I felt this post to be necessary considering the recent increase in the number of trainees being asked to leave.

If you are not able to clear training, dont be disappointed and sit idle thinking that your world has come to an end. Dont give disappointment any time to set in and quickly start searching for alternatives. Move on with life.

I know that it is easier said than done but having gone through all that, I can say that things do fall in place quickly. I had to move from Mysore to my home with a very short notice but eventually, it didnt matter much. You quickly get adjusted to the new life.

Start searching for alternatives quickly. Dont think that you will now enjoy a vacation for about 1-2 months and then will look for a job. Early moves really help. I subscribed to Times of India as soon as I was back at home and as you know, I applied to one of the job postings in that newspaper and got a new job within one month.

Sign up with various job sites like Monster, Naukri, TimesJobs. I had got quite a few calls from some companies through them but decided not to go for interview as most of them were marketing jobs though in IT field only. I dont like to travel from city to city trying to sell some product to people which is similar to medical reprsentatives trying to sell something like lung cancer drugs to doctors.

Finally, Infosys training is a great value addition to your resume. But remember, it can only help you to get an interview call and doesnt go any furthur than that. Every company will surely assess you according to their criteria. So you need to be well prepared and not rely on the Infy brand alone.

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  1. hitesh tandel.  

    hello sir,
    i m student of L.D.college of engg,ahmedabad.i have post my resume though one sir jatin patel,and he had given promise to me to do training.so if u dont mine than would you please infom me that any infosys branch in gandhinagar,if you can give me answer than please inform me about gandhinagar branch on my email id-hit_ic@yahoo.co.in

  2. Chintan Patel  


    Your bad english makes it difficult for me to get your meaning. Anyways, I cant do anything about your training. If you have even a little knowledge about Infosys then you would surely be knowing that Infosys does not give training just like that. You need to be selected through campus interviews. And also, you dont know that Infosys does not have any branch in Gujarat.

  3. raju  

    hi chintan i have percentage 67.1 now in 4-2 still i hve to write my 4-2 exams,
    i may r may not get 68.
    wt if i dont get 68%?

  4. Chintan Patel  


    They are very strict about %age criteria.

    You will be asked to leave even if you have 67.99%. So be careful.

  5. Unknown  

    Candidate should get 4 in both generic and stream or is it aggregate? can a candidate get 4.5 in generic and 3.5 in stream?

  6. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can have below 4 in generic/stream and above 4 in stream/generic to have final CGPA of 4.

    You dont need to score above 4 in both generic and stream to pass.

  7. Diwesh Saxena  

    Hello sir,
    i am recently selected in infy campus placement nd my joinin is on dis july....unfortubately i hav 5th sem back remainning.....can i start the training and give my paper which will be on november or december dis year.....in case not how should i go about....i dont want to miss my chance of gettin into infy....plz help....
    thank u

  8. Jayant  


    Infy people had set up a criteria of 60% in my college. But through the community I came to know that for many colleges its 63 or 68. Has their policy changed??

  9. Chintan Patel  


    Its a very well known fact that criteria is different for different colleges.

  10. Unknown  

    Hi chintan i m joining in 20 sept 2010.I want to knw whether students really asked to leave if they performed average during training.and can you tell me what are the timings of training

  11. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, if your CGPA is not 4.0 out of 5.0 at the end of training, you will have to leave. Timings of classes are from 9 to 5 but you will find yourself studying even after 5.

  12. Unknown  

    thnx for the answer.......
    one more question i would like to ask u abt how many working days are there during training and after training ????

  13. Chintan Patel  


    Seems like you are a new reader. Please read other posts. Already answered.

  14. Adish Jain  

    Hi Chintan, Is the criteria still same for exit from Infosys training i.e. overall CGPA should be >= 4(, where you still can have < 4 score in stream and > 4 in generic)?

  15. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, the criteria is still the same and your assumption is correct.

  16. Omkar  

    Hello Sir,
    I have been selected for infy and after readin all d above comments i guess d pressure at training period will b enormus....... i have also got TCS and accenture placements ... Till now for d training i wanted 2 go to anfy , is sat right? . any suggestion????????

  17. Omkar  

    Please reply sir.................

  18. Chintan Patel  


    There is no "enormous" pressure, man. This impression is just because of freshers who hype up training before joining and experiencing it. If you try to find out, you will see that there is a big difference in impression of training amongst people who have undergone training and who are yet to undergo infosys training.

    Yes, infosys training is good but they seem to have lost the charm they had before. There are several visa abuse lawsuits against them and recession showed everyone their true colors when it comes to "ethics".

    In MNCs like Infosys/TCS/Accenture, it always depends on the role you get and so the same company can be excellent and horrible at the same time for different people.

  19. Omkar  

    Hello sir, this is Omkar again.... I have just appeared and selected in Geometrics limited.......... and by doing that I have given up my other placements.... Have I done right???????????? Plaese reply me asap.......

  20. Chintan Patel  


    I dont have any info about the company and so i cannot comment on this.

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