While replying to a doubt about how posting is done on allaboutinfosys forum, i accidentally but fortunately composed a reply which turned out to be longer than most of my blog posts. :P So here it is for the sake of those who did not read it on the forum. You may wish to check the original link to see what the question was.

Here is the post:

Posting is decided according to their business requirements.

There are several departments within Infosys on which your posting depends.

There is a Corporate Planning Group (CPG)at Infosys, Bangalore which makes all the important decisions.

All the senior HR executives and Directors belong to this group alongwith the lovely lady who came to conduct your campus interview. (I checked about the lady who came to conduct our interview and found it to be like that).

There are various Business Units in Infosys like

1. Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME)
2. Healthcare
3. Retail
4. Banking and Capital Markets
5. Business Intelligence etc.

This is domain classification. Another classification would be like
1. IVS : Independent Validation Group
2. SI: Systems Integration
3. IMS: Information Management Systems.

These units would tell their requirements to the CPG according to the projects they have in hand.

If CME unit at Pune will say we need 100 Java trained people the CPG will give postings to 100 Java trainees as CME, Pune.
Some other unit will say we need 200 .NET people at Trivandrum and the CPG will do so.

This is the reason that even if you are allowed to swap, you still cant change your business unit and cant swap with a person from another stream because they have a specific requirement at the location and business unit which needs to be met.

The posting is usually announced in the last month of training, mostly in the last 2 weeks. After you have been assigned to a business unit by CPG, the head (or HR or whoever) of that business unit will contact you and all your communication will be done with him only and you dont directly need to interact with CPG.

As you can see, till now, i have not even mentioned HRs at Mysore. So now you know why you cant request for a location of your preference because they simply dont have any say in this. Their only role is to forward your swap request to CPG or The Business Unit you are posted at. The responsible people for your posting are the ones in CPG and you wont ever interact with them. This is one of those very smart processes that they have in place.

You will get enough time for swapping as it is announced 2 weeks before. And as soon as you get your posting, hundreds of mails from unknown people will overload your 10 MB inbox asking if anyone wants to swap. But be careful, sending such mass mails (and posting about swap on their online bulletin board) is against their policies and they have the right to cancel your swap if you found a swap through these methods.

So how to swap? There is a Swap Portal on their intranet website which you can access only after you have got your posting. You have to submit your request there with details like employee number, unit posted to, current location, preferred location etc. As soon as there is a match for you, your locatin will be swapped with that person.

It can also be done if two friends walk upto the HR and submit their request. You will make friends from Chennai etc who would be wanting Chennai and got Pune and you want Pune but got Chennai. In such a case, you two can go to the HR and say we want to swap our locations. Again, as i said before, your business unit and stream training needs to be the same.

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  1. Unknown  

    May i know how CGPA is calculated at infy

  2. Chintan Patel  


    They will explain it to you in the first week of training.

  3. The Rebel  

    hey u mentioned "Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME)"
    u hav ny idea wat this sector does and wat kind of a profile wud some1 get once posted in there??

  4. Chintan Patel  

    @The Rebel...

    Its the unit which does Bharti Airtel DTH project and similar related projects.

    You would get the role job profile of "software engineer" when you are posted there. :)

    There wont be any difference in your role in whichever unit you get posted.

  5. Unknown  

    hi..i am not able to login in my e-joining form and take the print out..is it ok if i join without e-joining form...

  6. Chintan Patel  


    It was not compulsory for us but i think from 2009 batch, e-joining is compulsory. Please call their helpline for this issue.

  7. Unknown  

    hello chintan
    My DOJ is Jan-2010. My final semester result just declared and placed under re appear in one subject. Though i have applied for re evaluation but if it does not work i have to appear for clearing the subject in Dec-2009 and it s result is expected some where in Feb/Mar-2010. I have all seven semesters DMC with me at present . In this situation, can i join on the date given to me or write for extension or they will cancel the offer

  8. Unknown  

    hi chintan..
    my DOJ is dec 7..do i hav to get docs verified in development center or ny whr b4 15 days of my DOJ or can i directly reach development center on dec 7 itself??

  9. Chintan Patel  


    They will not cancel the offer for sure. You can call their helpline about this and apply for extension if they say so.


    I think you are confused about the verification process.

    You just need to take photocopies of your documents there. They will verify it themselves after you give it to them.

  10. Saurav Kataruka  

    Hi, chintan

    I heard about infy asking to undergo some medical tests before joining from a any of the listed hospitals by infy. and the candidates will have to bear the cost themselves. they are sending this info in e-mail about a month before joining. as far as i knew, there were no medical tests before joining in infy till the previous batches. can you plz confirm this news and update us.

  11. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, medical tests were not compulsory for us. And i dont think you need to worry about that before joining.

    Even if they say its compulsory, you can do it there as there is an Apollo Hospital inside Infosys, Mysore campus itself.

  12. Unknown  

    Hello saurav and chintan u see the medical tests are must now and not to be done at mysore infy campus as its not in list and even they need us to be done with those tests i just felt to provide u the info

  13. gayatri  

    hi.my DOJ is aug 10th...are internet memos accepted at the time of joining?.as i don have my final sem marks memo can i take a printout of my marks from my university website..

  14. Chintan Patel  


    Thanks for providing the info...


    They will mostly ask for the original one. You can confirm this by calling their helpline as i am not sure.

