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Here is a new site just for you: Infosystraining.com.

Here you can ask and answer questions among yourselves. I am unable to answer questions on this blog on time and most of the questions i get now are repeat questions which i have already answered before. I might soon disable commenting on this blog because of time constraints and many posts have reached the limit of 200 comments after which blogger does not show newer comments.

I am also thinking about giving monthly rewards to visitors for the best question, best answer, most questions, most answers etc. :) For this, there is already a points system in place on the site.

Through this site, you will not need to ask every question to me but you can resolve most queries among yourselves. I will always be there to moderate and answer questions when i can.

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  1. sivani  

    hey my doj is on 18th of july.. should i report them a day before? nothing is mentioned abt it in the mail...

  2. ram  

    @sivani yu can report at mysore campus from july 17th ie sunday

  3. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you have to report a day before. I am surprised that it is not mentioned in the email because it was mentioned for me.

  4. Abby  

    can i somehow avoid showing my 7th semester marksheet at the time of joining because my aggregate including my 7th semester has gone down to 64.2 and the required is 65.but i do have aggregate 65 if i show only my 6 semester marksheets.
    Guide me a way out.

  5. Chintan Patel  


    No, this is not possible at all. You will have to show your 7th sem marksheet. At most, you can apply for an extension and see if your aggregate is 65 after 8th sem results.

  6. raj  

    wat are the requirements for extension....bcoz i want to extend my doj......plz help me outta this ...

  7. Chintan Patel  


    Any valid reason is considered for extension.

  8. Vivek  

    Thanx for the response ...but when will they inform about the new joining date???I'm Vivek who posted in the FAQ section...

  9. Vivek  

    Post ur query in a different section, The faq section has reached its maximum(200 comments).

  10. mano  

    hi tis is mano...
    i got offer letter and my doj is aug1st...in mysore

    can u plz help me hw to register wit NSR.....

  11. NANDHINI  

    check wit this blog fr nsr

  12. Uday  

    hi this is uday,
    im not sure that i have written my email id correctly in the resume, but, im sure that i have written correct email id in Application form...i just wanted to know, if the mail bounces back, will infosys people contact us.....

  13. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they will inform you about the new DOJ when time comes.


    You would have already joined now, but still, to register with NSR, just visit their official site follow the instructions listed there.


    They will mail you on the email address listed in the application form so no problem.

    Else you can mail offer_update to inform them about the change if you find that you are not receiving mails from Infosys that your friends are receiving.

  14. renu  

    hello sir,
    i am renu (BE Student 2011 passed out), i got placed into infosys on 13th jan 2011 in campus. i got my joining date to be 23 jan 2012...my question is whether this doj is confirmed? or due to the fluctuating market conditions ,are there any chances of postponing the DOJ?

  15. Chintan Patel  


    Your DOj is confirmed. There wont be any fluctuation. Even during the 2009 recession, Infosys honored all their campus offers.

  16. Vikram  

    I have read on your blog about the problems for extension due to backlog and their solns.... bt I have a doubt...
    I read that hey will ask for my scanned marksheet and ask about the availability of the candidate to rejoin. won't they terminate the offer after all this enquries..

    Please help me.. I am in big trouble. My joining is in next month i.e. september

  17. Sur  

    Hello sir...

    I wanted to ask that is it possible that we take an accomodation outside the campus and not in the campus...??? Please do reply....

  18. Vivek  

    I guess u might have read my post regarding offer extension and the answer that Chintan gave me.
    They will ask u for documentary evidence(marksheets,letter from college etc)and ur next avalability...After u send them the documents,they will ask u to send the re-evaluated marklist of the semester in which u had a backlog before a particular date which will be close to the next available date specified by u in ur previous mail...
    They won't cancel ur offer...don't worry...

  19. Vivek  

    Thank u very much for ur support...this site is truly a boon for every infosys fresher....

  20. Vikram  

    If I join Infy by changing the grade ie F to D or C then will they allow me to join. Or should I wait for the result of my special exam of my backlog paper..

  21. Vikram  


    Have u got ur joining date. If not, then wen will u get it..

  22. Vivek  

    After u send them the documents and they have verified,they will ask u to send the passed marksheet of the sem in which u had a backlog before a particular date... u will be given a new doj only after that...the new doj will be within 6 months of ur initial joining date,i guess mostly in the month that u have mentioned as ur next availability.
    Regarding changing grade.... if they sense any discrepancy ,they will verify it with ur university...and i have heard of them doing that, which might lead to many mishaps....

  23. Vikram  

    What have you mentioned in your mail as your next joining date.
    Can you please send the mail(conversaion) that you have send to infosys regarding your extension due to backlog. Actually I want to see how you have written that they considered your problem. Actually my mind is not working. I am very tensed about it. So, if you could please mail me, then it would be of great help for me.
    My mail id is :: vikram.chouhan99@gmail.com

  24. Vivek  

    Firstly, irrespective of the manner in which u write,i think its the validity of ur reason that they consider,so u need to just mention the right reason and thats it.

    You can tell them that
    u were given ur initial doj on _______.But unfrtnly u have a backlog/backlogs in ____ semester.

    Then tell them that ur revaluation(if u r confident)/result of supplimentary exam will be out on so and so date and request them for an extension to that date(month).Thats it.
    Ensure that it is within the validity period of ur offer.

    When they receive ur letter,they will ask u for documentary evidences abt which i hav mentioned in the above posts.

    Secondly, i know what u feel,u might have seen my frantic posts,i was in the same state too.But dont worry ..they will not cancel ur offer.
    Ensure that u never give them a fake reason....

  25. Dinesh  

    hi friends... i was 65% till my 5th sem... i got selected in INFOSYS b4 my 6th sem itslf.... bt i got less mark in 6th sem
    so my overall % is 58%... Is tat problem??
    wat will thy do in my case

  26. Vikram  

    @ Vivek
    thanks a lot for ur help.
    I want to ur suggestion about wen shud I mail to Infosys for my extension, if my re-checking result is not published before 15 sep. as my doj is 26 sept.
    And to which mail I should mail abt my problem
    offer_update@infosys.com or offer_extension@infosys.com
    Plz reply soon

  27. Vivek  

    I had my doj on July 11 and i mailed them on July 3rd. I think a week before ur doj will do.
    The mail id is offer_extension@infosys.com

  28. machaaa  

    i have a different problem,so if i say i have 'fractured leg' then will they give me extension...i can make fake doctor certificates anyhow :p...will they cross check wid the hospital????

