You will be only able to score marks if you know the concepts well. Studying from previous papers wont help much. No matter how much questions you do but still new ones will keep popping up. And also, read the questions properly in all exams. Generally, there wont be anything complex about the question but you will miss some syntax which would be totally changing the meaning of the statement. And whats worse is that the option that you have calculated wrongly will surely be there among the options. So be careful about this.

You can prepare for compre will in the time that you get in easy modules like AOA, SDM-UID-IQS but really speaking, you will only be able to score as much as you knew on the day of the module test of a particular module. So better prepare for each and every module test properly and compre will become very easy for you. I didn’t realize that and thought I would study everything for the compre but that doesn’t work… Also, learn C inside out.. There is no escape from it. You HAVE to learn it properly. So be attentive in both the modules related to C i.e. Programming Fundamentals and Programming & Testing.. In generic training, RDBMS is of 7 days which is really long for the course that they teach. You will be able to study it comfortably. Only days 3,4,5 really matter in RDBMS.

And ya, UNIX will be very difficult to study in 3 days. There are sooo many commands that you will surely forget which one does what. Thank God, the test was on Monday for us and we got a weekend to study it properly. Otherwise in 3 days, you will really have to study like the last day b4 exam for every day of UNIX.

131 reactions, what do you say?

  1. Kartherajan  

    Hey Chintan,
    Really thanks a lot on ure views and sharing ure experience....Keep up your good work....My training starts from this monday and I am really looking forward to meet

  2. Arunav  

    Hii... Chintan... Good job.... u r into wgich stream now...???
    I had another question to ask.... in Generic compre there was no Hands on for Unix... another thing was there Shell Scripting in Unix...??

  3. Unknown  

    hey did u get ur many of u got PLES??

  4. Unknown  

    hi buddy.....
    u r doin a gr8 job.wat abt ur PLES interview rslts??? i belong 2 mech n intrstd in PLES.. u said dey need only 40-50ppl.wil dey take all d 40ppl frm ur batch itself??? will dey give us a chance 4 dis wen we join later..... thanx in advance.

  5. Unknown  

    Hi chintan..
    Gr8 work dude...reading ur blog gives a feel of the infy environment in mysore as a whole..thank u so much...then a small doubt frm my side...heard tat there is no negative marking from now on in the tests...n the pass mark mark is increased to 75% it true??

  6. Chintan Patel  

    thank you...


    i am into JEE... No unix for hands on... only C and RDBMS..

    Shell scripts you willl have to learn for module tests though...


    19 from july 21 and 26 from july 14 so total 45 people have got PLES....


    ya, be intrested but dont come here hoping to get PLES.. its aa small unit and so very less job openings are there... I dont know when they will start the next PLES batch...


    Answered in the previous post...

  7. Unknown  

    thnx 4 d info...

  8. Unknown  

    hi dude doing a great job..its really very useful fr us..i hav got 2 doubts..
    1.Are there subjective questions in compre?
    2.Whether search sites like google n wikipedia can be accessed frm their PCs?
    thanks in advance...

  9. Chintan Patel  


    There are no subjective questions. Only the multiple options theory and hands on(practical)

    Ya, you can surf those sites but the internet access timings for trainees is mornings 7-9 AM and 5-11 PM. And 24hrs on weekends. You can surf all day after you clear the training and get your posting.

  10. Unknown  

    hi chintan,
    i heard that there r no retests allowed hereafter n that v hav to clear in 1st attempt n shud clear 6 ou of 10 modules.. is this news true?
    And if its so..wil people frm non cs/it background be able to manage?

  11. Chintan Patel  


    Where did you hear that from?
    I havent heard anything like that.

    You have to clear 65% of the modules which makes it 7/10 modules.

  12. Rtcoms  

    hi chintan
    der is some news that infy has extended training duration from 16 weeks to 29 weeks........

    how it gonna affect our training.

  13. Unknown  

    oh ok ya..i read it frm a forum in an orkut profile..thats y sry i think its a rumour..

  14. Naresh  

    hi going to join infy on nov 2nd...
    u doing a gr8 job by providing info abt infy...tanx buddy...can u suggest me wat r the sub i should read before attending the trainning?

