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To make good use of spare bandwidth on my wallpapers site, i have uploaded many pics of various Infosys campuses.

I will make an effort to search for more Infosys campus pics and upload them so we can have one massive collection of Infosys pics.

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  1. Shekhar  

    Hi Chintan !
    My doj is on 8th of Feb.We've been asked to bring printout of the joining intimation letter apart from other documents.What is this joining intimation letter? Is it the offer letter they are talking about?

  2. Chintan Patel  


    Why would they ask to take a print out of your offer letter? You already have the hard copy of it. What they want is the hard copy of your joining details e-mail.

  3. Shekhar  

    Ya me too was confused coz i haven't got any joining detail email and neither of my friends have got.What we got was the offer letter only.Dats why??
    Anyways i'll call them.
    Actually i want to carry my hard disk with me but in the Accomodation mail it's clearly written not to bring laptop or any hard disk.What should i do? I mean will they check my luggage thoroughly?Kindly help me in this regard

  4. Unknown  

    helo ..u r doin a gr8 job....thanx a lot for providing almost all the information abt infy...plz tell can i extend ma date of joinin??? if so tell me abt itz formalities....actually ryt now i am workin in another comapny and i wish to conitue here for another 4-5 months until my current project gets over...but ma date of joinin of infy is on next month..so i would like to extend my date of join after 5 to 6 months..will they grand me an extension wid any reason lyk tis???..or shouldi need to frame any other vaild reason???..plz help me out to solve tis confusion....u reply will be highy appreciated...

  5. Chintan Patel  


    The accommodation mail is a little outdated and you can confirm about laptops/hard disks by calling their helpline.

    As far as checking goes, they will check each and every pocket in each and every bag you carry, both when you check in to the campus and check out.


    Yes, you can extend your DOJ but only for valid reasons. If they find out the reason given by you is not valid, it will cause you a lot of trouble. So there is no point in "framing" a reason for extending DOJ.

    Even if you submit medical certificates, they will verify it with the hospital issuing it. There have been cases when people applied for an extension because they wanted to go on a holiday after graduation and produced certificates of illness but on verifying, they turned out to be fake and so they were asked to leave. Also, if you apply for an extension, you will get your DOJ in next March/April and not before that.

    So it is wise to join infosys on your original DOJ.

  6. Unknown  

    ok thanx for ur comment..i got tha point...leme build up sumtyn on the same subject..u have any idea like wot all things come under tis valid reason..other than submitting tis medical certificates???

  7. Chintan Patel  


    I already told you that submitting medical certificates without illness is not a valid reason.

    Dont know why you are so eager for "framing" a reason for applying for an extension. One thing is for sure, they will investigate whatever reason you give and if they dont find it satisfactory, you will be asked to leave.

    You should try to apply for an extension stating your real reason and see if they agree for an extension. If they do not grant an extension, you will not have any other choice. Also, i feel just one month to DOJ is somewhat late to apply for an extension.

  8. Unknown  

    ok..now the picture is almost clear...but still a small doubt u wer sayin lyk if they investigate the reason and if they find it as an invalid reason i will be asked to leave ryt....but i didn get that point....how can they tell me to leave becoz i will not be joining if i am asking for an extention ryt...i didn get that point...hop ma querries are not troubling u much...if u don mind plz gif me ur contact id n no...

  9. Chintan Patel  


    When you join infosys on your new DOJ, they will ask for the proof of your reason for applying extension and verify it. If it was for your own marriage, they also ask for marriage certificate.

    Please ask all questions on this blog only. I wont answer by scraps, IMs or emails.

  10. Unknown  

    oohk ..so tat means i dont need to prove the reason now to get an extension...i need to prove it durin my new DOJ...so now i willl be gettin am extented DOJ by sendin a mail to infy juz telling the reason ryt...i am askin tis becoz durin ma new DOJ also ter is only a 50-50 chance of me joinin...so i thing its better to keep it extended rather than closin the deal....becoz now i can't join....n wot abt the e-joinin thing???...if i am applyin for am extension, should i go for it????.they have send a mail regardin e-joinin a couple of days back....i know i am troublin u much by tes frequent questions,,,plz help me out yaar..i am in real confusion

  11. Chintan Patel  


    If you want to ask so many questions, better call their helpline. All your confusion is self-created when actually there is nothing to be confused about.

