Just pasting here the post that i posted on the forum:

One more suicide attempt at Infosys Mysore:

One more girl tried to commit suicide at Infosys, Mysore. She could not succeed and she is fine at the moment. This information is a closely guarded secret till now but now you people know it. It is known to a very few people there. The block number where this happened is 12.

"Stream"ing news:
OS Stream getting hauled up. 16th March batch will be the last one to learn Visual Basic 6.0. They will include something more substantial than Visual Basic 6.0 now. This news is officially confirmed.

From 9th Feb OS stream batch, out of 63, about 40 are made to leave infosys due to failing in both compre and recompre.

16th March Java Batch, already 40 exited out of 250 even before they could give compre. (i.e. failed in more than 2 subjects before compre).

Parents are allowed:
For new batches, parents are allowed inside the campus when they come to leave you but only upto FC 1(Food Court-1). This rule always existed whenever they allowed parents inside the campus. And ya, no brothers or sisters are allowed! Only parents.

Hands On exam with project:
Now for all those subjects in stream where you were to do projects, there is a hands on exam. So there will not only be projects but also a hands on exam for those subjects.

The Hands On part will be evaluated and not the project but mostly Hands On will be an extension of the project.

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  1. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    did the girl commited suicide due to work pressure? it is really very unfortunate.
    I want to ask you whether it is individual performance or the difficulty level of exam that has caused so many to leave. I think they are creating terror by throwing such a large number of people( more than 75%)
    These companies are making a mockery of placements.Sir, please tell me why such a large number of people fail in stream exams. I m worried about my future. please guide me and tell me to prepare any other thing other than wat u told before so that I can pass the training

  2. Chintan Patel  


    She did not succeed in committing suicide. She failed in the suicide attempt and she is fine now.

    Difficulty level is increased because they want to make sure only better engineers stay.

    What more than 75%??? From where did you get that figure. Dont take the figure of just one batch as the overall average. It maybe that the batch was from Mech. The person who gave me this update is a mechie.

    You have to perform consistently. I dont think any of the exited trainees would blame anyone but themselves to be out of infosys. Even i dont.

    You wont be thrown out without any reason. If you perform well, there is noone who can do anything to you.

  3. Chintan Patel  


    You can technically take your bike with you but it is not worth the pain.
    Noone takes their bikes there in training.

  4. A Single Guy  

    Hi Chintan
    I must say that you are doing a great job. I havent seen such a detailed coverage about life at infosys anywhere on the internet. This blog eased a lot of pressure and answered almost all my queries. I'd like to thank you again for this effort.
    I'd like to know about the dress code there. I am aware that we need to be formally dressed, but can we wear stripped shirts or we just have to wear plain full sleves Shirt (this is a rule in many MNC's). Also is their some kind of ban on Tshirts having a logo or picture on them?

  5. Chintan Patel  


    There are no such rules about what kind of formals or tshirts you should wear.

  6. Unknown  

    i am joining infy on 20th oct...my branch is mechanical...so is it that the training is tough 4 mechanical engineers....?...

  7. Chintan Patel  


    If you are dedicated and sincere, then it wont be that difficult. But yes, it will be more difficult for you than others.

  8. reena  

    Hi Chintan
    You r really doing great job. Its gud that the girl is fine now but you didn't wrote why she attempted suicide??

  9. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know why she attempted suicide but probably the reason would be bad marks in tests.

  10. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan,

    my DOJ is Sept 29th. I have a few questions.
    1.Are laptops allowed?
    2.How about net access? Will I be able to access my mail (Yahoo/Gmail) without breaking office rules?
    3.Can I use a wireless net adapter (Photon+ or Reliance)?

  11. Chintan Patel  


    1. No.
    2. No.
    3. No.

  12. Unknown  

    if you dont mind wats dis hands on exam actually?

  13. Abhishek Tripathi  

    hello chintan,
    i'm joining on sept 14....what will be my in hand salary during training duration??

  14. Chintan Patel  


    You in hand salary would be about 18000 during training. I am not sure as salary has increased for 2009 batch. It was 14453 for 2008 batch.

  15. Uniquely the same  

    i need leave in nov due to my engagemtn for a week..i lll b joinin in oct..shall i postpone by a month or will they giv me leave?

  16. Chintan Patel  

    @Uniquely the same...

    Yes, you can get a leave for 1 week easily as you have a good enough reason for it.

