GEC 2 is now fully functional which is expected as it is about an year now since its inauguration by Sonia Gandhi last year.

One more food court is coming up in the space between ILI and Gazeebo.

The new SEZ whose construction had just started when i was at Infosys, Mysore is now complete.

Food court 7 will serve the hungry techies of the new SEZ.

Food courts 5 and 6 are ready on the single room hostels' side. FC 5 was already constructed when i was there but i think it became operational only in mid 2009.

One more food court is coming up near the multiplex and SDB4 which is the Origami building you often see pics of on the net.

GEC timings have been relaxed a bit and it is closed only for 12 AM - 6 AM instead of the earlier 10 PM to 8 AM.

Some trainees started dancing on the multiplex stage during a Dabangg show in the song "Munni badnaam".. and due to that, the multiplex was closed for a week but it resumed from next week.

Credits: Rohan Thengal.

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  1. Unknown  

    shall i have my NSR done or it could be done in Mysore????is it neccessary??????

  2. Chintan Patel  


    Its better to do it before reaching Mysore. It is necessary and all major IT companies ask for it when joining.

  3. Unknown  

    Its a queer enquiry. Can a trainee join infosys again after being declared failed or kicked out of it. Is there any policy to give another chance to a trainee who fails and disqualified once ?

  4. Chintan Patel  


    You can reapply to join infosys after 9 months of your exit.

  5. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan
    my doj is dec 20. I left one subject in btech. will I be rejected by Infosys for this reason?

  6. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know what "leaving" a subject means in your case but as far as i know, Infosys only checks if the results of all semesters declare you passed and that the average meets their aggregate criteria.

    So as long as you satisfy those requirements, you should be safe according to me. Anyways, as its only a week remaining, you should just join and see what happens.

  7. Sandeep  

    Infosys came to our college ..they said the traing programme is 16 weeks (4 months)...but u have said its 8 months....i want the latest training programme..??

  8. Chintan Patel  


    You might have read an old post. The new program from 2009 is detailed in the post:

    In that post, i mention that it is again reduced to 4 months.


    tell me how we will take the salary from them(will they allot an account to us or shall we open a new account at mysore)?

  10. Chintan Patel  


    The salary will be deposited in your ICICI bank salary account which they will open for you. You have to fill the form for that in the first week of joining during induction program. The account will be opened in the Infosys Mysore branch which is inside the campus.

  11. Unknown  

    dear chintan,

    i had earlier askd u whethr parents will b allowd 2 enter the campus on day before joining.. Now that i ve joind i wud lyk 2 share that parents can enter the campus on day before joining but not on joining date...


    Thanks buddy for ur instant reply I have two more doubts that
    1.According to the updates you mentioned that the laptops are not allowing to the campus.At this time what should I do whether I bring the laptop or not?
    2.I selected to infy in the campus recruitement on 2nd DEC. will i receive any conformation mail from infy regarding this selection .If yes when I will get any conformation mail from Infy?

  13. Chintan Patel  


    Thanks for the info. Will keep in mind while replying. The thing with parents being allowed or not is, if there are bomb blasts going on in the country, they would restrict everyone other than employees entering the campus and in that case even parents and spouses of employees are not allowed to enter the campus even before joining date.


    1. Laptops are still not allowed in the campus.
    2. Yes, you will get your offer letter when time comes. I cannot say what time because it varies from 6-12 months for different people from the time of campus interview. You will also get a joining date intimation mail when your DOJ is 1 month away.

  14. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan Sir,

    I will be joining Infy (mysore) training on 14 Feb 2011 as system engineer.I m eager to wrk in field of open systems(c/c++/unix).Is it possible tat i wil get chance to learn unix/linux during training period? can we choose stream like open systems,database,java etc during training period ? or all streams are compulsory for each trainee..? thank u..

  15. Chintan Patel  


    There is a 3 day UNIX module as a part of generic training so you will get to learn that but there is no Linux.

    There is also an Open Systems stream at Infosys which has C, Perl, C++ etc as its contents.

    You cannot choose the stream and you have to undergo only stream and not all.

  16. Unknown  

    Thanx for replyng...

    As i m frm electronics background.! so shuld i start studying unix frm now?? bcoz 3 days wnt be sufficient to learn unix...

    what shuld i do to get open systmes stream..bcoz i m pretty strong in c/c++..??


    Hi Chintan , could you tell me how much salary we can get during the training , what are the expenses and howmuch will be charged in that salary and finally how much we will get?


    Howmany members will be alloted for a room for accomidation.Will we take our collegemates as our room mates if they allot more than one for a room?

  19. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    Great blog, was very helpful for planning.

    My DoJ is 10 Jan and I still haven't received any email as to where to come or which medical tests to take in which hospitals. When should I expect such an email?


  20. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    My DoJ is 24 Jan, 2011. I have 1.4 yrs. exp. Training period is 2 month or more for Exp. candidate. Can i get desired location (Pune) after trng. because my Husband n baby staying in Pune.

    Any idea about Infosys Dev. centre in Gurgaon???

    Thanks & Regards

  21. Chintan Patel  


    No need to worry about UNIX. Its a small course with less credits. 3 days wont be sufficient? You will get to know how long days are at training when you reach there. :)

    You can do nothing to get a particular stream. It is random.


    All your questions are already answered. Use site search above to find the answers.


    You should have received the mail by now. Have any of your friends received it? Anyways, dont worry. You know your DOJ so just reach the campus and everything else can be taken care of there.


    I think as you are experienced and also married, it will be easy for you to get posted at Infosys Pune as your family is at Pune.

    I dont think there is an Infosys DC in Gurgaon. The only one in the north India is Infosys, Chandigarh.

  22. Unknown  

    Thanks for replying...

    Yeah, I have received the emails just yesterday with all the details.

    Just one thing that I didnt understand is that they mention something about e-joining. The email says:-

    "Print out of the e-joining form at the time of joining is mandatory."

    Can you please shed some light on it.

    Once again a Big Thank You.

  23. Chintan Patel  


    It just means that you need to bring a printout of ejoining form at the time of your joining. There is E-joining portal which you can access where there is 1 month left to your joining. I think Infosys would have mailed you a username/password for that. As there are less than 30 days remaining for your joining, you will be able to login there and fill up your details like marks in all semesters and take a print out of it. You can search for more information about it using the site search above.

