Infosys Technologies, India's second largest IT services provider is going to begin the task of finding Narayana Murthy's replacement for the role of Chairman and Chief Mentor from January 2011. Murthy has already announced that he is going to retire in August 2011 from his non-executive role.

Infosys' nominations committee which includes ICICI Bank's former CEO and non-executive chairman KV Kamath, Cornell University professor Jeffrey Sean Lehman and HDFC Standard Life Insurance CEO Deepak Satwalekar has already started discussions about the process.

The minimum number of meetings required for this process is 2 but the committee has already had 5 meetings during the year ended April 2010.

Infosys Technologies Ltd. which was founded by NR Narayana Murthy and 6 other colleagues from Patni Computers namely Nandan Nilekani, Kris Gopalakrishnan, SD Shibulal, K Dinesh, S Raghavan and SK Arora resigned from his role as executive chairman in 2006 when he turned 60.

Infosys which was founded with seed capital of only 250 USD has become one of India's biggest entrepreneurial success stories and finding people of the same capabilities as the founders was always going to be a tough task. Nevertheless, Infosys is well known for its leadership training and has a very capable bench strength when it comes to choosing executives from.

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  1. priyabrat dey  

    good afternoon sir, i am priyabrat from orissa,my joining date is on 15 nov and i am from it branch.sir please say how i will prepare for the training.

  2. Chintan Patel  


    Just read all the posts from above listed under: "Must Read Posts of This Blog". I assume you are a first time reader. Please read all the posts and their comments and all your doubts are sure to get solved.

  3. Poornapragna  

    my DOJ is sept 20th.
    we were told that there will be a bond of 1yr after training period in infosys. may i kno wat the terms and conditions are? suppose i have to leave infosys before that period, what are the consequences? do you hav any idea? could you find out?

  4. Poornapragna  

    Also, will i be able to spend abt 3hrs everyday towards studying other subjects? i mean subjects not taught at infosys... how is the internet facility? do v hav to pay seperately for it?

  5. Chintan Patel  


    The terms and conditions will be detailed in the agreement you sign after joining.

    Depends on how good you are at grasping the subjects taught by Infosys. Your free time will depend on that. You dont have to pay for internet.

    I see that you are asking repeated questions. Please read all posts and their comments before asking anything.

  6. Sunil  

    hi chintan,
    My doj is october 18th, my sisters marriage is on october 27th, i need about 3 days holiday.. will i get the holiday in the very 2nd week of my training?? .. whom should i contact to ask holidays??..
    if they wont give holiday, wat happens if i bunk the classes for 2 days??

  7. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you will get the leave easily. You can contact your batch owner about it who is like your class teacher for training period.

    I think bunking classes for 2 days is also fine because at most, what will happen is that you will miss the test if it falls on those 2 days but you can pass that subject in retest if you are capable. Again, failing in 1 subject is not a big deal anyways even if you dont pass the retest. So decide if you can bunk based on the difficulty level of the module and the credits for the same.

    Also, one more thing: If you apply for a leave, they have a policy that they will change your batch to be the next batch which joined after you in their system and so you may get your joining different from other people in your batch. One person in my batch went through this. Not that it matters so much but just informing. Otherwise, 2 days is not a big deal and you can get a leave easily. If you take about 5 days leave, your batch may be changed and you would have to continue your training in a batch after you. If it is not so clear, dont worry too much. The rules about leave in training will be made clear after joining and also they would be more updated than my version of the story.

  8. shirish  

    Hey Guys
    My initial DOJ was on Aug 2 ,2010 but during that time I was abroad doing my internship so I applied for extension they told me submit documentary proof( marksheets,training letter ) which I could do only on Sep 09 2010 when i came back after I got my final semester result, now they have told me to wait as its upto the company to decide my new DOJ, but how long will i have to wait?

  9. Season's King  

    good morning,
    i want to know about e-docket.Its complete detail

  10. Unknown  

    hi!! please provide the information as to what is e-docket.

  11. Chintan Patel  


    You will have to wait for maximum 6 months as Infosys offer is valid for 6 months after your initial DOJ. So your new DOJ will be within 6 months of Aug 2, 2010.

    @Rituraj, Kriti...