  17. Uniquely the same  

    no i m postponing my date since a person known to dad is in hr dept in mysore n he said so..r u very sure they ll give me a weeks leave? then i ve to change my decision soon..

  18. Chintan Patel  

    @Uniquely the same...

    I wonder if the HR you know is in E&R dept. If he is in E&R (Education & Research), then you better believe him.

    Otherwise, during our training, we were told that by the permission of our batch owner, we can get 5 days leave. But things may have changed in this one year and it may happen that you will need to join in a different batch (continuing your training from where you left it).

    But as far as i know, its possible to get 1 week's leave. I can give you contact number people working in E&R who can confirm this for you. Scrap me on orkut if you want it.

  19. lechat  

    my DOj is 18 th JAN 2010
    Q.1 Do we have to pay them for hostel room when we arrive(i.e. before we get our first pay) ? if so how much is the cost currently

    Q. 2 Do they cut money from salary for hostel and the other services? or we have to pay them separately .

    Q.3 They say we have a one year bond ,but if i leave before 1 year (say 2 months or 1 months before completion) how much will i have to pay?

  20. Chintan Patel  


    1. You dont need to pay them in advance. The rent will be deducted automatically from your salary.

    3. You can fail in training knowingly and avoid paying anything at all.

  21. lechat  

    1 yr bond starts after i complete my training
    i was askin that if i leave during that period
    i had heard that one has to pay 1 lakh

  22. Your Friend  

    i got exit during training in infy
    do i hav any chance of re entry or as a fresher
    and what does lateral entry mean

  23. Chintan Patel  


    Please take care that my name is C-H-I-N-T-A-N.

    In the current scenario, they are happy to accept your resignation without paying any bond. One friend if mine left infosys and joined Tata Teleservices. He did not need to pay any bond.

    But do remember that market will get better and it may not always remain so but you always have the option to not do any work and make them leave you. It is not that after training you are permanent employee in the government sense. There are yearly evaluations of performance and if you dont fare well, you will still have to resign.


    You can reapply after 9 months from the date of leaving infosys.

    You can apply as a lateral if you have more than a year of experience at some other company.

    If you have less than 1 year of experience, you will be taken in as a fresher and will have to undergo training again.


    hello chintan...well my question has nothing to do with infy...your blog looks more like a web page...i.e it does not show the options like create blog...nd next blog...cn u giv me sum tips regarding how can i make a blog looking like urs...

  25. Chintan Patel  


    I have used a custom template iTheme Techno for my blog.

  26. lechat  

    @ chintan
    sorry for misspelling your name
    i didnt mean to offend u so

  27. lechat  

    hey since u update this blog so nicely
    just thought of informing you, infy has sent me and my frnds a mail
    that the position software engg is changed to system engg
    and there are some 9 job levels
    we r given job level 3
    i think its just an Hr experiment

  28. Chintan Patel  


    I have already explained why that has changed elsewhere on my blog.

    It is not an "experiment" but a "change".

  29. Unknown  

    I want 2 know the training duration for MCA students.i heard that in 2009 batch MCA students are given non cs/it training.is it true?

  30. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think that can be true as MCA people are always considered to be BE CS/IT equivalent. It was so at infosys also when i was there and i have no news that it has changed.

  31. Unknown  
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  32. Unknown  

    hii chintan...srry 2 bother u again..
    plz kindly update me regarding the preparations to b done before joining.vl it b gud fr me if i prepare for c/c++,oracle/oracle8i/java/advanced java, & most imp unix...plz suggest me d best courses out of d above...what if i prepare fr all of dem...?plzz do reply..thnx.

  33. Chintan Patel  


    They wont mind if you met the criteria without those marks but 0.8 and 0.6 is taken too far... Only less than 0.5 should be rounded off.

    Lol.. Will you really be able to prepare for all of them? This enthusiasm mostly wears off sooner than later. Only prepare for C and Java.

  34. Anonymous  

    hey i wud like to ask dat how tough is d tests and how they evaluate n they throw out from d company?

  35. Chintan Patel  


    Tests can be easy or difficult depending on their choice of questions from the question bank and your preparation for the test.

    You will be told everything about the evaluation and the exit policy in your induction program.

  36. Anonymous  

    thanx soo much well my joinin is in jan 2010 so what are the basic things u wil suggest me. regarding everything.

  37. Chintan Patel  


    There is already a post for that. Please read it. And please, read all other posts before posting your question. All of your questions have already been answered on other posts and/or their comments.

