Sorry for the dearth of posts lately a lot of things have been happening with me.

First of all, i have now joined Gateway Technolabs Pvt Ltd. since 18 Feb 2010.

Also, soon after joining this company, i have been sent onsite to South Africa. So right now i am blogging from South Africa. My profile remains the same which is an iPhone Developer. I have been here since April 9 and will stay here for 2-6 months.

I am sure i have missed a lot of comments which went unanswered but the ones which i could see were the same old repeated questions which i dont care to reply.

I see that people are again posting questions like "when will offer letter come?", "are laptops allowed?", "how to apply for extension?", "is ejoining to be completed?" etc which means a new bunch of people got selected into Infosys or got their DOJ.

I will publish an FAQ post when i get time so that all the repeated questions are taken care of. Till then, take care.

PS: South Africa is very beautiful and I am loving it. :)

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  1. Vivek Varanasi  

    Man i've read all your post... But this is my first reply to u....
    I've got selected and received my jooining on JAN 10 2010..But its really a long time to stay back at home.....

    Its really nice hearing that you are enjoying your life @ SA...
    keep going...

  2. abhi  

    hi chintan..firstly congratulations for your never to die spirit..
    well i know u are not a counseller but still as a friend i am asking u about options left with me..
    i joined infy on 28 dec09 and is out after failing to integated test..i have just recieved my expirince letter for 3 months n i dont knw for this expirience am i be getting any job or branch is ec and due to late joining i was not in regular touch with my core.Life is moving like ahell for all friends are still there..well not enjoyning(as infy life does not allow any one particularly of ncs background to enjoy).but i am the lone person to be out from my college..pls give me any suggestions so that i could utilize my experience...welli did well in first n last module i got succumed in c hands on and then every thing else is history...
    pls chintan if u have time do reply me..i am having worst days of my life

  3. Chintan Patel  


    If you like programming, you can apply to unknown smaller software companies and join there as a fresher. Or you can go to core if you think software is not for you.

  4. abhi  

    thanks chintan..
    well i dnt know much about software as my duration of training was extremely small..
    which type of company may i apply...what kind of knowledge is essential to apply for them n can you tell me how you got into iphone software making?
    what was essential requirement?

  5. Unknown  

    The thing is I would be completing my 8th sem exams in june. My DOJ is 12th july. And i am pretty sure that results wont be out before that. So will it create any problem there if i submit my 8th sem marksheet later.

  6. Chintan Patel  


    If you want to stay in IT, you can apply as a fresher to software companies and if they find you good enough they will offer you a job.

    But first decide if you still want to be in IT.

    I wanted to be in IT and had undergone complete training at Infosys and so i got selected in the first company i applied to. Dont try to do what i did but decide what you want to do.


    No... It is already mentioned in your offer letter that all results till the penultimate semester are needed. So 8th sem results are not needed. Even they know that 8th sem results would take a while after the exams.

  7. alx  

    Hello Chintan

    I got selected in infosys along with Sapient whose joining dates i am yet to receive. My infy joining date is 7th june and i hear that we may get our sapient DOJ as 1st week of august.So if i join infy and quit mid july will i face any problems?

  8. Chintan Patel  


    Just fail in training and you wont face any problems.

  9. Hunny Sanghai  

    Hello chintan

    I got my DOJ as 6th july and I need to attend my sisters marriage on 8th july. Is it possible to take leave for 8th and 9th july i.e. 3rd and 4th day of my joining.

  10. Chintan Patel  


    You can take a leave. Talk to the HR whose name is mentioned in your joining mail. Please do it before joining as it is immediately after joining.

  11. Unknown  

    I got joing in infy on june 7th.
    I hv passport but not pan card, i jst applied for it, i may not get it by doj. will der be any problem?
    I got offer letter nly thr email but not any hardcopy,is it k? plz tell me about accomodation & mess facilities in campus. In my offer letter there is no mention notarization, is it necesary to notarize the offer letter?


  12. Chintan Patel  


    PAN card is mandatory for all people who have their own income. So as your salary will start from when you join Infosys, PAN card is mandatory.

    Only the email is enough. The letter which you have to notarize will be mailed to you separately which usually arrives after you have left for mysore. Dont worry, HR will explain to you everything what you have to do about the letter after you have joined.