  15. Diwesh Saxena  

    Hello sir,
    i am recently selected in infy campus placement nd my joinin is on dis july....unfortubately i hav 5th sem back remainning.....can i start the training and give my paper which will be on november or december dis case not how should i go about....i dont want to miss my chance of gettin into infy....plz help....
    thank u

  16. Chintan Patel  


    First of all, post a comment only once. Posting it 3 times will not increase its visibility quotient.

    You cannot start training with a subject remaining to clear. Pending results are fine but there should be no pending exams. You will have to apply for extension.

  17. sarath  

    sarath : hi chintan..real gud work. how far they 'll test our programming skills? do we find it easy or get tough? a normal brain can go how much thru the training

  18. Chintan Patel  


    Of course they will test your programming skills very well.

    It is easy if you behave like a good student there.

  19. Unknown  

    Nishant: Hi! chintan.My joining date is 22nd June.i want to get my entire data in a 250gb external hard drive, will they check the data?? ;-) or i jus neeed to get it registered and use it in my room????

  20. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can take your hard drive also. They will not scan the hard drive. You just have to register it.

  21. Anirban  

    Hey Chintan, I have a DOJ on 28th Dec '09, and my job band is ' Software Engineer / B'. Could u plz tell me what it means? Does it focus on any particular technology for training ? thanx

  22. Chintan Patel  


    It means nothing in particular...

    You will have that designation for 2-3 years...

  23. Unknown  

    hii chintan thanxs 4 replying ... I want to know if we come with all our data in external drive then can they allow us to connect with their computer n can we com ewith 2-3 pen drives

  24. Chintan Patel  


    Taking pen drives into office area is strictly prohibited and can lead to very serious steps taken against you. This rule applies to every IT company no matter how big or small.

    Pen drives were allowed in hostel rooms when i was there but i think now pen drives would also be banned as personal laptops are banned.

  25. Unknown  

    Hi chintan..
    You said in your reply to anks that personal laptops are banned. Bt i heard that we can have personal laptops, we just have to register it.then which one is followed now?

  26. Chintan Patel  


    They were allowed till last year but they are banned from this year.

    The ban is applicable to all DCs and not only to Infosys, Mysore DC.

  27. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    i am Shiteej and my joining is on 8 of Feb.
    Can u plese tell me what does 'PF' and "PT' stands for in our training.
    Thanx in advance.

  28. Chintan Patel  


    It is already mentioned in the post above:
    Programming Fundamentals and Programming & Testing.

  29. Anonymous  

    Hai Chintan,
    Thanks for ur kind informations about INFOSYS..Me Bharath,My DOJ is 18th Jan.I hav got the offer letter on Feb 10 statin that SOFTWARE ENG-'B' but now all my friends got revised offer letter statin that "SYSTEM ENGINEER level 3.
    But I hav not got the revised offer letter,can u suggest me wat to do.
    Wats the difference betwwen software engineer and system engineer?

  30. Chintan Patel  


    It is nothing to worry about... I will write a detailed post this weekend to clear all your doubts about the new designation.

  31. Anonymous  

    Thanks for ur Kind Answer

  32. Anonymous  

    hey chintan.....

    havnt received revised offer letter yet....wht shud i do nw?

  33. Unknown  

    hey chintan....u r doin a grt work !!...
    I got the revised offer letter but the address needs to be changed..i wrote to infy people at but no reply came frm their side...m n quite a fix...i wll b joinin this 16 nov...
    please tell me where and when is the service agreement sent??..i mean in college placement cell or in the correspondence address??
    thanks in advance

  34. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    My doj is 20 Oct. I have been going through your posts and have found them very informative. I have 2 queries
    1.You have mentioned that pen drives also won't be allowed but then how do we take the code to the handson exam.
    2.As the laptops have been banned how do you suggest we study - from the material give by them or by studying the slides computer alotted to us. I mean from an exam point of view.

  35. Chintan Patel  


    The service agreement will be sent to your home address and not college.
    I think they would have updated it even though they dont send an acknowledgement letter though i am not sure about it.