  15. gayatri  

    ok..thank you

  16. Bharath Madgula  

    Hi chintan

    i wanted to ask whether there is any way to prepone my date of joining
    Please tell me procedure if it exists?????


  17. Chintan Patel  


    You cant prepone your DOJ...

  18. Paolo Abarcar  
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  19. Paolo Abarcar  

    Hi. I'm also interested at how Infosys posts its employees to various locations ABROAD, say to the US. What's the process for that? Thanks

  20. Chintan Patel  


    It depends on a lot of factors... Will try to compose a post for that.

  21. Dhaval Trivedi  

    hey chintan. my DOJ was 10 th august 2009. But due to medical reasons i couldnt join and i had applied for an extention.and i had informd them that i can join at any date after 1 st september. I received an ack frm thm but didnt get the new DOJ. ,y life is at a standstill waiting for a DOJ. Could you tell me what could be a probable new DOJ?

  22. Chintan Patel  


    Your new DOJ will be mostly in March 2010. That is when they call all extension candidates together.

  23. Div(y)a  

    Hello Chintan,
    do we have to sign any bond with infy b4 joining?if yes, then what is the maount and what is the duration, till which v have to b with Infy?


  24. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered so many times on other threads. Please read other threads and their comments.

  25. Unknown  

    hai chintan.......will dis training period wich undergoes for 6-8 months comes under experience......or it counts only after we start doin d projects

  26. Chintan Patel  


    It will be counted as valid experience.

  27. ammu  

    My joining date was 10'th Aug'09. Owing to a backlog i extended my DOJ. In the request for extension i specified the date after which i would be available, as required by Infy. I was also told to intimate them once i clear the backlog, which i have already done. Now m ready to join and m waiting for d next DOJ.
    Somebody plzz tell me this..
    Does Infy provide a 6 months extension invariably to everybody, once it allows one? Or does it take ppl as they become available?
    Plzz help me...

  28. Chintan Patel  


    Usually all extension candidates are called together in March next year. So your new DOJ would be in March 2010.

  29. Unknown  

    Hi chintan ,
    I am from march,09 batch .I am posted to Bhubaneswar .I am still at mysore.anyways that i can ask for a change in IBU.
    NO swap is availabe for me now.
    I am planning to quit

  30. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think you can swap with someone who is not from your IBU.

    Personally, i wont quit just because i got posted at some place which i didnt expect but its your call ultimately.

  31. Unknown  

    Hi i underwent training for two months but then as i had an arrear and had applied for revaluation i was asked to apply for an offer extension and i was informed that they will inform me on the joining date. Could you pls let me know a tentative date as on when they will call me back or will the offer be void.

  32. Chintan Patel  


    Your joining date can be anything from 2 months to 6 months after you applied for it.

  33. karthick  

    hey chintan where can i find the e joining form.

  34. Chintan Patel  


    It is somewhere in the online portal but i dont know for sure.

  35. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    I am about to join Infy as a trainee in Nov. I just wanted to know if there'll be any hassle with me carrying a smartphone like Nokia-N97. I was wondering if 'smartphones', by some irrational idea, are classified in the same category as laptops.

    btw, you are doing a great job answering such tremendous number of queries.

  36. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think that would be a problem as all kinds of mobile phones are allowed.

  37. Sandhya G  

    hi chintan...in my e-joining portal they have said 'Your joining date is 11/9/2009 12:00:00 AM'...and if i reach there after 12 wud it be a problem...because i wil b reaching banglore at 9 a.m and it would take me around 3-4 hours to reach mysore...

  38. Unknown  

    hi chintan.....
    vch 1 is the date of joinin intimation letter???

  39. Shrinivas  

    Hi Chintan!
    Thank you very much for posting so much useful information. You have done so much selflessly. I really appreciate it. Once again, Thank you very much for giving us so much of your time.

  40. Chintan Patel  


    At most, you will not be allowed in the campus before all the allotted time slots are over.


    I am not able to understand your query.


    Thank you... :)

  41. Unknown  

    my DOJ is jan 4th ... and i received a letter asking me to complete the pre-formalities from http://campusconnect.infosys.com/Recruits2009/LoginRecruits2009.aspx ... but i am unable to login ... the site just doesn't work ... what should i do ?

  42. VSP  

    Sir, i've finished the formalities ... Thanks for the suggestions ...

  43. Unknown  

    My DOJ was in Jan 2010. I requested for extension which is granted. Can I do e-joining without knowing the new DOJ? We had no campus-connect for our batch. So, should I fill the campus-connect form?

  44. Chintan Patel  


    If it is accessible to you then you can do e-joining. But i hope there is no such field in the e-joining form which is DOJ dependent.

    If you didnt have CC then you dont need to fill Campus Connect form.

  45. Unknown  

    Thank you Chintan.Any idea how many days in advance they intimate the new DOJ in extension cases?

  46. Chintan Patel  


    It will be about 30 days in advance.

  47. Unknown  

    Thanks again, Chintan,

    I understand that the last batch is joining in March.I am still to get the extended DOJ. Whom to contact to know the exact DOJ?

  48. Chintan Patel  


    You cannot contact anyone to know your DOJ. Your emails will not be answered even if you ask about it. Probably even they have not yet decided on you DOJ. Even if they have, there is no way to find out in advance except your joining details mail.

  49. Unknown  

    Hello sir,

    My DOJ is March 29th. and I received a mail asking me to complete the pre-joining formalities from the following link http://campusconnect.infosys.com/Recruits2009/LoginRecruits2009.aspx ... but i am unable to login ... the site just doesn't work ... what should i do ?