  24. Sandeep  

    I am selected both in cognizant and in infosys....Can u halp me which i shud both are gud companies iam in doubt..??

  25. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys training is definitely the best in India. But i hold Cognizant in high regard too. Infosys is known for its training but then there are many people who find their job unsatisfactory after training although the chances of it happening are reduced now as the market has heated up now. Still i think Cognizant is a very good choice if you are not eager on Infosys training because they dont have any bond and i have heard favorable reviews from people who joined it recently.

  26. Unknown  

    hello chintan,
    hatsoff for ur efforts
    i will be joining infy on 7 feb,i just wanna know smthng:-

    1> u told abt notary thing that it should be signed by our parents,but my parents are not cmng with me to can i do it widout them??

    2> wht abt the weather of mysore,will i have to carry winter wears wid iam joiing on 7 feb??

    3>will infy keep our original marksheets and documents,during our training period??

    4>laptops are not allowed in campus,so how can one have access to internet..can we surf internet on cell phone...

    5>are digital cameras or camera phones allowed in campus...

    iam sry if these questions are already answered by u...but rght now i am travelling and i am unable to see all ur posts....

  27. Chintan Patel  


    1. Yes, dont worry about that. You can send it to your home by courier which is available from within the campus. They will explain everything to you in the first week.

    2. Yes, as i said before, you should carry winter wear. Its a hilly area and so it gets cold.

    3. No.

    4. Yes, you can surf on cell phone and also on the PCs allotted to you in the classroom in a fixed timeframe but all mail and social networking sites etc would be blocked on those PCs. There is also a Reliance Web World in the campus where you can surf all sites.

    5. All types of cameras and phones are allowed.

  28. Unknown  

    hai chintan
    thanks so much for ur responses on all sorts of qyeries on infy.
    my doj is feb 14 2011. one month ago i accesed my ejoining username and password but i forgot my password now. i am unable to access it as there is no other option to retrieve password option. please elp me out in this issue.. itseems ejoining is mandatory and i mailed them regarding this but found no reply till now

    thanks in advance
    keerthi bhagavathula

  29. Unknown  

    also infosys asked us to take print out of ejoining form but they have not mailed us any username and pasword for ejoining. after submitting out candidate id in the ejoining site we have chosen our own user name and password which i forgot right now

  30. Chintan Patel  


    I do not have anything more to tell you than i told you before. Dont worry, it is not such a big issue.

    There is only 1 ejoining username/password through which you have to take the printout. Just mail them and wait for their reply.

  31. Unknown  

    Hello Sir,
    My DOJ is 10th Jan 2011.My offer letter mail says that it is advisable to undergo vaccination for Hepatitis A,B etc.I have not taken them.Though it is not mentioned as mandatory,at the same time they are asking for the proof of same.Should I take them now..?Plz Help.
    Thanks a lot.

  32. Chintan Patel  


    Vaccination is not mandatory and you can let it pass if you are doing it for just Infosys. You will not be asked anything about it.

  33. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  34. Unknown  


    thanks for the reply

  35. Sandeep  

    Is der any Diff between salary packages of cognizant and Infosys?? After 3 years in both Companies....which will benefit me more?I want to work for 2 or 3 years max and do higher studies...?..I heard dat there is 2 years online MS-correspondence course in cognizant...Through which i get salary as well as degree??...Taking all this into criteria...which is better for me?? Cognizant or Infosys??

  36. Chintan Patel  


    Every hike after the initial package depends on your performance. If you know your stuff well, any company will be ready to throw money your way. For a 2-3 years perspective, all companies are the same and it depends a lot on what role you get at the company. There are many correspondence and full time partly sponsored MBA courses offered by Infosys also but the seats are very few for those courses and there would be a huge competition within the company for those courses and so i would suggest you to not be much optimistic about that.

  37. Bhargavasharma  

    Bhargav sharma
    hey i have one question to u
    what is recuriment process for mba graduates ... ..... is That same for b-tech graduates ....and what about percentage cut off ...
    i have campus interview on jan 3rd 2011 ....plz tell how to prepare for the process.....

  38. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know if the written test is the same for MBA recruits but personal interview will surely be there. Percentage cut off varies for different universities because every university has its own grading system so they announce the criteria for each college or university separately.

    I dont have any idea about their recruitment process for MBAs so cant suggest anything for preparations.

  39. Ashish Khandelwal  

    Hi.... can u please tell me when my parents can visit infy mysoor campus as i have to join on 24th jan-2010.

    Ashish Khandelwal

  40. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered so many times. Please use site search above to find the answer.

  41. Unknown  

    what is e-joining? How it can be done.If possible then please can u send me the link

  42. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered. Please use site search above to find the answer. I dont have the link for it.

  43. Sandeep  

    At present again IT boom is this point of time..which i shud do either job or MTECH FOR A CSE GUY.....

  44. Chintan Patel  


    Doing a job is better than going for MTech right now because you are not sure if market condition will be the same when you pass out of MTech. One CS friend of mine from 2008 batch was selected in Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and iFlex but instead of joining any of them, he went for MTech from NIT Surathkal which ranks in Top 10 technical institutes in India but as it was recession when he passed out of college, the best job offer he could land was 3.6 lakh Rs per annum from IBM which is less than what he would have been earning right now if he had joined Infosys.

  45. Sandeep  

    So..its better to do Mtech after doing a job for 3 years....??

  46. Chintan Patel  


    It depends on you and i cannot decide that for you. Only you can take that decision about what is right for you. What i am trying to convey is, MTech or MBA is no magic bullet which will increase your salary or whatever you are aiming for. Do it only if you feel it will add significant worth to your profile. Otherwise most colleges/courses out there are not worth sacrificing salary for 2 yrs and there are many jobs out there which will teach you more than an MBA degree can in 2 yrs. I personally know atleast 3 friends from the SMEs that i have worked at who have started their own IT company within 3 yrs of their professional career and are employing other engineers now. You cannot decide now that you will surely do MTech after 3 yrs because a lot of things change in 3 yrs and you will learn a lot in those 3 yrs and know yourself and your tastes in terms of work better and it is only then that you will be able to take the decision of whether to go for MTech or not.

    I am myself very good at aptitude but in 2 yrs after passing out, i could decide that i enjoy software development more than i would enjoy anything else and so i have no plans to go for MBA now. So it will take about 1-2 yrs for you too to find your true calling.

