Infosys has decided to give stock options to its employees on its 30th birthday on July 2, 2010. Infy Employee Welfare Trust — an independent trust within the company which holds Infosys equity shares has issued a statement which says that all employees on Infosys' payroll on 31st March 2010 who are not serving notice period will get minimum 5 equity shares valued at 2767 Rs as per today's closing price. Employees will get 1 extra share apart from the minimum 5 shares for every year they have served at Infosys. This allocation of shares to employees will take place in August.

It is interesting to note, however, that one person who attended the Annual General Meeting of Infosys this year said that Infy CEO Kris and other officials were not in favor of awarding ESOPs (Employee Stock Option Plans) to employees. Only Narayana Murthy was in favor of awarding shares to employees. One senior executive from engineering vertical also said that clients are more impressed by our gardens than our delivery. So we should offer stock options to our gardeners than delivery people. After a lonng and heated debate, it was finally decided to award minimum 5 shares to employees instead of 50 shares proposed by Narayana Murthy.

Source: Business Standard

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  1. Poornapragna  

    Hey i have got my date of joining as sept 20th... I have scheduled my GRE exam on october 20th. Will i be able to get leave if i state GRE as my reason? and wat if infosys has a test on that day, tat is on oct 20th? will i be able to take the test on some other day?

  2. Swing Trader  

    HEY I have joining date on 13th sept..but in e-joining experience tab is not opening..i have written the quarry to infosys.but they did not respond.all other details i have filled.but unable to complete declaration due to not conforming of my experience details.what should i do.. ?

  3. Chintan Patel  


    First of all, please dont copy-paste the same query everywhere. You only need to ask once to get me to answer your question.

    For leaves during training, you can simply remain absent on that day. If there is a test on that day, you will be marked as absent for that test and you can appear for the re-test of that module alongwith others who failed in that module.


    If there is a problem with the site, you dont need to worry about it. You can call their helpline if you want. I dont have Infosys helpline number.
    You still have plenty of time so keep trying everyday.

  4. Poornapragna  

    Thanks! And sorry...

  5. happy girl  

    u hv answerd al my questions already!!I hv gone thru d entire blog n I really admire ur work.I would be joinn infosys in this december.
    - Ira Tyagi

  6. Unknown  

    hi Chinan thank u for ur information:)I hav one question, infosys asked me to disclose my PAN to Infosys on or 30 days before the day of
    joining but dey din specify where to submit please suggest me where to submit the pan..
    Thank u in advance

  7. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry about PAN card number. You can submit it by logging in to their intranet and entering your PAN card number in your profile after you join.


    what does the " System Engineer " job profile of enfosys refer to ........ what is it alll about ? Is it some hardware job or software job ? ..... I have recieved an offer letter for system engr. post in dec 2010 ....... so please some body clear me about this . Because I want only a softWare job . I have learned Java programming ...

  9. Chintan Patel  


    It is a general term used to describe engineers as using "software engineer" was not appropriate as it was also being used for hardware engineers. So they came up with a new term which can be used for both software and hardware engineers.

    Dont worry, it is not that "systems engineer" means only hardware engineer.


    ohh CHINTAN, u r really such a nice person ....
    what do u do these days ...?

    yaar Let me tell u, I m very scared about Infosys training , so is it a very difficult training ? Is is very difficult to survive over there ...?? what %age of trainees are sacked after training generally ...?? please help me out ...??

  11. Chintan Patel  


    I am onsite at Durban working as an iPhone Developer.

    Yes, it is very difficult. Only 1% pass.

    Dont worry, man. Even they want to keep you. Only 10% of students fail Infosys training.


    Hi, Chintan answer to my previous question, what you have written ... "Yes, it is very difficult. Only 1% pass.".... How is it possible? was that some typing mistake .......??

    --> In my offer letter, they have written " your job level is 3 ie Systems Enggr. and your PERSONAL LEVEL will be 3 " ............ SO i I means to ask what do they mean by PERSONAL LEVEL ????? Is is some grading alloted by them to me based upon my performance in Selection Procedure .....???
    so Is Personal level 3 means some poor performer ....???

    Please clear me about PERSONAL LEVEL ........??

  13. Chintan Patel  


    Lol... Hey, man. Its sad that i have to tell you that i was joking. This percentage of trainees passing is not a measure of how easy or tough it is for you so dont fall for it.

    It is not a measure of your performance in campus interview. You will be explained about it in induction in the first week of joining more clearly than i can so wait for that.


    hii Chintan ... my DOJ is 14 march 2011 Monday .. so tell me whether I have to reach the Infy campus on 14th Monday, or I'll be allowed to enter on 13th Sunday ....??
    2. so do they provide any TA after reaching there? . ... will they reimburse my train or air fare ticket from delhi to mysore .. or I have to afford my self .....??
    if yes then what category ......?
    3. I recieved my offer letter on 17th Dec 2010 through Email . So now whether they wud contact me again by any way .... or now I have to reach direcly mysore with a Print out of my offerletter Email .....??

  15. Chintan Patel  


    1. Its not just that you will be "allowed" but you HAVE to report on 13th.

    2. No man. Already told many times.

    3. Just the print out will do if you dont get anything else from them. They may or may not send you anything else.

  16. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan,

    Your work is awesome
    I want to ask some questions related to training...

    1- What will happen during the first day/week of training?(any test/apti/assessment etc.)
    2- Can they through me out even before the training started(maybe on the basis of some test etc) if yes then in what conditions..?


  17. Chintan Patel  


    1. There is a post about it. Go search for it.

    2. How can they do something which is so nonsensical? If you get the offer letter, you are selected and there are no more tests until you join.

  18. Priya  

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  19. Unknown  

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