In this post, i will tell you about 14 policies and processes that make Infosys the brand that it is.

1. The drinking water is checked twice a week from different water coolers to ensure purity.

2. All the cooks in all food courts wear hand gloves and proper head gear.

3. You can have a visit inside the food court kitchen wearing those hand gloves and head gear.

4. All the water used on the campus is recycled and used to water the plants. So before you decide to have a rain dance in the sprinklers, remember where the water came from. ;-)

5. If you write a complaint about the food or the service at the food courts, you can return the next day and check the register to see what action has been taken against your complaint.

6. Infosys, Mysore is ISO 14001 certified for non-pollution and environmental purity.

7. Even the air at different buildings is checked to see if it contains sufficient oxygen!!!!!LOL

8. There are fire extinguishers placed at about each 4 rooms in the hostel and also everywhere in all the buildings.

9. There are smoke sensors in each hostel room and also in each of their bathrooms!!!(Atleast this is true for new single bed rooms).

10. To save electricity, they have set up a system such that you can only use either fan or AC in your room. You cannot use both at the same time.

11. All the recreational facilities are available before working hours and after working hours only so that you wont be tempted to bunk classes and play pool or table tennis or anything like that.

12. They have their own powerplant, so the power supply on weekdays in your hostel rooms is cut off during working hours so that you may not bunk classes and watch TV here.

13. To save electricity, the power automatically turns off if you dont put in the key card in the slot in 5 mins.

14. To register your attendance, you have to swipe in your ID card at any of the attendace machines. You get a magnetic proximity ID card which carries a unique number so that the system may idenify you. You have to swipe in before 8:45 AM and swipe out after 5:45 PM on any working day to register your attendance. If you fail either swipe in or swipe out on time, it will be considered as a half day leave.

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  1. Anonymous  

    smoke detectors! we cant smoke in the hostel rooms den??

  2. Anonymous  

    :D kiddin..lite le

  3. Unknown  

    sir if we swipe out later than 5.45 coz v r workin stil it wld b treatd as half day????so aftr 5.45 rnt v allowd to wrk or wht????
    if vr on a leav coz v nt wel stil our room lites wld b off????
    if v hv pendin wrk tht wld go latr than 5.45 thn wont v b allowd to do tht????

  4. Chintan Patel  


    yaa, you cant even smoke in ur bathrooms... !!

    I think you got it wrong.. You have to swipe out AFTER 5.45 .. You can work as much as you want... Not that you have to stop working at that time..

    they say it so but i dont think they wud be cutting off supply as it wud already be off without key card..

  5. Anonymous  

    ur serious bout the smokin thing???oh fuck!!:D

  6. Chintan Patel  

    Yaa... you thought that was a joke?? lol....

    But you can smoke in the smoke zones... Smoking in hostels is banned and can land you in a lot of trouble...

    You can smoke in the smoke zones... Dont know where they are... ;-)

  7. Anonymous  

    dude..i dont know swimming..can i study from there..are trainers available for this purpose...

  8. Unknown  

    Hi,cintan you are doing a great job and i am a regular reader of your blog,i want to know that if infy is trainning 25000 people every year then it must have by now easily gone past 1.75 lac but that is not the case,is the number of employees leaving infy is higher or the trainging program is too difficult to pass and only half of the intake is passing it and one more query what is the present market condition of infy .

  9. Chintan Patel  


    Dont recall if swimming coaches are available but i can tell that the pool is shallow enough to learn swimming by yourself.


    This 25k number has been achieved since the last 2-3 years only. And yes, many people leave infosys so overall its headcount does not increase by more than half that number. Only about 13k people are confirmed at the end of the bond period after 1 year. If you want to check that, read any annual or quarterly report of Infosys on their website. In that report, you can see "gross employee addition". That number is sometimes only 1500 per quarter that means only net 500 people got added every month in that quarter. The training is not so much of a big factor as only about 5-10% people fail in training but voluntary attrition at Infosys is on the rise now as the market has started to open.

    For example, Infosys had their 1 lakh employee celebration when i was at Infosys in October 2008 but my employee id was 1128xx and i joined only in July 2008. That means there were already 12000 people who had left infosys when i joined. You can easily find out the number of people who have left infosys by subtracting the total employee count from your employee number. Of course this calculation is made assuming that you are the newest employee of infosys.

    For current employee trends, you can check quarterly reports of infosys of the last few years like mid 2008 onwards from when the recession started to set in.

    Present market condition is very good if you look at infosys' share price but i am afraid that does not help you much. Although they are in an aggressive hiring mode compared to last year and there are more changes that you can get a better role than if you had joined in late 2008 or 2009, it all really depends on the role you get after training.

  10. RAJU  


    My college is campus connect program partner. I have attended the campus connect program. but was not able to succesfully complete it due to my own personnel reason, will it account for any problem at time of joining

  11. Chintan Patel  


    No, you will not face any problem.

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