  29. Vivek  

    I think they will surely verify the validity of the reason that u give.....
    Regarding faking medical reasons....
    See the 169th post ....it says it all ....

  30. ayush  

    vivek..its been almost a month,after mailing them about the extension. i mailed them all the required documents,but i am yet to recieve any update or acknowledgement. i had a backlog in the 7th semester. do i have a cause of concern? my supplimentary results will be out , only by november. i have sent a certificate from my college stating the same.

  31. Vivek  

    Don't worry yaar....
    See the link
    Again the 169th post... reply to kirti....so its ok if u dont get an acknowledgement.

    Infact i had sent all the documents to them on July5th....and i got a mail from them on Aug 23rd saying that they haven't received the documents and it should reach them before Aug 30... so i mailed them again with all the documents and requested for an acknowledgement this time, so that i can be assured that the documents have been received....I called the helpline number next day to check whether they have been delivered or not...they told me that i will get a mail regarding the matter within 4 days and i got the same within 2 days in which they asked me to send the passed marksheet before a specified date...

    So there isn't any cause of concern.... and if u want u can always mail them or call the helpline number.

  32. tausif  

    Is Provisional Degree Certificate(PDC) mandatory while joining? I have not yet received Degree Certificate from university.

  33. sunil  

    will there be availability for car parking if i take it to infy campus on the date of joining

  34. Vikram  

    Do anyone of you had the Date of joining in the last week of August or first week of September, 2011. Plz reply

  35. Dilipkumar  

    I got offer for Bangalore location. But there is no mention of the campus. Where can i expect to be posted? Is it Electronic city the only campus in Bangalore?

  36. Chintan Patel  


    I have never said that there will be a problem for extension due to backlog. Infact, they know this is a common case and grant extension easily for this.

    How can i help you without you telling me your problem and what "big trouble" you are in?


    Yes, you can do that but you would not want to do that.


    I dont understand what you mean by "changing the grade".

    Vivek is right that its the reason that matters. Sending a good email with sweet words will not do you any favor.


    Just one semester brought your aggregate down from 65 to 58?! :O
    You will need to meet their selection criteria at the time of joining otherwise you wont be allowed to join.


    Yes, dont fake any reason. They know about all these tricks and have some of the best brains working for them. If they find out you tried to fool them, they will quickly cancel your offer.


    They often do not send acknowledgement so not to worry.


    Its not mandatory. Only having all marksheets will do.


    There is car parking but employees have to register for parking space but i am sure there would be some guest parking too. Although i am also concerned that they may not allow you to take the car inside the campus on the first day itself as you are not yet an employee technically.


    You have done a good job of replying to many queries in my absence. Thanks, Vivek! :)


    I am not sure about that but i guess its the only location.

  37. Anant Nigam  

    Hello Mr. Chintan

    My 6 Sem result has not yet come. My date of joining is in Jan 2012. But if my result is not out by that tym, how can i apply for the extension in Date of Joining.

  38. sunil  

    no actually my prob is,i need to take my car on d first day as i need to carry all my luggage.since i am the only one who knows driving in my home,i need to retain car until the next time i go home so.wil it be available.??is it possible????

  39. Chintan Patel  


    Just send an email to offer_extension at infosys dot com.


    You can ask the security at the gate about it. Else i would suggest you to come by bus/taxi/train to avoid any hassle if they say no.

  40. Anant Nigam  


    But in their portal , on my home page in the FAQ section it is written that they will not be considering any extension requests due to personal reason. And sorry i forgot to write that it is the back result that is yet to come for 6 sem. So what shud i do in this case.

  41. Anant Nigam  

    can i directly mail them that this is the reason and i want an extension in my DOJ.

  42. Chessgenius98  

    heyy chintan I have 4 months left for my joining...please suggest me should i learn oracle and java?and in java is advanced java of any help in training?

  43. Chessgenius98  

    me very tensed please help plus i am from non cs/it...

  44. Ankit Sharma  


    its ankit here

    i m persuing M.Tech in CSE. and infy is goin to recruit from our university on 26th sep.
    My Percentage in M.Tech is 75%.
    main Problem is with B.Tech , i hav a cgpa of 5.7 which equates to 65%, n eligibilty criteria is also same as my percentage.
    But college has specified 5.8 cgpa which also equates to 65%. in all my gradesheets its clearly mentioned that 5.7 equates to 65%, which is meeting the eligibility criteria of infy.....Suppose i got selected in Infy...den will there be any problem in mysore during certificates check..????,
    But i hav 65%..with 5.7 cgpa,...
    plzzzzzzzzzz reply soon....

  45. Ankit Sharma  

    infosys consider cgpa or percentage????

    plzzzzzz reply abt my two posts soon...its urgent....?????

    i vl be higly obliged to u...all...

  46. Anant Nigam  


    when infy came to our college it allowed only those candidates who fulfill the criteria of 65%.. for this they had a team who checked the documents of those candidates who got selected in their test.. and they allowed only those guys to sit for the interview who were fulfilling the criteria.. so dont worry during the interviews only u'll get to know that how ur CGPA is considered.. and if they dont have any problem here then there will be no problem in mysore.. And ALL THE BEST for ur recruitment..

  47. niharika  

    hi..i would like to tell you that you are doing a fabulous job..i read all ur posts
    great work!!
    i just have one question
    can we bring personal laptops to the campus? and our own usb internet?like airtel or something??
    as someone advised me not to get a laptop as they(infy guys) confiscate it??
    thank you :)

  48. tushar5  

    hi ..i took a gap of 1 year after 12th std. will infy check gap certificate during joining..is there any specific format for the certificate that they look for

  49. Amey  

    hi , my DOJ was 1st Aug 2011. but i had a kt in 7th sem so dey have extended my DOJ. I still didnt get new DOJ. I hav already sent dem all d required documents.
    Accordingly you what will be my new DOJ?

  50. priyana  

    hi chintan sir,i got selected in accenture nd infosys.infy provides best training bt work environmnt is nt gud i heard n accenture gives gud promotion and dere is more growth in accenture.
    wat do i prefer more? training or future growth.
    plzzzz help .

