So after a looong time, i finally have something to blog about Infosys.

I got many queries from people who didnt understand what the role change was about and how will it affect their careers. Some future Infoscions are worried that Systems Engineer is something inferior to a Software Engineer. The following FAQ about iRACE will make it clear to you what it is all about. The role change is implemented across infosys for all current employees too as a part of corporate restructuring.

Please read these FAQs and it will be clear to you what it is all about.

Update: File removed on Infosys' request.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Thanksssss yar...Its really needed for all of us to know....

  2. aakash  

    i cant able 2 xcess ur link as error coming each tym "You don't have permission to access /allaboutinfosys/files/blogger/iRACE_FAQs.pdf on this server."

  3. Chintan Patel  

    Ok, fixed it now...

  4. Saurabh  

    The document attached is Infosys confidential. Even the picture (of the structure) is Infosys confidential.

    Posting it on a public forum might get you into trouble (along with your friends who sent you this info!).

    There are enough mechanisms internally in the company for the employees to get clarifications.

  5. Chintan Patel  


    I was aware of that footer when i decided to put this up but unlike slides, there is nothing explicitly mentioned about it being wrong to share this data.

    Moreover, considering the number of soon-to-be Infoscions who are confused about the role changes, it was essential to share this data with them. I would no have needed to do this if the company had some mechanism to communicate the role changes in detail with campus selects. Just sending a revised offer letter stating that their role has changed from Software Engineer to a Systems Engineer is sure to spread anxiety among new recruits considering the current economic scenario.

    Even worse, some people assume it to be a role change from a Software Engineer to a Hardware Engineer whose role is to take care of their systems.

    My intention is to remove this misunderstanding which worries 2009 batch recruits.

    I assume you have your 5 years of consulting experience with Infosys.. I am aware that Infosys has proper mechanisms to communicate changes to current employees effectively but if the same information was communicated to these recruits who are really in need to understand it better, i would not have needed to publish it here.

    Hope i have made my intention clear to publish this document. I am open for a dialog with Infosys if they feel i have published some very sensitive information which would affect their business.

  6. Zippy  

    bro jus waana know how much wud guest room cost to a family of four.
    and can they be accomodated in a single room or in two rooms.and what will it cost .
    2000rs per nite or 1000?

  7. Chintan Patel  

    @Licking wound...

    Guest rooms are all twin bed rooms so for 4 people you will have to book 2 rooms.

    When i was there, the guest rooms were 1000 Rs per night but now the rent might have increased.

  8. venkatfriendly  

    chintan sir help me In my passport my address pin code is printed wrongly...2 printed instead of 3 dat's it. is it ok?? or else hav to appy to passport office???

  9. Chintan Patel  


    Haha... No problem... My entire address is wrong on my passport...

  10. Anoop  

    @ chintan

    thanx buddy for helping us so much...

    my query is not related to all these topics..
    I hav my joining on 18th of jan & m from punjab. Now I booked my air tickets for 16 jan. but still as u know that this time (mid jan) is foggy & results in cancelation of airlines & even railways also.
    So, If a person anyhow is not able to reach mysore campus due to such reasons before his joining date. what will be d result?? will he/she be asked to leave or not??

  11. Chintan Patel  


    You will not be asked to leave just because of this but you will need to convey this explicitly to them because out of 1000 people supposed to join on that joining date, only about 600-700 people join and hence they suppose that people who did not show up on their joining date dont want to join.

    In your joining details mail, you will get the name of an HR manager to contact if you have any issues. Mostly the name will be Preet Kushalappa. You can communicate your problem to them and it wont be any major problem.

  12. Anoop  

    @ chintan...

    thanx so much... it's a gr8 relief...

    I need ur guidance sir. I have my joining on 18th jan. I m from punjab. I m planning to go by air to bangalore from delhi. What should I do to be on safe side so that I can reach infy campus before joining date.
    Main issue is that as per previous years record, maximum flights in delhi get canceled during these days only. Should I book the ticket for 15 jan afternoon n for back up I can also book railway ticket which is worth Rs 550/- so that anyhow I can reach infy campus by 17th jan

  13. Chintan Patel  


    You are worrying more about it than needed. Flights may be delayed due to fog but i doubt cancellation. Anyways, Delhi-Bangalore is a common route with many flights so you can catch another flight the same day.

    And i think you need to worry about fog only if your flight's departure time falls in the early morning hours otherwise i think fog wont be an issue even in winter but you should know better.

    No need to book another ticket.

  14. venkatfriendly  

    thank u very i dnt need to worry about it??

  15. Chintan Patel  


    I implied exactly that. It doesnt matter for them whats your address on passport.

  16. Anoop  

    thanx so much.. u r really very helpful.. :)

  17. Sandhya G  

    Thanks a lot chintan....

  18. venkatfriendly  

    thank u....i worried a lot about again reaching passport office and applying,its a far distance from our home.anyways thanks for ur clarification

  19. PRASHANT  

    what is the role of a system engineer...........& how the training is gonna be like........

  20. Unknown  

    wat s the role of the system engineer?

  21. Unknown  

    hi chintan

    can you consider pulling the faqs document out of the blog considering that the information is rather wide-ranging and is meant for dissemination only inside the company.

    a small note to address concerns on the change in designation should probably help serve the cause better. requesting your support again!

  22. Chintan Patel  


    As you can see from the comments, i have been requested that once before. See comment number 4 and 5 of this post.

    Anyways, i will see about how i can address the concern without the original document.

  23. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    my friends who had gone in june 2009 have been trained for 6 months but i have heard that training period has been reduced to 4-5 it true??

  24. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    i have no formal training in JAVA or .NET..will it be a disadvantage to me??? i m good in c and c++ though...and shud i carry my notes i have prepared in c and c++..will they be of help??

