I am compiling a list of the most commonly asked questions on my blog. You can suggest any more questions to include in this list. I am listing them in the chronological order of events.

1. What is the eligibility criteria for joining Infosys?

Answer: There is no fixed eligibility criteria that Infosys applies to all the colleges it recruits from. The criteria applicable to you will be announced to you when Infosys decides to come to recruit at your college or region. My personal observation about the eligibility criteria is that it is set so that about 60% of students of that college or region are eligible. Again, this is just my own estimate and should not be considered official.

2. How to prepare for Infosys campus interview?

Answer: To prepare for Infosys campus interview, first of all, you need to be good at aptitude. Infosys does not include technical skills as a prerequisite because they feel confident about their training program for freshers. However, aptitude cannot be cultivated as easily as technical skills and so they stress heavily on aptitude for selection in campus interview. So if you want to get selected in Infosys, you need to brush up your Reasoning and English well. I do not include Quants/Maths alongwith this because during my campus interview, the questions were from Reasoning and English only and i believe the trend continues till date.

Secondly, alongwith aptitude, you need to have the right attitude. The personal interview will decide if you have the soft skills and the right attitude to succeed in a teamwork driven field like the software industry. The questions asked will be based on fictitious situations which require you to handle difficult colleagues, weak team members and choosing friends or work in a project etc. Your answers to these questions will decide whether you can be a good team member or not.

3. After selection, when will Infosys deliver offer letter?

Answer: There is no fixed period of time for receiving the offer letter from Infosys. It can take 0-12 months from the date of selection so no need to worry about it if you think it is taking more time. Infosys is a fair company and they have always honored all the campus offers they have made and so if they announced to you that you are selected during the campus interview, you can sit back and relax without worrying about when Infosys will send you the offer letter.

4. When will Infosys inform you about your Date of Joining (DOJ)?

Answer: Again, like the offer letter, there is no fixed time lapse for Infosys conveying the DOJ to you. They recruit about 20k-25k people every year and it takes a lot of planning to organize everything although recently, Infosys has been conveying DOJs as much as 1 year in advance. But still, you don’t need to worry if you don’t get your DOJ soon enough because usually, it has been conveyed to freshers only about 1 month in advance.

5. I have a backlog in 7th/8th seem and have a DOJ when my backlog wont be cleared. What to do?

Answer: This is a very common question these days and i am surprised at the frequency at which this question is asked on my blog.

If you have a backlog and wont have the results or would have the re-exam pending for the backlog at your DOJ, you can extend your DOJ by sending an email to offers_extension at infosys dot com. Many people have recently told me on my blog that Infosys has stopped accepting backlogs as valid reason for extension and only consider medical reasons for extension of DOJ but still there are other people too who have had no problems in getting their DOJs extended by mentioning backlogs as the reason for it. Infosys recruits thousands of freshers every year and would easily have hundreds of trainees in this situation every year and so they would have policies about backlogs too. Your offer is valid for 6 months from your original DOJ and so you can extend your DOJ for upto 6 months from your original DOJ. After that, your current offer may be deemed void and you may not be able to join Infosys and would have to re-apply again if you wanted to.

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  1. Unknown  

    My DOJ is 18th Oct. 2010.I want to attend my real brother's marriage on 8th dec 2010.

    Tell me wat should i do.

  2. SWAMI  

    Hi Chinthan,

    Looks like there is lot of info on Infy here. I have a couple of questions. Please see if you could help me with answers. These are some questions for which I did not get a direct answer from Infy HR.

    a) I have got a job in Infy and I will be joining soon (I am not a fresher). Do you know about the Health Insurance offered by Infy? The appointment letter talks about covering wife and kids, but I want the cover for my parents. Do you know if this is possible? Have you come across this situation with your friends or colleagues and what is way out?

    b) What does it mean when people talk about 9.25 hours work in Infy? Is it the time between you punch in at the beginning of the day when you enter and at the end of the day when you exit? In other words, does it include the lunch time also or not? Do they allow work from home on some days?

    c) Generally, how is the culture inside?

    d) What is the level at which they provide laptops?

    Please help.


  3. Chintan Patel  


    You should apply for leave and you will get it.


    1. Yes, it is possible. You will get to know more about it after you join.

    2. Its the total time from punch in to punch out. Work from home is not usually permitted because it can result in leak of client's confidential information about the project.

    3. ???. Please ask specific questions.

    4. Laptops are not provided by level but by need. For example, the tutors at Mysore need laptops to show the slides in the classroom so they are given a laptop even if they have just joined the team after training. Otherwise, you may never get a laptop if your role does not demand it.

  4. Unknown  

    @siddharth: can u please specify the date when u attended Infy campus and was it OFF campus or ON campus???

  5. Unknown  

    hello chintan,
    although this question is repeated as it is posted above by some one else but still i want to confirm how much leave can i get during training period(i mean number of days) as i have to attend my real sister's marriage which is on 28th nov (my doj is 15th november)

    and please give me personal advice whether taking leave for 3-4 days can harm me or is toleratable in my studies. please mind that i want to take leave after 10 days of joining.

    i m completely dependent on your advice. do advice me.

    thanks and regards

  6. Chintan Patel  


    Leave policy during training will be explained in detail to you during the first week of training.

    From what i recall, if you take more than 5 days of leave during training, you may have to continue training from where you took leave in a different batch than the one in which you joined because they think 5 days are too much to miss during training.

    Taking leave after 10 days or 100 days does not matter and policy remains the same during training period. You will have to talk to your batch owner who is like the class teacher for training period. Actually, its better to take leaves early on in generic because the workload is not so much and you may even know what is being taught in those days and if you appear for a test soon afterwards, you may even pass. Even if a test falls in the days of your leave, you always have the option of re-test where you can pass that module. Even if you fail, dont sweat it. Failing in 1-2 modules can be easily compensated by working hard in other modules.

  7. shirish  

    Hi Chintan

    I would like to know whether the training will be beneficial for some competetive exams (multiple choice questions asked) which I know of and will be taking in may next year in which IT concepts like networking,algorithms,software engineering conceps,OS,DS are tested?


  8. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, Infosys training will make your basics very strong in every module that they teach. What you learn in Infosys training will help you throughout your IT career to be a better developer.

  9. Unknown  

    thanks chintan
    i will take leave as per conditions over there
    thanks for helping me out

  10. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan
    Firstly, i would like to thank you for clearing the numerous doubts in the minds of us freshers. :)
    My joining for infy is next month- 29th nov precisely.
    I just gave my gre exam and got a good score. I am really confused as to apply for universities now to join in fall next year, or wait before i get some work-ex.
    I'm going to mysore that's confirmed. But i'm not sure how the work environment would be after that and esp. would it be worth delaying admission to top ranked universities.
    I would appreciate your suggestions heartily.

  11. Nandhini  

    Hi Chintan! Brilliant blog about Infosys. :) I just stumbled across it randomly.

