Today, its one year since i officially left Infosys.

Actually, i left Infosys on 3rd December 2008 but i was still on their pay till 3rd January 2009. I joined my current company on 5th January 2009. Hence, today i also complete one year at my current company.

I still remember the day i left Infosys. I had never felt so low in life before. That heartbreak, disappointment and sadness continue to be the lowest point in my life. All your other friends would be leaving for their posting while you would be leaving to go back home.

December 2008 was a bad time for a mechanical graduate to be laid off from an IT company and not knowing what to do next. But I decided to stick with IT and not go back to mech and to my surprise I got a new job as an iPhone Developer at my current company within 1 month of leaving Infosys and joined it the day after my bond with Infosys ended.

It was not all smooth sailing and i struggled to understand the basics of iPhone Development early on. But as time passed by, I became more fluent and today i can say that i know developing for iPhone really well after having delivered more than 5 projects to clients. I am now enjoying iPhone Development to the max and have dropped plans of preparing for MBA.

What i learnt in this one year:

1. Only knowledge matters:
I may be working at a company not as large as Infosys but the work these companies do is in no way technically inferior to what Infosys does. Hence, the Infosys tag or even Wipro tag or TCS tag does not matter. Even small companies have their own selection criteria and you will not be selected just for the brand name of your previous employer. So it also implies that large companies do not consider what company you worked for before when you apply to join them. Only your knowledge matters to them. They just want to know what YOU have with you, what YOU know and have learnt in the course of your career.

2. You can learn more at SMEs than MNCs.
At Infosys, your role would become limited to being a software engineer or a support staff. You will not get a chance to interact directly with the client until very late in your career. You get lost in the crowd and even worse, you may even feel that your work is under-appreciated and not valued.

But at SMEs, you get to interact with clients right from the first project you work on and get to negotiate with the client on aspects like change requests, billable hours, requirements understanding directly from the client and developing the application based on the requirements. At Infosys, the Business Analyst would understand the requirements and negotiate the billable hours, the Software Architect would design the application on paper and your role becomes limited to just converting his design into code. At SMEs, you also get to learn about other roles and responsibilities better than at MNCs. Here you can learn how the company bids for a project and how payments are made by the client. In general, you can learn the entire economics of an IT company and become good enough to start your own IT company. Two of my former colleagues at my current company have done just that and they employ 10 people each within 1 year of starting their own venture.

3. There is a difference in pay structure.
All MNCs go for campus recruitment and make offers to freshers which are only slightly less than what they pay an employee with 1-2 year experience. This is because they want to make sure they attract the best talent. Consequently, you end up earning more right at the start of your career. The increments given at MNCs are in the range of 10-20% depending on your performance.

SMEs do not have the funds to have such salaries to a fresher. The starting salary at SMEs is lower as compared to MNCs. Infact, it is mostly as low as half of what MNCs pay. Not having enough funds is only the partial reason but the main reason for it is that you have not yet added value to the company. Infosys has a higher package for freshers because they assume you will stick around for 3-4 years and add value later to the company and hence they pay you more and provide good facilities to even freshers and they are considered to be equal to experienced employees. At SMEs, they first want you to add value and generate revenue for the company and then they will increase your package. The starting salary might be low but SMEs have a far higher increment range for its employees. Their increment can range from 30-80%. And hence your salary will reach MNC levels in 2 years.

4. Role is important, brand name is not important.
When i ask my friends at Infosys about their job, not everyone says its going well. Some of them are too happy with their roles and some are not. Some are even frustrated and cant wait to leave the company. This is because the role they are in after training is not good enough and they feel their job is not challenging enough compared to their abilities. No wonder Infosys, Wipro, TCS did not participate in "Best Companies to Work for" surveys in 2009. It was because they figured out that employee morale was down and the rating will take a beating from it. So if you find yourself in a role or job profile which you think is not challenging enough for you then you should consider changing your job no matter in which company you are in because at the end of it all, when you ultimately decide to change your job even after 3,4 or 5 years, you will be quizzed upon what kind of job you did before and if your job profile in your previous company was not sufficiently challenging, you may lose a good job opportunity to others.

