Hi Infoscions,

Finally a post about your company after a long time. :)

Now as we know, every company has its own unique way of cutting costs and firing people.

L&T Infotech would delay joinings as far as March-April next year so people would appear for competitive exams and go for higher studies.

Wipro would ask engineers selected for Wipro IT to work for Wipro BPO.

Now, learn the Infosys way.

Infosys would make training tests tougher. Yes people, tests at Infosys are tougher than ever. One of my friend told me that Generic Compre is yet to be taken and already 25 people have been made to leave out of 200.

When i was with Infosys, 25 people may have been made to leave only before Stream Compre. The tests are getting tougher and so are the rules.

Recently, they caught people who shared assignments or even old question papers by mail and fined them 2000 Rs. each! Thats not all, they have also been given a warning that if they are caught next time, they would be made to leave. And as you would be knowing, no experience letter is given if you are terminated from the company on disciplinary grounds.

So those of you who already fear training, fear it some more. And ya, do think about options. Seems like they are eagerly finding silly reasons to make trainees leave.

One more thing I would like to tell is that I am not telling all this to scare you but to make you people aware of the condition there so that you can be better prepared for your career.

(With inputs provided by Prathyusha)

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  1. Tashakor  

    well..25 left out of 200...
    dis means 175 still intact..well thats still quite a number to feel good about...haha

  2. Chintan Patel  


    No, this is not good considering the fact that there were no exits from my class of 100 till the end of generic training. Also, this number is without compre results which makes it a big number.

  3. vikky  

    helooww....i saw ur blog about infy and found almost all that i wanted to know...
    i want to know jus one thin...im a 2009 passout...expection to join after july...
    i wanna know will the btech % be a issue for joining...my cut off at the tym of recruitment was 63 and im hanging at d border...ill be able to keep 63+ by the end of btech....

    will it be a prob????
    are there any cases of people being fired of this reason????

  4. Chintan Patel  


    If your cutoff is equal to or more than what they announced for you, then you dont need to worry.. You wont be asked to leave if you are on the border... But if you are below the required cut off, then you will surely have to leave...

  5. Ekaki  

    bt I think its less... I was into another cmpny... TechM, and there, I was rejected. About 25 were rejected from our batch of 50.... So infy is much better...

  6. Chintan Patel  

    But its much more than what it was last year... (5%) .. And also, this is just at the end of generic training when everyone is supposed to have passed...

  7. nee_hrudayamlo  

    i got placed in infy on 5th may 2008
    i dint recieve any mail or letter frm the company so far..
    wat r all the tests before joing the company like some will be having a medical chekup and a background check like that!!
    wen will i recieve any letter or mail frm them??

  8. Chintan Patel  


    Each of your questions have already been answered. Look at the comments of other threads before posting a question. Especially read comments of "Important Checklist for People Joining Soon" .

  9. Unknown  

    im going to join in june this year.
    should i now go and learn java , .net like courses in institutes

  10. Unknown  

    please give me the reply

  11. Chintan Patel  


    You can learn for your own sake. Not necessary as a preparation before joining.

  12. Unknown  

    Hello Sir
    I had received a mail from infyu regarding the campus connect programme but really soon i am going to face my final end semester exams( from 5 May). It do not me mention the exact details about the time period or the deadline in which it is to be completed. Kindly help me out, what steps i should take. I am from the Computers stream and had got 7th December as my date of joining.
    Waiting to hear from you.

    Saurabh Agarwal

  13. Chintan Patel  


    The campus connect program is not compulsory to finish or even start.

    It is just for your own skill enhancement. As you are from CS, i dont think you need that so badly. Still you can try whatever you can manage to study for your own sake.

    Considering your DOJ, you will get plenty of time to prepare well for training.

  14. Unknown  

    hello sir,
    i got selected in infosys through campus recruitment in my 6th sem and after 1month of selection my college startd this campus connect program. i gave aal the tests of this program for 6 months i.e my 7th sem, but durin my 8th sem i couldnt complete this program coz there was project tension n aggregate tension. now i have completed my engineering with 1st class. i want to know will infosys not take me as i havent completed campus cannect program in my college. i m really worried.plz help me.
    waiting for ur reply....