    1. I dont know what you have understood about hands on exam but i think you have got it wrong. You dont have to take any code to the hand on exam. You will have to write the code on the PC assigned to you in the classroom.

    2. Material given by them = slides. Slides and lab guides are good enough to make you pass if you study them properly.

  36. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    I was told that we are given books to study as well, if that is right what should we be referring to the books or the slides.
    You have mentioned in one of the posts that you had taken 300mb of code for the hands on material. You had also said that you are allowed to copy, paste stuff... So where does one do that from....

  37. Chintan Patel  


    Books will be given only for generic training. For streams, there will be only slides.

    Studying from books is not needed. Slides are enough to get 100% marks.

    I have not mentioned that i took 300MB of code. Please read it again.

    Copy/pasting code is allowed from other projects that you already have on your PC in hands on exams.

  38. Unknown  

    Thanks Chintan,You've been a great help, almost like an elder brother that we can turn to for advice.

  39. Unknown  

    i m joining infy on 9th nov. n havent recieved hard copy of offer letter.plz tell me what should i do?

  40. Chintan Patel  


    Do you mean to say hard copy of offer letter or service agreement.

    If you mean offer letter, it is delivered to college and you should already have it with you by now.

    Service agreement may arrive after you have left for mysore and you will be told in the first week what to do about it.

  41. Unknown  

    hi chintan,

    my DOJ is 8-feb. ur rply to deepali has worried me too. in campusconnect under service agreement sub heading they say that"A Service agreement will be sent along with the date of Joining letter." DOJ was conveyed to me by an email back in early feb.but nothing was received as such in hard copy.

    my query is (1): what they mean by service agreement and DoJ letter.
    (2) where will these letters be posted respectively

  42. Chintan Patel  


    Your DOJ is in Feb so its too early to say anything about it. You may get the offer letter in that time.

    There is nothing like DoJ letter. There are only 2 hard copies, offer letter and service agreement.

    Offer letter will mention that infosys intends to hire you and will contain details about the package and some rules like dress code etc.

    Service Agreement is the bond that you have to get notarized by a notary in which you agree to be bound by infosys' terms and conditions and you agree to pay 50,000 Rs if you leave infosys before the bond period.

    My offer letter had arrived 6 months after the campus interview but it varies greatly. But still, you should be able to receive it before your DOJ. All the selected candidates' offer letters were mailed together to the college.

    Service agreement will arrive at your home and it may arrive after you have left for mysore. Mostly, it comes in the last week before joining.

  43. Senthil Ramesh  

    Hi I have some questions regarding Infy

    1.Is laptops allowed in our roon
    2.Can we browse in our rooms using Wifi or plug and surf devices.
    3. One of my friends said, we cant access many sites there. Then how are you able to write blogs when you are working at Infy. Also daily. I heard it will take until midnight to return to our room.

    Pls clarify these.

  44. Chintan Patel  

    @Practise CEO...

    Laptops are not allowed now in the rooms.

    LOL... You made a wrong assumption that i work at infy.... Read some more posts on my blog and you will find out. I have quit infosys since december 2008. Laptops were allowed in the rooms when i was there and most of the posts on this blog have been written from my hostel room.

    Yes, you will need to study at classrooms now and so it will get late if you are preparing for some test.

  45. Senthil Ramesh  

    Oh thanks for the info. What if we dont get the hard copy of the offer letter.

  46. Chintan Patel  

    @Practise CEO...

    It is sent to the college and i have not heard of a case of not getting the hard copy of offer letter.

  47. Appy :)))  

    my joining is on march22, 2010. what i get from ur posts, we really need to brush up our basics in C and Unix before joining. thanks for the information.bbut i have a doubt.. will there be some tests before the training (or classes) like when u have newly joined or only after some training?

  48. Chintan Patel  


    Only C. I never said Unix.

    There wont be any technical tests that you will be evaluated upon before any training but you will have 1-2 english tests in the first week.

