The UNIX test, as people say was not that difficult. It was just like any other test. I got 75% in UNIX. Abhishek Pal said that 92 out of 96 people failed (though he got 96%) in UNIX from his class but from our class only about 10% may have failed. So it depends on the difficulty level, i guess. Moreover we got a weekend to study UNIX properly. That too helped a lot.

The PLES interview was just a time pass as it was for less than 10 mins for each of us with only 1 interviewer taking the interview. They basically wanted to know how passionate we are about PLES. That question was common to all. Rest was asked from the favorite subject that we mentioned. Only 1-2 simple questions were asked to each of us. Like draw Otto cycle, Diesel Cycle, definition of endurance limit, what is FEM, normalizing etc. And 1-2 questions about our final year project. They will announce the results in a week.

And my compre hands on is on this friday and compre theory test on monday. Wish me luck.!!.. ;-)

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  1. Unknown  

    hi chintan ,,,,, man ,, i m from mechanical only ,, and damn i need ples ... so do they will give it to every mech guy or wat ,, by the way how many mech guy are there approx

  2. Unknown  

    Hi, Chintan,
    Best of luck for ur compre exams.
    Can u pls give me some details about the hands on of compre? Which subjects it contains?

  3. Chintan Patel  


    They want about 40 trainees from 180 people eligible for PLES from july batches.. So stiff chances.. Can be different for you people also.. Many mech people are here...

    It has assignments on C lang and RDBMS... so just 2 subjects and you can refer your books also...

  4. Unknown  

    best of luck sir...

    bt cn u tel me wht excatly is PLES.....

  5. Unknown  

    best of luck yar.

  6. Sandeep sharma  

    Best Of Luck yaar
    hav a gud time in mysore

  7. S@M..  

    hey chintan

    thanks fr all the updates mate .. u r realy of great help fr us all freshers ..
    neways wish u luck fr ur hands on compre and later on ur main compre as well

    hope u do well and excel in it ..
    and keep posting

  8. dileephaldkar  

    hi chintan best of luck for ur compre exams.
    i would like to ask u one thing that the hw many ppl frm ur batch hv cleared all the modules so far.

  9. Anonymous  

    ALL THE BEST CHINTAN..............

  10. Unknown  

    All The Very Best Chintan for yr Compre.

  11. Unknown  

    best of luck dude...

  12. Unknown  

    Thanks for your reply.
    1)In the C and other modules do they give any extra assignments to do other than the assignments in the Labguide pdf files?
    2) In the compre hands on do u have to write programs on C & qurries on RDMS can u take help from books in that exam? U will take books to the exam hall?
    3) Can u tell in detail about the pattern of the hands on?
    4) what type of qns r there in UNIX commands or what?

  13. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!!

    Good job & best of luk 4 d compre...after your compre plz post the details of the compre I mn the pattern,evaluation,difficulty level & the strategy to clear it..

    Thanks in advance

  14. Arunav  

    Hii Chintan,
    I am regular reader of your blog. You are doing a wonderful job. Actually so many ppl ask u so many only reading to your answers, gives me answers to all my questions. I dont need to post dem seperately.... This blog has really kept me updated with the happenings at Infy...

    Certainly u will have a good compre exam... not only me but all of dem who r reading ur blog regularly wishes you Best of Luck for ur compre and your future ahead...

  15. Ipshita Khare  

    hiiii there...ul are running the c programs on vc++ or turboc?all d best 4 compreeeeeee..:)

  16. nallan  

    all the best dude , do well

  17. Anonymous  

    Hi Chintan....

    hw was ur compre hands on today?????

  18. Unknown  


    Great work your doing for the new joining candidates.Actually will they provide accomodation for the candidate parents.Becoz if my train reaches mysore@9AM,directly i can come or take a room and refresh there and come to Infy.
    Please suggest so that i need to book the rooms.


  19. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!!

    Good job....can u plz tell me abt the new training pattern..i mn 4 month for fast track & 6 month for rest??

    Plz post it in details when info will be available to u..

  20. Unknown  

    Hi buddy
    i need to know one thing....after how many days will infy people return our original docs???
    plz reply asap

    thanx a lot

  21. deep  

    hi chintan...what happened buddy??....uve not been posting for quite a few days now!! Is everything ok?

  22. Chintan Patel  

    Thank you everyone for your wishes..


    About 60% may have cleared all. Otherwise failing in 1 is very normal..


    1. No.

    2. Yes.

    3. i have answered this one in the new post.

    4. commands and theory also...



    Thank you... Nice to have readers like you who read previous posts and dont keep on posting the same queries..

    its on visual C++ 6.0.. thank you...

    No, not for parents.. only for you...


    They never take it!!!.. Just that you need to take them with you on the first wednesday and they will give back after verifying then and there..


    What happened was that stream started.. hehe.. In stream they teach more per day and also more assignments to do..

  23. San2  

    Hi, How long are the Infy exams, is time sufficient to solve all questions...

  24. Chintan Patel  



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