Its really sad to convey this news: one trainee who went to Kerala for a trip with friends on Saturday drowned in a strong stream of river water.

He used to sit just 2 seats behind me in class. He went with his group for a trip on saturday morning when i left with my friends for Coorg.

On monday morning we got the sad news of his being expired in hospital. There was one more girl with him who is in critical condition right now in the hospital. They all are from Goa and went to Kerala in a group of about 15-20.

The reason reported is that the boy tried to save the girl who was drowning. The boy knew swimming but could not save himself from the strong stream. I am not asking anything to get the details because all their remaining friends are in a shock and do not talk much even among themselves.

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  1. athul  

    may his soul rest in peace

  2. Unknown  

    itz really a bad newz. 1 cannot avoid fate's play.

  3. Sree Bhargavi  

    a bad news again...may his soul rest in peace

  4. Unknown  

    oh god why such things happen..:(

  5. Unknown  

    may god bless the departed soul ...........What is happening in Infy guys?????????? 2 deaths in a row.............

  6. Unknown  

    may his soul rest in peace...also praying for the that girl....

  7. Adarsh  

    may his and the girls soul rest in peace, i am at infy mysore and even i didnt know this.

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