I am sure this would be of great help for people who are just about to join.

1. Infosys Offer Letter. Only the First one is really needed. Do bring the second one also but if you have lost it or misplaced it or if your college is not giving it to you because you have messed up with your TPO then not to worry.

2. All results. This includes 10th, 12th and all semesters' original marksheet.

3. Passport and Driving License. These are not that urgent but do apply for passport. Without Driving License it will do. But not having passport at the end of completion of training may make you miss an onsite oppurtunity. There have been cases this year where trainees have been sent to France within one week of completion of training and to Singapore after 4 days.(I only know this much that people sent to France were from 16th June batch PLES stream and to Singapore were from Java stream(dont know which batch) so no more queries on this).

4. Print-out of Joining Details Letter and Accommodation Letter. There 2 items are to be brought with accoring to them but really speaking, we have never had to show these to anyone. You only need to know your registration number mentioned in the Accommodation Letter. But do take one print-out of both the emails.

5. NSR. When the first batch joined on May 26th, there was a lower fee for NSR registration (Only 60 Rs) but now its same as it is at any POS (Rs 337). So you can do it if a POS is near to you. This is not that urgent and you can submit it in about 1-1.5 months of joining or can do it here.

6. Degree Certificate. Most of you might have received at least the provisional degree certificate from your university. That will do if you dont have the original degree certificate.

7. PAN card. If you dont have one, you will have to fill in a separate form when you fill up the form for ICICI Bank salary account on the first day. Also, you will have to fill a different form while applying for SIM cards. Atleast for Airtel its like that. This is not much of a concern but having it will certainly help. Anyways, you will have to have it sooner or later because you have to give your PAN card number to Infy to associate your salary account with your tax-payer ID(PAN card number).

8. Notary Service Agreement. You will mostly get this after you leave for Infy. Not to worry. They will explain all about this in the Induction Program and tell you how to go about that. You have to make your parents sign it as they say in the induction program and get it notarized from some Notary. You can also have it only signed by your parents and then get it notarized here. A Notary visits the Infy campus every week and also you can do it outside the campus. I did it outside the campus. You have 1 months time to submit this. They say that your salary will not be credited until you submit it but i dont think that has ever happened.

And yes, do take 2-3 print outs of all your marksheets and certificates. You have to submit one photocopy of these documents to the HR who will verify the authenticity and then stamp an 'ER Verified' seal and then you have to scan it and submit it to your E-Docket. (E-Docket is the online depository of all documents related to you. Infy stores all your documents here.)

Also take xeroxes of passport and driving license which will help in getting mobile SIM cards easily.

There are xerox machines here also but its better to have documents ready when you join. Here you can print, scan and xerox as much as you want for free!!!

9. Winter Wear. It will get really cold by the time you join. So dont forget your winter wear.

10. Laptop. If you have one, surely bring it here. You can study the slides in your comfortable rooms and never bother to go to GEC after dinner.

Update: Personal laptops are no longer allowed into any Infosys campus according to a policy introduced in March 2009 so better not take your laptops there. If you do take it, i guess they will confiscate it and give it back to you when you complete your training.

Thats it... Phew... I type too much... ;-)

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Today was Advanced Java Module Test for JEE people. The results were very unexpected.

While i would rate Java Module as harder than Advanced Java, but many people who had perfect 5 CGPA till now failed in the test. We have 30% as project marks which are minimum 28/30 for everyone so only about 50% marks are needed to make the score reach the passing criteria of 65%. But still many 5 pointers failed miserably.

I got 63% in theory, so have 72% overall in the subject considering project marks. The test was just like any other test taken till now but i dont know why all those bright people didnt even manage to pass. Very less 5 pointers are left now in the class.

And ya, people from 25th august have got their stream allocation. Most of them have got Finacle as their stream and the rest have got IMS-Networking (Infrastructure Management Services). There are other streams of IMS like IMS-UNIX and IMS-Windows also. IMS is considered to be an easier stream than others.