    Will it hurt if you dont do e-joining now? So why not do it? You can ask for all these clarifications when you apply for an extension.

  12. Unknown  

    i am offered employment at infosysy & i am supposed to join the company by feb22 2010.

    but the probelem is i got 2 arriers 1 each in SEM 1&2 & SEM 3. when i applied for extension they replied me that there is no batch joinig after MARCH 2010.

    My results would be out by august or september only. please help me i dont want to lose my employment offer.

  13. Chintan Patel  


    If they have already said this, i cant help you with it.

  14. Unknown  

    Hello sir,
    im a final year ECE student and im selected for infosys this january.they told that we would be receiving our offer letters by email latest by march.now i have two querriess in...
    1.by what date can i expect to get my DOJ?
    2.if i have to make any amendments in my profile(that which i was asked to fill up at the time of the test),what do i have to do???

  15. Chintan Patel  


    Firstly, your offer letters may take upto 6 months or even more to arrive. But dont worry about that. Dont go trolling all the forums about Infosys asking people when will the offer letter come. It will surely arrive and so be cool about it.

    Even Infosys does not know right now what your DOJ is. It can be anything between June to next March.

    If you have to make any changes like changing your address, phone number or email address, you can send an email to offer_update at infosys dot com .

  16. Sunil  

    hi chintan,
    is it compulsory to stay in hostel during training period????? can we stay outside the campus?
    one more thing, is there a embedded system department in infy? if it is then can we work in that department after our training

  17. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can stay outside the campus too but i never understood the reason why freshers feel like asking that question.

    Man, Infy hostels are the best place to stay in mysore.

    Yes, there is embedded systems dept at Infosys but you wont be given a chance to express your preference. You will have to join the dept. they allot to you after training.

  18. MobiHarry  

    You have written a very informative blog.
    I wanted to know about the tests. Are they objective type or do we have to mug up text books again? I hope its objective and concept-based rather than memory testing.

  19. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered, please read all other posts before asking a question.

  20. MehulPopat  

    Hey Chintan,
    Nice work buddy.
    Well as it turns out i am also recruited by Infosys this January.
    Have not received the DOJ yet.
    Just wanted to know does it usually take so much time or its just a case with us.
    And also i literally lived the training through your blog and cant wait to go there and live it in real.
    Thanks a lot buddy.

  21. Chintan Patel  


    I have said it many times before and will say it again that i dont know when your Offer Letter/DOJ will come. Do you think 2 months is "so much time"? It can take anything from 2-12 months.

  22. terenze  


    I am terence from chennai. I am a SAP Consultant, i attended the interview last week, i was selected on spot. As per the HR statement,they will send the DOJ in 10 days of time. Again got a call from infosys and the HR said, within 4 days will receive the offer letter. I came across from my friend, that infosys will not give a wrong confirmation.I can understand for freshers, there are cases, they extend the DOJ, but will it happens for laterals also...

    I am not sure, is this is already posted in the forum, sorry if it is already done.

  23. Chintan Patel  


    Hiring ratio of freshers to laterals is about 17000:7000 or 20000:5000. So that too is not a small number of laterals but i agree with your feeling that for laterals it does not get delayed as they would have hired you only if they have a requirement. But you dont have to worry as they have kept you informed of the developments. If they have already informed you that you are selected, you will surely get your offer letter.

  24. terenze  


    Thanks a lot. Me too waiting for that.

  25. protox  

    hi chintan,
    currently i am doin my final yr ECE. i have got offers from TCS and infy . can you tell me which is the better choice. there is no one to guide me pls help me out

  26. babuspidy  

    I have been recruited in infosys - 2010 batch..and there is a Campus Connect programme for all who have been selected...is that certificate holds value and whether it is compulsory to enter into infosys...whether they check for that certificate during registration..