    I don't know if this sounds lousy, but I don't know how to ride a cycle. :-( Will that be a big issue while commuting across the Infosys Mysore campus? I'm joining @ Infy Mysore in a couple of weeks. I don't think I'll be able to learn before I get there. So tell me, we can walk and get to classes na?

    I would be glad if you could resolve this doubt in my mind. :)

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Chintan Patel  


    You have a valid concern. There is always a chance of not getting a good job profile/ posting location after infosys training no matter in which stream you are trained in.

    The best way to do it is to complete Infosys training and fail in the last compre. This way, you will get to leave infosys and also you will get experience certificate for the training duration and also one month's extra salary.


    This is the 3rd time this question is asked so dont worry. It will not be an issue as riding a cycle is not compulsory but the campus is too big so riding a cycle helps. Otherwise you can always leave early to wherever you want to go.

  13. Unknown  

    Hello chintan........ my DOJ is on 29th november.. They hav got a lot of training material @ campusconnect site na......Is it necessary that i shud study all of those before I join Infy..?

    well I am really worried abt this.........Pls reply

    Thanx in advance........


  14. Chintan Patel  


    No need to study everything. Just study what you can.

  15. Unknown  

    @ Ankit & Hari:
    Hey guys ,nice to hear that u ll be soon joining Infy.

    I just wanted to know whether u were selected through on-campus or off-campus.......If it's off-campus then plz tell me the date when it was conducted.

    The thing is even I am waiting for the DOJ.
    It will be a gr8 help.

    Thank you.

  16. vinita  

    hey hi chintan...
    well first of ol i wud lyk to thank u to spare tym for us(freshers) and resolving out our doubts wid pateince.. . i too would like to get two of my doubts by u
    1st is regarding our accommodation mail ..wen vl v b g8in dat my Doj is 20th dec and i'll be reaching a day prior to my joining so i would like to knw if they can allow us to stay in hostel or rst house a day before joining or not...!!
    my second doubt is regarding carrying Laptops...i hv heard dat laptops r nt allowed during training period..is dat so..??
    w8ing fr rply
    thnx :-)

  17. shirish  

    @Vinita I know what chintan is going to say he ll say read the previous posts , but anyway I ll make his job easier
    1)you ll be allowed to stay a day before the DOJ. There must be a time mentioned, in my case it says from 2 pm onwards the day before the actual DOJ
    2)Laptops are strictly banned , even in the hostels

  18. Chintan Patel  


    Please read all other posts and their comments before posting a question. All your questions are already answered.


    You know me so well. :)
    I need to say it so often that i have those 2 lines saved in a sticky note.

  19. Unknown  

    @Ajay - i got selected through on- campus.

    @Chintan - is it true that after training, they'll post the north indian students most definitely to chandigarh? i've heard that a lot... wondering how true this actually is.

  20. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they do try to post everyone as close to their hometown as possible but due to the large numbers, it is not possible to do that for each and every person so you may not get posting to chandigarh. You have the option to swap with someone else which you can read more about it in the post "How Infosys posts trainees... " post on this blog.

  21. Anonymous  

    I have attended Infosys Off campus on 21st september 2010 in Mumbai.I cleared the aptitude and then i had done with my HR interview.At the end of the day we were told that our results will be mailed within 2-3 weeks,but still i have not received any mail.When do they normally respond . please reply!!!

  22. vinita  

    thanks shirish...actually i tried hard to find those answers had i had find them i wud definitely nt hav asked...!!! well m sry chintan for unnecessary trouble..!!!

  23. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry. It will come. They are recruiting 40k people this year.

  24. Rohit Nair  

    hai chintan. do u knw of anyone havin successfully extended their Doj due to backlogs this yr? i can get d result of backlog b4 the end of validity of my offer.

  25. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, there were 1-2 people who mentioned about getting their DOJ extended due to backlogs but you will have to dig around using the site search above.

  26. Chaitali Sawai  

    Hi Chintan

    I gave Infosys test on 29 Aug-2010 at Pune.. which I cleared .. then had an interview on 20th-Sept-2010.. they said they will be sending offer letter within 3 weeks but they haven sent any mail yet.I have 15 months of work experience.

    When I called up HR they keep saying you will hear from us shortly.I am really concerned about this.

    Can you please guide me on this?

  27. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys is recruiting about 40k people this year and so such delays are bound to happen. Dont worry, you will surely hear from them. If you check other comments on this blog, you will realize that many other people including freshers have faced this problem this year.

  28. Chaitali Sawai  


    Thanks a lot for your quick response. :) Hopefully I will hear from them ASAP.

  29. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan, First of all all I would like to appreciate you for giving valuable information to freshers.
    My DOJ is on 27th dec, what is the DRESS CODE for boys. Is saturday holiday?

  30. Chintan Patel  

    @M Nani...

    The dress code was mentioned in a paper with the offer letter for us. I dont know if it is not included now. I have mentioned it elsewhere on the blog but will repeat it here.

    It is formals with tie on monday, tuesday, formals without tie (half sleeves are also allowed) on wednesday, thursday and tshirt, jeans are allowed on friday.

    Saturday is always a holiday except the first one in training.

  31. Unknown  

    Thank u very much Chintan for your response

  32. Unknown  

    Hi chintan I appreciate what u are doing.
    I was wondering what would be the initial expenses that we have to pay for in the first month of joining.
    thanks in advance.

  33. Chintan Patel  


    There is no such initial one time expense that i can think of right now. Everything that you will need to incur an expense on will be on a monthly basis.

  34. Unknown  

    thanks Chintan for reply
    But this still leaves one question
    why would i need Rs. 5000 in the first month.
    I mean if our accomodation, rent, fooding all charges will be deducted from our salary, then Its depend on me how much money would i need there.
    please correct me if I am wrong.
    and sorry If I am bothering u too much.
    again Thanks in advance

  35. Unknown  

    Hai chintan,
    My DOJ is on nov 29, i havnt got the hard copy of my offerleter yet...... I got the offerletter mail & when i register in the campusconnect site it says that the hard copy has been maild 2 my address..... will there b any pbm if i join wit a printout of the offer letter if i dnt get it frm thm....??
    Thnx in advance.........

  36. Chintan Patel  


    For the first month, if you dont have your salary account ATM card, you will need some cash or an ATM card that you already possess.

    I dont know if i mentioned the 5000 Rs amount anywhere but it is all that you will need during the first month for food expenses, roaming in the city etc. Otherwise there are no initial expenses for which you will need to spend money on.


    Yes, print out will be fine but i think you will get the hard copy before you join as it is already mailed to you.

  37. Unknown  

    Hai Chintan, would parents b allowd 2 enter the infy campus if they r coming wit us @ joining date?

  38. Chintan Patel  


    The rule about that keeps changing. Sometimes they are allowed. Sometimes not. So you cant be sure.