  51. iamamaresh  

    hi sir, I got selected for infosys this 14th sept 2011 in my 7th sem and I want to change my correspondence address that I provided in the form. I got a link from infosys talent acquisition where all my profile is there but I am unable edit it .
    So please help me in this regard and make me understand about talent acquisition blog

  52. hema  

    hello sir,
    I got recruited in campus selection b infy earlier dis year.my doj is nov 14th.
    However unfortunately recently my mother demised and i hav got two younger bro's to luk after.im in pathetic situatn.so i need to be posted at my home town any how after d training.hope u r understndng d scenario.
    Ill definitely strive and try to convince d HR's at mysore.but while coming across ur posts i got 2 kno dat only d CPG at banalore possesses rights 2 post trainees at various locations..now in adverse conditions if i wont b posted at my desired locn can i approach d CPG,banglr?
    Does these personal, although genuine reasons hold good for posting?
    sir please reply...im really under extreme pressure now.

  53. neha  

    hello sir,
    I got placed in INFOSYS this year through recruitment test held in our college. Also got a link from INFOSYS talent acquisition and got user id and profile. After login I found that my mobile number entered there is incorrect.No option for editing the profile is provided.So please help me out where should I contact in this case.

  54. Sumit saxena  

    Sir,i hav also got selectd in infy.doj is 23 jan 2012.i hav heard dat there is negative marking in tests cnductd during infy,mysore training program.hw much true is dat?pls clerify my doubt.thanx a lot.god bles u

  55. sheenu  

    SIR, I got selected for infosys this 14th sept 2011 in my 7th sem and I want to know when i have to join infosys in mysore and is our tarining starts from jan 2012 or june 2012.

  56. Jay  

    SIR,I got selected for infosys this 27th sept 2011. . when will i receive offer letter?

  57. Gaurav  

    hello sir, i got selected in infosys on 10th september 2011, and nw i hav received a mail from talent acquisition team of infosys...and in my profile my contact no. is entered wrongly.....how should i get it corrected?

  58. Chintan Patel  


    You can only know by mailing them and as far as i know, backlogs are considered a valid reason for extension and they allow extending the DOJ for that.


    Learn only C and Java. Advanced Java will be helpful as there is a module for it in Java stream.


    They will verify the documents before the campus interview after you have passed the written test so you will know about it at that time like Anant said.


    If you have read all the posts and comments, you would know that laptops are not allowed now into the Infosys campus so its advisable to not take it there.


    I am not sure but i dont think they have problem with gaps. I dont know if there is any special certificate required to be submitted to show your gap.


    It will be within 6 months of your original DOJ.


    Its totally your call about what you want. I cannot decide for you. Training is just for a few months. Both companies are equal and it depends on the role you get after training.


    Send an email to offer_update at infosys dot com for change of address.


    I dont think you will be able to contact the CPG directly. They have it set up in that way precisely because they dont want to be overloaded by relocation requests.

    You can inform the HR about your situation and they will convey it to the relevant people.

    @Neha, Gaurav…

    Send an email to offer_update at infosys dot com for change of mobile number.


    Yes, there is negative marking. 25% of the total marks for that question. Please read other posts for more info.

    @Sheenu, Jay…

    Offer letter can take 6-12 months to arrive from the date of selection so dont wait impatiently for it.

  59. Sumit saxena  

    Thanx a ton 4 ur reply!wel hapy diwali:-@

  60. Gaurav  

    thnx a lot!!happy diwali..

  61. sipra ch  

    hello sir...i hd gt a call letter frm infy on aug 1 bt cudnt join due to baklog...i hv cleared it n hv mailed them all d requird documents by 20th sept(i hd mentioned 30th sept as my due date)...bt still i hvnt got any new doj...u hd said in ur earlier posts dat infy wud gv new doj on d same month which i wud hv provided...bt still i hvnt yet got any call...i m damn worried..wen will i get a call?? is it 100% guarenteed dat infy will gv me a call letter???

  62. Chintan Patel  


    I think you must have misread what i wrote. I have mentioned several times that your new DOJ after extension will be within 6 months of the original DOJ.

    Infosys will surely send you your new DOJ, dont worry. Your offer will not get cancelled because you applied for an extension.

  63. Amey  

    sir i hav heard dat if u perform well den training period will b reduced to 4 months....wat r d languages dat v need to study to give our best?

  64. prince  

    hello sir,
    i got selected in infosys through campus recruitment on 14th sep 2011 in my 7th sem,yet i have not recieved the INFOSYS TALENT ACQUISITION EMAIL from them which my friend had already recieved.......plz tell me wht to do?????????

  65. picasso  

    Hi im jude

    I got placd n 14 sep thru campus recruitment .

    Ive recevd d acknwlmnt of application as well as applicants cockpit login id and password.

    Can u plz tel me when wil b ma doj


  66. Chintan Patel  


    Actually, nothing is needed to be learnt in advance but you can learn C and then Java if you are eager.


    You can take some contact number or email address from the emails which your friends received and contact infosys about this.


    I dont know about your DOJ. Nobody can predict your DOJ. Right now, i think even Infosys as not planned your DOJ. They will inform you as soon as they have decided on it.

  67. namu  

    hello sir
    I have selected in infosys through campus recruitment but I have written wrong cgpa in application form.I have written 7.29 but my cgpa is 6.99 up to 6th sem.It happened because I
    did not have dmc of 5th and 6th sem that time so
    i wrote approximately.Is it a big issue??Now is there any way to inform them.Plz reply sir.I am getting worry a lot..

  68. Prakash Ranjan  

    Hello Sir,
    i got selected in infosys through campus recruitment on 7th sep 2011 in my 7th sem,yet i have not recieved the INFOSYS TALENT ACQUISITION EMAIL from them which other students of other college have recieved..but no one in my college till now.......plz tell me wht to do?

  69. A'shek  

    hello sir,
    i had been selected in infosys on 20th sep.2011.
    i want to know that how long will be the training period as i'm non CS/IT student

  70. Dinesh Rawal  

    Hello, I just went through many of your blogs.

    I am selected for Infosys in Sep'2011. By now, I have heard that the training provided by Infosys is best, but I have also heard the following:
    After training people might also be made to sit on benches.
    It's somewhat luck on what project we get after training.
    If we get a project, in some other stream(I don't remember the name) rather than development, then it is not good.

    How true are these statements?
    On what basis are project distributed?
    As a fresher, what would you advice me?
    Is Infosys good for freshers?

    Also, I have been selected for Systems Engineer post?
    Is this role good?
    How much will this matter?
    Will we have to work only as a System Engineer?

    Plz answer to these questions as I have worked hard to write this post.
    I did not find their ans. in the ur other posts as well.
    Thanking U in advance for the good work u are doing

  71. Chintan Patel  


    Your CGPA after completion of engineering will be considered and when you join, they will not check to see what CGPA you had during campus interview.


    If nobody in your college have received, you dont have to worry about it. They will send it in due time.