  27. Chintan Patel  


    Its the same as discussing which came first? Chicken or egg? So i wont add anything to that debate. It all depends on what role you get after training.


    CC is just for your own learning and the certificate is not necessary for joining infosys.

  28. Unknown  

    Hi I am Ravindra selected as SE at infy...my DOJ is on July 19. I have done my MSc(Emb Sys).I am very much interested in Embedded Systems. May I know how exactly the infy team evaluate to select candidates into PLES team as i am much interested. Also tell me chances of getting into embedded domain..like after how many years we r given preference to select domain of our interest

  29. Chintan Patel  


    They would start a PLES batch only if there is requirement which is not very often. They just take a small interview of all candidates and select on the basis of that. Dont know about Embedded domain but it will depend on where you get posting and it depends on the situation then.

    I think if you want to go into stream of your choice, you can become a lecturer at E&R and after 2 years you can select your domain of choice but dont know if that rule is still there. You can know about it after you join.

  30. Unknown  


    I have exp around 3.5+ yrs, I had interview on Sep-4th, Electronic City, Bangalore and everything went fine. In HR round they told that once they have processed the offer letter, they'll get back to me. Its been one month and i didnt got my offer letter yet. Please let me know when i'll be getting.

    When i checked with my friend who referred me, he said the status is being shown as "Decision pending post selection process". Please let me know.

  31. Chintan Patel  


    I think you just need to wait more for the decision and keep asking your friend about your status. There is nothing more you can do.

  32. Unknown  

    i have been recruited as in infosys and my DOJ is 13dcm 2010 but i want to extend the joining bcoj of my MBA exams and their results.....pls guide me.can i have extension on this reason?or i have to frame something else?

  33. Unknown  

    hello sir......i have got DOJ on 13 dcm & i want to extend my joining ...what reasons should i give so that i can get an extension? i really need extension for my mba exams.....i want to pursue mba and therefore i need extension till am all mba results are out...i dont want to pay bond fees..pls help.

  34. Unknown  

    Hi chintan bhai,
    i know answering same questions may irritate u..i dont no whether u have answered this question b4... i forgot the password to the e-joining window and its still incomplete whereas i am able to login the campus connect webpage with my login id and passord.. what will happen if im not able to complete the ejoining b4 the doj??

  35. Chintan Patel  


    They wont allow you to extend your DOJ on this basis but be careful, if you are caught giving an invalid reason, they will cancel your offer so its better to join. Anyways, you will not have to pay any bond amount if you fail deliberately in training and they make you leave Infosys so its better to join on your joining date.


    Is there no Forgot Password option for that window? If not, i cannot help you with that because i have not done that. I dont think it will cause any problems with your joining. You can state the reason for it and it will be fine.

  36. Unknown  

    hey i wanted to know if thr will be any problem while joining coz i have a year gap after 12th which i mentioned in the form during the off campus placement rounds... i got selected with DOJ in jan 2010 as in their offer letter...?? btw i dont hv ne gaps during engg

  37. Chintan Patel  


    There will not be any problem. I had a friend who had an year gap after 12th to prepare for competitive exams.

  38. Unknown  

    ohh dats a relief phew!!!thnks

  39. Unknown  

    Hello Mr.Chintan,
    your doing great work.my query is about salary, i heard some rumors that trainees get only 13k to 14k salary due to deductions of housing & fooding & other allowances.
    1:is this true?
    2:my salary for training is 22500. hw much can i expect after deductions.
    3:hw much they deduct for housing?
    are they deduct for fooding also?
    thanks for your support & help.
    Amit Chaturvedi

  40. Chintan Patel  


    We used to get about 15k in 2008 and the package for freshers at Infosys is revised by 10% every year and it now stands at 3.25 lakh per annum so i think you will be able to save a bit more than we used to but also every year, the hostel fees increase and also the expense on food as the prices of food items increase so i am not sure how much exactly do freshers of 2010 batch save in Infosys trainin.