  50. Chintan Patel  


    If the site doesnt work, you dont need to worry about it as it is their problem. Just check everyday till your DOJ.

  51. ankit  

    hey chintan..
    i have been selected for infy the last dec and haven't received any kind of letter or email.. The selections were held at our college and i was one of the selected guys.. we were told that we would be informed within 90days but haven't yet.. so please can u suggest me what shud i do..? And in general how many days before infy sends a call letter (for trainin at mysore)?

  52. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered dozens of times. Please check other posts and their comments. Please post a query only after you are sure that it has not been asked before.

  53. Unknown  

    am currently placed in infosys. my DOJ is june 21.. unfortunately i have got a backlog in my eigth sem.. will they allow me to join? whether extension in DOJ possible, if so wat s d procedure to apply for extension and what reason should i mention for extension? can i state backlog as the reason? will they accept? or will they cancel my offer?

  54. Unknown  

    pls tell me, whether ther is a way to join infy with a backlog in my final sem at the given DOJ itself ? bcoz i heard from someone tat once a student was allowed to join infy with a backlog and he was granted a week leave to write the arrear exam.. so is it possible?? plz help me out of this……

  55. anshul  


    hi chintan
    thanks for the info.i wanted to know does infosys offer for further studies?if yes do they have any tie ups with any premier institutes in india or abroad.what are the criteria for the same

  56. Chintan Patel  


    You can mention backlog as a reason for extension. No problem with that.

    Pending results of last sem are fine but there should be no pending backlogs. If you join with a pending backlog, you will be sent back home till you clear the exam and then you will have to rejoin.


    Please refer to the post "Higher Education Policy at Infosys". Please look around before asking a question straightaway.

  57. Unknown  

    sir, am placed in infy..my DOJ is june 21.. but i have got a backlog in this sem.. will they accept extension?? bcoz some people say that they wont accept extension for backlogs, so will tey accept? or will they cancel my offer? am scared plz reply me

  58. Chintan Patel  


    You can apply for extension for clearing backlog, no problem.

  59. Unknown  

    i called the hr and asked him about my backlog and asked for extension in DOJ but he says tat its tougher to extend my DOJ due to backlogs. he says tat tey ll accept extension only for medical reasons.. so wat to do? chitan u told tat tey ll accept backlogs and extend DOJ.. but??

  60. Chintan Patel  


    When i was in training, they still accepted backlogs as a valid reason for extension because if you have backlogs, you will also have more than 1 pending result or atleast 1 pending exam which they dont allow.

    Anyways, you can give pending exam as a reason for extending DOJ. Usually, people just send an email to offer_extension and it gets done. You are the first person to whom they have replied like that. I suggest you to ignore what he said and just send an email to them saying you need to extend your DOJ because you have a pending exam and consider their response as final.

  61. Unknown  

    sir , thank u so much.. u hav helped me a lot..

  62. Rabbi  

    hello chintan, please post something about postings abroad

  63. Chintan Patel  


    They are very rare and you not only need to be very talented but also very lucky to get them. It depends on business requirements. None of my friends with infosys have been onsite in these 2 years.

  64. admin  

    my name is ravi. my DOJ is july 19th 2010 ,the day before yesterday my father fell ill i need some time to settle him up for hospitalization , i have sent them a requesting mail to the respective mail id. i am waiting for their reply. how soon the will reply me? , will they provide me an extension? , and also can i know their helpline number?

  65. Pav  

    Chintan has told in one of his posts that he no more has their helpline number.This is the helpline number-180030004747 (u can call between 9a.m to 5pm– Monday to Friday).I don't know the other details as I am a fresher myself..

  66. Chintan Patel  


    An extension provided in such a short time is unlikely but you should talk to the HR person whose number they would have given in the joining details mail. I think it would be Preet Kushalappa. Just call the number which they would have given in the mail. I dont have their helpline number.


    Thanks for the reply.

  67. admin  

    @Chintan Patel

    thanks for ur suggestion yar. first i too hesitated in asking them an extension whiling having a really short time but in my offer letter it has been stated as "All
    such requests for the date of joining extension have to be made "on or before" the initial date of joining". This line made me proceed.....

  68. Unknown  

    I have read all your replies, thats really nice of you to clear our doubts. My date of joining in more was supposed to be 21st june 2010. But unfortunately i had a backlog in 8th semester and was waiting for my revaluation result at that time. I went there on my joining date and met the Hr people to explain about my situation. They said that i cannot continue with a pending result and should leave immediately. My revaluation results were declared and I cleared the paper. Now I am completely elligible to join, I dont have any history of arrears also. I informed to offer_extension about this situation. They asked for scanned copies of my original mark sheets. I have sent them everything. They promised me to reply soon. Will I be called to rejoin the training??...Can u please tell me When will be my new DOJ???...You mentioned earlier that all extension candidates ll be called on march 2010 for the previous batches. What ll be the date in my case???

  69. Chintan Patel  

    @P. Deepak...

    Yes, you will be called again and they will inform you of your new DOJ. Usually it will be after all the assigned DOJs are over and so it will be in about March next year if we go by current tradition. They do have increased the training center capacity and your DOJ may be earlier than March but i wont make you hope for something which will not happen afterwards.