  25. Chintan Patel  


    As far as i know, training is atleast 6 months for everyone except for those who get Business Intelligence as stream. Some batches have 8 months training also so it can vary.

    Being good at C will be enough. Only study from their slides, no need to take your own material.

  26. Unknown  

    you are doing a great work chintan.
    in ur previous posts it is mentioned that the syllabus is changed for generic training. my query is :
    do completely change the syllabus(every part of it)
    or they just make some minor changes like(eg. the new edition of some book).

    if the syllabus is changed will it be of any use to study from previos years slides?

  27. Chintan Patel  


    The entire syllabus can never change because not so many changes happen to programming languages at once.

    They have now included Java in the generic training which was not there before. I dont think the content of the subjects already present in generic training have changed much so the old slides are still relevant.

  28. Unknown  

    hi u r doin a gr8 job

  29. Unknown  

    hi chintan i want to know that what aggre perc are needed to join infy ,ma perc are 62 but at the time of recruiting they told 58% are sufficient ,shall i able to join pls help me ma doj is in jan

  30. Abhishek  

    hi chintan, i have a query about NSR...i had registered for NSR in august and i still haven't received my card which i am supposed 2 get within 10 days...will this affect my joining in infosys in january??? if yes what should i do??

  31. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhhhhh.... I dont know what to say.... :)


    If you dont get the card before your joining, you can just show them the proof of you having applied for NSR after you join. These formalities like NSR, medical certificates etc dont matter so much.

  32. Unknown  

    hi Chintan..
    first of all let me thnk u on behalf of many freshers like me...ur doin very nice job..m folliwing ur blog since months.
    My DOJ is22nd Feb.2010...
    1)wen shud i register for NSR?
    2)i am from gujarat.n i've heard dat v receive medical check up later1month b4 d problem is,that no hospital from gujarat is listed in that list,we get in i think i ll have to go mumbai for medical check up.
    Wat do u suggest,sud i go2mumbai near 17-18 feb n go4 check up n den go to mysore on 21st? or sud i go2mumbai4check up now n directly go2mysore in feb?

    m confused in dis....coz i wanna book my tickets in advance...if u can guide me den i can book my tickets n come2know wether to go directly to mysore or to go via mumbai.

    pls help
    thnx in advance.
    god bless u

  33. Unknown  

    i forgot to ask u another query.
    actually i want to learn java in mean time.
    so wat sud i do?i mean i dnt knw 'j' of java.
    wat sud i do in advance java?wat infy teaches?
    (i know c,c++ and .net)

  34. Chintan Patel  


    You should register for NSR as soon as possible because there is a center for that in Ahmedabad.

    As i said just above your comment, NSR, medical check ups etc are just some useless formalities and dont matter much. No one is going to kick you out due to these.

    You can book your tickets so that you reach bangalore on 20th. There is a gujarati samaaj somewhere on majestic road which will do for a night's stay. You can leave for Mysore on 21st. This is what i did.

    Learn J2EE and JSP well. J2ME is not a part of training syllabus.

  35. Unknown  

    ok.thnk u..yes i know it doesn't mean so much,but i dont wanna keep anything dat can go against me.
    now i will go2mumbai on 17th n ll go4check up der.n ll leave from der on 20th so dat i can reach mysore on 21st.coz my doj is 22nd.
    by d way wer u had ur check up?or u didn't had it at all?(i think u didn't:))
    its nice2c dat ur frm gujarat n helping people in this way.very hard to find some1 frm gujarat to accompany in training..
    anyways thnx n gud luck4ur lyf in future.

  36. Chintan Patel  


    It was mentioned in the joining mail to get medical check up but none of us went for it.

  37. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan this is prasad.
    My question is Do we a need a bag inorder to carry any documents or sort of material stuff to the GEC;Do they allow us to carry a bag inside GEC.

  38. Abhishek  

    thank u so much for your reply Chintan...I am not much worried about this NSR but i'll still apply for a duplicate card b4 my joining. Lets see if i get it. Anyways thanks so much for that information.

  39. Chintan Patel  


    You can carry a bag if you want to but yes, they will check your bag on entry and exit every time. I found that to be bothersome so i just carried books by hand when i needed to.

  40. Unknown  

    hi..bothering u again
    i have 2 queries..
    1)wat abt ironing our cloths?will v have2do it by our own??(pls say no:-))
    2)wen v cum 2 campus,n show our offer latter 2 d guard n after dat v ll b taken 2 our rooms directly,ryt??
    den upto where,our parents ll b allowed?
    n is der restriction dat only 1 person s parent can come?

  41. Chintan Patel  


    You can either iron your own clothes or give it to laundry.

    Your parents will be allowed till Food Court 1 which i far enough to get a feel of the campus.

    "only 1 person s parent can come?" ???? What do you mean?

  42. Unknown  

    i mean both my mother n father ll come 2 leave me at mysore can i take both of them inside?or eithrt of them(only1person) ll b allowed 2 go inside d campus with me?

  43. Chintan Patel  


    Either both of them will be allowed or none if they are not allowing visitors on that weekend.

  44. Unknown  

    ok..thank u

  45. Unknown  

    hi chintan.... my doj is 8th feb 2010.
    beside my joining lettr i didnt got any other mail frm infy.
    its 28th decmbr nw nd m lil worried. cld u plz tell me whn wil i recv mail regarding mdcl chk ups, accmdation details and other stf.

  46. Chintan Patel  


    You will get your mail before 1 month of joining so you can still wait till 10th Jan. Dont worry till then.

  47. Unknown  


  48. Chintan Patel  

    You can mail but they generally dont send an acknowledgement letter. But i think it gets done.