    It will be about 5-6 months.

    @Well Wisher…

    Please post your comment only once.

    You can be made to sit on bench at other companies also. 85% is considered a very good utilization rate for indian IT companies. So at least 15% of people are always on bench.

    What you like and what you dont depends on you and others' opinions dont matter.

    There is no logic to allocation of projects and you will not be able to do anything about it.

    All MNC IT companies are almost the same for freshers.

    All freshers are offered Systems Engineer post.

  72. arjun  

    im arjun from delhi and my query is that i have gap of 2 years after 12th and my joining is on 12th december.Will this affect me on training period or will they demand some gap certificate???

  73. sarada  

    sir,the mail i got from infosys it contains user id ,password after i got it i login to the site and change the password after when i next login i forget the password and login wrong password but when i log in correct password it showing that u failed so many attempt no login possible after two day also i can not login so what i will do sir ???

  74. Ankur garg  

    at the time of recruitment i was not selected...bt i get the mail of talent acqusition from infosys....so it is for job or something else or spam...?

  75. Unknown  

    am thejaswini i ve been selected at campus recruitment by infosys on 20th november ....others student who are selected along with me ve received an mail from talent acquisition but i ve nt got it yet....is there any contact id wer i can address my problem????...

  76. mano  

    Hi....i've finished my training in mysore....and my release date oct-05-11...

    still we are in bench....

    actually i want to know how to utilize these days something usefull....
    whether we have any training courses...or anything else...

    and i just want to know the actual work of operations executives...


  77. JYOTI  

    Hello chintan..
    My name is jyoti and i m a bscit student. I got selected for the post of Operation executive in infosys and got my offer letter.My joining is on 26th december. My query is that while in interview process where we had to mention the overall agrregate i have mentioned only my last year percentage. The overall aggregate of all 3 years cums upto 61.73 and aggregate that i mentioned is 69.71%(sem 5 and sem6). Since the percentage criteria they have mentioned is 60% i have satisfied their criteria but i m worried..will i b disqualified during training process due to wrong data given to them during interview process.plzzzzzzz help......i m worried.....

  78. pks  

    hi chintan,
    me too have the problem of not receiving the talent acquisition mail while my friends got it. i mailed them to offer_update ..but no reply yet..i even called the toll-free number.wot am i supposed to do?how long should i wait for the reply

  79. Prem  

    please tell me the current training program difficulty in infosys?

    which subjects are required for one to know throughly?

    are compre exams are still in the syllabus?
    and if yes how difficult is to pass it?

  80. sneha nair  

    hello Chintan,
    i wanted to know which is the best DC :)

  81. Chintan Patel  


    If you are already selected, it means infosys is fine with it. Nothing new will be asked from you after joining except the documents they announced during selection.


    I dont have any suggestions in that case.


    I dont know.


    Send an email to offer_update at infosys dot com.


    I think its better if you ask your managers there instead of me because they will be able to give you a better answer than me.


    If you already satisfy the criteria at 61.73%, you will not face any problem.


    I do not know anything about the contents of talent acquisition mail from Infosys. If they are not important, leave it. They will keep sending such mails to freshers.


    Difficulty cannot be quantified as it is relative and varies according to the skills and efforts put in.

    Compre exams are still there. If you work hard sincerely, they are not difficult to pass. Rest all you can know after joining during induction program.


    Mysore DC is the best. It has the most facilities of all Infosys DCs.

  82. vg3190  

    i got placed in january 2011.. i was not having my original marksheet of 3rd year and 1st year so i showed a provisional of 65% till 3rd year.. now my % till 4th year is 65 above.. but % till 3 rd is 64.7%.. will they recheck my 3rd year % ,which was their criteria at the time of recruitment .(eligibility criteria at the time of recruitment was 65% and above till 3rd year..)

  83. X student  

    The DOJ on 9th Jan 2012 has been extended to 6 Feb 2012.
    Now I wanted to know that
    Is it possible that doj on 30th Jan 2012 will also be extended??
    Reply asap.

    @Chintan Patel::you have said earlier that "Even during the 2009 recession, Infosys honored all their campus offers."
    Then why this time they have extended the doj?

  84. Amey  

    hey X student

    my DOJ has also been extended, it ws 30th jan 2012. But dey extend it to 5th march 2012.
    @chetan sir, wat 2 do??

  85. vg3190  

    our joining was on 23 rd jan 2012 and now extended to 20 feb 2012..

  86. tina  

    hey even my date of joining has been extended to march 5 from 30th jan...will dey call us

  87. vg3190  

    @chintan sir..
    please reply to my post sir(no. 82).. i'll be very grateful to u...

  88. Chintan Patel  


    They will not check for your percentage till 3rd year. You only need to satisfy their criteria for overall aggregate.

    @X student…

    You have to understand, i cannot know which DOJ will be extended and which will not be.

    Yes, they did honor all campus offers and have they cancelled your offer? Extending DOJ is not the same as canceling offer. If your offer gets cancelled, only then you come asking this. And also, if your DOJ is extended, why do you assume it means that they have intention to cancel your offer?

    It can a case that more students joined than they expected out of the total offers they issued or it can also be that construction work of some hostel or classroom building is delayed or there is shortage of teaching staff etc. So as you can see, there can be many reasons to extend DOJ.

    Amey and Tina can get their answers from above.

  89. X student  

    @Chintan Patel::
    My doj has also been extended to 5th March 2012.and they have given the reason of accomodation .
    Why Infy is playing with the hearts/career of thousands of selected employees?
    Infosys has wasted our precious 10 months.
    Now what to do in these remaining time(till 1st march).give some relevant recommendation.
    Is it Sure that they will not extend the date in future or cancelled the offer?

  90. Chintan Patel  

    @X student...

    Hey man, DOJ getting extended is not a really big reason as laying off 5000 people.

    How is Infy "playing with the hearts/career of thousands of selected employees" if they extend your DOJ?

    If you sit idle doing nothing for 10 months, dont blame Infosys. Everybody knows their DOJ can be anything from July to March. Infosys did not stop you from learning a new skill in the 10 months you had.

    I cannot know if they will extend the offer or cancel the offer. I have already told you what i know: They have not cancelled an offer till now.

    If you have any more questions, ask their helpline. I have left Infosys since more than 3 years and I dont have all the answers.