    Accommodation and food is awesome there but if its first time for you, you will feel some homesickness initially.

  13. Unknown  

    hello everybody
    can anyone tell me is infosys date of joining preponed my joining date is 6th dec 2010.heard that it is going to prepond but no confirm news yet..

  14. Unknown  

    hey nupur.. even mine is dec 6th '10.. i have'nt anythin regardin de date gettn preponed.. lemme kno if u get to kno anythin.. wat r u plannin to do till den?

  15. vimal agarwal  
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  16. Unknown  

    @ Chintan,
    As said by Mr. Vimal, my offer too has been preponed from Aug 16th to June 24th. We have got one news from some seniors that, we need to join one day before the actual mentioned joining date. That is we need to be present in campus by 23rd JUNE. Is that true?Or is it ok if we are der by JUNE 24th (Morning)?
    He has just mentioned in offer letter that, DOJ is June 24th. What should I do? As I come from a remote place in Andhra Pradesh, I need to get reservation well in advance.
    One more doubt, what is the fullform of NSR??
    Plz Help!!


  17. Chintan Patel  


    Your request for extension will be considered. Just make sure to retain proofs for the reason to extend your DOJ like the agreement, visa etc. You may be asked for all this when you join.


    Yes, you have to report there on 23rd June. The first presentation will start at 9 AM on June 24th so i dont know how early you can reach there. Its better to arrive on 23rd June otherwise, allotting hostel room, getting ready for the presentation will take unnecessary time in the morning. I think 95% of people arrive one day in advance.

    NSR: National Skills Registry.

  18. vimal agarwal  

    Thanks a lot for your reply !

  19. Unknown  

    hii chintan you are doing a gr8 job here
    I hav a query my DOJ has been preponed from 6 dec to 15 nov however my sister's wedding on 22nov is it possible to join on 15 nov and then aplly for a 2 day's leave on 22 n 23 nov , are the infy people flexible on this?????

  20. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can apply for a 2 days leave. Talk to the HR after you join.

  21. Poornapragna  
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  22. dineshreddy  

    hi chintan,
    is it mandatory to have a campus connect certificate before joining infosys....

  23. Unknown  

    hii chintan....

    can u pls tell sumthng about the training structure for d 2010 batch.....
    and also has campus connect been made mandatory from this year..?

  24. Chintan Patel  




    I dont think much has changed in the training structure for 2010 batch. I have not heard of any major changes.

    A lot of people ask me if campus connect is mandatory but i dont think it is. If it was mandatory, it would have been communicated clearly by Infosys and you would not need to ask this to anyone.

  25. Rahul  

    Sorry for posting irrelevant quesiton here Chintan.. but all other posts replies are full.

    Can I be at campus(mysore) 1 day prior to joining date? else will have to pay for hotel :(

  26. Chintan Patel  


    Please read other posts and their comments, man. Already answered so many times. Use site search above.

  27. anny  
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  28. anny  

    Hi Chintan!!!
    I am new to ur site and I must say u r doing a fantastic job helping ppl clear their minds. I wanted ur suggestion on a dilemma i am in...
    I am almost a 3 years experienced Java/J2EE resource residing in Noida... Currently I have offer from Infosys Chandigarh (@4.8 pa) and Tech Mahindra, noida (at the same package)..
    I have been reading a lot on sites tht joining Infosys at a lateral level is not as beneficial to one's growth in its career as the opportunities are less...have also heard tht Infosys chandigarh does not have many good projects...
    What would you suggest....Opting for Infosys or opting for Tech Mahindra... Thanks in advance

  29. Chintan Patel  


    There is nothing like joining Infosys as a lateral will lead to lower growth. Infact laterals will only be recruited when there is a specific requirement and so the chances of getting good work and growth are higher than freshers.

    I dont think good projects or bad projects is dependent on which Infosys DC you work at.

    Dont know about Tech Mahindra so cannot suggest you one company over the other.

  30. srikanth  

    Hi Chintan,
    this is srikanth,
    i got offer letter from infy my doj is 27 july 2011,but i did not get any accommodation letter.
    is there any chance for jumping or postponed the doj at infosys, if yes how can i know my status.

  31. Chintan Patel  


    Oh man, did you join on July 27 or not? Please confirm your status by contacting any email address/phone number mentioned in your offer letter.

