Hi... Today we just had to go to the ILI building at 2 PM and write an essay, a book review and a business email. The marks for this will be given when the second phase of ILI training starts. It was a 50 marks paper and there is nothing to worry about it!!! Dont ask lame questions on that.

And also, today was the screening test for all CS-IT and CC people. 205 people have passed the test and i dont know how much appeared. It may be around 300 and not more. I am in Long Cycle by default.

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  1. Anonymous  

    hi... can u do me a favour... i wanna do my part time m.b.a... i jus wanna know if it feasible according to infy rules n regulations.. am yet to recieve my d.o.j...

  2. Chintan Patel  

    I dont think part time MBA is preferable. Its not recognised by many companies. You can instead go for a full time course when you are at Infosys for atleast 1 year. If you get selected in some good B-Schools recognised by them then they also pay 1 yr fee. And you may also get half of your salary. But it has some bond like you have to be with infosys for about 3-4 yrs after doing your MBA but that is fine.. I wud still go for it.

    Otherwise regarding part time MBA, its not possible atleast during training and i think it wud be fine with them if you do it part time.. No rules and regulations against that as far as i know..

  3. Anonymous  

    oh ok... thanks for ur reply.. even i was half-minded.. since i was idle thought of doing it..

  4. Sudheer  

    hello sir ... i am going to join infosys in august , i have doubt regarding FT (Fast Track) and LC (Long Cycle). can you please tell me which one is more advantageous to my career? I am B.tech. CSE final year student?

  5. Chintan Patel  


    FT or LC doesnt make any difference to your career at all so dont worry about that. :)

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