  49. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan
    I got selected in infy. But i dont have a passport because of address problem in my ration card. Is passport needed to join infy? Or just applying is enough?

  50. Chintan Patel  


    Applying is enough. They will ask for passport but if you dont have it, only the proof of your application will be enough.

  51. Thor  


    I Am an ex-infoscion, doing a project on HRM practices @IIMK now. i need few of those docs for academic use, can u send the docs on iRace to me.

  52. iamnkn  

    I am from an engineering college from Ghaziabad.We have an Infosys campus connect programme in our college but I didn't attend it in 3rd year.Wont I be allowed to join the company due to this?Plz help!!!

  53. Chintan Patel  


    The iRACE FAQ i had uploaded is taken down on company's request.


    CC does not make any difference. It is just for your own learning only.

  54. Unknown  

    hi sir
    as you suggested that knowledge of java will be helpful during training,will core java alone be sufficient or both core & advanced are to be learnt?

  55. iamnkn  

    Hey thnx. But my college people are saying that its necessary in the sense that when I will go to Mysore they will ask me for it.

  56. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know how much of Java is included in generic training but i think core java will be enough.


    Man, CC is a joke that you will understand after joining. :)

  57. Unknown  


    I am student of MCA 6th sem of batch 2007-2010 of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University,New Delhi.

    My percentage is above 65% in 10th, 12th, BCA & till 4th sem of MCA.

    As i have done BCA from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University,New Delhi, i had the option to leave 2 subjects in my whole course
    & these are treated as audited subjects. So i have 2 audited subjects in my course of BCA & in my marksheet Audit is written against the 2 subjects that i have left.

    My credits in BCA are 152 out of 160 & degree is awarded to students earning 150 credits & our CPI is also calculated according to 150 credits in the marksheet.

    My CPI(Cumulative Performance Index) in BCA written in the marksheet according to these rules is 68.2. And in the marksheet it is written that Result : Successful, Division : First.

    Please tell me am i eligible for your campus recruitment process.

    Your reply is awaited.

    Sonal Kapur

  58. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, its not "your campus recruitment process" but its "Infosys' campus recruitment process" because i am not with Infosys since more than a year now.

    Its mentioned many times on this blog that the eligibility criteria is different for different universities/colleges and the one that applies to you will be announced to you by Infosys when they come to recruit at your university/college.

  59. Unknown  

    i hope ur in best of ur health when u read this.
    i just wanted to ask that is it enough for a non cse/it student to go through C, J2EE, JSP only before joining. also is there a need to also go through C++ or just C will do.....

  60. Chintan Patel  


    Its enough.

  61. Unknown  

    hey thanx...
    and my name is EVLEEN......
    actually i wanna know that since iam from electronics nd communication branch and m nt at all familiar wid java.....
    so wud u suggest dat i shud start taking classes fr it right here or will it be ok if i cum dere and get tauhgt by them...i mean will i be able 2 understand.....nd clear the compre as well in the first shot....

  62. alok garg  

    hey hii..thanx for the all the INFY INFO above...can u just tell me tht non CS-IT students face tougher path at infy or not?IF yes ,whatz the prophylaxis for tht??

  63. ALAFIYA  

    Hi chintan,
    Your have mentioned in ya posts tat if u want to ask fr extension we have to contact the HR in our offer letter. My HR is Nandita Gurjar but no email id or phone no is available.Please help me how should I contact the HR.I am not gettin any proper replies from offer_update and offer_extension? Wat should i do? thank u so much in advace u doing a gr8 job!!

  64. Chintan Patel  


    Its fine if you dont study before joining. Most people dont study anything at all before joining.


    Its just a bit more tough but nothing to fret about. If you study regularly in training and dont start taking things for granted like i did, everything will be fine.


    I think sending an email to offer_extension is all it takes. Dont mail to Nandita Gurjar. She is a director on board and wont deal with such issues. Just wait for a reply from them. I believe they take time to reply.

  65. Unknown  

    dear chintan,

    do they have any test for color blindness during or after the training program?
    i hope they dont have any problems with color blind people?

    I will keenly await your response

  66. Chintan Patel  


    There is no such test but i hope you have mentioned it as a disability in the written exam form during campus interview.

    They dont have any problem with color blindness but they have a problem with people not being honest.

  67. Unknown  

    Dear Chintan,
    I did not know i had this during my exam.
    And I didnt know that this was a disability also.
    please tell me what do I do now.
    I will keenly await your response.

  68. Chintan Patel  


    Its ok, not too big a deal.

  69. Unknown  

    hello. i,m a mechanical eng.i,ve got placed in i,m planning to join infi.but i,m fully unaware about software field,programming language how much difficult it would be for me during training. n being a mechanical eng what will be chances of growth for me in software industry???

  70. Chintan Patel  


    You stop being a mechanical, civil, EC or electrical engineer the moment you join infosys. But yes, you better learn C language and Java before joining.

  71. Unknown  

    hey chintan...
    is there a need to bring iron along wid us? or do they proveide us with one.....

  72. Chintan Patel  


    You will have one iron in your room. No need to bring. :)

  73. superkool  

    hi..can u tel me about the higher education provided by there any scope or the only option is to leave the company?

  74. Chintan Patel  


    You can read the post "Higher education policy at Infosys" for all the details. Please browse the blog before posting a redundant question.

  75. superkool  

    tnx..i hd read that blog but it ws nt clear to i wntd to kw if there is someone u kw who is pursing mba..
    neways tnx..
    congrats u r doin a gr8 job..

  76. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry if you dont understand it so well right now. All the policy documents will be available to you on intranet Sparsh and you can consult any HR if you want.