    You will have a Campus Connect test on the second Monday but dont worry about that. Only 10 people pass that test out of the entire batch. I dont know if it is still conducted. You get 5000 Rs if you score above 80% in that test and there is no penalty for failing because they know that you will. :)

  49. Appy :)))  

    thanks a lot Chintan! that helped a lot. A very Happy new Year to you and all my Infosys mates! :)))

  50. divi  

    hi.. infy s ma dream company..but to my bad luck no on campus im ma college..need to know abt getting into infy thro anyother way(off campus & job fair)..pls giv me those details how to attend infy currently doing final year IT

  51. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have any information about Infosys' recruitment plans. You can try searching for it on their website.

  52. Unknown  


    You wrote there is some Campus Connect Test on second Monday
    Is it technical Test ? if yes then what do they test?

  53. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it is a technical test and you will be allowed to attend the test only if you have CC completion certificate. It is a test based on the syllabus of CC.

    If you dont know anything about it, please dont ask further questions, that test is of no importance.

  54. Ashish  

    hi Chintan
    you r doing a great job thanks!!!!

    can u mention the complete details of subjects taught in training and training structure for CSE students so that I can prepare in advance as I really want to complete training successfully as my dream has come true after getting selected in Infosys

  55. Ashish  

    if laptops are not allowed then how do students prepare for exams using ppts?

  56. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have the complete details of subject breakdown but just prepare C language and Java before joining and that will be enough. For streams, you cant prepare in advance because you may get some other stream than what you prepared.

    Man, read some other posts. You will get a PC allotted to you in the classroom and that is where you have to study.

  57. Ashish  

    Thanks for ur reply Chintan!!!!!!

    On what basis do they allot streams after generic?

    Would there be any benefit of international certification?

    Won't they allot .Net stream to students who already have Microsoft certification in .Net?

    After going through many posts in ur blog, I have a feeling that Infy training was tough in recession times and the students who couldn't pass it mainly belonged to non CS/IT streams. Can we expect improved success rate at training now onwards of course a good sign for those who are yet to join?

    what is the average pass rate for CS/IT students? To be frank Can I expect to have more chances of being successful in training being a CS student.

    Has training time increased in comparison to previous batches may be to decrease the burden of training?

  58. Chintan Patel  


    I have said it many times that stream allocation is purely random and you wont be given any preference no matter what certificate you have.

    Yes, CS-IT people do have a higher success rate but it just depends on the individual and statistics dont help in this matter.

    Hahaha... Cudnt resist... Training time is not increased to decrease the burden. The streams taught are also increased and so there are no advantages of increased training period. It is just that they dont have projects and so have decided to keep freshers engaged in training so as to not further increase their bench strength. At present, Infosys' employee utilization is only 70% excluding trainees.

  59. Unknown  

    @ chintan....
    can u plz tell me is it possible to take leave for a couple of days during training????

  60. Ashish  

    hi chintan
    Thanks for reply
    you said that they don't have projects
    then why are they recruiting in huge numbers.
    Recently Infosys CEO declared to recruit 20000 in 2010.

  61. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered. Wont answer again.


    Well, there are a lot of things you will only believe after joining and wont believe now. For now, just now that PR team is different from Operations team. It is PR team's job to create a positive impression on outsiders and that is what they do very well. Even better than what software engineers at Infosys do.

    You will understand all that after joining. How "fair" Infosys is as a company. Let me give you some examples:

    1. Just check some previous posts and you will find an article about Infosys CEO visiting our classroom. In that interaction, he told us that inspite of recession, there wont be any cuts in the investment in training. And what he did after 3 months is stop GEC from being accessible 24 hours and limited its time to 10 PM to save some electricity which made it harder for trainees to study for tests.

    2. You will also find an article related to the suicide of Pooja Patel and the note his father wrote on my blog. He was very forthcoming in clarifying the rumors surrounding her suicide. And what did Infosys do at that time? They took down the internal bulletin board for 2 days citing "emergency maintenance". Now i too run a bulletin board and i know there is nothing that can take 2 days to fix. And when the bulletin board was online again and people started to talk about the suicide, Infosys HR put a message saying it should not be discussed "keeping in mind her family members' feelings". So they were trying to put it as if people from her family had told Infosys to not allow discussion on that matter but the truth was her father had already come forth and expressed himself on this matter on a public blog like mine.

