I asked some people from the latest batches (from 22 sept and 29 sept) and got to know that:

1. Some people from 22nd sept had been made to live in hotel but now they are accommodated in hostel. The room capacity is double than what it was last year so there is a very less chance that people would have to live in hotels for more than a week.

2. Almost all trainees who joined on 29th sept have been relocated at Hyderabad or Chennai. So those who have not got these joining dates should be happy. When the remaining trainees join in nov-dec, there wont be much crowd so you can expect your training at mysore only.

Now, Java module has started and its giving everyone a hard time. They teach too much for a single day so you will have to learn everyday to keep up with them.

I told about .NET being hectic but actually all streams are equally hectic and difficult.

There is no printed material for stream training. Only the slides which are often not enough to understand properly.

So for a better understanding, you will have to issue some book from the library. Right now i am using The Complete Reference, Java 2 - Herbert Schildt. And "Head Start Java" is also another nice book.

There is a project in almost all modules of Java and there is one in this module also but it wont be evaluated. But doing that project is necessary because only then will you be able to complete projects in the later modules.

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  1. Unknown  

    wot topics to read bfor hand fr te generic training.
    suggest me some gud books. i hav wit me, Progg in ANSI C(by balgurusamy), oops with c++(by balgurusamy again) an a buk on operating systems concepts.

    how do tey allot stream training to te trainees aftr te generic training.
    wotz te room rent these dayz? how much does it cost fr food an entire day(considering 3 normal meals).

    aftr all deductions wot salary is credited to each trainee?

  2. Unknown  

    hi buddy..doin a gr8 job.congrats.i too got placd in infy n awaiting d doj.in d mess of fillin d appl durin d intrview i wrongly included my middle name which should nt b der.in d offer letter too it was der.i juz wanna knw whether i can change it once i join.will der b any pbm.plz do clarify..

  3. Chintan Patel  

    You can learn C lang from whichever book you like. I have only read their material so dont know which book to refer. Dont read C++. Its not a part of generic. OS also avoid. Only C will be do for studying at home..

    Stream is totally random.. No pattern can be derived from their stream allocation. Room rent is 2750 for single bed rooms and 2000 for double bed rooms... Food is norally about 20-25 Rs per dish.. so it wont cost more than 100 per day...

    After deductions i am getting about 14100. I am in single bed room and dont have the 300 Rs per month membership...


    Yaaa, you can change it after you join and you can change now also... I think the email is offer_update@infosys.com... But see the campus connect site for confirmation..

  4. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan

    Good Job...You posted that your 1st salary after deduction is 19000 something...But in another post you said u r getting 14100 ....

    Can u clear this thing??


  5. Unknown  

    first of all i would like to congratulate for the wonderful job u are doing..3 cheers for u..
    u just mentioned that dere is no printed material during training..so the students who don't have lappies wid dem..do they need to sit in gec for studying..whats the alternative available for them??

  6. Unknown  

    training means the stream training??

  7. Chintan Patel  


    That was for 40 days from 21 july to 30 august..

    Thank you..
    For stream training there is no printed material but for generic training, you get the printed material.. yes, they have to study at GEC and everybody does that...

    Actually, you wont have their softwares on your PC like oracle, unix, eclipse etc so even if you have a laptop, you will need to go there to practice programs..

  8. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    Great job man.
    1)During hands on the program comes from Programming fundamentals or from Programming & testing also?
    2)In FC which modules from generic stream of LC do they study?

  9. Unknown  

    hi ,you say that 19,000 was for 1st 40 days.in the offer letter they have said 19,000+ for the training period. why the large difference???
    have u thoght about this? are u satisfied?

  10. Unknown  

    3) In hands on if a people couldn't complete the entire program but has started with comments indentation & all such then can he/she score near to 25?

  11. Chintan Patel  

    Yes, from PF and P&T both...
    Dont know much about which modules but C lang and RDBMS are surely there.

    Yes, from the 19000, there is 2750 for hostel fees, 950 for providend fund, income tax etc etc...

    i didnt need to think about it... I knew that the inhand is 14k in training..
    yes, i am satisfied... the only expense from that is the food.. you can easily save 10000 from 14k..


    yes, you can score that much if all other things are ok..

  12. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    As u have mentioned that 2750 for hostel fees, 950 for providend fund are deducted from 19k salary during training. Then the remaining 1600 is deducted for tax?

  13. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan...
    do they give any kind of certificate after the training or do they directly give the posting?

  14. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhh... you will know about that when you get ur salary slip... Just know that they dont deduce anything without reason...

    There is no certificate given..

  15. Unknown  

    hi friends is their any dhobi facility available their ???

  16. Unknown  

    hi chintan
    iam little bit confused regarding electronic goods as they mentioned in offerletter not to bring any such things then what is the question of laptop

  17. Chintan Patel  

    "dhobi" facility?? hehe...

    here we have 2 laundromats which have about 40 washing machines combined and you can wash your entire wardrobe in just 20 Rs...

    That is old email... they have not updated it yet. We too got the same email but the reality is that all electronic goods are allowed. Just that they make a note of what all you have...

  18. nellai  

    Hi Chintan
    You are doing an excellent job.
    I am an extc student and have done campus connect course from our college.I came to know from your earlier posts that our training period has been increased to 6 months and we have no screening tests.But I called the infy helpline and they said that we will have screening tests.
    Please confirm the news.

  19. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you..
    They have announced the change in course but not when they will implement it. Screening test is there but even if you pass, you are in LC. But ya, as you have done CC, you will get 5000 Rs bonus if you score more than 80% in the test.

  20. Unknown  

    hello chintan
    thanks for clearing all the doubts.
    Iam from mca and expecting joining date in december
    iam good at j2ee but when comes to .net Zero completely.do u advise me to join .net in advance

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  23. Unknown  

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