    The hostel rent was 2800 Rs. per month when i was there but i would guess it would be 3500 Rs right now. Food expense is not deducted from your salary directly as there are many different caterers within the campus and you get the liberty to eat where you like it.

  41. Unknown  

    hello sir

    i created user id and password for ejoining and now i forgot it. please tell me how i can rerieve the same. there is no option their like forgot passwod etc. please help me out in this issue.

    keerthi bhagavathula

  42. Chintan Patel  


    You can try mailing them about it. Otherwise even i dont know what to do if password is forgotten.

  43. Unknown  

    hello mr. chintan

    i want your advice. actually my date of joining is 7th feb and i am going to arrive there on 6th,so what should i do, should i take hotel for one day or go to the joining site? help me plz

  44. Chintan Patel  


    On 6th, you can directly reach the Infosys Mysore campus and you will be given accommodation. You need to book a hotel only if you are arriving more than 1 day in advance.

  45. Unknown  

    Hello Sir,
    I appeared for infosys off campus drive, on 1st September 2010. Yet i have not got any acknowledgment related to my HR Status. After that infosys has conducted two more off campus drive in pune and my friend who appeared in those gt the offer letter. Even i called on infy no. n dey told me to send my query to offer_update@infosys.com. I did dat bt its been 4 month n am still waitin for their reply.

  46. Chintan Patel  


    I too cannot suggest you anything more than sending an email at offer_update and wait for the answer. Dont worry, they will surely tell you about your status. Delays in sending offer letters, selection confirmations etc is a normal thing these days as they have a large target of recruiting 40k people this year.

  47. Unknown  

    Thank you sir

  48. Unknown  

    Hello Mr. Chintan,
    i'll not post this query, as i have read a lot more on this blog,but seriously i am a bit tensed now.
    My date of joining is 7th feb and today is 21 january,only 16 days are left but i do not get any accomodation or ejoining mail from them.
    i only get my offer letter.
    what should i do now,should i mail them about this.if so then on which mailid.plz help me out.one of my frnd who got selected also dont get any mails except offer letter.

  49. Chintan Patel  


    From other comments, i can say that many other 7th Feb joinees are yet to get their mails.

    As i have already mentioned, the offer letter is enough to join. The only relevant detail the joining details mail contains is your place of joining (which is now always Infosys Mysore for everyone) and a registration number. Rest is all corporate blah blah blah in the joining details email.
    They can find out your registration number at the gate based on your offer letter and identity proof. This registration number is only useful for 1 day as you will get your permanent employee number on monday.

    Ejoining is only for simplifying and speeding up the document processing of trainees who join in thousands every year but it is not absolutely essential to complete ejoining before you join. It can be done after joining also.

  50. tina  

    hey i joined infy on June 2011 and later the results were announced since i had a back i was asked to resign but i cleared in rivals .since it was a mistake from evaluation sector i was asked to write to offer extension..they accepted it and asked me to give a joining date..i told October..i still dint receive my offer letter..when i mailed again they said the next date of joining is not yet finalized and allotment is entirely based on business requirement and will inform accordingly..now i m worried because of recession..will i get a call..and probably which month

  51. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry about it. You will surely get your new joining date when they have plans for you in place. They will not cancel the offer due to recession. Actually, i wont call it a recession right now.

  52. tina  

    Is it true that the offer letter is valid only for 6 months..its already 4 months now from the 1st joining date given to me

  53. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, offer is valid for upto 6 months from your original DOJ. You can check this rule in your offer letter also. If the delay is on their side after you have extended your DOJ, this rule may not be applicable. Contact them for more info about your new DOJ.

  54. tina  

    hey i got my joining date today its jan 30th...thanks a lot for ur suggestion.

  55. tina  

    hey got another mail from infy saying DOJ has been postponed to march 5........now m worried vl they really callme or simply delaying...wht do i do now..can i trust infy.