    3. The reason they are going to recruit 20k people is that so many people have filed for separation. One friend of mine at Infosys, Pune said that 10k employees have filed for separation in this quarter. A friend at Infosys, Mysore said it can be even more. Just to prove this to you, Infosys crossed 1 lakh employee count in October 2008 and in December 2009, after more than 1 year, their employee count is just 109000. This data is taken from their Quarterly results which you can check by yourself at: Just 9000 more even though they hired 20k last year. Now you may fear those many employees failed in training or got fired but the truth is, only about 10-15% people fail in training and Infosys did not fire more than 5k employees. So its a proven fact that Infosys is not much preferred after you have gone past the "fresher" stage.

    These all facts may seem startling to you as i am generating a negative image about the company you all freshers love so much (and even i did when i was) but these are some of the truths that only employees know. Once you join, you will also come across such facts. Infosys' PR team is way more smarter than their software engineers and that is why they have a higher brand value than TCS, Wipro even though all these 3 companies are just the same in almost all aspects.

    Having said all this, i will still say that Infosys is the best company in India for freshers. I put it ahead of not only TCS, Wipro but also IBM, Accenture for freshers. Their training is truly world class and the things you learn in training can help you pass any interview at ease. But there are some facts that you may even not believe now but you will realize it only after joining that these facts were true.

  62. Unknown  

    Hie Chintan you are doing a great job!!
    I just wanted to know if you can post the training material that you did at Infy!!

  63. Chintan Patel  


    I have already told many times that you can find the link to it elsewhere. Please dont ask for it from me.

  64. Unknown  

    My doj is on june 21 2010.But i have lost my class 10 mark sheet without a single photostat copy.I have applied for a duplicate but it seems that the duplicate will not arrive for another four months.My qualification was checked before I attended the campus program.I would like to hear from you what i am supposed to do now.

  65. Chintan Patel  


    I think you submit one photocopy of all your results when you appear for interview so i hope your 10th marksheet copy was attached with it. Otherwise, you will just have to wait till your marksheet arrives. Better inform them about it now. (Dont ask me on what email address you shud send the email.) They will understand your case. Its weird that you dont have even a single zerox copy of 10th marksheet.

  66. Unknown  

    Thanx 4 ur reply dude.....But i honestly dont know the email address to contact.....can u atleast giv me the toll free no to infy?

  67. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, man... Please dont embarrass me. The email address has been mentioned too many times on this blog. I dont want to feel like i run a helpline.

  68. RKR  

    do they keep ny negative marking in tests????
    how much percentage is reqd to pass the tets.

    and i have heard abt something called 'champak' that all questions come from that only..

  69. RKR  

    and one more question what would be the approx amount we will get after cutting out all the expanses during training period

  70. Chintan Patel  


    Please read all other posts and their comments before posting a question. All your questions are already answered.

  71. Unknown  

    few days back we got our Login Id & password for infosys site(especially made for trainee engineer).From there I have downloaded course material(viz., generic 1,2,3).

    I wanted to ask will they teach there in the same order as in the course material.I am asking because I want to finish the material well ahead and That I want to do in the same order.

  72. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, it will be in the same order.

  73. Unknown  

    Hi :-)

    I wanted to know if the assignments on programming will be tough.Will we be allowed to refer to books while doing them?Can we look them up on google?

  74. Pav  

    Hi Chintan

    When i logged in to fill my e-joining form 3 days back,I got a message that the hard copy of my offer letter has been mailed to my residential address.The address they have posted it to is perfectly right.But I still haven't got the hard copy.Should I call them up and enquire?My joining date is Aug 2nd..So I am very scared.

    Is it very essential to take the provisional degree certificate(PDC) on the date of joining?I have applied for revaluation of one of my answer scripts and hence I am not allowed to apply for the PDC until my reval results are out.Will my course completion certificate from the college be sufficient?

    I read on one of your posts that there is no negative marking anymore.Do you have any idea if it is so even for 2010 batch? This was your post-

    Good news: Due to complaints from June 11th batch, negative marking in tests has been taken off. Which means we can attend every questions. Previous negative marking was very strange and it was tough to pass if you get some questions wrong.Bad news: Since negative marking has been removed, the pass mark has been increased from 65% to 75%. This is not as bad as negative marking though.