    Please ask specific questions about what you want to know or dont understand about e-docket.

    Its just an online repository maintained by Infosys where they upload all the scanned marksheets of all employees. So its a database where they keep information of the qualifications/education of their employees.

  12. Unknown  

    d DOJ in offer letter is 14 feb, 2011
    but in e joining it shows that DOJ is 10 jan 2010
    So for which date wi had 2 respond
    help me dude

  13. Unknown  

    hi sir..
    my ques is....
    does they pay us any TA DA to reach Mysore 4 training???my doj is in DEC and i have yet not received the accommodation mail....
    thanks in advance

  14. Unknown  

    hello sir..... heard that seminars and paper presentation has been included for the new batch's this true.....?plz reply

  15. Chintan Patel  


    The one in offer letter is to be believed. Anyways, 10 Jan 2010 is long past, man. :)


    No allowance to reach Mysore will be paid because you are not yet employees of Infosys. The allowance will be paid to reach the place of posting after you have completed the training.

    You should have received the accommodation mail by now. It is normally sent before 30 days of DOJ. Check if your friends received it.

  16. Chintan Patel  


    I am not aware about it. Will post it here if i come to know about any new changes in Infosys training.

  17. Unknown  

    hey chintan, this is arun frm chennai. im doin ma 8th sem now and i got placed in infosys and cts. wel im gonna choose infy over cts of wch im quite sure.

    But my prob is im an ece student and core companiies r yet to cum for placement. so if by chance i get selected i hav to tel my decision on the spot. if i tel a yes and choose infy afterwards then tat firm wil be disappointed with our college(since they take only megre amt of students).

    the major advantages with core are less pressure and relaxed timing. i hav the trust in me to cope up any firm or any type of job. but wat abt the nature of job in ece core comps?

    im totally confused. wat wud u do if u wer in ma shoes??? jus spill in some beans...

  18. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know about the nature of the jobs that EC companies offer so cant say anything about that. I can say for myself that i took admission in mechanical only because IT was doing very bad that time and i thought mechanical engineering has a steady demand as compared to IT but as soon as i got a change to get into an IT company, i did not think for one moment about not going for it because this is what i love.

    Even after i could not pass infy training, i did not search for a mech job but still remained firm with IT even during recession because i love what i get to do as a software engineer. So you should decide what you like to do more.

  19. mansi  

    hi, can u pls tell me, what is an intimation letter and when will i get it?? i have my joining on 27 dec. also I have my 12th std marksheet but not the certificate. will only marksheet be allowed??

  20. Chintan Patel  


    Intimation letter is just a reminder of your DOJ. Dont worry if you dont get it now since you already know your DOJ. Only marksheets will be fine. No need of certificate.

  21. Anonymous  

    Thanks Chintan.
    People in my batch are saying that even if you fail in all the modules and compre Infy doesnt kick you out since the requirement in IMS is too high so does that mean the only option i have is to quit Infy and leave the training midway without the experience letter, since the offer letter from the foreign university will take time?
    And tell me is Infy's training certificate is as good as they made it out durinng the PPT in our college(Global Recognition and stuff). So should i be upset that i wont be able to get neither the training certificate nor the experience letter?
    By the way loved ur blog...its absolutely brilliant

  22. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, i too heard from one other person on my blog that even after failing in Compre, Infy gave him another chance. So as you can understand, due to the high demand they are ready to bend their own rules and if it happens to you too after failing, you too will not have any option but to leave without the letter.

    Noo, its not soooo much valuable. Also, its not a training certificate. Its only an experience certificate which says you worked from 12-03-2010 to 12-3-2044 at Infosys. Nothing about the training is mentioned. As i have detailed in "...Tips to navigate your IT career" post, the fact that you have worked at Infosys is not of so much importance as every company no matter how big or small will surely take an interview. As you are applying for high education abroad, i am not sure about the value of it. Only thing i see the Infosys experience certificate helping you with in your case is in campus interviews when you finish your studies.

    One more tip specially for you: Usually companies are strict only towards those employees who abscond and join a competitor but for people leaving the company to pursue higher education, they are usually more accommodating. So if you feel failing is not going to do it, you can try talking to HR about it and you may be able to get the experience certificate without failing.