There is plenty much that I still have in my mind to post but i think this much is enough for one post. Also its 3:26 AM as i write this. Having worked in both SMEs and MNCs, I hope my perspective helps you people to take better informed decisions in your career. Your comments, feedback, criticism and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Pranav  

    That was a very intriguing and informative post dude. I am enlightened with your words of knowledge and wisdom. Keep posting your valuable views. Cheers................

  2. shashank "khanabadosh" Gangil  

    hi chintan,i m in the same situation as you were one year ago.I joined infosys on 5th oct 2009,left it in 2 december 2009, i flunked in my integrated marks by just one mark,so i had to leave infosys against my wishes,since i was enjoying my stay there,made a lot of friends,then suddenly u hav to leave all this and go back home.It was terrible,i felt i committed a crime failing in exam,that one mark pinched me like a dagger,during my flight from banglore to delhi,for whole 2 hours,i kept looking out of the window and thiking what wrong i did?why only me(since i was the only guy from my coll who had to leave infosys)....i only did training for 2 months so it was pointless searching for IT industry since i still dont know anything abt it.I never felt so low,depressed before.Most of my friends are in IT industry and doing good,i was so depressed thinking abt them.I frantically started searching for a job in core industry from day one,but it seemed,none of them were coming my way,i was cursing my luck,but seeing me in desperation, my dad arranged an interview for me in an HVAC industry,i landed the job this week only,i hav just started it,though it isnt as glamourous as IT industry,i m happy that i m doing a job in core industry which i always wanted to do.My stay in infosys,though it was short,was fabulous,enjoyed every single day there,i still miss my infy days badly but may be god has some better plans for me......i realised,infosys is certainly not a place for a mechanical engineer who is least interested in coding,may be i left it for good..........

  3. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan, yesterday i got selected to infosys. I have one doubt regarding service agreement. Can you please clarify my doubt. If i leave the company before the service agreement period to get into some other jobs what will they do? Should I have to give any compensation for that?

  4. Fakhruddin Ali  

    This post is full of information. It's good to be at a SME (where most people know you) rather than Infy where you are a part of the crowd.

  5. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    Excellent blog giving info to all freshers about how infosys and in general all i.t. companies function.I have a career dilemma and need your advice on the same. I messed up my infy apti and so couldn't get into infosys in campus placements. However another small company came to our campus and I got the job that is in Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence. What makes the offer exiting is within 4 months of training+project I shall be on the job and that too at the client site in Mumbai. I feel it is a great learning opportunity. Even an employee from the company very honestly told me that the learning experience shall be immense. The salary though not very encouraging is manageable and not my most primary concern at the start. Also the hr said there are quarterly reviews.Your post on smes vs mncs too has been very encouraging. But still there are certain concerns that I have which I would like to ask you.

    1> I will get only the specific training in dw/bi and no programming training in java/.net or c or even programming concepts. Am I missing out on something? (I mean I can learn them on my own as well since I am from comps but still what do you think?)

    2> What are my future career prospects in terms of joining another company or going for higher studies
    i> ms
    ii> mba

    Your reply shall be of great help to me.

  6. Chintan Patel  


    There are many fields in IT which do not require any programming experience like graphics designing, animation, database administration, testing etc. and you only need to be a master in any one of them.

    Even if you are a programmer, you only need to master one language/framework in your life to be relevant to the IT industry. You should only aspire to be good at what your job is about and forget about the rest. For example, being an iPhone Developer, i do not care about learning .NET or Java because these can never mix and i will never be asked to work on these technologies or do any graphic designing or web services.

    In the same way, being a DW/BI person, you will not be expected to have programming knowledge of C, Java, C++ but only the knowledge of your own field wherever you go for interview in the future. If you know something more than that, its good but if you dont then too there are no problems.

    For example, i always get asked one question in every interview: Do you also know Android and Blackberry programming? The answer to this is always "No" from my side and it will always remain so but still i pass in every interview i give because my iPhone experience is what i am judged on.

    You will only know about which peripheral technologies you should learn after your career starts. For example, being an iPhone Developer, if i want to do a web driven application like Facebook app for iPhone, it will be good if i know some PHP and if i have to do iPhone 3D games, it will be good if i know some animation and 3D modeling. But i will not be expected to learn everything about PHP or animation because there will be people from those teams that will primarily do these tasks. So that is how it goes.

