Hello Infoscions,

It has been hard to find time to post. Let me tell you all about my Compre Hands On and Theory.

First, you will have Hands On which was on Friday for us. There are 2 parts in hands on: C language and RDBMS. C language program has 30 marks and RDBMS has 20 marks. You don’t need to have the complete program functioning well to score. It is not that you will not be awarded anything if your program does not run well. There are marks for indentation, including files, declaring arrays etc etc.. So there are cases in which people score 26/30 without the program running.

In RDBMS, also you can score well as there are marks for creating tables and inserting values. So Hands On is scoring. But ya, I accidently kicked the CPU switch and lost about 45 min’s work which really made me go hasty. And haste made waste and I cud not do my C language program properly. So do save your work every now and then when you are coding.

In Theory, there are 50 questions to be answered in 75 mins. All are 1 mark questions. Most of the questions will be from RDBMS and C language. As these subjects have high weightage in terms of course time also. Both these subjects together take 16 working days out of 29 working days of generic training. So you HAVE to be good at these. I am better at RDBMS than C language. But some people find RDBMS difficult. So it depends. If you would have had prior exposure to C language then you will find it easier than RDBMS. But believe me, RDBMS is also easy. The questions asked were not difficult but tricky. You will feel that you knew it but you were fooled. After coming out of class and discussing with your friend, you will say, “Oh, stupid me. How did I make such a mistake??!!” So you would be knowing the concept well but not reading the question and options properly will make you lose marks. Even I too realized afterwards that many of my answers were wrong.

So for me both hands on and theory were just ok. I wish I just pass. I wont be surprised if I get re-compre. I will tell you how to avoid the mistakes that I made in my next post. Bye for now.

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  1. nallan  

    thanks chintan, great work, keep going, all Infoscions have minimum one full month to read C and RDBMS, so i guess all of them read your posts and start learning.

    hats off to you buddy for your work

  2. Varun Tulsyan  

    hey chintan
    cool site
    could ya jus enquire and tell me if any of 22sep joinees were reloacted or something??coz me to join 29 sep has got a mail sayin that we may be relocated to some other place...

  3. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan

    I pray that you will pass in it..Plz tell me what was the C program which was given in hands on....

    Also tell about the RDBMS hands on..I mn what was the assignment?

    Best of luk

  4. Big A  

    Hi Chintan!!
    Nice job.. Keep it up!

  5. Unknown  


    In the accomodation mail it was mentioned that reallocation from mysore after after 3 days is possible, is that true my doj is on 29 sep. Also are there enough rooms, it was also mentioned we may be given accomodation outside, if not what is my possibility to get a single room.
    Thank you in advance, all the best.

  6. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you.. .


    No, nothing like that.. Ya, i too got to know about that but i dont know if anything like that has happened.. I have friends in 22 sep batch..


    It was about generation of electricity bill according to the number of units used using a 2D array..
    You will get to know when you come here..

    @Big A

    Thank you..

    Ya, i got to know about that but nothing like that has happened to the people from 22 sep batch...
    You will mostly get it if you are a guy.. No chance if you are a girl... ;-)

  7. Unknown  

    Hi chintan..
    Gr8 work dude...reading ur blog gives a feel of the infy environment in mysore as a whole..thank u so much...then a small doubt frm my side...heard tat there is no negative marking from now on in the tests...n the pass mark mark is increased to 75% instead...is it true??

  8. Chintan Patel  


    No, thats not true... Its still the same... 65% passing marks and 1/4th negative marking...

  9. nikita  

    Gr8 work dude!

  10. Gangadhar Reddy  

    Where to write compre exam

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