  91. Ronnie  

    hello chintan sir
    sir, im a B.Tech passout from RTU university in 2011.Infosys hired us on december 2010 in campus placement.First they told us that the joining will be on sept 2011, but when the offer letter mail came it says 30 jan 2012.I really disappionted with this late joining but somehow i already knew that this gonna happen because my college was not that great.
    But yesterday i got a mail from infosys saying that my joining is postpone to 5 march 2012 and the reason they giving us is "owing to unanticipated constraints in accommodation availability".

    sir why infosys treating us like a third grade engineers and if they knew that we will be postpone then why they recruit us on december 2010??????

  92. Chintan Patel  


    First of all, do not believe anyone who tells you your DOJ on the day of selection. Even Infosys is yet to decide your DOJ at that point.

    If you do not believe the accommodation reason given by them, it is your problem and you can talk to them about why it happened.

    I do not understand how you concluded that Infosys is treating you like third grade engineers by this incident. There are thousands of other people whose DOJ has been postponed irrespective of "college prestige". DOJ is not issued in descending order of "college prestige" otherwise i would not have joined in July. You make too many wrong assumptions, man.

    Anyways, what great work have you done which makes you a great engineer? Always remember that you are just a fresher like thousands of other recruits. If you still think you are special, tell Infosys that deserve to be treated better and if they dont, you should not join Infosys and find another company as you can do that easily because you are not a third grade engineer.

    Finally, they have already mentioned in their mail that there is an "unanticipated" constraint which means they did not expect this to happen. And do you really think in December 2010, they would have predicted what would happen in December 2011? As i have already said, you are free to not join Infosys if you have so many problems with them.

  93. X student  

    @Chintan Patel.......
    What should I do in this remaining time(till 1st march).I am from CS background.
    I'll very thankful to you if you give some relevant recommendation.(e.g.:Which technology I should learn?.etc....)

  94. Chintan Patel  

    Already answered many times. Wont answer again. Read all posts and comments on this blog before asking a question.

  95. aruna  


    Even my joining is extended from jan30 2012 to mar5 2012. iam a post graduate.

  96. aruna  

    hi all,

    any post graduates here?? whom so ever joining is extended to march5 2012, r u graduate or post graduate??

  97. X student  

    hii aruna my doj also has been extended to 5march 2012.
    i m graduate

  98. aruna  

    @x student:

    u r frm vch coll?? vch stream?

  99. arjun  

    hi chitan
    sir is laptop really allowed in campus there because some of ur blog says they do allow that and in some they dont.
    i really want to have my lapi in there

  100. Chintan Patel  

    Laptops are NOT allowed now. They were allowed before.

  101. Narendra Agrawal  

    Dear sir,

    My DOj in infosys is 30th jan 2012. But i did not receive my internship offer letter while other students had received it.what should i do?

    Narendra Kumar agrawal

  102. Sumit saxena  

    @narendra agarwal
    hey ,i think u shuld send an email to offer_update@infosys.com regarding dis.definitely u'l get ur ans.frm there.4 dis matter dey wuld provide u relevant info.gud luck.

  103. Narendra Agrawal  

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for your kind response for post#101.I have sent mail to offer_update@infosys.com.
    My Yahoo mail ID which Infosys is using as contact mail ID has been blocked ,so i am not getting any mail from Infosys.

    How can i update my Email ID in my Infosys profile.

    Also i did not receive any username and password because of this problem in my Yahoo mail. will it trouble to me?

    Should i go to mysore and personally meet to HR(Nandita Gurjar Madam) or wait for
    response through mail?

    Narendra Kumar Agrawal

  104. Sarika singh raghav  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  105. arjun  

    Dear chitan sir,
    My joining is on march and i am very nervous about my performance in training.I am IT background student but i could hardly say that my computer language skills are great(especially "C").
    Fact of the matter i am not that intelligent or sharp minded guy.But i can do hard work if someone guide me.
    sir i want a honest answer"Do you really thing that hard work and determination could get me through???????"

  106. Chintan Patel  


    I wonder why you deleted your great response.

    Anyways, here it is again for Narendra:

    "u shuld send ur ful detail i.e.ur date of selection,ur clg name,semestr etc. at offer_update@infosys.com.n also u write down ur email id update prblm.u mention ur querie dat wy r u nt able 2 get any mail frm them.also make them knw ur new id.so definitly dey wil sort it out.n ur new id wil get updated soon.wel 1 thng is also there.check spam of ur yahoo id 2. u may get mail frm them there.wel there is also a helpline no.as i get i'l make u knw dat 2.wel 4 nw take dese steps.best of luck.dnt wry.nt a big deal:-)
    n 4 dis u dnt need 2 go 2 mysore yar.u'l hav 2 go only on ur doj.such prblms can be easily solvd at home thrugh mails.also hav u got ur welcm mail frm them(d very frst mail frm them)?if u hav got it then u can make cntct 2 them through dat mail id as i did 1ce.ok. "


    If you dont mind working hard, nothing can stop you from passing Infosys training.

  107. Harshal  

    Hello sir,

    I got selected in infosys on 2 years of experience in .net technology.I got mysore as location and my role is senior system engineer so there i have get training or my joining location is mysore.should infosys conduct training for experince people like freshers.any think should i scared about

    Thanks in advance

  108. Vaibhav Patni  

    I got placed in Infy on 8th October.Almost All my friends placed have got their id passwords in their mail accounnts,i have not recieved the same yet.
    Is there any problem regarding same.
    i am sure i mentioned the correct id of mine.

  109. Ankur garg  

    i got the talent acquisition mail from infosys...what is the meaning of it becoz i was nt selected at crp...before i asked abt it bt u said u dont knw abt this point..sir if u ignoring this...plz look into this matter

  110. Chintan Patel  


    There may or may not be training for experienced recruits. However, there is nothing to be worried about.


    You can contact them at offer_update at infosys dot com informing them about the situation.


    Hey man, if i didnt knew then, i will not know about it even now. I am not ignoring it in any way. I cannot "look into this matter" as i have left Infosys since more than 3 years. Just trying to help with what i know. If you want to know the "meaning of it", contact Infosys.

  111. manoj  

    i have applied for extension due to backlog...now i have written exam and am sure of clearing it ......wil they accept my extension????????????

  112. CORE JAVA  

    My Doj in infosys is 31-jan-2012, which is Tuesday. My doubt is that will there be any doj on Tuesday as i heard from most of my friends that monday will be the doj@infosys.
    Thanks in advance.

  113. aruna  

    hi all,

    do u got ur id for ejoining in infosys for d ppl who gonna join on march5.

  114. Rakshita  

    What are the chances of switching to another company after infosys training ? Does its training has that much value ?