  70. Unknown  

    @ Chintan Patel
    Oh thanks....In their recent reply they have stated that my new date of joining will be within the validity period of my offer. According to my original date of joining the validity of my offer ends on 21st december 2010. Any idea regarding this????

  71. Chintan Patel  

    @P. Deepak...

    If they have said so, then your new DOJ will be before 21st Dec 2010.

  72. Money  

    I want to know that is the passport very necessary by the time of joining? Passport process will take about 2-3 months. My joining will be in September last week. Till now i have no passport. I have filled up an application for this.

  73. Chintan Patel  


    If you dont have passport, only the proof of having applied for passport will do at the time of joining.

  74. Unknown  

    @chintan thanks a lot

    i hv gt a reappear in my final sem...nd its re checking res will come after my date of joining...
    wht reason shud i give to offrs_extension..
    medical reason
    or pending res of re checking..
    in case i give medical..reason then at d time of next joining...they ill see d date on marksheet?

  75. Chintan Patel  


    Just give the right reason. Everything will be checked.

  76. Dhaval  

    Hi Chintan,
    My DOJ is 6th September. Its possible that my declaration of results may be delayed till August end. SO if I have a backlog in 8th Sem, will my application for extension be considered that late?

    Also, will stating current backlogs as reason for extension be accepted?

    Thanks in advance

  77. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, your extension request will be considered as long as it is before joining date.

    Yes, backlogs are a valid reason. They will give you a new DOJ within the validity period of your offer.

  78. Unknown  

    @chintan what is validity period...how can we know the validity period..?

  79. Chintan Patel  


    I think it is 6 months from the original DOJ. There would be a rule about that in the offer letter so please check that.

  80. Unknown  

    @chintan thanks a lot,,
    now what shud i do..my results of re checking will come after my date of joining..
    shud i call d helpline no. or shud i rite them d mail xplaining d reason?
    nd r u sure that this reason will b accepted for extensio of doj?

  81. Unknown  

    @Chintan Patel
    Thank you very much for your guidance. I was in a very confused state about my offer, now its clear that i will be called for sure within the validity period of my offer. Thanks again.

  82. Chintan Patel  


    Helpline or Mail... Totally your call.
    Yes, there are hundreds of trainees who fail in final year so they know its going to happen and have rules to accommodate that. You can call their helpline to confirm it.

  83. Unknown  

    I didnt receive a mail from them for the past one month...they ve promised me to inform me regarding my joining date....will they remember to include my name in the list of extended candidates???...or should i keep on sending mails to make them remember me??.....

    And one more thing...i have my medical certificates date june 17th...i ve got them for my previous joining date(june 21)..now should i get new certificates for my extended joining date or will the old ones be sufficient??

  84. Chintan Patel  

    @P. Deepak...

    Hey, man. They are not going to "forget" you. I dont know why you are worried if they have already promised you to inform about the joining date. Dont send them any more mails.

    What do you have medical certificates for? You already joined on your original DOJ but were sent back due to backlog, right? I dont understand the role of medical certificates here.

  85. Unknown  

    @Chintan Patel

    The delay is what that makes me worried...I just want to know a confirmed date no matter even if it is a way too long...Anyway I m not sending any mails to them..still waiting for the new joining date...
    You ve helped a lot in reducing my stress....Thanks a lot...

  86. Unknown  

    @p.deepak : what reason did u give for extending ur date of joining? medical reason?

    @chintan : i read the offer letter for validity period ,its 6 months.And they have mentioned that only medical reason will b considered for extending DOJ..

  87. Chintan Patel  

    @P. Deepak...

    I have already told you many times that they have to handle many such requests. If the delay is making you worried, i dont have any solution for it. If they have already mentioned that your new DOJ will be within the validity of your offer which is till 21st december 2010, there is no point in stretching the discussion.

    You still did not answer my question about medical certificate.


    It may be so on the offer letter but if you call helpline or contact HR, you will get to know more about it. As you know from P. Deepak's case, you need to have all results cleared otherwise they will not allow you to join but they wont cancel your offer. Even they know that people get backlogs and hence they have rules to entertain such cases.

  88. Unknown  

    @Chintan Patel
    I dont have any other plans. I am counting on this offer only. May be thats why i m too serious in this. They are not telling in confirmation thats why worried.
    Regarding the medical certificate,When i joined on june 21 they didnt verify my medical certificate and(i heard from my frnds that verification was done on 4th day).Thats why i asked whether it ll be ok to take the old ones(dated june 18) or i must get recent medical certificates.

    I had a backlog during my initial date of joining and was waiting for my revaluation result. I got it after one week of my initial joining date and i cleared.(Now no history of arrears also).I was sent back to clear and inform them.see post 68 i ve explained everything in that.

  89. Chintan Patel  

    @P. Deepak...

    You have no need to take any medical certificates with you. You just had to clear the backlog which you did and so you just need to send them your marksheets which you have done and so just wait for their reply. I can understand your anxiousness but you cant do anything other than to wait.

  90. Unknown  

    ok..can u pls send me a mail givin ur contact no. @ iamrs12345@gmail.com
    i hv to talk to u . regarding d same prob

  91. Unknown  


  92. Unknown  

    conrats deepak..im really happy fr u...

  93. Unknown  

    @chintan : what is the date confirmation...is it d date hen we hv sucesfuly cmpltd training?

  94. Chintan Patel  


    Date of confirmation can mean 2 things depending on the context: 1. You have completed your training. and 2. You have completed your probation period or bond period after which an employee gets confirmed in a company.