  77. superkool  

    thanx sir

  78. Unknown  

    hi chintan

    am madhu..i got my DOJ on 4th OCT..i'm excited to join INFOSYS as it is my dream company..

    but my other friends who got placed in companies like CSC,IBM,TCS scare me by telling dat i wont be taken into a project for months together after completion of training..and i wont have growth in far is this true..

    i dont want to reject the offer wid infosys(d IT giant)

    plz help me regarding following ur all other posts,they are very helpful...

  79. Chintan Patel  


    It all depends on the role you get in any company and so there is no difference between TCS, IBM, Accenture, Infosys or any other MNC.

    Getting or not getting project in any company depends on global IT demand.

  80. Varun Jindal  

    Hi Chintan,

    You have given the hierarchy for Project Management Stream. Can you provide the hierarchy for consulting stream also. If possible, can you pls mail me at varun(dot)jindal2003(at)gmail(dot)com

  81. Chintan Patel  


    There is no such fragmentation of streams as you have assumed. This iRACE system is applicable to everyone in Infosys Technologies Ltd.

  82. Anusshka  

    hi Chintu,,
    can u plz tell me what is iRACE system??

  83. Unknown  

    hi chintan

    my doj is 29 nov.i jus wanted to know if we can get our desired location after traning.i really want to come to chandigarh after traning.

    also m from cs i m only familiar with c. do i need to learn c++, .net and java.others in my stream know these well.

  84. Chintan Patel  


    The info above is all i know about it.


    You cannot choose your location of posting after training. Learning Java/.NET would be helpful.

  85. Barsha  

    Hi chintan i have been selected in Infosys at SSE level in .NET profile. i am just curious to know about job profile in infosys.what i heard from my friends are like in infosys mainly you will be in Production support kind of job there will not be much in development.could you please help me to understand the job profile in infosys ?.

  86. Chintan Patel  


    Its true that most of the freshers from 2008 batch onwards have got a support role rather than a development role but i would attribute it to the market.

    However, as you are joining as a lateral, you can surely expect a development role because any company would hire laterals only if there is a certain requirement and not just for support. They would not have hired you for support because they can always fill in support requirements with the 1000s of freshers they hire every month.

  87. Unknown  

    hii chintan
    my DOJ is sept 13 2010. I may quit few mnths after training as m done wid ma GRE nd planning ma masters in august 2011. What bond amount will I have 2 pay infy if i do so n if i want the certificate of experience till the month i work??

  88. Chintan Patel  


    The bond amount is 50k Rs. if you want to quit after training. The best way is to quit during training by failing the tests. That way, you will get the experience certificate, 1 month's extra salary and also will not have to pay the bond amount.

  89. Unknown  

    Thanq so much...

  90. Tarun Kassana  

    Hi chintan,
    Could you through some light on the work/profile of a associate consultant and the 8 week induction training at HBD in ES academy.

  91. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have any idea about the role of associate consultant at Infosys Technologies and their training at Hyderabad. Your role will be explained to you in the first week of induction training.

  92. prashitha  

    hello sir,
    am recruited for system engineer this month. they said tat v re provisionally selected and would mail us in 3 weeks. s there any elimination in hr.? also, am 1+yrs. so 2 months fast track training they said. where can i expect my training either in the same place where i join or in mysore..? ll d training be difficult than freshers? help me out sir.

  93. prashitha  

    may i know abt the roles of system engineer also?

  94. Swati  

    i gave my offcampus on 21st sep in allhbd. i cleared d written and gave d interview. can u please tell me when can i expect the results??

  95. shirish  

    Hi chintan - I have 2 questions for you

    1)Infosys has told me that my extended DOJ will be definitely before feb 2,2011, what do u receommend till when should i wait before bothering them again

    2)I have heard that some development centres of infosys are much better in offering project after the completion of training especially in the south although the selection of DC's is not in our hands but is this true to your knowledge?

  96. Chintan Patel  


    There can be elimination in HR round also buti dont think they will tell you that you are provisionally selected if there is still a possibility of elimination. But still, dont take it as a confirmation sign because it may lead to disappointment later. I am not sure where your training will be but mostly for laterals, it is at the place of joining itself and not at mysore. If there is some specific technology involved, you might need to travel to some other city like SAP training at Infosys is mostly at Hyderabad only.

    Systems engineer is a software engineer. Dont get caught up in their corporate jargon.


    I dont know when your results will come because till now it used to be announced on the same day itself but now many students are reporting that Infosys announced a 3-4 weeks time for announcing the results so you can wait till that period.


    You should not bother them at all. They will inform you when your time comes and asking frequently about this will not make it happen sooner. Everything is stored in a database and so there is no chance that they will forget you. If they have already replied you once, you can be sure that it will happen.

    I think it is just a myth and i have personally not observed anything like that. Your first project and DC allocation will be done by the Corporate Planning Group at Infosys Bangalore and is not in the hands of the DCs. Getting allocated to a project or not does not depend on DCs that you are allocated to.

  97. Swati can it take more than 3-4 weeks??

  98. Chintan Patel  


    With the pace at which they are recruiting right now, it can take more time than that. Infosys used to recruit about 25k people every year in 2007-2008, recruited about 18k freshers in 2009 but this year they are aiming at 36k. But dont worry about it, it will surely come.

  99. Swati  

    alryt..thank u sir..

  100. Subhankar  

    when infosys says consistent academic record of above 65% then what do they mean by "consistent"? that is someone has 78% in 10th,71% in 12th and 7.9 in then would he be considered inconsistent and thus thereby hampering his chances for getting selected in infy.

  101. Unknown  

    Hi ,

    I want to join with Infosys , Can you tell me what are the band level and sub Band level in infosys ?

    what is the difference between role and Role Designation ?