  115. duke  

    I had a interview with infosys on 10 dec 2011, on time of interview i was told that you will be informed by infosys if you get selected so after 2 days i got call from infosys banglore regarding job location they said you have to join infosys maysoor i said okey then again got call from infosys maysoor on same day just to inquire the previous call,but on next day i got call from infosys maysoor again they just asked about current employer and package details, so finally got call after 10 days and mam just wanted to know why i want to leave my current job, so i am just waiting for final call, actually i just got confused whether i am selected or not , or it is long procedure to choose candidate

  116. Sumit saxena  

    wat is LETTER OF INTENT?wat dos it contain?do evry1 get it?btw H├Ąppy nEw yEaR:)

  117. Shantha kumar  

    I got placed in infosys through a campus drive on sept 6th 2011. Now, i got a backlog in my 7th sem.. :-| Will i be eligible to join infosys if i cleared the backlog in 8th sem? :(

  118. Bazeeth  

    @ aruna

    I am too march 5 joiner
    I have not received any ID like that..
    have u got e joining Id for joining?

  119. pradeep  

    i attended interview with Infosys on Dec23.HR confirmed that i was selected .Its almost 10 days i didn't hear anything from them.is it possible to track my status online or by any other means

  120. pradeep  

    Hi ,
    I attended an interview with Infosys on 23rd DEC-11.HR confirmed that i was selected and will inform me.Still i didnt hear anything from HR side,Is there any possibility of checking my status online or by any other means.Please let me know.

  121. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, they allow extension for backlogs.

    @Core Java…

    They wont make a mistake in the DOJ date in email. You can confirm with them however.

    Even i have not head of a DOJ which is not a monday but if the entire batch has got the same DOJ, then you dont need to worry. Check if there is a holiday on 30th Jan.


    Infosys training is good to have but it wont go further than getting you an interview. After that, the company will judge you by your performance in interview. You wont get a job offer directly due to Infosys training but you will be considered superior to other freshers when they are deciding whom to call for interview.


    I have not heard of such calls from Infosys before after hiring a candidate. If you have received an email or offer letter from them confirming your selection, then you are selected. Otherwise not.


    I think letter of intent is same as the offer letter. It will contain some useless corporate language english which will simply mean that they intend to hire you.


    Yes, you will be eligible if you clear the backlog. You might have to apply for an extension if your DOJ comes early. The offer will remain valid upto 6 months from your original DOJ. So if you have not cleared your backlog till then, they will cancel your offer.


    If it was a campus interview, you can rest assured that you are selected as the HR manager confirms selection on the same date but the actual offer letter will take some time (can take 6 to 12 months) to send as they recruit from so many different colleges.

  122. Anonymous  

    Hi Friends,

    I am so excited to read this blog and I got answers to many of my questions. I have few questions. Kindly clear my doubts.

    Q1) My Total Experience is 2year6months and I got Offer from Infy as "Senior System Engineer" with "Job Level 3". Do I need to undergo any training program like 6 week/16 week/Performance test ?

    Q2)What are the Job Levels in Infy. And for Which Job Levels, 6week/16week training will be provided?

    Q3)Its well known, Freshers need to undergo 6week/16 week training. But, one of my friend joined Infy with 1year6month experience and he also got training for 6 weeks. My question is, Even if they are Experienced, do they need to undergo Training and Tests?

    Thanks in Advance.

  123. chinthu  

    I am a 2011 fresher.I registered for 2011 offcampus .when will they call ?

  124. Unknown  

    Hi this might be a rare case I am a year back student...but I got a year back only cause of health reason and hence lack of attendance and so I will be completing my B.tech course in 5 yrs. I am presently in 6th sem And I have a cgpa of 7.1 with no backlog will Infy accept me?

  125. Venkatesh Kuppan  

    I was selected in infosys campus recruitment in september 2011 currently in final yr. I still haven't received the offer letter. I am thinking of giving gre after completion of my infosys training i.e in 2013. How is work load in the 1yr after training? is it possible to manage the gre studies during the 1st year? please help as i am very much confused. :(

  126. aruna  


    is there any chance to send a employee with one yr experienece in infy to usa, as her husband is working in usa???

  127. CORE JAVA  

    @ chintan

    My doj is jan-31-2012 and till now i haven't received the mail regarding accommodation details. What to do..??

  128. Sumit saxena  

    Hello sir,i hav heard dat there r no.of medical tests which we need 2 b done.my questn is wen do we get mail regardng dis?as my doj is 20 feb so if we get mail n list of hospitals rite before 1 week frm doj,then wuld we b capable 2 do al d tests,vaccination,certification etc.within dis short period? cntinuous vacination in such a short span of time etcs.can b harmful in terms of health.wat wuld u like 2 say about dis?lukng 4 ur kind response.thanx in advance:)

  129. tina  

    u neednt take any vaccinatons,you will only have to do the 5 tests that they have listed...i did it in two days

  130. Sumit saxena  

    ok,so d whole scenario is like dat!wel thanku so much 4 d response:)

  131. sujith  

    hi sir, i got selected in infosys on sep 5 2011,unforturnately i got one backlog in my 7th sem..if i got to write that exam again my results will b out only in the month of july.and my doubt is if my doj cums bfr the results wat should i do? and will they accept extension for clearing the backlog or will they allow me to join the training since i hav written the exam and waiting fr the results? and do u knw hw will the select doj?

  132. Sumit saxena  

    hello sir,i hav 1 quest.in my mind...i dnt hav yet got my btech degree.nd i m 2011 pasd out.wil provisional certificate work? it'l take almost 2-3 mnths 4 our convocation program 2 b.so in infy wen wuld dey ask us 2 show d original degree?wat if we dnt get it durng dat time?pls help it out.thanx:)

  133. Sumit saxena  

    oups,so sory i cald ur name rong in gr8 hury.hopng 4 ur gr8 respnse:)

  134. tina  

    ya provisional is enough..bt wens ur doj..did u get any further mails 4m infy regarding ejoining r accomodation

  135. Ashwini Nayak  

    Hey friend,
    I got placed in infy on dec26th 2011. I haven't got the date of joining yet. I had 66 percent aggregate till the 6th sem at the time of recruitment. I'm worried if my aggregate goes to 64.something,eg: 64.45 ..in my 7th sem, will there be a serious problem, if my 8th sem pc cannot be considered due to early doj?

  136. Unknown  

    hi friend.my DOJ is on 5th march.by mistake i have logged in to the e-joining site using my own username and password.after that only i come to know that, company will send the username and password for the e-joinig site.now i dont know what to do.will it be a great issue.