  38. Unknown  

    hii chintan..dis is in regard to the e-joining..jst wanna ask u dat can v change/edit the marks preloaded in their system wen v login to the e-joining portal for d first time..?
    one more thing i would like to ask...shud i focus n prepare for c only or both c & c++...

  39. Unknown  

    hii chintan..in one of your previous comments u said dat i shud prepare for java bt i read in many of ur comments dat trainees usually dont know in which stream dey are going to b put in..so do u think i shud go for java...?i am from mechanical stream.will it b ok if i go for core java and not fr advanced java as i have only 3 months left.plz guide me for the best & surest courses.

  40. Stock Ideas  

    hi chintann,,

    i wanna know that since my doj is 18 jan ... so when do i exactly report at mysore...( 17 or 18) ..
    i have to travel from uttar pradesh..
    and is there any specific timings to report and which one is best according to u??
    i will travel by train.... and dont want to stay in hotel...

  41. Anonymous  

    hey wana ask that in a day there are how many classes???

  42. Chintan Patel  

    There is only one class from 9 to 12 in a day.

    Then you have lab session from 2 onwards.

  43. Unknown  

    hey chintan...plz reply to my posts...

  44. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know if you can change marks or not but no would be my guess.

    Just learn C. C++ is not used much.

    Java is now a part of generic training from 23rd March 2009 onwards and so it is now necessary to learn that also.

    I dont know how much Java is included in the generic training but in stream training, both Core Java and Advanced Java were taught.


    You have to reach the campus on 17th Jan. There is no specific timing unless conveyed to you. If you are told to report on a particular time, please report by that time otherwise you will be made to enter the gates after all the scheduled timings are over.

  45. Dhiman  

    My DOJ is 22nd Feb 2010. Just wanna say that I think laptops and other gagends a allowed. I have seen that in the latest infy portal....plss Cross check it once to Confirm.
    Can u please give me how tough the DBMS portion is? or Some guide lines that I should follow to pass the DBMS module...I'm a bit weak in this

  46. Chintan Patel  


    Even i think so but not sure. I will post about it if i get some confirmed news.

    Its easy...

  47. Dhiman  

    EASY..is a very relative word I think... Can we think of a standard so that its better understandable? Just a request. I'm sure u agree that what's easy to you may be isnt for me and vice versa.The study meterial of Campus Connect, in RDBMS module is quite confusing.

  48. Chintan Patel  


    The standard is, I could not clear training and i did not know what RDBMS means before the first day of that module and still i scored 75% in that module. So if someone who failed in training says its easy, then it should be easy.

    Joinees dont understand that you dont need to know everything before training. There are dozens of people who clear training with more than 4.95 CGPA without have CC in their college.

    I know some from my college.

  49. Dhiman  

    May I know when u could score 75% in a module.....Y did u didnt qualify the training? I mean What went wrong?

  50. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhh... Read all the posts... Its already there...

  51. janu.thecute  

    Hey hai..

    I came across that that they cut short the training to 4 months.??

    Is this true...


    Check this n tell... Really confusing..

  52. Chintan Patel  


    Their batch may not have gotten extended training but that does not mean extended training is cancelled.

    For example, the newly started Business Intelligence stream at Infosys has no extended training. And maybe due to some urgent requirements, they put some batches of other streams also into production without extended training. Nothing to be worried/surprised/shocked about this.

  53. ruban jk  

    hi chintan,

    I am ruban, doing my final sem in VIT. i got selected by infosys in campus recruitment on dec 2009. i also received a mail from infy that i can do my project at Mysore (jan to may). I have applied for that too. but still now i didnt receive any other information abt that. can u please guess me when will they call me.

  54. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have any idea about the final year project offered at infosys mysore.

  55. ruban jk  

    hi chitan,

    good news,i got the offer letter for both project cum training with date of joining as 28th jan.

    1. do i allowed to bring my personnal laptop to Development centre.

    2. will i get the my training salary (22k) or just my project stipend alone?

  56. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure about laptops as some people are now claiming that they are again allowed after the ban.

    Of course you wont get your full salary for final sem project at Infosys.

  57. Tarun Ahuja  

    hi! i have been placed in infosys.i have filled the wrong graduation percentage.But it is satisfying there criteria.Infact the wrong percentage is 1 less than the correct one.So is this going to create some problem or is it fine??

  58. Chintan Patel  


    If it is less than the actual, you dont have to worry.

    As far as you have not changed it just to be eligible for the interview, it is fine.