  32. srikanth  

    i not joined in that date,
    bcoz i dint get any accommodation letter, after 4 days i got postponement mail, i.e. we dint get clearance from verification dept,
    we will send update date asap..
    still i dint get any mails from infy

  33. Chintan Patel  


    Whoa man!! Communicate with Infy!! Dont assume anything. I sincerely hope you have not lost your offer due to not communicating with Infy.

    The postponement mail that you talk about was from Infy?

  34. kadd  

    Hello Friends, I like to apply to infy

    I am having 4 yrs exp in SAP-ABAP, my 10th = 64%, 12th = 62%, but BE (all semester) aggregate = 58.50%. but if i calculate BE(final year means last two semister) is 68%. can I apply to infy thru refral, will I am eligible???

    will they check b4 selecting my acadmic?
    pl help me
    mail me


  35. priyanka  

    hi chintan
    first of all please do read the whole post :)
    and have patience
    this is priyanka here
    a follower of your blog for last 3 years
    since 2008 i got selected in infosys
    My ques is that how to join infosys back
    I joined infy on dec 2009 cleared the training with cgpa 4.5(hardly matters)got the OS stream then posted to pune with unit IMS(the worst one)
    that too with level3 client(always night shift)
    i struggled a lot with PM BM HR and everybody to get night shift projects
    could work only for 3 months of night shift thats it rest of the time i was on bench
    finally after so much struggle of unit change or day shift project
    i resigned on march2011(the reason was also my marriage on june 2011,i left company within my probation period)
    Now i am in what i want to know
    that what should i do to join infosys back.once i go back to india.if i would have had the training in infy in .net or java or anything specialised.i would have thought of brighter side.But being from an OS stream and being a weak in tech i just dont know what to do
    i have damn desire to join infy back(hope u know why).I cant study here in US like in college or any thing.but now what should i do to further proceed a career with infosys
    i hope u are getting my proper situation
    could you please suggest something.One thing to mention while leaving the company i wrote bad things about the unit IMS though i did write that i want to come back to infy.would that impact?Please help me chintan
    i am in great dilemma at this stage.because i know..what it takes to be in infy .i have gone very hard training but left the job due to night shifts.however today i am regretting .Please chintan suggest something

  36. Chintan Patel  


    Your overall aggregate will be taken into account and not the final year's.

    You have experience but i have found Infosys to be rejecting even experienced candidates on the basis of academics.

    So you can give it a try and see what happens.


    There is a special program called "The Green Channel" which is started by Infosys for exfoscions who want to join Infosys back. I do not have any other details about the program but you can find out more and apply through that program.

    Your views about IMS will not be taken into account now.

    It is obvious but please note that you will only be considered if there is a suitable requirement for your profile.

  37. noddy  

    our college is a part of campus connect program by infosys.So is the certificate really necessary to join infosys ? I am placed in infosys.

  38. mahesh  

    Sir, i just received a mail from INFY regarding the ID and password.Because of many attempts i'm unable to login.I have changed the password twice,but still cant login.I'm getting an error statement as-"TO MANY FAILED ATTEMPTS". So please suggest accordingly.Waiting for your reply.

  39. Chintan Patel  


    The certificate is not necessary to join Infosys. The CC program is just for your own good.


    Try to login after some days. Else contact them if there is any support id listed on the login page.

  40. swathi  

    Can I join Infy without PAN ? bcz i hve jst applied 4 that....but I thnk I wont get that on or b4 my DOJ....wont they allow me to join ther without that??? plz reply...

  41. nandhini  

    hello sir,

    Im nandhini from hyderabad and iam
    post-graduate, is there any difference in the training program for graduates and post graduates??? I have got My joining on jan30th,2012. I have heard that the training program has been changed little bit from dis year ,is it so??

  42. Chintan Patel  


    You will be able to join without that but i think they will wait for you to submit your PAN card number before depositing your salary. They will not cut your salary due to that but it will keep on being accumulated until you submit your PAN card number.


    Training program changes a bit every year but i dont think there is any difference between training of graduates and post-graduates.

  43. sri  

    hi sir,
    i completed my B.Tech in 2010,
    Is am having any chance to get the job in Infosys as a fresher.
    Are they conducting any off-campus interviews for 2009,2010, and 2011 passed out students.