    As for career prospects, it only depends on how good you get. There are opportunities for this profile in every company. To do MBA/MS or stay in the industry is your call. Like i said in the post, i am enjoying programming so much that i dont have any plans to do MBA now even though i am very good at aptitude. Just look at MBA/MS as a career option and not a surefire way to have a great career because after 5 years, i dont think there is any difference in terms of salary and return on investment whether you continue job for 5 years or go for MBA/MS. I have seen dumb MS post-graduates who are made to quit the company due to underperformance and i have seen B. Com. graduates who earn 80,000 Rs per month having only 5 years experience.

    I typed too much... lol...

  7. Unknown  

    Thanks for your response. Yes I do understand that I will have my own technologies to work in and my own area of expertize in my field of dw/bi. I just wanted to know it from someone who has undergone training from infosys. (especially the generic training) Also as you are working in a small company you could share your experience in that context. I got the point "At the end of the day all that matters is what one is capable of doing." Thanks for spending your time writing a nice response to my questions. I like people writing elaborate posts. :D

  8. Chintan Patel  


    Of course, Infosys training is the best training you can get in India. There is no doubt about it. Even IBM or Accenture cant match Infosys training for freshers. But after training, you may end up in a role in which you may not get a chance to apply any of that learning.

    That is where small companies are better. They are already short of people and cant afford to have bench strength so they keep their employees as utilized as possible. That is where your chance of learning as much as possible lies. After 2 years at a small company, you will have more achievements on your resume than your infy friends.

  9. Unknown  

    Yi, we don't have any generic training. It's only on the technology we shall be using. So I guess it should be more in depth. And, yes there is no bench in this company. Thanks again for your responses. :)

  10. Unknown that really difficult for the guys who have core engineering background to establish themselves at infosys???

  11. Chintan Patel  



  12. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan....i just wanna know wat r d procedures to leave infy before completion of probation period.....
    Actually i hav an offer in reputed govt firm,but i'll be joining dat only after 4-5 in the mean while i want to continue my training in infy(29th march) nd experience the lyf dere.....
    Is it possible to leave infy midway...???If


  13. Chintan Patel  


    Just fail in training. There is no better way to get out than that.

  14. Unknown  

    Tnx 4 ur reply chintan......
    But if i want to get out of infy on my own terms.....wat i'll hav to do.....

  15. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure what you mean by "on my own terms". Just find and read my earlier response using site search above and you will understand.

  16. shashank "khanabadosh" Gangil  


    just fail ur exams delibratly,y u think so much......

  17. Unknown  

    First of all loads of appreciations for the kind of work you are doing!!
    Secondly,I want to share some personal details of mine.I am a mech engineer, who got placed in Infy on 15th Jan,2010.Still none of us from our batch have received Offer-Later& DOJ.What could be our probable DOJ accord to you??????
    After having about to complete almost 4 years of my life in B.E(Mech), I realise now that I want to persue my carrier in IT.I still have got one chance for sitting in a dream company of mine.What should I do of this chance???as I am not at all interested in joining the core.Some of my friends are horrifying me that Infy training is very tough & I should sit in upcoming IT companies Like TCS(but i don't want to as they are of same level in every term).
    I dream of my carrier as something like this: Get training+1 year exp in Infy,work till you reach 40's of your age,in a place where you get best of exposure in IT industry,Then start IT revolution in remote areas of your country.
    sir, Plz guide me with your experience & wisdom

  18. Chintan Patel  


    All your questions in the first 2 paragraphs are already answered several times and i will not repeat again. Please read all posts and their comments before posting a question.

    Your plan is good but it is too early to think about what you would be doing in your 40s. I even cant say in which city/company/job i will be after 2 years from now and so i dont plan anything more than 2 years in advance. Your career is yet to begin and so all these fancy thoughts are natural but you will only get a clear idea about what you want to do with your career after 1-2 years into job after training.