    Thank you for your reply in advance .

  102. shirish  

    @chintan - thanks for the answer

  103. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry about the "consistent" part. You just need to meet the criteria they specify. I had 81% in 10th, 63% in 12th and 58.33% aggregate at the time of recruitment but still i made it.


    They will explain this to you clearly in the first week of training during induction program at Infosys Mysore.

    Its all just useless corporate jargon and does not matter much. Just keep doing awesome work and you will be rewarded.

  104. prashitha  

    thanks fr ur reply.. also i wanna know the structure of fast track training.. can u just highlight the modules..

  105. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have the latest info about fast track batch, if there is any but you can read Ramesh's recent comment here which gives an idea of training structure:

  106. prashitha  

    ll they provide accomadation in case of experienced fast track training...? also other than mysore ll dy provide accomadation for training..?

  107. prashitha  

    this was ur rely..
    Dont get caught up in their corporate jargon.
    i dint get this.. can u clear it..?

  108. Chintan Patel  


    If you are experienced, you may get accommodation for only 7 days at any DCs and if you are in training, you will get full accommodation at all DCs.

    But i dont know the policy for experienced people who have to undergo training. It will be minimum 7 days that i can assure you.

    Corporate jargon is the heavy words that executives use to make something look fancy like Job Band and Personal Band and Sub-Band etc. These things are not to be worried about and you just have to work sincerely.

  109. Anonymous  

    hiiiiiiiii chintan first of all a very big thanx from myside reading ur blog will let others to read till the last entry so my doj is 10 january and my profile is System engineer i seen that picture in which various profile s have been listed but they have not mentioned anything about the work my question to u is what kind of work it involves and how the training is conducted they keep test on every week and for new comers how to get adjust overthere?

  110. Chintan Patel  


    The list which is shown above is just the role hierarchy. As a systems engineer at Infosys, your profile can be anything from testing, server maintenance to development.

    Rest of the things are explained in detail on other posts and their comments. Please read all of them before posting a question.

  111. Unknown  

    u r doing a gr8 job
    i hav joining on 14 feb 2011 may i prepond it?

  112. Chintan Patel  


    You cannot prepone your joining date.

  113. Unknown  

    hi sir..
    i have a question regarding the allowances paid by infy to reach for training....

  114. Chintan Patel  


    What question do you have? Please ask that question. :)

  115. Mistofhearts  

    hii Sir

    what's d salary of sys engineer durin train and later

  116. sanjaykumawat  

    hii sir,,

    i have joining on 7th feb and my brohter's marriage on 12-14 .will they extend my doj..and in case if they extend then in which month i m supposed to join ..

  117. Chintan Patel  

    @Mist of hearts...

    The salary increases about 10% every year. For 2011 batch, it was 3.25 lakhs per annum. After training, it will increase by 10%, 12.5% or 15% depending on your performance.


    Yes, you can mail them about that issue and they will be ready to extend. Mostly you will not face any problem but if they do not give you extension, you can always take a leave instead.

  118. Mistofhearts  


    If i havnt been able to clear my backlogs at the time of joinin , Can i extend my DOJ . What will be the status den

  119. Chintan Patel  

    @Mist of hearts...

    Yes, you can ask for an extension for that reason. Please read all posts and their comments before posting a question. I will not answer frequently asked questions again.

  120. Mistofhearts  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  121. Mistofhearts  

    tnx for the info

  122. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    Thanks for posting the role/level chart.

    I got an offer from Infy and am confused at the salary scheme. I would like to know what would be my approximate take home salary.

    4. INCENTIVE COMPONENTS(CPI) (At an indicative
    Payout of 50% or 100%)

    I'm sure 2 & 3 will be excluded from monthly salary but not quite sure about when CPI will be paid (quarterly/annually).


  123. Chintan Patel  


    Is your salary breakdown not mentioned in the offer letter? It usually is, otherwise you can wait till joining because the salary calculation is very complex and even most employees dont know about how its exactly calculated. However, you can resolve your doubts with an Infosys HR manager after joining Infosys.

  124. Unknown  

    Hi Sir,
    I attended infosys interview for 1-2 years experienced and got selected. My training is in Mysore. I have experience in testing. The designation given to me is "Systems Engineer". So will i be put under Testing or Developement?

  125. Chintan Patel  


    I cannot say for sure in your case. Usually, they recruit experienced people only if they have a strong business requirement for your profile but nowadays there is boom time in IT and so all companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, IBM etc. are recruiting as much as they can so that they can later train them in whichever technology they want and put them on project. You will only get to know after your training is over.

  126. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  127. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  128. Unknown  

    sorry to trouble u again.but what is i supposed to login somewhere and accept the offer would be helpful if u the only thing that i got from infosys is a copy of offer letter as an attachment via email.nothing other information..plz tel me about ejoining and how to do it......thanks

  129. Unknown  

    n m sorry to ask so many questions...

  130. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys ejoining is a website for campus recruits where you have to enter all your details like marks etc to save time doing all those formalities after joining. You will be able to login to ejoining only when there is one month left for your joining. It is not for accepting the offer. The offer is considered accepted if you show up on the campus on your DOJ. There is nothing else that needs to be done to accept the offer. Dont worry man, they will keep sending you mails with all the instructions.

  131. SaurabhD  

    Hello sir,
    I need to know about the e-joining, because the offer letter that I received through email show my DOJ is 7th Feb but when I register on e-joining portal it shows the DOJ is 10th Jan. I am totally confused and uptill now I haven't received the original hard copy of my offer letter...
    please reply...

  132. Unknown  

    Same here......

  133. Chintan Patel  

    @Saurabh, Ashish...