  95. Unknown  

    My date of joining is 20/12/2010.I want to know that what shall be the final emoluments which I will be getting after all deductions in hand ?

  96. Chintan Patel  


    Your deductions are detailed in your offer letter and it will be again explained to you in the first week of training. I dont have up-to-date figures about Infosys salary during training because the package keeps increasing every year and also the hostel rent and other expenses.

  97. Rohit Nair  

    Hi chintan, I am in a terrible situation. Infy was my dream company. I have only Infy as my current offers. However I have an unexpected backlog in 8th sem. Its the first of my engineering career and totally unexpected. The worst part is my re evaluation results will be out only after my DOJ. I can reappear for my exam before my DOJ but the results of my reappear wont be out befre my DOJ. Now i have a few questions. Hope you can help me.

    1. My current offer letter as with everyone elses says "in case of backlogs my offer stands null and void. We accept only medical reasons for extension of DOJ." My question is: Did infosys say the same to students from the 2009 batch in their offer letters?

    2. My 2nd question is since i have a good history and this backlog is unexpected, can i convince them to extend my DOJ by giving an exception to my case?

    Hope you can help me out.

  98. Chintan Patel  


    1. I dont know about 2009 batch students but in your case, you will have only pending results and no pending exams and so it is possible that they will allow you to continue training provided you can submit your result before the end of training but i am not 100% sure about this so dont count on it.

    2. No. They wont listen to any such reason. A backlog is a backlog. They even dont allow trainees if they have 69.99% aggregate and the required was 70%. They have to be this strict to handle 25000 offers every year.

  99. Unknown  

    i am also ind same situation ....i had a talk with them on their helpline no...they asked me to wait till my date f joining..nd then write us d letter..
    whats ur doj..nd ur frm which university..

  100. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    I'm in a critical position now..Pls help me.I lost my 12th mark sheet last yr.I applied for it 9 months back but still i dint get it.I'll get my duplicate copy aft one r 2 months only.I applied for CCM(Certified Copy of Mark sheet)which is a temporary certificate that is valid till i get my duplicate.Even i asked u regarding this few months back.U replied me that they'll accept.But now in the e-joining portal there was an FAQ option which was given by infy.In tat they told tat it is mandatory to have my duplicate marksheet at the time of joining.I'm very much worrird about it.I was waiting 4 infy for a long days.My DOJ is Sept 27.Pls reply soon..Will they accept CCM?I mailed them regarding this but still dint get reply:-(

  101. Chintan Patel  


    I still believe they will allow your CCM because it is official.

  102. Rohit Nair  

    Im from Kerala and from MG university. Guess from this year onwards they wont extend DOJ due to backlogs. Unfortunate. My DOJ is in Nov. Whens yours?

  103. Unknown  

    hey chintan abd all friends can anyone tell me wht is the "operation executive" means.plssss help

  104. Unknown  

    and one more question i havent got hard copy of offer letter,i have only soft copy.In accomodation mail they mentioned to bring either print-out or hard copy so is it ok if i have only print out of soft copy while joining.

  105. Chintan Patel  


    I have no idea about the role of Operation Executive at Infosys.

    If they have already mentioned that you can bring print-out of soft copy, its clear enough.

  106. Rohit Nair  
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  107. Rohit Nair  


    Hi, it seems this year Infosys are extending DOJ only for re-evaluation cases and medical reasons only. DO you know of anyone who extended their DOJ due to backlogs in their 8th sem for 2010 batch? Thank You

  108. Chintan Patel  


    I know a person who was sent back from training because his results were pending and then they called him back once he got his results. Just check other posts. I think his name was Asheesh but i could be wrong.

  109. Unknown  

    mine is 17oct
    i think they r allowing if u clear in re checking...
    coz it hs already hppnd wid a person
    did u talk to infy ppl?ht did they say..

  110. Rohit Nair  


    Im not sure about this. But i think Infy has a college ranking system. I think those colleges which are called early in the year has a better rank than those called towards the end of the year. I dont know wther infy guys are biased in extending the DOJ taking the college rank into consideration.


    They r allowing rechecking results. But what if we do not clear the rechecking. My rechecking results take 6 months. But before DOJ i can re appear for the exam. Then will they allow me to join?

  111. Chintan Patel  


    There is no such ranking system and dont waste time thinking about it. They only look at you as an individual and there is not preferential treatment for people from higher ranked colleges. If Infosys is recruiting 25k people in a year and the training centre capacity is only 1500-2000 at a time, there is bound to be early and late DOJs and it does not imply that they are biased towards any college.

  112. Rohit Nair  


    Hope i am not troubling you with my stupid questions. Recently my friend who joined last month was able to do so even though he hadnt got his sem7 re-appear results. So then why cant i reappear for my sem8 exam and then join but without its results?. Why are they being preferential towards s7 reappear nd not s8? Am asking this because on this web page on comment number 68 deepak said infy guys asked them to leave becoz of a pending s8 result. Then why did they allow pending s7 result as with my friends case?

  113. Chintan Patel  


    I cannot answer this question of yours and you should ask this question to Infosys HR. You can try joining with your pending result and see what happens. There is no harm in doing that because at most you will be told to join at a later date.

  114. Unknown  

    did u talk to infy helpline no.
    what did they say?

  115. Rohit Nair  


    I didnt. Did u call?