  39. Rishi here  

    Gud afternoon Chintan Sir
    Very nice and informative blog. I have passed engineering this year in EC. Sir I am placed in Infosys as well as TCS.In Infy they are offering role for "Software Profile" while in TCS for "IT Infrastructure Services Profile". Sir please can u throw some light on the role TCS is offering. Which one is better regarding future prospects, growth n all..as I just want to gain experience that would prove beneficial to apply for GMAT. Thanks in advance..Plz help !!

  40. Chintan Patel  


    The role that TCS is offering is that of a system admin. IT Infrastructure Services is similar to Infosys' "Infrastructure Management Services" which is a system admin role in which you have to take care of the company's hardware like keeping the computers updated with the latest release of Service Packs, keeping servers running with minimum downtime etc.

    This role is not much preferred among students because it is not related to software development in any way. The role offered by Infosys is far better. Also, i believe Infosys has better brand value than TCS.

  41. Kushagra Joshi  

    Hello Chintan,

    I have been recuited On Campus By Infosys in January 2010. I have got Infosys Joining Date as 13-Dec-2010. But I have also been selected by TCS in their Off Campus Drive. They have given me Offer Letter but their Joining Letter is yet to come. TCS Profile is also Software Development.

    I am a Non CS/IT student and don't know much about Computer Languages [Not even C/C++]. Also, I am looking to pursue MBA after 2-3 years Work Experience. I am having great confusion as I have no idea to join which company. I want to know-

    1. Which is better Company out of two for a Non CS Student like me with hardly any knowledge of Computer Languages?

    2. What are Advantages of working with Infosys or TCS? Please compare the two so that I can choose effectively.

    3. TCS will probably give Joining Date of January. Is it worth to skip Infosys and wait around one month for TCS?

    4. Last but not least, Can I leave Infosys Training in between [Say after 1 or 2 months] easily without paying any Bond amount?

    Please help me with your suggestions. I am looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance.

    Kushagra Joshi.

  42. Chintan Patel  


    Please do not post questions without searching for the answers on this blog. All your questions are already answered.

    I dont want to write an essay comparing Infosys and TCS but Infosys training is enough reason to join Infosys instead of TCS.

    Other questions are already answered many times and so i suggest you use site search above to find the answers.

  43. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan...I'm about to join Infy soon. But my 10th marksheet is missing. I 've applied for a duplicate one.Will I be having any problem becoz of this during joining?

  44. Chintan Patel  


    I think having a photocopy of 10th marksheet and the proof of having applied for a duplicate marksheet will be enough.

  45. manoj  

    wat will be the training duration for cse students............and wat are exit tests??????

  46. Unknown  

    thank u...Should I inform about this to anyone before joining? If so whom should I contact reg this

  47. Chintan Patel  


    Please read "Full Details About New Training Program".
    There is nothing like exit tests.


    I think just offer_update at infosys com if you want to otherwise i dont think its essential.

  48. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    i want to ask that i got offer letter from infosys.Do i have to go through any "acceptance of offer letter procedure".Any kind of registration or email that i have accepted your offer.....
    plz reply soon...

  49. Chintan Patel  


    Primarily, you just have to appear at Infosys Mysore on your DOJ. Nothing else is essential.

    Secondarily, you have to fill in the e-joining details when they mail you about it.

    If you have just gotten selected or received your offer letter, dont worry about it. They will keep informing you by emails about what you have to do next.

  50. Unknown  

    hi chintan,

    kindly tell me the eligibility creteria for experienced professionals applying jobs for infosys.suppose if anyone have second class with 70 percentage in degree means will they accept it or not..when will they do the educational verification and all .before offer is made or after joining?
    please tell me what are all the reasons to reject the offer once sent.

    kindly advice me

  51. somspeaks07  

    i wil be very obliged if u reply to my doubt...
    actualy infy is coming to our collg in january n they have given eligibility criteria of 60% thruout...
    now i have just 63% in my class 12 boards(the rst all above 80%... arghh )... but that includes the marks of the additional subject added to the grand total...(wich is as per our boards rule...west bengal board)... so my question is dat how will my case be considered? will they consider it as 63% or will all the individual subject be taken... n then will calculate the simple avg to take note of the percentage!

  52. Chintan Patel  


    As you become more and more experienced, academic performance matters less and less. They will verify the documents and do a background check after you join.


    The grand total mentioned on your result is considered as your percentage. They wont include or exlude anything from that.

  53. Unknown  


    I have got offer from infosys for post of technology analyst with 4 years

    experience ..I have acadamic records of in 10th 83% and in Dip 89%

    in BE 72% but its second class since i cleared single paper in the next semester ie october .

    I do not have any history of arrears except that single paper that too comes in 8th semester.

    will infosys accept this kind of creteria?

    already they have confirmed the date of joining and all ...i have resigned my position from my current employer...i am tensed now what they will do in future ..

    kindly tell me what is the elegibility creteria for experienced people at infosys..

    is this a problem for me?

    kindly suggest please

  54. Chintan Patel  


    With 4 years of experience, your academics matter very less. Academic marks are used to judge freshers because they dont have anything else to be judged upon but for laterals, Infosys - or any other company - does not care so much because what you have done in the 4 years of your professional career matters more than anything else.

    Also, they have already made you an offer. So you have nothing to worry about here. They will just verify that the documents given by you during interview are the same as your original documents or not.

  55. Unknown  

    thank u somuch for ur words chintan....

  56. Unknown  

    I am completing four monhts training in infosys and dec 23rd will be the completion date. I have not cleared two subjects in stream and if I fail in one more, will they terminate me?


  57. Chintan Patel  


    I am surprised that you are asking this question even though you are 4 months into training. All that matters is your CGPA. Failing in 1 subject would be fine. You need to pass in 65% of the total number of subjects and your CGPA should be 4 out of 5.

  58. Rohit  


    I think the criteria is little different just have a look at this : http://www.sayakbanerjee.com/2010/05/23/my-training-experience/
    Hope this might be useful as well.

  59. Chintan Patel  


    Thanks for the link. The criteria he mentioned is out of N subjects, you have to pass in N-2. This criteria is practically true for most cases but theoretically, it is 65% of the total subjects like i mentioned.

    For example, if there are 5 subjects in a stream, you have to pass in 65% of them which is 3.25 which is rounded off to 3.

    If there are 7 subjects, you have to pass in 7*65% = 4.55 which is rounded off to 5.

    If there were 100 subjects, the N-2 formula would not hold true as you would need to pass in 98% of subjects and you only get 2 chances to fail which is a very tough and impractical criteria so theoretically it can be proved wrong but N-2 holds true for almost all practical scenarios.

  60. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    i m selected in infosys interview n got the DOJ. I hv a problem regarding 12th marks. According 2 our state board my marks is 63.3%, bt it includes one optional paper(from it 68 was deducted). In Mark sheet the aggregate is given according this and it is stated the 1st division (60 above). Bt if total marks of optional paper is considered then avg wd be below 60. Wat will happen?
    Pls reply sir...
    I m very scared.

  61. Unknown  

    hello sir, we have to show the passport at the time our joining date. my doj is jan10th 2011. i dnt have the passport. is it compulsory?