  47. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,

    I dont need to be telling you that you are doing an awesome job.

    I just have one query,

    I am joining Infosys at the Mysore campus on 10/01/2011 as a fresher.

    I thoroughly enjoy coding and would prefer to be in development rather than testing or support.

    What are the probabilities of me getting into development?

    And is there a way in which i can give my preference for the same?

    Ishan Mhatre.

  48. Chintan Patel  


    There is no way a trainee can join the stream or choose the job profile or the posting location he likes. You will have to go with the job they offer you after training. However, after you are posted to your IBU, you can discuss these issues with your team leader, project manager etc. and they will let you change to development if that is possible.

    Chances of getting into development are high these days because demand has picked up again. However, it does not guarantee you a chance to get into development. Just keep an aim of performing well in training right now. Other things can be worried about later.

  49. Unknown  

    Thanks a ton Chintan.

  50. Sandeep  

    what is meant by correspondence course??.....shud we write any exam for get an MS,MBA R MTECH the company have tieups..with institutes...shud we write any exam??or seat will be given on our performance..??

  51. Chintan Patel  


    You can search on net to find out what correspondence course means.
    Basically, it means that you dont join the course full time but you study at home from the materials of that university and only go to write exams. All companies do have tie ups with most universities but the competition within the company is very stiff for those limited seats and i would encourage you to not aim for that.

  52. Unknown  

    Sindhura S Rao
    Hi Chintan ,
    I have my joining on 24th of Jan 2011 and have not received any mails regarding the accommodation, medical test or e-joining username.
    I have received my offer letter though.
    Should I have to write to them asking all these or will the offer letter be sufficient for me to join when I am there?
    Also I just wanted to know if I can defer my joining for a months time.
    Thanks in advance.

  53. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    i m manpreet
    got mail from infosys and my doj is 14 feb 2011 but when log in my ejoining using my candidate id and there was option to creat username and password and after that in offerletter portion my doj 10 jan 2011
    but i had not recieved any email carrying username accomodation medical etc
    what should i do?

  54. Chintan Patel  


    You can write if you want to but your offer letter will be enough. All other things can be managed there.


    The date in e-joining portal is wrong for many students. 14th Feb 2011 is your real DOJ.

  55. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan
    i am really thankful to you for answering so much querries and creating the post.
    I have done from mech. And i dont have any single idea of any language or any thing have doj 14feb.
    Do u think i wil be able to clear training as i am a hard mech student.
    I know u have replied to tis sort of query and many mechies have cleared but it wil realy clear my mind if u could reply to this or could provide any study material..
    One more thing how much they charge for background cheking as i dont think i can get one.
    Thanks in advance

  56. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan
    i am really thankful to you for answering so much querries and creating the post.
    I have done from mech. And i dont have any single idea of any language or any thing have doj 14feb.
    Do u think i wil be able to clear training as i am a hard mech student.
    I know u have replied to tis sort of query and many mechies have cleared but it wil realy clear my mind if u could reply to this or could provide any study material..
    One more thing how much they charge for background cheking as i dont think i can get one.
    Thanks in advance

  57. Chintan Patel  


    If you have already read what i have replied earlier, that is all i have to say. It all depends on how much effort you put in although i would call passing in training a relatively easy task.

    They dont charge anything for background checks.

  58. Karunesh  

    sir i am studying B.e. EEE and i am in third year can i apply for offline job at the end of third year that after completing third year . if so what all i should get prepared i have six months time. any course,anything which i should get concentrate please tell me

  59. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know what you mean by an "offline job". Please clarify.

  60. Unknown  

    i am not able to get a passport even i m not able to apply due to some document problem.i wrote to offerupdate for my query.they replied u sud have photocopy of reciept but didnt clarified it is necessary or not means wil they send me back for not having applied for passport or having any proof.
    I have a pan card.

  61. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think you will be sent back for not having a passport. At most, what can happen is that you will miss out on any onsite opportunities if you dont have a passport.

  62. Unknown  

    @chintan- i got selected on 30th dec. presently i'm in my 8th sem i.e industrial training infosys is offering us the 6mnths ind training also at mysore. so shud i go for that?
    what will b the diff between this training and the training they provide on joining.
    any benefits?
    thank you

  63. Chintan Patel  


    Of course you should go for that. You should not need to ask this question to anyone.

    I dont know much about the final sem training at Infosys so cant compare it with the real training but you should definitely go for it.

  64. Naveen  

    hi chintan,
    I got placed in Infosys this 7 Jan 2011 through campus recruitment.
    i have a small doubt,by mistake i gave my wrong email in the form they gave us to fill before the written exam,but my resume bears the real email id,Sir will it be a problem in getting the offer letter and doj mail..will it a considered as a careless symptom..?
    Naveen Singh Rawat

  65. Chintan Patel  


    If you have already been placed, you just need to send an email to offer_update telling them about the mistake otherwise their emails may not reach you. Dont worry about it being taken as being careless.

  66. Navin  

    thanks for the fast reply Chintan but is this can u please tell me what exactly should the content be,i mean i am not used to professional emails.
    My id is and i think i gave them -

  67. sahil  

    Dear sir,
    first hats off to u
    I was selected in both infy and accenture i think so that accy is littl bit better nd my infy joining 7th feb but i did not get joining of accy yet so what i do no either reserve the ticket 4 infy nd go dere or wait for accy
    nd one que more can i leave the infy trng in mid after getting joining in accy plz reply...

  68. Unknown  

    sir i have my doj on 7 feb till date i havent received any mail from them regarding the e joining nd the mails about my accomodation sir whr can i find ths should i wait or should i mail them nd what is the id were i should mail................plzzzzzzzzzzz rply sir

  69. Unknown  

    sir is it necessary to have the ejoining lettet at the time of joining ......or the offer letter would be enough.... sorry for the inconvinience

  70. Anonymous  

    hey Chintan sorry to bother again but i just went through all the previous posts.. still my case seems smwht i have given wrong email in the form they gave us b4 the written paper and in my CV ,there is my true gmail id,,Do they consider the resume while sending joining letters ?.In that case i think i am saved,but if they don't, than,,?