  59. Unknown  

    hi!I am siddarth,I got selected by infosys in campus recruitment in jan 2010.
    Can u tell me by when(appx) and how will they try to contact me.

  60. Chintan Patel  


    All communication is done by e-mail mainly but now they have also started giving your DOJ in advance with the offer letter which will arrive at your college.

    Cant say anything about the time.

  61. Unknown  

    thanx a lot chintan for replying
    u are doing a gr8 job
    and onemore thing during the training programme will there be any test related to verbal

  62. Chintan Patel  


    There will be a verbal test as a part of ILI sessions but it is very simple.

  63. Unknown  

    thnx for replying ,
    so i dnt need to prepare fo verbal like for gre or cat right?
    and wat does ILI sessions mean?

  64. Chintan Patel  


    They are just stupid tests that you will find insulting if you are from english medium school.

    ILI = Infosys Leadership Institute.

    Those people teach you all the useless management crap like mind mapping, public speaking, creative thinking, being positive, etc. It is refreshing as it gives a nice break from training but not too useful otherwise.

  65. Unknown  

    kk relaxed now!
    thnx for the reply
    hope all is good frm ur side

  66. don  

    my date of joining was on 20th oct .
    due to a pending exam i applied for extension.I have given my exam on 30th jan.I intimatetd offer extension dept and told them that i have given the exam and only my result was awaited but they are insisting on the result and that too before 10th march which is not possible.is there anything i can do?whom should i contact??

  67. Anonymous  

    hai chintan,
    iam ramesh krishna,i got slected in infosys in december 2009,when do i get offer letter to my email about confirmation of selection,iam from mechanical engineering,my cat score is not good and i have only option to join infosys as i dont have any other offers,is it better to join infosys or go for mba in a college like institute of public enterprise,osmania university,the college has highest pay of 5.4 lpa.what shall i do,when do i get aoffer letter,and what are the courses should i learn before joingin infosys?i am going to complte my graduatin in april ending,pls tell awaiting for u r reply

  68. Chintan Patel  


    Usually, they only ask to clear pending exams but i think as your DOJ is already too late, they are also asking for the result. Try emailing: preet _ kushalappa at infosys dot com. She is HR at Infosys, mysore in charge of induction of freshers.


    Please dont ask when offer letter will be mailed. It can be anything from 0-12 months from your selection. And it is not a "confirmation" as you believe it to be. Once you got selected in campus interview, that itself means that you have a confirmed offer.

    I am against doing MBA just for the sake of it and so wont advise to do that. Decide what you want to make your career in and dont do MBA just because it pays more. I am very good at aptitude but i dont have any plans of MBA now because i enjoy programming too much. Anyways, dont judge an MBA college by its highest package or average package. It is purely your own profile that matters in the end. I know B.Com graduates working on .NET earning 80,000 Rs per month which is higher than what many MBAs earn.

    You should learn C language and Java before joining.

  69. Unknown  

    i get placed recently,from 2010 batch..when will i get joining letter?? will company provide 1st time conveyance or not?

  70. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered on several posts' comments. Please read all posts and their comments before posting a question.

  71. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan,

    i am an experienced Java Developer (3+ Years).
    I have been offred a position as Technology Analyst on 18th feb 2010,Joining Date 5th April 2010, Joining Location Pune on the ground of this offer i have put down my papers in current company but they are not releasing me before 2 months notice.So when accepting the offer i have raise the concern of notice period to HR Person.
    Very next day i got reply from HR "Please initiate your separation process and try to get an earliest possible relieving date. We can relook at the date of joining post that." after finalization of my last date (23th April 2010) i have write 2-3 mails to them regarding extension of joining date but the HR person didnt respond to my mail.Finally i end up calling the Concern person, she told me like they dont have any issues in extending the dates but they can not send any offical mail right now so i ask them when can i expect the letter she told me that she will be sending the updated letter by end of march month.as i have already resigned from my current company thats why i am little worried.Kindly let me what is your suggestion / comments on this whole disscussion ?
    Hoping your response ASAP.

    Best Regards,

  72. Chintan Patel  


    If they have already made an offer, you dont need to worry about it. As they have already conveyed that they will send the updated offer letter by the end of March, you dont have to worry about it if it has not been April yet. Great jobs are available everywhere so you dont need to worry about having already resigned. So just wait till March end and if you dont get a response, contact them again in April only. Dont bug them till then. HR people in all MNCs get thousands of such eager calls/mails everyday and so it is only right that they dont waste time answering them.