  19. Unknown  

    Thanq sir,
    now I would like to ask you one very imp. thing upon which I always remain Confused!People say that don't plan or have far-sighted visions as far as possible, but some gigantic personalities which rose in the history always noted 'to be cleared of their vision' far ahead! They only struggled to achieve them by removing whatsoever obstacles that came their way.Don't you believe that to fullfil one's dream what all require is a gigantic will to sweep out all the obstacles that come in the way????????

  20. Chintan Patel  


    I dont want to answer your question because it is not related to this blog's topic and also it is very subjective.

  21. Karthik Rajashekaran (Karu)  

    Why was you laid off ?? Any reason? I am asking coz I am to Mech Engineer ... And just now joined in Infy as TA .... Any tips from you ... Joined at US

  22. Chintan Patel  


    Please read all other posts and their comments before posting a question. All your questions are already answered.

  23. dhilip10000  

    Hi that was one valuable post. I read many similar posts during my final years of graduation before placements in our college. Infosys was the only MNC that visited our college. Due to the hatred i built over the company, i underperformed. But finding 2nd opportunity was like searching for a needle in ocean. But fortunately i found a iphone developer job. Now am in 3rd month of training. I enjoy very much the environment in SME's.

    My question is - Is it a stupidity to work in those MNC's after adding value to our SME's?

  24. Chintan Patel  


    You dont add value "to" a company but only to yourself. Once you have gathered enough experience and you feel that your growth in terms of technological expertise does not depend on the projects your company gives you, you can apply to MNCs as there you can easily get 50% or more increment right away.

    But it is stupidity to move from company to company just because they offer 4-5k more than what your current company is offering. Only leave your company if you have a strong reason to leave.

  25. dhilip10000  

    Thank you for your reply. One more question how can i move forward from iphone developer? To the next position? and what are the technical skills should i concentrate on while iphone training? ( apart from obj-c)

  26. Chintan Patel  


    Its too early for you to move forward to another technology. All companies ask for minimum 1-2 years of experience on a particular technology when they want to hire laterals so you should first spend that much time on your current technology and only when you feel like there is nothing new left to learn should you move on to a different technology.

    There is no point in being jack of all technologies. Instead aim to be a master in one technology first.

  27. Unknown  


    hi chintal im anil you are doing really a great job.coming to me recently i joined in a company which doing applications related to mobiles. I had to work with ipad development team. it is a small company no one here is guiding me to learn objective c concepts for ipad.they told me that download the materials and start reading.. from 20days onwards im trying to learn the concepts by Mcgrahil pdf and iphone sdk tutorials but im not getting any perfectly .. im a computer science graduate.. you mentioned that u r mechanical grad.. after left from infy how you get intrested in iphone development i mean what are the books you followed for objective - c for self learning.. and how to get good iphone/ipad developer like you and others pls do suggest me...

  28. Chintan Patel  


    You can try to learn from Stanford University videos. They are good to start learning iPhone Development. Yes, it will be difficult to start because the programming language, IDE, framework, platform etc everything is different than anything you have seen till now. I too faced a lot of problem in the beginning as i was also from mechanical but you will gradually get to start comfortable depending on your speed of learning.

  29. Unknown  


    thank you for your to get those videos tell me the urls if any for learning objective c and the books in india
    Tanking you

  30. Chintan Patel  


    Search for "CS193P Stanford University" and you will find it. You can download them from iTunes U in iTunes also.

    There are no books available in india but you can download e-books like "Beginning iPhone Development", "iPhone Development Cookbook" etc.

  31. Unknown  

    Hi im anil. 20 days back I messaged u. Now Im little bit habituate to objective-c coding by observing other projects in my company. can u give me your mail that i can post my issues(doubts) related to iphone/ipad technology other than infy...

  32. Chintan Patel  


    No man, i am busy with my own projects day and night and so wont be able to personally help you with your questions about iPhone Development. Also, i believe i am not the best person out there to ask all this and there are far more knowledgeable people than me to whom you can ask your iPhone Development related questions. You can post your question on which gets the best of the best programmers to answer your questions.

  33. Unknown  

    k clarification from you how is the market for iphone/ipad developers. is it good to work with these related technologies?..Because till i heard the technologies every where and most of my friends working with(in MNCs or in job portals) java/.net/mainframes/sap but i didnt heard the ipad/iphone technologies(bcoz im fresher and dont have much knowledge in s/w industry) in MNCs.. whatever now i got the chance to work and learn objective-c for ipad ..Am I in right path?...and shall i expect opprtunities after 2 yrs?....