  116. Unknown  


  117. shirish  

    Hey Guys
    My initial DOJ was on Aug 2 ,2010 but during that time I was abroad doing my internship so I applied for extension they told me submit documentary proof( marksheets,training letter ) which I could do only on Sep 09 2010 when i came back after I got my final semester result, now they have told me to wait as its upto the company to decide my new DOJ, but how long will i have to wait?

  118. shirish  

    @rahul, did u get ur new doj??

  119. Chintan Patel  


    Your offer is valid for 6 months from the initial DOJ and so your new DOJ will be within 6 months of August 2, 2010. Dont bug them frequently about it. They get many such requests everyday. Rest assured that they wont forget you if you dont keep asking them about it.

  120. shirish  

    @chintan thanx for ur reply , I just have one last question as to if u have any idea how much in advance do they tell about the new DOJ?

  121. Chintan Patel  


    Atleast a month in advance.

  122. JZN  

    hello sir .. a doubt .. is it necessary to complete e-joining before joining or can it be done there .. bcoz i have found out tat my 12'10 th marks have been interchanged and i m unable to update it .. thnx !!

  123. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!
    My DOJ is Dec 27,2010. I want to extend my DOJ due to some medical reasons. When should I mail them requesting extension? Can I request for extension of 1 month? And when am I supposed to get my new DOJ?
    Please clear my doubts...

  124. Unknown  

    Also I want to clear one more doubt. Iam from MCA. How many months training am I going to get there?

  125. Chintan Patel  


    If you made a mistake, dont worry. It can be changed once you are there.


    Just mail them that you cannot join on the given DOJ and you can join after 1 month of the DOJ. I dont think you can ask for a particular DOJ but just telling them that you can join after a particular date will let them take the right decision for you.

    Your training will be of 3-4 months.

  126. Unknown  


    Thank u for d information..
    Just want to ask another doubt..
    What probably will be my new DOJ if I apply for extension now?

  127. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!

    Hope I am not troubling you. Can u plz clear my above doubt, about my new extended DOJ? I need dis info urgently..Hope u understand and answer me...

  128. Chintan Patel  


    It used to be in March next year for all extension candidates but can be earlier now as the training center capacity has been increased.

    I will reply even without prompting.

  129. Unknown  

    hello Chintan.... my DOJ was 20th dec 2010 and i got detected jaundice on 16th....so i cudnt join an applied for extension...on 18th dec but till now havnt got any reply from infy....and the helpline no is sayin "no not in use" please tell me what should i do and how many days i have to wait for the ack mail from them.

  130. Satyajit  

    I got the ack mail and they have asked me to send following documents...
    1. Medical prescriptions

    2. Test report

    3. Other Medical reports(if any)

    4. Mark sheets of all the semesters

    plz tell me that should i send these in .rar or directly attach these.... ???

    waiting for ur reply...


  131. Chintan Patel  


    Attach the documents directly. NEVER use .rar anywhere. Corporates hate that format. Use .zip if you need to.

  132. Satyajit  

    Thanks for ur reply....:)
    I submitted all the mandatory documents they tld with the exact date(31/1/2011) after which i will be available....but they didnt send any ack mail....so cud u please tell the time i have to wait and what should be my next DOJ???

  133. Unknown  

    i m gurpreet kaur.i m doing msc it.i want to have 6 months training in infosys.please tell me how can i apply?thanx

  134. Chintan Patel  


    If you are talking about the final sem training at Infosys, i think it is only given to those who get selected in infosys. Anyways, you can send your resume/query to freshers at infosys dot com and find out more about it.

  135. Chintan Patel  


    Please be patient with them. They handle a lot of requests of all kinds everyday. I dont know when exactly your new DOJ will be but previously they used to call all extension candidates together in March but now the mysore training center capacity has increased considerably since then so cannot judge your new DOJ.

    It will be within 6 months of your original DOJ for sure.

  136. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!

    Yesterday I mailed them telling them my health condition due to jaundice.
    They replied me today asking me to send
    1. Test reports
    2. Other Medical reports(if any)
    3. Mark sheets of all the semesters

    But I did not get the 6th semester mark sheet and provisional yet.I wanted to go to the University to fetch these. But could not go due to the fever. What should I reply them about the mark sheet?
    And they have also mentioned that they would consider my request only on receipt all mentioned documents. Shall I request them that I would send the final sem mark sheet as soon as I get it? Is that ok? or there will be any prob?

    Waiting for ur reply...

  137. Chintan Patel  


    You will have to get the 6th sem marksheet. Otherwise they will doubt that you had a backlog in 6th sem which you are waiting to clear. So please get the 6th sem marksheet and send.

  138. Unknown  

    My date of joining is 27th Dec,2010 i.e., tomorrow.
    I have sent the 5 sem marksheets.
    And they have again replied to send 6th sem one.
    I told them that I will send as soon as I get it.
    Is it ok if send the 6th sem marksheet by tomorrow? I am going to the University to get it tomorrow.

  139. Chintan Patel  


    Man, do it AS SOON AS YOU CAN! Dont know why you want to risk it. I know you have jaundice but still you should not slack it in any way from your side. Anyways, send it tomorrow and see what happens. Should be fine in my opinion.

  140. Unknown  

    After having got a DC after training, wat are the policies to seek for a change of location?

  141. Chintan Patel  


    After getting posted to a DC, it is hard to change for the next 1-2 years so try to swap before you get posted.

  142. Pratheek  

    On what factors does Infosys send their employees onsite? how is the onsite opportunities for freshers and for experience employees?