  23. gupta  

    I got selected in final semester.
    Is it necessary to maintain 68% for whole completion... or it consider only at the time of selection.???

  24. Unknown  

    I got selected in INFOSYS,recently..but i got 0.5% less at d time of selection.
    but i adjusted it to 68.
    wil it cause any problem, at d time of joining?
    is it k if we fulfil 68% at the end of

    plz..clarify my doubt..

  25. Unknown  

    Hi All,
    My date of joining is 7th feb 2011.Those having the joining date same as 7th feb 2011 please keep posting if u get any mail or update from infosys regarding joining,accommodation mail,intimation mail,medical checkup that we all remain informed and act in time....thanks.....

  26. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it is necessary to maintain the announced criteria throughout engineering.


    Yes, it will be ok if you have 68% at the time of joining.

  27. Unknown  

    Hi chintan sir
    1.i wil not recieve my passport receipt before my DOJ 14feb and may take more i need to extend my doj for not having receipt bcoz wen i mailed them they replied u NEED to carry passport receipt on u know any1 else to join without applying for passport. infy consider apti test marks for final selection lyk in bhel they do 80:20.
    Thanks in advance

  28. Chintan Patel  


    If you dont get your passport, only the receipt of having applied for passport will be fine. I have not heard of anyone having made to extend their DOJ because of not having passport receipt but then again, there would be very few such people if any at all. I would advise you to go ahead with your joining and see what happens. At most, they will ask you to join later after you have a passport or passport receipt but i dont think they will press it so hardly because you wont be needing your passport except if they decide to send you onsite which wont be any time soon.

    Every company has their own criteria and does not consider performance in other tests.

  29. gupta  

    recently ,i got selected in infosys..
    i got 0.5% less at the time of selection.
    now iam in last semester.
    surely, i ll get 68% overall.
    But,At the time of joining if my last semester results are not out (or) if i didnt get my marks sheet ...den what i have to do??
    will infy people wait until the result came??
    r it makes me any problem??

  30. Chintan Patel  


    I think now its compulsory to have all the results before you join. If you dont have, they may ask you to extend your DOJ.

  31. nitesh  

    hi!! sir
    good job
    i'm a petroleum engineering student last sem and selected for the form they gave us it was written system engineer but in ppt they told us we wud become associate consultant and added that we're different from normal recruits.can u please tell me what kind of work a associate consultant do? does it involves travelling(i love travelling).also will a SAP course helpbefore joining?

  32. gupta  

    But i heard that it is not compulsory to submit all the certificates at the starting day itself..and they wait if our university results are not is true??

  33. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know much about the role of associate consultant so cant help. That HR manager who conducts PPT session is the best person to clear all your doubts.

    SAP wont help because there is no SAP stream in training and even after training, it is not fixed if you will get to work on SAP.


    It was like that before but now some trainees told me here that they ask for results of all sems. Anyways, that rule was mentioned for us in an Annexure to the offer letter so please check yours too. Otherwise you can mail offer_extension at infosys dot com to confirm.

  34. Unknown  

    hello sir
    i just wanted to know whether infosys gives another chance to all who apply for extension or there is any possibility of cancellation of offer.and in new offer the candidate id remains same or not.

  35. Chintan Patel  


    The new DOJ after extension will be within 6 months of your original DOJ. The offer can be cancelled if you are not able to join at that time and another extension will not be given.

    I am not sure but it should remain the same in case of extension.

  36. saurabh  

    Hi sir
    I got selected in Infy but I'm having this fear that I'll get a KT in sem will this lose my job although i know that it is necessary to maintain the announced criteria?
    Also, I'll be doing an abroad internship after sem VIII, so when the call letter is usually received and when is the DOJ.

  37. Chintan Patel  


    You will not lose your job due to a KT. You can apply for an extension and it will be fine.

    Offer letter can take 6-12 months from the date of selection.
    DOJ can be anything from June to March.

  38. Unknown  

    Hi Iam Srinivas, Iam a candidate sent out during training period, i completed the entire training at Infy(Mysore), I joined on FEB 8th 2010, and came out on july 5th 2010, i didn't get my training certificate yet, can u please tell me how can i get My training certificate. whom should i Contact> please help me.