  44. swathi  

    sir,im selected in infy...but i had 1 backlog...ryt nw through re-evaluatn i gt the favourable result n im cnfirmd frm our the problem is that i wnt get the marklist at the time of ma DOJ...So jst 4 this reason shud i hv to mail them abt the extension ...i can get the marklist within a month...

  45. Chintan Patel  


    Keep checking their website or other job sites for infosys recruitment drives in your area.


    As far as i know, they only have a problem with pending exams but pending marksheet of last sem is generally fine. However, i dont have the latest information so better not rely on my word and confirm with someone at mysore.

  46. saket8391  

    I, Saket Jain, am pursuing my BE from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. I got placed in Infosys pvt. ltd after going through the On-campus recruitment process conducted by Infosys in my college. I was provided with an account on "". Today I couldn't recollect the valid password while I was trying to log into my account. It happened for a few times and now I am getting the following error message when I try to log into my account:
    "Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts"

    I have also tried the "Forgot my password" option and then I received a system generated email which provided me with a new password. But even after entering the new password while logging in, I get the same error message ("Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts"). Please let me know about the steps that I should take to regain the access to my account.

  47. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know about it but you can try after a few days or weeks.

    If it still does not work, send them an email after finding the proper email contact for that.

  48. Bazeeth  

    hi chintan

    can u pls explain me what is bench period?

  49. Chintan Patel  


    Bench period is when you are not working on a client project which generates revenue for the company.

    During this time, you will mostly undergo more training and certifications.

  50. Shivam  

    Hello Chintan,

    I am a student of Electronics and Telecommunication branch,currently in my 8th semester.last sem,we had
    placements in our college and i made it through 3 companies: INFOSYS,COGNIZANT,WIPRO
    Now i am confused as to which one of the three i should join. My friends and classmates tell me that join cogni rather then infy. Because
    infy makes you slog,pays less salary in hand compared to cogni,has bonds...growth is stagnant ...and what not.Hearing all this i am confused
    what i should do!.Personaly i want to join infy,but all these inputs that i have got from people are putting me into a confused state of mind. I thought you would be the best person to ask.
    Also,Considering the fact that i want to opt for higher studies within a year or so. And i would prefer if i do so from the company itself.Will that be possible if i join infy?
    I have less knowledge about these It companies and all .So please it would be kind of you to help me.

    Thanks a lot for taking out time and reading this post patiently.

  51. kannada_drifter  

    What Bus should i take from Mysore Bus stand to reach infy? which number? I Dont want to take auto. How long is the journey to hootagalli or hebbal electronic city.. Is there any bond for call center night shift jobs in bpo at infosys? Reply soon plz thanks a lot im eagerly waiting for ur reply

  52. Unknown  

    hi sir,i have the same problem as of saket.Im unable to log-in to the Infosys website.As u have suggested to contact them back,but the problem is that there is no support e-mail id mentioned and the message is not getting delivered.Im getting scared about this.Please help me to overcome this problem.Waiting for your reply.

  53. sindhu doin final yr ece. and i got place in infosys..during on campus in our college during month of september... i would like to know when whem my training would probably start.... waiting for ur reply.....

  54. satish2268  

    Hi Team,

    I am running with below queries since it is my first switch in IT field.

    I got selected in infy and got the DOJ.
    Requirement was for 2 yr of exp.
    I have shown my 3 month of training period exp + period of service of my present company & all total it is 2 + yr of relevant IT exp till the day of infy's interview.I have the training certificate for this provided by my present company.If the training period is ignored also i am completing 2 + yr of relevant exp in my present company before the DOJ of infy.

    Will i face any issue in infy??

    Please clarify.

  55. Prachi  

    Hello Sir,
    I got campus selection on 12th september 2011.Today i got the offer letter which mentioned that my DOJ is 6 May 2013.
    This is ridiculas.I cannot sit on home and do nothing.But still,i don't want to leave Infy.
    what should i do???Is there any way to talk to my HR for preponding our DOJ??

  56. priyanka  

    Hello sir,
    i got campus selection on sept 14,2011 and we got offer doj as april 22nd 2013. so can u please guide me in spending these days like can i go for any internship programs?

  57. Unknown  

    i am electronics engineer got placed at infy as systems support engineer but i have pg diploma in embedded systems can i get an embedded related job @ infosys

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