  71. Unknown  

    @ naveen: i think they consider the email mentioned in ur form which u filled before giving written exam so its better to quickly reply infy @ the issue as in my form i hav mentioned only 1 id wer i got my offer letter but in my resume i hav mentioned 2 ids whereas my frnd who mentioned 2 ids on form got offer letter on both ids

  72. Unknown  

    @ naveen : or else just create an id with the above id mentioned so it wont be a problem

  73. Chintan Patel  


    Yes. I wont type in an email for you. Just write it anyway you want. Dont worry about it. You "think" so you are still not sure what id you gave them?
    Anyways, you can try creating a new id if that is not much problem if you dont want to make them change your id.


    Yes, you can join Accenture (not accy. There is no such abbreviation used) leaving Infosys during training if you want to but still i think Infosys' training is better and so its better to atleast join Infosys and possibly complete training and then join Accenture if you are eager for that company.


    You can mail at offer_update at infosys dot com. If none of your friends have got the mail, dont worry about it. They will send it to you soon.

    Only Infosys offer letter is enough.

    I don think CVs are being read by them and anyways, even if they did, they would not know what is your real email address. I already told you what to do. Rest you can know from Akshay's comments.

  74. sahil  

    thanx for rply...
    sorry for bothering again...
    i think there is an agreement in infy trng that u cant leave the cmpny during trng so how can i leave the infy after getting joining in accenture.

  75. Chintan Patel  


    Already explained many times. Fail in training. Just use site search above to find more about it.

  76. sahil  

    sir try to understand me
    if i would not get fail in test then there is any way to leave training by giving some reason like healh problem or any other reason.
    plz reply...

  77. Navin  

    i think i will create a new one,but still i am going to talk to the TPO to be sure..
    thanks so much for your advice and help Chintan,this is a very helpful blog.

  78. Unknown  

    is the training tough should we learn any language before joining....

  79. Unknown  

    Chintan Sir i have got a problem.I m a student of BIT, Mesra. Including me 4 students got recruited in infy on 20th dec`10 from my batch but i m the only one who has not received the e-mail concerning the training offer letter.My frnz got the mail on 11th jan. Our institute's training/placement officer said that its not a big issue. He has sent a mail to infosys regarding my problem. Sir, is there anything else i shud do??...Is it a serious problem??...eagerly waiting for ur reply...

  80. Chintan Patel  


    Dont try to fool them by giving any other reason. They are too smart and deal with such cases everyday. If they find out you lied to them, they may also blacklist your NSR.


    Please use site search above to find the answer. Already answered many times.


    Yes, it is not a big issue. Dont worry, it will be sorted out.

  81. sahil  

    okkk thanx sir...
    sir can i request to extend the date of training by writing an email or is there any way to extend my training to 1 month

  82. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can write an email to offer_extension at infosys dot com to extend your offer mentioning your availability date but they will surely give the new DOJ according to their convenience and will not make a special provision for you to join exactly 1 month after your original DOJ.

  83. Unknown  

    HI chintan
    I got selected for infosys on december by campus recruitment in our college.Still I didnt get any offer letter from infosys.SO I mailed to offer_update@infosys regarding my problem 3days ago and ther is no response from them. My friend said that they may take serious about my mail and may cause problem to my employement.
    1'Will It cause any problem to me?
    2.When I may get the offer letter(Will I get the offer letter)?
    Please reply for me even if u answer that in the earlier cases. Iam waitng for your reply.

  84. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, man. Offer letter can take 6-12 months from the date of selection.

    I dont understand and will never understand how asking about your offer letter will cause a problem to your employment.

  85. Navin  

    hi Chintan,

    whats a candidate id?
    i sent an email to offer_update for email address updation and they are askin for my candidate id.we were asked to fill out university roll numbers in the form they gave us during written test..should i mail them that.?please rply

  86. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can mail them that id if it helps but i think candidate id will be a different one. You can try asking them to search you from your old email address also to see if they can find you by that.

  87. Navin  

    HI Chintan,
    its been 3 days ,still no reply from offer_update.
    i provided them with my university roll no as candidate id..should i be worried..?

    i filled wrong email in my form so i sent an email updation mail to them.

  88. Chintan Patel  


    Hey man, be patient with them and dont expect them to reply so soon because they handle hundreds of such queries everyday.

    Dont be worried.

  89. Navin  

    @ Chintan .. are right..

  90. Karunesh  

    offline job means not through campus recruit through college. like can i apply directly to the company after sixth sem

  91. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can send your resume to freshers at infosys dot com and they will inform you if there is going to be an Infosys off campus interview drive nearby.

  92. coolhandu  


    I have my joining date on feb 7, But i have not yetgot any mails about the dos and donts in infosys and all the things I shud carry when I join the infosys...

  93. Unknown  

    m doing MCA and got placed in infi on 22nd dec
    Infosys called me for internship but mention 25000 fees.
    woild you tell me detail of this internship

  94. havish  

    iam undergoing training at mysore. after completion of training will i get desired work place or infosys will only tell which campus do i ahve to go

  95. Unknown  

    hi sir
    can u tell me how hostel rooms are alloted????
    can we choose our room partner? we are two frndz can we stay together???

  96. Unknown  

    Hello sir,
    I got the infosys offer letter on 12th nov..and my DOJ is on 14th feb.
    i got no letter of accomodation and neither did i get any username or password for e-joining
    What should i do..?

  97. divya  

    hello sir,
    i m divya..i hv got selected in infy on 5 jan,2011...i m doing IT engg..infy send us training letter but not to all. they sent the letter half of the ppl other will join in june 2011..the joining is 31 jan,2011.half of the slot got training mail. the record they hve has my wrong mail id. i send them a mail regarding "correction of mail id" to justify my part. i dnt know they hv snd the letter on my id or not..

    could u plz tell me
    the mail id to inform them my correct id so they cn update their records.
    n do u hve any information regarding the training of jan,2011(its of 4 months)

  98. Sandeep  

    I heard that salary hike and appraisal is low in infosys?? is it true??...i know it depends on performance..Let us assume that i performed well..starting they said it is if my performance is much will it be after 1 year..???

    CTS-INITIAL salary 3.015 +20,000 incentive for 1st 1 yr

    after 1 yr:-3.35+20,000

    will it be more in infosys???

  99. Unknown  

    I dont have a passport.Will it create any problem for me after reaching mysore dc?do they ask for it?what happens if somebdy does not have it and have not even applied for that?

  100. Unknown  

    dude can i have ur email id?