  137. pratheeksha pai  

    hi ,i jst wanned to knw tht whether our own laptops are allowed to carry with us in infosys while training months??? not inside the training center atleast in our rooms to use???

  138. pratheeksha pai  

    hey another question :) :) :)
    Is there wi-fi facility provided "all over" the campus???? :)

  139. Anonymous  

    Hello Sir,
    My date of joining is mar 5,2012. I didn't get my call letter still now. usually whey they (infy) will send call letter before joining.Looking forward for you kind reply. Thank you so much in advance.

  140. huntsman  

    Hello sir,
    im ajay, i got placed in infosys in on campus reqruitment in my collage. i recieved a mail yesturday saying that i have to submit my all originals(i.e)10th,12th,8 sem mark sheets during my DOJ, i have lost my 12th marksheet somewere, so i applied for one which i will get only after 1 year. I have an attested xerox copy with me now sir, is it ok??? or any problems will come to my placement??? Looking forward for your reply sir...Thank you.

  141. huntsman  

    Hello sir,
    im ajay, i got placed in infosys in on campus reqruitment in my collage. i recieved a mail yesturday saying that i have to submit my all originals(i.e)10th,12th,8 sem mark sheets during my DOJ, i have lost my 12th marksheet somewere, so i applied for one which i will get only after 1 year. I have an attested xerox copy with me now sir, is it ok??? or any problems will come to my placement??? Looking forward for your reply sir...Thank you.

  142. aruna  

    @ all,


    Anybody joining on march 5th got your e-joining credentials or e-joining mail ????

  143. Anonymous  

    Hi aruna,
    I am suganya, Did you got call letter?

  144. tina  

    no i still dint get any mail..

  145. Amey  

    my joining is 5th march too..wen will we get those 4 mails ..?

    anybody givin mba cet??
    if yes, hw shld we mng dis??

  146. aruna  

    @unknown , tina

    d same situation..waiting for call letter... Do u hav any idea lyk wen can we get mail frm infy stating medical check-up's and wt all documents we need to bring while joining???

  147. Sumit saxena  

    Hello sir,recently i hav got d mail regardng medical check ups.In dat mail they hav said dat if we hav already done d vacinations i.e.hepatitis,chicken pox,typhoid etc.then we dnt need 2 take dese vacinatins again bt we need 2 submit d proofs/ documents of al dose vacinatns.bt ya i hav gone wid al dese vcnatns in my childhood..bt i dnt hav d documents relatd 2 dis as they al hav been misd up smwhere.n its hard 2 find them.so wat shuld i do in dis situatn???

  148. The Insider  

    5th march guys n gals d accommodation mail(Final formality + medical) would b come 21 days before.........so expect ur mail b/w 11th to 15th march.

  149. Sneha  

    Sir,my doj is 20 feb,2012.Out of the mandatory documents infosys has asked,i dont have my 10th class certification(CBSE board)nor do i have any photocopy.However i do have my class 10th marksheet.Just wanna know if this will create any problem during me joining.

  150. Srenevasan  

    2012 batch freshers come infosysfreshers2012.blogspot.com

  151. Raghavendra  


  152. Raghavendra  

    friends i got placed in infosys on 23rd january 2012.i received my TALENT ACQUISITION id.can u guess what will be my DOJ and when will i receive my offer letter

  153. ravi kasti  

    which aggregate they check at the time of joing? will they consider the aggregate printed on CMM.how certificate verification is done ?do they ask us to calculate or they will check on CMM?how to register in nsr ,as a future employee or on my own?

  154. Unknown  

    @raghav 10 months after ur selection ul get ur DOJ

  155. Puneet Sharma  

    Can anybody provides me clarification on this? I was interviewed by infosys and selected at that time.They told me they get back to me after background check. But i get below mentioned message from them
    "Thank you for your interest in Infosys Ltd. We appreciate you sparing time towards discussions with us.

    After the detailed discussion with you and internal discussions thereafter, we regret that we do not have a suitable opening at present that does justice to your aspirations and capabilities. Hence we would not be able to take it forward at this juncture.

    In our growth phase, we need to work with people like you who have rich and varied experience. With your permission, we will save your details in our database and would get in touch with you, should there be a suitable opening in future.

    Wish you all the best in your endeavors."

    So what should i consider from this mail,is there any hope of joining Infosys in future or if there will be any opportunity in Infosys then i need to go for interview again or they will consider me on the basis of my performance in previous interview?? Is there anything wrong with my background check procedure or they don't have suitable openings for my profile??
    I have been looking to join Infosys for a long time.Please provide me the appropriate clarification.

  156. Saurav  

    @Punnet: What I can do from here is, give you my understanding of the above mail sent to you.

    But the professional approach will be that you reply to the mail above, and ask them these questions. Infosys, as professional as they are, will definitely will be able to answer your direct questions.

  157. Raghavendra  

    i am not selected in infosys campus reciritment during in college recruitment process but got talent aquistion email now why?is am i got selected to infosys,plz tel me

  158. hiral modi  

    i m selected in infosys by college recruitment...we wer told wil get d mail about email-id and password..my all frnds received d mail..i have not received it..so plzz do help me..

  159. snehlata  

    helllo i am selected in infosys bpo what about my growth in this company plz tell me. i am inmy 6th sem of bba. and this sem is completed in end of june. and i am also selected from campus placement

  160. aruna  

    hello all,

    any idea when we will get mails reg medical check-up and NSR registration???
    whats the process of this NSR registration??

  161. aruna  

    sorry to mention,my joining is on march 5th...

  162. Ruban chandar  

    I am also due to join on march 5th but i dint get any e-joining id. The process of nsr is simple you have to register at the nasscom site and print the proof of registration. the point of service will be mentioned in that website,if u are residing in chennai u can go to adyar or t.nagar. U have to pay around INR350 and they will register your finger print.. you have to list yourself as "future employee of infosys". That's it i guess. I am also waiting for the mail regarding medical check up.

  163. tina  

    @aruna ,ruban..
    do inform me incase any1 gets a mail...hope 2 get it dis week

  164. aruna  


    shud we get our NSR registration get it by now or does infy ppl will mail wen we have to do dat registration??

  165. Sai Rajeshwari  

    ppl joinin 5th march.. do chk ur inbox.. i got 4 mails frm infy includin the ones for accomodation !!