  75. Chintan Patel  


    They are of progressive difficulty and so all of them are not tough.

    Yes, you can refer to books for assignments or search on Google. There will also be 2 tech assistants to help you in addition to the teacher of that module.

  76. Chintan Patel  


    You still have a lot of time and its not that your offer will get rejected if you dont get the offer letter on time. I think they usually deliver by Blue Dart and check for an email from them which contains Blue Dart tracking number from which you can see the status of your parcel on their website.

    Get whatever you can. Explain the situation to them and have proof of applying for re-evaluation. For batches joining early, they dont make a big deal out of not having (provisional)degree certificate.

    No, that is a very old post from 2007 batch (i joined in July 2008) and as far as i know, negative marking was never there and still isnt and the passing marks are the same at 65%.

  77. Pav  

    ok...thanks a tonne!

  78. Unknown  

    Is Infosys training very difficult for a person from non-IT branch? Is advance preparation needed before going to training?

  79. Chintan Patel  


    It depends on your comfort level with programming and is not connected in any way to whether you are from IT or not.

  80. Unknown  


    Which text books will I have to carry for the training?Please suggest the books that will help me with the assignments.In the offer letter they say -"We are mentioning a list of books which will normally be useful for training".They haven't mentioned any.
    I read in one of your posts that the library is well equipped with all the books that we would need.Since I am a CS student I can carry some books which I already have.

  81. Chintan Patel  


    You dont need to carry any programming books with you. You will get all the resources you will ever need. The slides and their own training material is more than enough and if you want to read any books, there is a big library which has all the books you will ever need.

    Yes, i remember that line from my offer letter but unlike you there were 4-5 books mentioned with it but dont bother with that.

  82. Unknown  

    The campus-connect-infosys site link that we had been given, provide study material as Generic 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.In gen 1.0 we have been given following topics to study:
    AOA,Introduction to web technology,OOC,RDBMS,SDM,UID.All these topics we have to study in staged manner in all the mentioned generics.

    I had earlier enquired you regarding the topics to prepare beforehand and you had told c,java,rdbms.I am done away with rdbms but deeply confused whether i should go for c & java or not 'coz in topic Object-Oriented Concepts(ooc) there is mention of concepts like polymorphism,inheritence but nowhere i can find lang like c or java.

    what should i go for now as i have another 1 month to wait?Also if we have to java then to what extent 'coz there is no mention of concepts behind applet programming n all???plz guide me.

  83. Chintan Patel  


    I think it will be in Generic 2.0 and 3.0. C language and Java are surely a part of generic training so do study them.

    In Java, you can study core Java. Also, its not necessary to study everything before joining. Just the training period is sufficient to study the entire course without any pre-joining study.

  84. ArBghl  

    hey can u tell me the type of projects we are given....a few named xamples will be good to mention.

  85. Chintan Patel  


    I assume you are asking about projects you are given in training.

    You have to make apps like Insurance app, Electricity bill app, Flight tracking app etc.

  86. Anonymous  

    is der any way to do video chattin as my parents liv abroad?wt webcam n all?

  87. Chintan Patel  


    I think there are webcams in the Reliance Web World inside Infosys Mysore campus in GEC 1. So you can chat from there. Other than that - as laptops are not allowed now - i dont see a way to be able to video chat.

  88. Anonymous  


  89. Unknown  

    namaste sir,
    myself Garima Chaubey, sir i wanted to know the level of c programming that we will encounter in training period. my joining date is 15th november 2010. some of my frnds wr saying that we will be asked to make programs on round robin scheduling, and more tough programs related to operating system and all. plz guide me sir. thank u.

  90. Chintan Patel  


    Of course you need to be good at C if you need to be a good software engineer and so the importance of C is also more in training. Yes, there are projects about round robin scheduling, electricity bill calculation, insurance premium calculation but they are to be done in a group of 4 and hence not so difficult.

  91. TUSHAR  

    hii...can you tell wat kind of marking system they follow in infy,do they follow the relative marking system i.e our gpa depends on others' performance as well??

