

  9. Unknown  

    Chintan sir,

    I am AVANI completed my last sem exams. i was selected in infosys by campus selection. Results of last sem will be declared at the time of DOJ. I have a doubt that if there would be any backlog in last sem. Wat shall i do??
    I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  10. Chintan Patel  


    If you have a backlog, you will be sent back and will have to clear your backlog before joining again. Just wait for the results and see what happens.

  11. Unknown  

    k thank u sir. There will be any extension of joining date.

  12. Samsung Galaxy Custom ROM  

    Hello chintan can you please elaborate on how to postpone the DoJ since if i fail in any exam in final sem what will i have to do.
    If they send me mail for DOJ as July(assume) and i will have to write supplementary in august so will i be removed from the company or will they ask me to join again.
    Whom to contact and what is the procedure.
    I am really worried can you please detail this matter.

  13. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, there will be extension if you have a backlog.


    Just send an email to offer_extension at infosys dot com and they will respond to you with what can be done. You will have to extend your DOJ if you have a backlog and you can join at a later time.

  14. Unknown  

    Thank u sir.

  15. Ankit Sharma  

    its ankit here again...

    Will there be any problem at mysore during certificates check???? if i hav a cgpa 5.7 which equates to 65% written clearly on my gradesheets..??? but college criteria is cgpa 5.8 which also equates to 65%...means 5.7 cgpa=5.8 cgpa= 65%...i m sitting in infy recruitment...if i got selected n called to mysore....den will there be any problem regarding percentage...as i hav clearly written on my gradesheets 65 % throughout in B.Tech.....

    plzzz reply soon....its very urgent...

  16. Chintan Patel  


    As YOU have clearly written on your gradesheets? I dont know what you mean by that.

    Anyways, 5.7 and 5.8 can both never be the same as 65%. If they announced the criteria in CGPA when they came for recruitment, you will have to satisfy their criteria in CGPA and not percentage.

    They will not allow you to join infosys even if your marks are 0.01% less than the criteria.

  17. Bazeeth  

    Hi chintan patel

    My DOJ is shifted to 5th march 2012 from 30th Jan 2012

    will this affect our carrier in Infosys?
    OR this is due to recession>>>>

  18. Chintan Patel  


    It can be a case that more students joined than they expected out of the total offers they issued or it can also be that construction work of some hostel or classroom building is delayed or there is shortage of teaching staff etc. So as you can see, there can be many reasons to extend DOJ.

    Dont worry too much about offer extension.

  19. Bazeeth  

    Hi chintan Patel

    How about mosques in Mysore campus?
    As I'm very Active in my community, I need to
    perform my five time prayer daily.
    Also Fridays prayer must be compulsory prayed in mosques only

    Pls reply...

  20. Chintan Patel  


    I dont remember any mosques being there within the campus but muslims often did pray besides the classroom. You can check after joining if there are any mosques nearby the campus.

  21. Hume Fedsee  

    Hi chitnan

    How about washing and Ironing Of our cloths.

  22. blue  

    hello sir ,

    By mistake i wrote my 10th class percentage as 73 % where as i got 77% ... will there be any problem ?

  23. Unknown  

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