  62. Chintan Patel  


    Did they not check your results at the time of interview? If they checked, you dont have anything to worry about because they would have already noticed it. If not, even i cant be sure of the outcome. Be prepared for the worst but i think you should be fine as the aggregate mentioned in the marksheet meets the criteria.


    If you do not have passport, you atleast need to have the proof of having applied for a passport. So apply for a passport before you join.

  63. Unknown  

    I'm a lateral,having experience of 1.2 years at the time of selection.I'm appointed as System Engineer. I'm asked to appear in Mysore campus on 24th Jan. What kind of training would be given to me? Will it be similar to the fresher's training ? Reply soon.

  64. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have any idea about training given to laterals at Infosys mysore so cant say anything in your case but my guess is that it will be faster than what it is for freshers. Maybe you will have directly stream training in the stream they want you to work in instead of generic and then stream training.

  65. My WorkSpace  

    I am a B.Tech IT student 2011 pass out. Infosys Campus drive for our college is on 22.12.10. The elegibility Criteria for attending it is 6.5 CGPA. I have a CGPA of 4.95 and have 2 arrears which i am confident of clearing and getting more than 6.5 CGPA in the sem exam that i have written and is to be released on 27.12.10. Can i attend the Placement? How do i approach the HR and explain him my situation. Will they allow me to participate. Please Guide me through.
    Waiting for your reply.

  66. Chintan Patel  


    If it is the criteria that you need to satisfy with your current marksheets instead of all the marksheets at the end of engineering, you are out of luck.

    You can try appearing for the written test because as far as i can remember, the criteria is checked only after the written test before sending the candidate for interview. I dont think talking to HR who conducts the campus interview will help because he does not have any authority and he just has to follow the rules and instructions given to him.

  67. Unknown  

    what are the salary hikes accrdg to the experience

    for instance now at start i hav package of 3.25L

    so after 2-3 yrs of exp what salary shud i xpect

    & what r the common hikes in IT field accrdng to increasing exp

    accrdng to me u by now hav a exp of around 2-3 yrs What pckg do u get in SME

  68. Unknown  

    r the bsc it & BE graduates getting the same package in IT field

    & if its the same then whats the use of going thru such a difficult phase when u can hav an easy way out

  69. Chintan Patel  


    2-3 years is a very distant future and market dynamics can change rapidly which may influence your salary. Otherwise, you can expect 10-15% rise every year depending on your performance and no hike if the company is not doing well.

    I dont want to discuss my salary in public but i can say that the increments given at SMEs are more and they can be as high as 60%.

    You can get a better hike if you change your company after getting experience.

    There is no easy way and difficult way. The company has its own criteria for selecting candidates and if they pass their test, all are at the same level irrespective of their educational backgrounds. Get used to this type of thinking because in professional life, certificates will matter far less than what work you can do for the company. I have met a BCom graduate getting 80k Rs. per month working on .NET applications so its all about the work you can give to the company and not what you studied from a book whose first edition was printed 10-15 years ago. And frankly, you will have to admit that engineering is also very easy to go through.

  70. Unknown  

    My Doj is 10th Jan 2011.
    Has anybody from 10th Jan batch received any new notification from Infosys?

    I haven't received any mail from Infosys after their offer letter on November 16th.

    Please respond if anybody is aware about the dispatch of Medical checkup n accommodation letters to 10th Jan batch students..

  71. mandeep  
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  72. mandeep  

    m selected at campus placement for infosys as a systen engineer....sir hw much infosys offer during training period?

  73. Chintan Patel  


    The package offered during training at Infosys is currently 3.25 lakh Rs per annum.

  74. Unknown  

    Chintan sorry to intrpt that package during training is 2.7 L i.e 22500

    this is what is written in offer letter i hav received

  75. Unknown  

    Also i wud like u to send me the java material ie is included in the generic training as i am frm an etrx backgrnd & wud like to go thru the basics atleast before joining or atleast provide me with the link wher i can get that java stuff as i am having suff time as my joining is in feb

    email id : akshaykarpude546@gmail.com if u wish to send me java files

    i wud appreciate u greatly if u send me the material

  76. Unknown  

    1. 1 more q ie earlier der used to be 9 module tests now having said that java also included what is the total no. of module tests . Can u list them.

    2. Whats the duration of module tests & compre tests & also the details of each tests.

    plz reply.

  77. Chintan Patel  


    Ok. But many readers have mentioned it as being 3.25. Infact it was 2.7 for my batch and it increases by 10% every year so 3.25 is more likely. I don know if the role offered to you is different.

    I dont have the java material included in generic. Anyways, i dont share it myself as the material is copyrighted. Try searching it elsewhere.

    I dont have as detailed info about the current training scheme as you ask. Will update if i come to know anything about it.

  78. Unknown  

    infact to me also it was mentioned 3.25 during seminar but in offer letter it is mentioned 22500 for training period & after training it is so called 3.25 & if u hav doubts plz confirm it with anyone who received offer letter & mine role is the same as offered to everyone ie systems engineer

  79. Unknown  

    if u r not intrstd in providing material then just reply as it wud not be possible

  80. °ღ•ŚÚŚℋÁПŤ●•٠·˙ ƬサΣ IПQЦIƧƬIVΣ︻┳╦═─  

    Hey Chintan Sir,
    I have a query,
    I got my joining date on 14-feb-2011,but when i logged in my e joining portal it is showing joining date as 10-jan-2011, so i just want to know when i have to report.

  81. mandeep  

    thanx akshay nd chintan...

  82. Chintan Patel  


    I already told you clearly that i dont have the java material included in generic and even if i had, i would not share as it is copyrighted by Infosys. I dont know how to be more clear.


    The joining date in your offer letter is the real one. Dont know why Infosys has not done anything to solve this problem.

  83. ChenHui  

    Hi Chintan

    I'm a M.S(I.T)student doing 3/4 semester.
    I've got lots of info from your blog, that's awesome.
    I really wanna join Infosys training, but I find the company even don't come to my university recruit students.
    Is there any way I can take a chance ?

  84. Chintan Patel  

    You can send your resume to freshers at infosys dot com. They will call you for an interview if they think you are good enough.

  85. Broken heart  

    Hello Chinthan ,

    I have selected for the infosys and my DOJ is on 31 Jan. My query is that when i had sent the resume for the job , i had mentioned 65% throughout. But when the scholistic sheet arrived and i had to fill marks of all the subjects , the percentage for 10th got reduced to 63% ( including the additional subject).

    Now at the time of joining , will this question be asked from me ? I have 2+ years of experience

  86. Chintan Patel  

    @Broken Heart...

    I am not sure how much importance they will give to 10th std marks for a person with 2+ yrs experience. And also the current market conditions where they are short of people will also help you as they will be willing to let go of such things. You will need to join to see what happens.