  15. Chintan Patel  


    CC is just for your own learning. There is no condition that they will not take you in as you have not completed the program. That has never happened and will never happen so you can be tension free about it.

    You only need to satisfy their aggregate criteria.

  16. online services  

    hi chintan
    i joined infy on june 8th 2009. my training also went on good but due to my personal problems , i resigned in august. now everything is fine at home.i desperately wanna get back to infosys. so when i get the legal notice to pay the bond amount, i wanna talk to the officials that i wanna join back. my scores are also very good during that 2months i stayed there.i got 90+ everytime. now is there any possibility for them to accept me again.some say yes and some say no because i resigned. do you have any idea. pls let me know if u know something about it.

  17. Chintan Patel  

    @online services...

    First of all, you may not get any such legal notice asking you to pay the bond. I dont know what the HR told you when you resigned from infosys.

    You cant just resign and join back like this. You should have applied for a leave of 2-3 months with loss of salary.

    You can only apply to join infosys again after 9 months of the date of resignation.

    You will go through all the selection procedure again and will officially be given no special consideration during your interview.

    If you have 1 year of experience at another company, you can join as an experienced employee otherwise for experience less than 1 year, you will need to join as a fresher and go through training again from the beginning.

  18. DJsYk  

    hello Sir!
    i'm set 2 join Infosys in oct as a trainee! now...this may seem absurd...but i'd be grateful if u could gimme a reply! i'm a part time DJ :) so...i just wanna know...if i'm allowed 2 play fr their in-house parties at Mysore n stuff like that! cos...i've heard that they hav such nites...every month or so! n...like who do i get in touch with at Mysore on this agenda? thanx...n srry fr takin up ur time :)


  19. Chintan Patel  


    You can try asking them but they have a contract with another DJ who plays at all their parties.

    You can ask about this to the HR when you reach there and they will tell you whom to ask about this.

  20. DJsYk  

    thanx a ton fr the prompt reply :)

  21. Unknown  

    Hello Sir, i am placed at Infy in jan, 2010... currently in my final sem... wanted to ask you whether we'll get offer letter via college or it'll be posted to our home... coz we'll be shifting our home within 15-20 days so that will be a problem for me as i wrote my current address in the application form.

  22. Chintan Patel  


    The offer letter will be delivered to college and the hard copy of the service agreement will be delivered to your home before 0-7 days of your DOJ. So no problem for offer letter but make sure to update your address after you change.

  23. Unknown  

    thnks for ur prompt reply... but whr to update my address??

  24. Chintan Patel  


    Hey, read all the posts and their comments before posting a question. I dont want to answer the same questions repeatedly year after year.

    You have to send an email to offer_update@infosys.com

  25. Unknown  

    Thanks a lot Chintan :)

  26. Unknown  

    hey chintan, i'm from Hyderabad and got into INFY through JKC[placement service offered by JNTU], and a campus connect program is being organized by a college and some of my friends say it is mandatory,as I've been hired through JKC and not by my college I've no clue as to what should i do? should i attend the campus connect program? waiting for the reply. thanks

  27. Chintan Patel  


    When i got selected, CC was not compulsory and i still believe so but you can have a better idea about your situation.

    As far as i know, Infosys Campus Connect is not compulsory to join Infosys and only needs to be attended if your college offers it.

  28. Taco Bell  


    I wanted to know... If i want to avail campus connect program .. Is it necessary that i shud have a offer letter from Infy??

    And students from which semester/ year can join CC???

    How can i get CC at my college?
    IIIT Bhubaneswar. Whom do i approach for it?

    PS:- M a 4th sem student. Infosys is on our college Board.

  29. Chintan Patel  


    I dont know for sure if you need to have an offer letter from Infy but my thinking is that it is only for people who got selected in Infosys and so they may not allow you.

    There is no fixed semester for joining CC.

    I dont know about whom to contact if you dont have CC already. I think your placement officer would have a contact at the company whom you can talk to.

  30. Ally  

    I joined Infosys as a trainee on 20th Feb, i am on a leave from 26th March to 7th April, due to certain reasons, i dont want to join back.
    1. what reason do i give to HRD for leaving?
    2. Also, what is the exit procedure, I haven't signed the bond yet?
    3. Will i be asked to report to mysore, for completing the exit procedures?
    4. Will they provide me with an experience letter for the period?

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