  101. Navin  


    cud'nt help noticing ur post..
    did u send the email correction mail to ?

    well i am having the same problem(got selected on 7th jan 2011!!).,i also gave them my wrong email i sent an email to them for correction of my e mail address.
    they asked for my candidate id..

    if they also asked u for the candidate id ,cuz der is no other way to identify u ,,u have to make sure dt u provided them ur correct candidate id,otherwise they may not b able to correct ur email address....

  102. Navin  


    and yes its been a week and i hvnt still got any reply from offer_update...

    they seem relly busy..!

  103. Unknown  


    currently i am working in DW domain and having 2.6 years of exp. i know you have mentioned many times about the infy criteria in this blog but i will still ask the same question that is 60% throughout is also needed for the experienced people also ?

    I am asking this only becoz recently me and 2 of my friends have fw cvs to infy, while i have 56% in 12th stand, rest of the 2 guys have 60% throughout. They got the call but i am not.

    So, if you can give some light in this , it will be helpful for me.

    Sorry for this repetitive question.

    Sujay Majumder

  104. Chintan Patel  


    Only offer letter is enough so dont worry if you dont receive any mails.

    Dont worry about Dos and Donts. They will explain those to you in the first week of induction. For things you should carry, read "Important Checklist for people joining soon".


    I dont know much about the internship so wont be able to give you any information. I even did not know that there is a 25k Rs fee for Infosys internship.


    You will have to join at the place they post you to unless you find someone to swap with if you dont want to be where you are posted to.

    Hostel rooms are allotted on a first come first serve basis and you cannot choose your partner. Generally, shared rooms are rarely fully empty and mostly they are half occupied and so less chances of getting to stay with your friend. If there is a room available and you go to the reception with your friend, there is a chance to get to stay together.


    Only offer letter is enough. Dont worry about anything else if you dont get it. Everything can be managed from there.


    You can send a mail to offer_update at infosys dot com. If you are asking about last sem internship at Infosys, i dont have much knowledge about that. You can find a lost of info about the regular training here.


    Salary hike depends on performance and it usually ranges from 10 to 15 or 17%. In training, they have 3 slots: 10%, 12.5% and 15%. To get 15% increment, you have to get a CGPA of 4.95 or above out of 5. You can calculate how much you will get after 1 yr by adding another 15% increment to that which you will get when you complete 1 yr after posting.


    They ask every employee to have their passport ready so that they it will not become a hindrance if they want to send them onsite. They do ask for it when you join and so i would advise you to apply for passport as soon as you can so that you can atleast have the proof of having applied for passport ready at the time of joining.


    chintan 100 at hot mailll dottt com. The username is chintan100 and add to it. Obscured to prevent spam harvesters from catching it.


    Yes, they are in full swing right now and so its difficult to get a reply from them at a proper time.


    Yes, you have guessed it right. Less %ages can be a hindrance even after having exprience. I know a person from my company who did not get a call from Infosys due to the same reason. He checked the cause of his rejection from a friend who works at Infosys and he told him this reason.

  105. Unknown  

    thanku sir..
    I want to know one thing more that is it necessary to have an account in ICICI bank before going to mysore or they will guide us for the same through which fooding amount will be paid?nd should i take woolen clothes with me aftet february?

  106. manoj  

    Hi,i got selected in infy through campus recruitment last month.
    1) I didn't receive any confirmation letter regarding selection.when i will get confirmation letter.
    2) In infy training period,they will conduct 14 or 15 tests.Is that true?
    3) Whether the people can be eliminated during training period,if they not performed well?

  107. Chintan Patel  


    They will open an ICICI bank account for you so dont worry about that.

    Yes, always take woolen clothes to Mysore because it gets cold in the night.


    1. Answered many times.
    2. Yes, there will be a test for each module and total number of tests do reach that number.
    3. No. If your CGPA is 4.0 out of 5.0 in training, they will not fire you. There is a clear criteria like this so no one will be fired without reason.

  108. Sandeep  

    any new tie ups with institutions in US for MS,MBA programmes...and IN IITs for MTECH PROGRAMMES for distance education..or correspondence courses??

  109. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    If hard copy and service aggrement is not recd prior to joining, whether the same we can get at mysore during induction on joining. As my parents are staying outside, and will not be available at home address.

  110. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have the latest info but as i have said before, dont be too eager for company sponsored education at Infosys as the maximum compensation you will get is 1 lakh Rs which is not worth the trouble in my opinion and also you will get that only when you re-join the company after completing the course. Who knows, you might get a better campus offer while doing your masters and would decide to not go back to Infy.


    Yes, the courier will go undelivered and it will be returned to Infosys. They will give it back to you during induction. I remember several people getting their hard copy like this during induction.

  111. Sandeep  

    BUT atleast the degree is valid...i think..?? it not so..??

  112. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, the degree is surely valid. In short, its like, when you go to study in a company sponsored course, you actually leave Infosys but they mark you as having left for higher studies and when you come back, they hire you again and reimburse the fees according to the policy.

  113. Sandeep  

    i am seriously confused...i am selected both in cognizant and infosys....after 3 years i will go for higher studies either MBA or MS by writing gre or plzz help...which is better for join in dese 3 years of span....i heard dat der are certification programs in cognizant.....??/ are der in infosys too??/...finally tell me which is better for me....


    Hi chintan iam in some suspection.I got selected for infosys through campus placements two months ago.But still I didnt get any conform mail regarding the offer letter.I mailed to infosys regarding this reason.But still there is no reply from them for 15days.
    1.What may be the reason for their ignoreness.?
    2.Will it be any problem to me for asking about my query(about offer letter) to infy.
    3.Will the infy people remember the candidates who mailed to them about various queries or will they not remeber.? I mailed about this twice in the span of 7 days.But no response...
    4.Will the all candidates who selected will call for training or again there is any process of filtering in calling the selected candidates for training.

    Iam waiting for your instant reply...

  115. Chintan Patel  


    Both companies are very good. Its difficult to choose between Infosys and Cognizant. Cognizant has an advantage of not having any kind of bond and has proven to be a better choice than Infosys during recession. Infosys also has many certification programs and sponsorships for higher education but the sponsorship is maximum 1 lakh Rs only so i suggest you dont take a decision based on that. Infosys training is an experience of a lifetime and the market is also doing well so there are better chances of getting into a project so Infy is a also a good choice.