  87. Anonymous  

    hi chintan
    I need ur advice on dis one.i wana leave infy for higher studies as soon as possible .m in stream training rite nw.if i shw infy ppl my offer letter frm de uni wil de waiver de penalty fee n giv me an exp cert??or failin s de only solution??i ve a cgpa of 4.95 nw so to exit shud i fail al modules n compre??plss help .i wana exit as soon as possibl wt an exp cert.

  88. Anonymous  

    sorry for the abb. Exp cert is experience certificate:)my stream s ims whch really sucks:(

  89. Chintan Patel  


    Failing is the best solution because you cannot be sure of their response. Anyways, you can talk to an HR about it and ask him what will happen in this case. If he says that you will not get the experience certificate, you can go ahead and fail in training.

    Your CGPA is too high. haha. I think failing only in stream compre and re-compre is enough to get you out of Infosys but for re-compre, you will have to be there for an extra 15 days after stream compre. So you can fail in more modules to be sure of exit. :)

    I agree IMS sucks and most people leave it during training or after posting.

    If you are going to abbreviate "abbreviation" to "abb" in the next comment, no need to worry about exp cert. :)

  90. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    I recently got placed in both Infosys and Wipro amd I am in a great confusion about which to choose!I heard that the work pressure is less in wipro but I don't know how true it is.I really need your advice and it would be a great help if you could please list the pros and cons of both companies:)(I know thats asking too much but if you have the time...)
    I just want to mention that your blog is great and am really glad I came across it! Its very informative and a great help to us freshers:)
    Thank you so much(in advance).

  91. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys is a far better option than Wipro. Wipro has admitted in their last quarterly earnings call that they have fallen behind Infosys and TCS and their growth is slower than Infosys and TCS.

  92. Unknown  

    Thanks Chintan for the quick reply...

  93. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan bro,

    are we allowed to bring Video cameras and Digi cams along with us?

  94. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, all types of cameras and mobile phones are allowed. Only laptops are not allowed.

  95. Pratheek  

    I am M.Tech CSE student got placed in both Infosys and IBM.
    Is there any training for M.Tech students?
    If yes, will they club both B.E and M.Tech?
    Any advantage for PG students in Infosys reg growth, projects etc??
    Which is good company ( Infosys or IBM )for PG students?

  96. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, there is training for MTech students also and i think its the same training because i had an MTech friend who joined Infosys with the same package and training as BE graduates.

    i think they usually judge you upon present performance rather than relying on past certificates and so a BE graduate may be given preference over an MTech graduate if his performance in training and later on in projects has been better. So i dont think it holds any specific advantage if you are MTech but being an outperformer is the best thing to aim at.

    I cannot say which is a good company specifically for post graduates because i think the industry does not differentiate students like that. Its a different thing if you ask for MBA and CS/IT graduate but for BE and MTech graduates, there is hardly any distinction in terms of work.

  97. P.C.  

    hello chintan
    i am a CS student but i hate C and all programming.i am very bad at programming.Do i need to join classes for C,C++ before joining infy?

  98. Unknown  


    can you provide some information abt their weekly test..???

    n wht is d criteria for d passing??n wht if one who fails in d exam..?

    thnx :)

  99. Unknown  

    @chintan- greetings!
    sehaj here
    i've been placed in infosys.
    i've read the blog tht say we've to learn c and java.
    but i've done ccna, N+' and i'll go for ccnp in my 6mnths training.
    can u tell me whether networking skills will b of some use or i've to go for c and java?

  100. Unknown  

    thnx in advance sir!

  101. bhooms  

    @chintan : hi gr8 job
    i am bhumika.i am a 2010 passout nd i have got selected înfy in december only. My joining is on 14 march in mysore. I am working in a company. Does a releaving letter compulsory coz they are ready to accept my resignation bt will give releaving letter only if i serve 2 months notice which i doesn't want as i wnt to spend sme tme wid my family.

  102. Chintan Patel  


    If you say that you hate C programming you should try something else because as a software engineer, you will have to do a lot of programming everyday and more so in training.

    If you really want to join Infosys or stay in the IT industry in general, i suggest you develop a liking for it.


    The tests are not weekly but after the end of a module. Modules can be 2-7 days long. You have to get 65% to pass a module. It will be explained in detail in the induction program in the first week of training.


    Generic training is common for all and C and Java are a part of it so its better if you study C and Java.

  103. Unknown  

    thanx chintan!
    but will networking be useful after the training period is over?

  104. Chintan Patel  


    It can be useful if you are put into a related field. If you are not given a related job profile, it wont be useful.

  105. Unknown  

    @ chintan

    hii i got selected for internship(final year project) in infosys.
    can you give any information regarding that like how it would be and what kind of projects they offer. do they allow laptops??

  106. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have any idea about their internship so cant say anything about that. They do not allow laptops.

  107. Chintan Patel  


    Relieving letter is not needed if you are selected as a fresher so dont worry about that.

  108. coolstingo  

    iv cleared both the written and interview for infy....but the problem is i have one active back...which im in doubt if it'll get cleared or not...now if it doesnt get cleared before the D.O.J ....will my selection get canceled? ...i meet all the other criteria...and my college also gave me a clean chit regarding active backs..does infy check all the semester marksheets at the time of joining or only the degree..??

  109. Chintan Patel  


    You can extend your DOJ by upto 6 months if you have a backlog or for any other reason. If you dont clear your backlog within those 6 months, your offer will be cancelled.

    I dont know if they will allow college's clean chit. Yes, they will check each and every marksheet individually and recalculate your aggregate.

  110. mayank  

    heelooo sir...
    i m mayank..i hv got selected in infy on 13 jan,2011...i m doing mech engg..i want to knw--
    1)what a mech engg will do in infosys??

    2)what are the growth prospects of mech
    engg..is it like cs/it people or different??

    3)what shud i learn bfre joining as i knw very little abt prgrming..??

    4)what is the % of people who are nt able to clr the training..particulary mech ones??

    plzzz rply to my queries.....

  111. Unknown  

    hello sir
    i am a IT student i got selected in Infosys. but i have 1 active backlog,i may not be able to clear it, but our university allows to leave some subjects to get a degree, so i will get the degree . will there still be a problem?

  112. Chintan Patel  


    1. Mech engg will code like a software engineer at Infosys.

    2. Growth prospects are the same for everyone.

    Rest 2 are answered so many times. Use site search above.


    Please search for the answer before asking your question. I will not answer repeated questions everytime. The answer is in this post's comments.

  113. Unknown  

    hello sir
    I just want a guidance about the matter that......I recently got placed in both Infosys and Accenture amd I am in a great confusion about which to choose!
    I will be highly obliged if u please help me to choose.


  114. Lalit Lekhwani  

    Hello Sir,
    My doj is 14th March, I hv all the mandatory documents like passport, pan card, provisional degree certificate, NSR etc.
    but I don't hv my first year marksheet, will der be any problem or is it necessary for me to get the duplicate of that marksheet, If it is den I'm afraid I'll not be getting it before my DOJ. Sir please help, I'm really worried.

