As i said before, stream training is not easy no matter which stream you get. Now even we Java people are feeling the heat. Java is not that easy to understand for first timers. It takes time to grasp the concepts though the project is relatively easy as compared to other modules.

The project in this module is not evaluated but you will have to do it anyways because the projects in upcoming modules will be based on this. This module has a ground breaking 4 credit points which proves the importance of the module.

Yesterday was the second module test for .NET people. It was C# module test. As expected, again dozens failed in the test. Only about 10-15 from the whole class managed to pass. I feel lucky to have not got .NET.

Finally, the AC of my hostel room is working. It took this long for them to get it working.

Tomorrow is a holiday which will be used up to prepare for the Java module test which is on Friday.

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  1. Unknown  

    hey chintan
    first f all wud lyk 2 say ur doin a gr8 job nd keep up d gud work.....
    i heard dat 4m mw onwards parents r not being allowed in d infy campus evn on d doj... s it true.... arent v allowed 2 brin r parents???

  2. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan

    Can u tell me how many modules r there in the stream training?

    According to u in case of generic training if one clears 6 out of 9 then he/she is eligible for compre...

    I want to ask ..wheather this same rule is applicable for stream training or not?

  3. Unknown  

    One more thing....
    In case of stream training do they give indivisual project or group project & what is the time limit of it?

    In case of it same for all?

    Thanks & happy dussera

  4. Unknown  

    i want to knw that after generic training if we clear PLES interview.then wat stream allocation would i been given


  5. Loving Father  

    Dear Chetan

    Following tragic death of Pooja Patel, my beloved daughter in an unfortunate incident at Infosys campus in Mysore on 5th October, 2008, there has been many press reports, news items and comments. Most of them have several factual inaccuracies and few of them are even reputation damaging. As a father, I feel it necessary to set the facts correct particularly for those already in Campus or are likely to join there and their parents. While waiting for joining, Pooja used to follow your blogs regularly (I am told most do the same), I feel this place as a right platform for my purpose.

    We are Gujaratis and settled in Bhubaneswar and I am a well paid Senior Executive. All along Pooja was excellent in academics and never scored less than 65% in any exam through out her career. She passed engineering with CGPA of 8.5. Right from her 3rd sem she was determined to work in Infosys. In her life, she was intelligent, sensitive and jolly girl, of course little on the stronger side on her determination to achieve anything she desired. In our family and friends she was indeed a role model. We are a very liberal family where we shared everything and were more like friends.

    To best of my knowledge, she was extremely happy being at Infosys, Mysore. Since 7th September when I dropped her at Mysore, she was in touch with me and my family daily and used to share her experiences. At no point of time she ever expressed being unhappy there or any other problems including personal issues, if any. She told us about the marketing she did in Mysore town on 2nd October, Garba-Dandia Raas (her favourite) on 3rd and the project assignment she did with her group on 4th night. My last talk with her was on 5th morning (11.25 AM) and she appeared absolutely fine.

    She had told me about her getting A+ grades in 3 assignments/modules that she had completed so far (later confirmed by Infosys HR also) and was determined to get ultimate score of around 5 in her generic training. In Campus, she shared room with her college mate who was also her group mate in Infy class.

    Till date we are at a loss to understand the incident and the reasons. That she has not left any note, mail, sms or has not shared anything with us or her room mate, has compounded the problem making us to speculate. I was in Mysore on 6th and 7th and have met several people but yet to find the reason of incident or her taking such a drastic step. I believe both police & Infosys are trying to find the answers. Infy Campus is indeed a highly secured place for any foul play to happen.

    Infosys people including M. Nayar Head-Centre did the best to share my grief and extended assistance to complete cremation formalities.

    Let us pray Almighty for peace to the departed soul.

    Basant Patel

  6. Unknown  

    My condolences to Mr Basant. Hope U come through all this with a strong mind......and god help u with the questions left!!

    My and all my fellow infoscion's prayers!

  7. Unknown  

    my words may nt b enough 2 share a quantam f ur grief sir...Bt i'll pray 2 god 4 ur daughter..M runnin short f words to say anythin..!

  8. Unknown  

    May her soul rest in peace...I pray 2 almighty.

  9. Unknown  

    My condolences to Mr Basant. Hope U come through all this with a strong's indeed a huge loss to you sir....I pray the almighty that may her soul rest in peace....

  10. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you..
    Ya, i too heard that from some friends who have joined recently..
    And ya, throughout october no visitors of any kind are allowed in the campus... But when i joined, parents were allowed after issuing a visitor pass for them... But now the rules seem to have changed..

    We have 6 modules in JEE and same for .NET also... But there are 13 modules for PLES training... So it differs from stream to stream..
    But the duration for all the modules is the same.. Only Finacle is longer than others...

    Yes, but not 6/9 but 5/8 as there are only 8 modules and the 9th test is compre...

    For stream i think it is 4/6...

    Its obvious that if you clear the interview then you will get PLES...

    @Basant Patel...

    Sir, I am deeply moved by your comment. May God give you the power to deal with adversity...

    I am posting your comment as a post to help more people read your message...

  11. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    There r 8 modules in generic training are they :
    1)Computer hardware & system software
    2)Programming fundamentals
    3)Programming testing
    6)Software engineering
    am I rite?
    7)Introduction to web architecture
    8)User interface design(UID)

  12. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhhhh... dont make me type much...
    you are worrying about silly things...
    anyways, i have uploaded a schedule for generic training b4... go to that post...

  13. Gandham  
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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