  73. Unknown  

    When wil i gte offer letter .im from batch 2010

  74. Anonymous  

    i heard dat v cannot carry our own laptop into de mysore campus n dat v cant use skype n all inside de campus..is it true?

  75. Chintan Patel  



  76. Chintan Patel  


    You are already selected. Offer letter is not for "confirmation".

    Dont go for MBA just for the sake of it. All other questions are already answered. Check previous posts and comments.

  77. karthickjck  

    Hi Chintan,

    I got an offer from Infosys( as a technical analyst. I have been asked to report to Hyderabad office in 2 months time but in my present company they asked me to server for 3 months. Can I request them to extend my joining date? if yes then please guide me how to do the same. do the same.


  78. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, send an email to them explaining the situation and you will get a response from them. The email address for such communication will be mentioned in your offer letter.

  79. MehulPopat  

    Hey 1 of my friends had 58pc wen he got recruited...But after 7th sem it got 57.75...Now he is pretty sure after 8th it will b back...But joining is b4 results...Will it b a problem at the time of joining...

  80. Chintan Patel  


    I think that will be fine.

  81. akshay  

    hi chintan...
    i got selected in both infosys n accenture..in infosys the offered designation is system engineer trainee at level 3 and in accenture it is associate software engineer...suggest me where should i go n which job profile is better...both companies r paying more or less the same salaries..

  82. Chintan Patel  


    Haha... Dont get confused by these big words used by corporations. In the end you are just a software engineer.

  83. Unknown  

    hi chintan...

    my DOJ is dec27 2010
    i am an electronics graduate,having very basic knowledge of 'C' only.what would you think should i study till then so that i don't face difficulties during training.

  84. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered many times: C and Java.

  85. Unknown  

    hello chintan.....

    i was informed about a salary hike in infosys...is this true ?
    what amount we'll be getting during training n afterwards?

  86. Chintan Patel  


    Salary hikes keep happening all the time as always there is someone who completes their annual cycle on any given day. What you will get during training and afterwards will be detailed in your offer letter and will also be repeated in the first week of training.

  87. Unknown  


    When Infosys came to our college they had informed that IT students will have the training for 14 weeks(around 3.5 months).Will the training period really remain the same(considering that a person clears all modules in a single attempt)or are there chances of it getting extended?In one of your posts you have mentioned that there in no more fast track training and long track training.Does that mean everybody will have it for 6 months irrespective of their engineering streams?

  88. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, the training period has reduced from what it used to be during recession. Training period depends on market demand. If there are less projects, they will keep on training you and if they have projects, they will try to allot you to projects as soon as possible. Considering that the recession os over, there are very less chances of training period increasing again anytime soon.

    The post where i said that was applicable to 2008 batch. The latest info i have about training is detailed in "Full Details About New Training Program (for 2009 Batch)"

  89. Unknown  

    hi sir..i want to ask tht m nt gud at programing so wld i be able to pass traing..?

  90. Chintan Patel  


    I cannot decide whether you will pass or fail in training. It all depends on your performance in training. Even if you are a good programmer but if you dont work hard in training, you can fail. You can pass infosys training even if you are bad at programming if you work hard during training.

  91. Unknown  


    I got the offer letter from infosys and infy gave me 55 days to join. Based on their offer letter I resigned from my current organization.But due to sudden higher attrition, my present company is forcing me to serve full 3 months notice period.

    I have sent an mail to concerned HR person to extend my DOJ but didn't got any reply.

    Can infosys wait for 3 months notice period. I'm very tense as I dont have any other offer in hand.

    Please respond


  92. Chintan Patel  


    In my opinion, they will extend your DOJ. Just wait for their reply if it has not already been more than a month. Meanwhile, you can try negotiating for 2 months at your current company.

  93. Unknown  

    Hi chintan,

    My doj is sep 27.. i wanna know abt d dress code for gals in infy mysore..Am aware that western formals dat is saree, chududhars are allowed..but i wanna know whether western formals includes kuthas(long top) along with formal pants ??? or just shirts and formal pant for gals??

  94. Chintan Patel  


    Its not so strict and formals include almost everything except jeans and tops so dont worry about it. The dress code will be also mentioned in the offer letter. It was like that for us.

  95. Unknown  


    Hi priya my DOJ is also Sep 27..U just check out the infosys voyager in the campus connect Recruits home page.where r u from??See u soon in infy:-)

  96. Unknown  

    sir can u tell me that if we have 1nce alloted a room and we want to change it with some of my friend can it b changed

  97. Chintan Patel  


    It can be changed but it is totally at the discretion of hostel management. You have to inform them and they will tell you whether you can change or not. Mostly they dont say no but there is no guarantee.