    I have been asked this question before but i dont know why it is like that. I would advise you to email them about it and ask about it. Usually, you would also get a joining details mail one month before joining in which there would be more information about it so you can wait for that to come.

  134. SaurabhD  

    Thak you sir,
    I mail the HR regarding this problem they replied me that my DOJ is the same that they have mentioned in offer letter i.e. 7th feb..

  135. Unknown  

    Hi saurabh.can u give the mail id whr u mailed and ask about ur joining date..actully m also in the same confusion.......may joining date in the offer letter is 7th feb 2011..but on ejoining portal it is 10 of jan......

  136. Chintan Patel  


    Glad its resolved.


    The DOJ in the offer letter is to be believed. I think in e-joining portal they have just kept it as a placeholder. Still you can mail them to remove all doubts.

  137. SaurabhD  


    All those who are selected just go through the below link to get details about the training ..

  138. SaurabhD  

    Hello Chintan sir,
    Sir would you please tell me about the training at Infosys. Is it difficult ? and what should I prepared before joining so it would be good and relief the burden during training period...

  139. Chintan Patel  


    Already detailed so many times. Just learn C language and then Java if you can.

  140. Unknown  

    hello sir ,
    i attended infy off campus on 17sep at oist bhopal .a month ago i got a mail from mr. r m sunderam to sent all of my graduation marksheets and i sent him . and than i got a call from him on 30nov about marksheets on that call i asked him sir when the result wiill be declaired , they told after a weeek or 10 dayz .till now i didn't get any mail from infy and even u m not sure about my selection or rejection ..sir i want to know when the result will be much i have to wait more ...

  141. Chintan Patel  


    The campus interview results are taking more time than promised for everyone because of the hiring spree that Infosys is currently on. Dont worry, it will surely come soon.

  142. Unknown  

    hello sir...
    but many of my friend got a joining of 7th feb there any way so that i could atleast confirm wheather i m selected or not

  143. Chintan Patel  


    If all other friends of yours got offer letters then there is a chance that you are not selected. Infosys sometimes gives out regret letters and sometimes does not so i cannot say for sure if you are selected or not. Just wait for some more time for any indications from them. Other than that, i dont know of any mechanism by which one can check his application status.

  144. Unknown  

    thank you sir ...

  145. Unknown  

    iam attending infy on dec 23rd.
    iam confident that i wil make it.
    what areas should i be alert during interview
    when they ask about infy?

  146. Chintan Patel  


    They wont ask you about Infosys but mostly about yourself. So know yourself well.

  147. Unknown  

    Thanks for your reply.
    I am not clear about bond. can you plz explain in detail?

  148. Chintan Patel  


    All that you need to know about Infosys bond is: If you leave before completing 1 year after you get posted, they may ask you to pay 50k Rs.

    I use the word "may" because it depends on how important you are to the company at that time. During recession, i had a friend who was an EC engineer and wanted to go into EC field and he got selected in Tata Telecommunications and when he told company that he wanted to leave, company not only let go of the 50k Rs bond amount but also gave him experience certificate because at that time, Infosys wanted people to leave anyways.

    Nowadays, the situation has changed and if you are a crucial member of your project, you may need to give an intimation 3 months in advance if you want to leave.

    Also, usually, companies dont pursue employees who abscond even though they can legally do so because of the bond. But if you abscond, you will not get your Infosys experience certificate and Infosys may mark your NSR as being absconded which can affect your chances at other companies affiliated with NSR.

  149. Unknown  

    Hi friends,

    currently i am working in pune. i got two offers one is CTS(Cognizant:Pune) and 2nd one is Infosys(CHennai location(Mahindra city). But i am basically from Andhrapradesh and chennai is 5 to 6 hrs journy from my home town.

    Now my confusion is which is the better? either Infosys or Cognizant.please consider the technical growth,salary,employess culture and work culture in both companies, please give me reply

  150. Unknown  

    hello sir...
    i was selected according to infosys test procedures on 30th dec 2010..
    acc to convention i was expecting my training to start from jul or aug as i am in final yr now... nd m pending with my last semester which is a six months training period...
    but today i got a call from my college and i was breifed that infosys wants the selected canditates to complete their six months training(last semester)with company...
    i want your help on this topic... should i join nw..??
    nd is their any sort of stipend to trainees.. (in last sem of degree).??
    what will be the place of training..??
    sir i need ur help urgently on this topic.. i will be very thankful...

  151. Chintan Patel  


    Its a tough call between Infosys and CTS.

    One thing i would like to mention about Infosys, Mahindra City is that it is far from the city of Chennai (about 55 kms from the city). You might be spending 2-3 hours daily commuting to and fro. Just find out what your commute will be everyday at CTS, Pune.

    Other than that, i think both companies are very good and match equally in all the criteria you mentioned. Infosys is known for its training and one advantage that CTS has over all other companies is that they have no bond for employees.


    Yes, you should take final sem training at Infosys if you get a chance.
    I dont know if they offer any stipend for final sem training. For the place, i am not sure. It can be any of their DCs like Hyderabad, Pune or Mysore. You can wait for them to tell you your place of joining or ask them about it if that is important for you.

  152. Unknown  

    sir thanx for ur reply... bt i would like to add here that m a biotechnology student... nd m nt havn ny knwledge of computer languages... so wt do u thnk ... hw will i sustain ovr dere... nd moreovr are there ny special projects for life sciences students... like i hav heard that they are hiring biotechnology students to help with biometric it true..??

  153. Chintan Patel  


    Dont expect to be assigned a biotech related project because you are from biotech. Other than that, i dont know if they have biotech related projects for final sem students but i guess they dont. You should expect to be become 100% software engineer if you are joining Infosys.