  166. Ruban chandar  

    @ tina i got the mail regarding accomodation and medical tests

    @ aruna it is better that you get the nsr registration done now. (anyways they have sent mail regarding it. check it and complete it as per the instructions given in the mail)

  167. tina  

    yup evn i gt it...nsr v jst hav 2 take the printout..payment can b done in mysore itself

  168. tina  

    i got some news from my frens in mysore..whoz training got xtended by 2 more months,since al dcs r full..stil dey dint get their posting..n r undrgoing more n more certifications...

  169. aruna  

    hey all
    i got mails reg medical checkup,accomodation bla bla... :)

  170. Ruban chandar  

    how about igearup quiz? will taking the test and not taking the test affect us in anyway? has anyone taken it?

  171. Ankur garg  

    hey @raagvendra:i also got that kind of mail...u have any idea abt it

  172. chetan_Lakotia  

    Can i carry a pair of dumbell wid me for my personal use?

  173. unknown  

    hey...i want to send a parcel( a birthday gift) to my friend at infosys, mysore..can u plz giv me da necessary details lyk the address and wht all i shud do bcoz i dnt have any idea..n from where and how do my frnd need to collect that parcel? thanks

  174. Shabbu  

    my friends got infosys login id and when they opened they see a message thet “your application is still under process. No further updates to your profile is allowed”.

    but when i opened mine nothing like that appeared...whats the difference...

  175. A.Lakhan  

    Ihave been selected in Dec'2011 in campus recruitment in my college,i have received offer letter but they didn't mention date of joining?When can i expect my date of joining?
    And one more query,I am from non IT/CSE(Aeronautical engineering)but i have choosen as System engineer,is there any case to take employees in their core related busineses after training.Please reply me as early as possible.

  176. SAURABH  

    I have been selected in september 2011 in campus recruitment.but now i got a KT in 7th semester in one subject yet my overall aggregate is 62% and they had kept a cuttoff of 58% during recruitment.if i clear my subject in 8th semester then also will they cancel my appointment.and if i dont manage to get 58% in my final year even after clearing my backlog and yet if my all 8 semester aggregate is above 58% will they cancel my appointment.
    please reply i m very tensed

  177. suneeth  

    I GOT SELECTD IN THE MONTH OF FEB 2012.HAVE RECEIVED A MAIL FROM TALENT AQUISITION FOR LOGIN ID AND PASSWORD. few of my frnd got a call from infosys and dey wer askd to talk on some topic.but i didnt gt a call .. is it compulsary to gt a call from infosys. and wen will i gt my call letter.

  178. Unknown  

    i got placed into infosys on
    7th jan 2012 in campus.
    When will i recieve my offer letter????
    Plsssss tell me.......

  179. Unknown  

    sorry it was 7th feb...

  180. puneet  

    Hello, This is Puneet doing BCA, got selected in Infosys in-campus drive on 25th feb and i have received the username and password from infosys and after this i received a call from Infosys for basic details so i want to know that whether i am selected or not if yes then when will i get my call letter.Please reply me asap...........

  181. prashanth  

    hello, this is prashanth doing b.sc,got selected in infosis in campus drive on janauary..till now i didnt receive the username and password from infosys but all my friends have received it...so am i rejected.....?

  182. prasannajit  

    hi i got selected by infosys campus team on feb 24th 2012 in kolkata.when will i get my appointment letter.they have messaged me twice of sending my appointment letter in april 2012.plz help

  183. vipul  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  184. vipul  

    hi,i got selected in infosys on January2012.i heard that minimum 65% marks are required in 10th and 12th.i have exactly 65% marks in 10th and 70% in 12th and now i perusing final year and my 2year percentage average is 79%. and i also received loginid from infi.so sir will you plz tell me that no such problem in my 10th class percentage becoz its not greater than 65.plz sir i am very worry about that.plz solve my problem.thanks in advance.

  185. ram  

    @vipul dont worry its not an issue as long yur mark is not BELOW 65 ....

  186. abhinnn  

    hi All

    Just some inside outlook towards infosys. I am working with infosys for almost 2 years nw (23 months to be precised) . I also read through this very blog and was lured in. But things are quite different wen u clear training. the condition is such that all motivation to work has been lost fr me . So guys dont be lured by the training facilities and everythin. Infy is nt the same brand what it used to be 5 years ago. If u have sum other options evaluate think and then decide

  187. vipul  

    @ram thanku sir,,,,,sir can you plz tell me when infosys call me if i selected in jan2012.Accordin to you.because my sister's marriage is in November 2012 so i am worried that if i cant attend marriage or not.

  188. lovy  

    i am not able to open my infy id it's showing too many failed attempts what should i do?
    Any one has any idea?


    Can u plzz tell me when will be the tentative joining for 2012 passout candidates be given???i have been selected by infosys in the month of september...

  190. Unknown  

    @aneesha it could be in the first week of July or August if u r from non cs it otherwise 2 months later.. Anyways from wich clg u r ?

  191. kavya  

    I got selected for infosys in sept 2011. Since then am trying to apply for passport but unable to as no reguired documents available. Will infosys allow if not applied for passport b4 doj?

  192. shweta  

    Hey i got selected from indore Institute of engineering & technology, firstly infy people said out joining will be form 2nd week of June but till now we have not got any information and also not replying to mails..can anyone please tell when will be our joining

  193. Unknown  

    @kavya they will allow u for sure... For this they will charge u some amount of money nearly 1000 for verification.. No need to worry.. Btw frm wich colg u r ? Regards- Krishan Goyal

  194. Unknown  

    @shweta no idea regarding doj can b given by any1 except infy hr... Ur doj cud b same as that of ur seniors

  195. shweta  

    @unknown: Date of joining of our seniors was 9th june and they have promised joining date before 9th june this time but they are nor giving any information themselves neither replying to our mails...

  196. Unknown  

    @shweta as it is the time of a little bit recession for infosys.. Their business is down.. Doj is totaly bsd on busines requirements.. Hence it cud b late dis time.. Don't wory bt u wil surely get offer letter.. They receive a lot of mails regarding dis every day so they can't reply to al of dem.. U can ask ur TPO perhaps he has sm idea.. Regards Krishan Goyal..

  197. shweta  

    Can we altleast get some information regarding the month in which we will have to join..

  198. Unknown  

    @shweta you can ask ur TPO regardin dis... Perhaps dis time the all joinings could be delayed by 3 4 months.. Krishan Goyal

  199. shweta  

    Okay sir thanks a lot..

  200. Unknown  

    i got placed into infosys on
    14th Sep'2011 through campus recruitment in kolkata.
    When will i recieve my offer letter????
    Plsssss tell me.......

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