And now, a few things to be happy about being an Infoscion.

There is no doubt that no company can match the training of Infosys in India. Not even IBM. IBM freshers have to manage for their own accommodation even! TCS, Wipro, L&T Infotech etc may have the same recognition in the IT industry but in my opinion, there is no company which matches Infosys' investment in training.

The brand "Infosys" is so strong that it landed me a new job even in such bad times for the industry. I wouldnt have been able to get such a job if I was sacked from some unknown SME.

MNCs offer higher starting salary than smaller companies. The salary offered by Infosys, TCS etc to freshers can only be reached after atleast 1 yr at smaller companies.

MNCs offer more facilities and incentives than SMEs.

Higher Education Support. Infosys has a looong list of MBA programs that it sponsors at IIMs and other major B-Schools. The list has been recently revised to include almost all the well-known courses offered by reputed B-Schools.

Lesser bond period is another advantage.

This is as much as i could gather. You are welcome to add your own point in comments. If it is good enough, i will include it in the post.

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  1. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!
    I had been to Ahmedabad in te month of Sept-08 fr an interview in IPR(Institute for Plasma Research).... i had cleared ter written test but was not recommended in te interview...

    now am waiting to join Infy in march. i heard tat tey hav made revisions in te training schedule as well as te cut-off percentage to clear each module...

    do u hav any idea bout wot percentage of people frm ECE background clear te training?? do tey fare well in te tests r keep complaining bout te toughness of te training?

  2. Chintan Patel  


    no, that change is not confirmed yet...

    The % of people clearing training from this branch or that branch doesnt matter...

    There are people from mech scoring 5.0 throughout training and people from CS-IT who dont clear training.

  3. Unknown  

    thanx fr tat piece of info....

  4. Cijo Thomas  

    How much is the bond amount in infy if we quit 3-4 months after training?

  5. Chintan Patel  


    LOL... You can just fail in training and avoid paying any bond amount. Infact you will be paid extra 1 month's salary if you do it like that plus leave encashment for leaves that you didnt take.

  6. Unknown  

    wen will we be sent our accomodation letter????i hav not yet recieved it...n do we also need to carry blankets or will it b provided there???Also wen will i b informed abt d medical...they hv yet not said nything abt it....

    Also i hv yet nt recieved degree certificate nor d provisional from university bt i hv issued a provisional from college...will that do...???

  7. Unknown  

    also can u tell me dat after deducting for food and accomodation, how much can i expect to get at end of month if my gross is 22,000 pm

  8. priyanka  

    hai this is priyanka mca final year
    i have selected for infosys on 3rd march 2010
    i have some doubts
    pls clarify them
    1.what is the bond time in infosys?
    2.what is the training period?
    3.what is the salary given in training period(my package is 3.25 lakhs per annum)?
    4.can they provide accomodation,food within this amount or separately?
    5.if i am not interested in trainig period can i left the company eventhough there is bond?
    6.if i get less marks in training what i have to do? placement after training anycity or they ask us?

    8.when i will receive call letter? any security to be showed to them?
    pls consider my doubts and answer me
    thank u.

  9. Chintan Patel  


    Please read all other posts and their comments before posting a question.

    All of your questions are already answered on this blog. Anyways, probably this weekend i will publish a post answering all FAQs about Infosys training.

  10. Unknown  

    Hi...I'm placed in infosys and is due to join on sept 13...i've an interview of another company on 8th, the result of which will be out only in 2 or 3 weeks time...if i join infy can i stop after 2 or 3 weeks?? will they ask for bond amount?? if i resign, will they give back my certificates??

  11. Unknown  

    by certificates i meant my 10th, 12th n degree it possible to resign during training??

  12. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered so many times about how to quit during training. Please dig around this blog using site search above.

  13. Unknown  

    i want to leave infosys after the completion of my training at mysore. it is one year bond after training i want to quit before 3-4 months of the completion of bond. do you know around how much of amount will be charged by the company....???

  14. Chintan Patel  


    The bond is of 50k Rs. so you might have to pay that much at most. Also, it depends on what your role means for the company. If you are not on any project, they might relieve you even without bond money and if you are an important member of critical project, they will pressurize you to stay on even if you agree to pay the bond amount to leave.

  15. Sandeep  

    how to prepare for the written test for infosys?

  16. Unknown  

    any idea about 2011 batch salary,,,,, what is the real in hand salary after training.

  17. Chintan Patel  


    Salary increases by 10% every year for Infosys freshers and so it would be 3.25 + (10% of 3.25).

    Real in hand salary depends on a lot of factors like hostel rent, ECC membership fees etc which increase every year and so it cant be predicted as accurately.

  18. PRIYANK@  

    hello chintan.. Happy Sankrant...
    This is Priyanka.. my joining date is 7th march..
    I hv got lot of doubts..
    1. salary during training
    2. dress code for girls..
    3.m from electronics backgroung...i know only c lang..wat else i need to prepare b4 joinig d company..
    4 is it that traning is so hard..means d exams during training..

    pls help me...m tensdabt d training...

  19. Chintan Patel  


    1. Salary is already mentioned just above your comment.

    Do a site search for the rest. Already answered so many times.

  20. Unknown  

    This is Nafisa.
    I have been selected by infosys recently..
    I wanted to know if the 1yr bond includes the training 4 months or is it 4 months training + 1 yr???
    plz reply as soon as possible as i m getting diff answers..

  21. Chintan Patel  


    The one year bond starts after your training ends and you get posted and it has always been like this. Anyone who has told you that bond starts from the start of training is grossly misinformed.

  22. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  23. Unknown  

    hello chintan sir,I am ashwini.doing final yr BE(E&C) and got placed in infy....being an E&C student will I be able to manage the difficulties in training?I'm really really tensd abt the training sir...

  24. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered so many times, please read all posts and their comments before asking anything. Use site search above.

  25. arun  

    hi chintan its very great of u u r giving very valuable inf i am placed in info on march 24 would u plz inform me for cse students how many days the training will be and the courses which i would have to complete before getting in to training

  26. kriti  

    hi chintan , i left infosys after completing my training due to higher studies , i want to know abt the validity of the bond in my case as i was just a trainee and not an employee as i didn't join after training....nd pls also tell me that if the bond is valid how much i have to pay???/ and will they give me relieving letter only after i pay bond money??? pls reply its really urgent

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