  39. Unknown  

    Hiiii I am siri, got selected for infy in campus selection on 28th of this month , can u please tell me when can the date of joining be approximately ...
    thanks in advance

  40. Chintan Patel  


    You should have surely received the letter by now. I forgot the exact email address to which i mailed and i cant find that mail now. But you can ask any of your friends at Infosys to get you the email address.

    And yes, its not a "training certificate" but an experience letter.


    Already told sooo many times, joining date/date of getting offer letter cannot be predicted. Please do not ask the questions before reading all posts and their comments. I will not answer repeated questions.

  41. gupta  

    i got selected for infosys in campus interview.
    at the time of interview i have 0.5% less than eligibility i written in their documents that i have 68% and selected.
    but.,by the end of i ll definitely get 68% and cross their criteria..
    now i am very tensed..whether it may creates any problem at the time of joining. i havent attended any other,plz guide me.....

  42. Chintan Patel  


    I think you will be safe because they check only total aggregate percentage after joining and not what you had during the time of selection in my opinion.

  43. john  

    Hi Sir,
    I am a fresher and I am going to join INFOSYS in few months.
    I would like to know whether laptops are allowed in our hostel rooms.
    Also can we use High end mobile phones ?

  44. sinduja  

    hi chintan...

    i,ve got my confirmation mail frm infy, and in tat mail they had given me my user id and pwd to register in the campus connect and use those materials for preparing for the entry level test.. wen i checked those materials, there were 3 genrics, and each contains almost the same subjects, wit jus a few variations..
    and wen i luked at each subject there was the syllabus, and a set of assignment ques and the names of reference buks.. wat r v supposed to do nw? shud we study by ourselves using those materials, and finish those asmts evn before joining infy?

  45. hema  

    sir i do agree wid sindhuja..dey only provided course contents wid few assignments..hw 2 gt d indepth knowldge abt each subject?

  46. Umesh  

    Hello sir,
    i got selected for infy in dec 2010 and they told that we should be ready with passport at the time of joining for training. But when i was applying to it last week the site shows that there are no free slots availabe for documents verification till next two to three months….what happens if we dont have the acknowledgement slip at the time of joining….plzzz rply…

  47. Chintan Patel  


    Laptops are not allowed but all kinds of mobile phones are allowed.

    @Sinduja, Hema…

    Yes, you can study if you want to. They of course wont provide everything because then you wont have anything to study in training.


    If you dont have passport, only the proof of having applied for it will do. If you dont have even that, dont worry, its not a big deal.

  48. naveenmaximus  

    sir,i got selected for infy in dec 2010.The % criteria mentioned is 68.but at the time of interview i was with i altered my 3-2 marks in the scholastic sheet and marked my % as 68.i got my offer letter mentioning dec as my my final aggregate is 68.9..will be there any problem to me as i marked wrong % in scholastic sheet...plzz give rply..thanking u

  49. Chintan Patel  


    No, you will not face any problem.

  50. Samarth Singhal  

    Hi sir,
    I have been selected in INFOSYS. I am from CSE department from JIIT.I would like to join INFY after my 8th semester because some other companies(better ones) will be coming in 8th Sem.Is it possible to go for the training the ECE students go after their 8th semester for the training?
    PLease guide me on this.

  51. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys has selected you assuming you will be completing your CS degree. They are not going to recruit you before your course is complete and you have the relevant certificates. Infosys will not send you a DOJ which falls before your 8th sem completion.

  52. anshul  

    hi chintan sir , can u tell me what all infosys teaching us during training . plz tell me in detail .

  53. Chintan Patel  


    You will be explained this in detail during induction program in the first week of training.

  54. Dayakar  

    hi chintan..this is DOJ is 15th october 2012...few of my friends got e-joining mail but i still did not get...i have treid logging in using that link and i got logged u think i should fill up the details for e-joining or wait for my mail???

  55. lakshmi  

    hi sir
    i'm selected for infosys spark it program 2014 and eligibility criteria for selection is 65%. i have given 68% instead 65% in the application did it cause any problem during joining into infosys please help me

  56. saimouni  

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