  154. Chintan Patel  

    You can do well there if you put in sincere efforts and work hard and dont leave off things to study later. Infact passing is easy in training. Only scoring very high is hard.

  155. Unknown  

    thanx for ur assistance sir.. ur words are of gr8 help for me...
    u r doin a gr8 job.. god bless ya..
    nd yup.. i vl disturb u on various occasions.. i hpe u won,t mind.. :)

  156. Unknown  

    Hi All,
    My date of joining is 7th of Feb 2011.Those having joining date same as 7th of Feb 2011 ,please keep posting in case u get any updates from infosys regarding joining date,accommodation mail,intimation mail,medical check that v all remain informed and act in time...
    Please do.......
    Thanks n regards

  157. Unknown  

    hi i got my doj as 7 feb
    can u tell me have u got any mail from infy regarding the accomodation and the ejoining

  158. Ashwani  

    What is the percentage criteria for lateral hiring, people with more than 5 years of experience?

  159. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure about that because the percentage does not matter so much for laterals with 5 years of experience as much as it does for freshers.

  160. Unknown  


    in e-joining form we are asking to enter candidate's id wat is this actually..? where will i get this id.?

  161. Chintan Patel  


    I think you will get this id in offer letter or in an email.

  162. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  163. Unknown  

    Does performance during training matters alot? I mean do trainees get salary hikes depending upon their performance in training?What about the projects and streams?are these also based on performance during training or its random?

  164. Chintan Patel  


    There are 3 slots based on your performance in training:

    CGPA: 4.00 to 4.49 = 10% hike.
    CGPA: 4.50 to 4.94 = 12.5% hike.
    CGPA: 4.95 to 5.00 = 15% hike.

    If you ask me, i would say a difference of 5% is hardly too much considering the difference in the amount of effort required to score 4.01 and 4.95+.

    Also, this is just for the first salary hike and subsequent salary hikes will depend on your performance in the project you are allotted to.

    Allocation of projects and streams have got nothing to do with your CGPA and is purely based on business needs.

  165. abessys  

    Sir thanks for ur this good work.
    Sir I've some query,
    1. What is the difference between system engineer and software engineer role in Infosys?

    2. What is the syllabus of system engineer in training in infosys. I mean is it totaly hardware development or networking?

    3. Can I switch my role from system engineer to software engineer after training or after how much time?

    4. What is the scope of system engineer in IT mnc companies?

    5. sir what is the duration of training in infosys?

  166. abessys  

    Sir one more question
    Is system engineer is like a testing of software in infosys?

  167. Chintan Patel  


    1. Already explained above.

    2. Systems engineer is just a name used for a software engineer so everything is software engineering related.

    Duration is about 12 weeks.

  168. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    I am a final year CS/IT student.I have recently been offered a job in infosys through campus placements.My coll has now started with the campus connect program which it had to complete in my 3rd year,but they are conducting the program now,but due to certain reason,I m not able to attend all the classes.
    My coll says without the campus connect certificate i would not receive my offer letter,and because I could not attend a part of the program certain concerned authorities are not letting me and a few other friends of mine to attend the rest of the program.What do i do now.Will I lose my job offer?

  169. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry about the college. You will not lose your offer if you dont attend campus connect. After selection, only believe in direct communication from Infosys as colleges just try to fool around students without any information.

  170. Unknown  

    hello sir,

    i got selected for infy, and i hav applied for passport, my problem is my father name is ramkrishnappa in passport but it is ramkrishna in certificates. will this make any problem?

  171. NagoorBasha  

    hello sir...
    I got selected for infy on march 25 through JKC in andhra pradesh.
    Till now i didn't get offer letter. How much time may it take to receive it...
    Is the infy results cause delay in recruitment...

  172. Unknown  

    i am cse a many months will we hav training.. will there be any test test on the starting day which decides the fast track batch..??

  173. Unknown  

    AWSUM job man....hav som ques 2 ask...
    1.i got selected on jan 5...but still i dint get my call letter...need clarifications...
    2.wat abt laptop...for 2011 batch dey r allowin or not???
    3.any idea about wen de trainin begins for dis year???

  174. NANDHINI  

    sir i want to know confirmation about my placement
    they have just announced me tat i got placed but still i have doubt
    is there any list displayed about it

  175. hema  

    sir recently i came to kno thru my seniors that swapping(for gettin desired location) has been banned by infy..nw in dat situatn hw cn we gt the desired location in emergency situatns?

  176. Chintan Patel  


    It will not create any problem.


    Already answered so many times. Check other posts/comments. Quarterly results dont affect anything so immediately.

    Read recent posts about changes in training. Its answered in there.


    1. Will never answer this question again. Have answered dozens of times already. And why are you asking me for clarifications? Ask the company.
    2. No.
    3. No.


    If they announced your name, you are selected. Wait till the offer letter comes.


    I dont know if it has been banned recently but you can take better advice about it from your seniors as i have left Infosys since 2 years now.

  177. MAHESH  

    hello sir,

    i got placed in infosys and would be joining infosys in july. i also got seat from iit kharagpur in cse branch. I am bit confused to choose between them... Please can you tell which would be better option in present market situation.

  178. Sharath  

    Hello Mr. Chintan,
    First of all, my sincere thanks to you for having taken the pain to maintain this post and the blog. It was of great help!
    I am an Electronics & Communication Enginering grad.
    I have been placed at infy during their campus drives at my college.
    Now, I never fancied getting into a software job while i was studying (esp becoz of the recession and stuff that happened during those times). However, i went to the placement drive and luckily I was placed.

    Now, my queries are:
    1)what are the scope or opportunities for growth in the software industry, or at infosys?, How fat can ur payslip get :D ie...