  92. Chintan Patel  


    There is no relative marking. You have to score 65% in tests to pass that particular exam.

  93. priyanka  

    sir i was selected for doj is dec 27 2010.i didnot attend for cc training given by jkc for selected people.i don't get any certificate is it a problem when i join in the conpany pls tell me

  94. Unknown  

    @ Priyanka....
    It would have been better if this question was answered by chintan... but to just answer your query.. that certificate makes no difference to your joining.
    If you hold campus connect program certificate or are fron CS/IT background and you clear one test then you may be given fast track training.

  95. Chintan Patel  


    Campus Connect is just for your own preparation and does not make a difference in any way after joining.

    Whatever Prashant is saying used to be right but fast track batches are stopped since August 2008 due to recession when they needed to keep trainees in training rather than production because there were no projects and so i am not sure if that test is still being taken for people with Campus Connect certificate. Still, this will be clarified in the first week of joining.

  96. Unknown  

    Hey chintan!
    This might sound inappropriate but are we allowed to access websites in the GEC like youtube, facebook or other social networking sites.
    Also, are freshers allowed to leave the campus for a day- like going to goa on a weekend.

  97. Kartik Shashank  

    Hey! You have given an amazing description of the place.. Reading your blog was like visiting the Infy campus virtually before even reaching there. I have almost completed my training now, with 5 days of POST remaining, after which I'll be joining my Unit from November 16. Life was fun, but things have changed a lot now. I jus hope training gets any better for the batches joining in the future.

    Hi! Jus sharing what I have been through, Social networking websites are almost all a sin out there. Nearly any website you try to access is blocked for some or the other reason. People do find proxies, but they are very soon blocked. Youtube was accessible in some classes, but soon they were blocked too. Also, you get internet access for a very short while, but even in that short span, you get to see the "Blocked" error page for almost every URL you would want to access! Rest will be explained to you by Chintan, but I jus wanted to share my agony! :D

  98. Chintan Patel  


    No, you cannot access those sites in GEC on the computers allotted to you but you can go to the Reliance Web World in the GEC where you can access all the sites you want. On your computer in GEC, you can surf the web only after 5 PM and before 9 AM. All email and social networking sites will be blocked. Even this blog is blocked there. You can find new proxies but they are also usually blocked within a week.

    Yes, you can leave the campus like that if you want. The only rule is, you should not return after 10:30 PM or 11:00 PM on any day which entitles you to a fine and you will be made to leave the hostel if you commit the same offense again. So if you are late, it is better to return on the next day morning rather than paying the fine and getting the warning from HR manager.


    Thank you. If you tell me what has changed, i can make it into a blog post so that everyone else can know about it.

  99. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan......On what basis is the domain allotted to the students.....i.e; JAVA,.net or main frame........I am from ECE & hv heard that mainframe is excellent....
    What care should I take in order to get into it???

  100. Chintan Patel  


    There is NO logic to the allocation of stream. Please dont try to figure it out when you get streams allotted because you will find that there really is no logic. Allocation of streams at Infosys is done by a computer generated draw.

  101. AllTechStuff  


    1)I got my DOJ on feb7th 2010.I am cs/it student. what all the modules will be there for us??will they hand outs for every module?

    2) i got the offer letter on nov18th 2010 will i get any other mails from infosys regarding accomdation and medical check up??

    thank you.

  102. Chintan Patel  


    1. They will provide books for the generic course but there are no books published by them for the streams. But actually studying from the slides is enough for scoring well. I dont have up-to-date information about the modules but Infosys will explain it to you in the induction program in the first week of training.

    2. Yes, you will also get an accommodation mail when there is 1 month left for your joining and around the same time, you will also have to complete you e-joining formalities. You will receive mails about these when time comes.

  103. now where to run and now where to hide  

    Gr8 goin dude

    jus try to answer for my following sily queries.

    is ter leav on saturday n sunday :?
    can i able to spend time on browsin, say fb,twitter?
    can u tel me d rent of stayin in infy hostel n food , laundary , etc ?

  104. Chintan Patel  

    There is leave on every saturday, sunday.
    All social networking sites are blocked there.
    The rent keeps increasing every year and i dont have the latest figures but it would be around 3500 Rs per month for hostel room, food expense is on you, laundry was 10 Rs per 1 washing machine load when i was there. It might be 15 or 20 Rs now.