    Hey, man... Already mentioned many times that the offer letter can take 6-12 months from the date of selection to get to you.

    They are very busy recruiting 40k people this year and they have thousands of people asking the same question to them everyday and so they are not going to reply to all those queries.

    They dont need to "remember". Its all in the database and you will surely get your offer letter when the time comes.

    All selected candidates will surely get the offer letter and there is no other filtering criteria after they announce that you got selected.

    Please do not bug them by sending any more emails.

  116. Sandeep  

    as i work for 3 years....which gives me more salary in dese 3 years...cognizant-3.015 innfosys-3.25....but i heard cognizant gives higher increments....which is best in dis regard..

  117. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, man. Dont go into such micro analysis. A lot changes in 3 years and the salary cannot be calculated so simply because it depends on a lot of factors like the demand of the technology you are in, your performance, market conditions, company's own condition etc.

    Also, as you are so sure of leaving after 3 yrs, you should focus more on value addition to your development as a professional than salary in these 3 years. Only 1 year into your job you will realize that salary is one of the least important things in the early years of your career.

  118. Kranthi  

    Hello chintan sir..i'll be joining Infy on march 14th 2011.CAn u give the exact salary we get in hand during the training period i.e;the pay after cuttings for accomodation,food,sports,gym,swimming,multiplex;etc;If we hav to bear the food cost and others,how much does it cost actually.On an average how much does a trainee get after all the cuttings and expenses?Is there any thing like performance bonus??kindly reply in detail..


    thanks or your reply
    Will it be any problem to me for asking about my query(about offer letter)twice to infy.and will they feel any thing bad about me


    HI chintan I too eagerly waiting for the answer asked by "kranthi",Please answer in detail even it might answered in the earlier case...

  121. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know the latest exact salary but they will tell you in the induction program. Its been 2 years since i was in training so to get an estimate for cost, you will just have to spend one month there.


    Hey man, dont ask them. It will come for sure. Dont disturb them now and again. It will not make any difference at all and they are not going to waste time answering thousands of people asking when their offer letter will come. They rather spend time responding to people who want to extend their DOJ.

    And anyways, i think the HR person who conducts campus interviews for Infosys always mentions that offer letter can take 6-12 months to reach you. I dont know if they forgot to tell you people this but i dont understand why so many people are asking this question.

  122. Chintan Patel  


    I have asked several readers of this blog to send me the details after they have joined but it has never happened. Also as i am no longer with Infosys, cant find it out without the help from some fresher who has joined recently.

  123. Subhasree-straight 4m d heart..  

    hello sir,
    I have 2 questions-
    1. I heard approx. 40% of the trainees are sacked after training, is it true?
    2. I got selected in both cognizant & infosys, which company should I join?
    (I don't have any plan of higher study right now, I want to work in the industry for 2-3 yrs, then will decide according to the requirements)
    thanks in advance..

  124. fel  

    FKF :hi.. im a fresher recently got selected into infosys... will it be tough to manage the an 8.o CGPA BCA student.. pls advice

  125. Chintan Patel  


    Both of your queries are already answered. Search for it using site search.


    Its not tough. Just dont be lazy and dont procrastinate. There will be a time crunch. Your CGPA in college is not related in any way to how you will perform there.

  126. Unknown  

    Dear Chintan sir,
    I was selected in Infosys during campus recruitment in my college on 19th jan.i thnk i hve all the academic criteria fulfilled.but i am not sure about my class xii results.for some reason they asked us to calculate our aggregate on every subject that we had in class xii not the rule which our board follows.and with their rule i have 67.25% in my xii.i hv read ur old blogs where sme people asked about the cut off marks.and somebody said it may be 68 or 70%.if that is the case then i am not qualified.and i am not sure about what the hr said that day.but i hv cleared the interview and got does it mean that i have all the criteria fulfilled? or i need to verify it once again.i hv good marks otherwise in all the levels.pls help.and i really appreciate all d great work that u r doing here.

  127. havish  

    @ chintan, sir you told me that i can swap but how do i find someone to swap. can you help me out with this

  128. Unknown  

    hi chintan I have a doubt...
    I got selected for infosys in the last month through a campus drive at our college.
    1.Iam not sure that I wrote the right email ID in the application...What they will do If I given the unexisted email
    2.Please give a good solution about this
    Iam getting tensed when i rememeber abt this

  129. Chintan Patel  


    They always ask to calculate aggregate by including every subject. I have said many times that the criteria is what Infosys announced to you and not what you read on the net. Criteria is different for different colleges/universities.

    I am not sure about 12th marks but engineering aggregate is surely recalculated after you join.


    Hey man, just use site search above to find your answer. It is in the post: How infosys posts trainees to various locations.


    I dont understand how suddenly sooo many people are making this mistake of entering "wrong email id" in the form.

    If they dont find your email address, you will not receive the mails that they send. You should send an email to offer_update at infosys dot com to update your application details and it will be rectified.

  130. Rakshita  

    sir, I have been placed in infy on 24 December 2010 through campus recruitment. I have not received offer letter as yet. Can u please tell me how much time it takes and Is there any possibility of not receiving so?? How much time it takes to get the joining??

  131. Sandeep  

    i have not yet received the offer letter all my frns got..IT seems the college have not sent my i didnt get....But they told u will be getting later.....will it affect my training and posting location..????as i want the same location as of my friends....??will mine and my frns training location differs????

  132. Chintan Patel  


    Already told many times, it can take 6-12 months from the date of selection. There is no possibility of not receiving if they told you that you are selected so dont worry.


    I dont think college has any role in that except handing over the received offer letters to you because Infosys already knows who they selected so there is nothing like your college sending your name.

    Training location is always mysore for everyone nowadays so dont worry about it. I think there is just a logistic delay. Mostly people selected in te same recruitment drive always get the same DOJ.

  133. Rakshita  

    Sir, sorry to bother u again. I am gradute from electronics branch and i am interested in becoming an embedded software engineer. How much is the scope at infy with their projects? Do they get such projects? What is the salary hike u can expect after on year?

  134. Chintan Patel  


    They do have such projects but it is not that you will surely get to work on embedded systems as you are an electronics engineer.

    Salary hike is 10-15% every year or every 6 months depending on how well the company is doing.