  143. Chintan Patel  


    It depends on your performance, communication skills etc. For freshers there is no chance to be sent onsite because anyone is sent onsite only when it is really essential or if demanded by the client. Onsite work is usually more high stakes than what you do offshore and so freshers who dont have any expertise do not have a chance to be sent onsite.

  144. saurabh  

    hello sir..
    I have been asked to report on 13th Feb,2011 12:00 PM onwards in Infy mail.I'll be boarding train on 11th feb and be reaching Mysore on 13th Feb,8AM(if train is on-time).If train got delayed by few hours,so till what time I can report on 13th Feb,2011?
    Please reply at the earliest...
    Looking forward for your reply.

  145. Unknown  

    they say we can work only till age of 35 in inf... is that true?

  146. Chintan Patel  


    You can try to report at 12 PM but if for some reason you fail to make it on time, at most you might have to wait for other batch of trainees who are scheduled to join at later times to complete their formalities but i have never heard of even that happening.


    Hahahaha... Who is "they", by the way?

  147. Unknown  

    they are my friends

  148. Chintan Patel  


    Yaar, how can there be such a silly rule?
    If it was so, Narayana Murthy, Nilekani, Kris etc would have long since retired. Please dont believe everything you hear.

  149. Unknown  

    yes as you said i was arguing with my friends but they made me sure and asked me to ask someone in infy..i know its silly but just want to prove that my friends are wrong.....anyway thanks

  150. manish_sunny  

    Hi Chintan,

    I must say..Great Initiative by you.. Kudos to u!!

    Now I would like to trouble you with my one query.

    I have been selected as Associate Consultant & my DOJ is May 20, Can I extend it for a month or so. As mentioned by you in above posts that "offer validity period of 6 months" is stated in Offer Letter. But I couldn't find such clause in my letter. Please guide.

    Thanks in Advance

  151. Chintan Patel  


    It was mentioned in my offer letter. I think it will be better if you just email offer_extension at infosys dot com and get the answer from them directly.

  152. Unknown  


    I have been selected as Associate Consultant. I just wanted to know some information about ENR verification process. What is it & how is it different than Background Verification. Since background agency of infy has already approached me and asked me to submit the duplicates of relieving letters & educational certificates for the purpose of verification and I am okay with this.

    But what is the purpose of ENR verification or Infy will verify my marksheets & relieving letter again with respective universities & organisations.

    Pls guide

  153. Chintan Patel  


    I have never heard of ENR verification before and dont know what it includes.

  154. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    This is wat I have heard about EnR verification.

    "In ENR verification they simply verify photocopies against the originals. They will stamp the photocopies and which we will have to scan and upload them in portal."

    Now I also heard that they give our duplicate docs back after two weeks with Verified seal affixed on it. Why does this simple process take so long ?

    Actually the issue is that i have got the offer from some other organisation as well. And I m still in two minds so want to get my originals back as soon as possible.

    I m okay to give duplicate docs to Infy for verification with the universities & organisations but not the originals ones.

  155. Chintan Patel  


    You do not need to give the originals to Infosys. They just verify and give it back to you there and then. There are thousands of employees which makes it take so long. Anyways, dont worry about it, its a non-issue. Infosys is not a company which will hold your documents captive so that you will not run away from your job.

  156. Nevil  

    An important question:....what is the criteria for extension in DOJ....will they consider only medical reasons...

  157. Chintan Patel  


    Any genuine reason is considered for extension.

  158. abhishek  

    hey chintan
    my doj is on the 1st of august
    i applied for extension (not medical reasons but genuine personal reasons with proof) they sent me an email saying that they need a scan of my marksheets etc. which i emailed them.now, im waiting and since their reply wasnt an acknowledgement (but more of a confirmation like yeah we're looking into it and etc) will they reply and if so then how much time will they take(im not saying that i want my new doj asap but would they ack and tell me to wait for a new doj).

  159. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure about how much time it will take but i dont think you have a reason to worry about. It may take more time than you think but it will surely be done. I also dont know if they send an acknowledgement letter but you can mail them back after 1-2 weeks.

  160. abhishek  

    @ chintan
    thanks a lot. if they dont email me i guess then that'll mean that i havent been able to get the extension and will have to try and make it to mysore in time.(please correct me here if my thought process is wrong because i feel if they dont send an ack they might not extend the doj)

  161. sara  

    hi chintan, my doj is aug 1st at mysore. my doubt is after training gets over.. my posting which i expect is chennai if i dont get chennai can i quit infy. wil der be any prob or wil they ask to pay a penalty?

  162. soulkeeper16  

    hi chintan, i have received joining date as 1st august. But i'm having problem with the marksheets. I had 1kt in 7th sem for which i appeared on 13th june. I'm sure gonna clear the kt but the problem is i don't know when the result is gonna come out. As they have said in offer letter to produce all marksheets with pass on it n i have 7th sem mrksht with fail on it. As the results of the exam will not be out anytime soon i can't produce the pass marksht for 7th sem. So will this create problem for my joining ? should i apply for extension ?.....looking forward for your advice !!!

  163. Chintan Patel  


    No, the acknowledgement letter may not have been sent to you but as they have already asked you for the documents, it means they are already in process of extending the DOJ.


    There is a bond of 50k Rs. but i have not heard of anyone who was asked to pay the bond. But ya, you will not get your relieving letter and they may mark it against your NSR that you have absconded which may pose a problem in the future when you apply to other companies.