  34. Unknown  

    the ques is ....
    does infy pay any TA ,DA to us to reach mysore for training as other companies pay....i have yet nt received the accommodation mail so i have a doubt in tis aspect....
    thankyou in advance...

  35. Unknown  

    Hello chintan sir

    I am in a delimma. I have completed B.Tech. in mechanical. Right now I want to go into IT. I am having an offer form infosys. I have a doubt that after working in Infosys for 1 to 1.5 years after training, if I want to switch into other IT companies like TCS, Accenture etc..will they take me or my mech background will affect me there..
    Can I get the same growth which a normal computer background person can get in IT??
    I am having a doubt because this year TCS didnot entertained mech guys in campusplacements.
    thank you sir

  36. Chintan Patel  


    Mobile phones is a hot market right now and its great to be working on iPhone/iPad/Android/Blackberry.


    No, you have to reach mysore on your own. Travel allowance will be paid by Infosys for business trips you make after joining.


    After experience, background does not matter. I am aware with the fact that TCS, Wipro do give more preference to CS-IT students than non-CS-IT students but once you enter the industry, you will become a software engineer and your work as a software engineer will be the deciding point.

    I am also a mechanical engineer by education but i got selected in Infosys and also cleared 2 technical interviews at Accenture after having 1.5 yrs overall experience but did not accept the offer but the package offered was less. So dont worry about your mechanical background and keep performing well as a software engineer.

  37. Unknown  

    One more question sir
    I heard that Infosys gives maintainence work to Mech guys, testing work to Electronics and Electrical guys and coding work to Computer Science graduates. Is it true?

  38. Chintan Patel  


    There is nothing like that. Completely false. Go punch the guy who said this to you.

  39. Unknown  

    i am from EC background .my doj for infosys is at dec 20.tcs is giving joining around feb.i'm in dilemma as i'm little scared with infy's firing policy during training.which one should i choose?i know this question is absurd but your suggestion will be really helpful to me.
    thanks in advance.

  40. Chintan Patel  


    Ok, so tell me what is the "firing policy" of Infosys in training that you have heard of?

    Infosys provides the best training for freshers and i would suggest you to join Infosys.

    Anyways, its clear that you can join Infosys on 20th Dec and go through Infosys training and if you fail before completing training, you can always join TCS in Feb 2011.

  41. the rock  

    Hello Chintan,
    I'm currently working as a developer on Unisys mainframes in TCS.I have been there for more than one year now.I definitely don't feel there is anything innovative I can do in my current project.I would like to work in Java based projects,but its almost impossible to switch to a java project in TCS with my current profile.I am confident of my abilities as a java programmer, since I have developed various projects at college level employing JSP,servlets,Hibernate.Should I look to join some other company as a fresher
    to change my job profile.As of now that looks the only way out.

  42. Chintan Patel  


    Try to convince IT companies you apply to of your Java skills.

    As you are confident about your Java skills, you can just put up some Java projects in your resume by asking friends who work on Java or write down made up projects which dont exist. The IT companies you apply to will ask you questions about those projects and about Java technologies which you mention in your resume and if you are able to answer them well, you will get the job not as a fresher but as a lateral with 1 yr experience in Java.

    It is good to change your job as early as possible if you are not enjoying it because you still have many more years in your career and change becomes more and more difficult as years pass.

  43. Unknown  

    @chintan sir
    Thank you very much...
    I really appreciate your helpful nature...

  44. Unknown  

    hiiii chintan sir,

    I am currently working in an sme as a iphone developer and i want to ask you is iphone development a good career to be in because when i find jobs in iphone development i hardly find any mnc offering jobs.

    i also wanted to ask is there any chance to get good package after 1-2 years experience in iphone if i want to shift in an mnc.

    and do any mnc take up iphone development?

  45. Chintan Patel  


    Almost all MNCs do iPhone Development. I have myself received a call from Accenture earlier and I know of openings for iPhone Developers at Infosys so dont worry about that. Yes, you can get good package when you switch to an MNC after 1-2 years experience.