    Please do not ask questions without reading all posts and their comments. I will not answer repeated questions again.

  105. Anonymous  

    i m varsha.i have my joining on 14th feb.when i logged into the e-joining of infosys using my candidate id it is showing my joining on 10th jan.i didnt get any mails till there any problem?

  106. Chintan Patel  


    Your joining is on 14th Feb. The e-joining date is wrong. Dont know why they dont correct. It confuses so many trainees.

  107. Anonymous  

    thanks a lot chintan
    wish u a very happy new year and all the best for your future

  108. nikita  

    hello chintan..
    my doj is 14 feb .. n m reaching mysore on 13th..but my parents wants me 2 stay with dem on 13th nite.. n will drop me at infosys on 14th morning.. will it b fyn if i complete d check in process on 13th.. keep my luggage in room, go out wid my parents n come back on 14th morning(my doj)!!

  109. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, that will be fine.

  110. Unknown  

    hey chintan my ejoining doesn't show my scanned signature and photo graph is it ok.......

  111. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, dont worry much about e-joining. It is fine.

  112. Unknown  

    thanks Chintan...

  113. Unknown  

    hey chintan i hav two doubts:
    1> will the infy provide its hostel facilities to students who selected thru off campus recruitment as i m also a part of off campus recruitment....

    2>My joining is on 7 march and i didn't receive the mail frm Infy regarding the medical checkups prior to the joining ...shud i contact them or it is ok...??

  114. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, its for all trainees. Off-campus or on-campus does not matter to Infosys.

    Dont worry about medical tests. 99% people dont have any medical certificates and neither did i. Infact, they never asked for it to us.

  115. Unknown  

    Hi Chitan

    first of all i would like to say thanks for helping out all the freshers.
    I want to know if Infy's Training for MCAs differs from Btech ones?
    Do MCA students find any difficulty in clearing their Module tests?

  116. Chintan Patel  


    Training is the same for all freshers whether BTech or MCAs. It just depends on individual cases but usually anyone with some programming knowledge will not find any major difficulty although the pressure of learning will always be there.

  117. SASI  

    my friend had undergone training from last jan 2011(internship).... he got less marks in last generic... below 65%..... what is the result ? will infy fire him out ?

  118. Rinu  

    what is the stipend provided to placed students doing their intership and training in mysore?

  119. Chintan Patel  


    Every exam has a re-exam which you can appear for if you fail.

    If you again fail in re-exam of a compre, you will be forced to leave the company.

    BTW, your friend should be aware of all the rules related to exit policy if he/she is already in training as they explain it clearly during induction program.


    A fresher gets about 15k in hand during training at mysore. Package for freshers is Rs. 3.3 Lakhs per annum right now if i am not wrong.

  120. EARNMONEY  

    chintan what should one prepare before going in training?
    i have a joining of 5 march.and i hv lot of time.

  121. Chintan Patel  

    Study C language and java if you have time.

  122. Rizwan Shaikh  

    really nice discusion man
    kuddos to u ....:)

  123. Rizwan Shaikh  

    really nice discusion man
    kuddos to u ....:)

  124. Saurav  

    Dear All,

    A lot of things have changed from what is mentioned in here. No discredit to Chintan. He has done an incredible work to create this whole collateral. But please do not be biased by what was true in 2009 -2010 or even 2011.

    Just for example there are no more Comprehensive examinations at Infy training and no Saturdays are working.


  125. Shreyas Rao  

    U've done great job buddy...... Nothing else.... :)

  126. Unknown  

    how much is the salary during training for freshers after charging for food , accomadation and laundary?


  127. Unknown  

    Sir in generic I have qualified FA2 and FA3 in one attempt. But if I unable to qualify FA1 in third attempt also what will happen plz give me answer. feeling tension

  128. Unknown  

    Sir in generic I have qualified FA2 and FA3 in one attempt. But if I unable to qualify FA1 in third attempt also what will happen plz give me answer. feeling tension

  129. Unknown  

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  130. Unknown  

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