    2) What about job security and other issues? I hear they'll kick you out if u fail any xam... and many other scary stories...!

    3)Is the job bond we sign really rigid? Can i get out if a really tempting offer comes to me after i join :D?

    Please answer my questions... Thanks in advance :)
    Sharath Satheesh

  179. Chintan Patel  


    Its totally your choice. I dont know what is good for you as much as you do. But i think getting into IIT KGP is more exclusive than joining Infosys where you will be just another fresher.

    1. Your salary at Infosys would grow by 10-15% every year or 6 months. You can get an even higher salary if you keep changing companies and there is no upper limit to salaries in IT companies.

    2. It applies to any industry that they will treat you well in times of boom and will kick you out if you are not needed in times of doom and the same is true for IT industry also. Nowadays, market is doing very good and so they also allow failing in stream compre which was not the case before 2 years when you would have been fired for playing a game or surfing orkut.

    3. Bond is not rigid but if you abscond, they will mention that against your NSR card and so when you go to another company, if they are also registered with NSR, they may not hire you if they see that you have absconded at your previous company. Small companies dont care about all these things but big companies getting 1000s of resumes everyday may filter you out because of that.

  180. kiran  

    Heloo Mr. Chintan
    I got Placed in INFOSYS as SYSTEMS ENGINEER. But it is similar to SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, where i should takecare of SERVER MAINTAINANCE, TESTING etc...
    But i want to go in APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT side.
    What should i do now? Once if i step in that field, i can't see back. i'm in very much confusion. Please Help.
    thanks in advance.

  181. Chintan Patel  


    Its not like that. The role of Software Engineer is now renamed as Systems Engineer. So its not like you are selected for server maintenance or testing. Even people into development are called System Engineers. But i understand your confusion and would call it is a stupid move by Infosys to rename.

  182. kiran  

    Hello sir,
    i got offerletter from as system engineer, but the thing is i got this through backdoor. i verified my offerletter wit othrs who got placed in in-campus. their offerletter size is 90kb, but mine is 1.1Mb. i forwarded my offerletter to but no reply from them. i just want to know whether my offerletter is original or not? Please help me.
    thanks in advance.

  183. Ketan  

    I have been offered by Infosys with Role Designation as Senior Associate Consultant and Role as Associate Consultant, Job level: 4.

    I have work ex of 4 Years Post my MBA. Done my graduation in Engineering.

    The Role Designation, Role and Job level offered by Infosys to me
    whether it is proper or not considering my work ex and qualifications? or am I offered low by them?

  184. Chintan Patel  


    It is strange but i dont think there is anything for you to be worried about here. It is difficult to get a reply from them if they do not feel it is not important enough to reply.

    And i dont mean what you mean by "backdoor" here.


    I never understood Infosys's job level system because it is very confusing.

    Having said that, i would rather look at the day-to-day job profile, salary etc and not at what they call you on paper.

  185. pradip  

    Hello sir,
    i got my joining in jan 2012. but there is downfall in sensex again 2 happen as in 2008.
    Is there any chance that they wil postpond our joing date.

  186. Ketan  

    Hi Chintan,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Can you let me know the position/designation hierarchy for the Consulting workstream of Infosys just like the Project Management workstream hierarchy you have posted at the top of this web page?

  187. srikanth  

    hi sir,
    this is srikanth.
    my doj is 26th aug 2011.
    but i dint have passport is it mandatory,
    please let me know asap.

  188. Chintan Patel  


    Day to day sensex highs and lows do not affect joining dates so directly.


    I have no idea about that.


    It is not mandatory but it will be good if you can have the proof of having applied for passport.

  189. Tanya Gupta  

    Hi All,

    I am going to join Infosys Gurgaon in September,2011.

    I have total 4.5 years of experience.One of my previous employer company was closed during recession. I had worked there for almost 1 years but that company was very small so there was not any employee Id was given to any employee. They had given me Offer letter and relieving letter.

    Is there any problem in background check or third party verification by Infosys regarding nonavailability of employee id and closing company.

    Kindly reply.

  190. Chintan Patel  


    This will not be a problem. They know such things happen.

  191. sddwdxw  

    hello sir,
    i am having exp of 3 years.i am going to join infy 2nd last company with which i worked for 2 years,i am not having experiance letter and releving letter,but all other documents i.e joining,offer,payslip,bank statements.can infosys agree with available document.

  192. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know for sure. You will have to ask Infy about it. Usually, companies are fine with the relieving letter of the last company.

  193. Vaneet  


    I am being offered a Role of Associate Consultant and Role Designation of Senior Associate Consultant. What is the difference between the two? What should I tell others about what designation I have. I am confused.

    Please help.

  194. Chintan Patel  


    Your role designation is what you should tell others. It is separate because the role of a software engineer and senior software engineer is the same as both have to write code but their designations are different because of their experience.

    You will be more confused when you get to know about job bands and personal job bands at Infosys. :)

  195. Vaneet  

    Sounds logical. Thanks Chintan!


  196. Azar  

    What is the responsibilities of Senior System Engineer?

  197. Chintan Patel  


    It is just a designation and your responsibilities can be varied depending on the project. You can be assigned documentation, testing, programming etc.

  198. Subhasis  


    I have been placed in Infosys on-campus on 9th Sept, 2011 and received an email where the user name and password was given. I changed my password when I was asked to do so on Now my account has been locked as I entered wrong passwords by mistake. How to unlock this? Please help asap....

  199. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know about that. Try searching for Forgot Password or Reset Password instructions on that site.

  200. bazith  

    I got offer from infosys.In my offer letter mentioned to submit my certificates,But i don't understand clearly about that process that means whether i submit my original certificates or photocopy. reply please.

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