  135. Anonymous  

    heei doj is 14th march bt i hv nt received any other mail from them n how can i contact them for more information .I got my offer letter on 17th december n r there any chances for the extention of joining in this case.......!!!!!!

  136. Chintan Patel  


    Only offer letter and DOJ are enough to join. You just need to reach the campus one day before your DOJ with your offer letter and other things can be taken care of there.

    If you want to extend, you can extend by sending them an email at offer_extension at infosys dot com but if you are asking if Infosys will postpone it, it has never happened till now in my knowledge.

  137. Unknown  

    i have been selected for infosys (mysore) on 10 jan 2011,

    when do i expect my DOJ?

    just an idea...

  138. Anonymous  

    thnkieee 4 replying....oh for god sake dont say.....that i want 2 extend mah joining.......m really excited 2 start wid it....!!!!!!!

  139. Chintan Patel  


    DOJ cannot be predicted by anyone. It can be anything from July to March.

  140. Unknown  

    Hi, I'm from Bangalore and i got selected in Infosys last month. After training in Mysore what are the chances that I'll be posted in Bangalore itself? Is it based on performance or something? Pls do reply soon.

  141. Chintan Patel  


    It is not dependent on performance but on business requirements. You can read the post "How Infosys posts trainees to various locations" to know in detail about how it happens.

  142. sneha  

    i got selected on campus on 7th jan 2011.Now people are saying that infy doesnt send offer letter to all selected candidates is it possible?

  143. Chintan Patel  


    It is not possible. You will surely get your offer letter.

  144. gupta  

    i got selected in infosys recently.
    actually i have 0.5% less for eligibility.i.e.,i have 67.5...but i had written 68 in their sheets..
    is it cause any problem??
    i ll get offer letter surely right??
    r they ll check the forms we have filled??

  145. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  146. sneha  

    thank you so much.

  147. Chintan Patel  


    If you made it through the interview, it will not be checked again except the total aggregate of engineering when you join.

  148. gupta  

    chintan,Thank u Very Much for ur answer ....

  149. Unknown  

    I am Flora. sir i got selectd at infy in january, when do i get offer letter & joinning date. some are saying they will call after 1year. Im am confused please give me the full details.

  150. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered so many times. Its even in the comments above
    Please read all posts and their comments before posting a question. Repeated questions will not be answered.

  151. Rakshita  

    Sir, It has been heard that infy has increased its package for system engineer from 3.25 to 3.9. Is is true? How much salary can u expect in hand during training period?

  152. Chintan Patel  


    Packages dont increase just like that and anyways, if there is any increase in your package, you will be informed by Infosys directly so dont believe anyone else.

    Due to increasing packages and also costs every year i am unable to predict the in hand salary now. I have asked a few people who have joined Infosys to tell me about this but they dont reply. So you will have to wait till your first month of joining to know your package.

  153. Unknown  

    hello sir i have been placed in infosys on 17th january 2011 at kolkata
    and i want to know that when i would be getting the soft copy
    student from w.b. imps,malda

  154. Chintan Patel  


    Already told many times, offer letter can take 6-12 months from the date of campus interview to reach you.

  155. Unknown  

    Good morning sir;
    cud u pls tel me from where wud i get the modules i read in one of the posts via campusconnect or sumthng.

  156. Chintan Patel  


    You can search for "infosys training materials" on the web and i think you will be able to find some links. I wont host it because they are copyrighted so dont ask me for them. :)

  157. Unknown  

    hello sir,this is pintu,recruited by infy for this academic year.i have heard that work-life balance of infy is very poor.what do u say about it?

  158. Unknown  

    what is th average working hour?and which dc is best to work for in terms of monetary growth?

  159. Chintan Patel  


    Work-life balance can get poor if you are in such a hectic project but it is not that each and every employee has very poor work-life balance.

    Average working hours are 9.15. Monetary growth does not depend on DC at all.

  160. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    tanks for ur prior advice
    i wud lyk to clear sum ding: is nt easy especialy in batch of 180,approx100 failed in retest.
    2.agg sud nt b les dan asked,24 student were asked 2 leave after 7 days.
    3.too much crowd
    bt better managed.

  161. Unknown  

    its 100 in 750 students for ncs bt stil hav a chance.
    In cs 30% failed in 1st test.

    Passport is nt compulsosy.

  162. Rakshita  

    hi Is this what ashwani said can really be the situation? Is it very difficult for an average student to clear the training?

  163. hema  

    sir what is the significance of doing campus connect classes in colg?

  164. Chintan Patel  


    I think you are just talking about a module test and not the entire training but the way you have worded it may make people perceive it as that many people having failed in training and will have to leave.

    Passport is not compulsory but is the receipt of having applied for passport also not compulsory now?


    Like i said, i think he is just talking about a module test and not failing in entire training. The tests come one after the other and it is hard to maintain performance in each and every test. So failing in 1 or 2 modules in entire training is common and can be more than made up by performing well in compre.


    It is for your own betterment. Campus Connect course is almost the same as the training syllabus but they will not ask during joining if you have completed CC or not. Basically, they dont care but as it is the same thing as training in a way, i recommend you go through the course.

  165. Unknown  

    I wanted to tel dont b complacent with infy training dat it wil b easy with world clas traing bt u wil need to work hard if to b d 5 pointer.
    Realy traing is awesum,it is nt hard for even weak students, also just dont take it for granted.

    Pasport is for backgrnd verification, dey give time tn get it otherwise they charge.
    Bt realy its very nice and enjoying to b at infy.

  166. Sandeep  

    I have to register NSR..wipro has given me offer i have to register for also have offer from in specifying employee details...if for the time being can i specify wipro..and later can i change to NSR...finally i will be joining infosys..but for safety..i am accepting wipro offer letter???

  167. Chintan Patel  


    Man, just keep it blank if you are not sure. No need to waste time thinking about it.

  168. Rakshita  

    Sir what is the training duration for non cs/it people? They told us 4 months training. Is it for cs/it people? What is the in hand salary expected during training period for a package of 3.25?

  169. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it is 4 months for non-CS-IT people. Many expenses would have changed since the last time i was there but i think in-hand will be around 15k per month during training.