New Year celebrations were also great fun here. Had a great party with my Gujarati group here.

Anyways, Happy New Year and Happy Diwali to all of you...

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Now, the project part of the modules which have a project is evaluated very seriously. First you cud copy and get away with it. .But now they are making sure that no one copies.

I had copied an Anonymous Procedure in Oracle (which is similar to a query in RDBMS) and got a 0 in the project. The person from whom i had copied also got 0. So now i will have to get 93% in Oracle module retest for passing in Oracle. The first test for it is already over and i got 61%.

And today was also Java retest for me which i again failed with the same score of 47%. Less than 10 people from about 80 people who appeared for the re-test have passed. Retests are really tough to crack. So make sure that you dont get a re-test.

From .NET class of 21 July batch, 58 people were caught copying in project. Infy people have a special tool by which they can compare the codes of project that we submit. All the 58 people have got a ZERO in the project.

Also about 40 people from Java class of 28 July batch also got a ZERO in the project part. This is only how much i know.. The numbers can be greater..

Advanced Java going on right now and its really tough... So in short my tough times of training have started now...I am feeling like i am into the last month of studying for 12th standard... And i am not alone... ;-) ...

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Hi Everyone...

There are many stories going on in here.. My friend told me what i wrote on my blog but my friends from E&R dept are denying any such happening.. I have been told by them that only 1 person has failed in 3 tests but is yet to be exited and that 72 have failed in the stream compre. Sorry for publishing inaccurate information. But as it seems now that there is no such major firing going on in here. So you people can relax.

Today i got the news that many people from 16 June batch who were in LC and then in .NET stream have to leave the company for failing in too many modules.

There are 6 modules in .NET stream. So if you fail in retest of 3 modules then you are gone. 72 out of 98 people from the batch were made to leave!!! I have a friend in that batch who left today for home.

So if you get .NET as stream, prepare well right from the beginning.

I have failed in Java module with a score of 46% but i find Java to be easier than C language. Oracle module going on right now. Oracle test is on Tuesday and Java retest is on Friday.

This weekend its A Wednesday and Babylon A.D. at the multiplex.

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Its really sad to convey this news: one trainee who went to Kerala for a trip with friends on Saturday drowned in a strong stream of river water.

He used to sit just 2 seats behind me in class. He went with his group for a trip on saturday morning when i left with my friends for Coorg.

On monday morning we got the sad news of his being expired in hospital. There was one more girl with him who is in critical condition right now in the hospital. They all are from Goa and went to Kerala in a group of about 15-20.

The reason reported is that the boy tried to save the girl who was drowning. The boy knew swimming but could not save himself from the strong stream. I am not asking anything to get the details because all their remaining friends are in a shock and do not talk much even among themselves.

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I am re-publishing Mr. Basant Patel's comment as a post as it contains a message that needs to be spread. Please read the full post...

October 11, 2008 12:19 PM

Dear Chetan

Following tragic death of Pooja Patel, my beloved daughter in an unfortunate incident at Infosys campus in Mysore on 5th October, 2008, there has been many press reports, news items and comments. Most of them have several factual inaccuracies and few of them are even reputation damaging. As a father, I feel it necessary to set the facts correct particularly for those already in Campus or are likely to join there and their parents. While waiting for joining, Pooja used to follow your blogs regularly (I am told most do the same), I feel this place as a right platform for my purpose.

We are Gujaratis and settled in Bhubaneswar and I am a well paid Senior Executive. All along Pooja was excellent in academics and never scored less than 65% in any exam through out her career. She passed engineering with CGPA of 8.5. Right from her 3rd sem she was determined to work in Infosys. In her life, she was intelligent, sensitive and jolly girl, of course little on the stronger side on her determination to achieve anything she desired. In our family and friends she was indeed a role model. We are a very liberal family where we shared everything and were more like friends.