    Yes, you need to apply for an extension in your case.

  164. Anonymous  

    Hi Chintan,
    I need to apply for extension since i have a backlog and my results will not be out before my doj but i want to know if i will receive any acknowledgement letter for the extension application to notify me that my reason has been considered valid and that it will be further considered to give me a new doj.
    Thank you.

  165. raj  

    hi chintan,
    i have a query...if i extend my offer and defer it and then if i decline the extended offer will it be a problem?

  166. Ankita yadav  

    Helo chetan sir, pls help me in this case.infy came fr recruitment in our college on 18th jan'11.but due to sum dispute declared our result aftr 6 months on 10th july..since thn i havent received any mail from infosys.when can i expect my mail and date of joining.pls cnsidr my query.i wud b realy thnkful to u.

  167. shagun  

    1) If i apply for extension of DOJ and get it too but dont join later on so in that case will infy take some legal action .what will it do since we havnt signed the bond yet?
    2)if given a medical reason for extension will infy ppl confirm it by college(i have heard from a frnd)?does anything like this happened wid someone?

  168. rmalhotra  

    Hi Chintan,

    I am to join Infosys on 8th August. The problem is that I got through the placement process when I had 1 back. Now I've cleared all backs and I have marksheets and attested results from college Director to prove that I'm all clear. The only thing I wish to know is that do they check for dates on marksheets to verify when we had a back and whether we have done any such forgery at the time of campus placement? In a nutshell, just wanna know if they go into past to dig up such stuff or they are only considered with facts that I present them with now?

  169. Chintan Patel  


    They will ask you to send them documents by email when you ask for an extension but i think after that they do not send any acknowledgement except the joining details mail for your new DOJ which creates a somewhat confusing and worrisome situation. But i think after they ask you for the documents and you send them, you can be assured that they have accepted your request. At the same time, i also believe that if you ask them about your status, they will reply with the status of your request.


    It will not be a problem.


    If they announced your name, you are surely selected. Offer letter can take 6-12 months from the date of selection so dont wait for it. It will surely come one day.


    1. They will not do anything in that case and you are free to not join infosys after extending your DOJ.

    2. Yes, they will confirm the reason for extension whatever it may be. In case of medical reason, they will not confirm with the college because the college has got nothing to do with it but they will verify with the hospital whose proof you produce to apply for extension.

    I have heard of an example where people were fired because they faked medical reason to go for a holiday after graduation. Infosys did verify their medical documents and if the nature of the condition permits, they will also verify it with their own in-house hospital. So dont fake medical reasons.


    I am late to reply but here it goes:

    You will be safe. Dont worry, they will not consider where you stood at the time of interview if you are all clear at the end of graduation.

  170. vivek  

    Dear Sir,
    My name is nitesh.i am from bangalore.i got selected in campus recruitment drive of infosys at last month.sir how can i recheck my application form which is filled by me in campus.In the column of academic gap(in years) ,i am 80% sure that i hav filled 2 years gap.but som extent i rememberd that i hav forgotten to fill it.so i m very tensed from last 10 days.i m not able to concentrate on my studies due to this reason.now i can not write for any placement in my college after getting placed.so plz send me any contact no. or email id from which i can verify this .
    i will be very thankful of yours in my whole life..
    thank you

  171. Chintan Patel  


    You can contact offer_update at infosys dot com but it is for just updating your info like address change etc and I dont think they will be ready to go through the trouble of finding out your form and verifying this detail.

    I dont think you should be worrying about this at all. You can say that you forgot to fill it if you ever get asked about it and actually your marksheets would show the gap to them so its not that they dont know about it.

  172. Unknown  

    i am placed in infosys..i am having backpapers in s6 ..i have written the exams but the results will not be published before my doj..if i apply for extension will they allow it?i heard they are becoming strict and they are not allowing extension for these reasons.

  173. Unknown  

    Hi sir, myself Aditya. I attended infosys intreview on 23rd nov 2014 at CMR college , Hyderabad. They asked me to send scanned copies of my documents on 24th dec 2014. I did so on the same day. Till now i dont receive any offer letter. Howmany days i have to wait ?

  174. SD  

    Hello, i got placed in infosys on feb 28th,2015. Yesterday they have sent me a mail asking me to send all the documents. Now m dng my final semester(i.e 7th sem). In my 6th sem i got an backlog(my 1st backlog and unexpected one) but v didn't got the memo for 6th sem. I also applied for re-evaluation. Supppose if i dont clear in this process, i could clear it in the supply exam. If i send the marksheet, will they reject my offer. Is it necessary to send the 6th sem marskeet because v didnt have the original memo...and also on the day of interview i submitted till 3-2 memos only. Plz respond to my msg ASAP. Thank you. (I didn't got any mail regarding DOJ).

  175. Unknown  

    @chintan Patel

    I was asked to send photo copies of all my marksheets by infy. I sent them as a single PDF document. but I didn't receive any acknowledgement mail regarding my marksheets. I'm confused whether it is delivered or not. Therefore, will they send any acknowledgement or I should stay calm!!? ...

  176. Kamal Badra  

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  177. Anonymous  
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  178. Anonymous  

    Hai sir.. This s Srivani here. I have lost my set of graduation marksheet during an accident. I have applied for them now. But unfortunately I will not be able to get them before my DOJ. I even have my assured FIR copy of reapplying. What can I do now? Plz solve my problem sir. In a state of urgency.

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