  170. Avinash Desu  

    @ Rakshita..
    Sal for men in training : 13574 INR
    for women it could be Rs.500 more

  171. Rakshita  

    Sir, I have received my 7th sem result recently. Although I fulfit criteria of 65% but I want to fill revaluation in one subject. If I do so I have to submit them my original marksheet keeping the photostate. Result of reval will come by next march. It may be possilble that infosys joining comes before that.
    Is it compulsory to have all original documnets with you at the time of joining? Thanks a lot to you, you have cleared many of my doubts well.

  172. Chintan Patel  


    In your case, having a photocopy and proof of having applied for re-evaluation will do.


    @ chintaan and avinash desu

    avinash mentioned that the salary for men in training : 13574 INR
    for women it could be Rs.500 more

    is it will be the final salary amount after deducting all expenses regarding accomidation and food ? explain clearly and give me clear idea

  174. Chintan Patel  


    I am not sure but my guess is that this is the final amount deposited in your bank i.e. the in hand salary but only he can tell.

  175. kiran  

    hii Chintan sir,
    I got selected into INFOSYS on december 7th,2010 in campus drive.the cutoff required by infy was 68 and i had that required 68 during the campus drive, now i finished my btech and awaiting for call letter.
    my problem is now my aggregate is reduced to 67.5 i.e.,0.5 less than the cutoff will they allow me for training at mysore.I am very tensed now i have not applied for any other jobs till now. please give me a reply. Thanks very much for your support.

  176. Chintan Patel  


    You will not be allowed in training. Even 0.01% less than required is not allowed.

  177. kiran  

    @Chintan Patel
    thanks for the reply Chintan sir,its my badluck that i cannot get into INFOSYS ,but u inspird me a lot .U are doing a great job...

  178. varun  

    Hi Chintan.. U are doing really a great job by answering all out queries patiently..

    I got selected in infy on dec 11th 2010.
    I would like you to answer the following..

    1.What are the different letters we receive from infy after getting selected in campus.(both soft and hard copies)?

    2.One of my senior(wipro) told that cs and it people receive offer letter well before than non cs/it.. How far is that true?

    3.Why did you quit infy and where are you working currently?

  179. Chintan Patel  


    1. You will receive offer letter, service agreement, joining date etc.

    2. That is certainly not true for infosys.

    3. Already answered on this blog. Please read all posts before asking anything.

  180. Unknown  

    from anuraj,

    hi chintan,
    I am an Mtech final year student placed in infosys.What will be my roll in Infosys.Why they are hirind mtech proffessionals....i am in a dilemma to join in infosysy or to try some other job....plzz reply to me..i need your suggestion...

  181. Chintan Patel  


    Is it so difficult to guess? They hire you to make you a software engineer what else.

  182. vikranth  

    Hello Chintan sir,
    1.Does INFOSYS has any other training centers other than in mysore and pune.
    2.I am asking this coz infy has hired 40000 students how can they accomodate training at a time(as the capacity of mysore campus is only 4000 students).

  183. Sandeep  

    My DOJ is AUG 22 so there is 3 months of time..what shud i that it will be useful to me..and keep busy myself in something..???

  184. Chintan Patel  


    1. Infosys has small training centers at all their DCs because even the current employees need skill up-gradation frequently if they are moved from a .NET project to a Java project and such and it would not be feasible to send all of them to mysore.

    2. You are wrong about the capacity. 4500 is the capacity of GEC-1 and the new GEC-2 has capacity of 9500 people. So the total training capacity is 14000 people at a time.

    Anyways, when they say 40k, they actually mean that they will issue that many offer letters but it will never happen that all of them join Infosys. For example, in each DOJ, 1000 people are scheduled to join but from my DOJ, only 632 people joined.


    Hehe. Only you can decide what you want to do. I cant suggest you a hobby. :) If you want to learn a language, learn C or Java.

  185. NANDHINI  

    hi ,
    i got a letter from infy, it is a letter with username and password for accessing portals and also states that the offer letter and doj ll be gvn within 4 to 6 weeks
    what is this actually mean sir

  186. Anonymous  


  187. vikranth  

    hello Chintan Sir.,
    1.I received my User ID & Password frm INFY but i cannot access my account in a portal for 2011 recruits and there is no response frm INFY though i hav mailed them regarding my logging in problem.
    2.does it effects in any way if i cannot log into my account.

  188. varun  

    Hello nandhini,vikranth,vikash,swathi, when did you people got selected?...

    We all got selected on dec 11th 2010.. One of my friend also received the password on may 6 th.. But no one else received including me.. Why would this be?

  189. NANDHINI  

    @varun :tat how we know..its all in the hands of infy people
    do u know anything abt our doj
    i hope we ll be joining in jul

  190. NANDHINI  

    hi varun u better contact infy helpline and ask abt it

  191. Unknown  

    I got placed at infy through campus interview.
    I have received the offer letter with the joining date at 13th june. I have some doubts like
    1. when i should report at mysore
    2.whether i should separately pay for hostel and food.

  192. sandy  

    hiiii chintan,
    can u please tell me how a fresher is posted after training?
    will we b posted in the place which we ask?

  193. NANDHINI  

    @swapna wen u attend ur interview??
    wen u got ur offer letter

  194. varun  

    Me too received the same conformation mail with username and password friends.. :)
    I hope we will receive our offer letter either by the end of this month or during the first two weeks of next month and i expect out DOJ in august...

  195. Chintan Patel  


    It means exactly that. :)


    I think you will only be able to login when you have only 30 days left from joining. Anyways, it wont be a problem for joining. They are aware of these issues.

  196. Chintan Patel  


    The portal username and password might only be activated when you have 1 month left for DOJ.


    You should report on 12th June.
    Dont worry about the payment. You will understand the system when you reach there. The hostel rent will be directly deducted from the salary and for food you have to pay separately to whichever caterer you go for meals on that day.


    I have wrote a post about it: How Infosys posts its trainees to various locations.

  197. Rakshita  

    How much time before letter of DOJ is received before actual date of joining? I have received username and password and able to access my portal. But they have communicated that letter of DOJ will come after 4-6 weeks

  198. Chintan Patel  


    If they have told you that, you can believe it to be true. The processes must have evolved since i was in training.

  199. rahul  

    hey chintan i received a welcome mail from infy..i am confused that do we have to register for NSR or fill cc training form?as they have not asked do so,but on logging with username and pass word,it shows things to do before joining which has NSR form and cc training form..
    plz help..

  200. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you have to do NSR for sure. Dont remember having to fill CC form but you should do it if they are asking for it.

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