  56. Bazeeth  

    @ Tina

    don't worry Tina
    Infosys have changed all the DOJ

    Mines is shifted to 5th march'12 from 30th Jan 2012
    also I heard some peoples DOJ as

    9jan to 6feb
    23jan to 20feb

  57. Anonymous  

    Sir, I was recruited by infosys during 6th dec 2009. My joining date was on sept 26th 2010. I finished NSR registration and almost everything. But at last my dad had to undergo a surgery emergencily. I can't do anything. I didn't inform infosys too. I was really in terrible situation. Just before ten days I came to know that my offer letter is valid for 6 months. So I called infosys and asked for extension. They asked me to mail the scanned copy of medical reports. Sir plz assist me, whether they will provide me different date? Else will they reject me? I would be very thankful to you. Waiting for ur reply.

  58. iqbal  

    Hi Chintan,

    I have attended 2 years experienced interview before one month on dec 10th 2011. I got call from HR after a week of the interview. They said that they will tell the result in one week after the call. But till now i didn't get any call or mail from them. What shall i assume? Please help me.

  59. Anonymous  

    sorry i was selected in Dec 6th 2010 and my joining date was on September 26th 2011.

  60. Kris  

    Drop a mail with your offerletter attached to this mail id

  61. Anonymous  

    but i din get any reply :(

  62. Anonymous  

    They have sent me a mail that they could not provide me the extension in offer. :( am very unlucky.. thanks fr replying Kris

  63. Anonymous  

    i was asking my placement officer to speak with hr directly. finally they hav accepted my request :) and they told that they'll provide me a diff doj :) Thank you Kris

  64. prameela  

    My Husband attended interview for infosys on September8th. Completed HR round also on the same day. Till now he didn't get any call from infosys about further process. He checked in infosys careers website, it is showing as 'In Process' from past 4 days. Any idea how many days it will take to move further?

  65. Unknown  

    Do I have to send an acceptance letter after getting offer letter?

  66. Unknown  

    i want to extend my doj ,i have to frame reasonsfor that, if i will get new date of joining will they cross check my medical document at the reporting time at mysore , because i have all required document .
    and what if i dont bring those document at mysore at joining time ? and i will give them a excuse that i lost my few medical reports.
    but i have already mailed those report scan at their respective mail id.

  67. Unknown  

    i want to extend my doj, as i want to clear my one arrear paper.
    what is the procedure to extend the doj?

  68. Unknown  

    I got selected in Infosys and thus got my joining date of 3rd august 2015 but unfortunately due to my mother's unstable health I wasn't been able to join Infosys and therefore I had asked them to provide me a new date of joining and they had told me to submit all the medical documents for my mother's health problems so I had mailed them and they had considered my request and now I would like to know that first is there any chance that they can cancel my extension and if not then how much time they may take to provide me new DOJ????

  69. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  70. Ajitesh  

    Hi Sir,
    I got the date of joining of 18th april 2016, but my notice period in my current company is upto 18th April 2016. I have applied for date of joining extension mentioning the reason, but its almost 1 and half month done from the request date and i haven't got any response. Only 3 weeks left to join, if they didn't send any mail, then can i join on nxt day of doj or they will cancel my offer???? Please help ......

  71. Unknown  

    Hi this is Manoj my joining date is 26th Feb 2018 but my present employer not relieving me from the services. Can I extend my doj to March 25th by mentioning the same reason ? Will they agree?

  72. Unknown  

    Hi, My DOJ is 16th April in Infosys which is also my last day in IBM. HR asked me to send a proof of LWD. But till now i didn't get any reply from them. Will they extend or not.

  73. Unknown  

    Sir I DOJ joining is September 23 but my mtech Viva is pending that reason I ask extension and gives extension also.but my problem is the viva is completed nearly March 2 nd week 2019.so infosys last batch in which month March or apriA or May please help me.....

  74. Unknown  

    Hello sir, i had some serious health issue on the boarding day and i did not join there. I have mailed them about that on that day. Now how many days i have to wait for getting the mail stated the revised joining date. Please do reply. Thank you

  75. Unknown  

    After how many days of consideration ur request infosys gave u revised joining date? Please reply

  76. Unknown  

    Have you got your revised joining date?

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