  115. dayanand j b  

    sir.. due to some medical reasons I got year back in 2nd year.. and I rejoined the 2nd year BE and scored well.. now am in 6th sem and my aggregate is 68%.. Is infosys allow me to attend the placement rounds..?? or wat..

    please suggest me...

  116. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys selection criteria is different for different universities and colleges. So you will have to wait for Infosys to come to your college during which they will announce the criteria for you.

  117. Anonymous  

    i hav been selected for infosys training. but the problem with me is i have 65% aggregate if i leave out the invalid subs like constitution and environment. but if they add that my %will go below 65. i have to take aggri of each semesters rather than count marks of all sems and then divide it by the total sum. will ther be any prob. cause if they take simple aggri i have 65%.

  118. Chintan Patel  


    Percentage will be counted based on your total marks in each marksheet. I dont think they will leave out constitution and environment if it is mentioned in the marksheet.

  119. Lalit Lekhwani  

    Hello Sir,
    I found that you haven't answered my query yet. I have my provisional degree certificate, all other mandatory docs, + all sem marksheets except my Ist Year marksheet. Will der be any problem. I can bring a letter signed by my college authorities dat I cleared my first year with __%. Is this enough??
    Reply ASAP!!!!!!

  120. Chintan Patel  


    Sorry, sometimes i miss out due to too many comments posted these days.

    I think it will be necessary to have your first sem marksheet or atleast the proof of having applied for a duplicate. They may not allow you without first sem marksheet because they manually calculate the aggregate percentage from all the marksheets. Anyways, if that happens, they will only tell you to continue training in a later batch and not to leave Infosys. Certificate with %age will definitely help but do apply for duplicate marksheet as soon as possible.

  121. Anonymous  

    it is like the those marks are only mentioned but are not added up with the total marks....its excluded in the grand total....so it wont be a problem na...

  122. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    i have 62.7%in 12th(without including the 4th optional papers) but includig optional it goes below 60 and in accomodation mail from infosys it z mentioned that u cant join infosys if u are not satisfying the eligibility criteria(aggregate of 1-8 sem).so tell me whether they will consider me or not.means regarding 12th mark nothing is mentioned in that mail.so what should i do?

  123. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    my offer letter of internship got deleted from my mail.So can u give me a email id whom to contact at infosys

  124. Chintan Patel  


    I think then it should be fine but dont mark my words for it because i cant 100% say for sure what their decision will be.


    Well, same as above, i dont know about their decision about optional subjects so cant say anything for sure.


    You can contact offer_update at infosys dot com.

  125. Anonymous  

    the thing is i have cleared the interview and i have got the call letter too...it took 5 weeks for me to receive the call letter....so i guess they hav gone through the eligibility criteria and all....they have asked simple aggregate...am sure abt it....but even then....a bit insecure...thats it...

  126. Gagandeep  

    Hello Sir,
    I got selected in Infosys recently in Jan...
    i jst wntd to know1
    1)when will be my joining...
    2)What all to prepare before joining for Training....
    3)What is the max duration of benching...i mean fr hw long it can be nd does it affect our career in any ways.............

  127. Chintan Patel  


    1. Joining date is not fixed. It can be from June to January.
    2. Already answered many times. Please search for it.
    3. There is no such fixed "benching" duration. It can be upto 1 year also if there is recession and the company does not have projects.

    It can affect your career if you dont learn anything useful in that one year.

  128. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan:

    Could you tell me more about the Induction.
    1) how long is the induction Training
    2) what all will be covered
    3) Assessments at the end of Training
    4) Project specific training

    It will be great if you could tell me the entire flow of the induction Training program.

  129. Chintan Patel  


    1. Induction program is one week long.
    2. They will teach you about various policies, marking system at infosys etc.
    I dont know what you mean by 3 and 4. "Entire flow" is too generic and i am not going to post as much as a blog post as a comment. Ask any specific question that want which is not already asked before.

  130. Unknown  

    i have been selected for infosys in 12 jan 2011.sir plz can u tell me when will be my date of joining?....and sir plz also specify that the offer letter will be send according to college wise or zone wise?

  131. Chintan Patel  


    DOJ cannot be predicted. It can be anything from June to March.

    Offer letter will be sent to your college but the service agreement with the bond will be sent to your home address.

  132. rawkey  

    'I-T dept slaps Rs 450 cr demand on Infosys'.chintan could you please throw some light on this headline that grew up in recent past..u think after Satyam fraud now this seems to be kind of fraud as well.

  133. Chintan Patel  


    If you read the article and not only the headline, you will know what the article says. Please dont tell me to explain the article to you.

  134. Unknown  

    sir ,
    i have been selected in infosys in jan 12 2011.
    sir plz can you predict when will i get my offer letter.most probably in which month?

  135. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan,
    I heard that negative marking scheme has been taken out from Infosys training tests.Is it true????
    thankss in advance...

  136. Chintan Patel  


    It can take anywhere between 6-12 months to get the offer letter.


    I am not aware of any such changes and every year trainees ask this question but i think it is not true this year as well.

  137. Unknown  

    okk...thankss for your help..: )

  138. Unknown  

    hello sir
    i hv been selected in hcl tech as wll as infy.i really really wnt to join infy but due to some family issues my parents insist dat i join hcl as i wll be posted at noida(currently reside at delhi.
    i hv sum ques..

    1 can you tell if training at hcl is gud enough & i wll nt be commiting a mistake by not joining infy

    2 if i join infy, is it true dat after psting, expenses r so high dat i wll nt be able to save nythng my cmplte salary wll be spnt in food, accomodation , trnsprtation etc.

    thnx a lottttt in advance.

  139. Anonymous  

    i am dng my b.sc.i hav attended an off campus(infosys) and cleared al d rounds.bt d final list is not announced by hr.bt the clg whr i attened d off campus has published d list of shortlisted students in d website.my name is also thr,so wil i get get d offer letter.if so wen wil i get?
    thank u

  140. Chintan Patel  


    I have no idea about training at HCL so cant tell anything but even though i have undergone only Infosys training, i can confidently say that it is difficult to match their training by any company.

    Second part is nonsense. How do you think people at Infosys survive if they have to spend everything?


    I think you are selected. Offer letter can take 6-12 months from the date of selection.

  141. ShanthiniCharles  

    hello sir,
    I am a btech graduate passing out in 2011 have got selected for infy in December. waiting for my offer letter. mean while i have taken up systems and database administration course. i want to go in that domain . but during training how do i tell them i am interested in this? Or is it as per their requirement they put in any domain?

  142. Chintan Patel  


    You will be trained in the domain that they have requirements for at that time and your preference will not be considered. Even after training, it is not fixed that you will be allotted a project which falls within your domain. It can happen sometimes that the project you are allotted is in a different technology than the one you got trained in. So you will have to be flexible and keep an open mind to be ready to accept everything.

  143. ShanthiniCharles  

    ok thank you sir..
    But is there any way to jump after completing the project?