  98. Unknown  

    Thank u chintan:-) u r doing a great job...

  99. Unknown  

    Hello sir,
    I want to know what this "System Engineer Level 3" indicates, Is that a programming or Testing or IMS type of JOB ????

  100. Chintan Patel  


    It can be anything. It only indicates the level that you will be in the organization and not your job profile. In other words, it is a measure of your seniority in the company and not your job profile.

  101. DEV  

    I wanted to know:
    1. Is personal laptop allowed inside hostel?

    2. Before joining Infy I will be having 6 month exp in software testing, so is there any chance of getting into testing based upon my exp?

    3. What is the rent for Hostel?

    4. For ECE (non CS/IT) student what is the type of training Infy gives

  102. Chintan Patel  


    1. Laptops are not allowed inside hostel.

    2. No, the allocation of stream and business unit after training is done according to business requirement and you will have to join whatever IBU they allot to you and you will not be able to choose what you want to do.

    3. I do not have the latest figures but it will be around 3500 Rs per month as per my guess.

    4. This question is too broad. Ask something specific.

  103. DEV  

    Actually I wanted to know that is the syllabus different for CS & non-CS Candidates and what are the exact topics or subjects that are taught to non-CS Candidates, since I belong to that category.

    Also is there any other way of convence from hostel to office other than cycle since I have never done that.

  104. Chintan Patel  


    There are more basics covered in training for non-CS students. There are some additional modules which are not included in the training for CS students.

    Topics that are taught are C language, RDBMS, basics of web technologies, basics of OOP using Java as an example, UNIX etc.

    Yes, you can walk to the classrooms from hostel.

  105. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,I have been reading your blog and have liked it.One question that I have in my mind is- Out of the total number of trainees that Infosys takes in,how many have to leave after they fail,i.e,roughly what percentage of trainees fail every year.
    Do most of the CS background trainees get through(pass) the training?(I am from CS)

    Also what if we fail in Infosys training,do we get any certificate and If we get it,then does THIS CERTIFICATE gelp us find job in another company.Are there any cases known to you where a trainee failed in his training and used his certificate to get a job in another company?

    Please respond I am worried about my future.

  106. Unknown  


    FOR UR Q REGARDING CERT it helps in getting an int call & greatest eg wud be chintan itself
    & he wud suggest u the same thing

  107. Chintan Patel  


    If you read my blog regularly, you should already know these things. Please use site search above. I have already answered all of these questions.

    As for your certificate query, you should already know that i am the best example of that as Akshay mentioned. Jitendra, do you really read my blog? lol.

  108. DEV  

    What is the food available at the campus? Do we have meal system and buy coupons for that, if so what is the cost?

  109. Chintan Patel  


    There are different caterers serving south indian, north indian etc. On festivals, there are specials dishes. You have to buy coupons from the vendors and redeem it then and there. You can buy in advance if you want so that you dont have to stand in the queue for coupons and go directly to the queue for food. Cost varied from 15-30 Rs per dish depending on the food when i was there but i think it would be more than that now.

  110. DEV  

    I have my joining date at 14th Feb 2011 but before that is there any process of accepting the offer of employment through online. Actually current I am working at Genpact - Software testing and the time of getting confimed here is also around the same time, so for this reason I would also like to know that is there any chances of getting the joining date postponded.

  111. Chintan Patel  


    There is no such process of accepting the offer. You just have to show up on the date of joining at the campus and you have accepted the offer.

    I dont know why you would want to extend your DOJ for getting confirmed at Genpact. Anyways, you need a valid excuse for applying for an extension and i dont think they will consider your case. They will crosscheck the reason you give for applying for an extension so be careful about it. You can lose your offer if they find out you lied to them about the reason for applying for extension.

  112. DEV  

    Actually what I meant with postpondment was not with Genpact, I was concerned about Infosys Joining Date.

    Please also suggest me leaving Genpact just before confirmation (6 month exp) and joining Infy would be a wise decision or not. My profile at Genpact is working on external project(Software Testing) and would get 2.4 Lakh package after confirmation.

  113. Chintan Patel  


    I know you want to postpone Infosys joining date but i dont understand why you would want to delay Infosys joining date for confirmation at Genpact.