To best of my knowledge, she was extremely happy being at Infosys, Mysore. Since 7th September when I dropped her at Mysore, she was in touch with me and my family daily and used to share her experiences. At no point of time she ever expressed being unhappy there or any other problems including personal issues, if any. She told us about the marketing she did in Mysore town on 2nd October, Garba-Dandia Raas (her favourite) on 3rd and the project assignment she did with her group on 4th night. My last talk with her was on 5th morning (11.25 AM) and she appeared absolutely fine.

She had told me about her getting A+ grades in 3 assignments/modules that she had completed so far (later confirmed by Infosys HR also) and was determined to get ultimate score of around 5 in her generic training. In Campus, she shared room with her college mate who was also her group mate in Infy class.

Till date we are at a loss to understand the incident and the reasons. That she has not left any note, mail, sms or has not shared anything with us or her room mate, has compounded the problem making us to speculate. I was in Mysore on 6th and 7th and have met several people but yet to find the reason of incident or her taking such a drastic step. I believe both police & Infosys are trying to find the answers. Infy Campus is indeed a highly secured place for any foul play to happen.

Infosys people including M. Nayar Head-Centre did the best to share my grief and extended assistance to complete cremation formalities.

Let us pray Almighty for peace to the departed soul.

Basant Patel

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As i said before, stream training is not easy no matter which stream you get. Now even we Java people are feeling the heat. Java is not that easy to understand for first timers. It takes time to grasp the concepts though the project is relatively easy as compared to other modules.

The project in this module is not evaluated but you will have to do it anyways because the projects in upcoming modules will be based on this. This module has a ground breaking 4 credit points which proves the importance of the module.

Yesterday was the second module test for .NET people. It was C# module test. As expected, again dozens failed in the test. Only about 10-15 from the whole class managed to pass. I feel lucky to have not got .NET.

Finally, the AC of my hostel room is working. It took this long for them to get it working.

Tomorrow is a holiday which will be used up to prepare for the Java module test which is on Friday.

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I have asked some friends and it turns out that the news of suicide turns out to be true.

I searched for her id today and found out that her name is Pooja Patel and not Puja Patil as mentioned on the site.

She lived in building 34 / room no. 110 and i have a friend living in 34/108 who knew her and used to talk to her.

She was from Jharkhand as the news article on the site says but my friend said that she was from Bhubaneshwar.

Her DOJ was 8th Sept. So they had just 2 tests till now and so maybe just 1 retest and so the chances of her committing suicide due to pressure of training are zero. My guess is she felt very home sick but that's just a guess.

The shocking thing about the whole incident is that Infosys management is not even acknowledging the fact that it happened. Everything is going on as usual and no 2 mins silence.

Even the bulletin board has been taken offline which they say is for maintenance purposes but i think they have done it so that the incident is not discussed among us.

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I asked some people from the latest batches (from 22 sept and 29 sept) and got to know that:

1. Some people from 22nd sept had been made to live in hotel but now they are accommodated in hostel. The room capacity is double than what it was last year so there is a very less chance that people would have to live in hotels for more than a week.

2. Almost all trainees who joined on 29th sept have been relocated at Hyderabad or Chennai. So those who have not got these joining dates should be happy. When the remaining trainees join in nov-dec, there wont be much crowd so you can expect your training at mysore only.

Now, Java module has started and its giving everyone a hard time. They teach too much for a single day so you will have to learn everyday to keep up with them.

I told about .NET being hectic but actually all streams are equally hectic and difficult.

There is no printed material for stream training. Only the slides which are often not enough to understand properly.

So for a better understanding, you will have to issue some book from the library. Right now i am using The Complete Reference, Java 2 - Herbert Schildt. And "Head Start Java" is also another nice book.

There is a project in almost all modules of Java and there is one in this module also but it wont be evaluated. But doing that project is necessary because only then will you be able to complete projects in the later modules.

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