  144. thiru  

    hello sir,
    this is thiru here i got placed on dec2010 till now i dint receive any conformation mail or offer letter.when will i receive those i am 2011 passing out batch....

  145. Chintan Patel  


    I dont understand what you mean by "jump".


    Already answered above. Please do not ask without reading all posts and their comments. I will not answer repeated questions.

  146. ShanthiniCharles  

    like i want to become a dba so is there any way to get into that domain later???

  147. hema  

    sir i hv applied at sarkari naukri.com and appeared the RRB(railways)exam and got qualified..however currently im continuing my btech 4th yr(IT).got placed in infosys too.
    my parents wnt me to go with govt service as it has job security..however because im n IT student i wnt 2 work with IT sector although it has got no job security..so im in a dilemma nw..once ill join infy ill lose the govt job..

    what shud i do according 2 ur opinion?

  148. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it is possible but again it depends on the demand for the role you want. If no such positions are available, you will not get to change your domain.


    Although not all government departments are corrupt but my general impression is that govt jobs are for those people who want to rot it out and take it easy. The system is never as efficient as in private companies and you dont develop much as a professional. Only those people who are very bad at what they do should worry about job security. Having gone through recession, i can say that people who were good at their jobs were still high in demand and companies were scrambling to recruit them.

    Anyways, if you join Infosys and go through the training, you will realize that a govt job can hardly match what Infosys can give you. So i will suggest to join Infosys instead of any govt job as it will help you to develop better as a professional.

  149. Unknown  

    i got selected in infosys on jan.but i dint receive the call letter yet.i will receive the offer letter?it is confusing for me...pls clear my doubt?

  150. Anonymous  

    hi chintan .....

    could u tell me about the ES stream offered by infosys to trainees after their 1st compre ???? what is all about and what sort of job profile is there after the training ends w.r.t this stream ???

  151. Chintan Patel  


    Already told sooo many times, joining date/date of getting offer letter cannot be predicted. Please do not ask the questions before reading all posts and their comments. I will not answer repeated questions.


    I dont know much about that stream so cant help you.

  152. Unknown  

    Dear chintan,
    I would like to tell u, dat i had been placed in infy on dec,2010. I'm right now in my final sem of my eng. I had also been offered a seat in a reputed institution in uk to do my masters. well now coming to my question,is der be any way to extend my training session by about one year or so.

  153. Chintan Patel  


    You cannot extend your DOJ by that much. The extended DOJ will fall within 6 months of your original DOJ.

  154. Shwetha MG  

    hi chintan..i got placed in infosys..i have misspelled while writing my email id in the form..i need to mail to offer_update..what are the things i need to be mentioning in the mail??

  155. Chintan Patel  


    Just mention the email address you have written and the one you want it to be updated to and i think it will be fine.

  156. NANDHINI  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  157. NANDHINI  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  158. aaryan singh dhanda  

    i m ryt nw giving engg entarnce exams and gave cbse board 12th exams in march 2011.. sir, i want to know which engg field i should join so dat i cn get a placement in infosys.. also tell me is there any exam for infosys entrance...

  159. Chintan Patel  


    You are too early in your career so i will give you one advice: Do not choose an engineering branch based on the current market scenario. Choose a branch only based on your own interests because market will surely change a lot in 4 years. Having said that, if you are really interested in joining Infosys, you should choose CS or IT. But yes, your first aim should be to decide what branch you are interested in and not to work at Infosys.

    There is a campus interview which consists of a written aptitude test and a personal interview.

  160. aaryan singh dhanda  

    thnx alot sir.. i am acually having keen interest in comp nd science engg..

  161. varun  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  162. Plaban Nayak  


    Can a BE dropout join infosys who has very good programmming skills and knowledge about a lot of topics on computer science?

  163. Unknown  

    hi sir,
    i recevied id and password from infosys.after login in that there is personal details form and the problem is that my mother name in my 10 and 12 marksheet is seema devi but in my passport it is writtten seema singh as my father name is mukesh singh.
    so which name should i will specify in that.
    or whether it will create problem for me during verification in mysore as title is different.

  164. Unknown  

    I've been selected in both infosys and cognizant. Infosys date of joining is on
    8th of august. I'm very confused as to which
    company would be a better choice for me given
    the fact that i'm not too good in programming.
    I would be really grateful to you if you give
    me your valuable suggestions.

  165. Deepika Bansal  

    Hello Chintan sir.
    Incredible work sir. I was having so much doubts about infy training at Mysore, but your posts and comments helped me a lot. Thanks a ton. Stay Blessed. :))
    Sir I have certain queries:-
    1. Recently I've got one mail in which I was asked to login at https://campusconnect.infosys.com/recruits2011/recruits2011.aspx.
    I am sure of entering my correct candidate id and password (my dob) but still m unable to login. I've mailed them at the address given by them in the mail, but no response so far. Can you please help me out in any way..?

    2. I'm pretty confused regarding personal laptops in infosys campus. You once mentioned that they are not allowed and then somewhere it is said that you access net using usb internet. How come...?

    Thanks in advance sir.
    Deepika Bansal.

  166. Chintan Patel  


    No. You need to have completed a degree.


    It will not create a problem. Just write Seema Singh.


    I am not much into comparing companies but just 2 key differences: Infosys traiing is awesome and Cognizant has no bond. You have to decide what you like.


    DOB has to be entered in the exact same format they mention so be sure to check that again. Cant help otherwise.

    Laptops were allowed when i was in training but they are banned since March 2009.

  167. Deepika Bansal  

    Thank you Chintan sir for your reply. I've called Infy helpline at the number they provided in the mail. Hope to get a new password sooner.

  168. hyna  

    1)im joining infosys on june 13th will they send service agreement by mail to get signed by notary or will they send a hard copy?
    2)i want to know if they allow sort of things like hotpacks inside mysore campus

  169. Unknown  

    I have been selected in infosys in december 2010
    and i found my joining date by October 3rd in 2011. but i got a backlog in my 8th semester.
    I have applied for revaluation. In case if i dont clear in RV can i extend my joining date?

  170. manoj  

    i couldnot write one of my 8th sem exam due to health upset.........my joining date is on aug 22nd......can i extend it????????

  171. gupta  

    Even my situation is also same....you are from which state and college???

  172. shruthi  

    i heard that the training period has been reduced to 3 months..wats the training period for oct 2011 information science students?

  173. Chintan Patel  

    Yes, they will send by mail. Sorry i could not reply before your DOJ.
    Hotpacks should be allowed although i am not sure.

    Yes, you can extend your DOJ if you get a backlog but remember, your offer will only remain valid till 6 months from the original DOJ and if you cannot clear the backlog till that time, your offer will be cancelled.


    Yes, read my reply to Star just above.


    I am not aware of the latest developments in training syllabus so i am not sure.

  174. manoj  

    will they accept my request as health upset as reason if i talk to hr and allow me to join on aug 22nd without clearing the exam as my re-exam is on dec 2011?????????????