    I am assuming you are joining Infosys as a fresher. Infosys is far better than Genpact and i think the salary offered to you at Infosys will also be higher than Genpact.

  114. DEV  

    I do not want to get any postpone at Infy joining date at all. My concern is if Infy postpones my joining date or even sends a regret letter that they cannot hire me anymore, in that case I will be nowhere since if had to join Infy, I will have to reject my confirmation letter at Genpact. Now if I reject Genpact's confirmation letter and also Infy send a regret letter or even postpones my joining date then I will be left with no job. I am really tensed with my situation so pls help!!!

  115. Unknown  

    Hi chintan
    I dnt want to ask u anything......just want to thank u for all ur help ur providing to freshers like me...i got all my answers from all ur posts...byeee nd take care
    thanks again for spending ur precious time for us

  116. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys will surely give you an offer letter, dont worry.


    Thank you. :)

  117. Karthik  

    Hi Chintan

    My joining date is given as march 28th, however my previous employer will relieve me only on march 28th. I wanted to postpone my DOJ. One week before i sent a mail to offer_extension team but there is no response from them. Please advice me what can i do in this situation.



  118. Neha Damani  

    this is neha from mumbai.
    I m a fresher from CS.
    I have done SCJP and SCWCD certification.
    Will i be alloted Java stream as i have got 2 certifications in it?
    of not hten wat i have to do more to force them to allot me java?

  119. Chintan Patel  


    Sorry, i am too late answering your question. Hope you could get your DOJ extended.


    You have no control over the stream they allot to you because there are thousands of people who join Infosys every year and they are not in a position to listen to even hundreds of them.

    You can try conveying this to HR at mysore but dont hope for anything because your stream allocation is handled by corporate planning team at Infosys Bangalore. i think you can have more leverage over it after training is over and you get your posting because at that time, you will be able to talk with the people responsible for the decision directly.

  120. Avinash R K  

    Hello Sir,
    I am an Electronics student..
    I am in a confusion whether to join Infosys or aricent..
    Which one would be better...?

  121. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys training beats everyone. If you take that away, i would say all companies are more or less the same and it depends on what profile you get.

  122. Firoz  

    hello sir, i have just been placed at cognizant tech solutions as programmer analyst and as a systems engineer at infosys. Can you tell me which would be a better company to join? I am from electronics department and am fairly good at programming. I'm very confused. Also please tell me how do i reject the infy offer? I mean if i accept their offer letter and the e joining..then can't i cancel their offer by not turning up on the day of joining? Do i have to pay them any money if i do this?

  123. Unknown  

    @chintan. . .
    hellow sir , i am akash srivastava. . .student of N.I.T. srinagar. . .wanna do internship . . .can u plz help me. . .!! just wanna knw wot is the basic procedure for the same..!!

  124. Chintan Patel  


    If you dont show up on the day of joining without any prior communication, your offer will become void. E-joining and offer letter doesnt matter. You dont have to pay any money for it.

    Cognizant - no bond.
    Infosys - awesome training.
    Decide what you want. All companies in the big 5 are more or less the same in my opinion.


    Sorry, i have no idea about internship at infosys.

  125. Firoz  


  126. vinoth  

    hello sir,i have an doubt regarding what r the certificates i have to submit during date of joining..and also passport is necessary on my date of joinng..

  127. Jyothi  

    I am a B.Sc Computer Science student and I got placed in Infosys on 3rd Feb 2011 through a campus recruitment process conducted at Victoria College, Palakkad. I haven't received my offer letter yet. May I know when I will get my offer letter and when will be the training?

  128. gupta  

    chintan sir,
    i got selected in infosys in jan2011.
    recently result released for last sem in that i have a backlog.
    till now i didnt get any date of joining.....but after i got joining date,i want to apply for extension.
    i also need to attend ear surgery having some problem.
    so,i kept ear surgery is as reason and apply for extension....is it creates any problem to me????
    please answer...im in worry

  129. Chintan Patel  


    The documents required will be mentioned in the offer letter or in an email. Passport or proof of having applied for passport is necessary.


    Offer letter can take 6-12 months from the date of selection. DOJ will be communicated along with it or separately.


    Yes, you can do that and i think even the backlog reason will do. Your new DOJ will be within 6 months of the original DOJ so you will have to be ready by that time. Otherwise the offer will be cancelled.

  130. vinoth  

    thanks a lot...