  46. Unknown  

    Hi chintan sir..

    i am also working as an iphone application developer from past 6 months.

    I want to ask do mnc's prefer hiring people working in sme's or they only hire people with a brand name.??

  47. Chintan Patel  


    As i explained in the post above, brand name does not mean anything. You yourself are the only brand that matters.

    If a person works in Infosys, TCS, Wipro, he does not become smarter than the rest of the industry.

    You are judged on your own knowledge in the interview in each and every company you apply for. People from Infosys, TCS, Wipro or IBM, Accenture do not get the job without passing the interview at the company that they applied to.

    So they prefer the person with better knowledge and they dont judge by the company you worked for previously.

  48. Unknown  

    Hello Sir,
    Thanx for your response..

    Sir whenever I tell someone that I use objective C for app development,there are hardly any person who knows about this language...Boom of objective c is yet to come in india??

    Is java or .net a better career option against objective c???

    what is the scope of objective c (cocoa touch,cocos2d) in india???

    Can we use objective c other than for iPhone development...??

  49. Chintan Patel  


    Dont know why you are not confident about this skill set.

    Just try putting up your resume on Naukri, MonsterIndia, TimesJobs, LinkedIn etc mentioning that you are an iPhone Developer and you will see how many prospective offers you get.

    Java, .NET developers are dime a dozen in india although good programmers in any language will always be in demand.

    Objective C is developed by Apple and so it is only used in Apple's devices/OSes like iPhone, Mac OS X, iPad etc.

  50. Unknown  

    Hello Sir ,
    I am new in iphone development well i just wont to ask that what will be growth iphone development and what is market position at point of job because i am confuse about iphone development being fresher where should i go what will be growth in theses and how is it?? and after that if i become iphone Developer what will my growth in market...
    i have brief knowledge about JAVA,C,C++,Objective-C,Oracle and i will be looking my further in theses stream only so please guide me about that

  51. Chintan Patel  


    Opportunities are the best in mobile development right now and iPhone is the leading platform to develop for. Just put up a resume on any job site mentioning that you are an iPhone Developer and you will know how much in demand it is from the response you get.

  52. Unknown  

    Thanks for your reply
    yes i am getting lots of offer and i happy with that but being iphone Developer if i want to work on 2 platform is that possible bez iphone,Java,Oracle are like Father and Mother tht why i just ask
    Thanks Sir and you have very nice blogs good Response :):)

  53. Chintan Patel  


    iPhone does not support Java and Oracle is actually something that is unrelated to mobile application development. Anyways, its too early to change a platform for you. You should first aim to be a master of one platform and then try something else.

  54. MY COMPANY  

    haiii,i want to know about the job opening in Iphone development,@infy..i have 1 year xperience in iphone development

  55. Chintan Patel  

    @My company...

    I did get a mail last year about openings for iphone development at infosys but dont know if the openings are still there. Anyways, you will have to contact the company directly to know about it.

  56. Gemini  

    Hi Chintan

    I want to know about iphone development @infy...i am pursuing in my final year.

  57. Chintan Patel  


    I did get a forward email about openings for iPhone Developers at Infosys but I dont know much about it.

  58. aadil  

    Yes your right Mr. I too want to share my experience with every one......

  59. arun  

    hi chintan ji
    i hav small doubt doj is feb 20 but feb 20 is mahashivarathri so plz tell wheteher it effect our doj or not

  60. Chintan Patel  


    If they have given DOJ on that date, it means it is not a holiday at Infosys Mysore. Different DCs follow different list of holidays according to the locality.

    For example, pongal is a holiday at Infosys Bangalore and Mysore but not at Pune. Diwali is a holiday at Pune but not at Mysore or Bangalore.

  61. Unknown  

    Hii Chintan,

    I got a project after being on bench for almost 4 months. However it's a project that involves assembly language and the only way to get out of this project is to leave infy. Btw i did my training in .net stream and have fairly good idea about it. Would it be wise on my part to leave infy?