  175. Abhinav Ranjan  

    nope..... ask them to delay jooining and join with the last batch of the season(your only option)which should be somewhere in march 2012...


  176. lalitha  

    so much being heard anout mysore campus, it would be very inforamtive if u could provide the same on bhuvaneshwar campus.

  177. sree  

    How did u feel the entire training process???.
    I am an avg. student.I would like to know whether the training can be managed . Waiting for ur reply...!!!

  178. ROBERTa  

    sir ..i am about to join infosys .. which is the best mobile connection in mysore campus .? i am from kerala and would like to call back home atleast ones in two days ..

  179. Ashish  

    hello sir
    My name is Ashish Rawat
    i have done my Graduation in BCA(PGGC, chd) stream and been selected for TSO process in infosys in march 2011 month but still waiting for offered mail or letter.
    I am confuse whether to wait for Infosys joining or i should enroll for MCA.
    And pls will u Elaborate the TSO roll also.
    reply as soon as possible :)
    Thnx in advance

  180. Anonymous  

    i have two years back in engineering in ece branch because iam failed in more than four subjects in 5th and 6th semester.iam a vtu student.i have some fear that infosys will allow 2 years back or not .is any other companies allowing year back students.

  181. sanju  

    hii chintan
    acutally my date of joining is
    04-07 tat is monday..and should i go for document verification before getting offer letter..

  182. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think that will be possible because they are strict about pending backlogs.


    I dont have any info about BBSR campus.


    Yes. Just be sincere and work hard.


    I dont know. You have to go and check there.


    I dont know anything about TSO. Offer letter will surely come sooner or later so its upto you whether you want to join Infosys or go for MCA.


    Infosys will not allow any backlogs while joining. Dont know about other companies.


    I dont know. They will instruct you if anything is needed from your side so wait for their instructions.

  183. ayush  

    sir...i have my date of joining on 1st august. but my 8th semester results are not yet out and i am confident ( for the lack of a better word) to have a back paper in 8th sem. the results would be out after my joining.so, would i be asked to drop out from the training, if i flunk in a paper?

  184. anand  

    Hi.... Sir, i got my offer letter dated on 1st august. Your blog help me alot to clarify my doubts. I think you are doing a great job for freshers like me..... thnx alot....and i have one qn: did they teach basic c language, during the period of training... i almost forgt the basics?

  185. varun  

    Hi anand, congratulations.. When did you got selected? I was selected in Dec 2010 and found the date in e-joining portal as oct-3 Could you please tell me when did offer letter arrived you after the joining?

  186. varun  

    Hello chintan sir, Do i have to complete and fill all the fields in the ejoining portal?

  187. Sankar  

    I Was selected by Infosys on-campus. But disastrously, I got a supply/back in my final semester exams. My DOJ has been confirmed as 1st August. What should I do? Please Advice....

  188. Anonymous  

    ! of my friends is joining infosys on 1st august.. can she get single room.. How can that be done.. Like reaching early or something.. please reply soon... thnx

  189. Chintan Patel  


    Its not fixed. Our offer letter said "pending results of last sem are allowed" and if you can get a provisional degree from your college/university, you will be allowed to continue training. Now there is a rule on paper that you have to submit all your marksheets at least by the end of training but i dont think they are so strict about that rule and so you can take a chance. At most what bad can happen is that they will tell you to go home and you will be made to continue your training from the exact same point that you left after you have your 8th sem result.


    Yes, they will start from the most basic things, so dont worry.


    Fill as much as you can. Its not very important.


    I think you will have to contact them and ask what they say. Most probably you will have to extend your DOJ till you have passed the exam.


    Girls are allotted the older hostels which were all shared rooms and the single room hostels are allotted to boys. So there is virtually no chance of girls getting single rooms.

  190. saminhunt  

    hello sir,
    i got selected in infosys in my 7th semester, but i had made a mistake and had accidently filled my 6th sem sgpa wrong which led to an increase in 0.094 in my cgpa(had 7.06 but by mistake wrote 7.1 due to the 6th semester marks) till 6th semester. will i be thrown out for this accidental mistake?

  191. Chintan Patel  


    If even at CGPA 7.06, you are still eligible for being selected in Infosys, you dont need to worry about it.

  192. Lipi das  

    Hello chintan........ my DOJ is on 1st august 2011.. and i'll be reaching the morning of 1st august(this is my joinin date) so i would like to know that is there any problem occur in hostel allotment.

    well I am really worried abt this.........Pls reply

    Thanx in advance........

  193. Vivek  

    Hello Chintan...my DOJ is on 11July 2011. But owing to a baklog in the 7th semester i requested for an extension in my doj. In reply they asked for the scanned copies of all my marklists and a letter from the principal which indicates my next availability etc...i mailed them back with whatever they asked ,but i didn't get a reply from them till now. How long will they take to respond?? should i mail them again?? will they revert my offer???

  194. ayush  


    does your offer letter say anything about 'active backlogs'? i have a few friends who have a backlog in 7th sem and are very worried about not making it. so, is infosys accepting people with backlogs,this time?

  195. Vivek  


    The offer letter says that there shouldn't be any active backlogs on the date of joining.So the only option is an extension in the doj,so i applied for the same,stating a backlog as the reason.In reply as i mentioned in my prev post,they asked for a letter from the principal which indicated my no: of backlogs,next availability to join etc... along with the copies of all my marklists. I mailed them all, but i didn't get a reply from them.So regarding the last part of ur query...i'm not sure, but they didn't say that my offer has been reverted. U from which colg and univ???

  196. ayush  


    this particular line in my offer letter is a cause of concern,''Our offer to you as a Systems Engineer is conditional upon your having fully completed your graduation / post
    graduation, without any active backlog papers and with a pass percentage not lesser than as specified in our
    campus recruitment programme 2010 - 2011.''

    i am from c v raman college of engineering,bhubaneshwar. uni-BPUT

  197. Vivek  

    It's there in mine as well.So they wont allow u to join with a backlog nor a lower percntg.But the offer letter also says that the offer is valid upto 6 months from the initial date of joining,so i applied for an extension....will update with their response.

  198. ayush  

    please do!:)
    that would allay a lot of fears! thank you!:)@vivek

  199. Chintan Patel  


    The class starts at about 8:30/9:00 AM. So if you come before 2-3 hours, i think you can still get to your room, get ready and go to the class.

    @Vivek, Ayush…

    Yes, they wont allow an active backlog and you will have to apply for an extension in that case.

    Your Infosys offer will not be cancelled because you have a backlog but yes, the offer is valid till 6 months from your original DOJ and if you havent cleared backlogs in that time, your offer will be cancelled.

  200. Tejal  

    Hi Chintan,
    U r doing a splendid job here.. My offer letter has mentioned 24th Oct. as joining date and also dat i should confirm latest by 31st july if i would b joining d training. Wht would b d consequences if i confirm my joining nw n dn't join the training program ?
    Thank u in advance

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