  131. a2k  

    Hello Sir,
    Hope you don't rem'br me, but i chatted with you on this blog long ago before joining infy.But after joining things did not go well, and finally after a long period of 6 monthes, I was given exit by the company.Reason, My SGPA was less than 4, with one dead module less than 50.(My stream was OS)
    I am totally depressed after this and don't know which way to go.I need a proper guidance.Please Help me as I know that you were also given exit but today you are doing quite well. Please Help me.


  132. Chintan Patel  


    Just join another company and start working hard. All related advice that i want to give can be found in the post "1 year after joining Infosys:...".

    I would advise you to get into mobile development at any small/big company. Market for android, iPhone developers is very good right now.

  133. karthik chetla  

    hello chintan,

    I am placed in infosys and completed my training and now i want to know any oppurtunities will be provided for the higher studies after joining infy.

  134. megha  

    actually i am facing prob in logging into infy recruits portal ,regarding this i mailed to infy but still not got any solution so can you help me out ?

  135. Chintan Patel  


    You can read the post "Higher Education Policy at Infosys" for those details.


    Make sure you entered the password EXACTLY according to the format they sent you. I have also heard it from some people that the portal is only activated 30 days before the DOJ so you can wait if you dont fit that rule.

  136. PaNkAj  

    hey Chintan...
    im placed in Infosys, do i get my prefered location banglore after the successful completion of my training?

  137. Chintan Patel  


    No. Already answered many times. Please dont ask questions already answered. First search and then ask. Repeated questions may go unanswered.

  138. Sriya Duvvuri  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  139. Ranju  

    hello Chintan
    Ur blog is very good and simple... as am a fresher i could able to view the comments of other members.. my doubt is , On dec. 17th i just attended a Infosys Bpo interview in NIIT One world and got selected. but still now i haven’t received my offer letter or call letter .. can u say me when will i get ???

  140. div  

    hey chintan!!!!
    m placd at infy.....they hv maild me d lettr of intent bt they hv nt givn ne date of joininh so could u tell me a tentativ time of joinin fr d 2012 batch

  141. Leena  

    Hi..i have selected to infy by campus selection..so When the offer letter will be sent?
    I have selected as Operational Executive so what will be the salary package during training period?

  142. mathew  

    Hii I got selected as operations executive... What will be the salary at training? Will the traing be difficult for me as Iam a BSc student?

  143. Unknown  

    hey chintan
    i want to postpone my joining date..
    cn u pls guide me about how to do it??
    to whom shud i email.. n wat details r to b mentioned in email..??
    thanks in advance..

  144. Unknown  

    Is there any one from 2008-2012 batch who already has joined Infosys???? Pls inform.....

  145. meghna  

    hello sir?i'm a cse student from 2015 batch.i got job letter from both infy and aricent with more or less same package.i'm confused which one to join,as aricent is in ncr only everyone is suggesting me to join it but i want to know which company can offer more growth?

  146. Unknown  

    Hai sir,
    I have attended Infosys off campus in nov 2014.recently I got mail from offer_update@Infosys to mail scanned copies of M.tech II year marks memos. I have updated them with marks memos.what will be the chance to get selected and get offer letter from Infosys.
    Thanks and regards

  147. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    I didn't get internship offer letter they asked me to join as regular trainee, i just want to know in which month they will call me for training.

  148. Azhagar  

    i am a final year eee student and I've placed in infy on jan 20,2015, so can u please tell me what is next?
    i need informations about arrival time of offer letter and training period and salary.
    so please help me,,,expecting your response,, thank you in advance

  149. Unknown  

    hi sir , im got selected in infosys 2015, jan 21 bt im did not get call letter,my friend got call letter for jun 22 bt im a bsc graduate they wil give a call letter month of july
    pls response my msg

  150. Unknown  

    Hi sir i selected in infosys on fec 2015. But i didnt get call letter. When will they send me a call letter?????? Plz ans me sir. I am so confused. I am b.sc cs student. Plz rly me sir.

  151. Unknown  

    Dear sir, my name is vinod i selected the infosys on Feb 2015. I had received a one letter from infosys i.e.,"Letter of intent to hire" on the month Aug-2015.That one is the last msg from infosys. But still i didn't receive any mail from infosys.

    Sir please tell the answer when did i get the call letter from infosys.
    Still i am waiting for call letter.PLZ reply my question.

    Thank you sir

  152. Unknown  

    I got selected at infisys on anna university off campus drive on dec 2014. All my friends got a call letter from infosys and got a date of joining on dec2015. but i didn't received any mails from them.i am from EEE stream.but my friends are from ECE, CS stream

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