  62. Anish Baliga  

    Hi, I wanted to know if Infosys conducts interviews for engineers having 1.5yrs experience ? or is there any mandatory minimum experience required ? I wan't to apply for Infy Mysore :)

  63. pkp  

    sir,i got placed in the month of oct 2012 ,sir i hav 538 marks including all subject but 2 marks bonus given by my board so overall percentage is 60 i.e 540/900 in 12th ..may i face any problem during joining to infosys..

  64. pkp  

    myself from msrit bangalore...during campus connect program one of the executive told tat banglorian will got the joining date very may i know wen we can got the joining date...

  65. shubs  

    Hi chintan you are doing a noble job of helping us ,i am really grateful to you.....
    sir i would like to know if we can keep our bike at Mysore dc as a trainee....
    and is tablets permitted inside the rooms as laptops are not allowed.....
    camera allowed or not?????

  66. Amit  

    Yea dude, you can keeo your bike Mysore dc as a trainee and i dnt thnk dat if tablets will be allowed. but yea u can take smartphones with you... it will be no prob...

  67. Ally  

    I joined Infosys as a trainee on 20th Feb, i am on a leave from 26th March to 7th April, due to certain reasons, i dont want to join back.
    1. what reason do i give to HRD for leaving?
    2. Also, what is the exit procedure, I haven't signed the bond yet?
    3. Will i be asked to report to mysore, for completing the exit procedures?
    4. Will they provide me with an experience letter for the period?

  68. Sony  

    Hi. your blog is of great help.
    I m a B.Sc(Computers) graduate & i have offers from Infy as a operations executive and from Igate Patni, as an Associate Software Engineer, with a two years bond period and min 6 months training at Bangalore.
    Infy has not yet mentioned about any bond.
    I am not ok with relocating from Hyderabad (my home town) for a longer period of time.
    I wanted to know whether in Igate-Patni, will we be posted at a location nearest to our home town ,on our request, after 6 months of training at bangalore??

    Which company would be better to join??

  69. Sony  

    Hi. your blog is of great help.
    I m a B.Sc(Computers) graduate & i have offers from Infy as a operations executive and from Igate Patni, as an Associate Software Engineer, with a two years bond period and min 6 months training at Bangalore.
    Infy has not yet mentioned about any bond.
    I am not ok with relocating from Hyderabad (my home town) for a longer period of time.
    I wanted to know whether in Igate-Patni, will we be posted at a location nearest to our home town ,on our request, after 6 months of training at bangalore??

    Which company would be better to join??

  70. urvashi  

    hi....basically i got placed in infy n recntly got my doj is on 22 april u thk i must wait ....m planning to take up some courses....can u plz suggest me wd to do

  71. shona  

    hiii.. i have passed bsc(computer science) with 61%. i got placed in infosys as a operation executive job level 2 doj is 14 jan 2013.and i have been interested in developing.then
    1.what i do join infosys or is other company give better role for bsc(comp sci.) than infosys ? and which..?
    2.can i pursue msc if i join infy..?
    3.can they switch to developing if training performance is good...??
    4.and if i have 6 mnth experience in developing then what is my role...???
    5.i stay in mumbai then where is my posting..?
    6.if i take admission for msc correspondence then can they will give me study leave for exam during march..???

  72. adhithyan  

    i m a mech engr got selected for infosys. do i have any hope tat i can get into infys mech core sector related job and tell me abot training on that and what percentage of chance i ve, to get into tat ? and any provision for that ?

  73. Piyush  

    HI Chintan!You are doing a fabulous job for infosys aspirants.I m an electrical engg got selected at infosys in sept 2011 through campus recruitment at our college.The cutoff eligibility criteria specified for BE was 58%.Now i've completed my graduation with 61%aggregate(1-8 sem) but with 2nd class and 57%(5-8 sem).My query is whether i am still eligible as my all sem aggregate still meets the eligibility criteria? I've recieved offer letter as well.

  74. Unknown  

    Same situation I facing right now I am form mechanical engineering back ground, but I unable to get job in IT sector, working with core company but my all friends collage working with it company very tuff to forget them.

  75. Rajesh Koothrapali  

    I am on probation period, Can i leave infosys on last day of probation by serving one month notice period. In this way i wont have to pay anything to company as i am serving the complete one year. Is it right? Please reply. I will be eagerly waiting for the reply

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