I have asked some friends and it turns out that the news of suicide turns out to be true.

I searched for her id today and found out that her name is Pooja Patel and not Puja Patil as mentioned on the starofmysore.com site.

She lived in building 34 / room no. 110 and i have a friend living in 34/108 who knew her and used to talk to her.

She was from Jharkhand as the news article on the site says but my friend said that she was from Bhubaneshwar.

Her DOJ was 8th Sept. So they had just 2 tests till now and so maybe just 1 retest and so the chances of her committing suicide due to pressure of training are zero. My guess is she felt very home sick but that's just a guess.

The shocking thing about the whole incident is that Infosys management is not even acknowledging the fact that it happened. Everything is going on as usual and no 2 mins silence.

Even the bulletin board has been taken offline which they say is for maintenance purposes but i think they have done it so that the incident is not discussed among us.

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  1. Unknown  

    Hey is the training pressure getting that heavy or what?How could she suicide after just taking two tests only..??But I am very disappointed about the matter in which infy people are looking into it..why couldn't they openly speak the truth?It is very poor on their part.My condolences to her family..

  2. Chintan Patel  

    No, yaar.. There is no such deadly pressure of training... The reason is yet to be known...

    Ya, its really disappointing.. And today when the bulletin board finally got online, people were discussing about it and then HR dept posted a message saying to not discuss it and deleted all the posts related to the incident..

  3. Unknown  

    Well...then it seems that they are trying to hide something...if it was not a case of pressure they could have openly stated that the reason..I don't know why are they trying to hide it....hope we could get the reason soon...anywayz all the best for ur test

  4. Surender Singh  

    @ uday

    hw will infy mgmt know whats the reason for her extreme step???

    they just dont want that issue to be blown up out of propotion n therefore they r not allowing any discussions on it...

  5. Unknown  

    I wanted to ask the same question uaday had, but if presssure for training is not that heavy,how come such cases happen,this was not the first case,right????? something must be going wrong.....

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